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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  November 15, 2010 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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that mr. riegle violated a clause 5 of the code of ethics. -- mr. rangel violated a clause 5 of the code of ethics. what about the aspectis it subjo purse or how do we read that statute? >> madam chair, the text that reads as follows -- never discriminate unfairly by dispensing special favors or privileges to anyone, whether for remuneration or not. and never exam for himself or his family paper or circumstances which might be construed by reasonable persons as influencing the performance of his government duties. >> the reasonable person relates to everything after thee
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semicolon. >> this was left off the original one. >> i did not hear the beginning. >> i need to clarify something. my question was about assets not on the original financial statement. i mentioned the rush of funds, it was actually on both the rich and no financial statements at a value of $1,000-$15,000. it is on the amended financial statements for $15,000-$50,000. >> thank you for that clarification. at this point, what is before us is not a proposal that we adopt this, but counsel's motion is that we decide that there are no
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material facts in dispute. that motion is something that i think we will want to discuss in closed session. we have heard the arguments. we have had an opportunity to ask our questions. unless there are further matters to come before us on that? >> thank you, madam chair. just a point of clarification. i'm hopeful this committee can come on a consensus on all 13 counts. however if the committee cannot, that means there is an issue of fact remaining on those certain cancer we cannot agree on. if that scenario happens, do we proceed with the hearing with the live witness testimony? >> the motion before us is really to accept as proven all of the facts in the report. there are two question before us
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-- the question of law, how we apply the law to those facts is separate. that is not covered by the motion before us. is that clear? >> i do think that if there are accounts that we cannot agree on, we may need to consider adding further evidence, having this hearing proceed on those remaining counts. >> i think if we do not -- the motion to accept the facts as proven or to fail, did you would be correct. if we accept that none of the facts are in dispute, then we need to match those facts to the report and see whether it as a matter of law but that's report the allegations sent to us. >> i understand and 90. >> there is nothing further, we will recess to discuss this motion.
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and we will recess at least until 1:00, and we will try to give notice to the respondent and everyone else of the least 15 minutes or so before we come out in the public session. with that, we stand in recess. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010]
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>> the adjudicatory subcommittee is back in session. under my authority as chairman, i find that i will say the subcommittee finds that there is no genuine issue of material fact with respect to any of the counts in the statement of alleged violations. accordingly, this matter should be immediately submitted to the subcommittee to determine whether any of the accounts have been proven as a matter of law. this ruling does not constitute a ruling that any of the 13 counts have been proven. it is only that no material fact is in dispute. it is appropriate for the subcommittee to determine based on the uncontested factual record whether any of the accounts have been proved is a matter of law. the subcommittee will meet in executive session to consider each of the 13 counts contained in the statement of alleged
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violations. its deliberations will consider all evidence properly entered into the record in these proceedings. i note that the record includes a number of material prepared by representative rangel's former counsel in this matter. those materials include a motion for particulars and a motion to dismiss, both awards were considered by the investigatory subcommittee and the nine. -- and denied. all of those materials were repaired with the assistance of counsel and all of them publicly available on the committee's website since july 29. the motion submitted by committee counsel also is publicly available at the committee's website along with the entire record. it includes more than 550 exhibits and totals more than 4200 pages. the subcommittee will determined by majority vote of its members whether each count has been proven by clear and convincing evidence, based on the material
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facts that had been found not to be in dispute. the subcommittee will be reporting its findings to the full committee. if no account is proved, the full committee will prepare a report to the house based on the report of the subcommittee. if any one of the 13 counts in a statement of alleged violations is proved, if the full committee will conduct a separate hearing to determine what sanction, if any, the committee should represent -- should recommend to the house of representatives. i would like to thank all the participants in these proceedings for their time and attention, as well as the committee chairman bob brady and his staff for this hearing room. i would now rank -- recognize the ranking member for any comments that he may have. if there is no further business then, we will recess into executive session to deliberate upon the 13 counts before us. >> just a quick question. i am not a lawyer and i know a lot of people watching this
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proceeding are not lawyers, either. >> certainly not. >> i wanted some clarification. we received 549 exhibits but we've not received witness' testimony and the decision that none of those facts in the documents are in dispute. are being disputed. the main question is, will there be any kind of public process to determine if the facts prove a violation by clear and convincing evidence question margin we will deliberate in executive session on that. bank, and return to public session for report on whatever discussion the committee deems appropriate. we are recessed now.
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>> after meeting in closed session rest of the afternoon, at that coittee members adjourned for the night without reaching a decision on the charges against democratic representative charlie rangel. c-span will cover the at this committee when members reconvene
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on tuesday. in a few moments, a rally at the u.s. capitol focusing on government spending. in an hour, we will talk to two incoming members of congress, mike lee, a republican from utah, and representative-elect hansen clarke, a democrat from michigan. and then we will look at the investigation into charlie rangel of new york. on the "washington journal," we will be joined by democratic representative from pennsylvania and the arizona republic and. it will take your questions about a variety of issues, including the lame duck session of congress, the future of earmarks, and the control of the house. and we will look at how higher
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education policy will be affected by the election results. our guest is dan hurley. "washington journal" is live on the c-span every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> see what people are watching on the c-span video library with the most recent videos, most watched videos, and no shared. it is right on our homepage. you can also click start special 2010 election analysis tab did you continuing coverage of the midterm elections. watch what you want when you want. >> the group americans for prosperity hosted a rally at the capitol on monday focusing on government spending. if participants included republican leaders and some of the newly elected house colleagues. this is an hour. >> a little bit more. does that work? welcome to the nation's capital!
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it is a new day in america. the people of america spoke on november 2, right? >> yes! >> unfortunately -- and i know you're dying to hear this -- some in washington, d.c. have not listened to the new reality. are you shocked by that? >> know! >> nancy pelosi is apparently going to be the minority leader for the next year. is that good? [applause] we welcome her back in her agenda back because we know the american people have utterly rejected that big government, big spending, washington-knows- best approach. is that right? i thought so. and thank all of you for coming. i know some of you draw long distances. where the people from florida? where is georgia?
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>> pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania is right here. and the north carolinian is are here. i know that the commonwealth of virginia is represented. we even had people from up in new hampshire and new jersey, across this great country. thank you all for coming. marilyn, i am sorry. i'm in big trouble, new york this year as well. thank you for coming because we set for the last year -- arizona, excuse me. i'm sorry. i know americans for prosperity, we set for the last year this is not about one election, right? >> right. >> it is not about our short- term goal but genuinely taking our nation in a new direction toward freedom and prosperity. we know that is what this is about. and one of the questions that i heard most often on the road, whether i dover, ohio, or
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pittsburgh, pa. -- it did not matter where -- people woke up and say, tim, do you think the republicans have learned their lesson from nearly 2000's? >> know! >> and my answer would be, whether they have not, we're going to hold them accountable every single day. [applause] in that spirit, our first guest is here today. tomorrow is a crucial vote. these pork barrel earmarks of the very symbol of arrogance and corruption in washington, they really are. we have seen the people, the spending in the waste in the abuse of our tax dollars. i think tomorrow that the senate republican caucus is going to vote on motion by senator jim demint, our champion in the senate. [applause]
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i'll tell you something, tomorrow, the republicans in the senate are going to start answering that question, have we learned our lesson? are we going to go a different way? please welcome our free market champion jim demint! >> thank you. wow. thank you, thank you. as long as you are here, the people in these buildings, the buildings behind me, all over capitol hill, know that this is a government of the people and for the people and by the people. that is something that had been forgotten here for years. last year we saw the power wrestled out of the hands of politicians and back into the hands of the american people, and it is because of you and what you have done, all over the
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country, if people have stood up, they have taken to the streets, they have spoken out, they have said enough is enough. we have politicians quaking in their bids going into the last election. [applause] and there was a reason for them to be afraid. everything has changed here in washington. i think people are listening. people like mike pence in the house. and michele bachmann, who i think will be here. the house is going to lead the way and pass good legislation, bold legislation, the bold colors that reagan talked about that would inspire a letter -- if americans, that would demonstrate that we have gotten the message in that we believe in freedom in this country. if that was in that legislation to the senate. this time and set of saying no, we can say yes. we can challenge the democrats and the president to do what is right. as tim said, if this is just the beginning. 2012 is going to make what
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happens look small if we continue what we started here today. [applause] opt-in is right. if we cannot decide as a federal government that it is not our job to pay local -- paid local mall parking lots and build local museums, then we do not understand what constitutional limited government is. if the senate republicans failed to pass the ban on earmarks tomorrow, obviously they have not gotten the message. i am optimistic that they have. there is a lot of pressure on some of them to cave in. but i think that you're going to see a bold new group of republicans. i was with a lot of them last night, and you helped send them. if people like pat toomey, marco rubio, rand paul randmike lee, and ron johnson, we have got people, young people, two of
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them 39 years old lowering the age in the senate by 10 years. [laughter] this is because of you, not of party organization. it is because one american at a time as realize that our future, our very freedom, everything we hope for is in the hands of individual americans, if not the people who vote in this day. if we remember that, if we expand what you started, if every day over the next few years, getting an average people engaged in what is going on here, it will keep these people accountable. they will keep listening. we will have more voices speaking for you, and we will bring this country away from the edge of the financial klatt it is on, and restore a lot of the freedoms that we all believe in. the only reason i'm here today, and a lot of you thanked me on the way in, i'm here to thank you because what you have done has given us, my pants, michelle, others the power to change things.
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the only power we hit here in washington is the power of ideas and the millions of people standing behind them. thank you today. thank you for all you ever done. i'm here for you. >> are you guys with jim demint on earmarks bill? by the way, i knew jim demint had a direct line, but did you notice that the sun came out? that is pretty impressive. i do not normally think of the term, congress and lehmann. i do, but i was a novice line. but starting today, nancy pelosi and harry reid are bringing back in the old, failed congress. they're going to try one last
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time, one last gasp to cram their agenda that has been repudiated by the american people. we're going to say no, aren't we? we're delighted to have with us one of the longtime leaders -- and i say long time in the sense of the last four for six years -- who has time and again cast the right road, whether it was his own party or the democrat party, he did so with the confidence in our free market principles and in our nations, our founding fathers. and he is someone that we can -- that we can count on now. that is my pants. -- mike pence. >> i am from indiana. it is my high honor to welcome you back to your nation's capital.
