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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 7, 2012 7:00am-10:00am EST

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we will have your reaction to the election on "washington journal." calls and comments on twitter. >> to night, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward. [applause] it moves forward because of the issue. it moves forward because you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and depression. the spirit that has lifted this
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pths.ry from the death we are an american family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one of people. host: c-span coverage of election 2012 continues. here is the updated results. the president got 50% of the popular vote. mitt romney at 48%. votes, 3 0 the democrats have increased their number to 190, it does not add up to 435. some races are still on call. and in the senate, democrats
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remain in majority. currently at 51, republicans at 45. some races are uncalled. here are some of the newspaper's. usa today -- obama triumphs, midwest is key, political divide remains. years the wall street journal, obama wins. and the washington times, obama wins second term. and the new york times, obama is a night. it talks romney for a second term in a bruising run. and washington post, a second term. here is your turn to weigh in on what happened last night. we want to hear from you. the numbers are on the screen. democrats -- 202-585-3880. republicans -- 202-585-3881. independents. 202-585-3882.
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you can send us a tweet @cspanwj. you can make a comment on our facebook page,.,com/cspan. and if you make the comment under the posting that says the president has been reelected. your thoughts, we will get to those quickly. here are some updated results. >> but this take a look at how you want. according to ap exit polls, hispanics and women carried him to victory in that state. in colorado, 77% of voters said the economy top of their list, but one and two blend george w. bush for the economy. and i welcome it shattered their 2008 early voting record -- in iowa, they shattered their 2008
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early voting record. and the youth vote in wisconsin may have played a role. 8-29 year-olds favre obama. and ohio, more voters and the state than any other state said governor romney's policies would favor the rich. and the auto bailout played a big role in that state as well. moving on to florida, this one is not called yet 4 obama 1 mitt romney -- for obama or mitt romney. north carolina, the economy had a big impact. and also three out of five of voters said they would want some or all of the health-care law appealed. you see mitt romney on top in north carolina. he gets that battleground state. in a virginia, and 2008, obama the first democratic president
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to win. in 40 years. moving on to new hampshire. new hampshire from independents make up 45% of the electorate. president obama came out on top, a 52% to 47%. all of these results can be found on our web site at c- host: obama hits historic high with hispanics, winning 71%. he won 71% of the hispanic vote, the largest margin of victory with latinos in history. and politic of this morning, obama's re-election, 12 takeaways. number 1, 2008 was not a drill. for months, republicans have been working under the assumption that a bad economy would combine with an ebbing of the electorate that gave obama a victory in 2008. white voters would represent a higher portion of the electorate, black voters would
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never turn out again in such numbers and hispanic voters would be in place. none of that turned out to be the case. the model predicted by the pollster was right. and the one created by romney pollster was wrong. another one is -- number two, we now know who was bluffing. it was not the obama team. the romney campaign may date late -- they won a 300 electoral votes by capturing historic blue presidential states like michigan. minnesota and pennsylvania. but romney made no real effort in any of those states other than perring latebreaking adds. number three, romney did the best to could. this is not to said the gop nominee ran the best campaign. he did not. the campaign was poorly waged. the former businessman allowed
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to many curious decisions to be made. in fact, much like hillary 2008 campaign.dozen messy up close. and labor aint dead. laver played a big role in helping obama and nevada and wisconsin as well as an ohio. the popularity of the auto bailout is hard to overstate. that a little bit from politico. now we want to hear from you. we will begin with a call from woodbridge, virginia on our line for democrats. good morning. go ahead. caller: good morning. i am calling it, as my first time calling c-span. a have been listening for several years. and i feel like i have to make a
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call today. my comment would be, i voted for obama, and a first-time voter. i just became a citizen of this year. the democratic party, i have been here for two years, and this democratic party stands for us all, it helps the poor people of. like obama said, trying to help people come up to the middle class. the republican party stands for the rich. it claims to be a christian party. these people call themselves christians. but the abuse, the idea as, is not designed to help the poor. it is for the rich. so people like myself, i would never aligned with this party.
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host: tell us about your experience boating and virginia yesterday. caller: i voted on friday. an absentee ballot. i commute 11 hours to work. host: you commute 11 hours? caller: well including the time that i work. host: were you from originally? caller: west africa. host: thank you for calling in this morning. this will be from frank in beverly, new jersey. on our line for republicans. go ahead. what is your feeling about last night's election? caller: i am very disappointed.
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and i am not going to sound like a crybaby. but this guy has had four years. and he has not shown me anything in the four years because of the unemployment rate, the debt, everything. he bragged that how transparent his administration is going to be. none of this came to fruition and i will tell you right now, i am making, this is going to be the same stuff for the next four years. and what i really terrified about with him getting elected again is how much real damage is going to do to the country if he has got to nominate more supreme court -- it is a shame. it wasn't the hispanic vote, the black vote, it was a combination of everybody voting. and what we have created in this country now is -- a bunch of people that want the government
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to get into everything for nothing and everything for free. nobody wants to earn anything anymore. that is your this country is headed. host: were you affected by hurricane sandy up in beverly, new jersey? and what is your feeling about chris christie? caller: governor chris christie, i was not affected, just the power was out for a day. we did not get a whole lot of damage in my area. but governor chris christie -- if he has to go to the government to get help, that is what fema is there for. fema is there to help the state with catastrophes. host: greta. host: in montana, that race has not been called, results with more than half of the vote counted early this morning, they
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show that jon tester holds a five point lead over denny. 48% to 45%. the most expensive race in montana history. over $40 million is the tablet. moving on to north dakota, this has not been called either. the democratic challenger there it is tied 50% to 50%. we will continue to watch this race and let you know how it turns out. moving on to arizona. these are some of the closely watched senate races. jeff flake wins in that state, 50% over richard handpicked by president obama to ron. and then in wisconsin committee democrat also winning, tammy baldwin will be the first openly gay senator. she beats the former governor tommy thompson.
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and then and virginia, this was a close race, tim kaine comes out ahead, 52% to 48% over george allen. $80 million spent on this. tim kaine it got a 90% of the black vote and the military vote. george allen, 60% of the white vote. and moving on to nevada, the voters here split their vote. the statement to president obama but they voted for the republican senator dean heller, he edges out shelley. and in missouri, claire mccaskill is able to get out todd akin. this sought to be a republican seat for sure but she is able to keep her seat after those
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controversial remarks by todd akin a. sheet winds 55% to 39%. -- she wins 55% sun to 39%. all of these results on our web site host: read extend the olive branch to john boehner and mitch mcconnell ahead of a lame duck. i look to the challenges that we have had that i reach up to my republican colleagues in the senate and the house. let us come together, we know what the issues are, let us solve them he told an audience and the ballroom at the capitol hill hotel. there will have to hash out a deal by the end of the year to avert the vesco cliff of tax hikes and spending cuts. slated to begin in 2013. ron in ohio, good morning.
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give us your take on last night's election or yesterday's election. caller: good morning, sir. i do have respect for the office. i am not a fan of the obama curator previous caller proves what i am going to say. i think that mr. romney choosing paul ryan made the decision for me. the tea party overstepped their bounds. the overstepped. i couldn't allow that to happen to america. i love my country. it just went too far. for 10 years of president reagan opposed the administration there were still blaming jimmy carter for everything. historically, president obama things. bush for a famou
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the tea party overstepped with the nazi staff, the socialism, wanting to totally destroy everything that people fought in world war two, a vietnam and korea for. host: you are calling on the independent line, who did you vote for? caller: i thought i had a choice, and up voting for obama. i did not vote until almost 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon because i hadn't made up my mind. host: for him did you vote in 2008. caller: i voted for the libertarian candidate. host: what to do in ohio? caller: i am a casino worker. host: where is studenville? caller: right across the ohio
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river across from west virginia about 45 events west of pittsburgh. host: thank you for calling in to c-span and this morning. if you want to send a tweet or make a comment on facebook, you can do both of those. if you want to send a tweet or use our facebook page go to here is a tweet -- polls were more right than wrong. and -- perhaps after president obama fifth term, he might be actually held responsible. stacy says -- the right lost this more than president obama 1. i can't wait to listen to right- wing talk radio later today. and bill king says this time around of the republican leadership in the house and senate better understand the american people will not accept
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obstruction. our next call comes from john on our line for democrats in santa barbara, california. caller: hello. good morning. i guess my comment is, and kind of glad that the spectacle of elections are over. and maybe we can start to focus on some of the serious issues that still remain. i notice you just made a comment that reid had put out an olive branch to john boehner and mitch mcconnell. i am hoping that at some point in the future that may be c-span can run some segments on the article 5 convention. i really think that we needed to a convention of state delegates to deliberate over certain issues that none of the candidates talked about.
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i am very concerned about proprietary source codes and electronic voting machines. i am concerned about voter fraud, i am concerned about corporate control of what makes it out of a committee to the floor for a vote and what does not. my comment is, am glad the elections are over. i hope it can start to address some serious issues. host: that is john in santa barbara. usa today lead editorial -- voters can obama a subdued second term mandate. barack obama is election in 2008 made history purity become the first a african-american to win the presidency and posted the largest margin of victory in 20 years. in error when it tuesday is also historic, but for less impressive reasons. zippers' president since world war two to be returned to office by a smaller margin than his original wind. and he won a despite the highest employment rate on the eve of an
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election in 64 years of labor department estimates. 7.9%. the president's reelection, -- there will be credited to two risky but successful movies. this is how usa today concludes. obama came in with unrealistically lofty expectations in 2008 and he failed in his aim to bring about a post partisan era in washington. his re-election in a nation that remains sharply polarized light because or unduly low expectations now, but if obama and congressional republicans are willing to compromise, there's reason to hope this election will be a catalyst for positive change. greta, what else you have?
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host: we are gonna look house races. they are not called yet, eight of them. florida -- many of you remember alan west, he has been on many times, he ran against patrick murphy, it is all tied up. and allen west right now trails by less than 3000 votes there. and his challenger patrick murphy one of the most well- funded democratic challengers running in the house. arizona at night, this one not called. you can see 47% to 46%. california seventh, this not called. moving on it to dan lungren in a tough reelection. . california 26, we do not know who the winner is yet. we will wait to see. california 36th district, mary
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mack trailing her democratic challenger. she was redistricted and put in more of a blue district. we will continue to watch that. moving on to california, 52nd district. the incumbent republican brian bilbray. and in michigan's first district, this one not called. mitty onto utah's 4th, jim the democrats there, the incumbent, it looks like this has not been called, there have been some reports that love has lost to jim matheson. in his last year of races have been called, but there were called early this morning. incumbent versus incumbent in california, this one was a tough race. california 30th as recovered this debate between the two democrats. it made some news is exchange
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got quite testy. brad sherman wins 60% to 40%. finally in n.c. is 8 the district, this one has been called this morning. richard hudson beats out larry kissell, dwindling in number of democratic blue dogs by another percent. eight of them not called. we will update you. you can go to our web sites c- if you want to follow along yourself. >> mary mack is married to connie mack who lost his bid in florida. angela and jacksonville, fla. on our line for republicans, give us your thoughts. caller: yes. i am disappointed.
