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tv   Q A  CSPAN  May 20, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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00317t235900][s:m][pa:sz=m,bt= p2% of turquoise can be called crown spring and it comes from the kingman mine and the only place you can find it hsn. is the leopard print of the turquoise. then the other thing i want to tell you is part of my katherine the great turquoise collection. a lot of people say is it meant to look like an evil eye but it actually does. it is designed after the scepter use by catherine the great that's secures the or loft diamond's timeless, ageless. that turquoise everybody will pick it up and say where did to get this. look at the clouds the red march, the gold and bronze matrix zing.
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every one of these was handpainted my mother nature. 6 c13 you bought just6 c13 stone like a rocket had it handpainted it would be for artist and i am not much less expensive than this ring. mother nature handypaint every single piece of turquoise. the only place you'll get crown spring turquoise are the ladies' now who are watching the rarities girls. do you love this you love the 14k gold to 0.5 layers over sterling silver. now we are going to say hello to michigan.3 >>caller: cannot believe i get to talk to both of you. connie you have been
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an inspiration for so long. brodie, you are just so you will (...)are an inspiration to all women, you are beautiful and i love the way you tell everyone+ where these gemstones come from. and the design.i just love you and i have been with you since 2:00 a.m.. cinch >>guest: a, do you mean to make me cry right now because is definitely working hearing you say that my whole all i have ever wanted to do was be able to empower women through great style a great design and great conversation. rarities and hsn have given me the opportunity to fulfill my life dream. every time you see me here creating jewelry that is rear, and powering, unusual, quality, i never tell this to anybody but there
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are so many women that do not have a voice they are an abuse of jobs abuse of marriages and they do not have the power to speak because they are in a situation that is not rarity is the issue the power to speak without ever having to say anything.your jewelry says so much about you and your style so for noticing that i can never thank you enough. thank you >>host: 70.cindy. >>caller: thank you for letting me speak to both of you. i love you. thank you >>host: . now so much we have saved for you and you do not want to miss out on any of it. [♪ music ♪]
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>> your signature look will always in power you. my signature item a pair of gold cuff bracelets. once you find your signature you will embody the and personality of the jewel in brady, but it is and style. [♪ music ♪] --and radiate >>host: we are going to talk moonstone and spinel. it was saved for this hour and already have the quantity is gone. $79.97 on your charge card.we have about 60.173-038. also the moonstone bracelet. perfectly with carol's ring. $439.90, it is
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$109 on flexpay. item173-040. then, the matching earrings. my goodness! >>guest: are these insane? >>host: we have 80 of the earrings, $950 retail, this is a moonstone and london blue topaz. 3 out flexpay then, the pendant we mentioned at one time we have 70 remaining. that means two-thirds of the quantity gone. $560 retail $249.90, flexpay
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$62.48. and i doubt that will make a full presentation. >>guest: i love that he is the fact it is a brooch and a pin. >>host: the cuff bracelet is rose vermeil and rhodolite. 3 this show, flexpay hundred $90. only 35 lucky people can get it. have the beautiful piercing and the rhodolite bezel-set into this. even the gallery on the back. >>guest: so many times you can i wear yellow gold and silver and rose gold and silver? it works with attitude.i want to show you about having a jewelry attitude. this rose gold vermeil is so soft
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and romantic and the moonstone is it has such great color. i think they are beautiful together. with rarities and all fine jewelry, the only rule is your attitude and confidence. great confidence gives you great style. >>host: carroll's earrings are gone. >>guest: i love those. >>host: then, our showstopper. 450 people orderedwe have 100 not wait for the presentation. we only have sizes 5, 6, 8 remaining.we say praised $340 but i challenge you to find it at that. today169.90 but with 100 remaining. $42.48 on your charge card.
