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tv   Conservative...  CSPAN  March 16, 2013 8:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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she's not going to win. we need examples and role models and her way of conducting politics, stressing building bridges and not bunkers, is a model we can use for the future. >> i think she's very important >> i think she's very important as katherine says for bringing those models but also for bringing women into the political mix at a very early time period. and her conciliation or her abilities to bring people together. wouldn't it be nice if we had her back in washington now. >> we only skimmed the surface in 90 minutes of 81 entering years of life. if you want to learn more. i thank the white house historical association for their help in this series. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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♪ >> elizabeth monroe was more private than dolley madison. she refused to continue the tradition of making social calls around the city. she spoke french inside the white house and gained a reputation of being queenly by her critics.
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we look at her relationship with her husband, james monroe. and louisa katherine adams was the only first lady born outside the u.s. she played a role in the campaign of her husband, john quincy adams. monday live at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and c-span 3, also on c-span radio and and our website has more about the first ladies including a welcome to the white house. produced by the white house association. the association is offering the book first ladies of the united states of america.
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comments from noted historians and thoughts from michelle obama on the role of first ladies throughout history now available for the discounted price of $12.95 plus shipping at slash products. c-span, created by america's cable companies. brought to you as a public service by your television provider. next, speeches from the conservative political action conference, including former alaska governor, sarah palin. form alaska governor and former vice presidential candidate says, we're not here to rebrand a party. we are are here to rebuild a
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country. speaking before the conservative , sheical action conference talks about the effort to increase white house transparency. this is 30 minutes. [applause] >> as all of you know i am not remotely cool enough to be sarah palin. but i could not resist this moment to come out and say a word about my friend, governor sarah palin. the mainstream media wants us to shut up.
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the mainstream media wants conservatives to accept defeat. and they are absolutely convinced that women cannot be conservatives. and if they are they especially cannot shoot really big guns and [cheers andy bears. applause] let me tell you that is why sarah palin drives the mainstream media bat-crap crazy. [cheers and applause] it shakes up their entire world view and she can pick winners. sarah palin jumped in early and supported rand paul.
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.- she can pick winners she supported marco rubio. she supported tim scott. she supported nikki haley. this last election cycle there were three republicans who won the new seats. she supported all three of us. [applause] let me tell you something, i would not be in the u.s. senate today if it were not for governor sarah palin. [applause]
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she is fearless, she is principled, she is courageous, and she is a mama grizzly. i give you sarah palin. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> thank you so much. thank you. the senator is a keynote speaker and he would lower himself to doing introductions for a hockey mom. i am so honored. thank you. we need more americans like ted cruz.
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coming from texas, ted cruz comes to town, chews barbed wire, and spits out rust. that is what we need.[applause] i was just thinking how much i like texans. they do not mess around with our second amendment rights.[cheers and applause] all of this stuff coming lately from the white house to take away the good guy's freedom and the right to protect ourselves with the most naive notion that the bad guys, who ignore the laws, will all the sudden followed new laws. it is not about the bad guys. it is all about the lead. that chunk of metal did the crime.
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background checks to learn about a person's intentions? the idea should have started with yours. mr. president. [applause] it is great to be back at cpac. it feels like coming home even though it is only my second time here. already i can spot those liberal media folks to write their annual conservative stories. how many of you guys are here? raise your hands. be proud.
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you are allowed to be loud, we are used to it. we would never dream of making you wait outside. we can come here for an adult conversation about the future of our country and heaven knows we need this. so much of what passes for natural conversation these days is anything but. remember no-drama-obama? now it's all-drama-obama. we do not have leadership coming out of washington, we have reality television. [applause] except it is really bad reality tv and the american people tune out a long time ago. entertainment tv is a good description of what is going on
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in dc because more than ever it feels like a put on. every event feels calculated to fool us. every speech feels like a con. washington politicians, committees of both parties have a bad habit of focusing on the process of politics rather than the purpose of politics, which is to lead and concerts. -- and to serve. even our guys in the gop to often have a habit of reading their stage direction. especially these days. they are being too scripted, to calculate it. they talk about rebuilding the party. how about rebuilding the middle class? [applause] they talk about re-branding the gop instead of restoring the trust of the american people.
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we cannot just ignore that we lost a big election. we came in second out of two. [laughter] we need to figure out our job. what will we do next? as we go about that listen to what the speakers have to say. let us be clear on one thing, we are not here to read brand the party we are here to re-brand party.[applause] we are here to rebuild the country. we are not here to dedicate ourselves to new talking points coming from d.c. we are not here to put a fresh coat of rhetorical paint on our
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party. we are not here to abandon our principles in a contest of government giveaways. that is a game we will never ever win. we are here to restore america and the rest is just making noise. that sums up the job president obama does today. he is considered a good politician, which is like saying bernie maydoff was a good the sman. the difference being the president is using our money. the heart of the heartland of america -- i have news for the political class in washington. while they are busy worrying about their own political future things are bad out here. nearly 8% unemployment rate doesn't even begin to capture how bad things are. even the dismal rates announced of 1% economic growth --
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that does not tell the story of the pain americans feel. the president fancies himself as the champion of the middle class. even those lucky enough to have a job, they are working more for less. job creators are being punished. how does punishing job creators create more jobs? it costs nearly $100 to fuel up your truck. it costs tens of thousands of dollars to send your child to college. the price of a case of diapers today -- these costs have impacts on the american family budget. while middle-class americans are breaking their budget the democrat-controlled senate refuses to pass a budget.
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how many trillions in debt ago? all in violation of article one section 9 of our u.s. constitution. no budget for four years? [applause] no budget for four years is not just bureaucratic bumbling. that is government refusing to declare what it intends to do with the people's money. barack obama promised the most transparent administration ever. barack obama, you lie. [applause]
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there is a direct correlation between the senate stubbornly refusing to pass the budget and the senate selfishly agreeing to go ahead and spend our children's and grandchildren's money. it is time to get outraged about this. never before have our challenges been so big and our leaders so small. when we were here last year the words on everyone's lips and the wish in your heart was for barack to pack up and bubble wrap the nobel and high tops and head back to chicago. the election came and went but the campaign never stopped. our country is desperate for
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leadership we get instead a permanent campaign. leaders take risks for the good of our country. leaders reached across political differences. campaigners double down on those differences. leaders seek to bring americans together to confront our challenges. campaigners seek to divide and to conquer and to orchestrate crisis after crisis after crisis to exploit. mr. president, we admit it. you won. accept it. now step away from the teleprompter and do your job. [cheers and applause]
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the permanent political class is in permanent campaign mode. where do we go from here? one of my idols, margaret thatcher, offered this advice after her party lost at the poll she told a fellow conservative not to get lost in accounting. bates.abtrastract de her advice to conservatives was to focus their concern on the people. she said, "look at every problem from the grass roots, not from the top looking down." she also cautioned conservatives not to go loudly on their believes. amen, sistah! we can use a leader like her today. just think about it.
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at a time when washington is so powerful that seven of the 10 highest income counties in the country are in the city. us clinging to our god, our guns, our constitution and the grass roots -- imagine leadership that actually takes seriously the idea of government of the people, by the people, for the people. imagines leadership that's knows how to prioritize, to ensure national security and to stop government waste. that is leadership that would have as its guiding light it's great north star the u.s. constitution. it is no accident that its opening words are "we the people." the majority of americans want this.
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is it any wonder there is such a run on guns and ammo for christmas presents months ago? you should see what todd got me for christmas.[laughter] it wasn't that exciting. it was a metal case for hunting rifles to put on the back of a four wheeler. i had to get something for him to put in the gun case. this time around he has the rifle and i have the rack. [applause]
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bloomberg is not around, our big gulps are safe. it's just pop with ice cubes. what did you think was in it? ublicans whoung rep went greek. [cheers and applause] i am so proud of you guys. college republicans on campus are so bold. my only piece of advice for our young college republicans is you
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have to be thinking sam adams, not drinking sam adams. [laughter] [applause] that is just a joke. i did not want the ceo of the brewery accusing me of being an anti beer-ite. keep up your good work. [applause] seriously, when we do see harm, imagine a leadership that doesn't seek to exploit the tragedy, imagine a leadership that seeks real solutions to the violence, not cheap political games. that would be leadership worthy of its name. that would be leadership worthy of the words "we the people." it also means and in the poisonous practice of treating americans of different social, ethnic, religious groups as
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different electorates to be pandered to with different promises. if we truly believe the words of our other founding document, the declaration of independence, with its world changing assertion that all men are created equal then there are no hispanic issues or african american issues for women issues. there are only american issues. [applause] cpac, in order to be effective and have any power to change things for the better, as conservatives, we must leave no american behind.
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even those who may disagree on some issues because there is a solid, and ground -- a solid and common ground. they are not our enemies. they are our sisters and brothers. they are and neighbors and friends. it is imperative to reach out and share that conservative message of liberty and less government and lower taxes and individual responsibility. it is time we all stop preaching to the choir. let's grow. [applause] america already has one party that is expert at pitting groups against one another.