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and what i wanted to say is, if the popular votes, which i think it should be, i believe that romney would have won. and i think that the electoral vote should be thrown out, it should be gotten rid of. and a popular vote -- the president should be elected, should be chosen. host: go ahead. caller: the florida accounts are not even in, and it should just be -- and obama has already made his speech. and it should be by popular vote. host: thank you for calling.
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go to and you will be able to find all of the balance of power in the current numbers. you can see the current popular vote as the president of about 50%, and mitt romney at about 48%. electoral votes 303-206. and as angela mention, for the electoral votes are not yet counted. the president is ahead at this point. and in the house, the gop at 232, the democrats at 191. in the senate, it is 51, 45 in favor of the democrats. from the hill, john boehner, a gop house majority means no mandate for tax hikes. and a warning to president obama, speaker john boehner said tuesday night at the reelection of the house republican majority means that there is no mandate for raising tax rates on the american people. john boehner delivered a brief remarks to a subdued crowd of
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obamalicans who watched thias one key states. while the speaker had in recent days predicted a victory for mitt romney, he made no declaration last night. but the headline says -- is the main part. gop house majority means no mandate for tax hikes according to john boehner. foia next up is chester in the illinois on our line for independents. give us your take on yesterday's election. caller: i am happy like you wouldn't believe. i have been an independent voters and started voting when i was 18, 30 some odd years ago. i have voted for ross perot, the first bush, ronald reagan, clinton, i will pick a candidate for what they stand for.
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my employer has denied any health insurance, we have health insurance at work, but since i am i. diabetic and i have high blood pressure and i am overweight, he was a parade our premiums would go up too much. i was not offer health insurance. i am thrilled obama got reelected this way. the health-care plan will go injuries fact. i will be able to buy health insurance. i buy it privately. but i have been turned down over a dozen times by every major carrier. and stating that i am uninsur able. host: right before we began our continuous live coverage, we were showing you the president's speech. we want to show you a little bit of that now. and remind you that you can watch all of the speeches by
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both presidential candidates, all of the senate and house committee can watch those all watch here is a little bit of the president. >> we will disagree. sometimes fiercely about how to get there. as it has for more than two come tos, congress will and start from is not always a smooth path. the recognition that we of common hopes and dreams will not and all of the gridlock or solve all our problems or substitute for the painstaking work of a building -- and making the difficult compromises needed to move this country forward. but that common bond is where we must begin a period of our economy has recovered. a decade of war has ended. a long campaign is now over.
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and whether i earned your vote or not, i have listened to you, i have learned from you of. and you have made me a better president. and your stories and your struggles, i returned to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever about the work that we have to do. [applause] tonight, you voted for action, not politics as usual. [applause] you elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours. and in the coming weeks and months, i am looking forward to reaching out and working with
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leaders of both parties. to meet the challenges we can only solve together. reducing our deficit, reforming our tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing ourselves from foreign oil. we have got more work to do. > guest: host: host: some of the facebook, as we have been receiving -- and jeffery says we are doomed. betsy says hunker down, this sick amusement ride is going to read the clip. maryland says romney was an empty suit and we do not elect empty suits in this country thankfully. isn't -- his objective was to promote the name of a romney. and rebecca says -- i am very glad that president obama won
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reelection, it would be very nice an adult of the house started to cooperate in order to help the people. johnny in milwaukee on our line for democrats, good morning. caller: president bush took eight years, and his father also took eight years to make the damage. and then obama was put on the slate to fix the situation with than four years, i do not think it is fair. i think the change is coming. i have been working two jobs for 20 years. anyone that says they cannot find a job, go to mcdonald's. i put myself through college. so now i am in debt because my son has asked me for money. i have to pay those debts back.
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the governor asked for the money, i am not going -- i am going to go back to work. and 52 years old. my mother passed away, working in walmart. we are trying to get somewhere. to make it easy for our children to get an education. i am african-american. i work with latinos of hispanics. i have one child. and i am marking two jobs to get him through college. host: i agree to turn a better situation, but what is it about yesterday, why did you vote for president obama's reelection? caller: because of the medical coverage for families. my mother did not have any source of income to help her get
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a better medical -- a second opinion. we do not have that kind of money. medicare for the elderly. they work all their lives. you know, 55, 75. my mother died at 76. working part-time at walmart. host: thank you. andrew in illinois on our line for independents. talk to us about yesterday. caller: good morning. wanted to congratulate president obama on the reelection. i am happy he will have four more years. although, it is probably not what most would want to hear. the reason why is because i honestly as you less and less difference between the two parties as time goes on. i would rather trade four more years or obama and a potential
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eight of mitt romney. to me, it has become a very superficial of what the two parties talk about, contraception and 22 tax instead of attacking government spending, histories of the candidates rather than really looking at the fundamentals and talking about, the role of the federal reserve and inflation and monetary policy. they talk about currency manipulation of china -- well we are probably the biggest currency manipulator in the world. to make, it is more along the lines of just you know hopefully in the midterm to comment by 2016, we will have introduced some additional ideas and the candidates to the field so that we are not just talking about democrats versus republicans, but actually debating some of the core
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philosophies of what is the role of federal government and what our history as a nation should be. host: that is andrew in illinois. election aftermath, gop soul- searching must now begin. jonathan martin writes president obama's pressure of mitt romney exposed glaring structural weaknesses in the republican party that will shut the gop of the white house until they find a way to appeal to a rapidly changing america. battling a wheezing economy and a deeply motivated opposition, obama still managed to retain much of his 2008 math because of the gop's deficiencies with the voters who are changing the political face of a once conservative leaning in virginia, florida, colorado and nevada. the republicans face a crisis. the country is growing less white and the coalition has become more white in recent years. that is in a politico if you are interested in reading the full article. mitt romney of course give a concession speech last night in
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boston. years a portion. [video clip] >> i believe in america. i believe in the people of america. [applause] and i ran for office because i am concerned about america. this election is over, but our principles and door. i believe that the principles upon which this nation was founded are the only sure guide to a resurging economy and renew greatness. like so many of you, paul and i have left everything on the field, we have given our all to this campaign. [applause] i so wish that i had been able
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to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader. so ann and i join with you to pray for him in leading this country. you guys are the best. thank you so much. a thank you. thank you, guys. host: and as we continue to take your calls on c-span this morning we will go to henry on our line for democrats in michigan. good morning to you. caller: good morning. you know, this is a glorious morning. and i feel really sorry for the lady in florida. and that guy in new jersey who of just refused to understand that this president was reelected by people who like the president said, want to see
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action, they do not want to see politics as usual. they do not want to go back to the old divisive tactics. everything that america has done a great, we have done as a people who are the melting pot of the world. world war ii did not start turning around to the tuskegee airmen had bombers. and the civil rights movement was black, white, yellow, green, all kinds of people. america does great things, we do it together. we do not need all those old naysayers like that guy from new jersey who think that poor people only want a handout. that woman works two jobs. she has been working in two jobs or how many years to try to put her son through college. all we ask is a fair chance. opportunity. we do not want to have a government hand outs. we want to be able to be self-
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sufficient, self-reliant. so all of the republicans out there who are crying, get on the bandwagon or get out of the country. this is not your country. barack obama. host: is that your wife on the line? caller: we are static. this is a great day. the people want action. host: say it again? caller: we are right 65 miles northeast of detroit. host: what kind of work you do there? caller: i work for schools in detroit. we are trying to improve the educational system so that we can give everybody a chance. that is all the president wants is for everybody to have a chance. host: what was your voting experience like yesterday in
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michigan? caller: i got up at 5:00 a.m. i was in line at 6:45. my wife and i both. we were probably numbers 35 and 40 in the line here and i could tell you i first got there, this is a very conservative area that i live and, but the people were very friendly. before i knew what we were all talking and it was a very smooth the process. i was very, very surprised after seeing the things that went on in miami dade and all of these horror stories that we were hearing. but it was a very smooth the process and i felt great to be an american of this morning. i want all of the people in america to join with me and asking john boehner and all of the republican members of the house to unlock the doors. host: we will leave it there. thank you for calling in. back to greta with more results. host: if you words on the fourth district.