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then we have the carved jade earrings which are wow $99.90 three flexpayments $33.30. are those not ready? 164-007. >>guest: i threw that bracelet and you connie i hope i did not confuse you. >>host: we have 40 of these rings we had better talk about it quickly.+ triple a quality rainbow moonstone. >>guest: do you know the difference betweenstone and regular moonstone? regular moonstone does not have flashes of rainbow light coming through it. this is rainbow moonstone. has nat it picks
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up turquoise pink, blue.e black spinel is the sister to the black diamond. when you wear black diamonds they absorb light samewhen you wear black spinel the absorb off light. black-and-white never goes out of style. i feel when you amazing jewelry you want to put something on that will go with everything you have. this has a low profile so as you see on my finger and on the screen first, you see all the rainbow from the black spinel. and then, it is a low profile. when we talk low profile you want to put your hand in your purse, look for your telephone you do not want your ring to be knocking want to do things, you do not want your
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ring (...) >>host: is gone for your calls. . we have one minute on it. 74 75 in. length. really more than that think of your hand size. --7.75 in.. it an eternity so the stone's go all the way around. we are talking all moonstone not created equal this is fabulous! >>guest: all moonstone is not created equal thank you connie craig- carroll because this is moonstone. i get my rainbow moonstone from the one place in the world that supplies all the top quality rainbow moonstone to the most expensive jewelers. there is only one place for this quality and that is where rarities moonstone
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comes from. >>host: that what is gone as well. >>guest: that bangle-bracelet is gorgeous. >>host: now, the earrings. not only are you beautiful rainbow but london blue. 8.1 ct of london blue. not just a little bit.these are almost gone from preview. c13 remaining. they look amazing on carroll. >>guest: i want to tell you i feel right now literally like staffand i have up since midnight. i am tired. i put earrings on, all of a sudden i went from feeling, to all my gosh! they gave me life and energy. what is going on with that amazing london bluetopaz only 2% of topaz in the world is london
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blue. take a look at this. she is rocking it better than i could ever. that is black rhodium accenting and sterling silver. talk about the red carpet? film festival? cannes hoop earrings. when you have one, i do not think the hoop earrings does anything for the facial structure but when you wear the door knocker stuck look what is happening.--out the door knocker style >>guest: these are bringing all the attention away from my powder because i am tired i should not tell you getvare girlfriends. this at all that
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glamour and sparkle. i first sold them to two major celebrities. one was and one was j.l. what happened when i worked for mr. winston we kept selling this style over and over to the l.a. girl's, new york girl's review all wanted something super sexy and light weight. i cannot wear heavy earrings at all. these are so light and delicious. they are for pierced ears with a clutchback. nick oil-free, rhodium plated. it does not get any better than this--they are sold out. now almost gone from previewcarol's favorite pendant. $30 off even though it is brand new. $249.90,
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4 $62.48. it does an enhancer bail so you could wear it on any chain but we give you the 16" chain with a 2 in. extender. i love the cut to you did on the gemstones. >>guest: look like a antique rose-cut these are rose cut white topaz. i took it off because i wanted to show you the back. you have the enhancer pendant right here. then you have the brooch right here. how many times can i tell you i put my in a ponytail and i wanted to put somethingn my ponytail. we take the safety pin and to the6 c13 holder and it is so she cooking. how many times have you put on a blouse-- chic looking take a brooch and
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connect your blouse. how about a a brooch onto the lapel and all of a sudden it is the most beautiful in the world.i love the way she is wearing that crescent. she put it on to labradorite and blue topaz 36 in. chain. it has a whole other look. the moon's became so on queen victoria, she was the one who made them popular in history. another design who is an amazing jewelry designer i collect a lot of her work she is the one who made me my original crescent brooch. it was a brooch and she turned into a necklace. that is where i got the inspiration to create this necklace. i wanted you to have allvthat sparkle and shine and luminosity of the rose cut white topaz which are so difficult to achieve. rose-cut was the diamond-cut they use about 100
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years ago. >>host: it makes it just glow. set in black rhodium giving it again beautiful victoria look. we are going to say hello to caroline from arizona. >>caller: i am so excited to talk to both of you. you are two of my favorite people to watch and by no carol brodie your name carolyn because you told me previously when i talk to you. >>guest: so good to talk to you again. >>caller: i got your 18" tourmaline necklace. i could not resist.i love tourmaline. it has so many different colors. and you can use that necklace for many other things just like wearing (...)and adding different necklaces. i have to tell you something i do not know if i have ever heard anybody tell you carroll, your
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jewelry feels like you have gone to a very expensive jeweler and it has been custom-made for you. that is why you sell everything out because it looks like it is custom made per individual. you cannot take your eyes off of it because of all the details use and mix and match. i just wanted to tell you that. >>guest: i cannot thank you enough for saying such beautiful things. i will say this, nobody works harder on the collection and then i do. and i am not bragging because i work so hard and i do not take vacation ever. i work 24 hours a day because i love it not because i have to.i am obsessed bringing you rarities these crazy one-of-a-kind finds. the reason it looks like they are made for you is because they are so limited.