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americans for prosperity, americans who attended tea parties and town halls prove that once again on november the second. this is still today the advent of the 21st century, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. [applause] we are gathered today to do two things. let me echo the eloquence of jim demint and rise to pay a debt of gratitude to you. and the tens of millions of americans that each one of you represent. they said that we could have a government as good as our people again, and you rose up and you demanded change. and it happened and we are grateful. [applause] but i also rise today to tell you that at this very moment,
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our liberties themselves are once again at risk. this lame duck congress is limping back into washington, d.c. hungry for more spending, more taxes, more deficits, and more debt, and we are here to say no more lame duck. it is not duck hunting session in indiana for couple of weeks. but the battle starts today. let me say to each of you gathered here today -- it is absolutely imperative that we role our sleeves up and focus on insisting that the change that america embraced on november 2 began today.
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and began in this congress. [applause] now the president and nancy pelosi argued that november the sec it was all about a bad economy. -- that november 2nd was all about a bad economy, and about as failure to communicate. [laughter] let me be clear on this point. i believe with all my heart that this year's election was a historic rejection of american liberalism and the obama-policy agenda. -- obama-pelosi agenda. the american people voted to change direction. and that new direction starts now. let us put our democratic colleagues on notice -- if you use this lame duck session to advance your big government
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agenda, you will be ignoring the will of the american people. >> that is right. >> if you use the lame duck agenda as a last ditch effort to promote your big government policies, deficits, debts, and liberal social agenda, and you'll be proving that you just do not get it and still are not listening to the american people. [applause] and for my fellow republicans, let me say as we gather in this lame duck session in the coming weeks, there must be no compromise on ending the era of runaway spending. [applause] there must be no compromise on preventing a tax increase on any american. [applause] and there must be no compromise on our commitment to rooting it -- repeal obamacare lock,
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stock, and barrel. if we are gathered here today because the fight goes on. as the fight for freedom always does. we are gathered here today to demand that this congress in this hour practice the principles of democracy and hear the voice of the american people. we also say with one voice, to those returning democrats and some republicans who do not heed the voice of the american people in this november, but we will remember in the next november. [applause] thank you and god bless you. >> thank you, mike pence.
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american prosperity is a grass- roots organization with chapters across this country. for this next introduction, i want to introduce you to a gentleman that many of you virginians know, the state director for virginia, then marty -- ben markey. >> we told them for the last 12 months that november was coming. we've got a message today, don't way? november is here! november is here. that message of responsible spending and not wasting our children's inheritance -- i have a son being born next month. he already owes the federal government $40,000. that should never be the case. one of those messages we were able to send, we have a lot of new conservative face is joining the britannia delegation in this
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new congress. one of them is no stranger to actually cutting the size of government. last year in the virginia general assembly, as majority leader, morgan creek that cut $400 billion of state spending. something that these guys across the road here ought to learn real quick. he also sent a message that if you vote against your district and you vote for job-killing cap and trade legislation and kill those natural resources that we depend on in this country, that you are going to be replaced. ladies and gentleman, please griffith.organ breat [applause] >> thank you. it is great to be here carrying your message to the capital. and that message is one of
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accountability when the district representative does not listen to the people. the people will replace him. >> that is right. >> sending your message that november was coming out there and we talked about the obama- pelosi policies, and we talked about jobs, and you sent the message that you are accountable. i have to tell you, we're going through orientation now. it is very interesting and all inspiring to be here and know that i soon will take a seat in that building over there. it has been a long time since i was in high school. but when i was in high school, in salem, va., there was a poster on the wall my senior year -- if the picture of that building. it had a quote from alexander hamilton -- hear, sir, the people govern.
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>> amen. >> we sent a message to the congress that they should remember that the people govern. i pull well understand and know that if i did not heed that message, november is always coming. and i pledge to you today and henceforth that i will remember that it is here, sir, the people govern, and it is a government by, for, and of the people. i am glad that you helped to make sure that people knew had that -- they had the right and the accountability to hold their government accountable. and i wait and hope that i will be a person that you will all find approval of, and when the accountability time comes in november new years from now, usa, morgan lived up to his word, his comtment to cut spending and to make sure that this government is doing what the people want, and do not ever
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forget, here, sir, the people govern. thank you. >> i do not know about you, but i still more confident with people like him voting then these lame ducks right now. what you say? remember when they said conservatism and free markets, it did not work any more in new england? our message is only a southern message. i am a southerner and that is not bad. but this year that was proven to be untrue. you people ran across this country on an unabashed free market, freedom, lower taxes, less spending message and one across the country. another member-elect he did that is from new hampshire, the congressman. >> thank you, sam.
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i have to say i have been here since sunday. i feel like this is a bit of a family reunion. [laughter] it is great to see so many americans, so many people believe in liberty and freedom, so many people who believe that is your right and responsibility to come to our nation's capital and fight for the freedom that our grandfathers fought for. that our kids and our grandkids desert, and that we all with light -- we would say in new hampshire, live free and die for. the last quarter years of my life, i spent as the mayor of manchester, new hampshire. i am very proud of what i did. i took one vote and turned it into cutting taxes, cutting spending, cutting ball rolling, cutting debt, cutting deficits, and actually got reelected. [laughter] [applause]
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that message was the will of the people. it was the will of the people. and the will of the people has spoken again. this infamous freshman class will not let you them. we would join with you. [applause] week feel you with us and among us. we will not let you down. we will make sure that we cut borrowing, that we cut spending, that we cut taxes, that we make sure we get rid of obamacare. [applause] that we make sure your voices are always heard, now and forever, because this is our country, this is our capital, and it deserves a better governance. [applause] and i hope this is only the beginning. the beginning of a new america,
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and america that historians will say marked the change in time when every american rose up, became part of the government, it change the government, to restore individual freedom, to respect the constitution, and to restore the 10th amendment. [applause] i want to thank you hansard for giving me the opportunity to represent -- new hampshire for giving me the opportunity to represent them and that is what i'm here to do. i hope the weekend gathering again and after this congress has concluded, we can mark of very special day where we honored the responsibilities and obligations that we offered each and every one of you. thank you all very much. do not stop believing in our country. thank you very much. [applause] >> we have two of the members-
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elect a we wanted to hear from, who we think will be leaders in this class. the next is from the 18th district of ohio. i was there a number of times and there are great working folks in that district. there representative-elect is with us. please welcome bob gibbs. >> thanks. i have to tell you, i love the sign. that is what it is all about, democracy in action. it is an honor to represent ohio's 18th in the people's house. when i ran in this great fight, i made a commitment of ohio's 18th that i would do three things -- cut deficit spending, cut the borrowing, roll back the tax increases, and reform. we have an absolutely to do that to bring confidence back to the private sector, so our employers will start hiring people and get back to work. that is what it is about. if we do not do that, it is a
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national security issue and it is an erosion of our god-given constitutional freedom. number one priority, we're going to fix that. there is a quote here, nancy pelosi did not get the memo. she is trying to put forth the linda -- the liberal agenda in the lame duck. you know what i think they ought to do? make sure that taxes do not go of january 1. number one. everyone, everyone -- taxes do not go up for anyone, ok? otherwise will have the largest tax increase in american history. i don't want you to think about what will happen if they do that. second, i don't think this lame duck congress will do it, but at the very minimum, in the next weaker so, they ought to repeal
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the burdensome regulations on businesses in the 1099 forms. that ought to go away. obviously they did not pass things like card check, inventing on local workers' rights, they do not pass the national energy tax. major taxes do not go up january 1 and take care of the 1099s so that we do not put more burdensome regulations on our employers, and then go home. [applause] that is all they need to do. we will come back here in january where the real work starts and we will get this economy going and enhance our god given constitutional rights. if people are not economically secure, that is an erosion of our rights. we will make this country the greatest country in the world again. we will be a beacon for hope and freedom and opportunity. thank you for being here.
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>> the congressman-elect's commons remind me of a rock-and- roll song. the song said, do not galway mad, just go away. [laughter] one state that did not quite get the message on november 2, i know we're struck by this, as california. however -- however the people of california did send a couple of folks that are thinking the right way. on economic issues and every other way. one of them is with us. i have known him for several years. it was a leader in the legislature there, which is tough in california. i know he will be a leader here.
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>> thank you, thank you. the fight continues on. the election is over but the fight continues on. make no mistake -- this is a fight. there are those that want to raise taxes. there are those that want to continue to increase spending, and the fight continues on. as a congressman-elect, when i am sworn in in january, you have my word that i will continue this fight. in the meantime, i am still a farmer, i am still a small business owner, i am still a veteran. and this is a fight that we have to win. when they believe that no one is paying attention, the holidays are coming, we can sneak in a spending increase, we can sneak in a tax increase -- now was when we have to fight harder than ever and make sure that they hear us. when those that do not believe that a tax increase will
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continue to kill our jobs, we have to make sure they hear us. i like everyone else want to thank you, but more than anything else, but fight continues on. we need to be ever so vigilant in this fight over the next two months. this lame duck session is unacceptable. if the think our tax are going to be raised or spending will increase -- enough is enough. thank you. [applause] >> there are a lot partners in this conservative movement across this country. so many tea party birds, someone did you acted in your local tea parties, local 912, a local american for prosperity chapters -- thank you for what you're doing. we have several of our partners to this morning. this next lady is with the concerned women for america.
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she has been leading spending revolt bus tours across the country. how many of you saw one? they traveled the country. they are great allies. please welcome penny. >> good morning and thank you for coming out. there was a quiet murmur that started about 18 months ago. let me tell you, that murmur culminated on november 2 in a mighty roar. >> you bet it did. >> the concern was americans across the country, let their voices be heard. thank you for what you did. you went to the polls and make your voice is heard. we're going have to continue in that room. the other side toes you that what women really wants -- they want federal tax subsidies to
11:41 pm
pay for abortion. >> know! >> they tell you that women want handouts. what we really want is a responsible constitutional government. >> yes! >> one that allows private entrepreneur ship, one that allows the private sector to create jobs. we do not want a handout. we won a job. >> that is right. that is right. >> with and care about the health care bill. women make 80% of the health care decisions in a family. we are responsible for the help of our families. this health care bill was extremely, extremely repulsive to us. we know it to be the failure that it is. we're going to continue on until we see it repealed. [applause] >> that is right. >> we have had at other times in history where we have seen this kind of government spending and
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as high taxation the levels that it is that today. i would tell the president, look to jfk. he understands that you have to roll back a 91% tax rate, that it was choking the ability of the country to create jobs. i would use that as an example for our president. i will close by quoting -- he quoted blondie, i am one of " ronald reagan. [laughter] ronald reagan said it so well. this is where someone from america is coming from. this is an issue about our children and our grandchildren. this issue is about our future and protecting our family. the ronald reagan said, freedom is never what -- never but one generation away from extinction. it must be fought for,
11:43 pm
protected, and handed down for them to do the same. or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what was once like in the united states when men were free. thank you and god bless america. >> thank you, pending. i agree, ronald reagan was a better quote- blondie. you've got me there. at americans for prosperity, where grass roots, but we have one of the best minds in the conservative movement on our side. you to hear from the cahill leads us on the policy front, and that is our vice-preside, bill curtis. >> thanks, tim. thanks everyone for coming today. i think we have to -- rights that a huge enormous consequences for the direction of our country that will be decided right now, between now and the end of the year in this lame duck session.