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the republican challenger there llve has conceded to the incumbent jim matheson. he edged her out by a little more than a single percentage point. the son of the late former governor. he will be in a seventh term in 2013. redistricting caused some to move from the second district which he now represents to the newly created fourth district. moving on to other hot senate races at political pundits have been following -- guide to indiana where joe donnelly, the first hoosier democrat to win a statewide election and almost a decade wins there. conn linda mcmahon loses despite spending almost $100 million on her to the senate bids. this breaks the record for the most money spent on an election bid. it beats ross perot has a record of over $70 million for his two
7:42 am
presidential bids in massachusetts, this is the most expensive -- excuse me, let us go to main. angus king in wins with 53%. he has not said who he will caucus with in the senate but he did say it depends on how was treated by both parties during the election. during his victory speech, the new york times reports that he warned karl rove not to come to maine. moving on to massachusetts, this the most expensive in state history, $70 million, elizabeth warren with 54% over scott brown, 46%. becomes the first female senator taking back the seat, long held by the late edward kennedy. and in nebraska, john kerry tried to reclaim the senate seat there, he loses out to -- baba kerrey tried to reclaim the
7:43 am
senate seat there he loses out to deb fisher. and in new mexico, this was the seat left open by jeff, it will not change hands. the democrats keep this seat. and martin wins with 51% over heather wilson. many thought she had a chance to win, she loses with 45%. and ohio, this race -- sherrod brown able to keep his seat over josh mandel. he wins with 50%. and in pennsylvania, yen, and thereby the case to the democrat wins with a comfortable margin. a 54% over 45%. the to our web site for more details. host: from the wall street
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journal, economic money rooms after win come in the second term, president obama confronts an economy that offers glimmers of long missing vitality but remains a held back by fiscal and regulatory uncertainties and slowing global growth. united states stock futures headed lower and the dollar weakened as obama won another term on tuesday. market's extended losses and in early trading after obama's victory over mitt romney. the presidential contest grew close attention from investors in part because of its implications for united states spending, tax and health care policy. money managers said among their top concerns is the new government's ability to reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. more than $600 billion of tax increases and reduced spending set to go into effect next year. mr. obama has a relationship business deteriorated over his
7:45 am
first term was face a daunting economic decisions almost immediately. that is because the most pressing economic issue after the election is the so-called fiscal cliff, a combined $500 billion in spending cuts and tax increases that begins january unless they cut a deal to replace them before then. thank you south and congressional leaders postponed negotiations until after the election waiting to see which party emerged with more leverage. that from the wall street journal. james and indiana. did you vote?m caller: i voted for barack obama. i am a registered republican and my party is gone off and left me. murdoch ran for senate who thinks god decides whether women to get pregnant when their rate. i think the president has been elected twice, and i think the
7:46 am
hypocrites to do not think i got have something to do with that are just full of it. i did hope that we will have conservatives come back to the party that have values that meet mine. and i just -- might who won the governorship in their early did not get my vote. a lot of people have not said things like murdoch has said. wrong things. a lot of people come out and say the wrong thing in public and they shouldn't have. and sadly to say, a lot of our republican candidates who are in office now are just on the side of the aisle. biggest walked away from the party. i think it will be the destruction of the republican party host: how do described the economy in your suburbs? caller: of a very good economy. in indianapolis, where north of indianapolis, the next county
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north, and it is all republican. very few democrats here. they are hard workers. they are employed, doing well. teachers are taking a beating, but we got rid of the guy that was kind of a messing up office up. host: that is james and carmel, indiana. this is paul and wisconsin on our line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. i find it ironic that when president bush beat out gore by winning the electoral college, we were all supposed to be happy with that, and he was the president so he was our president. and they have the lady in florida that things they should not count that, they should go with the popular vote. because it is the other way around now. host: ok.
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caller: and we have john boehner saying, just because the president won, do not think there right to work with him on a tax increase. they are not going to work with him, they are not going to get anything done, the country is going to go down. they have to put that stuff aside and think of the country, not with a promised to do to somebody. host: you have a new senator. what you think of tammy baldwin? caller: i think she is got to do a great job. i really do. and i think the fear tactics that tommy thompson used were degrading. but he did not get and so it doesn't matter. host: tommy thompson has been around for a long time. did you ever vote for him? caller: no. host: election results will render a verdict on the influence of high-profile super
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pacs. and according to the latest figures in this article, the two biggest super pacs and the conservative side restore our future and american prosper, has spent almost $143,000,000.100 $5 million respectively during this election cycle. this compares against $67 million. our priorities usa action committee made a super pac backing president obama. our next call from florida in mississippi. on our line for republicans. mitt romney?rt calle caller: i did. my family and i were very disappointed -- we were pricing and pricing that god would datage -- we were praying would change our country.
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and we are born to have the same that we had the last four years. i biggest concern is that when obamacare kicks in for me, i make minimum wage, and i cannot afford to buy health care. if i do not have it i am going to pay a huge fine. so i am afraid i am going to have to quit my job. and i did not sleep at night because i am worried. i am concerned. a lot of people are going to be in the same situation. and no one ever hears from us. host: that is flora. lead editorial this morning in a the wall street journal. hope over experience. president obama 11 of the narrower reflections in modern times tuesday. eking out a second term with a fraction of a 7.3% margin of
7:51 am
2008. given that second presidential term, they are rarely better than the first, this is best described as the voters doubling down on hope over experience. is abama's campaign shrunken down version of his 2008 coalition. and minoritywomen, voters. he said little during the campaign about his plans for the second. and said his strategy was to portray mitt romney as a plutocrat and intolerant threat to each of these voting blocs. no contraception for women, no green cards for immigrants. no pell grant for colleges. this was all a character, even by the standards of modern politics. but it works with the brutal
7:52 am
efficiency. the definition of a winning ugly, mr. obama was able to patch together enough of these voting groups to prevail, even as he lost in the pennant and won only 40% of the overall white vote according to the exit polls. his campaign turnout machine was as effective as advertising getting democratic partisans to the polls. that is a little bit of their lead editorial this morning. our next call comes from a joe and winston-salem, north carolina. on our line for republicans. what is your take on yesterday's election? caller: i am fighting a panic attack this morning. i think by the end of the next quarter years people are like to have about three words, bankruptcy, unemployment, china. i am nervous about what will happen. i have a feeling and plunges like to be above 10%. john is right to own the -- i
7:53 am
have a feeling unemployment is going to be above its 10%. and china is the right to own the country. i do property management and property repairs. host: how was business. caller: it is pretty good right now. but i have other people in the family better not doing so well. caller: john boehner will be holding a press conference at 3:30 and he will be addressing the fiscal cliff. this is an announcement from the speaker's office. c-span will recovering at a press conference at 3:30 eastern. and this is paul ryan, usa today, paul ryan loses the vice presidential bid, but he keeps his house seat. there's the headline. here is president obama from last night. [video clip] >> america, i believe we can
7:54 am
build on the progress we have made, and continue to fight for new jobs and new opportunity and new security for the middle class. i believe we can keep the promise of our founders. the idea that if you are willing to work hard, it does not matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like, or where you love. it doesn't matter whether you are black, white, hispanic or native american, young or old, rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight, you can make it here in america. [applause] i believe we can seize this future together. because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. we are not as subtle as the
7:55 am
pundits believe. we are greater than the sum of our individual invention. and we will remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are the united states of america. we will continue our journey forward. we lived in the greatest nation on earth. a thank you, america. god bless the united states. [applause] host: one of the closely watched races was the michele bachmann race. she was reelected. she says it has truly been an honor and privilege to represent my district. i am humbled them placed their trust in me for another term.
7:56 am
and a next call comes from asar in catonsville, maryland on our line for independents. caller: i see elections as a race between those -- as those in both parties -- unfortunately i wanted him to be running against ron paul. i am mike romney who would've been bought by money. the people's choice was ron paul and our party. host: next call from hallie and
7:57 am
washing 10 on our line for republicans -- comes from haole washington.lie in caller: all i saw yesterday was a color race. my family is black. and i watched the black community say we have to keep the black president, we have got to keep the black president. it is not about the way he screwed the budget, it is not about anything. they do not know about the regular vote. the only voted for him for his collar. and i did not vote last election because that was the day i found out my father died. i did not vote in this election because i had no candidate to support. ron paul is who i would have supported.
7:58 am
but seeing my nation choosing and based on the fact that he is black and not the fact that he was a good president really upset me. it shows just how far down we have gone as a nation. we are not united like he said we would be. we are not more friendly. there were talking about rioting if you lost your how can you write against the new president because he is rich and white? this morning i am upset that we do not have a good president. we just have another black president. or the same black president. i will hang up and listen to your comments on the air. host: that was hallie. greta is in the news room. host: here is the washington post. republican party broadens its hold on the governors in the 30
7:59 am
states. beginning with the delaware. jeff craig running their loses to the democrats there, the current governor jack marc rail, 69% to 29%. moving on to indiana, where the republican congressman wins 50% to 46%. and in misery, the missouri voters last night split their votes. for claire mccaskill, voting her back to washington, sending jay nixon back to springfield, but as many of you know, the state of missouri went to mitt romney. in montana, this state has not called its governor's race yet. it is one. separating the two candidates there. steve bullock 49%. rick hill, 48%. and in new hampshire, maggie wins.
8:00 am
in north carolina, the republicans get that seat. and in a north dakota, the republicans also win there. moving on to the state of utah, the republicans win in that state, 68% for governor gary herbert to 28% for peter cooke. in the state of the amount, the democrats pick up that seat. then, in washington state, this one not call at this point, but jay inslee, the democrat lead over the republican. finally, in west virginia, the democrat wins the governor's seat in that state. go to for more information.
8:01 am
host: 202 is the area code if you want to share your views. we will be here all morning, going through the newspapers, of beating results and hearing your reaction to election day 2012. you can also contact us in social media on twitter and facebook. on our facebook page there is a section where president obama has won reelection. your thoughts. there is a lively discussion going on. let's look at some of the tweet s we have been receiving. this is from oversight of gop. the party that actually focused on restoring our economy was
8:02 am
rewarded. jm says there should be a change in america's polarized thinking. people like representative mcconnell and donald trump are some that are making it more difficult. john says the 47% will surge past 50%, and the great american experiment will conclude. >> deception, misinformation, disrespect and secret donors were rejected by the voters. america lives. paul says the country needs to unite in the next four years. the popular vote tells the story of division. these two americans must unite. a new poll -- paul wellstone .
8:03 am
mary is in denver democrats line. -- denver on the democrat's lead. did you vote early in colorado or yesterday? caller: i voted early because i had to go out of town. host: ok. caller: i know we have a long way to go, and i'm 69 years old and i have a private practice where people can now go to college because they can study, and afford to go. i did see more people get
8:04 am
medical attention that were neighbor -- never able to get medical attention before, and i have to stand with president obama. i heard a woman city but she thinks everything is going to -- say that she thinks everything is going to be terrible. i disagree with that because president obama came out of the white mother, a black baby. we forget that president obama is a mixed person. he is white and black. i believe that everything is going to be ok. host: mary, you said you have a private practice. what does that mean? caller: i work with people who have had drug and alcohol problems, and their management problems, banned in prison and have been released and i help
8:05 am
them learn how to live in this world today. i have a private practice with a lot of different people that have major problems that are trying to get it together. host: that is mary, in denver, one of the swing states that went to the president, and in another swing state, here is kathy in north carolina on our republican line. caller: i am actually independent. i voted for mitt romney, but i would prefer ron paul. i would like to voice my opinion as far as the votes are concerned. the media has not reported it. i come from a military family, and the votes did not reach our men in afghanistan. their votes were not counted. i do not understand how we can say obama has won one part of
8:06 am
our military has not been able to vote -- when part of our military has not been able to vote, and absentee voting in early voting is not finished. to tell you the truth, china is going to own us. our country is going straight to hell. i am sorry. obama has done nothing but take our country down, try to remove dodd from our country, prayers from our surge -- god from our country, prayers from our schools. i am so upset and disappointed. host: that is kathy in north carolina. go to the top banner is the balance of power. here are the numbers.
