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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2010 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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is aut sma policy, it's about progresse licy, it's about taking whawas oken and fixing it. anyou know, dontand on the sidelines and y, you know, yore not mpping quick enoug no, pick up a mop and he us ean up what has been messed here. the oil company iharming the enviroent and cting the gulf eonomy. they are underanng that regulation for certain bi grps out there is essetial. rela for wallstreetas essential. make certa that weelp the asing th wh loanommuni by opportunities, working with community banks topen uphe crit les, the backbone of
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oueconomy and pringboard of our busisses. big coanies, big industries, gting all sts of farab viewand treatment while all siness ad midd-iome americatruggl, struggled live pay checto pheck whe reed predominated on t scene and reay brought this economy to its knees and caused undue hardship, unnecessary olks nking from tho in their senior year and at do ourolks say pratize medicare, privatize e situaon for sial security. it's a ct.choice . it's a difference. big oil mpanies, big bks, wall street, special inrest give them free rein or asist the smausiness commity, work for incentivand pass
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re f mddle-income americans, that's the ntract. andust ashat ne went sth, 're now going north, so is the conact. sharp anclear. and i thinkore and more, the geral publics saying, you n't get back the keys and don't eget back the eyto the . war ms. wasserman schtz: you are aolutelright. overhe nt few nths we are getting closer to aelection. and in nbe i think the ericans will have a cl choice. they can go back to taid polics of tast. backslidtowarde bushra in which wel be in a tuation whe we'll be d by people who think we should cus on big siness, bi corporations,
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welthiest americs and ue the ice-wn notthat has been proven time and a to be effective, fact, proven to be detrimental or contin to move ithe direction th the obamadministtion and the mocratileaders in the house a senate have been taking us hich islow and steady progress so we can re-establish thbalance we need our economy,articularly, as you mentioned, thealance in terms of regulation. we are debang this ts wk and it high time that we establishome der an balance. mr. nk get to wat tv too much. bui undersnd the concept of
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are you smarter than a fifth would you prefer eight mlion jobs lo or uld u prefer over a half million oer perha 3/4's of alion jobs turne i think the fiftader wld say givee job growth, not e job lo. and i think the fif gradeis oing tsay this is pretty lear. 's a contrast that i understand. it's about ois. ist fastnough? wwould allove fastnough anlo millions of jobs in one quarter, but aer we witness 18 1/2lost, over an 18-moh span during the bush receion, th about $ illin, j about $1 trillo.
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30% recovery ofhat loss is a movin the righttion. a fifth grader woulsahe would take that. so itecom more and more apparent that the reco act is workg, that it's about small bune, incentiv, x relief for small busesses, search andevelopment, embcing science a chnology, budigrowing and innovatn eno, the are all dynamics. that meana growing economy and cutting gedesign and for at. i tnkt's a stro ceback and nd to mainin the ur of recovery.
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ms. wassermaschultz:a pant of twin sixth gaders, often wonr,, what e heck are your cleagues on the other side oe aisldog. they wonderhy they only foc on the mos narr view. mrtko: i had ump nch with the other side of the chamber and shake things up. but we have been joined by our colleague from oohio, mr. bo cherrr who is doing a fan tass particular job and a real fighter. mr. boccieri: thank you for taking on the challenge of setting the record straiggt. just as an aside, a few years
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ago as a state legislator, i was watching c-span and you and congressman ryan were talling a few years ago and i thought wow, how neat would it be to stand beside each other. so it's an honor to share this stage with you to talk about how we get our country back on track and getting our economy moving again. i agree thht america has to be the producer of wealth, not just the movers of wealth. we have to invest n our work force. we have to invest in things that are going to make us different than the rest of the world. and we have that here. you know, you look at the computer, our space program, you look at things that have been invented here. things don't happen by accident in america, because we have some of the greatest entrepreneurs, great entrepreneurial spirit, we have great minds, great thirst and we have a great form of --
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great thinkers and we have a great form of people. what we hear from our colleagues on the republican side is that po has been the standard answer here for the last year and a half. the party of no. just say no crowd. no to ideas, no to solutions, no helping america come back. look, we are elected to do things, not just win elections, but to do things and put the country back on track. when you run for office, you make all these promises, but when you govern, there are choices. do we work together s democrats and republicans to put america back on track and put our country moving forward or do we participate in this partisan exercise here where all we get is no. we have worked very hard to try to bring our colleagues on the other side to the middle and to