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the first when you heard about from senator demint, the earmarks of a. to mark the senate republicans will be voted on whether japan pork-barrel earmarked request, like the bridge to nowhere, and museums. all these outrageous examples of pork. they have to ban earmarks. any republican who does not vote to ban air marks will have a primary challenge. they will not get a free pass. we have to keep all the heat on them for this year martin vote tomorrow. the house will also vote this week. it is critical ever republican member of the house needs to know that we wanted in earmarks as well. john boehner is leading the fight there and i think we will lead -- and win on the house side. that year marked by it is inside the republican conference in the house and in the senate. we have two huge consequential fights that the democrats can
11:45 pm
still control because they have because zombie congressman up their casting votes. the spending side and the tax bite. let me tell you -- if they get their way on spending, we're going to have eight trillion dollar omnibus spending bill that funds obamacare, the epa, funds everything that we once thought. it will stop -- it will find everything that they wanted to fund but they could not get away with before the election, that will be in the omnibus spending bill. here is the thing. they only have 59 democratic senators right now. it will drop to 58 as soon as they stop stalling and actually kirk who won his special election. they will need to republicans to do that omnibus bill. no republican better help them,
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no matter what pork they promise, no matter what spending, special-interest giveaways, and no compromise on spending. if we lose, they will have all the funding they need to move everything forward on obamacare , their whole regulatory agenda. even if we did funded, they will have all the money in this bill. we have to stop the omnibus spending bill. no compromise, no on the bus spending bill. -- on the bus spending bill. the third crucial fight that i need is on taxes. we need to stop the largest tax hike in american history from taking place in january 1. the democrats were derelict in their duty when they went home to campaign without doing anything to prevent this tax hike. the american people clearly spoke on this. we need to stop every single tax hike that is coming. when it -- that means extend the current tax rate for everyone. no tax increases on investors and retirees and small
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businesses and the rich. none of that. no alternative minimum tax to slam the middle class with higher taxes. and no death tax. [applause] and i am going to need all of you guys -- when we finish, you need to tell your members of congress all three of these things. no earmarks, no on the bus -- omnibus spending bill, no tax hikes. we have to keep this debt. my next friend, dick pattern. -- patton. >> welcome to date 319 note that taxes. this is the first time in 96 years of america has had no death taxes, but the government has not reached into in
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confiscated family property from one generation to another, disrupting family farms and family businesses. that is the good news. the bad news is that congress does nothing in 46 days, that death tax goes from 0% to 55%, the highest death tax on planet earth. ooing] with that lower and lower and now we have no debt taxes. now that we're in the lame duck session and that that tax is before us, it is on the verge of skyrocketing in the future. in the very near future. we need to let congress know that 55% debt taxes are not acceptable. 45% is not acceptable. 35% is not acceptable. we are heroes to kill the death tax. -- we are here to kill the death
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tax. we have got all of these questions. that that tax kills 1.5 million jobs and americans. harms family businesses, it distorts the late between parents and their children. you can boil it down to this one question -- do we actually have property rights or are we merely tax paying surface that somehow after a lifetime of hard work, after a lifetime of paying taxes, when this thing stops beating, the government confiscates our property as if they somehow funded to begin with? this is a huge setback. it occurred to me last week that the original american revolution was preceded by a tea party. [applause] alsoweek's revelation was presorted by tea party --
11:50 pm
preceded by tea party. in the spirit of this, let me leave you with this -- no taxation without respiration. [laughter] >> a lot it came down from new jersey and pennsylvania this morning. thank you for joining us. i do not think -- we're not close to finishing up without steve lott and. >> thanks, tim. thank you everyone. thank you so much for getting up early this morning, or late last night, and getting in your cars to come here for the defense of liberty once again. it has been one year ago this week, one year ago today that many of you here and many others
11:51 pm
gathered for a code red health care rally to san nancy pelosi, harry reid, and barack obama a message. they did not listen to that message. they did not compromise or at least a consensus on their liberal agenda. they did whatever they had to do to jam it through. and they paid the price. >> they sure did. >> thanks to you in your efforts, no one here has compromised on their commitments to liberty. we do not expect that from the new leadership in washington. we expect the democrat party, now still under nancy pelosi and harry reid, that the democrat party live up to their name and live up to the democratic will of the american people. they have spoken. and not violate that will in this lame duck session.
11:52 pm
but most of all, we expect the new leadership in washington, the republican leadership not to compromise their principles, not to advocate their police to consensus, but stand solid for the values for which we have fought. if they do not do so, we will be back. we will be back. thank you. >> thank you, steve. god bless you, brother. thank you. thanks, steve. one of our best allies around the country in this fight is andrew langer. you maryland folks know him especially well. he is at the institute for justice. please give him a warm welcome. >> i'm the president of the institute for liberty. not to take anything away from your organization. i want to begin on a humble nut. this is my second event of the
11:53 pm
date. had they began -- that began in maryland with people who are protesting the westboro baptist church. they showed up a solid the memory of a veteran of afpak last week. 5000 mark in showed up at in memory -- 5000 americans showed up in memory at that protest. and the drive home for me, what this movement is all about, each and every one of you stepping up and doing yo part. history is not without this ironic moment. we reached one of those today here and now in washington, d.c. we have a system in america where we had tw of major parties, a republican party built on principles of the democratic republic that we have, republicanism, separation of powers, federalism, limited
11:54 pm
government. and we have a party, the democrat party, that is supposed to be based on the will of the people, right? that is what democracy is, all about the will of the people. and one would expect that democratic party to listen, when you? and yet here we are, because of that irony. we're here because despite the fact that americans overwhelmingly came out -- and do not let them tell you otherwise. the narrative that they wanted to spread was that this was nothing -- you would think nothing was going on in washington. none of us ever came out to a tea party have been. but people were punishing the party in power for the economy. but we were, and why? because they did absolutely nothing to fix it and everything to exacerbate the problems at hand. and yet here we are, because
11:55 pm
they will not listen. and it does not matter if it is because they do not understand. what was that? we can come back again and they should understand that. because we have time and time again. and i will. [laughter] i said with tim that our work did not end on election day and you know that. in his messages to everyone out there in the republic. our work began on election day. the hard work of turning back every bad thing that the pelosi-obama agenda has done to america. we have started. thank you all for coming out. [applause] >> we have two members before we
11:56 pm
ask you to go and knock on doors across the capitol. the first is from the great state of texas. my wife's home state. he is from the first district of texas. he has been one of the fighters in congress for. louis gohmert. come up here. >> thank you. i would say thank you so much. i was originally asked by a reporter who did not know my heart about these t party groups. all of these groups, americans for prosperity, freedom works, that all these groups? and i responded, they are an answer to many years of prayer. [applause] after this administration was
11:57 pm
brought into washington to join speaker pelosi and majority leader harry reid and the people and april 2009 realized this is more runaway spending, this is more of government taking away our rights, the people responded in april and said, we still want no deficit spending and we are going to get it. and as president and the speaker said, no, you cannot. and this group and these people said, yes, we can. and when this administration responded to the people who said, we want you to protect this country, if you took an oath to protect debt -- to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, and do not
11:58 pm
put up signs -- you get us and protect our own land. and this administration said, no, you cannot. but you said, yes, we can. and when this group said, we want the government to be what it was intended in the constitution, serve us. this administration and the speaker said, no, you cannot. but you said, yes, we can. and when you responded by saying, you either give us responsible spending, non- deficit spending, and you live within the means that we provided, and you protect this country, you do not turn on our friends like israel, and you said if you do, we will turn you out, they said, no you cannot.
11:59 pm
and you said -- >> yes, we can! >> and that is what happened. and people who are not even bomb rubble, two months ago as her that they would be back here, said you could not turn them out, and you did. but me tell you briefly because i love a look things that have been said. as a judge, it was breaking my heart to see women, single women with children being brought more and more to my card charge with the felony of welfare fraud. what about -- to my court but the charge of welfare fraud. and some would say, just drop out, the government will send you a check. back in the 1960's, i think it was with the best of intentions, congress thought
12:00 am
that the deadbeat dads were not helping. we will send you a check for every child you and have out of wedlock. and they said they were lured into this with no way to get out. >> they thought that eventually they would get an up checks to get out of the hole and they did not. they would get a job and not tell the wealthier people and they will hopefully -- the welfare people and they will hopefully get away with it. that is a felony because they did not tell the welfare people about the job. i believe in keeping people accountable. what broke my heart is that this city, this congress, the president of the united states has continued to lure young women into a hole with no hope of getting out. the wonderful reform of welfare under obamacare, when in
12:01 am
adjusted for inflation, income for women went up for the first time. you may not be aware that the repeal was in obamacare. it has to be repealed for the sake of all of these people across america. [cheers and applause] let's stop incentivizing bad conduct and incentivize good conduct. when they say you cannot do it, you said -- >> yes weekend. >> back to work, but you very much. -- thank you very much. >> there has been a lot of talk about leadership positions within the republican caucus.
12:02 am
there has been a lot of talk about leader positions -- leadership positions within the republican caucus this past week. at americans for prosperity, we know who our leader is in the house. don't we? >> [cheers and applause] >> when we won a message in a legislative battle or a political battle, we know who the leader is, don't we? >> [cheers and applause] we can think of no one more appropriate than our leader in the house, michelle bauman. -- michelle bachman. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. do you know that you are the
12:03 am
people who change the world? you did that the first tuesday in november. [cheers and applause] interestingly, the sun is shining down on us today because you did it. you came at. he rallied. . phone, you kept it running. you were so persistent. you recruited for office and he donated to people running for office. he persuaded. you brought your friends. you brought your enemies. he brought anyone you could bring out to the polls and you have turned this country upside down. there is a chapter in american history books were written just with your name on it.