8:07 am
florida is still not counted. the balance of power in the house representatives, 232, to 131 and the gop maintains their majority. in the senate, the democrats maintain their majority. several races have not been called. these are based on associated press results. here's more from mitt romney's concession speech last night. [video clip] >> the nation is at a critical point. we can not risk partisan bickering. our leaders have to reach across the aisle and do the people's work, and we citizens have to rise to the occasion. if we look at our teachers to inspire our children with a passion for learning and discovery. we look to pesters, rabbis and
8:08 am
counselors to testify on the principles of honesty, charity, integrity and family, on which our society is built. we look to our parents. everything depends on the success of our homes. we look good job creators, counting a new to invest, to hire, to step forward. we look at democrats and republicans and all levels to put the people before the politics. host: the next call comes from henry in michigan. caller: good morning. after last -- after last night, the country is still going to be divided, and there is a possibility of a united states- iran war.
8:09 am
it does not seem like things are going to change for the better. as long as everything is divided, i do not see how president obama we will -- [inaudible] host: clifford in florida, on the democrats' line. caller: i have been a democrat all of my life. i am 55 years old. i am ashamed that the democrat party has left me behind. i hear people talking about the republican party leaving them behind. the democrat party left me behind. i voted for mitt romney last night. host: why you think the democratic party has left you behind? caller: there gone too liberal. they're not thinking about being fiscally responsible. until they get harry reid out of
8:10 am
the senate, they're not going to be any better. one other point is dodd has lifted his hand of protection offered the -- guide has lifted his hand of protection offered the united states, and we will see it. people will be hurt jeremiah right's comments about god damn america is coming home to roost. host: bettis clifford in florida. greta brawner has been following results. >> the associated press has operated the electoral votes. the president obama has been leading in florida. mitt romney has won 216 electoral votes.
8:11 am
let's go to the battleground states and recap out president obama was able to capture all but one of those states that got the most money, time and resources. beginning in nevada, ap exit polls show unions, hispanics and women brought president obama to victory in the state. in colorado, the economy topped the issues, with 77% saying it is their number one issue, but one in two blame the previous bush administration. in iowa, early voters made a big difference. president obama wins 52%, over mitt romney's 46%. the shattered the early voting record in iowa. in wisconsin, the youth vote might have played a role. 18-to-29-year-olds voted for
8:12 am
obama. then, in ohio, 22% of voters came from union households. you will remember that the auto bailout was a big debate. in florida, as we mentioned, not called yet, but hispanic voters are up in that state. we will keep you updated. in north carolina, mitt romney wins this battleground state, president obama's three out of five voters in exit polls said they wanted some or all of the health care law repealed. in virginia, the democrat president obama won this state, as he did in 2008. finally, in new hampshire, 45%
8:13 am
of the registered voters there are independent. they give president obama the victory, 52%, over governor romney's 47%. all of the election results can be found on our website, c- host: from the "chicago tribune" -- absentee illinois representative jesse jackson jr. reelected. our next call comes from nashville, tennessee. this is the jacob. caller: thank you for receiving my call. i voted for jill stein. i feel both parties are very short sighted as far as the future of the planet.
8:14 am
it is proven by the flooding and so forth. if we do not get into sustainable thinking, then all of this is basically a moot question. also, at each individual has their own responsibility to change their lifestyle so that they do not get sick. it is a two edged sword. corporations will always trump the environment for short-term gains. for example, the promotion of soft drinks. all of these things are killing us, and it is an economic factor. therefore, i am relieved that obama got in, the lesser of two evils thing, but i definitely feel like we are sure-sided. host: have you looked on line to total votell stein's
8:15 am
take was? caller: i have not looked. i am sure it is less than 1%. the thing about third parties it is they can have an influence, and if each of us raises consciousness, that could change things. host: as we mentioned earlier, there is a continuing conversation on facebook about yesterday's election. here are more comments we have received erich -- received. eric says i am hoping they can also act like adults and do their jobs. michele says it is as it should be, give the president the opportunity to finish the path they have started. it looks like the 47% of those deemed allies -- on wanted
8:16 am
deemed allies. i did not want to hear excuses about why obama 1 today. i want accountability. romney lost because people realized he had the same economic policies that bush had been people do not want to go back there. congress needs to work with obama now and stop the shenanigans. at 3:30 p.m. eastern time john boehner will hold a press conference discussing the fiscal cliff. joe in gaithersburg, maryland, republican line. it is your turn. give us your take on the results. caller: good morning, sir. i would just like to say i cannot understand this election that just happened. i am not happy about the election results. i understand the democratic process is one man, one votes,
8:17 am
and i guess obama wins, but i've never seen so much demonizing of wealthy people and people that want to make money. people have to understand that people who make money are not the enemy. people who do that have funded a lot of the economic progress, a lot of the charities in this country, they are started by wealthy people. if we want to make the wealthy more corps, you know, -- more before, you know, you have to understand the poor will also become poor. we have seen this in russia, china, east germany -- i mean, nobody is healthy. everybody is equally miserable everybody has to understand, let's not tax the wealthy so much, and pretty soon you will not have wealthy people any
8:18 am
more, and everybody is not going to advance and our society will be poorer for it. host: that is joe in gaithersburg, maryland, in the suburbs of washington, d.c.. one of the races watch was in massachusetts. elizabeth warren gave her speech last night. [video clip] [applause] >> you did everything that everyone thought was impossible, he taught a scrappy, first-time candidate how to get in the ring and win. [applause] you took on the powerful wall street banks and special interests, and you let them tell you what a senator that will be out there fighting for the middle class all of the time. [applause]
8:19 am
and despite the odds, you elected the first woman senator. [applause] i want to close by noting that it was exactly 50 years ago tonight that senator. kennedy was first elected to the united states -- ted kennedy was first elected to the united states senate. [applause] we miss his passion, his commitment, his energy, and his fight for working families. [applause] that night, 50 years ago, he said that he would dedicate all
8:20 am
of his strength and will to serve you in the united states senate. for 47 years, he lived up to that promise. tonight, i pledge to do the same. [applause] host: that was elizabeth warren from last night. next, keith, in lexington, mississippi on our democrats line. give us a take on election 2012. caller: my honest opinion is they are making too much of a big deal about race. i think in this case the better candidate won. they are taking all of the down parts of their lives and making it the president's fault. there is no way the president can fix eight years of the
8:21 am
stakes by a former president. it will take more than four years. i think if there were two white candidates, this would not be an issue. i think they should only looked at the facts -- which president, or which candidate is trying to help the nation, or which candidate is trying to better the nation. in my opinion, i do not think they are looking at that. they are looking end distance instead of -- it from a distance, instead of straight forward. host: thank you.
8:22 am
this is a piece in "the new york times." it is lengthy, but you might find it of interest.
8:23 am
becoming the 44th president of the united states, or even the first african-american to hold the post, had never been enough for barack obama.
8:24 am
mandate, healthy economy, or willing republican party's -- partners.
8:25 am
he has only one thing to run to, a place in history. this is a two or three page story if you are interested in "the new york times." illinois. independent line. thank you for holding. what is your take, kathleen? caller: i think people are missing a really big picture. it proved that you can not buy, sell, steel or cheat an election, and that was one big motivator of the special interests, everybody throwing their money in their, thinking this would be enough to knock him out. another thing, could you imagine where we would be if there had not then be obstruction, the animosity for this president? i have been through quite a few
8:26 am
elections. i have never seen anything like it in my life. that alone made me want to vote for him. it is amazing to me what he was able to accomplish considering that the obstacles put in front of him. that is pretty much all i have to say. host: that is kathleen. next, beth clayton, indiana. republican line. caller: i am saddened today. i cannot believe the american people did not vote for a man with a proven record. so what, he is rich, he knows what he is doing. he gave to charity. he. about the american people. the media has failed us. that is what i going more than anything. i think we need to test ourselves and we will find out -- ask ourselves, and we will
8:27 am
find out, we will find out what he meant when he spoke to the russian president and said when i am reelected i have more flexibility. and, the ban does he think, pete -- the been gauzy thing, people have closed eyes. it is sad because we have a man that had a proven record for what we need for power in these united states, and i am very saddened and all i can do is pray at this point. host: indiana return to the republican column this year. caller: amen. host: here is "the miami herald ." florida has not been called. all morning long, greta brawner has been looking at results. >> here are the ballot initiatives, some interesting ones that voters decided on
8:28 am
yesterday. let's begin with the issue of president obama's health care law. in the state of alabama, they voted yes to prohibit the mandatory the dissipation in the affordable health care act. in florida, they said no. misery voted yes, to stop health-care -- missouri voted yes to stop health-care exchanges without public approval. moving on to the use of medical marijuana, arkansas said no to legalizing the use of medical marijuana. voters said yes to recreational use in colorado and washington state. in massachusetts, yes to medical use, and in oregon, now to cultivating and possessing marijuana. for same-sex marriage, washington state, name,
8:29 am
maryland, all voted in support. in maryland, same-sex couples will be able to start getting married january 1. coverage continues here on c- span of campaign 2012 as well as our website,, where you can go for more information on the balance of power and a presidential election results. host: we want to hear your take. william in west point, mississippi, democrat. caller: hi. i want to sit thank you for giving me an opportunity. host: go ahead. we are listening caller: -- listening. caller: thank you for an opportunity. host: we need to put you on hold until you get the volume turned down. theresa is on the independent mind in mississippi.
8:30 am
theresa, you called on the independent line, who did you vote for? caller: yes, i voted for romney. i was hoping for a change. i mean, we live in a very poor date that did go for -- state that did go for romney, but my biggest concern was how i saw black panthers at polling facilities and it shocked me. ipod maybe we lived in a third- world country. that is -- i thought maybe we live in a third world country. i respect the people's voice and who they voted for, and i am hoping that he will do something different, but that is my opinion. host: that was theresa in
8:31 am
mississippi. now, we are going back to william on our democratic line in west point, mississippi. caller: again, i want to thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak on c-span. i hope the republicans will work with president obama, and one thing that i have an issue with fox news, sean hymnody, bill o'reilly, and megyn kelly is about this benghazi. i've surge in two countries. wars.-- i've surge in two it is very sad to lose four people. the military could not just fly in there all of the sudden. they have to evaluate the situation.
