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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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herman sweet stock in the gallery. om a humbling beginning, today herman provides jobs for over10 idividuals, herman is a strong supporter of civic, charitable, education and ligious organizatns including the ameraned cross, the roy club, the northern riana islands college foundation, the saipan amber of commer and nearly every school, urch and e compa pilotedur school lunch ogram and gave expertise to tho in micronea who e opening or iroving their own bakeries. with the rent establishment the distribution er on gu, thcompany has bega expand its charitablsuppt to th iand to. ys the bery reins the heartf the fami of companies and of the family of heman guerrero himself.
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all e sving chireof rman andis wiferman juor, ana rodolfo they have all work at the brakery for portio of their adult lives. rman was sodentied by with theaky busine he was ll aake name -- nick that means bread. ny of thehildcarry the pan honor isk as part tir name for most o inhe northern mariana isnds, it's a tossup whi com first, herman, or the baked gos produd. i thk you mr. chaman and i yield back. the speaker pro temporethe gentlemayields back. mr. burton of indna >> mr. saker. e speakepro tempore: the ntleman fm utah is recoized.
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. b i a unanimous ent to cim the time of mrburton of inana. the speaker pro temporhe gentlem is recognized for five mutes. mr. bisho i rise today to plead th10th. earlier today this body voted n h.r. 4855 that would establish in the pament of bor an annual work-life bance award for emoyers th haveevelopednd implemented work-life balance pocies. itou etaish an asory board. though i oppose the legisla, i think thathe ultimate goa of is bare good ones. sponsors havehe best intentions. i wt reat that goals and jeives of the bill are pectle a noble ideas. no one questions that a proper work-le balance is extremely important but just because somethings important doesn't mean whington s to write a law to protet or create bureau to encourage it or have anying tdo with . fact, is not the job thfederavernment to romote goowork-life lae.
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ere will be many more egregious bills in the future thwill mandate by the federal government to ates nd locs and to the people behavior icertai rcumstanc. but not the inedibly worse bills -- but t incredibly worse bills out there notwithsnding,his makes the principle very clea the constitution ves cgress in washingtortaipowers that are limited and ce we weren't clear on thconcept or didn'tet it, it includes the 109 amenenwhich state the powers not delegad bthe tigse to the congress ar rerved to e stes spectively or to the peoe. a power is no assigned to the federal goment in the constitution, it must be assumed to assned to ate localities or no government entity at all. iminthat a pblem in arica being solved with t involveme othe federal
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governme. some this amber cannot envisn suchor but it can exis ise today say i do belve the nstionnd the 10th amend i rema hopefuthathe congress wi rember our limitations,egin to return the consideration of le's most imptant elements back to the states andocal vernments, churches, and ive groups and families whrey realy should be handled thore, mr. speaker, on ts particular issue, ilead 10 the speaker proempore: the gentleman yields bac ms. rolehtinen of florida. m kaptur of ohio. mr. boozman of arkansas. mefio from oregon uer the speaker's announced
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policy january 6, 20, the gtlewomanrom wyoming, mrs. lummis is recognizefor minutes as designee of the norityeader. mrs. lummis: thk you, mr. spear. toht's dcussion will be out bills that members ofhe reblican conference hav snsored that veot yet gotten a aring that we still think are very good ideas r oucountry at this time of high debt, high deficits, d when regulations -- regulation is being heapedn sinesses that actllneed the cins -- chainto be broken so they can rsue the american dream of hiring people and crtingjobs and fulfillg r role inhe country andhe world, whi is to feed people,
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othe peoplecreate job cate wealt create opportunity, and so all to do so without being shackled by the federal government. with me this eveng is bob latta, who is from one ofthe most diverse dicts in the ente unitedtates. it has everything from agricuure to manufacturing, and it has experie ery up d dowthpoible for one district to expernc during the course othis evening, we hop-- mr. latta opportuni to refer you frequently to which is a drt of tudget committee onhich we bo serv an oppounity that provides americanthe hance to get o of debt and to elimine the
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deficit and toomprehensively doo witht raisin taxes. it tak a long time but eatea very smooth landing for o country. we also want to refer you to an offi funion of the republican confence her in the u.s. house which allows you forur cntry that tat will makit strongerer, more eicnt, more cost effective, d we'll --nd will uhackle ts nation's ecomyn a way that will allow us to once aga pursue our role as a glal leader in terms of innovation and jo at this time, i would like to yield to my colleague, mr. .