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govern from the middle and work hard to make sure that we incorporate those ideas. in the health care debate there wwre 150 republican amendments. and the final version reflected senator bob dole. they had zero republican votes. that is not leadership. leadership is about action, not just position. not just position. and what we hear is this constant drumbeat about how they want the keys back. they want the keys back. well, the american people remember they drove us into this ditch by bending over to bi%%g oil, by bending over for credit card companies and wall street banks and insurance industries. our political philosophy is this and i know we share ttis, is that the government should set the out-of-bounds markers but be
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a good referee. when big oil companies don't have redid you know dancies built in, the referee should be throwing the flag. they paid their insurance, we should throw the flag. we could have a debate about where those markers and where they are set. but make no question, the governnent should be the referee. mr. tonko: if the gentleman from ohio would yield. you struck is go something in me about the party of no. it was not good enough to say no to an issue ike america %- competes. on this very floor, we had the opportunity to create millionss of jobs through investment in manufacturing and inveetment in stem science and technology, our students, basic resevere, r&d, incentives for business, not
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only was it not enough to say no because we had the votes with the no votes from the other %% side, we still had many more votes that were favorable but it was a game of po%itics to just drop the progress of america competes to the point where the issue had toobe resolved over a couple of weeks. ms. wasserman schultz: would the gentleman yield on that, because let's tell them how they slowed that process down. it's not only they were not voting for the america competes act which will create millions potentially of new jobs and potentially tens of thousands of new jobs, they added an unrelated, irrelevant porn amendment to that legislation to try to catch members on our side of the aisle in a vote for or
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against porna graphy and said we would vote on whether or not federal employees would be able to be paid if they viewed pornography on work hours. mr. tonko: it was a game of gotcha. here in the balcony, representatives of labor and representatives from the united states chamber of commerce, a broad spectrum of support that takes america to the cutting edge, allows her to invest in smart manufacturing and compete effectively in a global marketplacc, invest in science and technology, make sure that we are investing in research and development, which translates into jobs, all of that activity, by a game of politics, it didn't ppmatter. it didn't matter that near two million jobs could be created and become a more competitive
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nation. so we resort to political games. that's the sort of roshed that that the public -- record that the public will scruletnidse. they say, we believe in your point of setting up the goal posts and the parameters and allowing the capitalist model to work but making sure there is discipline so we go forward and invest and recover with lucrative dividends. mr. boccieri: we invest in our greatest asset in america and that's our people. we want to invest in our people, investing in jobs and our economy, putting people back to work, putting the private interests of our citizens over public interests is what we see from the other side. they want to put private interests ahead of good public interests. we have seen the unregulated greed and things go unchecked n
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wall street. what we see when we take an office in the 111th congress, we werr handed $3.5 trillion deficit. thh record is very clear. look at this chart here, congressman tonko and congresswoman shulingts. the last three republican -- schultz, the last three republican presidents have given us tremendous debt. and what weehave heard from our previous speakers is how the government is out of control and spending. look at the republican preeidents. the last surplus that america had was a $5.6 trillion surplus handed over to us by president clinton. so, you know, for them to come over here and lecture democrats about spending, you know, is pretty ironic considering the facts here that this chart shows. now, look, we have got to our
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spending under control in washington. democrats and republicans agree on that point. we have to make sure that we can pay for the wars that we are paying for, these two undeclared wars we find ourselves in. we need to live within our means like working people have to. $3.5 trillion deficit handed to us day one when congressman tonko walked through the doors is insurmountable in an economy that was on a downward spiral. this is the deficit that was handed over to us with $1 frillion tax cuts to the wealthiest americans, another $1 trillion to the top 1% of the country, a prescriptionnplan that left a huge doughnut hole and two undeclared, unfunded wars in iraq and afghanistan. that is the facts.