8:32 am
for them to make it look like our president does not care -- as far as mitt romney, he knows how to handle business, but one of the biggest problems he had was that he was a foot locker. -- flip-flopper. i hope we could go forward in the united states. host: which branch of service where you in, in which wars did you surge in? caller: 5 surge in delta storm and operation -- i served in delta storm and operation iraqi freedom. host: thank you for calling in george, marshall, texas on our republican line. caller: how're you doing? host: good. caller: i want to give it
8:33 am
comment on the election. i was a democrat for 50 years before president obama, and i am black, and i have never seen the division in this country, and a president who thinks that same- sex marriage and all this other stuff is right. the way this country is going, it is making sodom and gomorrah and look like it is a christian place. i do not like it. i do not like this little stuff. i was a conservative democrat when i was a democrat, and this liberal democratic party is one of the reasons i got out of there. host: george, what do you do in marshall, texas? caller: high and retired, but i was a plant worker. host: where it is -- i am
8:34 am
retired, but i was a plant worker. host: where is marshalled? caller: 150 miles east of dallas. host: thank you for calling. as greta mentioned, the same-sex marriage issue passed in the state of maryland, and along with that the first openly gay member of the u.s. senate was elected in wisconsin. here is tammy baldwin. [video clip] >> i did not run to make history. i ran to make a difference. [applause] a difference in the lives of families struggling to find work and pay the bills, a difference in the lives of students worried about debt. [applause] and seniors, worried about their retirement security.
8:35 am
[applause] a difference in the lives of veterans who fought for us and need someone fighting for them and their families. [applause] a difference in the lives of entrepreneur weres -- entrepreneurs try to build a business and economic security. [applause] but in choosing me to tackle those challenges, the people of wisconsin have made history. [applause] host: this tweet from benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel, who congratulates u.s. president barack obama on his election victory.
8:36 am
fort lauderdale, florida. independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: did you vote yesterday or early in florida? caller: a voted early. actually, i went out and did some last minute can the scene for the present, and i will tell you -- can this -- canvassing for the president. i always try to keep myself informed, and one of the things i realized about mitt romney is although he was a good businessman, the businesses that he had or businesses that he consolidated and got rid of jobs. so, we also had another
8:37 am
businessman that was a president, hoover, and the country went into a depression. we have a businessman, george bush, that was the president, and our country almost went into a depression after that. people have to realize that when our elected officials are irresponsible by saying we have to be like a household, the government is not run like our household. that is totally ridiculous. it is absolutely not the way the government is run. so, in our household we do not have certain things available to us. the point is that we have to think on a grander scale, and say the president has started something that was worse than anyone thought that it was, and he was able to get as to where we are just by things he was able to do because the congress was not working with him.
8:38 am
we all need to work together. we need to stop bickering. i have friends that are republicans, democrats, independents, but we are not always at each other's throats. our elected officials are acting irresponsible all of the time, especially in the congress, stubborn about not wanting to give this or that. i realize the president cannot do everything himself, neither can the congress nor the senate. they need to work together. host: that was from fort lauderdale, florida, on our independent line. from "politico" this morning --
8:39 am
at 3:30 p.m. eastern time c-span will be live with speaker john boehner's press conference, specifically about the fiscal cliff. back to the newsroom with greta brawner prepared -- greta brawner. >> i want to get to ballot initiatives, because "the national journal" rights to have lasting impact. they write that ever since south dakota approved the process in 1898, 24 states have allowed citizens to change laws by popular demand. here are some from last night. california voted no to repeal the death penalty. in maryland, this is part of the dream at, it allows illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition, and they voted yes on the gambling question, allowing casinos to pay for education. in montana, citizens voted yes
8:40 am
to require parental notification for those seeking an abortion under the age of 16. in oklahoma, they said yes to prohibiting -- let's move on to north dakota, actually. on a lighter note, north dakota banned smoking in public. they might be one of the last states to do so those are some of the ballot initiatives from the election last night. go to for more details. we will keep you updated on some of the races not declared as we go along. host: rudy, defiance, ohio, on our democratic line. give us your take on yesterday's election. caller: i'm really glad to be a tv and everything, -- to be on tv and everything, but to me, romney, when he made the comment
8:41 am
about the 47%, that is what nested up for him. -- messed it up for him. he should not have said that. we need to take care of our poor people. host: can you hit the mute on your television and just listen to the phone? you are in western ohio. do you work in the auto industry? caller: a working food- processing company. mitt romney came here and had a big rally with 13,000 people, and i was wondering, fine, he believes that everyone should not have abortions or whatever, but you know what? women have been having abortions since who knows when. if a person does not want to have a kid, that is their
8:42 am
business. when you say you do not want to take care of poor people, they should fend for themselves, that is not right. at the end of the day, everybody has to start somewhere. host: that is ruby, in defiance, ohio. prime minister of england, david cameron also sends a tweet to the president. warm congratulations to my friend, barack obama. continuing -- look for to continue to work together. mike. republican line. virginia. caller: i am on the republican line. i started out as a flaming liberal, and in the last four years i figured out that it was about what your country can do for you, not what you can do for your country.
8:43 am
i've seen the constitution put in the scrap heap of history. the president has governed in an unconstitutional manner in so many ways i cannot begin to describe them to you. and we the people have said that is fine. i became a one-issue voter in this election. i have become very concerned about the national debt, and i have come to understand that there is a relationship between the value of the dollar, the amount of debt with the federal government and the amount of new wealth in the country, otherwise known as growth. i'm not a rich person, but i've come to understand that whether you like the rich or hit them, they have to do what they do in order for the government to get revenue, to have something to taxed. if they're willing to say the national debt does not matter
8:44 am
any more, that the federal government can continue to spend money on anything it wants limit lastly, for as long as it once, you will have a ruined dollar. host: what kind of work to do in richmond, virginia, mike? caller: automate truck driver. i have been an independent operator. i've been in and out of business. i see things from both sides of the fence. again, and saying there are no greedy rich people, because obviously there are. i am not saying that people should not be able to form a union. that is no problem. i do not know how to explain this any better except to say that if you do not understand what is happening to the national debt, and, frankly, the democrats and the president show no interest in taking on the
8:45 am
question of the dead in a realistic manner. there is no -- of the debt in a realistic manner. i wish it was not true. host: that was mike in richmond, virginia. he mentioned history. back to the article in "the new york times." this is how she concludes it, about president obama meeting with historians over the years. the topic will be obvious, how he can combine --
8:46 am
that is in the "the new york times, called this morning. speaker boehner spoke at a republican gathering last night. here is a little bit of what he had to say. [video clip] >> for two years, our house majority has been the primary line of defense for the american people against the government
8:47 am
that spends too much, texas to much, certainly borrows to much when left unchecked, and in the face of a debt that threatens our children's future, all majority passed a budget that begins to solve the problem. while others chose the inaction in the face of this, we offered solutions and the american people want solution, and the american people responded tonight by renewing our house republican majority. [applause] with this vote the american people have also made clear that there is no mandate for raising tax rates. americans want solutions that will ease the burdens on small businesses, bring jobs home and let our economy grow. we stand ready to work with and a willing partner, a democrat, republican or otherwise, who shares the commitment to getting those things done. host: the chairman of the republican party sent out a
8:48 am
tweet last night, reince priebus, congratulations to john boehner and the gop for maintaining a majority in the house. zachary in an arlington, virginia. the note under your name says you did not vote. caller: yes. i hope you give me some time. i refused to vote and be patient with me so i can explain. i'm a very well-informed voter but i chose not to vote due to the conduct of the media. i teach political science and government. the media has destroyed the country with biased reporting. basically, americans are not as informed as they are supposed to be because of the media. on c-span, i will be honest, they will be an accomplice.
8:49 am
choctaw, who worked with c-span -- chuck todd who worked with seed and -- host: he worked with c-span, but was not employed by c-span. caller: he is against bullish and ann romney. it is not just chuck todd. they're not doing the american people any favors. host: are not alternatives? caller: i do not want to take the side of fox news. if you listen from 8:00 a.m.
8:50 am
until 8:00 p.m., their news is fair. the rest of the news, andrea mitchell, for example, she should not be on any more. host: you did not vote because of the media? caller: let me throw this in. george bush was blamed seriously as being the most inefficient present according to the media, but this guy was elected twice by the american public, ok? he secured the country and saved the country from additional attacks. the economy was not so bad when he left office, yet no one in the united states media ever gave this guy, bush credit.
8:51 am
everything was blamed on this. obama was a lucky guy. even my students do not know the capital of the states they live in. host: where did you teach? caller: i have taught in different colleges nationwide. i am private now because of my students and colleagues. realistically, obama, for example, refused to call the attack in texas a terrorist attack, for example. one of his achilles' heels -- host: we will leave it there. thank you for calling in from arlington, virginia. this is from "the wall street journal" this morning.
8:52 am
8:53 am
on everybody then extend bush era rates on higher income earners. that is some of what is written
8:54 am
in "the wall street journal." back to greta brawner and with more news. >> let's go through the races that have yet to be called. we have a number in the house. we begin with the senate. in montana, the race has yet to be called between jon tester and republican denny rehberg. in north dakota, also to close to call, the candidates tied 50% between the two of them. in the house, in the florida 18th district, this is with republican incumbent allen west moving to a new district to run, and he is tied up with patrick murphy. there are three races in california that get -- in arizona that not been called yet.
8:55 am
the arizona first, the two candidates separated by four percentage points, and the second hostile has not been called and then, -- has also not been called, and then the arizona ninth has not been called. moving on to california, the seventh is tied up with dan luneren the republican incumbent tried to come back to congress. also, the 26 district, which do not know who wins -- the democrat leaves. in california's 36th district, representative mary bono mack is telling her democratic challenger. in the 52nd district, the republican is tied up with the
8:56 am
democratic challenger. michigan's first has not been called and north carolina's seventh district with mike mcintyre tied with his republican challenger at 50%. if you go to our web site, c-, we have a map of the associated press results as they come in and you can follow along. we will keep you updated. host: you can also see the balance of power. 50% popular vote for president obama, 40% 4 mitt romney at this point. electoral vote, president obama is currently at 303, and mitt romney at 206. president obama did not do as well as he did in 2008. mitt romney did better than john mccain in 2008. the house of representatives,
8:57 am
232-191 are the current numbers, and if you look at the brighter blue and red, you can see what the current republicans and democrats are, and the boulder are the new members that will begin on january 20. in the news said, 51-45, and -- senate -- in the new senate, 51- 45 with races still to be called. and right below, and you the full ap election map. you can click on the state, the presidential race, the house races, and it is an interactive map that is updated every two minutes by the associated press. it is a neat tool. it is kind of fun, especially if you are geeky like to dig in a
8:58 am
deep. we will go to pensacola, florida .n our democrats line what is your take on yesterday's election? caller: the election is the process of america, and everyone should be happy to know that everybody's vote does count. the problem that i have seen and heard, some of it, anyway, is the people's attitude. it is in the racism kind of way. i believe if obama was white, i do not believe the republicans would have changed to more been
8:59 am
a democrat because of what he is trying to do. he cannot do everything by himself. it takes the congress, the house. it takes everyone to agree to the proposals to better america. host: what do you think is a proposal that would better america? caller: well, being taxed equally, and i understand that the rich, also, they donate. they still get a tax credit for that. you know, any person can donate, but they do doted, you know, millions of dollars -- donate, you know, millions of dollars, and they get a tax credit for that. i just believe that the economy has its pros and cons because
9:00 am
the rich do not want to do something out of generosity that would benefit them. now that they have to do something, it might be a situation that will help the economy. host: that was from host: here is karen tumulty's article -- this is how she concludes her article in "the post." "outside money is here to stay british super pacs will stay in business and regroup for the legislative battles ahead. 'we aim for the group to be a permanent entity on the center- right,' said a spokesman for american crossroads, which spent more than $100 million on behalf of republican candidates.