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mr. latta: thank u very much. gentlelady for yielding. th very importt issue that we're talking about, jobs, small businesses, and how we can get this country moving. i ri tonight to discu a bill thai've sponsored,.r. 53, whis the responsible reinvestment act of 2009. before i do, i just like to make aouplof comments as the gentlely saidbout t uniqueness in my district. i have the numberne nufacturing district in the state of ohio. ilso have the number one agricultural districin the state of ohio. and about two yes ago, cording toational facturinassociatn, had the ninth lgest number of unitedtates hf s inhe representatis. ecause of threcession acss the country ive dropped to 20th, which is unacceptable. last summ we haunemoyment
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r raging acss our dtricstatand co i had two of my counties over 18%, had fo othersver 16%. so, u ow, have d something in thisntry t get this country moving. it's inttinge talk about having a district that's number one manucturing and also a district that'sumber one in agricultur how did that work? i haveo ma of myarmes at worked full time off the rm but worked full time on the farm. slike my relatives who so livin my district, they're workg a lot re than 40-hour weeks e mang sure that the amerin economy keeps moving making surth ame are fed, buthey're also making sure that we don't ve to rely on foreign coues frr od like have to do when it comes to l, relying on foreign cntrior our need we need jo, we need jobs that are createdy the private sector.
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we don't need any government jobs that are rely just de for jobs out there. --hat are really jt make-work jobs out there. ey need relief to be ableto survivand coin to remain in business. currently, small buss employee er half the private sector workersn americ to assist small business ow, i inoduced the respoible reinvestment act. ecifally thibill focuses t follong areas that i lieve will not only help small businesses grow throughout the country but so help p our neighbors back to wo. the bill does the llowing. 20% tax cut for small businessesequal to 20 noveget tal come ofheiness. it permaly repesthe esttax or dea tax. we have to dsomeing in this cgrs cause if we do not that the deh tax will rert on to what it was years ago. 10 yea ago, wit any justment to ilation, that ll hit small businesses and
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farms alike sy of agai this bill repeals thdeath x. it creasethe extensiofor small businses to half a million dollars. full first year expng for farm ad manufacturin uipment and the ll deductibility fothe self-employment tax relation alth premiums, extre importa for small businesses acro this country. the items in this bill wi also be beneficialo all business owrs by offeri up capital forhem use t reinvest in their business. bring stability cko t will communities in whicthey ext. he future of our coury dends on a proactive appach creing viable solutns for smalbusiness owners to succe and remain profitable. small sinesses arehe lieline and heartbeat of our nation's economy. these are the ly, these are the compans thate relyn for produc dervices. as a cgress, we must solelstop psing legislation that contain massive ending and inste
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pass legislaikh.r. 1763, that will help small buiness ther than rt them. presidt obama bmitted s dmintration's fial year 11 budget pposal with record-breing co of $3.8 illion. thisudt proposal includes a $2 trillion tax increase over the next 10 ys. d projd record deficits. this proposal will dole our nation debt five year triple it in 10 ars from fiscal year 2008evels. the congression budget office has stated that you should current spending levels, by 2020, american taxpayerll be paying $2 billion a day in interest o the national debt alo. t me eit re that. $2 billion day. itn't been all that long ago we lkeba tthe late 1970's, early 1980's, en w had 21.5%ntest ratein this country. it wasn longgo, i was
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talki with small business owns in my district, they said we had probms getting a loant over 20% interest. the t federalovernment is borrowi er $2 billion a day, when ey' talking about thatoue looking at the feral deficit an-- or i should say the debt goi to $20.3 billion by the ye 2020, and now the u.s. treary coming outnd saythat cod bat least $ trillion, that $2 llion a day going to be much higher and businesses out there are going to have to do one g, compete aigovernment t borrow that meanthinterest rates areoing to skyrocket again and how are we going t get sml businesses moving ain in this country mrs. lmis: that is $2 bli it woulonly take three orone four days for the entire budget of the ste of wyoming for tw
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years. thatovs our whole budget. it'stuing mber. that's how much moneye're talking out. ield back. mr. latta: ank e ntlady f yielding back. when you ok at the staggering number, i'm sure wyoming, like the ste of ohio in ou constition,e ve to balance r budg. i was a couy commissioneror sickars wh i was fst electe to public service w through the 1991-1992 downturn at that ti. what did we do? we hado cut ba. we didn't say we're going to spendore. mrs. lummis: how did y cut? mr. latta: wh we d, when we did our budget for the year, there arrtn thingsn ohio that mmissioners ar spnsible for. u thought,el do we have to -- we ve the dgetfor ings like bad weather? you have havmo orte. one of the things we hope never
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happenis we had capil rder case, we dn know how much that would cost us. all thesehings we h to sit down with oth elected oficials and say, we a had to ke cuts across the board, nd scale back because if w didn't, welre going to be in trouble. butgain, our constitution says, you shall balance your buet. m. lummis: will the gentleman yid? are you aware of my circumanince you've been inongress where the members f congress in the leadersh veeen called to the white house to down and talk about how we'rgoing to c spending? i yield back. mr. l: i thank the lady for yidi, and this is a problem we're fang. insteaof saying we're gog to increaseudgets by 12% over the year before, whawed to be doing is sayingwe have to gok maybe a budget befe that and say, 's where weee to start cus. because one of the things that, e lk abouwhat's
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happening with smalbusisses across the cry or large busisses, when i go out acros district and when i have the opportuni, try to in as many ctories and businessess possibly can and when i'm out there lking to these individls, like t find out what's hang to them. ty like to k this one weave cut, we have cut way backo ke o doors opened. what have you ne in the federal gernmt to help ong these lines? ani think one of the intesting trips ias in, you might sa oneay when i at factory in my district, i nt in the plant and thled to scale back. unfortunate they had to cut ploys. ut at the same time wh they d ey were in there saying, , we had to reduce the numbe of houur peoe we working. maybe no 40-plus hours a week t a 42-hour workwe ok, whad to make re that nagemt did its shar they were c 10% to 20% in their saries.