12:04 am
and every year, about this time, there is always the story about who is the man of the year, who is the one of the year. i want to give my nomination. it the tea party are the people of the year for 2010. [cheers and applause] because the tea party is nothing more than recreating the spirit of 1776 and it is a lot of and it is walking across -- is alive and it is walking across the united stes and is here in the capital today. we have so much to be faith bausch thankful for. americans for prosperity have been a faithful friend to all of us.
12:05 am
the reason this movement is so extraordinary and has compounded so many people in the mainstream media is because this is reality. this was not astroturf. this was not a group of toothless total is -- hillbillies who had no idea what they were talking about, these were angry, hateful people. these are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. every time you see a rally or a meeting, it resembles a family reunion more than it did the hatfields and mccoys, didn't it? [applause] after one of the rallies this summer, you could not find a piece of litter on the national mall. not only are you great people, your needs. -- you are neat.
12:06 am
your givers. your not takers. -- you are givers, you are not takers. one thing that you so a fully understood -- so thankfully understood is that it was not compassion to steal from our own children. you understood that very well. you understood that it more represents a gangster government when government takes over one private industry after another. week, we ran -- to read a headline that the chinese government is looking to buying into government motors going forward. you have one government buying a private corporation and another government coming in. does that mean that the american
12:07 am
taxpayer will now have to prop up shares? this is insanity economics. this is not representative of who we are. we are better than that. [applause] and we are better as a country because we have sent in a new batch of recruits, over 80 strong, who may actually read these bills once they get here. i think they really will. there will be a new sheriff in town and this share of will listen to the american people. if we do not, then you had better turn us out, too.
12:08 am
because it is all about fidelity. fidelity for the declaration of independence. the glorious mission statement that tells us who we are and who to. we were put here on this earth by a creator. we know that if was not the people in the capital that gave us our rights, it was a creative that give us our lives -- our rights. even if they think they can, they cannot. these are in alienable rights that only a creator gives. life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. we are all created equal before that heavenly magistrate. to that end, we are here to remind those that often think that they are better than us, but they are not.
12:09 am
they are servants of the people. we are here to remind them in the waning hours, as the shadow falls on speaker policy -- weaker nancy pelosi's gavel, are here to remind them as we did at the ballot box not so subtle lee on the first tuesday of november that we are the keans and queens of this nation. when we are the sovereign, and you serve us and you listen to us. how egregious it would be after the people spoke of that they would take it upon themselves to pass more legislation that would bankrupt the nation, that would increase taxes which would mean $1.2 billion taken away out of the pockets of real people in
12:10 am
my district and get sent to the people of washington d.c. who spent more than that before they have their morning coffee. i would prefer to see that $1.2 billion left in the hands of people in st. cloud, woodbury and stillwater and districts all across the country. leave it where it will do some good. [applause] if they decide that they are going to change the tax policy and have the largest tax increase in american history, it will mean that in my district, to thousand jobs will be lost. -- two thousand jobs will be lost. they said they would create two million, 3 million, 4 million jobs. how many jobs did they lose?
12:11 am
millions and millions of jobs. how would prefer to be here to talk about where we find more people to fill the jobs and have wages going up so high because prosperity is so high. this is americans for prosperity that are hosting this rally today because we are americans for prosperity. [cheers and applause] and we can have that again. i am an unashamed disciple and promoter in free-market enterprise in this country. that is what this nation was founded upon, upon free enterprise, not about an ever- growing bureaucracy. that is what we have seen with obamacare. justice weekend, it was reported that only 111 waivers
12:12 am
have been issued. this is an admission of failure by the white house today may not be admitting it, but their actions are admitting it. we see universities and unions and favored companies are getting waivers? what is a waiver? it is an exemption. exemption? obamacare is a cost of driving failure. we were told that we have to pass obamacare. we could not wait. we could not even read the bill. we cannot even take the time to debate it. because president obama promised us that it would drive down the care. he promised. he promised. i stood there on the floor of the chamber, and many of you were out here demonstrating
12:13 am
against this bill. on sunday, march 21, i stood on the floor and the final speech have the speaker of the house and other democrat members say to the american people that we would save 1.3 trillion dollars if we passed obamacare. let's see where we are at. they said that we would increase jobs, not lose jobs if we pass the stimulus. it did that work? >> no. >> they said that we would save money, not lose money if we passed obamacare. did that work? >> no. >> strike to. -- strike two. they said we would have quantitative easing if the
12:14 am
federal reserve was printing money and now they are saying that we will print an additional $600 billion. they say that will lower inflation. they say it will lower interest rates. ok, can i sell anybody a bridge in brooklyn? >> no. >> strike 3, they are out. i want to thank you for what you have done but i also want to inspire you. inspire you that america's days are not over. we have already seen the first step in taking our country back. we are going to keep our pedal to the metal so to speak. not only in this lame duck session, because we cannot afford to have any more out of control spending.
12:15 am
we cannot afford to have been out of control tax increases this is the first -- tax increases. this is the first that of taking our government back in 2012. i fully agree with the democratic tons -- pundits and pollsters that are calling on president obama to not one for a second term. -- run for a second term. i believe we just witnessed a referendum, even though president obama denied it when he said that the election had nothing to do with his policies, i think the american people felt quite differently. let's not have this any longer be about politics. let's have this be above personality. let's have this be about the people of this country getting back to work. we need to focus on prosperity.
12:16 am
turned and focused, not on washington, take the mirrors of washington and turn around and looked out at the greatest country that has ever been constituted in 5000 years of recorded human history. look at our people. look at our greatness. for the very fact of revering those came before us and who sacrificed and bled and died for us. for them, for their memories. so we do not desecrate their memories. back to a sound financial footing and do what we know is true. for those that are in generations yet born, let's put this nation on a solid financial footing. let's do this right today. i want to thank all of you who
12:17 am
are here today. i want to think americans for prosperity. this really is a new and glorious day. the sun is rising, the sun is not setting. to a rising sun, we will continue to inspire moving forward. [cheers and applause] >> michele bachman! >> usa. usa. usa. usa usa. >> listen, you are here. let's make sure of a couple of things. let's go knock on some doors today. senate republican leader mcconnell needs to hear from you
12:18 am
about these earmarks. that the lame- duck does not move us backwards. >> one of the more than 90 new house members is republican rick crawford whose represents arkansas. he owns and operates a former news radio network broadcast in nearly 40 stations in five states. a graduate of arkansas state university, he and his wife stacey and their two children live in jonesboro. california's 33rd district which covers central los angeles county will be represented by karen bass who succeeds the
12:19 am
retiring rep. she was elected into office in 2004. later in her career she was a community activist and was a clinical instructor at a school of medicine. >> in a few moments, we will talk with tee bo -- with two members of congress. in a little more than an hour, monday's ethics committee hearings will look into allegations against represent of charlie rangel of new york. a couple of live events to tell you about tomorrow. from dallas, we will show you the ground-breaking ceremony for the george w. bush presidential center. besides the former president, speakers are schedule to include
12:20 am
former first lady laura bush, former vice president dick cheney and connolly's the rice. that is on c-span2 at 11:00 a.m. eastern. also, the senate homeland's security committee will discuss air cargo security with customs and border control commissioner. >> this year's studentcam at the memory, for -- competition is in full swing. your documentary should include more than one point of view along with c-span programming. upload your video before the deadline of january 20 for your chance to win the grand prize of $5,000. there is $50,000 in toll plazas. the competition is open to middle and high school student'' grades 6 through 12. for info, go online to
12:21 am >> over the next hour, a couple of interviews with newly elected members of congress. later, you will hear from representatives elect hanson clark, a democrat. first, republican mike lee of utah. we want to welcome to the washington journal table senator elect mike lee oftah, here for your first week in washington. there is of vote that will be happening wit the caucus to more on the republican side. that is over earmarks. do you believe in a moratorium? guest: yes, and i plan to vote for one tomorrow. host: mitch mcconnell has said that it will not save a lot of money and it is a constitutional issue. the power of the purse strings lies with congress.
12:22 am
guest: i do not dispute congress has the power of the purse. that is not what this is about. this is about the need for meaningful reform. the earmark process has been abused. it is a small percentage of the national budget. we are talking aboutess than half percent of 1% of the total budget. but when both are traded and bought, as we saw with the cornhuskers kickback, the louisiana purchase, it nes to disparities in government by divvying up little treats that can be passed out to states but members of congress. host: how will you be voting on this week's proposals?
12:23 am
guest: i intend to support the existing leadership. we may not agree with everything but our core principles are intact. host: so you would not like to see somebody like jim demint? guest: i would support speaker mcconnell. i do not believe that we need new leadership. host: an issue that republicans from the previous congress are likely to take up in this lame duck, and the debate whether you pass and on the bus bill for one year to keep the government running, or should they, in your opinion, keep the government running for two months until members like yourself and vote on this budget and do what y
12:24 am
ran on, which is tackle the spending? guest: i would like to see a short-term continuing resolution that could take us further down the road. host: what would you like to see in the budget, if that is the case? guest: we need a balanced budget. we are spending money that has not yet been turned. -- earned. it is a form of taxation without representation. host: you have talked already about a balanced budget initiative. who are you tking to, as far as senate leaders, are you talking to democrats, republicans? guest: we have proposed language in a balanced budget amendment that would comprise the text of
12:25 am
an amendment to the constitution. i have already spoken to a few of the incoming freshmen about this, and i continue to talk to others about this. we got within one vote in the senate in 1995 of passing a balanced budget amendment. it is something to take up again. 2011, we will see this through. host: what are you hearing from your colleagues? guest: so far, i a here support from the incoming freshmen. i have not spoken to leadership yet, but i believe they will be supportive. host: committee assignments. which committees would you like to sit on? guest: energy and natural resources wod be a good one. my state has a lot of resources available. other committees and i would be available for -- interested in
12:26 am
would-be banking, commerce, judiciary, which would be unlikely because my senior all this serves on that one. host: do you think there should be incoming freshmen like yourself, talking about earmarks, tackling spending, should you be on the financial committee to keep them in check? that is the editorial and "the wall street journal." guest: certainly, we need to move toward a balanced budget. that would be an improper first step. host: that would not necessarily be something that you push for with leadership? guest: is something that we can talk about. host: mike lee is our guest. we will get to your phone calls in a minute. republicans, 202-737-0001. democrats, 202-737-0002.