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ms. wasserman schultz: add on top of that, the republicans allowing the pay-go statute and the pay-go rules to expire so that under -- a big part of the reason under the budget that was passed by president clinton, we adopted under a democratic administration, demooratic leadership, a pay-as-you-go that said that we aren't going to spind more than we take in. just like people have to do in their own household. when we came back into the majority, we re-adopted those rules. and what we need to make sure we continue to do, except for emergency spending, which in an economy which is as dire as this one, we have had a number of different emergency situations, but we have to make sure that we pay for the llgislation that we are passing, whether it's including the war costs in the
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budget and actually having it be real numbers instead of pretending that we don't have an ongoing obligation when it comes to war funding. we included the cost of the iraq war in the budget, unlike the republicans who pretenn year to year that we weren't go to go have that expense. . we have been trying to be responsible, trying to get things back on track. %% we can establish some parameters we can be -- governments, unfortunately, are are -- our colleagues on the other side of the aisle think government is always an obstacle. government is never -- can never be a solution. i don't think government is the be-all, end-all solution to the world's problems either, but what government certainly can be part of the solution. governments can help make sure that we can establish some fairness and some balance and also make sure that there's
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someone minding the store. that there's not unchecked industry. we have almost 60,000 barrels a day gushing out of the ocean floor right now because no one was paying attention. mr. boccieri: i think mismanagement and bad -- mr. tonko: i think mismanagement and bad government are totally unacceptable but sound investing, where you're trying to grow back the economy, creating the discipline that was so essential, looking at thh gulf today, understanding that all this heartache could have been avoided had there been some sort ofttes plin where you weren't taking short cuts to perhaps grow that profit column, where you weren't, as the 1997 report required, you weren't investing in technology. so all across the board we see these situations where it was %% just like run on your own,
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don't let anybody control you or discipline you, we will be there, we'll be your friend, you're a big special interest, now it's like, bringing it back, reining it in. it's like look at the $11.5 trillion deficit that red line goes so deep on that chart. it's obvious to the naked eye with that that something needs to be done differently. we couldn't continue the same policies of the past. i think the contrast is you give back the keys to the people who drove the car in the ditch or allow us to go forward and continue the progress. i think it's a very stark contrast. mr. boccieri: if we hand the keys back, we should revoke the license. i have children that are going to have to pay for this, you have children that are going to have to pay for this. a $1.4 trillion deficit under
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president reagan a $3.3 trillion deficit under president bush. a $5.3 trillion surplus under president clinton. an $11.5 trillion deficit under george w. bush. the numbers are stark. every solution they try to come up with is about giving more tax breaks to the wealthiest americans and taking the stripes off the referee. this is not theance. we need to come -- the answer. we need to come together as a country to address this, but the facts are presented there%%. that's why it is so important we have to invest in the greatest asset in our country, that's the people. by investing in the recovery act, retraining workerss because some of these trade dealsshave been good for the ports of galveston and california and port of new york but haven't been good for the midwest. congressman schultz and i understand that by reinvesting in our work force, helping
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those workers transitionnfrom manufacturing jobs that have left is very important to me. while i'm encouraged we have seen 10 consecutive months of manufacturing increase in our country, we have got to be the producers of wealth in this nation, not swrust the movers of wealth. i'm happy to report that small businesses in my community are beginning to grow again. the new earth corporation and alliance, ttey have just created 60 new jobs in our small town. medline industries, a manufacttre -- a manufacturer and distributor of medical products cceated dozens of job, will be adding jobs over the next three years. nationwide insurance created another 600 jobs in ohio. they have an office building in my district. one of the best news reporrs we have heard was that rolls royce, who is invested in fuel cell technology and alternative
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energy source that even our military is beginning to use, announced they're moving their research headquarters from singapore to stark county, ohio, in the 16th congressional district. they'll invest three million jobs and equipment and creating up to 60 new jobs and maintaining 32 that are there already. it goes on and on. the statistics show we're improvinn this economy, we're growing, not fast enough for the millions of jobs lost under the previous administration an what we were handed day one when we walked into the office but we're doing our best to turn this economy around. >> and we're doing it without our friends on tte other side of the aisle which is incredibly disappointing. i have seen our leadership reach across the aisle time and again and ask our republican colleagues to come to the table, sit down, let's -- we're not going to agree on everything, but let's try to hammer out areas of agreement where we can find common ground. let's try to pass bipartisan legislation.