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i have every one custom made not by the hundreds or thousands actually by the dozens. i do not want rarities to be on every girl. c13 what i a piece ended is rare like the crescent brooch, i think we started with about 100.- and it is. >>host: thank you caroline. >>caller: thank you. i want three of everything! [laughter] >>guest: have a beautiful night thank you. >>host: we are going to give you one more look because this is almost gone. you do have it so do not hang up until it is officially gone. a couple things you have not seen is champagne diamonds dancing jewelry. the pendant and earrings saved just for this hour. appraisal of $2,500,
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over $4,000 for the earrings. >>host: $869 on flexpay as well. the pendant flexpay of under $300. that was appraised at $2,500. >>guest: these earrings, this is a lot of champagne diamonds. >>host: also saved for this hour, this hour but i have 200. amethysts.if you want to look like you are dripping gemstones here you have it. seven strands of amethyst for $99$33.30 on flexpay. so many
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gorgeous ways to style it. >>host: then we have our amethyst and pink sapphire ring that is like the queen's ring bishop's ring. >>host: look at that. >>guest: you know what that ring says? billionaire and went on vacation and this is what i brought back. it looks like money is not an option it looks like you have the most amazing paste. taste. >>host: then not to be out on but we also have this gorgeous ring. tanzanite amethyst and iolite. talk about a color
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combination! >>guest: i call that the lip ring. it our real, beautiful and precious gems. >>host: that is what we have coming up. --and big stones. >>host: checking in with bret trackerett checker anduckerman. >>host: hsn care's is proud to support and raise funds and awareness for march of dimes and here is a little bit more information. [commercial] [commercial]
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>>host: it is time for all of us to give. as we celebrate mother's and father's day please add a donation to your purchase.keyword: march of dimes. we are proud to support this very organization. we will get back to the last hour rarities but before that here is more information about resident celebrity iman. [commercial]
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[reading] [commercial] -- [♪ music ♪] >>host: about 30 minutes left with carol brodie and that is it for this visit. but we have a lot of things to in. starting with the necklace peach moonstone necklace. this color.we have put the evil eye pendant on it. that is still available.40 off flexpay under $50. it is about half of the lowest appraised price. all moonstone is not created equal, this is a specific coloration within a tiny fraction of a percentage that could be. >>guest: absolutely.