12:27 am
independents, 202-628-0205. we also have a twitter page. if you want to send in your itter, s, go to twt @canwj. do you have an account? guest: my campaign did. i think we will continue to use it. host: the bush tax cuts are going to resurface this week. where are you on that? caller: i think we need to preserve them. -- guest: i think we need to preserve them. host: jim demint supporting your campaign. he said over the weekend perhaps there is room to compromise on this issue and not make the permit for everybody. guest: if you are thirsty and
12:28 am
someone offers you a partial's of water, you are probably going take it. a temporary extension is better than none at all. host: grove city, pennsylvania. go ahead. caller: i had a question about social security. they say that social security is going broke. why not give a cost-of-living raise to those of us that are under even $50,000? why could they not give those people the cost of living instead of everybody? host: where are you on this ise of possibly giving seniors on social security another $250 check. is that a good idea?
12:29 am
gut: eventually, it has to happen. it could this coming year. long term we need to look at whether we need to reindex based on inflation or cost of living. in the long run, we have to look at changes to make social security more sustainable. host: i am sure you saw the proposal from the chairman in the deficit committee. what are your reactions to what they propose? guest: i would like to see a slightly more aggressive proposal, one that would balance the budget instead of simply reducing deficit spending by $4 trillion over the next decade. host: do you believe what they proposed could pass?
12:30 am
guest: anything that moves us in that direction is a good thing. host: texas. don, you are on the air. caller: you say you want to balance the budget but you want to give the rich a tax cut. how can you do both? guest: when we lookt past budgets, revenues that have been brought in, we moved our budget back to a 2004 base. that would send a signal to the economy where we could ramp up to revenue levels equal to 2006. if we simply did that, we could balance the budt and we would be able to cover the increase
12:31 am
have incurred over the last few years. we would still be able to keep social secity move forward. above all, we need to get to the point where having a out budget as a requirement. we need to rce congress to do the work so that we can get there. it is time to stop borrowing from our unborn children a grandchildren. host: mike lee is our guest. he won his race with 61%f the vote. dallas, texas. john. independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have a question on the psychology of the economy. i think there is a trend where
12:32 am
our liberal or democrac president's win elections. they come in and tell people they will -- it will -- redistribute wealth, and therefore, they take the money off of the economic poker table and put it under the mattress. this happened when carter was elected. it did not happen so much with bill clinton. he was basically a pro-corp president. i wanted your take on this. obama was not that at the call when he blamed it alln bush. it could be the psychology of the economy that is at detrimt. guest: you raise a valid point.
12:33 am
franklin roosevelt referred to this. those with capital power had reason to invest. they had reason to create wealth and jobs. they decided to withhold funds and not invt and create jobs because there is so much uncertainty about what will happen with their money. the american dream is built upon the idea that we want to encourage rather than punish. those people who have money to invest, if we promised them that if they invest, they can benefit from that -- that is what creates wealth and jobs. it has been said recently that there is as much as $2 trillion out there that is being held, not being invested, money that could be creatingobs if we had
12:34 am
a tax system that was not scaring people from investing. for that and other reasons, i think we need to secure an extend the bush tax cuts. i would repeal a obamacare in its entirety. they are, as fdr would say, creating aapital strain. host: what are you hearing about how the senate works on the repealing of health care? how do republicans want to go about doing that? guest: if we were to repeal health care in its entirety, we would expect the president to veto it. we are not going to g a super majority in both houses to override that veto. but what we could do is pass a budget that does not fund the implementation of obamacare, the
12:35 am
promulgation of all of these regulations. host: gene in michigan. go ahead. caller: to help the deficit, why don't all elected officials cut their payments by 20% and reduce their benefits? maybe others would be willing to give something, too. guest: we will be looking at across the board cuts in many areas. that could mean salary cuts for individuals. it could also mean a halt in new hires. one way or anoer, we need to look at across the board cuts. host: fort stewart georgia.
12:36 am
allen, democratic line. caller: i have a question about the health care system. erybody pays into a system. everyone in the military pays into the system and everyone is covered. how come we do not implement this into th civilian population where everybody could get basic health care insurance? if not, people who go to the emergency room every day who do not have health care insurance, who is paying for that? we are. if they do not have insurance, they could t the emergency room, they are treated, but it falls on the american people.
12:37 am
guest: we definitely need health careeform. i would like that to be done at the state level, not federal level. it is the state that licenses doctors and nurses, hospitals and clinics. it is the states that regulates health insurance policies. it is the state that the government's medical malpractice suits. it interrupts the accountability of the practice when you inject the federal government. we have tremendous diversity among the 50 states, their geography, socio-economic trends that affect the consumption of health care. some states, such as my state of utah, the annual per person average expenditure on health care is around $3,800 a year. here in the district of columbia, its over 8000. so you have a tremendous
12:38 am
disparity over what it costs to cover some one. each state has its own approach based on the composition and geography, other factors that are driving market forces in that state. it ought to be the state that decides issues like this, for example, what you are describing, health exchanges. interestingly enough, obama wants to set up these exchanges and i think it makes more sense for the states to set them up on their own. host: this person tweets in regarding the bush tax cuts. in regards to adding to the ficit, are you concerned about that? guest: absolutely. i am concerned about anything
12:39 am
that wld deepen the deficit. if we preser the bush tax cuts, we could balance the budget. that is necessary. it is important to emphasize, whenever we increase taxes on any segment of the population, especially those in a position to invest, we are discouraging the creation of jobs. this would perhaps be the biggest tax increase in history. we could not proceed without that wita clear understanding that we would be killing jobs. host: president clinton, -- if the bush tax cuts expired, they would go back to where he had them. they were able to balance the budget with republicans. why not go back to the clinton-
12:40 am
era tax rates? guest: to have a massive tax increase at a time like this would kill our economy. we cannot afford to do that. st: lakelacid, independent line. go ahead. caller: i think what we are seeing here is a gss-roots movement that we had in the last election. it is more of a transfer of power from the career politicians back to the people. we are tired of congress running up a huge debt and not fixing the problems. we are sick and tired of high unemployment, health care that is going out of sight, programs that do not work.
12:41 am
the person we had on earlier from "washington post" and a lot of the journalists that i listen to, they miss the picture completely. this is not about republins or democrats. this is about the people taking control of their destiny. guest: i could not agree more. grass-roots movement, that some have called the tea party, are based on american principles. the idea that the federal government has limited powers. it is supposed to focus on a few basic responsibilities that are distinctively national in character -- defense, immigration, trade with foreig nations.
12:42 am
if you get outside of those powers, you have a strong presumption that they are up to the states. congress has suggested that it is all powerful. that there is no problem they cannot solve. we need to get away from that because that is what has led us to where we are. within a year's time, we will be approaching $15 trillion. it is unfair that an infant born today has a share of our national debt, a $50,000 bill. that is wrong. host: mike lee clerked for
12:43 am
samuel ali before coming to washington. then he clerked for supreme court justice alito. why did you come to washingto guest: i learned a lot when i clerked from the justice alito. growing up, i learned that a lot of the problems that we have argued to the failure of congress. the fact that those are not always enforced by the court does not mean that members of congress should restrain their own power. when they are looking at a proposal that does something extraordinary, for example, telling americans who their doctor is, purchase an insurance
12:44 am
policy -- we have to make sure that we can sustain it. host: talk about where you grew up. guest: i was born in arizona, i grew up in the utah. my father was an assistant attorney general in the ford administration. from 1981 to 1986, we moved back here in washington when my father work for theolicitor general. then i moved back to utah and went to law school at brigham young university. host: i read that you went to school with harry reid's kids. guest: that is right. strom thurmond's as well.
12:45 am
host: have you met harry reid? guest: yes, absolutely. we have swung in their pool. some of the young politician that i knew -- i kept my political teeth in their house -- but our families are friends. host: your parents were friends? guest: yes. host: next phone call. caller: senator elect lee, congratulations. i have a couple of questions for you. replaced the bush tax cuts with extending the current
12:46 am
unsustainable tax rate. thank you. host: youresponse? guest: the call focuses on the fact that what we are really looking at is, this tax system that expires, it is a massive tax increase. host: scott on the democratic line. largo, florida. caller: good luck to you, senator. you are going to need it. you say the bush tax cuts will be an increase. i disagree with you. they were a gift. the tax rates were set at a certain rate. the republicans came in and decided these tax rates should be different. they decided they would give a gift to the american people. they would lower their taxes for 10 years. weaw, as you stated earlier, that the rich are holding back their money and not creating
12:47 am
jobs. you called it a strike? this has been going on for three years now. that means these rich peoe have been getting a tax break for 10 years but they have only been doing their obligation in taxes 47, so for three years, they are going to be on strike. so how are we going to reward the people? you and the republicans want to give them other gift. guest: your question presupposes if we just increase their tax rate they will start to create jobs again. that is simply not the case. we know when you increase tax rates you discourage investment. when you discourage investment, you the work job creation. we cannot afford to do that right now. -- thwart job creation. host: next phone call.
12:48 am
caller: i just want to thank you, senator, for making us realize that you are what we are hoping for. u can change this nation. who said after so many passages, after this monstrosity with obama, remember, the election of 2012 is coming. whoever wants him to lose, vote for the repeal. guest: your comments ar reflective of many others that we have heard throughout the country. people who are concerned about the facthat the government has grown too big and too expensive.
12:49 am
growing to the point where congress is willing to pass a 2700-page monstrosity, as you so eloquently put it. a bill that few members of congress read before they passed into law. that is wrong. our federal government was built upon the proposition that national governments have discerned tendency to become tyrant's until powers are checked. tyranny is compounded when you have legislation like the one you described, the 2700-page health care legislation. james madison wrote, i believe in federalist no. 61, that it would be of little benefit to the american people that a lot is written by men of their own choosing if the law is so voluminous and complex that they cannot be understand by the people. that is a much more severe
12:50 am
problem when it is not just the people who cannot understand the legislation, but the passing into law that cannot understand it. host: st. louis, missouri. dee on the democrat's li. caller: thank you for c-span. a couple of callers back, you said that a tax increase proposes -- presupposes jobs. that is not the issue. this nation is in two wars, has a huge debt. the only people in this nation that can afford to start contributing to the healing of this nation now are the millionaires and billionaires. it is not about jobs when we are
12:51 am
talking about the debt. even with jobs, we are talking about people who save their money anyway. they can afford to start hiring now. they are just hoarding their money, waiting to hear for a continued tax break that they knew would be expiring this year anyway. guest: you cannot force people to create jobs, you cannot force people to invest. you cannot just soon people will do that because they will not, if the economic conditions are not beneficial to them, causes them to feel incompetent about investing their money. regardless of what it is someone wants to balance the budget, whether they want to have less government, or whether they want to maintain the sustainability of entitlement programs that the
12:52 am
federal level, both of those objectives make it necessary to balance the budget. i do not disagree with that. to the same extent and reason, it is essential that we not increase taxes right now. if we did that, it would be that much more difficult to balance the budget. the government cannot create wealth. all that can do is redistribute it. when it redistributes wealth, it tends to s shrink the >> today, we talk to hanson clark of michigan on his election to the u.s. house and leadership of the democratic party. from today's washington journal, this is just under 30 minutes.