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we will never win a contest of identity politics. ee have to believe in america xceptionalism that no one is guaranteed success the everyone is guaranteed an equal opportunity at success. [applause] the greatest lie that the liberals tell is that government is the way to realize this. there is a reason that washington d.c. is an island of prosperity and it's a nation mired. the more it picks winners and losers, the more crony capitalists win, the more the
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rest of us lose. whether it is clean energy or free obama phones or prophylactics -- if he did not have a team of lobbyists in dc you are not at the table. you are on the menu. [applause] if mrs. thatcher with us here today she would remind as there is a big difference between being pro-business and being pro-free market. it is time for we, the people, to break out of the cronyism. put a stake through the heart of too big to fail once and for all. [applause] that includes in these resource- rich states.
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we alaskans know that they are not owned by the big multinational conglomerates and monopolies. they are owned by the people. do not let them own you. you have a right for those resources to be developed for our use. and in the top-down approach in dc needs changing our top-down political process. the next election is 20 months away. now is the time to furlough the consultants. if we truly know what we believe we do not need professionals to tell us. [applause] if we truly seek to know the hearts and minds of the american people there is no substitute
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from going out and asking them, being one of them with real- world experience. actual conversation with actual hard working americans. that goes with canada as well. it means looking towards our communities, small businesses, a tea party rallies, at city halls. more people who are willing to lead -- do you know someone whose judgment you trust? someone who doesn't just preach common-sense but actually live it. encourage him or her to run for office. are you mad as hell and think you have a better way? run yourself. do not let the big money men and big bad media scare you off. do not let them invalidate you.
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you undoubtedly have more real- world practical experience. that is real life. those in the political bubble will tell you who is worthy and who doesn't fit their bill. the last thing we need is washington d.c. vetting our [applause]. it is these experts that keep losing elections. if they feel strongly about who should run in this party they should buck up and run. the architect can head on back to the great lone star state and put their name on the ballots.
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although i hope they get a discount for consulting services. you have heard a lot of different voices offering a lot of different ideas the last few days. i am humbled, so grateful to just be one of them. i have been so blessed to spend so much these past years getting to know even more of america, not from the top-down, but from the the heart, looking out. is more i know, there wisdom, character, great, and commonsense -- grit and sense in the soldiers, the moms, the firemen, and the fishermen, and you students, and cowboys and other extraordinary americans i met along the way than more -- and then will ever be found in the top-down parties across the river. [applause]
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we the people, the little guys. we have one message to send to washington, i'm sure it would do this. get over yourself. it is not about you. [applause] it is about families struggling to find half $1 million in college tuition. it is about americans working longer for less. it is about small businesses, our backbone, not knowing from one day to the next what taxes, what new government mandates we will be hit is next. it is about citizens forced to give up more of their hard- earned money and more of their independence and power, all in exchange for broken promises from a rigged system. it is about grave concern regarding a president claiming power to direct drones to kill
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whoever whenever without accountability, but no power to open up the white house for the school kids to get to go visit -- springg rate. break. [applause] it is concern over a president who would prioritize not being able to afford to keep that white house open for those events, but to send 250 million dollars and our our weapons to the muslim brotherhood. priorities. america, you deserve better than that. we deserve better than the people who call themselves our leaders. we won't get it unless we are ready to fight. this is one fight that is worth it. we have faith in we, the people. if we teach american foundation of work ethic and development our natural resources. if we believe in the chargers of freedom that guide us.
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if we trust in the promise of opportunity that finds us. if we know the providential hand that made america exceptional and respect the innocent life that he creates, then we will save our movement. we will save our country. god bless you, cpac. and god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> neurosurgeon ben carson did not rule out a future in politics well speaking on the final day of the conservative political action conference. he made headlines resuming for his remarks at the national prayer artist in washington. .e is can truce -- introduced this is just under one hour.
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welcome to president obamas's prayer breakfast. it is a clever title -- president obama's prayer breakfast. this will be a conversation between two extraordinary men. i would like to begin with the passage from luke 12:47. unto whom ever so much is given, so much build -- will be requiring. to whom men have committed much, much of him they will ask more. ladies and gentlemen, we will have an unprecedented opportunity to listen to two extraordinary man to whom much has been given. if you know dr. ben carson's, some of you might dispute the much has been given.
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raised by a single parent, a mother not well educated in circumstances will find -- where financial distress was the norm. academic troubles in elementary school. how is that much has been given? by all accounts, much has been given with his mom. god gave him a mom who knew his guests and instill in him a discipline to realize his -- his gifts and instilled in him a discipline to realize his gives gifts. yale and the university of michigan medical school became part of his journey. eric, growing up in danbury, connecticut also went to yale. his story is one of a successful writing career that brought him to understand the culture
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culture vs.ce. faith. what brings them both here today is their shared experience of having been features brick -- speakers at the national prayer breakfast. eric in the 2012 and dr. carson just a month ago. they shared their faith with a national audience and president obama on the dais. eric has written for veggietales. he is the author of a new york times bestselling book right now. those things are not necessarily in the same sentence. a varied career. i first read him in his series
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everything you always wanted to know alwaysgod -- always wanted to know about god, but were afraid to ask. dr. ben carson, i know, conservative. he is a director of pediatric neurosurgery at johns hopkins, the recipient of many awards, including the presidential medal of freedom. he is also the author of many books and founder of the carson scholars program, which motivates young people. he made medical history by leading a surgical team that separated served -- 7 month old twin set with joint at birth and continues that miracle of gifted hands around the world today. man of accomplishment. but more importantly, men of faith. these men have been counted and embraced a deep and abiding
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faith in god -- encountered and embrace a deep and -- and andfaith in -- and abiding faith in god. i give you dr. ben carson. [applause]♪ >> eric is up first and he is ready. >> what is this.
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what a pleasure to be back at cpac. this is the third time i have spoken as cpac this is the first time the crown has been all around me. this is really impressive. thank you for being here. i know that i am here today because a year ago i was the speaker at the national prayer breakfast. if you have not seen that speech, please go to my website and watch it. if you go by noon, you will get a free whack -- wacko birt t- shirt. -- bird t-shirt. i would like to leave you in lip-synching the national anthem. [laughter] that is a super bowl joke.
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i guess i probably need to get serious for a moment. was an hour duration joke. i get them all confused? -- what is and inauguration jokes? i get them all confused. [laughter] they have to been much in common. to be serious, i wrote a biography od bo -- of bonhoeffer. because of him, i find myself thinking about religious freedom in america. many people say they see disturbing parallels between what is happening in germany in the 1930's and america today. i am sorry to agree. let me begin with my home town of danbury, connecticut. some of you know -- let me begin with my hometown of danbury, connecticut. jeff russ and uses the phrase separation of church and state.
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-- jefferson uses the phrase separation of church and state. jefferson and the founders bought precisely the opposite. they knew that the states, capitals, was always tempted to take over everything, including the religious part of people's lives. they made sure that government could not prohibit the free exercise of religion. [cheers and applause] you are cheering for the founders. not for me. they wanted churches and religious to be protected from the government. they knew that what people believed was at the heart of this radical and fragile experiment that they had just launched into the world.
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where are the threats to religious freedom today? we are not talking about freedom of worship. in a speech a few months ago, hillary clinton replaced the phrase freedom of religion with freedom of worship. these are radically different things. they have freedom of worship in china. what is freedom of worship? in my books, i talk about a meeting with a man who was one of those fooled by hitler. he said something to hitler about how he cared about germany and the third reich and hiller cut him off and said, i built the third reich -- hitler cut him off and said, i built the third reich. you worry about your sermons. freedom of worship says, you can say what you like in your little religious building for an hour 2 on sundays.
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once you leave that building, you will about to the orthodoxy of the state. we will tell you what to sink about when life begins and what marriage is. if you do not like it, tough luck. they have that in china and had that in germany. the founding fathers said the opposite. face inside that church building must live on and flores outside the church building for the rest of the week. in fact, the founders believed that the success of the american
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experience -- experiment depends on precisely that. a man is innocent and important book reminds us -- a man of the seine and import and book reminds us that freedom of religion was at the heart of the american experience. the book talks about the golden triangle of freedom. i bet you never heard about that in school or college. americans have missed this foundational principles given to us by the founders. the founders knew that freedom and self-government were not possible without virtue. without virtue, we would vote to line of our own pockets and elect leaders who would line our pockets. they believed freedom required virtue and virtue required faith. freedom requires safe. it was faith that motivated citizens toward virtue. faith requires free them. it is the golden triangle. the china of falls apart if you take away those three things.
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they said -- the train go falls apart if you take away one of those three things. colson saw some serious threats to freedom on the horizon. in 2009 he drafted something called the man hadn't declaration. -- called the manhattan declaration. please read it and sign it and tell everyone about it. there is the hhs mandate. it has something to do with contraceptives. it has just about nothing to do with contraceptives and everything to do with religious freedom. it is the issue of the government saying to a religious group, whatever you think about these issues means nothing. we will force you to violate your conscience and your religion. why? because we can. we have the power and you catholics are a that courts religious minority.
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joseph stalin was asked how many divisions does the pope have? it is an ugly moment in american history when the current political administration is taking a page of the book of joseph stalin. when the government belize a minority instead of protecting that minority, that is the beginning of the end of america. we protect americans -- minorities here. as a catholic who does not share that thinking on contraceptive protect those who have those views. that is what makes us america. [applause] in america, we protect minorities and we protect religious freedom for all, for every religion for every agnostics -- agnostic or atheists. once we stop doing that, we are no longer american. the second issue of religious freedom is to attempt to literally redefined marriage.