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this has every single one of these peach moonstone beads has the cat's eye that is the incredible luminescence. the iridescence that is contained in to this peach moonstone is what makes this a aaa quality. much so i sent this to my pearl factory and i had every one of these peach moonstones handknotted. then i put on the toggle clasp. the whole idea was anybody can wear a strand of beautiful beads. but for me what makes it rarity is taking and enhancer6 c13 front. why not? it is a sterling silver twisted toggle. it makes the entire peach moonstone look so
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much more6 c13 today. of course you could wear it in the back if you choose. it is like embers glowing sunshine.- moonstone actually got its name from the greek goddess of the moon. that is because there is so much a moonlight in moonstone, it shimmers.when you put this on it is like a fountain of youth. the way pearls have luminescence m luster and iridescence, the bmoonstone has it with that beautiful peach nectar. do you like a bellini which is like peach nectar whipped champagne? that is the color of this moonstone. -- with champagne >>host: high love
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she has put6 c13 the amethyst necklace by the way half the quantity gone on that one. because this is a neutral it goes with everything. >>guest: absolutely. --i love. >>host: if you are on board you have it. we are going to move that 7 strand amethyst necklace actually it is coming out. it may not make a full presentation. 800 ct's of amethyst. it is on flexpay for under $34. so you can move it up or down and create the perfect look. if you are not with us last hour the evil library slit is back, your choice
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and the tsavorite. --evil eye bracelet is back. the smokey is also available. this is under+ chelsea. now we are showing you the cuff bracelet and it will be quick. it will accommodate most wrist sizes because it is open. is that throw's vermeil that is so lovely. --rose vermeil. >>guest: there is so much 14k vermeil is 2.5 microns which means if you took your nail and tried to scratch off the gold you could not. it means it wears like solid 14k. the design is inspired by a
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couture design from a french jewelry house who brought rose gold back to the world four-five years ago. rose gold in europe and america now the most popular trend selling europe you know america's you see everything white or yellow gold, in europe it is white or pink gold.the pink because it is so soft. rose gold, we take copper and we add a little bit of copper to the ct gold and it turns a beautiful pink. inside the cuff bracelet you have 58 points of rare rhodolite. that that beautiful if you do not know what rhodolite looks like it looks like pink sapphire. that is what it plays back so well to the ring which has 12 of them. >>host: you have the hearts butterflies. when
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this is gone.$100 off of price. also everybody is asking about this jade ring.this is exquisite.jade white topaz, hand carved black onyx. because of the hand carved black onyx this is near to impossible to do. who knows when or if we will h+ it back. today $63.30 on your charge card. amethyst and pink sapphire ring. >>guest: i love this one. look at the hearts on the under gallery.each one represents an hour of the day. >>host: $499.90. and
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carol, this necklace. the nugget necklace. >>guest: i wore that all morning and i thought that was sold out. >>host: we do not have a lot. >>guest: that is related citrine. rutilated citrine there is those natural needles inside the citrine that is naturally occurring. it gives each piece its character, its own personal finger print if you will. it makes it so much more special. usually you see rutilated gemstones and high end galleries. >>guest: i call id blonde like the most beautiful sunshine.
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every one of the stones is cut, faceted and a different way. it is everything your summer jewelry should be about. >>host: we have a quick look at showstopper because almost all quantity is gone. here is our look at our showstopper. [♪ music ♪] we have just 5 and 6 remaining. but by all means if you can wear those sizes this is your chance to get the most amazing piece gemstone quality lapis i have ever offered in nearly 50 years. you have so much of the gold pyrite so you see the golden flex. by the way you have diamonds round white diamonds at the four corners or the four prongs.we
8:33 pm
have 5, 6 remaining hopefully you can get it. it took you forever. >>guest: 2 1/2 years. every one of those pieces of lapis i had to hand selects. we had to cut so much lapis in order for me to% find lapis that had all of those s. is the metallic gold that comes through the lapis. i call it starry night ring. it is inspired starry nights. i work for a magazine called showboat's international, i used to go on these (...) this was in the mediterranean you would look up at night and see the most beautiful story nights of the south of france. i said imagine if i could capture the look of that in a piece of
8:34 pm
jewelry would forever remind me of this experience. is it. it is so appropriate we are going to the cannes film festival. it is in the news every day about the festival. lapis is the stone of friendship and truth. occur in harmony and relationships. it encourages you to be more authentic with your feelings. first, the style is so is an amazing gemstone quality blue lapis. we had to take everyone by hand. this is my award winning style. thank
8:35 pm
you so much. >>host: you are going to love we are moving to one of the most exquisite pieces carroll has ever done. the pendant nearly two ct, 1.91 ct of champagne diamonds. the earrings 3.68 ct champagne diamonds. those were praise and the lowest was $4,000$4,649. the earrings $1,889.90. the pendant 80$869.90. the only bad news is we do not have a lot. this is for the woman who is looking for that special two-piece. something
8:36 pm
honestly nobody else you know will have or have ever seen. look at these on carroll. >>guest: this style comes from the original style is called waterfall.we call it dancing diamonds' hsn. not look like a waterfall the way the diamonds are glistening. they are so light weight by the way. you are looking at almost four ct of champagne diamonds. when i worked for mr. winston these are the earrings i put on the celebrities.they wanted the waterfall because when the light hits when they walk the red carpet the waterfall, every one of these pieces of diamond jewelry is connected individually so every piece is articulated. >>host: before they are gone because they are almost, we going to say hello to tap the from california.