12:53 am
>> "washington journal" continues. host: hanson clarke was elected in early november to represent the 13th district, democrat in michigan. welcome to the table. guest: great to be your and great to be here on the backdrop of the u.s. capitol. host: what is your impression so far? guest: i can see why members of congress are caught up in the washington culture. we are giving -- we are given though first-rate treatment. i have to keep in mind my job here. the public is very angry because they did not feel that congress was looking out for their best interest, that congress and of the assailant-spending money bailey of banks that foreclosed -- that congress ended up spending money bailing outanks
12:54 am
that foreclosed many homes. insurance companies like a ig many times but overcharged save drivers or home may have been overcharged on the rates because they may work a blue- collar job. host: "the ways of washington" is the headline in the politico. what specifically do you take issue with that was inappropriate? guest: nothing that is inappropriate. it is the fact, though, that if you are not grounded in your job, which is to serve the taxpayers and citizens, you may start to thi that what the lobbyists tell you is actually the truth, that you are a part of a privileged class. that is the problem.
12:55 am
i reviewed the preamble of the declaration of independence to get this job. it talks about those rights, those god-given, inalienable rights for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. but even more important, it talks about how those rights are preserved and honored. the government works to the people, not politicians. many people run for office so that they can be served by the public. we had a system there that we were playing politics as opposed to serving the taxpayer and employers would not put up with it, so they located elsewhere. host: later this week you will vote on who represents the
12:56 am
leadership in your party in the house. do you agree or disagree? guest: no, not at all. the leadership does not represent the entire country. i believe miss pelosi has done a solid job leading the caucus, but i'm here to represent metro detroit. the leadership does not affect the agenda. it is really the public that should. we as the representatives must carry that out here. host: how you plan to do that?
12:57 am
guest: by being grounded, listening to people, acting on their concerns, and frankly, not getting involved with all of the lobbyists who fear of people away from serving the public. -- who of the year people away from serving the public. i lost my family in detroit and everything i valued in life. that has kept me very grounded. i was able to get a job created by an act of congress 30 years ago through the comprehensive employment and training act. but most importantly, it gave me the self-confidence i needed to know that i could serve my community because that job assigned me to a local high school working with truant teens. i know that some of our viewers right now, this sounds so basic
12:58 am
and elementary, but it is the point. in order for a representative democracy to work, we have to have people that served the taxpayers and citizens, not this culture in washington. host: that sounds like transparency in washington. how can this congress be more transparent? do you plan to be more transparent in your meetings, with your colleagues, etc.? guest: transparency is the minimum foundation. we have to be committed to the taxpayers and citizens. when i talked to people in metro detroit, they want basic things. they want a safe neighborhood, a decent job. employers want to beble to borrow money so they can hire people and expand businesses. folks want not only a good income, but they want to get out of debt. it was held paying off their mortgage -- they want help
12:59 am
paying off their mortgage and student loans. the washington culture complicates everything with all of the wheeling and dealing and payoffs for the financial services institutions. that is what makes it complicated. the important thing is for people like me who are hired by people to save focus by focusing on people. this culture can be very intoxicating, you know, the dinners, the meals, the kinds of accolades that you received. many members believe they are part of a privileged class. it is a culture in washington that has been magnified in detroit. that is why people hired me, because they wanted to get rid of that old arabic culture. -- arrogant culture.
1:00 am
host: do you want to return the money? gues the area that i represent, we do not have enough of our tax dollars returned back to the people in ways that will effectively help them. the problem is, these pet projects really help just one single institution as opposed to the broader public. the defense -- depends on how you define the remarks. host: in this article -- guest: no, that is not true.
1:01 am
it is bailing out the financial institutions that are t cges if we kept people in their homes longer, allow them not to be effected. e evicted, but negotiate better with their lender as opposed to only bailing out the financial institutions. that is not really the point. as we all know, the bulk of our tax dollars go to several key areas, social security, health care, defense. and right after that, the interest payment on our debt. we have to reduce our debt. that is the only way that, i believe, weekend strengthen our position globally. we need to free up the money instead of just paying the money to pay the interest on the debt. host: the shourd obama
1:02 am
compromise the push-era of tax cuts -- should obama compromise the bush era tax cuts? guest: a believe we need to pay down the debt so that we can invest it in what we need here. otherwise, we reward people -- i think it is important to reward people who take risks on investments. i can see why we would keep the cuts on capital gains. it is money that creates jobs, and also a good job training. host: hanson clarke is a new face to washington, elected to represent the detroit metro area. wisconsin, go ahead. caller: you mentioned the constitution. what about government being for
1:03 am
the people, of the people, and by the people? host: and what does that mean to you? caller: i think we have been forgotten. guest: i completely agree with you. this government is set up for one group -- one purpose and that is to serve as, the citizens and taxpayers. not these guys that are handing objects in washington and try to cater to the egos of the members of congress. i totally agree with you. host: next call from michigan, democratic line, go ahead. caller: i was born and raised in detroit. mr. hanson need to tell the truth. no one -- and no one invest in detroit because it is predominantly black.
1:04 am
guest: i disagree. racism, yes, we have had a history of racism in this country. my mother was an african- american. but we have had our own politicians take the people for granted. it really does not have to do with race. i'm here to serve the people that hired me and i will work for the collective good of all the taxpayers in that region. host: independent, dave in north carolina, go ahead. caller: i have a couple of questions about the situation going on with the health care bill and honesty and transparency. when thing that will begin to come up is the doctors fix, which is the 22% increase in
1:05 am
medicare payments to doctors, that was already signed into law. i'm sure that is going to be overlooked and eliminated. that is what any fun -- everybody says, anyway. decrease inut 11% signin salary for doctors. the other one is the prescription drugs that are made here in america and are sold at cheaper in canada. i watched a whole hearing on c- span about that. guest: he is raising two important points. regarding the position payments, the caller is referring to the sustainable growth formula, which for physicians is not really sustainable.
1:06 am
the reform law has a panel involved set up there that could unfairly reduce those reimbursement payments to physicians. here is why that is important. i want physicians to be adequately reimbursed, especially those that practice in our rural areas and inner cities because we want to relocate there. i think we need to look at entitlement programs holistic we and our we need to redesign the structure. and not do it in a piecemeal way, which the current health care reform law could be focusing on. regarding the prescription drug issue, that is a reflection of the political power of the disk -- the prescription drug lobby. i will not allow that to influence me. host: here is an issue from one of our twitters in here. guest: the caller alludes to a
1:07 am
very important issue. if we want to attract jobs to the city of detroit, we need to improve the quality of life. if an employer wants a safe area to relocate, we need to do this. one of the best way is to strengthen our schools. i have are the spoken to the mayor of detroit, about a model to expand school hours through the day and the weekend and get through the school year so that we can keep our used off the streets. much of the crime is committed by a our youth. if we can have after-school programs and extended days, that will help. we can coordinate the city operations with the public and private sector to keep those,
1:08 am
centers are open. that will help keep the kids off the street, learning, and i believe, keep our streets safer. host: our guest here this morning was voted in to office by about 79% of the vote. for worth, texas, james, democratic line, go ahead. caller: the republican that was on before him, he's always talking about taxes and raising taxes, but we are trying to solve a problem. what got us in this position is the war in iraq.
1:09 am
and these rich people, all they want is their money. people are worried about money and not worry about all of the folks that lost their lives in iraq. guest: the caller has a right to be concerned many times in the military, it is young african-american men that go into the military because they do not half employment. -- they do not have employment. the unemployment rate in detroit is considerable. there are many young black men that have lost their lives in these wars. also from a fiscal perspective, if we are responsibly line down our military effort in iraq and afghanistan, and if we allow the tax cuts to expire, we would be on the road to eliminating our debt overall and having a stronger economy and have more of our tax dollars where we need it.
1:10 am
host: which committees would you like to sit on? guest: i do not believe the committee assignments are that vital to a member of congress oppose the ability to serve the public, and here is why i say that. -- into a member of congress's ability to serve the public, and here is why i say that. i served on staff and i see the resources available and they are considerable to help a person. i am looking to provide security to my region, but most important, i will be able -- and effective advocate to the people i represent. i will work for initiatives like regional transit to link people together, improve the quality of life, and attract jobs and industry back into that region. host: what other experienced do
1:11 am
you have? guest: i am an artist. as a visual artist, i use my imagination. i have to look past what i see on the surface to examine the colors and lines. that has made me more open serve -- open person. the tough times that i've had in this city, i can now appreciate what people are going through, auto industry the on roa that never thought they would be facing that kind of situation or the veteran that is getting meals out of garbage dumpsters, were the single malt -- the single moms who are facing tough times. i know that the people who elected me are facing great financial and securities and people in this country now are
1:12 am
feeling insecure and they are angry because they see congress spending money on private institutions that do not benefit them directly. who i am, even more than my years in legislature, serving on staff, it makes me a better advocate. when the people who represent the people. we do not need political wheeler and dealers. that is who i am. when i stayed committed to our roots and to serving the public , and really keep in mind those principles in the constitution, that is what i will keep in mind. i'm here to serve the people, not the government culture. host: lea, go ahead. caller: i want you to know i feel like you're a breath of
1:13 am
fresh air this morning. the way you speak to the people is something that needs to be emulated by other policians. instead of talking about partisan policy as usual, you're actually talking about issues that are facing the american people today. , we are going through the worst economic crisis since the great depression. when i turn on my television i hear people bickering back and forth about menial things instead of addressing what is going on with the american people. on the other side, i see them off, always been concerned with the financial sector, since that sector is what finances their campaigns. i see very few actual talking about investing in our nation. guest: thank you so much, and the caller is right.