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management w cleaning the rest rooms in theactory to try to do anying to scale back on costthat they might hae to go out and pay someone ee to do. mrs. lummis: will the gentleman yield? mr. latta: ll y to the lady. mrs. lummis: there any instance that the federal governmt has done? has the feral government gon to its employees and s w need cut y back to 32r e federagovernment has a trump card, some people think in that control t presses or putting out money. and the bigroblem that we theis, course, we're wating the dollars being put out. at the same ti whenhe united stes treasury is out there at an ation and at that
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auction you have the federal reserve buyi it d accomplishing anythi, we're not cuttingnything and tch ts government and the expenses keepling u so, know, it time that, you know, the american people understd that what we do hoand wh we sit ound our kch tles and yogeou thfamily budget say ese are the thingwe have to fyou knowi think we're uner ts whole question o wants and needs. there's a big difference betweenhat i wandhat absolutely need. i thi that the federal government has g to go to what is needed and it hs to be thate nee scale back immediatel kw you have stunts and constituents that chere. b wn i a grouof studentsere on capitol eps and lk at these kids at are eier juniors o seniorsn high schl anlook what tir future can ben the ne 10 years, and when wee alkin if it's $20.3 trillion in debt
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or $20.6 trillion in debt, coorgd to the treasury, we're in -- according to the treasury, we're in trouble. mrs. lummis: will the gentleman yield? lady mrs. lummis: wt do hear rom your conituents are they ready for the nd of reforms that you believe are necessy --hat do you he froyour constituents? are they rea for the kin reformshat u believe are necessary? mr. latta: they understand right f the bat that something has to be done. they understa that cuts- ey've had akdeep,eep cuts. i think until rectli served on theudget mmittee d as yore still a member an itting through those hearings with the congressial budget ficeirectoorheffice management and budget directr secrety geithner or we heardromr. bernanke, we heard the same thing. growth in this count and speing anit'sot to be stoppe they don't offer tolutions but it's a very simple solutio
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you don't spend what you don't have. was nbe19 ofnids on my mate granotr's side. the good german rm woman that she was. she had a sple sayingthose who go borwing goes a sorrowing. she de sure all9 of us underd that. you don't end what you don't have. and we cannot spe o way out of this mess. we're going to be doing that alle're doing right nownd we have beedoing is mortgaging the fu of the next genetionf americans. and you know, the questionn you talko parentout there and say, are your kids gng to be bettef thou are, and mo pares don't believe it. hey ink their kidsre going to have a harder me of it than they have andhat's a d sign for america future. mrs. luis: will theentleman yield? mrlatta: i yield to the lady. mrs. lummisyou know, the art that i havto my left,
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the viewers' right, isxy illustrating what the ntman s just beeniscussi if loot the spread tween spendg d tas that ocurs on the f side of dottd linethat sows you 'srojected io the future. a thaspread between spending and taxoing into the future isormous constent. and if you look what that prodes in terms oficits, ok athe bottom line the redine, again on e far side away from me from the bd li, andou can shat dotted line and you can e that deficits are into the future. th's whawe mean, the e, long-term consequenceto this country is that our chil and grachildr willerit the consequences of ou ckle behavio do weesolve this?