8:37 pm
>>caller: how are you? >>caller: hello tabitha. >>caller: i love your jewelry. there is a girl's who collect hearts. you said you are going to design something in the summer with gold. we are picturing a mint green with black spinel around it in gold. just a suggestion. >>guest: you are looking for black spinel prasiolite and gold jewelry. >>caller: yes heart-shaped prasiolite. >>guest: you are getting very specific. >>caller: we all collect hearts and 1 silksuggested (...)
8:38 pm
>>guest: rings pendants. >>guest: >>caller: rings. >>guest: i am working with my team on tuesday so we will come up with a rose-de-france and prasiolite ring set in for may with a heart for the eight girls. --gold vermeil. >>caller: thank you and i got a ring today. all around bluetopaz with black spinel. >>guest: i think i will do that in heart-shaped. give me until january. you tablet the. >>guest: thank tab of the and the eight girls. -- tabitha >>host: stay
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there for the diamonds. now we are talking about the seven strands. is amazing and so versatile because of the way you can create whatever length you choose. when you say 800 ct of amethyst, that is amazing! and then you look at the color. it is completely adjustable. to put it on and off is super have so many length to choose from you can create with this one, 800 ct amethyst necklace. 700 strands. >>guest: i want you to know that
8:40 pm
when we go as jewelers and into the jewelry market and looking to buy stones to do these beaded necklaces this is how they come. they are hanging together on a silk cord and you go into these beautiful italiaand they are hanging together. and what we do is take them off the cord and storing them again and put clasp but then we are adding hundreds of dollars of material to the necklace. there is no graceful way to talk about a chunky necklace. it is amazing cool to the touch beads used her on for an organic look. to me, this is
8:41 pm
like a glass of delicious purple wine i will have the second i get of this set and connie will be joining me even though she does not know it want to put this on. is called the drunken stone because it protect you from a deep violet color. i wanted you to a chunky necklace for the best value. leaving it on the silk cord is the authentic way it is done in india for us. i give it to you the way i bought it because i wanted you to have 800 ct of amethyst.that deep violet color. i wanted you to throw this on all summer for under $100. >>host: by thevway completely adjustable. i love that. you can wear it with so many necklines. look and
8:42 pm
great conversation piece. >>host: thank you and stay there your sales representative tells you is gone. then our citrine nugget necklace is also available as the one carroll was wearing earlier. 36 in..6 c13 it is under $35 on flexpay. 200 remaining but that is rutilated citrinethose needles inside of the citrine. again how many times have you seen rutilated citrine, not often.usually it is in the couture stores. the fact we are able to bring this and we have sold 300 already. it is a great piece for summertime. it just looks like sunshine. if you have that
8:43 pm
summer color put this on the matter what color you are putting it with it will look amazing. >>guest: t to tell you citrine looks like. to it is like 18 k gold in a gemstone. check this out. take a look at that. tell me even on turquoise do you see what happens? all of a sudden that look i havehad, all of a sudden the golden sun shined against the gold turquoise color, it pops. you know what i do in the summertime? put them in the refrigerator overnight and they get nice and cold.vleave in the morning and it is so hot because i am in my '40's, i take these out of the refrigerator put them on and i stay cool all day. it is like air conditioned jewelry.
