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tv   Conservative...  CSPAN  March 16, 2013 2:15pm-2:45pm EDT

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that dream came true. havesix of us children college education. i have a business headquartered in kansas city, missouri. i employ over 150 people nationwide, providing technology services. i love what i do. i love seeing people thrive, be successful, be able to provide for their families. but i have three issues that small-business owners are facing. much and takee so some of the risks to have it taken away, i can talk about the taxes. anyone can take a look at their january pace of and see the difference. i would even begin to tell you what it means to a small- business owner. instead of being rewarded for saving, for operating reserves and putting aside for reading day, those are taken away.
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over one had 50 people working across the country to compete with the big companies to also do what i do. i have to provide very good services, very good health care and benefits, so i can track challenge. my check for my premiums today out of my come to any rigid out of my company is $21,000 per month. offor my premiums today out my company is $21,000 per month. revenue, thatonal is all going to hit the bottom line. shrugged? imposing regulations, taxes, additional policies that stifle creativity and do not reward
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could be hit years, i could go into bankruptcy, go into debt, overspend, i would get a bailout. in seven years i can start all over again. i did not think those are the kinds of things we need to reward. we want people to have this 23 million small businesses to continue to thrive and create jobs and keep america strong. thank you. [applause] >> i think it is fair to say if you listen to everyone up here we are concerned that atlas is in the process of shrugging. ask my panelists the following question -- one thing that impresses me about washington d.c. is is is designed for organizations that are big. big business can navigate through all this.
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big labor can navigate through all this. here we are talking about on lenore's and small-business owners who are the lifeblood of they cannot and navigate through washington dc. i want to frame this question, what do we think it would take to be oriented the mindset -- to read-orient the mindset here -- here toient the mindset unleash the smallest of our businesses. what would it take to change that mind-set? i'm going to start with the congressman. he just succeeded in preventing one more epa regulation from getting through. >> your question is the perfect one because big business to hire more lawyers, more lobbyists. the small people are getting killed. allison and next to a long -- next to a young lady years ago
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and she said she just wanted a venue here in maryland but the presents were too numerous. -- but the permits were too numerous. small businesses are not being able to send anyone to the white house to get the waiver from obama-care so they are at a competitive disadvantage. have a bill called a virtual congress, put congress back home among the people. if you change the process than you would change the outcome. if we were closer to the small businesses than the lobbyists i would guarantee that small businesses would have a better day. reminded when we vote for things like " t american idol," we have the technology to vote for anything. certainly congress people can
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vote from home. lot with my city, my state because i want those elected officials. i do not care which party belong to. they are my tax dollars paying for them. i want to make sure they understand that those things that may be a sign of the big businesses -- that make me excited about the big businesses -- >> i think congress generally has been so reluctant to give up the money that if you did more block grants than you can at least meet your personally of meet yourore -- person in a grocery store. [applause]
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>> one of the things i have been engaged in over the last several years is trying to get more small-business owners engaged. more engaged in the political process because the political process is strangling them. one of the answers i get back from small-business owners all the time is that we are too busy making our get -- we are too busy. it is hard to make a living and genet total some great stories. what do we think would happen if we mobilized people to march on the mall? what would happen and what would it take? would take if millions of small-business owners came and marched on the national mall to say you are straggling us, you are choking the life out of the american economy, which is indeed what is happening. could that be done?
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what do we think the impact would be? >> i will lead it. >> what do you think would happen if we had millions of small-business owners showing up on the national mall and saying , "this is our country too." tothe government is going -- it would have taken 20% of the taxes paid in mexico. almost 1000 people showed up. there were more people outside than were inside. they werezers said tested out there. i am on the same page with you, carly. >> i marched for the first time
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1993. life in summer anof it was a proposal to designate 33 million acres of texas as critical habitat. person isle responsive to the level of interest. i think people should march but i think there should be virtual town halls. shouldcannot come you not be disenfranchised from being heard. >> one of the great opportunities we have comes from technology. everything you're talking about technology makes possible. technology allows us to vote on anything, it allows us to create the opportunity for virtual conversations and town hall meetings. it is absolutely critical. -- we know that
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today there is a lot of talk about a possible budget deal. we have heard all about the obama-charm offensive. we have heard that may be somewhere in here there is a tax deal. >> let me express a concern and then get each of our panelists to comment. my concern is we will tinker around the edges of the tax code. we will miss, perhaps, an important opportunity to do something bold and fundamental. 27,000 page tax code, we are not even talking about regulations. strangling people with this. we know that simpson-a bold push for fundamental tax reform. pushed forbowl fundamental tax reform.