9:01 am
'the donors see real value and what we do. we are able to put a lot of lead on the target.' american crossroads expects to be heavily engaged during the lame duck congressional session, running shoe ads against making tax increases part of negotiations to avoid spending cuts and tax increases known as the fiscal cliff. to compete, democrats say obama will have to retool his political operation. 'the president has to decide whether or not he can utilize his fundraising network to benefit his allies in congressional races,' said a democratic strategist tad devine, a veteran of several presidential campaigns. 'there is only one way to convince these guys, that is that they will be against serious opposition.'" republican line. it says you voted for mitt romney. why?
9:02 am
caller: i believe he was the man who could have pulled us out of the recession we are in, the financial debt that president obama has put us in. he is also a man of god. i am really disappointed me our nation has always been founded as a nation under god with morals, values. we fought for them. since president obama has taken over, he has not stood as a man of god. he has not led our nation as a nation under god. he does not support the jewish people that we have always supported. we were always prosperous. poverty, we have lost jobs, our nation has gone downhill, we are legalizing marijuana, gay marriages. no telling how many abortions have increased in the past four
9:03 am
years. this man has not stood for what he said he was going to do four years ago. you know what? all i see is our nation is going down. we have all these people coming in to our nation who wasn't raised as a we were, a nation under god, and they are the ones protecting our future. to meet it is not right. i hope we can do something to change the election, where it just doesn't rely on one place, ohio. it will lie on all of us. -- will rely on all of us. they said that it is only ohio that picks the president -- host: christie in franklin, north carolina. michael steele, former chairman of the republican party, sent this tweet last night.
9:04 am
that is from michael steele, former gop chair. former speaker of the house and current democratic leader and an house spoke last night at the democrats' celebration gathering here is nancy pelosi. [video clip] >> democrats are fighting for the american dream, building ladders of opportunity for people who want to work hard, play by the rules, said around small businesses, entrepreneurship, a strong and thriving middle class trip that is the backbone of our democracy. the fight is for the middle class, for the american dream, medicare for our seniors, the ryan budget that we oppose -- we thought that.
9:05 am
the rights of women are on the ballot today and continue to be on the ballot. host: we continue to take your calls to get your reaction to election 2012. allison in athens, alabama. first, who did you vote for? caller: thank you, sir, for taking my call, and thank you for c-span. i will say that i have a cable provider and i'm a pretty verbal person when i step up to the plate. i was honored to go to the polls yesterday, sir, and i casted my vote. thank god for our american ability to get out there and do that. i was happy to vote for mitt romney and paul ryan. very glad to do it. i was so happy to see the state of alabama line up in -- light up in red.
9:06 am
i loved seeing him walk on stage, because during the debate, the man just exhibited just a solid demeanor, just like you are seeing on tv, just gracious and humbled before his lord. i am so glad that his running mate got reelected yesterday. the very thankful that benjamin netanyahu sent a tweet to our country. i think the best way that president obama to start the change on day one, like mr. romney wanted to do speaking to him, is to tune in to mr. netanyahu and help him. i was in my voting area yesterday and saying that it is time to wake up. president obama goes to the st.
9:07 am
john's episcopal church in washington. i am an episcopalian. i really hope that he is listening to me right now. mr. obama, get down on your hands and knees. you have a chance to turn our country around, and i pray you are hearing me out because i lost my mother a week ago yesterday, and i know she would have voted republican. i don't like what i see in your eyes, mr. president. if you don't start listening to people like me, your hair is going to be a little bit more whiter in two years. host: this is a message from french president françois hollande. "your reelection as a clear choice in favor of an america that is open, unified, completely engaged in international scene and conscious of the challenges facing our planet -- peace, the
9:08 am
economy, and the environment." that is a message to the president from the french president. and greta brawner as more news. >> here are the top five most expensive senate races, beginning at a virginia pit at rates between former gov. tim kaine and former gov. george allen. nearly $80 million spent on this race between the candidates and outside groups. moving to massachusetts, also a very expensive race. elizabeth warren, the democrat, comes out ahead she beats the incumbent, senator scott brown. then in ohio, where share brown was able to block the challenge, the strong challenge from josh mandel there. the tab as of november 4, $65 million. in wisconsin, at tammy baldwin
9:09 am
wins, democrat there, but beating former gov. tommy thompson. that raised cost $57 million. finally, the race in connecticut, one of the most expensive. linda mcmahon using her second bid for the senate to chris murphy, the democrat there. between this it is senate bid and her last, she has spent nearly $100 million, breaking the record set by ross perot on the most money spent seeking higher office. you can find that, all that information, on our website, c- host: pope bendict sent a message to the president, " expressing hope that ideals of liberty and justice, which guided the founders of the
9:10 am
u.s.a., and the road ahead for the nation." donna on our democrats' line. what is your reaction? caller: hi, good morning. i voted absentee because i had to work yesterday. i voted two weeks ago for president barack obama. i did not have any trouble. i was like no. 4 in line to vote for president barack obama, because i guess it was 5:00 in the morning. i just got up at 5:00 i got ready and i went to the polls and i did not have any problems at all. one thing i wanted to say about the challenger, governor romney -- a lot of republicans are calling in and saying that he is a good businessman and he is a .an of god gu
9:11 am
we must have talked to a different man, because any man of god would not want to keep his finances secret. and that he is involved in the scandal with some friend of his in a divorce. that is not a man of god. that lady call from alabama and said that she wanted to tell the president that she don't like his eyes, what she sees in his eyes, this and that, telling him to go to church and get out on his knees. did she tell president bush to get down on his knees when he was lying to america about weapons of mass destruction in iraq? president obama is being scrutinized because of the color of his stand. -- skin. i don't think that is right, that is not fair. fox news is not fair and balanced, like the caller said.
9:12 am
they are very opinionated. they hardly are ever fare. you've got people like that lady and alabama -- host: you know what? if we go through the whole morning, you will be responding to everybody. we appreciate very much your call and your views. what do you do in south carolina? caller: i'm a truck driver. host: long-distance, local? caller: local. host: do you like what you do? caller: i love it. host: you are the second truck driver to call in this morning. the first was a republican. caller: i heard him. host: do truckdrivers trend one way or the other? caller: i'm not in the know, because i don't use cb in my truck. i usually just drive by truck. host: you sound like a strong
9:13 am
democrat, is that fair to say? caller: yes, i am, i am very strong. host: you are in red state. caller: it was crazy last night. we is still had people in line to vote, and they give it to mitt romney. that was crazy. host: west columbia, south carolina, we appreciate your call this morning. we like hearing from you. by the way, we hear that speaker boehner will be doing a press conference talking about the fiscal cliff and c-span will be covering that live did we learn that senator harry reid, a majority leader of the senate be doing a press conference at noon. here is "at the new york times" lead editorial -- "president
9:14 am
obama's success." "president obama's dramatic reelection victory was not a sign that a factor nation had finally come together on election day. but it was a strong endorsement of economic policies that stress job growth, health care reform, and balance deficit reduction, and of moderate policies of immigration, abortion, and same- sex marriage. it was a repudiation of the reagan-era bromides about tax- cutting and trip -- for about economics, and of the politics of fear, intolerance, and this information. the president's victory depended heavily on midwestern rust belt states like ohio, where the bailout of the auto industry proved widely popular for the simple reason that it worked. more broadly, a midwestern voters seem to endorse the president's argument that the government has a significant role in creating private sector jobs and boosting the economy. they rejected mr. romney's
9:15 am
position that washington should simply stay out of such matters and let the free market work its will." again, that is "the new york times" lead editorial this morning. stella in new jersey on our independent line. which way did you vote? caller: i voted for president obama. host: why? caller: well, those reasons are my own, but his acceptance speech was very reassuring and reaffirming. my focus as a citizen is that we have to be the game changer. the only way that we as citizens can be a game changer is by focusing and uniting in two expectations. the first is are we at peace? the second is are real incomes rising?
9:16 am
if we are at peace and if real incomes are rising, and if we as citizens remain united to those two expectations our social issues, financial issues, all the other issues that pundits and politicians it squirmed this way and that way about will be resolved. we have to unite as citizens and make two expectations clear. we want to be at peace, we want portability. we don't mind rich people getting -- we weant upward mobility. we don't mind rich people getting richer as long as everybody is getting richer. host: were you hit by her and sand -- by hurricane sandy? caller: yes, and our community is still grieving from that.
9:17 am
people are without utilities, homes have been destroyed. my sister and niece lived in point pleasant beach, and my sister and my knees have said it has been an absolute miracle the way that community has come together. every morning when i talk to my sister, she talks about the angels, and how humanity and how the extraordinary ability of people and help each other -- extraordinary ability of people to come together and help each other is a from every day. i would like to thank governor christie, president obama, and all of our first responders. but i want to get back to the focus. just like hurricane sandy, we are in a serious crisis, and we have to come together in terms of expectations.