1:14 am
this job is simple, to serve the public and taxpayers. but many people get caught up in the political bickering and posturing. i'm not here to prove republicans wrong. i'm here to serve you and return your tax dollars back to you in the most effective way possible that will serve the most of us in this country. and if we cannot do that, then we need to pay down that debt. the job is very simple. the constitution outlines it. i'm here to represent the people, not myself and not these political leaders. host: john on the republican line, go ahead. caller: i would like to point out that if people wish to see what is ahead for our country, all they need to do is take a vacation in detroit.
1:15 am
this is what will happen if you give labor unions control. guest: i totally disagree. the main obstacle in detroit for decades has been the city's political culture. most of the time, people would run for office so that they can be elevated, not to serve the public, but to serve themselves and their families and their political cronies. that has taken a toll on the industry because employers to not want to locate in to a city where they have to play politics. they will locate elsewhere. i will work with everybody. i do not care what party they are, what color they are, or where they live. if they are americans and their legal citizens here and they want to invest in this region they want to help hire people and will respect our laws, i will help them higher here.
1:16 am
-- i will help them hire here. host: do you agree or disagree? guest: i disagree in the sense that we give politicians to much power in terms of making our country great. we're the ones as citizens that make this country great. it is our initiative. as matter of fact, the
1:17 am
detroit metro was so strong because of manufacturing. that is what we need to focus on. let's get together and let the elected officials know what we need. the members of congress, we're the ones who shape and control the budget, how the money is spent. i will ask you, not a partisan bickering and obstructionism on behalf of the people that you put in office. we have got to work together to find a way to do it. the people are in charge and in power, not the elected officials. not even the president. yes, we use our judgment and our skills. but i believe we should not veer away from the common good. ictu the public with this premise, that all of you watching right now, that you collectively know what is best for our country and it is my job to listen to you and to act on that and more to the best of my
1:18 am
ability and with other members of congress on behalf of the taxpayers and citizens. host: next caller, you are on the air. caller: i believe that is what the problem is, you are not listening. if you are not hearing this morning. it is the democratic alliance that is a major problem right now. in a longer represent the -- they no longer represent the working man, the unions don't. also, the back door dealings that went on with health care, the democrats were going lockstep with the nancy pelosi, calling people in from their vacations early, releasing bills in the middle of the night. that is what we are objecting to. if you truly want to hear what the people believe, you need to listen to what they are saying today.
1:19 am
guest: i hear what you are saying. i respect your concern. i'm not here to vilify any institution. labor and business, we have got to work together. that is how we will turn the economy around and make this structure. i will not attack certain business practices, nor labour. nor will i attack any politician, regardless of republican or democrat. that is not my focus. we do not live in a perfect world, but we are a democracy. we have got to face the issues and that we have commitments on certain ideological positions. i respect that. i may not agree with all of them, but we have to work for the common good. what we need a simple, we need an equal playing ground for everyone. we should provide a good education so that they can get a good job. we should loosen up some of these regulations so that
1:20 am
lenders will be able to allow small business to grow. and as a member of congress, we need to help businesses so that they do not have to hire an accountant or lawyer to have sole access to them. this is not about bashing institutions, but helping people and returning tax dollars to the people. i know this is simple, but it is very basic and important. when you get into the issues that are so complicated, i'm not going to do that. yes, i'm a democrat. i'm from the city of detroit. i respect the rules that labor unions play, but i will not bash the corporations and employers because we need jobs. i am help -- i am here to help unify and serve the public. host: what are you looking forward to the most this week?
1:21 am
guest: the practical issues of getting the office support, that is good. but most importantly, i will talk to members of congress to try to dispel their image they have of metro detroit and certainrban politicians. and i want them to know that i'm committed to working with them. i'm talking about republicans and democrats. in fact, i reach out to the opposite side of the state of michigan to representative wilbur, who is a conservative republican. i know that he and i can find common ground, both as christians, to work with each other. that is what i want to focus on. i am multiracial. my mom was african-american and native american and my dad was from india. i grew up in the inner city. i have had tough times in my life and i was able to go to a great school like cornell and georgetown.
1:22 am
it allows us to respect many different point of view is having a varied background. it is about having a love for people, even those who oppose you politically. because of that love comes respect and you are able to work with each other. you probably will not agree on most issues, but you can work on some basic things that can serve the common good. that is what this country is all about. and i appreciate the opportunity to serve you hear it in this
1:23 am
he owns and operates a radio that a broadcast with nearly 40 stations in five states. and got rid of arkansas state university, he and his wife and their children lived in greensboro. karen bass will represent a district in a loss angeles. -- los angeles. she was elected to the assembly in 2004. she was a speaker from 2008 until this year. she was a community activist and a clinical instructor at the unc school of medicine. in a few moments, an ethics committee hearing looking into allegations against charlie rangel of new york. they adjourned for the evening without making a decision. then a rally at the u.s. capitol
1:24 am
focusing on government spending. after that, british prime minister david kaman speaks of foreign policy. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] "bostjan journal" tomorrow morning, we will have a couple of representatives that will take your questions -- washington journal" tomorrow morning, we will have a couple of representatives that will take your questions. and we will look at how the education policy will be affected by the election results. we will have dan hurley here with their american association of state colleges and universities. this begins tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. a couple of life begins to tell you about tomorrow. from dallas, the groundbreaking ceremony of the george w. bush
1:25 am
presidential center at southern methodist university. speakers are scheduled to include a former first lady, barbara bush, dick cheney, and former secretary of state, connally is a rice. that is on c-span2 at 11:30 a.m. eastern. also the home as security committee will hear about air cargo security. >> this saturday, tune in on american history tv as there is a daylong symposium on the civil war of the national archives from prominent historians giving a new perspective on the impacts of the war. coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern. this is on c-span3. >> a subcommittee of the house
1:26 am
ethics committee has adjourned tonight without making a decision on the 13 ethics charges against charlie rangel of new york. the congressman spoke earlier in the hearing and then left. the subcommittee members except it the evidence as uncontested. if they find him guilty of any of the charges, the full ethics committee would recommend sanctions. you will hear a thing representative rangel statements and what the other representatives had to say after he left. >> the committee will come to order. i would like the record to reflect that all eight members of the subcommittee are present. this hearing ishe committee on standards of official conduct in the matter of charles rangel and will come to order. to discipline its members.
1:27 am
a manner befitting that public trust. it is under that authority that we are meeting here today. this hearing is authorized by house rule xi, clause 3, and committee rule 23. the purpose of this hearing to determine whether any of the 13 on june 17, 2010, a bipartisan committee adopted a statement of alleged violation in the matter of charles rangel. representative gene green chaired the investigative subcommittee. the ranking member of the full committee, representative jo bonner, served as the subcommittee's ranking member.
1:28 am
representatives bobby scott and doc hastings also served on the subcommittee. the investigative subcommittee adopted a statement of alleged violation which includes 13 separate counts. for each count, the investigative subcommittee concluded that there is substantial reason to believe that representative rangel violated the code of official conduct, or a law, rule, regulation, or other standard of conduct applicable to representative rangel's performance of his official duties or the discharge of his official responsibilities as a member of the house of representatives. the role of an adjudicatory subcommittee is to determine, at a hearing, whether any count of the statement of alleged violation has been proved by clear and convincing evidence. the purpose of this adjudicatory hearing is to do just that. however, it is important to bear in mind that this proceeding is a hearing, not a trial. attorneys from the committee's non-partisan, professional staff are the moving party in these proceedings. their role is to make a case for the statement of alleged
1:29 am
violation adopted by the investigative subcommittee. at the adjudicatory hearing, the burden of proof rests with committee counsel to establish the facts alleged in each count of the statement of alleged violation by clear and convincing evidence. representative rangel will have an opportunity to present his side of the story, should he wish to do so. a respondent is not required to present a case in his defense, and should representative rangel choose not to present a case, the subcommittee will not and may not draw a negative inference from that fact. as members of the adjudicatory subcommittee, we are neither accusers nor are we defenders of our colleague, mr. rangel. our job is to act impartially as finders of fact and law. we are honor bound to do so without regard to partisanship or bias of any sort. we are required to act honestly and fairly based on the evidence presented to us during the adjudicatory hearing.
1:30 am
in light of that role, i remind my colleagues that while this hearing is in progress, and while the ethics process continues for this matter, we should continue to refrain from commenting on the facts, the law, or any other aspect of this matter. in conducting this hearing, the adjudicatory subcommittee will follow the procedures established by the rules of the committee. the quorum required for the adjudicatory subcommittee to conduct any business is a majority plus one, or six members. if at any time the subcommittee does not have a quorum, the chair may recess the hearing, and may direct the clerk to contact the members who are not present. in addition, the chair can recess the hearing at any time as needed. the order of the adjudicatory hearing will be as follows. first, the subcommittee will hear argument on a motion noticed by committee counsel. unless he is under oath, any statements, questions, or arguments that representative rangel makes will not be
1:31 am
considered evidence in this matter. members of the subcommittee will then have an opportunity to ask questions of the parties, should they choose, under the five- minute rule. following a ruling on the motion, committee counsel and representative rangel will each be allowed 10 hours to present their case, including the time allotted for opening statements and closing arguments. the order is established by committee rules. first, i will recognize committee counsel and representative rangel or counsel -- who i gather since he is sitting by himself may be representing himself. each party will be limited to one hour for opening statements. the order for receiving committee counsel will present witnesses first.
1:32 am
representative rangel will have the opportunity to cross- examine witnesses called by committee counsel, should he wish to do so. next, representative rangel will should he choose to do so. committee counsel will have the opportunity to cross-examine any witnesses mr. rangel calls in his defense. after representative rangel finishes his case, committee counsel may ask to present rebuttal witnesses, as permitted by the chair. members of the subcommittee will also have the opportunity to ask questions of each party's witnesses under the five-minute rule, unless otherwise directed by the chair. after all testimony and evidence has been presented, committee counsel and representative rangel will each be permitted to make a closing argument. each party will be limited to one hour for their closing argument. members of the subcommittee will then have the opportunity to ask the five-minute rule, unless otherwise directed by the chair. at that time, the members of the adjudicatory subcommittee will to consider each count included in the statement of alleged violation.