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this issue is about religious freedom. here is my question to all of the legal scholars across america. what about the religious freedom of those who dissent on that issue? when the legal definition is changed will they be forced to stifle their religious feelings because the state demands it? this is not a live and let live issue. if marriage is legally redefined, it will cripple religious freedom in america and it is already beginning to do that. no one is even talking about this. before we make this incredibly momentous decision about one of the most important things in our lives, how about if we have a discussion about this. how about we talk about religious freedom, which it is the heart of this. not one of the cable networks ever discusses the senate is about time we had this discussion.
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what we are seeing on both of these issues is the unconstitutional establishment of a religion. it is a secular religion and a secular orthodoxy. on the subject of marriage, there is to be no discussion. is science is settled. it is the future. some in the gop are jumping on that bandwagon. whenever someone tells you the science is settled and the debate is over, that is a sure sign that the debate is not over, but that they are afraid the debate might begin. [applause] they want to tell you it is settled and let's hurry up and make this decision and get on the right side of history.
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god determines who is on the right side of history. not the mainstream media and not the government. [applause] most of you are here seen the growing states and gobbling up more of the free market and freedom and self. if religious freedom is threatened, it is just the same. these of the twin engines that have made this the greatest country in the history of the world. finally, let me say that when the government kills freedom of religion and faith is pushed out of the public square, not just bad things happen. many good things do not happen. in my book, i tell the story of what happens when a man tracks religion into the public square and let it affect how the government behaves. do you think the african slaves were glad will force allowed religion to affect his politics? [applause] in those days, the settled science was that slavery was just the way it was and to discuss abolishing them was insane.
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about christians believe every human being is in the image of god. christians led the conspiracy against hitler. he settles science was that the third reich was the future. dissenting voices were silenced. bonhoeffer was murdered by the nazis, but he speaks to us today. he was us not to let ourselves be silenced. he called on the church to stand up and leave the church. he asked the american tourists to stand up so that the whole country could be blessed, not just -- have asked the american church to stand up so that the whole country could be blessed, not just the church. when has the state into the american square in this country?
9:21 pm
it was fanatical christian is that started the abolitionist movement in this country. what steven spielberg's moving amistad. christians led the civil rights movement in this country. it was a church based, faith based movement from beginning to end. rosa parks was a devout christian. she was chosen to kick off the bus boycott because of her faith. jackie robinson was a devout christian. branch rickey tells him to break the color line in baseball because of his religious faith. he believes god wanted him to do it. there is a movie coming out about jackie robinson. i mention it in my next book because everyone should know it was jackie robinson's faith that stood behind what he did. [applause] if you push the voices of faith out of the mainstream and replace them with a secular orthodoxy, you take away the single most important check the founders put in place against
9:22 pm
unbridled satism. -- statism. we have had so much of the state in this country, we do not know what it is. that means the one voice warning my fellow americans. unless we take this seriously soon come it will be too late and we will not be able to do anything about it. please take this seriously. please read the books, a free people's suicide. please fight for our country. this is about america. god bless you and god bless america. ♪applause]
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>> thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you. you are eating into my time. thank you so much. it is wonderful to be here. i think the organizers for inviting me. thank you, eric, what you said. you made it unnecessary for me to talk about political correctness. enough said. i want to talk a little bit about what is logical and what is common sense today. we do not hear a lot of that. i do not think common sense should be something that is just for conservatives. liberals and everybody else should understand and enjoy common-sense also. for some strange reason, sometimes they do not. it is interesting, the outpouring of sentiment i received after the speech at the
9:24 pm
national prayer breakfast. [cheers and applause] i got so much mail, letters, books, amazing, from everybody. some of the more poignant ones were from older americans who said they had given up and they were just waiting to die. now they felt a sense of revival again. [cheers and applause] that is sad that we have reached a point in our lives where there are so many people who feel they are not represented any more. this is something i want you people are in congress and who are in the senate and you are in
9:25 pm
the white house to understand. you work for the people. you represent the people. [applause] you have to understand that. i also got a few nasty-grams from people. how dare you insult my president. you are a n-word. when did we reach a point where you have to have a certain philosophy because of the color of your skin? when did that happen? a reporter once asked me why did not talk a lot about race. i said, because i am a neurosurgeon. they thought that was pretty strange. i said, when i take someone to the operating room and i cut the scalp and pulled down the dura, i am operating on what makes the person who they are. the cover does not make them who they are. [cheers and applause]
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the thing that is really important to me -- it is largely because of my own background, growing up in a single parent home in the inner city with dire poverty. my nickname in school was dummy. it was because i had a mother legal -- who believe in me. she would say, you are much too smart to bring home greats like this. i brought them home anyway, but she was always saying that. she was very encouraging. more importantly, she made sure that at some point we turn of the tv and started reading books. she worked a lot. my mother works three jobs at a time.
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she would leave at 5 in the morning and get home at midnight. people always said to me, why did you read the books. your mother was not there. she would know if we did not read the books. back in those days, you had to do what your parents said. you cannot call 911 or some social worker or some psychologist who said, that the kids express themselves. there was a reason for that. education worked for me. i started reading within a year and a half i went from the bottom of the class to the top of the class. the same kids who were calling me dummy in the fifth grade were calling me and saying benny, d do this. -- how do you do this? by that time, i had a different impression of myself. education is a fundamental principle of the success of america. we are allowing it to go under. you go out there and you talk to the average person now. they may be able to tell you who won dancing with the stars. they may be able to tell you who won the football game. they cannot tell you anything that is important.
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they do not know about foreign policy. they do not know what things mean. consequently, they have become the england. they have become the unprepared. -- consequently, they have become the ignorance. our system of government is based upon a well educated and informed populace. if our populace becomes anything other than that, we will become a different country. they knew what they were talking about. as witness to that fact, congress has a 9% approval rating. they are returned at a rate of 9% to congress. people go into the voting -- rates of 90% to congress.
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people go into the voting bulletin and say, i recognize that name. with i am saying to the people of america is that we are responsible. this is a nation that is for the people, not for the government. this is the natural course of men. we have to hold their feet to the fire. [cheers and applause] that is why we have these complex brains. i do not say this just because i am is a neurosurgeon. the brain is the most complex and phenomenal system in the universe. your brain, billions and billions of neurons, even
9:30 pm
trillions of interconnections. the number of interconnections you have rival the national debt. it is an amazing amounts. it has the ability to remember everything you have ever seen, everything you have ever heard. your brain can process more than two million bits of information in one second. the reason human beings have these gigantic frontal lobes is that we are the creatures to have the ability to extract information from the past, integrate that with information from the present and projected that into the future. we can be proactive. we can plan, we can strategize. we do not have to just react. that is what animals do, react. a lot of people today have decided that they would rather react like animals rather than planning and strategizing. this is what we have done now. we are reacting to what we see as our fiscal woes without planning for the future, without caring about what is happening to the next generation.
9:31 pm
you do not have to be a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist to understand that if we continue to spend ourselves into oblivion, we are going to destroy our nation. if i were trying to destroy this nation -- let's say you magically put me into the white house. [cheers and applause] all right. i take it back. but let's say somebody was there and they wanted to destroy this nation.
9:32 pm
what would you do. i'll tell you what i would do. i would create division among the people. i would have everybody pitted against each other. a wise man by the name of jesus once said a house divided against itself cannot stand. then i would encourage culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country. then i would undermine the financial stability of the country dry been so far into debt that there was no chance it could recover. i would weaken the military and destroyed it does -- the morale of the military. that is what i would do and i guarantee you it would work. the question is, it appears coincidentally that those are the very things that are happening right now. the question is, how do we stop it?
9:33 pm
can we stop it or must we follow the same kind of pass that other nations have followed before their destruction? all of those things i just mentioned are the things that happen to other pending loan -- pinnacle nations before their fall. this is not something that just started in the last four or five years. this has been going on for quite some time now. let's not lay the blame on one particular person. we all have a response ability to recognize what is going on and to use our influence to collect some of these things. one of the things that my wife and i have done is -- i go into schools and we see all these trophies. all state basketball, wrestling. the quarterback is the big man on campus. what about the academic superstar? what do they get?
9:34 pm
a national honor society pin. nobody really cares about them. i was aware of a survey that was done in 22 countries looking at the ability of eighth grade equivalent to solve math and science problems. we came in 21 out of 22. i was devastated. i said, we have got to do something about this. we cannot wait for the government to do something about this. we as the private sector has to do something -- have to do something. we started giving out scholarships to children from all backgrounds who achieved at the highest possible levels academically and also to illustrate this humanitarian qualities, that they cared about other people. -- also demonstrated humanitarian qualities. they care about other people. we started 17 years ago just in the state of maryland. now we have over 5000 scholars in all 50 states. [cheers and applause]
9:35 pm
these are incredibly bright young people. in fact, just yesterday i found out that one of our scholars was accepted into the residency at johns hopkins. fantastic. [applause] the other component of the program is we put in reading. we target title one schools, where a lot of kids come from homes with no books and they go to schools with no libraries. those are the ones who dropped out of school. we have a 30% high school dropout rate. we cannot afford that. we create these rumors that nokia could pass up.-- no kid
9:36 pm
could pass it up. they get points for the number of books they read -- rooms that no kid could pass up. it translates into a much better academic performance. we cannot afford to throw any of those young people away. for every one of those young people we keep from going down that path of self destruction, that is one less person you have to protect yourself and your family from. one less person in the welfare system. one more taxpaying productive member of society that may discover a new energy source. we need all of them. [cheers and applause] and the humanitarian part of the program is every bit as important as the academic part.