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as you said. we passed health care reform withhover 150 amendments that wwre offered by republicans, accepted and included into the biil. we had a bipartisan bill without a bipartisan outcome. that's been their choice repeatedly. they've made a choice. whether to either sit with us and try to work something out, you know there are times when you have to, look, this is - politics can be a contact sport. this is a situation where they have different ideas than we do, but i've been in office for 18 years. i spent 10 years in my legislative bodies and you in your legislatures as well. i have never been in a situation, and i come from a state that's controlled by republicans for the majority of time i was in office but i was able to reach across the aisle and find common ground. we were always able to, on many things, pass bipartisan %-
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legislation. they have no interest in that. so the choices that they are making are, i think, going to result in the american people being presented with a choice to either embrace hyper partisanship, embrace individuals who are bent on power and bent on controlling the direction that this country moves and only doing it their way, or members like our members, who have their fingers on the pulse of their community, who understand intuitively what the needs are in that district, and whoo+ aren't reflectively just voting with their parties. look at the diversity of our caucus. we have been able to pass some significant legislation, the recovery act, health care legislation, we passed the credit cardholders bill of rights. we have some significant pro-consumer economii recovery legislation and we haven't passed it unanimously out of the caucus.
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we havv a diversity of ideas. but our ideas and our diversity reflects america. some members are able to be supportive and some members aren't. you would think there would have to be some people on their side of the aisle that would have the nerve that would have the back bone, to step up and say, you know, i'm going to put aside my quest for power and i'm going to sit down and i know we can work something outt each of us have had private conversations with our colleagues on the other side of the aisle and they whisper, debbie, i wish we could be with you on this, i agree with you, but my hands are tie. really? your hands are tied? i don't see any rope binding %% your hands or a gag binding your mouth. it's sad. mr. boccieri: leadership is about action. we can win election by taking
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comfortable votes. the ameriian people want leadership. they want us to do things. they don't want us to just have a career, they want us to invest in the country. they want us to serve, to do the right thing to do what we think is right and move the country forward. i think that at least our ppdemocratic majority has attempted to reach across the aisle and pull people in and say, give usssome ideas. i've sponsored legislation with members, chris lee from new york and i sponsored n investment bill, to ggve folks an extra bonus if they manufacture products in the -- in america. the hire act that i reach aid cross the aisle and worked with congressman rooney from florida , this became a law. so we have good ideas. we can share them together. but we have got, on the big issues that confirmed our nation, we need their leadership as well as ourr. %% a stiff arm is not the solution
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to any of the big problem ours nation is facing. so the question becomes, are we going to invest in america? are we going to invest in the working middle class and champion the values of the middle class here in legislation that we pass? you know, just simple votes we have taken for people who have lost their jobs under no fault pf their own, to give them an unemployment check toomake sure thhy have cobra insurance so they can keep their family going to the dentist or the doctoo, these are simple things. investing in the future of our kids, like the competes act, i don't understand. i share the value with you and others that i know there are sme of my republican colleagues over there who want to invest in strong families and strong communities but their hands are tied because of partisan politics. the american people are waaching. i think the poll numbbrs you read earlier are very true. very true. the choice they're making is not to lead. i think when it comes to the
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matter of the economy, we're trying to put our country backk on track and i think we've passed some very good measures here. so setting that fair rules of the road, making sure we understand that we are going to invest and extend our economy by growing manufacturing and becoming the producers of wealth is verr important. nearly 87% of the world's economic growth ovvr the next five years is going to take place out of the united states. we have a tremendous opportunity witt ohio to export our goods, invest in our work force or manufacturing sector to export some of our -- not just our jobs but export our goods. we don't want to see any more jobs exported out of the country. that's what we've seen with ssme of the trades deals championed by previous administrations. but certainly when we invest in our economy and we invest in our big opportunity for us like energy, when you build a new nuclear reactor, you can't
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outsource it. when you build a new solar array, you can't outsource those jobs. when you build a wind turbine that has 8,000 manufacturedd parts, 200 tons of steel, the bearings are made by a company in my congressional district. those are real jobs, you can't outsource the wind turbine. we can invest in our future and help us become energy independence in the long run. that's what we've done when taking these big steps in investing in an energy policy that makes sense. you'll hear from my friends on the other side of the aisle that want to identify our legislation, our energy, our national energy policy and legislation that's going to end our dependence on foreign oil from the middle east, make our economy more secure in the long run because $1 billion leaves america every day and funds ahmadinejad and so many others who are fight -- funding -- we are funding both sides of the war by our consumption habits.


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