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to get peopletake to actually consider fundamental, radical, simplification of the tax code with the small-business owner? not the big corporations in mind. the american people, i represent to non-republicans for every republican i represent. americans are hungry for us to sit down and work together. subjects i am bringing up is this. the president has said in the last two states of the union before this that it needs to be reformed, we are the second- highest in the world. japan has lowered theirs and we are winning a race we should not be winning. i think the american people are already ready for that to occur. cross theus to us to aisle and work the details out.
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dinnere sit down over and realize we can talk a rate -- we can tolerate and close the gap, it is that simple. >> used optimistic. >> no optimism is hard to come by in washington. we're working the out of it. >> he spoke so compellingly about the difficulties of the tax code on your business. >> there are a lot of small businesses that are best- corporations. that means that the money you save her taxed. the tax as personal income. i do not get to spend that money. if i do i could go into debt very quickly. i would not be a sustained by this mystery very hard times. i would not sustain a small business for a very long time. have the big companies
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loopholes, corporations have loopholes, they are able to have their lawyers and consultants go forth and take advantage of things that could reduce their taxes. small businesses like mine do not. it shows in the way we are able to reinvest those dollars. the cannot afford -- we cannot afford to bring on additional people. to reward those for saving and investing in companies. >> to her point, the truth is pay a muchsinesses lower effective tax rate than small-business is because big businesses have the wherewithal to exploit all of those loopholes to lot deism. ism. to lobby
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susan, you have very effectively used technology to force transparency in government. you have done something pretty common sense and quite radical. let us put expenses up for everybody to see. you are suggesting that small businesses ought to be as transparent as a small-business. what do you think about the tax code and are some of your to tryues to try to -- transparency health paul -- helpful? >> people have no clue how to do it. their accountants to it. understoode so well by every person that they then say, i am not getting the shaft. six years ago i put the expenses of my agency down to the 10 full
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level -- down to the pencil level. if people can see that -- i have two bills working in state legislature and texas to put on the ballot that every time you go to borrow more money on the ballot it will tell you how much you already of. i cannot tell you how many government engine sees -- government energies are opposing it. it is your money, you are entitled to know. that should be true for every single level. it is always their money. it is impossible to understand something that is overly complex. >> we only have a couple of minutes left and i am going to start with genet. what else would you like to say to the audience? what else would you like people to think about and know as they are leaving? lastny people over the
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three days say we need to keep up the fight. i believe we must fight for small businesses and entrepreneurship. if we want this economy to be healthy and vibrant again -- what you want people to think about as you leave here today? >> read the book "atlast shrugggeed." parents thats had won the best for their children. think about the policies we have in place today and what that could mean to the future generation. thank you. >> we are trying to engage women. women make most decisions in health care and education. it ae trying to make virtual. one of the things we are talking about is recruiting america. let the american people, through
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technology with five-star debundlerate and things by their computer. americans get excited when they think they can take part. >> do not push the tough decisions off of your children and grandchildren. responsibility, and take care of it today. >> please join me in thanking a fantatic panel. thank you all so much. >> had bring the energy up. let me hear that you love them. in breaking news, ashley judd just tweeted that buying apple products is akin to rape.
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from her iphone. this next guy, there is so much you can say about him. everyone knows who he is. okay. how are you doing? i does want to know how you folks are doing. i have these bright people telling me "you need more time." 80 we can bring a union guy out here just punched me in the face repeatedly. -- maybe we can bring a union guy out here to just punched me in the face repeatedly. let me tell you something about
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this guy -- i am jealous of him because i have never had the ability to grow a beard. it has been a great shame for me. i love this gentlemen. as somebody who works online and , if it werevideos not for this gentleman and the media research center i would not have a job. any writers who work online? let us give them a round of applause. you folks are making changes here. mrc has valuable resources. the guy has written three books. he appears on "media mash." most importantly he looks fantastic in a dinner jacket. tonight he is here as chairman
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for america. please welcome mr. brant bozell -- mr. brent bozell. [applause] >> hello. i want to let you know that after three long days they have saved the best for last, me. after the disastrous election results in november there have been a lot of beating of breasts and whipping of backs. tellspert after another us we need to rethink the conservative movement. no we do not. we need to stop listening to the advice coming from the professional politicians and consultants most responsible for this train wrecks. [applause]
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pilot need someone to your ship to you ask advice for the captain -- the you ask advice from the captain of the titanic? what is it we should do? the interests simple. if the republican party wants to arrest the slow, steady slide into the abyss of political oblivion it can do so by once more embracing its conservative principles. a couple of months ago i was on her npr discussing this topic with david brooks. the name of ronald reagan inevitably arose, at which point he said, "when are you people going to get over ronald reagan?" to which i replied that 30 years ago was about the last time we had a conservative in the white house. get over ronald reagan? let me suggest that we need to get over manlike david brooks.