9:37 pm
we are a humanitarian mission. historically, we have been. many people do not know this, but socialism started as a reaction to america. people in europe with us and said, look at those americans. you have people like ford and kellogg and vendor build and rockefeller. they have so much money. -- vanderbilt and rockefeller. you need an overarching system that receives the funds and ridges to visit in an equitable way. -- redistributes it in an equitable way. what did they not realize? instead of the land barons of europe hoardng money and passing it down from -- hoarding and passing it down from generation to generation, they built the infrastructure of this nation. they built factories and textile mills. they built the mechanism that created the most powerful and dynamic middle-class the world has ever seen. they built universities and museums and charitable organizations because that has been the nature of america.
9:38 pm
we have always been generous. nobody is starving on the streets. we have always taken care of them. we have churches that are a much better mechanism for taking care of the poor. this is one of the reasons that we give tax deductions to churches. because they do that. why is the government trying to duplicate what they are supposed to be doing. we need to think smartly about the ways we use our resources and use our money. in 2009, 40 of the wealthiest families in america pledged to give away health of their wealth to charity. go someplace else in the world and ask for the of the wealthiest families to give away their wealth. they will look at you like you have six heads. this is the phenomena of america.
9:39 pm
it is not the government's responsibility. it is our responsibility as citizens. [cheers and applause] as long as we are talking about fairness, let's talk about taxes. some people criticize me -- criticized me at the prayer breakfast for bringing up god and the bible. it is a prayer breakfast, right? i do not understand that. if got things proportionality is clear come who are we to say it is unfair? the minute you begin to deviate away from proportionality, you begin to inject your own philosophy. that is always going to leave you in one direction or another. i think that is why god has a program like that.
9:40 pm
you make $10, you put in one. what could be more fair than that? i will tell you what is not fair. what is not fair is when you exempt some people and you say, you do not have to pay anything. we will take care of you. that is very "newsmakers -- what you are saying is i will take care of you. the superior elite group needs to be superior an elite. they cannot be superior and elite unless you have a lot of people around their groveling around.
9:41 pm
you keep them down there by feeding them. the other ulterior motive is, if everybody doesn't have six skin in the game, you have to be responsible. if you come talk about raising taxes, you are raising taxes on everybody and you better have a week -- a good reason. it really matters about everybody. that is what is fair. briefly, i do not have time to go into it, but health care, 1/6 of our economy.
9:42 pm
if the government can control that, they can control just about everything. we need to understand what is going on. there are much more economic models that can be used to give as good health care than what we have now. we were asleep at the wheel to let it happen. we have to find a way to make it work. if we have to work within the frameworks of the affordable health care act, fine. if we can find a way to defund its -- it, fine. 80% of the encounters between a patient and a health-care provider could easily be handled by a health savings accounts. 80% of the encounters with of the need to insinuates a third party or a bureaucracy that sucks out 1/3 of the money. we can use rich insurance and catastrophic insurance. some of them, i do not want to
9:43 pm
call them more runs, but they are similar to that. -- morons, but they are similar to that. read the book. obviously, i am thinking about those things. it is almost laughable some of the things i hear people say to criticize. they say, he is a neurosurgeon, he could not know anything about economics it is not brain surgery. [cheers and applause] i can tell you this much.
9:44 pm
even as a lowly brain surgeon, if you have the highest corporate tax rates in the world, of course corporations are going to have money elsewhere. corporations are not in business to be social welfare organizations. they are there to make money. a wise government knows how to use that to their advantage. there is a ton of money outside this country and inside this country just waiting to be unleased to make all kinds of jobs and opportunities if we treat them as our friends and not as our enemy. [cheers and applause] and finally, we have to resist this war on god. [applause]
9:45 pm
people do not want to talk about god and don't you ever mention jesus christ. and this is a place where we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech. it is absolutely absurd. let's let everybody believe what they want to believe. that means, pc police, don't come down on the people believe in god and believe in jesus. if they want to put something out about their beliefs, they have every right to do that. [applause] we need to understand that we are not each other's enemies in this country. his is only the political class that derives its power by creating friction. it is only the media that derives its importance by creating friction by using every little thing to create this
9:46 pm
chasm between people. this is not who we are. we have much more in common with each other. we have to be smart enough to understand that. we have to live by godly principles of loving your fellow man and giving your best to your utmost so that you become of value, have values and principles that guide your life. if we do that, not only will we remain a pinnacle nation, but we will have one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> all right.
9:47 pm
all right. how do you think it went? to you think it went ok income of [laughter] >> i think it went fantastic. i will play the role of dick cavet and ask you some questions. did you announced your leaving -- medicine. >> in 106 days i will be retiring. i will be 62 years old in september. i strongly believe there is the reason pilots are asked to retire before they start crashing their plans.-- airp
9:48 pm
laines. [laughter] >> he has the shakes. i can see it. there are so many more things that can be done. [cheers and applause] >> that is a big announcement. i have an announcement to make. i am going to be getting into brain surgery. i am going into medicine. how tough could it be? obviously, people are asking a question, are you leaving medicine so that you can do other things, maybe in the political sphere? >> i am very dedicated to education of the next generation. i encourage everybody to see how
9:49 pm
you can get involved. once we get that taken care of, who knows? >> i was going to say, this is a sophisticated political audience, and they can tell you have entered politics because you're not answering that question straight. [laughter] >> if you're looking for a white guy on the ticket, i am your man. [laughter] >> i would just say, i am only interested in the brain. >> my brain is pretty pink. we will talk backstage. what do you see happening? i spoke about religious freedom. i really do believe we are having a conversation in america right now -- some of us are having a conversation about the idea we are headed to a fiscal
9:50 pm
cliff. if we don't reverse engines, if we don't see the free market and enable the market to do what it is meant to do, we will lose our freedom. i really do believe that religious freedom is that no one is talking about. he shows the link, this golden triangle, which the founders knew. you talk about education. at least two generations, i went to school in the 1970's. no one taught us about the founders idea of liberty. how can you have a generation of americans really be america if we don't know -- to be an american, it is not your blood type or ethnic group. it is an idea. most citizens don't know what it is they have and what they are supposed to protect and promulgate.
9:51 pm
how can we be america? >> that is the reason i wrote america, the beautiful. >> did you write a book? >> i wrote a book. >> how to i get this wonderful product? >> then the left says, you are only there to promote your book. >> all these doctors. [laughter] >> i appreciate people have bought it. the last week, it was number one on the new york times bestseller. [cheers and applause] >> speaking as an author, i deeply resent you. [laughter] >> the fact of the matter is, because people don't know who we are, they don't recognize those forces which are changing. >> that is the point. that was effectively my point.
9:52 pm
i thought you were listening. [laughter] >> i appreciate the fact you negated the need for me to say several things. >> you still went over time. we are about out of time. in the few minutes we have left, let me say how wonderful it was to hear it your speech. i was in the room at the national prayer breakfast. what i found interesting, when you said what you said, it did not come across in the spirit in which you said it as though you were trying to humiliate anybody. on the contrary, i thought you spoke with grace and civility. [cheers and applause] as christians, we are commanded to love our enemies. we are commanded to treat them with grace because we know if it weren't for the grace of god, we will be on the other side of these issues.
9:53 pm
[laughter] oh, you don't think so? we will talk later. the fact you did not do that was very important. i was dismayed that most of the people were doing the end zone dance at what she said which colored remarks that i thought was not appropriate. the grace in which you spoke was as important as what you said. i want to say to my fellow conservatives, that is very important. for those of us who claim to be believers, we need to express the truth with civility and love. otherwise, it is not the truth anymore. i want to commend you for doing that. we are way out of time. god bless you. [cheers and applause] >> former alabama
9:54 pm
spoke atan artur davis the conference. i'm going to use a word here, democrats. i need to get him a chance. this gentleman here, representative of the seventh district of alabama. he earned recognition as a conservative democrat who broke ranks with his party on national security issues. he was an early supporter of president obama's 2008 presidential bid. he served as cochair for barack obama's campaign. congressman artur davis. give him a round of applause. ♪cheers and applause]
9:55 pm
♪ >> thank you. thank you, i think. good morning, cpac. something kept occurring to me, as i saw some of the unpleasant commentary about this conference and this movement. isn't it interesting that the same establishment media that claims so piously that it wants more civility and tolerance in our politics has no problem degrading and demonizing americans who just happened to be conservative? [applause] they want desperately to put this cause in some graveyard.