1:33 am
the subcommittee will determine by a majority vote of its members whether each count has been proved. the adjudicatory subcommittee will then report its findings to the full committee. if no count is proved, the full committee will prepare a report to the house, based upon the report of this subcommittee. on the other hand, if any 1 or more of the 13 counts in the statement of alleged violation are proved, the full committee will conduct a sanctions hearing to determine what sanction, if any, the committee should recommend to the house. the allegations included in the statement of alleged violation are significant. we take seriously our obligation to conduct these proceedings fairly, impartially, and with the dignity and decorum the house of representatives. responsibilities as set forth in the rules of the house and the rules of the committee. the adjudicatory hearing will
1:34 am
be conducted subject to the rules and the decorum of theall participants will be promptly all evidentiary, the committee and rulings issued in this hearing. any breach of decorum by hearing and to proceed in opening remarks. hearing. this is an important day, both committee, for the congress, but most importantly for the american people. as a member of this committee and a former federal prosecutor -- sitting in judgment is a very difficult to do. we accept our responsibility for today.
1:35 am
we serve for no other reason than to protect the honor, integrity and credibility of this institution often referred to as the people's house. the american people's confidence in us is a it an historic level. it is my sincere hope that these public, a televised hearings will help increase transparency and accountability and restore much-needed trust to the house as an institution. our responsibility as judges in this matter is to be fair and i.
1:36 am
this i nearly 50 witnesses and over 28,000 pages of documents. there are several alleged violations. over 500 exhibits have been placed on the committee's website. these allegations, if proven would demonstrate that mr. rangel violated multiple provisions of the federal statutes and house rules. as judges, we must determine where these allegations proven by a clear and convincing evidence. mr. rangel has requested public hearings, a right that he is afforded under committee rules. today, he is given the opportunity to be heard and it is our responsibility to make sure the process is both fair and dignified. as a former federal prosecutor in the public integrity section
1:37 am
of the department of justice, due process is nothing new to me. it is guaranteed by our constitution and it is a responsibility that i take very seriously. as we prepare to hear the evidence against one of our most tenured colleagues in the house, we need to make sure that we have done everything we can to show the american public that we will handle this matter with the utmost professionalism and non-partisan ship that it deserves. we can never forget that the public office is a public trust. >> the gentleman yields back. before proceeding, we see that committee counsel is present, mr. rangel, are you represented by counsel here today or are you representing yourself? >> madame chair, i would like to make a brief statement. [inaudible]
1:38 am
[inaudible] [inaudible]
1:39 am
i have spoken with the chair. on october 22, the chairlady send be a letter and basically denied me [unintelligible] this factor has been going on for over two years. it is not my fault that it took two years before this was reported. during this timeframe, my lawyers were charging me while you were investigating. it was over $2 million when it
1:40 am
was posted. the argument that this has been going on for 2 years is accurate, but i do not see how it relates to may not be able to counsel. the second issue, i have been asking for this matter to begin. i have been banking that the constituents and congress to have this opportunity to hear this. my family has caught hell as a result of this. when can we deal with these charges and when can then be
1:41 am
exposed for what it is? you have said this with counsel. before these witnesses, they would indicate in the pages of testimony -- i have not been able to explain my position because of rules of confidentiality. each time i have asked for a hearing -- do you think i would ask for a hearing without counsel? i still feel strongly that the congress and the community should know what i have been charged with. by the same token, i had hoped you would do it before the democratic primary. it would have been helpful to do it before the general election.
1:42 am
it was not done when i had council. my opponent in critics were charging me with corruption. i looked into this committee would not just figure i had done this wrongdoing. [inaudible] i thought this would have been done. the whole idea that i am denied counsel, that does not take away from the arguments that i have a right to have a lawyer right now, because some have had the opportunity to have legal funds set up.
1:43 am
they cannot promise that to counsel -- not even with $1 million. here is what pains me the most. [unintelligible] you tell me, how can it be dictated that i be denied due process, because there is going to be amended to this session. we know things would be different if we had more time. we have things giving in
1:44 am
christmas, and we are preparing for the next congress. how long does this go? not having to process because we do not have time. what prevents us from doing this? and as i stand before you, i have no idea on how council intends to proceed. we have 80 pages of what could be considered a summary judges. this committee may not be able to call witnesses. this committee, based on its
1:45 am
mission -- i have had no lawyer to look at this. [unintelligible] i hope you can interrupt me and tell may about this. if you wanted to have the appearance of fairness, you spoke with 40 witnesses or more. 30,000 pages of testimony. am i am inclined to know what they are testifying to? i have been giving deadlines -- given the allies as to which witnesses are want to subpoena. i have been delighted that opportunity. if the chair is suggesting that
1:46 am
i close my remarks, then i would do that. i would want you to know i do not think it is fair that i participate in any type of proceeding if in fact what you are basically telling me that the political calendar will not allow you enough time to allow me to get a lawyer at this crucial point in my life. 50 years of public service is on the line. i truly believe that i am not being treated fairly and that history will dictate that is not withstanding the political calendar, i am entitled to a lawyer during this proceeding. i want to thank you for your courtesy. there is a lot of pain that i feel. prosecuted in the u.s.
1:47 am
attorney's office. i have served as a legislator in the state. i am so proud of my work in congress, i love this congress and i love this country. i think i am entitled to more. >> thank you, mr. rangel. before turning to committee counsel, i would just no for the record, and i will put into the record the exchange referred to by mr. rangel so that this will not be a mystery to the public, but i would note that we were advised that mr. rangel's council withdrew little over a month ago and further council has not been retained and the committee has indicated an intent to proceed today. >> madame chair, would be
1:48 am
propriate to ask you a question? >> i listened to what mr. rangel have to say very carefully. it troubles me that he is before the committee without counsel. are we going to consider his statement as a motion to continue this hearing? >> is that a motion to continue mr. rangel? >> i do not know -- first of all, my role here is as the respondent. i am not here representing myself. i have been a lawyer long enough to know that it is very, very unwise for any person, a lawyer or judge, to be his own lawyer at a proceeding like this. i am not in a position to make a motion unless we are talking about fairness and if someone is
1:49 am
contradicting anything that i say. notwithstanding the fact the use limited your letter for the record. if there is anything i said about that letter and all of the conversations we have had, i would think that notwithstanding procedure, that paris would allow you to say that this is a statement of how i feel as a person and a member of congress and as a citizen that expects due process. you can call it a motion, and i cannot quite frankly answer that question. >> we appreciate that. >> we will turn, now, to committee counsel to introduce your team and make your motion for the admission of evidence. >> madame chair, ranking member mccaul, members of the subcommittee, rep rangel. my name is blake.
1:50 am
i am the chief counsel. to my right is deborah morris, counsel to the committee, and to my left is donald sherman, also counsel to the committee. at this time i would like to introduce evidence number one through 549 for the record. >> any questions? >> with all due respect, i am not in a position to pass judgment on what counsel is about to do. i have never known that this proceeding even existed in summary judgment if that is what he is about to do. any lawye tomittee -- >> if i may interrupt mr. rangel, just to clarify, we weren't notified, as were you come out of this motion. -- as were you, of this motion. we will hear the motion, the
1:51 am
argument from the committee counsel and whatever argument you may choose to make, but if you wish to be heard, in an opening statement, we will hold any ruling on that motion in abeyance so that if you wish to be heard, we will hear you. >> i appreciate the chair. would that include the right for me to have a lawyer? >> you may hire whomever you wish as a lawyer. that is up to you. >> you have seen the record. two million dollars already, and i have been advised that this hearing could cost another million dollars. you have not allow me to have a defense fund which would allow me to have a lawyer come into the case. if that is what you are saying, there is nothing i would not yield to for that purpose, but you know that if you are saying that we can't move forward, then
1:52 am
that restricts me from getting a lawyer, not only financially, the legal defense fund would have no meeting at all. if there is anything that i can do within the rules of the committee that will allow me to move forward with this, i would not object to just procedure. but i did not know until a week ago that this 80 pages would be the way you intended to judge my conduct a week ago. so, i can listen to what he is saying, but does this mean that he is going into this procedure, that i do not have counsel to guide me? >> if i may, mr. rangel, if you could be seated. for clarification, the respondent has inquired of the committee whether a fund could be created where contributions
1:53 am
could be made for legal representation and has been advised by this committee that that is permissible, however, the retention of counsel is up to the respondent, whether you are to hire rick at your own expense, for your campaign committee, or through a fund, it is your decision, not the committee's decision. >> i am just asking for time to get counsel. i have lawyers from washington d.c. and new york that are willing to give me free counsel, to be able to come here because they do not think that i have been treated fairly, but they say that if they do that as a gift, it violates the law. i heard that they could do it for reduced fees, if only we had time to develop the committee. you're telling me that i do not have time to do that.
1:54 am
well you tell me that i can hire anybody and get anybody, or not have a lawyer, you are also saying that time does not permit this matter to be concluded before the end of this session, and that is the nuts and bolts of what we're talking about. you are not going to give me time to do it. i do not think anyone can say that this is the way it ends up. yes, i can do these things, but you have to conclude this now. my reputation, 50 years of public service has to suffer because this committee has concluded that he will conclude this matter before this congress ends. all i am asking for is time to get counsel. time to get counsel.
1:55 am
and i think you are saying now that you denied it before and you're denying it now. >> i gather that you do not object to the evidence that has been proffered by committee counsel. >> i object to this proceeding and with all due respect, since i do not have counsel to advise me, i am going to have to excuse myself from these proceedings because i have no idea what this man has put together over two years that was given to me last week. i hope that this committee, in terms of fairness -- [inaudible] with all due respect and understanding how awkward it is for members of this committee, as someone who would like to reserve the right to be judged by their peers with counsel, i
1:56 am
respectfully removed myself from these proceedings. >> madame chair, before he leaves, and ask an additional question? >> gessler. >> even though the respondent did not make a motion to continue, i would like this committee to seriously continue the motion to continue. we can discuss among ourselves what the response it has said. i think he is taking this very seriously. i serve as a judge and i know the need for counsel, especially in this environment. >> that is a request from one member to have a discussion on the motion -- align >> i make a
1:57 am
motion to continue the matter. >> we will go into our closed session and then we will return. >> was there except to the motion? >> yes there was. >> there was a second to the motion. all right. >> i wish i could make a
1:58 am
statement, but as you know, they have gone into recess. i do not think that there is anything that i can say.
1:59 am
>> of the subcommittee has been meeting on the motion made by mr. butterfield and seconded by .r. conaway the committee has decided not to continue this matter. i would like to make a couple of comments regarding that decision. mr. rangel has repeatedly sought and received committee guidance on how he may pay his legal fees in this matter. mr. rangel asked for a vice from the committee in september of 2008, march of 2009, october of 2010 and again


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