9:18 am
we cannot tolerate this manipulation, this maneuvering, this gambling. -- game-playing. we have to unite in those two expectations. unemployment may be at 0, but if people are working three jobs to make ends meet, that means nothing. host: next up is vince on our republicans' line at a california. caller: good morning, peter. i voted for barack obama. i am a republican, but you look at greece, and people are writing in the streets, people who get things from the government. eventually in america we cannot sustain that. i want to get there sooner so that we can get back to america where people are self-reliant guest: i come fro a state that is the highest tax base in the
9:19 am
union. it will have to crash and burn and we will get back to where we were eventually. it is a painful way of doing it. republicans will get us there, democrats will get us there, democrats will get us there a little bit faster. host: next up is candy in memphis. caller: hello. how are you out there? host: good. how are you out there? caller: i'm good. i'm a democrat, voted for obama, and i still agree with donna and stella. 10 years before obama we were in this situation. obama cannot get everything together in four years. that is why i feel like we've done a great job, and obama should have been reelected again. if you look at the debates,
9:20 am
romney cannot answer it anything straight on. he cannot give you a straight answer at all. i feel like obama is the great choice for us. as far as him being a christian man, yes, he is a christian man. as far as the look at his eyes, he shows great destination, determination, and he is going to get as there. host: "the washington post" -- we have read a couple of articles along this line, but this is lori montgomery and on it. goldfarb's take "democrats see a clear advantage to going over the cliff. in january, once the bush tax cuts have expired, democrats will be free to draft their own plans to cut taxes for the middle-class, but not the
9:21 am
wealthy, and there republicans to reject it. the recent budget request calls for $1.50 trillion in new revenue over the next decade, primarily by raising taxes and limiting the value of deductions on annual income over $250,000. in the coming days, democrats say, obama is likely to launch a concerted public relations campaign in support of his budget plan, continuing his call for a balanced approach to debt reduction." and a reminder that at noon today, senate majority leader harry reid will be holding a press conference regarding the election and economic issues. c-span will be carrying that live, along with speaker boehner's press conference at 3:30 p.m. eastern time this afternoon. back to greta brawner for more news. >> these are the closely watched
9:22 am
races in the campaign cycle. we will start with maine, where independent angus king will be replacing republican olympia snowe, who has retired. he has not said who he will be caucusing with. in his victory speech, he joked that he wanted to thank karl rove, the gop strategist, an american crossroads for bringing in this victory due to the negative as they were running in the state. in indiana, you remember the controversial remarks made by richard mourdock. he loses to joe donnelly 500- 44% bid in nebraska, former senator bob kerrey tries to win back his seat. he cannot. deb fischer is the republican. in nevada, and they split the vote in the state, voting for
9:23 am
president obama but against the democrat, shelley berkley, and for republican pete heller. he will continue in that senate seat that he was put into after john ensign resigned in 2010. in missouri, this was thought to be a republican seat, but claire mccaskill wins 55%-39%. todd akin, making also controversial remarks about rape and abortion. that is how it played out in missouri. missouri overall give their electoral votes to mitt romney. all this can be found on our website, host: there are other results out there, including maricopa county. joe arpaio was reelected sheriff. he is 80 years old. this is his sixth straight term as sheriff.
9:24 am
so that happened. joe the plumber lost his house race to marcy kaptur, winning only 24% of the vote. next is michael in fredericksburg, virginia. caller: hi, how you doing? i wanted to make a, and basically say that the republican party have nobody else to blame but themselves. pretty much their disinformation as far as to the media and to the people, people basically spoke at the tampa bay convention and wanted to elect ron paul, but he was suppressed. basically, it is your own fault for losing the election. host: you are calling from a swing state. did you vote yesterday? for whom? ron paul.wrote in
9:25 am
host: do you think that was a common thing among ron paul supporters? caller: i'm sure. twonot voting between evils. host: the president set out a tweet. the president and mrs. obama. four more years. you can see it right there. "republicans gained another governorship tuesday, adding to the majority they gained two is ago, and while democrats were with able to withstand challenges in several states, the republican former mayor of charlotte won the contest to succeed the democratic governor in that state. the gop was cutting two other states, washington and montana,
9:26 am
that now have democratic governors. democrats held onto governorships in new hampshire, vermont, delaware, west virginia, and missouri, what republicans have control in indiana, north dakota, and utah." jerry in mississippi, give us your take on election 2012. caller: i voted for romney yesterday. i'm disappointed in the american people, because basically, romney is a christian man, and obama is a christian man to a point. i had to vote for the less of the evils, because if you turn your back on israel, god's people, that's wrong. obama has done that. he has not even visited israel. he is just not my kind of man. but he is the president i will support him and i will be praying for him, because this
9:27 am
country is in bad shape and it needs -- [no audio] i don't know if obama can do it in the next four years but it is like industry. if you don't do what you do, what you want to do, you fire him and hire somebody else. that is what happened yesterday. we we hired him. -- we rehired him. thank you. host: that was jury in mississippi, where there senator, roger wicker, won by a big margin. "usa today" editorial -- " boaters hand obama mandate" and
9:28 am
a side headline, "send a warning to the republican party." "as 2010 showed, the party is capable of engineering impressive suite and house elections. but i.t. is losing its ability to win presidential elections thanks to its unwillingness to face the changing demographics of the electorate, and has now lost the senate in consecutive elections by nominating fringe candidates over moderates. to reverse the presidential time, republicans will need to get beyond their stride in positions on immigration. exit polls show that romney won just 30% of latino voters, down from the 44% george w. bush pulled in in 2004. they may also need to recalibrate positions on reproductive issues such as birth control, planned parenthood, that are harming it among women and young voters. women made up 53% of the vote and broke to obama by a 10-point margin.
9:29 am
candidates with extreme positions on abortion cost the gop sure-win senate seats in indiana and missouri. most important, republicans have to define themselves in ways that go beyond merely opposing democrats. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell cynically some of the situation when he declared in 2010 that his top priority was seeing obama defeated." that is the lead editorial this morning in "usa today." up next voice is gregory in north carolina on our democrat'' line. go ahead, gregory. caller: i would like to say that i'm voting for president obama, and i'm glad he won. i'm a veteran of the u.s. army for 14 years. i also worked in plants for a little while after i got out of the army. i am a nurse right now.
9:30 am
i've been unemployed for a year- and-a-half, and i do not blame my unemployment status on the president or his cabinet. what i do want to say is that mitt romney was running as saying he was going to bring jobs back to the united states. he can start by bringing iback f the jobs he outsourced from the united states. that would be a good start, part of the praying to get our budget back on track -- bringing back jobs outsourced from the united states. if we stop letting these countries sense of to the united states for us to pay for, we could bring about a whole lot of jobs and that would be key to bringing back our economy. as far as the president is concerned, i think we should also take into account that he is not the responsible party for
9:31 am
all the bad and good things that happened. there is a lot of things that he wanted to do that he cannot because he got voted against. we need to stop thinking in terms of democrat or republican and start thinking in terms of u.s., us, united states -- host: that is gregory in north carolina. all morning long and all evening long we have been going through the papers and the results and hearing your voices and reaction to election 2012. we will continue to do that today throughout the day as well as bring you some events that are happening in washington, including press conferences by harry reid and john boehner. noon for harry reid, 3:30 p.m. for john boehner. all morning long, greta brawner spring bringing us the results. >> peter, you talked about exit
9:32 am
polls. this is the fox news summary. this group was largely backing president obama could 71% of hispanics. it was 67% last time, and 90% of blacks, down from 95% in 2008. in addition, the share of whites was lower, 72%, then it has been going back to at least 1992. also, what made of the use of votes in 2008 -- much made of the youth vote in 2008 and people predicting they would not turn out this hybrid young voters were important at this time to obama's win. one percentage point higher than in 2008, when it was 18%. even so, they did not back him as strongly as they did last
9:33 am
time, down six points from 2008 pit as peters said, we are following these races and giving you results on c-span, but also on there are house and senate races that have not been called. if you want to follow in real time, go to our ap map, associated press map, and it updates you in real time. host: greta, thank you very much. the markets have just opened. the dow is down. we will go another half-hour taking your calls, looking at articles, getting results, etc. that we will take you to an event was sponsored by "national journal," it look at election 2012. it is being held right now, but we want to give you the chance to hear your voices and then we will bring it back at 10:00. is going on right now, so it will be about an hour before we
9:34 am
get to it. that is at 10:00. harry reid is at noon, john boehner at 3:30 p.m., and as greta has been telling you all morning, go to the website if you want results, and our schedule, as you know, is going to change, and events are going to be added. that is the best place to find your news, on the schedule, or to watch the bottom of the screen at times. but i would recommend going to to see the different events that we will be covering throughout the day that we don't yet know about as news conferences pop up on the day of the election. we want to get your reaction to election 2012 and president obama being elected to a second term in office. you can also send us tweets --
9:35 am
#cspan2012. continuing the conversation at marie in ohio on our independent line. first of all, where is west milton, ohio? caller: good morning. i'm sorry. west milton, ohio, is probably about nine miles north of dayton, ohio. host: ok. you are calling on the independent line. did you have trouble making a decision, before you tell us who voted for? caller: i am not a person that just watches politics on election years. i am not a person that is what is the last few weeks to make a decision. i primarily in the past have voted democrat, but i always keep an open mind. i try to look at both sides of
9:36 am
the story. i simply voted on honesty. but i have seen in the last 15, 16 months, basically, is that it was a lot more honesty on the democrat ticket, the entire ticket, not simply just obama and biden. i've seen consistent honesty and that is how i made my decision. the reason i called on the independent line is i have comments -- i volunteered to tax the people yesterday that were unable to get to the polls in -- taxi people yesterday that were unable to get to the polls on the date an area, and i was simply appalled, appalled, by the misinformation that a lot of these people receive. i brought four people to their voting polls, and as i was sitting waiting for them to vote, i overheard a conversation behind me, a grandmother -- this was at a retirement village, where the voting place was, and i overheard a lady is saying, "i would vote, but i cannot see the
9:37 am
ballot to vote." apparently she was blind in one eye. her granddaughter and her granddaughter's husband and her great grandchildren were there with her. i overheard the conversation and it bothered me. i turned to the family, and said, "honey, you can vote. do you have a relative with you?" "yes, this is my granddaughter." "you can vote today. are you a registered voter? "yes." "ma'am, your granddaughter can push the button for you on the ballot, as long as you trust she will make the decisions you want." sure enough, they walked up there, and she did get to vote. i've never seen a bigger smile on someone's face, more proudness of myself, that she was misinformed and believing she could not vote simply because she was blind in one eye. host: marie, what was that like
9:38 am
to live in ohio the past year, when comes to politics? caller: well, we certainly appreciate the money from all the money that has been spent, i'm sure everyone would agree to that. but it has been a tossup. i live in a community where it is virtually a sea of ryan signae in the arts -- ryan signage in the arts and all that. but for christian man, and i am a christian, i don't understand the flip-flopping and blatant lies, such as the lies about the plant in toledo. there's nothing further from the truth of that there will be pulling up and moving. again, i voted for honesty and consistency and that is what i see from the democratic party, and that is what i did not see from the republican party. that's not even get into the discussion of the border repression, because i was just appalled at some of the signage
9:39 am
and the misinformation that was brought to these areas. host: marie, what kind of work do you do in you -- near dayton? caller: i work at a distribution center, which, thanks to obama, not just obama, but recent policies and 2009, helped his company get started. it put over 5 million people to work inside of two years, where we all know that with the gm crunch and all that happened with the auto industry -- i was in the auto industry could i lost everything and 2008 -- lost it all, lost the house, lost the top, add to move in with my kids to take care of their children, and we were all out of work in 2008. they lost their jobs, i lost my job. it was not a good situation.