9:56 pm
i have heard it at the president's inaugural speech, the working title, the country i would build, the path of america would just disappear. they tried so hard to paint the belief in this room as some brand of ignorance. this needs to be said. there are 43 million of us who answer to the name conservative. we don't own any hollywood studios. the mainstream media may think we are out of fashion. this happens to be the single, biggest voting block, more importantly, this is our america, too, and we are not going anywhere. [cheers and applause] now, conservatives may be the last acceptable but you cannot
9:57 pm
erase the truth. first, you don't let people at the bottom by pulling other people down. [applause] and every place that has tried that has turned out its own immoral light and gone down into the darkness. we cannot own our future when we lift up the credit of countries who want to dominate us. freedom, ladies and gentlemen, is neither tired nor exhausted. it is just tired of not being defended. so can we bring to a close -- you can't tell it is about the springtime in d.c. -- can we bring to a close this season of pundits who don't want republicans to win telling republicans how to fix this party? [applause]
9:58 pm
now, that does not mean we don't need to be frank with each other. i want to be blunt about what we did and did not do with the campaign. first, for voters who looked at the world the way we do, they made an argument. most people have had the blessing of building a business from nothing or who found a way to hunt through washington's obstacles to make their companies were, we made a case that no government has ever fought harder to put a penalty on success. for those who share our sense that winning an election does not entitle a president to burn a hole in our constitution, thank you, rand paul. [applause] we made the case that no president has ever pushed up harder against the constitution.
9:59 pm
for 43 million conservatives, we made the case that no president has ever ended up driving america more decisively to the left on domestic and social policy. there is only one catch. we can up all of our fellow citizens who were succeeding in building a business and for good measure all the voters -- and then add all the voters who judge government primarily by conservative doctrine, you get a lot of good people, but you still don't get to a majority. the ones who are left, they are not some island fool. they are our neighbors. and our fellow citizens. a lot of them think like us. they just needed to hear from
10:00 pm
our politicians that our values will work for their lives and circumstances. think about this for one second. there are 21 million families that happen to be one of the there are 21 million families that happen to be one of the largest groups. they are trying to pursue the most conservative values in this society, the notion that you are preparing yourselves that you can rise without depending on anybody to take care of you. four out of five of those can't finance college without taking out significant loans that will burden them for much of their work lives. how often do they or their families hear us talk about the fact that conservative, responsible act of getting a college education is getting harder and costlier than it has ever been? what about 12 million americans that work with their hands? whose backs and legs hurt at the end of the day? their wages go no further today
10:01 pm
in pure earning power than they did when the supremes and beatles were at the top of the charts. .nd ronald reagan was an actor the most these men and women and barack obama progressive manifesto was one halfhearted sentence. even though many of these so- called blue collars are as conservative and faith oriented as any one in this room, my friends, just so often we talk to them. this will shock you, but i do get asked every now and then why we didn't do better with minorities. i know it shocks you. especially dealing with the last four years. you may remember the chairman of the black caucus famously said that if another president can match obama's record, there would've been marches in. do you were member that?
10:02 pm
guess what, black and brown americans are no different than anybody else. as much as they worry about what is missing in their lives, they worry most about whether their kids can do better and they know that question turns first and foremost on the quality of the schools their kids attend. the promotion of kids who can't read, not having enough money to move your child to a better school district or to afford a private school, but how much did we talk about any of that? i know some of us like to entertain the possibility that anybody might look for the government to get out of the way. realize this, the american times
10:03 pm
escribing aren't takers. they aren't living off the government dime. they are helping fund this country as much as anybody at our dinner last night. when washington takes their money, they feel it more than any of us do. the americans i described are invariably sending one dollar out of every three they earn to washington and federal income and social security taxes. if they don't owe anything at the end of the year, it is because they already had it taken out of their paycheck. they don't live on dividends. is it really so odd that they expect the government to align with their interests? we just spent $1 billion, more than our side has ever had to sell its case. for all that money, we could not find a language to tell enough
10:04 pm
americans why our conservative policies would work in their lives. we were the first republicans since the 1930's -- we did not talk about middle-class tax relief, the first in my lifetime who did not have the self- confidence to talk about how our policies reduce the poverty and lift the poor out of dependency. the first who did not seem to get in this competitive world, education or mention the common defense. is it a surprise to see the number of conservatives fall, the number of liberals rise on our watch? here is the good news. i think we are going to fix it. fixing it begins with some simple principles. [applause]
10:05 pm
first, if your vision of conservatism is so small and so cramped that it only works in certain places and for certain people -- it is a free country, you are entitled to bring that keep that lack of confidence to yourself. get out of the way. the rest of us build a conservative agenda that will work for everybody. [cheers and applause] not just the high places, but the sad places, not just inside our walls, but in places we don't go. second, being conservative does not mean being blind to how our policies will affect families. this world is made of citizens who deserve politics that will speak to their aspirations. let me assure you, ronald reagan did not win 49 states by telling people he had no goal of helping their families.
10:06 pm
lastly, never lose sight of the essential difference between the political left and right of this country. they think to struggle and be poor is to be so weak. the argument -- they argue that there is a dependency, that orrica has to wrap a racial identity agenda for to recognize them. a think that there is nothing man or woman cannot do if we give them the freedom to rise on their own. [applause] we have always known that a child who has difficulty reading can one day grow into a surgeon. [applause]
10:07 pm
that a father who waits tables can raise a son to be a senator named marco rubio. [cheers and applause] who worked 16urse hour days in south carolina as a single-parent can set a son on the path of being a senator. [applause] are we?als we know that individuals are strong. -- are weak? we know that individuals are strong. i heard someone talking about you all. , they are a bunch of conservatives down there. guilty as charged. but this collection is not just
10:08 pm
a collectivist conference. it is not a collection of conservatives. it is a gathering of men and women who are seeing the american dream work magic in our own lives. [applause] if we order our cause around the simple principles, our values will work for all of us and not just some of us. not only will we are in power we will deserve power again. [applause] god bless you and may god bless america. [applause] ♪ conservative says the democrats won the election because they had better ground
10:09 pm
game. she was one of the speakers on the final day of the conservative political action conference. >> this lady is fantastic. i spent some time with her before. she has been a national leader in the movement since the publication of her best-selling book in 1964, called "a choice not an echo." she is a fantastically the, please give a huge welcome to mrs. phyllis schlafly. [applause] >> good morning cpac-ers.
10:10 pm
and thank you sarah palin for warming up this great crowd. i think we need to analyze why we lost last year to barack obama, who has said he wants to fundamentally transformed america in ways we do not want to be transformed. i would suggest that the democrats had a better ground game than republicans. they did not make use of all new volunteers to get out the vote on election day. i would give you an example of how the democrats were so clever in using early voting to get their people to the polls. michelle obama made a speech at the university of iowa. they had set up on of the early voting places right across the street. she gave her speech and marched
10:11 pm
right out to vote. that is the way they got a lot of their votes. there is some fraud, too. you know that. then you look at the republicans. unfortunately we let the establishment pick another loser for us. the fight we have and the fight i am asking you to engage in is between the establishment and the grass roots. the establishment has given us a whole series of losers, bob dole and john mccain and mitt romney. even when they picked a winner they picked somebody who spent more than the democrats, added more programs that cost money to the taxpayers, and he tried to give us open borders to the
10:12 pm
north american union and through the amnesty that he lined up with ted kennedy. we need to have the grassroots takeover and elect the kind of candidate sarah palin has been backing. that is your challenge. i urge you to be a part of the republican party because we have a two-party system, a third party is not going to cut it, we need to have you working in all of those party positions so that you can make sure we nominate and elect the right candidate. why is it that the establishment has given us this bunch of losers? they have certain criteria they try to enforce on their candidate.
10:13 pm
first of all they want only candidates who will vote the way they are told to vote. we'd like to have one's that will stir up a little trouble. ted cruz are voting no on everything they want in. and then they want candidates who will talk only about economic issues and will not talk about the social or the moral or even the national security issues. that is such a terrible mistake. those social issues are the cause of the fiscal issue. issues like life and marriage and other issues that are more issues get to the people. they always tell their candidates that they want to call themselves a moderate and move towards the center.
10:14 pm
that is no way to win an election. one of their chief spokesman was karl rove. he had almost four hundred million dollars to spend on the election last year. he ran tv ads for 31 candidates and only elected seven of them. that is a pretty bad record. if you ask a football coach what that kind of score was, i do not think he would keep him the next year. the other mistake they made was to spend all of their money on tv ads instead of on a campaign to get out the vote. the running of the tv ads is profitable to those that pick the ads. it isn't doing the job. a lot of people to not even watch tv anymore.
10:15 pm
let us talk about the issue of omitting the moral and social issues. they are the issues that are costing us so much money. they are the issues that are causing the fiscal problems. take the matter of the decline in marriage in this country. we used to have a country where we had -- a great country that was built on the stable traditional family. the father, a provider, protector. the mother, homemaker. parents taking over their own children. now we have children coming into this world without a father. that is a terrible handicap to them but it is a big cost to the american taxpayers. the heritage foundation has made a list of 79 different problems that those people who are now dependent on government for all or part of their living
10:16 pm
expenses. they are not all the little children. we have to take care of the children. but it is a good part of them. the heritage foundation found that of these 79 programs, there are 12 programs that are handing out food, 12 agencies that are doing housing subsidies, 10 other agencies are doing various kinds of social services, nine are doing educational handouts at various times, eight agencies that handout real cash, three that pay utility bills, those two that handle child care. i am not sure which is the
10:17 pm
agency that gives out free cell phones, but you know they do that too. this is a terrible cost. we have 48% of the american people who are dependent in whole or in part on handouts for the government -- on handouts from the government for their ordinary living expenses. i grew up during the great depression, we did not have any kind of handout. we turn out to be the greatest generation. [applause] we do not want to be a nation of people who are dependent on government. obama talks a lot about the social issues. he does everything he is told to do. he comes out for daycare. i call it babysitting. he wants it from birth through the ergarten to first grade. he is trying to establish a
10:18 pm
national curriculum that will be taught not only in all the public schools but eventually in the private schools, too. that is not what we want. that is not the kind of country we want. the establishment is trying to give us a lot of bad advice, like we should go for comprehensive immigration reform. comprehensive is a synonym for amnesty. "reform" is another word for amnesty. all of them will be democratic votes because many of them are coming in very poor and pay no attention to the federal law that says you must be financially able to take care of yourself before you come into this country. and then there is the matter of national security issues. obama says he wants to have a zero-nuclear-world. i know some of you have those bumper strips on your cars that say, "when guns are outlawed
10:19 pm
only outlaws will have guns." if nuclear weapons are outlawed only terrorists will have nukes. [applause] and we need an absolutely have to have the anti-missile system ronald reagan stood for and we know is so important to the defense of our country. these are some of your challenges. we need your help to take back the republican party for the grass roots and for the kind of candidates we want to nominate instead of the ones who follow all the dictates and orders of the establishment. we need a choice, not an echo. we don't want a karl rove echo.