8:44 pm
>>host: that coming up and we have about 15 minutes left before we go forward we are going to check in with brett chuckerman coming up with our spotlight letting you know what else is coming up. [♪ music ♪] thank you connie and i appreciate it. my name is brett chuckerman to let you know all you need to know about what is going on at hsn. if you shopping online make sure you put in keyword: clearance because you know the best buys are on sale. we have super savings, incredibly reduced prices low prices reduce items. the savings are too good to pass up. if you are shopping on your mobile application or computer plug-in keyword clearance and do not miss out on those great deals. the end of rarities we are going to drill injoint colleen lopez.
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>>host: dy. coming up at the top of the hour6 c13 jeans celebrating 18 years, diane gilman. we have the last two hours of her visit. more than 102,000 pairs of her fabulous today's special to have been ordered.they will be selling out next hour. we have khaki, black or white. which are the 3 must-have. for under $26 wow. >>host: buy more fashion and jewelry and save! pay full price regular shipping & handling on your first jewelry or fashion item, and receive 50% off regular shipping & handling on every additional fashion or jewelry item you buy today. and this is the cutest thing. so comfortable. i love the length the back. it has a little bit of cold shoulder. great colors white khaki hot pink,black, tangerine. before we go back to connie
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and carol brodie we want to give you a sneak peek. if you are a can't to miss josh turner who will be coming to hsn. [commercial] [commercial] [reading]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: it is 20.12 ct amethyst and pink sapphire. it was appraised $949 today $499, 30 left. >>guest: that is a 20 ct cushioned is a darkvsaturated purple amethyst cushion which is called the candlelight is called that because the way the 58 facets are on the cushionw so much it reflex like the most beautiful cut stone
8:48 pm
you have ever seen. i want to tell you how much love is in this ring. you are starting out with the beautiful gold under gallery. itvis 14k vermeil 2.5 microns. all parts cut out in the under gallery. everything you are looking at here our phearts--are every one of the pink sapphires represents an hour on the have 12 hours. the hearts, you should love yourself. twilled sapphires you should love yourself all day every day. you should wear this 24 hours a day and love yourself.when we talk3 this huge amethyst we are looking at a stone that represents sincerity, wisdom it is
8:49 pm
the bishops stone. catherine the great use to send her armies to the mines to excavate all of this gemstone quality amethyst. the purple is the regal color. when you visit the royal jewels, to london most of it is done in amethyst. what is not to love about this ring? >>host: the focal point, that big bold beautiful amethyst solitaire. we have 6-8 only. but i have a size 56 c13 i i wearing it on the center finger so even if you have a smaller hand it is not too big. >>guest: so many times i read your reviews and you are like i want the most heavily saturated gemstone. i do not blame you because amethyst is judged, the quality is on a saturation of color. when you ask me for
8:50 pm
the deepest most delicious purple i am giving it to you in this ring because it is the most valuable of all3 amethyst. the cushion-cut celebrates it is the best of a square and get all those 58 facets of the round brilliant3 but, the sisides instead of pointy end square are soft. i wear a cushion-cut engagement ring.n-cut adam gave you. it is the most beautiful because it very is the best of two great fancy-cut gemstones. me that when you put this on you do not look like you just got off your yacht. >>host: you feel like a million dollars. by the way if you are on board you have this. thank you for your calls.this is the
8:51 pm
tanzanite and iolite ring. $329.90, three flexpayments $109.97. appraisal of $ have such huge solitaire is in that iolite. also the amethyst and then tanzanite at top and bottom. we have 70 of them.hen, i know you love these earrings. >>guest: i love them because they are so sexy on.the moonstone in the center amethyst surrounding it. the drop styling. $379.90. >>guest: can i show you what these earrings look like on? take a look. look how beautiful
8:52 pm