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and yield back. mrlatta: weli thank the when you look athese budge projections, you knowyou ha to have pple working. when we're looking at an unemployment rate at 9.7% in thisouny and littleer 11%nemploymen the state of ohio and all kws w going to enater this mer when of those people th were hiredn to be censu rs or work forhe census arall gointoback to unemploymentse numbers will go bk. it is kind of a false data time we're in looking at these numbers. u sawhat happened enhe uloyment numbers came out and on 41,000 jobs were createin the prite sector at wal streethought of that. oking at the things are -- log at that,his are not gog well in thisconomy. i now you heard the same stementshat -- the
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prections from the congreional of budget office director, you kw, we're lookinat probabl2014r 20 pfer we getba before we t back to -- i d't care if you say normal employment in this country. lot of parts of ohio and the midwest where manufacturing takes plachat are we going to din our areasor the next four or five years with these high unemployment rates? mrslumm: wi the gentleman yield? mr. latta: i yield tohe lady. mrs. lummis: this ch illusttes exactly what the gentleman is diussing if you look at the b li, hat is private secr at is imet in the entreprenri -- th is employment ithe entrreneurial economy this ithemoymenthat comesrothe emoyer class of americans. if you ok at the d li, thekyketing government ployment,hat is just that. it is t feral government
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private stor with public sector jobs. the only problem is a public ctor employee paysheame taxes that a private sector empyedoes howeve, e public sector employee's salarcomes entirely from privateector employmnd the taxes geneteby it. there is no way tt we can sustain an econom totally governmt employees when we have lost the private stor jobs, the kif jobs tt mr. latta habeen referring to this evening in his district, and i yiback. mr. latta: i ane lady f yieldingack. and on thengs th we're tain about, thes, kind of goes back years ago wh ias a couy ommissner. one of the things you wanted to make sure iyou ve the broast base as possible in yr coun oryoustate or in your country because if
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yove veryad -- it's like aamid. yowant a big ofase as pole. the thing we were as worried t, what happens if wre ling jobs and all of a sudden it startshifting th be d pretty soon you have a very sma tase o th as iidualsnd you he a lot of people up otop, it doesn't work. what we can't have in ts oury is killing the entrepreneurs. and whenou look at a different scenarios out ther the bills that's comeefor this congress -- and are thsa people i lk to in my district. again, when you're dealing wi thlargest manucturing district in the ate, 20th largest in the nation, th're coerned. and i hear all time about this out there that w help bring them down, is the best way to say it. we have the second highest coorattarate the rld. what ae doing abouat? when we ta aut tealt care costs,a lot of them are
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seeing if th hit that magical number, if they get above i theyhy do i want to expanif i'm gng to be paying mo? itt n't wo. people -- folks i business derstand that youeto the point of ecomics 101 fr yourirstear of cge whis the law ofiminishing returns. th i work the more i get x and the li have wh it? people aren't going to dthat. it's against humanatu to do someing ke tt. s. lummis: will the gentman yield? mr. tta: iield to thlady. mrs. lummis: so would you recommend reducing the corporate tax rate, and i yield back? r. lta: i ank th f yiel. we hav to go across the board because if we have to cte agst ouroreign competitors, because that's what'out there these da because you e the corpore ta re, you look at what's happened herwith health care and we've enhe numbers
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coming out today of what's going to happen on the health care side there saying you get to keeat you wan well, that's not going to ppen flot induals. when youook at the regulations out there, companies aying we don't hav to wry about that if we're someplace else. you know, i've had companies have said that are located in village or cit when the e.p.a. puts a mandate in, i don't ca iit's w o sewer, but e pantpany is somepla oside the ste d they're toldt if their ratego up to a certaun and theyt -- noonger profitable in their area, well that cpa is ing to b moved. you know, when you'rlog alosi 300 jor 400 jobs or 600 jobsthat tally uncepble. mrs. lummis: wl the gentleman yld? . latt i yield to thlady s. lummis: are you aware o any plers iyour manufacting distct that have pulled u stakes and moved theisinses elwher and i yie back. mr. latta: i thank the lady for
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yieldi back. that happens all the tim unfortunaly yokn, we have situions hat, y know, 'ryear agwh i was a count commission -- is is a few years back -- we are competing against other partsof ohio or ybe some place souther michigr in eastendana. and e day -- in a sht 20eapeod nre competing with somebody 8,000, ,000 miles away if they're in a situatwhere they have a lower lab cost, they have a lowerost for eieltricity or their other oil cos, if they don't other fuelosts, cleanir, clean water, all of a sudden ey'r cerin areas wre there's no conce othat and hard under the caand tre legiatn if we did
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profit re? and i yld back. mr. lattathank thlady for elding. thathe probleyou run into. inpinion truly believe that the united states has the greatest wk force in the world. we have the bestraid work force, we havehe best edated wforcbut need to be put an equal footing. and when companies undstd tht, you know, isikeat all entrepreneur if ty tylenay after day -- if they toil day after day -- i knew someone that had a small bed that could ro uin small bed that could ro uin theiofce or a wife


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