10:20 pm
we want the grassroots to be able to pick -- the kind of candidates sarah palin was backing. those of the kind of candidates want because they believe in america and do not take their orders from somebody later. ronald reagan proved that the way to victory was to have the three-legged stool. you argue the fiscal issues, the moral issues, and the national defense issues. unfortunately we have not had people doing that in these last bunch of losers. i have been a volunteer in republican politics all my life. we need all of you to get busy and be part of the action. we can prove that we can take back control of the party because we did it in 1980 with ronald reagan.
10:21 pm
they had their establishment candidate who was the first george bush and we defeated that and nominated and elected reagan. he became the greatest president of the 20th century. [applause] and another inspiring example is my ten-year fight against the equal rights amendment. we have everybody against this. we had three presidents against this. we had two first ladies against this. we had most of congress, all the governors, some of them even are at this event. we had 99% of the media, they even had hollywood on their side. we beat them all.
10:22 pm
[applause] this is just an example that people like you, if you're active in politics -- and that is where the fun is. what else are you going to do with your spare time? it has its ups and downs and you do not always win but it is extremely important. for further information i invite you to go to our website, i invite you to follow me on twitter and come to my book signing table after this program today in exhibit hall d-e. e as in "ele" and
10:23 pm
phant." we have to be able to be in a position to choose the candidates we want, the ones who will stand up for america and the constitution for the social, moral, and national-security issues as well as the fiscal issues. we need your help. i invite you to join the eagle forum in being active as volunteers in politics. and always remember, as we say at eagle forum, those who wait upon the lord will rise up with wings like eagles and we will run and never be weary. don't you be wary because the fight goes on and we need you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
10:24 pm
♪ at the conservative political conservative conference, ann coulter talked about why amnesty is a losing stance for republicans. her remarks and question and answer session are about wendy minutes. -- 20 minutes. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. some of you know, due to the turmoil in north korea, our regular scheduled speaker, ambassador dennis rodman, will not be here. [laughter] i am filling in. i am ann coulter, the author of
10:25 pm
nine "new york times" best sellers. the sequester really ruined everything, didn't it? little kids can not go on white house tours. the muslim brotherhood has been deprived of $250 million -- oh, no, that is fine.[laughter] even cpac had to cut back on speakers this year by about 300 pounds/ [applause] after all of obama's hard work and wrangling over the budget, he has managed to cut the growth of the federal spending by 2%. congratulations, mr. president. even that was imposed on him by the sequestered. and roger ailes called obama lazy.
10:26 pm
van jones said that was racist. but that was a direct quotation. know why he did not know that? because he is lazy.[laughter] i'm kidding. i love him. codee think that lazy is a word. according to liberals, these are racist dog whistles, which may be why only debbie wasserman schulz and rachel maddow can hear them.[laughter] obama has his own words. he says investments, and he means government spending. he says revenue, and he means taxes.
10:27 pm
he says dr. lincoln is in the library, and he means, "distract michelle. i'm going out for a smoke." remember, republicans agreed to raise taxes, and in exchange, we're supposed to be taking an ax to the budget. he wants to raise taxes again. remember this the next time some journalist asks a republican, are you saying you would not take $1 in tax hikes in exchange for $10 in budget cuts?"-- "are you saying you would not take $1 in tax hikes in exchange for $10
10:28 pm
in budget cuts?" we are the indians and the obama administration are andrew jackson. we have been through this before. the democrats tripled the budget. it is not true that it was reagan's tax cuts that led to the deficit. the problem was for every additional dollar that came in to the internal revenue service, the democrats were spending another $3. then reagan's knuckle head of a vice president, the first george bush, unable to learn from the first kick of a mule, made the exact same deal with democrats. he raised taxes in exchange for promised cuts in spending. "i will gladly take a tax hike today for a cut in spending on tuesday." once again, democrats raised spending. it would be like journalists going to tribal chiefs circa 1890 and saying sarcastically, "are you telling me you would not give of 1 acre of land for a guaranteed promise of 10 acres of land?" and then 10 years later, "we are going to be needing nebraska and south dakota, too." obama claims he wants to keep taxes low for the middle class.
10:29 pm
let me tell you for the 400 people still left in the middle class, they could not be happier. obama also said he had to shut down white house tours because of the sequestered. do not worry, though -- the $250 million for the muslim brotherhood, that is safe. the federal grant to study the sex habits of gophers -- that is safe. we also apparently have enough money for the government to spy on americans' personal finances. did you see that? reuters reported that obama is drawing up a plan to allow our spy agencies to scour the personal finances of americans. most americans do not care. after four years of obama, they do not really have any personal finances to scour. most of them told obama, "let me know if you find anything." [laughter] i do not know why republicans keep saying we have to cut
10:30 pm
spending to save entitlement programs for our grandchildren. we have to cut spending to save entitlements for today's 45- year-olds. on today's spending rate, 45- year-olds will not receive any medicare. liberal's response is to say the medicare is the most popular program in history. that is not saying much. they determined that by asking the recipients of medicare, do you like medicare? that is like asking 6-year-olds are birthdays a good idea? despite the non-fox media claim that we're a center-left nation, in fact, republicans still hold he house of representatives, they are up for election every two years.
10:31 pm
the reason we don't have the senate because republicans keep screwing up. i can think of 10 senate seats that with pissed away from narcissism, greed, or stupidity. [applause] show me one example in the last 10 year where is the democrats gave up a winnable seat. no, that hasn't happened. passion is great but in politics scoring is all that counts. we can't anticipate every candidate's mistake but we can stop encouraging our candidates to show off for the base by taking positions that are not our positions. it is no the position of the national rifle committee that a woman should be forced to carry the baby of her rapist. i think our position is -- no, absolutely exception for rape and incest. now let's talk about the other
10:32 pm
99% of abortion. [applause] hey, where did all the democrats go? i think our position is also, let's talk about locking up the rapist and not giving him a right to vote like the democrats want to. [applause] but on the basis of this one boneheaded statement by todd aiken in missouri, democrats had their talking point. republicans are waging a war on women. if we were doing that i was not at that meeting. i would have told them that it is too late the democrats lready won that war. the keynote speaker at the democratic national convention this year was civil rights rapist bill clinton. [applause]
10:33 pm
the convention featured a tribute to teddy kennedy who has the only confirmed kill in the war on women. [applause] i half expected charles manson to show up on night three. some taxpayers don't want to pay for someone else's birth control. i think that haircut is birth ontrol enough. your average democrat believes crazier than todd aiken but the democrats don't let their candidates open their mouths and stay stupid stuff. otherwise, you would have democrats saying that abortion shower funded federally,
10:34 pm
confiscate all guns. trees have feelings. democrats tell their candidates open your mouth and we'll kill you. in addition to, being much better at stealing elections, democrats are much crueler to those who hurt the democratic party. they don't get book contracts or radio gigs or tv gigs for harming the democratic party. where is howard dean's tv how? the only person who would employ dennis was fox news but that was after keibler let him out of his contract. if we focused on what is really causing problems, they are going to say that the problem with the republican party is the conservative principles. conservativism is the only thing that the republicans have going
10:35 pm
for them. [applause] in gallop polls over the last 20 years, about twice as many americans call themselves conservative over liberal or republicans. conservativism is a winning feature, which brings me to a final point. that is the scapegoating of a fake republican establishment. that allows that the real republican establishment to plot and scheme undetected. what will public policy will harm average americans, drive up unemployment, change america permanently in negative ways and on the other hand will be supported by businessmen who will never vote for a republican nyway? mnesty for illegal aliens. as far as i can tell you that republican talk radio and tv shows will vote for it.