this is. you have the gold vermeil, rainbow moonstone, all that amethyst is pave-set. individually. it is such a earring. >>host: last hour we had the bight of the entire. 1200 people already ordered it. genuine multicolored tourmaline the length 18 in.. when it was $69 a that was previously the lowest price we had offered. today because carol brodie had a show earlier and pieces that sold out that were scheduled tonight we lowered the price to $ will
8:53 pm
never be repeated and we cannot do it again because silver prices have gone up. it is available on flex pay for $25 and is a first-come first- served. i honestly we had so many people waiting last hour i know there was a hold in terms of getting. you have gold, pink, green, blue, watermelon tourmaline. copper $49.90? >>guest: what a great way to enter the world of exotic gemstones. here you are looking at tourmaline which is an exotic gemstone. -- $49.90? i never thought about it this way6 c13 one of those tourmaline in that necklace like $49.90 should be the cost of each one of those tourmaline. i know there is maybe40 ct of
8:54 pm
tourmaline. that tourmaline is all tumbled and polished. everyone of these pieces is like a work of art. everyone is laid out in wax and individually artists these are done by hand in india.i have been to the place where these are donethere are hundreds of amazing workers the art hand wire wrapping making each one of these unique. everyone is different because it is up to the artist to decide how they want to lay out the gemstones and t when they want to do pink or brown and then watermelon. we try to get every color of exotic tourmalines and each necklace. but the colors are soft, some are pastel some are more muted. i
8:55 pm
describe myself bohemian goddess.i love that free of chunky jewelry, i love wearing my jewelry in unique ways. it is a glamorous way, organic way to wear tourmaline. this is all about are looking3 that amazing tourmaline with the black spinel fleur- de-lis. the labradorite and blue topaz necklace. this is about confidence. anything goes, there is no rules today. it is not like you can only wear white shoes after memorial day, that does not work anymore. as long as you have confidence to pull it off. i think our model is rocking that look. >>host: that is how you would want
8:56 pm
to wear this to wear this. this is just one great piece and then you put on the pendant or enhancer. then as you buy more you kind of branch out and create that personality. >>guest: maybe you have pearls or the labradorite whatever you have at home and put it around the tourmaline it cannot not match. tourmaline has every color of the rainbow. it means the colors of the rainbow. tourmaline is an exotic gemstone and the only one to come in as many colors it comes in. my first tourmaline i purchased was about three years ago and it is green tourmaline. i was so in love with the color of the green. it was emeralds and brass and chrome diopside together. is, this
8:57 pm
will never be back at this price.with everybody ordering we have probably 400 left. $49.90 for this much tourmaline? we are going to show you the final quantity in the jade, white topaz and black onyx ringilable. hand carved black onyx, white topaz jade it looks like a museum piece. $189.90, $63.30. asked about the matching earrings thatc13 $99 and the bracelet we have about 1 dozen. this ring would be one of the most regal of the show. >>guest: i call this my imperial treasure ring. the color ofde you are seeing which is that beautiful translucent almost moss green the color
8:58 pm
is called nephrite jade. it was so greatly prized and then fabergethe lost art of carving the work at all in nephrite amazing black onyx is handsculpted. but i still give you the 14 ct vermeil under gallery. the handsculpted black onyx is then put on top of gold vermeil. look at the inside. to see the inside of this ring is to understand why this is such a beautiful treasure. take a look. then you have all of this gorgeous gold,14k vermeil, all of this amazing white topaz. and the nephrite colored jade. this is an imperial treasure you would find in the most amazing antiquities
8:59 pm
store today. >>host: it looks amazing with the earrings which we will show you quickly. to do this kind of carving actually it is not even carving which is one and it is difficult to do but to do the piercing mark on the jade adds another degree of difficulty. $33.30 on flexpay is amazing. the bracelet we have one dozen. one dozen people can get that beautiful bracelet. here it is. looks like imperial jade for sure. >>host: >>guest: the ring is more of a nephrite color. the brace like is an apple green. each one has its own magical color. --bracelet. >>host: congratulations on a wonderful show we will see you in june. >>guest: i


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