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david brooks. so many republicans in this town unfortunately seem to understand conservatism and ronald reagan as much as alec baldwin understands temper management or michael more understands legance -- or michael moore understands elegance or joe biden understands anything. [laughter] is it true that the vice president of the united states has said that transgendered discrimination is a civil rights issue of our time? he really did. god help the republic. so what do we conservatives do? what is a conservative? over the last three days we have had a terrific and elegant speeches from people who have been talking about this. instead i am going to talk about
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what a conservative is not. paul ryan, you are a good man and you mean well and you had real courage in taking on medicare and you've shown real courage in taking on the issue of obamacare. budget of 41osed trillion dollars over the next 10 years with more and more and more spending every year, keeping the obamacare taxes is not conservatism. this is not waht we do. the you have national aspirations? to yourself and your country a favor, take that budget back and return with a new one. doeswith one that truly reduce the government. one that puts us on a path of
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solvency by the eradicating the national debt. then what would happen is not just your political aspirations but to your legacy. when you call for unity, when you call for conservatives to seeing it from the same hymnal and then publicly attacked conservatives, you are out of tune and out of line. q. what to be seen as a leader? start -- you want to be seen as a leader? start supporting conservative operations. you said all of the right things to conservatives to bring the gop to majority control and use the top leadership positions there. you solemnly vowed to rid us of obamacare, which you can do
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simply by refusing to fund it. why haven't you done so? , when it is at it the creed that we should be forced to pay for the murder of babies why won't you decree that americans should no longer pay a fourhhs? -- pay for hhs? what of all the other oppressive and evil organizations are immorally funded by our tax dollars. other agencies you solemnly pledged to put out of our misery? you have done nothing over the last two years but as excuses and more commitment that tomorrow you are going to honor
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those promises. gentlemen, we're promises are concerned you are not what you promised to be. do you want to store -- the one to restore your reputations as conservative leaders? all you need to do is on your promises. they were good ones. watch what happens. you will be heroes. jeb bush, about the proposed tax increases of yours. apparently you did not get the memo that when republicans agreed to cut -- when republicans agree to raise taxes if democrats agree to cut on hisg, one side promise and the other always breaks it. maybe you need to do some research on what happens to bush family members that raise taxes. the you have national aspirations? -- d you have national aspirations? , you ran andonald
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won as a fiscal conservative. you leave virginia with the largest tax increase in our history. i wish we had never elected you. do you have national aspirations? in your case, forget about them. and then there karl rove. year last year. it happens. we all have bad years. it just so happens that he had the worst political year in the history of man with the worst investment returns since the stock market crashed in 1929. so what did he do? take responsibility? consultantpolitical
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decided to blame us instead. it was not hard to do. they never work and service. these are the moderates who in '76, and, reagan then in 1980. these are the moderates who backed george bush over ronald reagan. rubio. crist over marco policyalled rick perry's prescriptions toxic. he says sarah palin whacks gravitas. --lacks gravitas. do you know he has called you?
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you are a "party's nutty friends." he wants to protect the gop from by far-right conservatives and tea party enthusiasts." no wonder media matters' has called karl rove the republican voice of reason. in cynical ultimate arrogance when rove and his consultants announced the formation of the conservative victory project. they thought they were going to get away with it. you can put lipstick on a pig but they take it remains. on a pig but a pig it remains. within the -- in 24 hours he was
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in full retreat. i love the tea party, he now proclaims. "some of my best friends are conservatives." incredibly he cites a grand cites randrand -- paul as someone he helped elect. the last thing the gop needs is for the anti conservative professional political consultant class in affecting its ranks and the last thing we need as conservatives is having been infiltrating hours. these moderates really want to work with us. i will break bread with them. i will even set the table for them. but this time and for all time they will work with us on our terms.


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