10:36 pm
there's many consequences to amnesty but if amnesty goes through then america will become california and no republican will ever win another national election. [applause] richard nixon and ronald reagan will never elect another republican. i can see why democrats want amnesty why on earth is marco rubio and these bushes pushing or it. they are panicked and demoralized after the last election. top panicking republicans. liberal writing the obituary of
10:37 pm
the republican party right now remind me of new homeowners at the height of the housing bubble. people announce their complete triumph moments before their crushing defeat. our job -- our job is to ensure democrats have that crushing defeat. thank you and ill take some questions. [applause] >> go ahead. >> do you believe that chris christie should have been invited to cpac this year? >> the nominee? >> chris christie invited to speak? >> oh, did you see his convention speech? >> yes. >> it was really bad. [laughter]
10:38 pm
i must say, as you know, i have loved chris christie i am a single voter against amnesty so christie is off my list. [applause] our next speaker ted cruz is still on my list. [applause] >> good evening. i'm from ohio. is there any advice you can give us young, vocal, black conservatives for dealing with the liberal mob and will you go on a date with me? [applause] >> yes, absolutely, young man, i need a note from your mother. [laughter] what was this advice for? [laughter]
10:39 pm
i'm already imagining our ate. advice for young black conservatives? > yes. >> well, i have good news, back to the amnesty issue. i've been saying this in nearly every radio interview and try to slip it into every column i right -- write, mitt romney won 20% of black voters under the age of 30. that is an astounding umber. blacks and republicans go together like chocolate and peanut butter. democrats stole them away about lying about the history of civil rights and the history of republicans. i think the reason that romney did so well among young black males they want jobs and they
10:40 pm
don't want to compete against illegal aliens for jobs. [applause] blacks have been in this country longer than their roots in america go longer than most whites. i think we o -- owe them more than someone who just ran across he border. >> this is daniel rivera. i have a two-prong question for you. i have my mother's signed consent, we can go on a ate. [laughter] much has been made of the republican party need for a acelift. it is a little bit annoying.
10:41 pm
we have been doing horribly with minorities and women. i'm wondering what your thoughts of the first part of the question and the second much has been made about the g.o.p. divided. you have speakers like marco rubio and ron paul. -- rand paul. they have vastly different. i was wondering your thoughts on that too. >> first of all, this problem that the party of this is old hite men our average age was about 15 years younger than at the democratic convention. [applause] i maybe exaggerating slightly but not by much. i get the feeling that republicans want to take us back, i look at the democratic national convention, it is jimmy carter, teddy kennedy.
10:42 pm
who is trying to bring you back here? as for the groups republicans don't do well with, i think -- well, we're doing well, with white women, with married women, single women. mitt romney did better with receiver single demographic than john mccain. more of them voted for mitt romney than voted for mccain. the only two groups that voted more for mccain than romney were asians and hispanics, the two largest immigrant groups this country has been taken in for the last 30 years. teddy kennedy specifically designed his immigration act of 1965 to change america 's temperature graphically without checking with the american people. it is impossible to imgrate here
10:43 pm
from europe. 80% of our immigrants come from the third world, 60% of them go on welfare, the higher percentage of native-born americans. we have a more dependent society. we have people who want welfare and we cannot get the votes of the dependent society without changing our policies. they are awful people, those democrats. every time -- [applause] every time a woman has a child out of wedlock, they think oh, great another democratic voter. every time a family gets divorced another democratic voter. every time someone goes on welfare, they think fantastic another democratic voter. we offer jobs and opportunities, and i hope we offer a change to our suicidal immigration policies. [applause]
10:44 pm
>> do you agree that here at cpac that there was not a conservative to beat it was a boston liberal to beat with mr. romney. i want to ask you, if you can clarify why it is important mr. bush not be our nominee and mr. christie not be our nominee and r. cruz the real conservatives that are out there for us [applause] today. thank you. >> i would like to give you rule for choosing our next presidential nominee. i don't have a candidate yet but i have rules who should not be running. i made this mistake so i'm not laming any of you. aving included pat buchanan -- you can't run a congressman. i learned that. you can't run a governor from a small state.
10:45 pm
people have not run and won elections in ayou're looking at governors and mid-size state. senators. let's see how they debate. look at their positions then. i could not get to sleep last night so instead of counting sheep i counted republican andidates. we have a good list of them. we have the governor of nevada. he's pro-choice and maybe we can change him. i'm a single issue voter against amnesty. there is rick snyder of michigan. paul, the governor of maine. there is, sorry, chris christie f new jersey i will be against nless he changes on amnesty.
10:46 pm
there is rick scott of florida. in the senate, you have ron johnson, ted cruz and i say we -- cott walker. you have your favorites out there. i should also tell you at this moment i have height requirements. so if you did not hear your favorite senator or governor put them next to the clown at the rollercoaster. see if he hits the height requirement. i would not get to close to any one candidate. let's see how they do in a debate. let's see what their position is on amnesty. thank you. drive safely. [applause]
10:47 pm
♪ >> texas freshman senator cruz was the keynote speaker at the cpac confidence. he talks about defending the constitution and eliminating policies and laws that hinder economic growth. he spoke for about 35 minutes. [applause] ♪
10:48 pm
>> thank you so very, very much. it is great to be in a roomful of patriots. we are here in washington at a momentos time. i mean, of course, the sequester. in honor of the sequester, for each of you who went to dinner tonight, your meals were reduced by 2.4%. i can see the looks of hunger and famine in your eyes. i do not know how you are ossibly still able to stand on 97.6% of your dinner. i will always be haunted by the site -- sight of newt gingrich's
10:49 pm
emaciated face. it is like ann hathaway in les iserables. other than sequestration, not much is happening in ashington. we had an eminence free day in the republican party where rand paul and me were described as wacko birds. when we first heard that, we thought it was a new kind of drone. if standing for liberty and standing for the constitution makes you an wacko bird, then tell to me a proud wacko bird. [applause]
10:50 pm
and i think there are more than a few other wacko birds gathered ere today. i am going to tell you if, the biggest surprise since coming to washington -- people ask you what surprised you when you came to washington. the biggest surprise has been the defeatist attitude among so many republicans who have been in washington a long time. i cannot tell you how many times people have wanted to that me on the head and say, that is nice. you can vote no and we will just lose. it is utterly maddening. i'm going tell you a dirty little secret that the mainstream media won't tell you. for the last three weeks conservatives have been winning. [applause] we are winning because of
10:51 pm
you. three specific examples in the last three weeks. a couple of weeks ago, i was honored to join my friend, rand paul, as he stood for 13 hours on the floor of the senate. [applause] when he started at 11:47 in the morning, there were more than a few senators, republican senators, who saw what he was doing as odd or even quotic -- uixotic. he said we are going to stand for the constitution. we're going to stand for liberty. we are going to stand until this administration ethnologist limits on its power. -- until this administration acknowledges limits on its power.
10:52 pm
attorney general eric holder testified at a judiciary hearing. i asked him the question. is it constitutional for the united states government to kill a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil if that individual does not pose an imminent threat. his answer was, it would not be appropriate. my response was, i am not asking for your opinion on propriety. you are the chief legal adviser for the united states of america. does the department of justice have an opinion on whether the department of justice can kill u.s. citizens on u.s. soil. three times he responded, it would not be appropriate. it was almost as if he did not understand the question.
10:53 pm
maybe that says something about how the left sees constitutionality. in their minds, appropriately and constitutional are one in the same. he really expressed frustration. i told you we are not going to do it. on't you trust me? [laughter] and the answer is exactly that. no, we do not trust you. and we do not trust the next guy or the next guy or the next guy whether he is a democrat or epublican. [applause] james madison observed in the federalist papers that if men were angels, no government would be necessary. there are not a whole lot of angels in washington. thomas jefferson explains, the entire purpose of the
10:54 pm
constitution is to bind the ischief of government. when rand stood there alone, something incredible began to happen. mike lee and i came early on to support him. then another senator and then another senator. as the night drew on, we saw one after another. we saw 20 house members show up on the floor of the senate. [applause] i did not know they knew where the senate floor was. and something so powerful happened, which is each of you engaged. it captivated the country as the american people looked at suddenly elected leaders doing something we have not seen in a long time, standing for
10:55 pm
principle. [applause] that was -- the filibuster was the first time in my life i have ever spoken on the floor of the enate. to my grave, i will owe rand paul a debt of gratitude. that the first time i spoke on the senate, i had the opportunity to retry this -- read travis' letter from the alamo. the day of the filibuster was the 177th anniversary of the fall of the alamo. observed to rand, a
10:56 pm
native-born texan, that if davy crockett and jim gould alive today, they would have been standing shoulder to shoulder with him on the floor of the enate. i got to read from shakespeare's st. chrispin' -- crispin's day peech. there are some senators who were not there that night who have held their manhoods cheap and as result. i got to read the opening monologue from the great movie, atton. cleaned up a little bit to make it suitable for television. it got to read president ronald
10:57 pm
reagan's 1964 a time for choosing speech. [applause] as they say in the beer commercial, it don't get no better than this. a second example is sequestration. sequestration has actually gone into effect. the white house is astonished. all of us remember the president's scare america tour. he went all over the country talking about the dramatic consequences. washington, d.c. is the only lace on earth where the phrase draconian 2% cuts can be uttered. after a while, the president was self parody as he described the onsequences of a 2.5% cut.