9:40 am
but we pulled our resources together and got through with the grace of god. host: that was marie in west alton, ohio. another swing state, roanoke, virginia. david on our republicans' line. caller: i voted republican, and i did the absentee vote. i voted two weeks ago cou. i don't believe in really big government. i despise obamacare. usually anything that is universal doesn't benefit the country but i don't see countries such as canada or other socialist countries bragging about their health care, to the interstates for the great medical care -- coming the united states for the great medical care we have. it doesn't always work, but it is better than most countries but in fact, i think it is the best. president obama plans to take
9:41 am
$670 billion out of medicare to pay for obamacare. that sounds like robbing peter to pay paul. you just cannot do that on the hope that it is going to work. in fact, it will not work, and we will have to pay the price. you are going to have people just flooding the emergency room over trivial little things that might occur. i just don't support the obamacare. host: david, what do you do in a row? -- in roanoke. caller: i do work, i just would rather not share that. host: ok, that is david calling from roanoke, virginia. matt lewis has posted on the daily caller, the website round
9:42 am
white trucker carlso -- run by tucker carlson, "the gop needs modernization, and not moderation." "if mitt romney had lost the election solely because of ohio, i would be limited in his lack of a populist appeal. or if he had lost florida narrowly, i might be writing about how gary johnson played spoiler. instead, i am writing about an identity crisis. make no mistake, the gop faces serious challenges going forward. this wasn't just a loss. this does not mean that the party should sellout its core values, either. in many cases, reinvention means drawing a clear contrast with liberals. the gop probably needs to reaffirm some values. it would make no sense for the gop to abandon its role as the party of life. it would make no sense for the gop to abandon its role as the party of individual liberty. but there must be some revaluation.
9:43 am
it is time to rethink, who are we, what we believe, why do we believe it? as i have written before, republicans- must find a way to appeal to cosmopolitan conservative spirit and modern political party cannot exist if it concedes the young, the urban, and be educated." if you would like to read the full editorial by matt lewis, here's a look at what is coming up post-election bid december 17, the electorate's will have their state meeting. on january 6, the electoral votes will be counted officially. janet reno and, to 113th congress convene -- -- january 9, 113th congress convenes. january 21, the presidential inauguration happens.
9:44 am
the house and senate are due to come back for the lame duck session next week on november 13. those are some of the items on the legislative calendar and on the electorate calendar. garrett in atlanta on our democrats' line. please go ahead. eric.: it's host: it's eric? that is the weirdest way of spelling "eric" i've seen on my screen. caller: [laughter] i voted for obama. i wish we would have gotten the house so that we would have gotten more done this time around. and all the years of fighting for health care, he could not concentrate on other things and get other problems solved. host: do you think, eric, that
9:45 am
health care was the right focus when he did have the house and senate his first year? caller: i think it was, because it was a big deal, and it was a nice accomplishment that he had. host: so what would you like to see and focus on in the next four years? caller: more jobs, less spending, tried to get us on the right track. we still have problems in the u.s. i think we spend too much money overseas and also on wars. host: how was your current economic situation? caller: i am in telecommunications. i am a contractor. i'm pretty good. host: that is eric, and not garrett, from atlanta, georgia on the democrats' line. here is herman cain's tweet.
9:46 am
by the way, the dow jones industrial average -- market has been open for about 15 minutes -- down about 200 points so far. in reaction to the election. vinnie in florida on our independent outline. for whom did you vote yesterday? caller: i voted for president obama. i am an independent. i have been a registered republican and a registered democrat, because you cannot vote in the primary, as you ar -- unless you are. florida has been a slippery slope. i really want to see that florida comes through for president obama. i'm going to fully support him. mitt romney was the lesser of all the republican evils, but i am glad he did not make it. i would love to see my
9:47 am
independent -- my independent side, i would love to see charlie crist to do something, maybe come back as governor of florida. we need a good governor. we don't have one now. that is my comment for the day. host: where is your town in florida? caller: the top of brevard county. host: is that millboard? caller: no, above. host: so close to cape canaveral? caller: very close. we used to watch the launch of the time. host: what about the economic impact of the shuttle shutting down? did that hurt your area at all? caller: all, absolutely. a lot of unemployment, people moving out, it has been pretty devastating. there are some independent
9:48 am
launches going on, contractual -- and a lot of people are still going to the cape. it is still a great tourist spot. at have a pretty great th titusville starting to pick itself up. i think the area will come back. that is why i live here. host: vinnie talking a little bit about the economy at the end. this is "the wall street journal." it all but from -- a little bit .rom neil king's piece "a majority said that they have a favorable opinions of the president rather than an unfavorable one. by contrast, a slight majority said they had an unfavorable view of mr. romney.
9:49 am
mr. obama's policy platform received mixed reviews. the voter polls showed that large pluralities nationwide approved of some of mr. obama's campaign pitches, such as his push to raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 a year. a majority said that most illegal immigrants working in the u.s. should be offered a chance to apply for legal status, the position held by many democrats appeared nearly half supported repealing half or all of the health-care overhaul that has come to be known as obamacare, the president's chief policy achievement, the appeal of which is one of mr. romney's chief policy pledges. a majority agreed with the statement that the government is doing too many things that is better left to businesses and individuals, a point of view often articulated by mr. romney rather than with the idea that the government should do more to solve problems, upon a few more in keeping with mr. obama's platform."
9:50 am
just a little bit from "the wall street journal" this morning. vicki in michigan on our republicans' line. vicki, you are on c-span. what is your reaction to the campaign and election 2012? caller: well, i am a little disappointed. i was hoping for an actual positive change this time. i was upset last night as i was watching the boats coming in -- votes in and i cannot understand how has the votes were coming in and places were open or open for people to vote that they were determining that obama had won without giving everyone the opportunity to have their vote counted yet. that kind of bothered me. it just -- i have heard people mention -- they were mentioning earlier how certain percentage of latinos, whites, blacks, etc. were part of the percentage of voting to i want to know how
9:51 am
many soldiers were allowed to vote. nobody has mentioned anything about them getting their votes counted. i think that is very crucial. i listen to other people mentioning about the obamacare. of course we all want something to change so that people can have proper medical care. i worked in the medical field until i became permanently disabled at saving a patient's life. but from the other aspect of that end of it, with me now being permanently disabled -- i'm a single parent. i was a nurse and i was earning a decent wage, and now i live below poverty on disability. i got no cost-of-living increases because i was told there was no cost-of-living increase, when there actually is, anybody can see it. things like that. now with the obamacare trying to come into effect, i have a son
9:52 am
with a very severe life- threatening condition. he was covered under special health care. now they are changing that and taking my specific coverages -- taking away specific coverages for him. his medication may not be covered. host: and that was vicki in michigan calling on our republican line. from georgia, lawrence, democrat. caller: i want to respond to a caller earlier that talked about the african-american vote and black people fighting for, because he was black. that is not true. -- voting for obama because he is black. that is not true. i am african-american and night voted for obama because of his policies. went truck driver, and i overseas from 2008 to d2010,
9:53 am
and i came back and i bought a house in georgia, but i am originally from new york. i see different policies between georgia and new york. i am against war, i am against outsourcing. i spent time in dubai. you have a bunch of big companies out there. you need to restart bringing jobs back home. i should not have to go overseas to get the economy. we should be able to find one in the united states. host: argue over the road or local? you over the road or local? caller: i am local pri i also worked in north dakota. host: house business in -- is that in the atlanta area? caller: yes. the economy is still slow out here.
9:54 am
i got work to support my family, so i've got something to do. the economy is bad. it is non obama's fall. -- fault. it is about board. a lot of money not spent on this war. i'm just upset that people keep saying that black people voted for obama because he is black. i'm just tired of hearing it. i voted for him because of his policies, and that is the bottom line. host: up next is jamal on our independent line. for whom did you vote if you are an independent? caller: obama. host: why? kind of a, well, it's desperation issue, you know? i definitely did not want romney, because he is no better
9:55 am
than palin, as far as i'm concerned. the fact that i am an independent is precisely that, you know? voter suppression is so obvious that nobody can hide it. it happens on both sides. whoever can lie the best is a survivor, to me. i don't even know what happened to the first part of the issue. why am i not privy to know what the third party did, you know? it is just not fair. there are issues like lobbyists, one of the strong points that i like about obama in 2008, and what ever happened to that issue? host: that was jamal in albuquerque, new mexico. i want to show you more tweets.
9:56 am
in "the new york times," they traveled with mitt romney throughout the campaign and here is their article in today's paper. "long quest for the presidency draws to a frustrating conclusion holding a press conference on his plane.
9:57 am
"mitt romney's date began before yesterday in a tiny suburbs of generously sized homes that yielded so many of the idyllic images that crowd of his biographical campaign videos -- his brood of five sons tumbling across the couch, turning a garden hose lose on their unsuspecting father. after a breakfast of peanut butter and honey on toast, mr. romney and his wife, ann, arrived at the senior center, a polling place where a plaque on the wall describes the romney's as "diamond benefactors.' pro-obama signs shares space with a friendlier made once. seeing the name was quite a
9:58 am
moment, he said later. 'we have been working at this for a long time and being on the ballot of the united states is very humbling.' from there, the almost- presidential mixed with the work day monday and for mr. romney could after voting, he asked his daughter-in-law if she wanted to travel with him to cleveland. she politely declined. she had to take her children to school, she explained. un best issloloathes structured time, and he let his aides know that spending a day in a hotel room awaiting results was unacceptable. the mood all there was resolute ly relax and playful. the campaign's chief strategist wandered to the back of the plane to shoot reporters with a gun." -- with a nerf
9:59 am
joyce, oregon, on our republican line. give us your take on yesterday's election. caller: good morning. i hope i can fully say all that i feel this morning. funeral, so my emotions are kind of up. i just want to said that obama has a beautiful family. he is our leader, and god tells us to pray for our leaders. this is real important. my prayer is that the whole -- the whole nation's prayer is that obama will lead with that obama will lead with integrity


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