10:58 pm
it reminded me of the scene from ghost busters when bill murray is talking about the end of the world, cats and dogs living ogether. i half expected to see the marshmallow man come walking out. but the white house was certain republicans were going to fold under and cave. instead, we stood around and got the first small step. i underscore it is a small step o reining in our debt. and a third example. last week we voted on an amendment i authored to repeal funding for obamacare. [applause]
10:59 pm
i will confess, a couple of weeks ago when i said i would offer this amendment, more than a few of my colleagues were not thrilled. and yet, we saw every single republican in the senate vote unanimously to defund obamacare. and the democrats all stood together to keep imposing the economic costs, the harm of people losing their insurance as employers are being forced to reduce their hours and insurance premiums are skyrocketing on young people. every democrat vote together to maintaining obamacare even if it
11:00 pm
pushes us into a recession. exactly right. but something that has not happened in a long time is happening. we are winning right now. what i want to address with you his evening at the end of this fantastic conference -- and i hope one of these days ann coulter will learn to speak her mind. [laughter] if we can get her to come out of that shell, she could have some owerful things to say. what i want to talk about today is the question, how do we keep winning? i will suggest two simple steps. number 1, defense the onstitution. -- defend the constitution.
11:01 pm
number 2, champion growth and opportunity. defend the constitution. liberty is under assault from every direction. the second amendment is in president obama and the senate democrats' cross hairs right now. we did receive helpful advice from joe biden. if you have any threats at home, go at home with a double barreled shotgun and fired into the air. that is useful if you are being attacked by a flock of geese. r a drone.
11:02 pm
so maybe joe biden stumbled onto something after all. this past week, we had a hearing in the senate judiciary committee. a senior democrat explained to me that questions about the constitution have no role in the u.s. senate. because, she explains, it is congress' job to pass laws and the supreme court can decide whether to throw them out or not. do you know what? that statement is exactly the problem. [applause] that statement is reminiscent of nancy pelosi when she was asked what is the constitutional basis
11:03 pm
of obamacare and her answer was, are you serious? there are a whole lot of politicians, democrats and republicans, in washington who have not looked at the constitution in a long, long time. let me answer speaker pelosi. yes, we are serious. [applause] the second amendment provides for the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. what part of shall not be infringed did they not nderstand? it does not just end with the econd amendment. the first amendment is a big arget in congress. set aside their love for regulating campaign speech because it seems every campaign
11:04 pm
elected official hates when the people dare criticize. tomorrow is st. patrick's day. my irish mother recently reminded me that it is more than a little ironic that the national party that was the first national party to nominate the first two major party candidates to be president is today fighting a war on religious liberty. it shows just how far we have gone to ask, what would john f. kennedy or al smith say to a democrat party that says to the catholic church, change your religious beliefs or we will use our power of the federal government to shut down your charity and your hospital?
11:05 pm
[applause] there was a time when standing for religious liberty enjoyed bipartisan support. we need to get back to that. [applause] there is the fifth amendment, which provides that none of us shall be provided -- denied life ithout due process of law. somehow, a drone from the sky hitting you from a cafe is not my definition of due process of law. there is the fourth amendment that protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures. e need to repeal the ndaa.
11:06 pm
the federal government does not have the authority to indefinitely detained a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil without due process of law. [applause] there is the 10th amendment. something our omnipotent federal government seems to have forgotten all about. the 10th amendment provides that the powers not given to the federal government are reserved for the states and for the eople. how did we get a $16.50 trillion national debt? we have a federal government that thinks they have the authority to regulate our toilet seats and our light bulbs. we need to get back to the onstitution.
11:07 pm
article 6 of the constitution provides that the constitution shall be the supreme law of the land. there is an ongoing effort to undermine united states' sovereignty. before i was in the senate, i was the solicitor general of texas. we stood up to the world court and to the united nations. we stood up to the president of the united states, who happen to be a republican. i went before the supreme court of the united states and said, no president, republican or democrat, has the authority to ive away u.s. sovereignty.
11:08 pm
we have seen republicans willing to stand up to republican presidents. my question to you is where were the democrats when rand and the rest of us were standing on the floor on drones? the second thing we need to do is we need to champion growth and opportunity. people are hurting right now. we are in the midst of what i call the great stagnation. president obama is one of only two presidents post-world war ii to face double-digit unemployment. there was one only time when we have had less than 1% economic rowth.
11:09 pm
that was from 1979 to 1883. coming out of jimmy carter and following the same policies of out of control debt, taxes, regulation. president reagan came in facing that stagnation. he implemented policies the exact opposite of barack obama. 1979 to 1983, economic growth was zero. -- 0.8%. obama did not learn the lesson from reagan that if he wants to have economic growth, you cut pending and you cut taxes. you don't send regulators like locus to destroy small businesses and jobs.
11:10 pm
do you know, if president obama had followed the reagan policy and we had seen the identical growth that president reagan saw in inheriting the same lousy economy that president obama did. do you know we would have seven million additional new jobs in america. let met help that i can make more concrete. seven million more jobs that is equivalent to giving a job to every man, women, and child in chicago, houston, philadelphia, and boston. that's what we're talking about. [applause] the stagnation under president obama doesn't fall uniformly. if you so happen to be a tax lawyer or environmental lawyer, you're doing great right now. but i'll tell you the people that are hurting the most are
11:11 pm
those are the struggling and the least well off among us. under president obama, hispanic unemployment climbed to 10%, african american to 14%. unemployment for young people ages 16-19 over 25%. that's why for a long time i've been championing what i call opportunity conservativism, which is every republican, every conservative should focus on easing the steps of the economic ladder. splange how ore free market system has served as the most incredible engine for opportunity, for millions of people to come with nothing and achieve anything. the policies that barack obama do not work and the people that are hurting the most are young people, african americans, hispanic, single moms are those
11:12 pm
finding their opportunities shut off to reach the american dream. so we need to champion growth. growth at every stage to get the economy booming. we need to repeal obamacare. [applause] we need to repeal dodd-frank. [applause] talk a a bill you don't have to read further than the title. [laughter] we need to eliminate corporate welfare. [applause] we need to build the keystone pipeline.
11:13 pm
we need to reign in the e.p.a. [applause] you know, in west texas the e.p.s. a trying to use a lizard to shut down oil and gas productions. my view of lizards, they make darn fine boots. [applause] we need to audit the fed. [applause] we need to stop e.q. infinity. we need to abolish obama education.
11:14 pm
[applause] education is too important for it to be governed by bureaucrats in washington taking choices away from parents and kids. and we need to champion school choice. [applause] theels civil rights issue of the next generation. i would like to see more democrats going and splange to young kids trapped in failing schools, young hispanic, young african american why they are willing to consign another generation to not have a fair and equal shot at the american dream. [applause] e need to stand with israel.
11:15 pm
[applause] but we need to stop sending foreign aid to nations that hate s. just two weeks ago, president obama canceled white house tours egypt. $250 million to th no conditions, no strings attached, nothing focused on u.s. national security. he simply wrote a check. we need to get back to growth
11:16 pm
and opportunity. now, listen spreading the message that our policies work, their policies don't. that government control hurts those struggle technology make the american dream the i can promise you something, abc, nbc, "the new york times" none of them are going to help spread the message. we have something more powerful. we have each and every one of you. [applause] the world has changed. there are no longer gate keepers that can decide what the american people get to hear and what they don't get to hear. so i'm here today asking for each and every one of your help telling the story. how many of you have a cell phone on you right now? i'm going to ask you to take out your cell phones and text the
11:17 pm
33733.owth to the number once again that is the word growth, to 33733. when you do that, you will be joining us in helping spread the word, helping spread the word that freedom works, free market policies work. the greatest avenue for improving the condition of those struggle technology achieve the american dream is limiting unleashing nd entrepreneurs. hen you get home go to jobgrowth. .org. we're developping a pro growth economic agenda that can be a contract for america for conservatives to get the economy going and to spread opportunity.
11:18 pm
i ask for your input, your help developing concrete progrowth policies to bring americans together and get our economy back. arrived 10 weeks ago, i in washington, d.c. to be sworn into office. when i stood on the floor of the senate, with my hand on the family bible, i couldn't help ut think back to 1957. 1957, my father came from cuba. he has been -- had been in prison, he was tortured and he came to america and did not speak a word of establish, he washed dishes making 50 cents an hour. as i stood on the senate floor, if someone came up to that
11:19 pm
18-year-old kid as he was washing dishes, and suggested to him that 55 years later his son would be sworn into office as a united states senator representing the great state of .exas [applause] that would have been unimageable. that would have been beyond anything he would possible conceived. yet, there was my father sitting in the gallery looking down as i took the oath of office. [applause] my dad is here today, i would like him to stand up. i love you, dad. [applause]
11:20 pm
in our family that was a powerful, powerful moment. that is just one small example of the incredible freedom and opportunity this country provides. the history of the world, there is has been no nation on eartha has listed so many people with nothing to prosperity. that is if legacy we're fighting for. because everyone one of us is to make se we want sure our kids, our grandkids has the same opportunity, same liberty, the same prosperity that we are blessed to enjoy. [applause] we're here because we're not willing to give up on america.
11:21 pm
we are facing a fundamental choice. a choice that cuts across all issues, it is a choice between surrendering or standing up now. -- to dend our liberty. on guns, do we surrender or do we stand up now? on drones do we surrender or do we stand up now? on spending, do we surrender or o we stand up now? on debt, do we surrender or do we stand up now? and on the constitution, to do we surrender or do we stand up now? [applause]
11:22 pm
that, my dear friends is change we can believe in. thank you and god bless you. [applause] ♪ ♪
11:23 pm
>> the results of the annual conservative act presidential straw poll were announced on the final day. just under 3,000 votes were cast. the winner was kentucky senator rand paul. coming in second was marco rubio with 23%. rick santorum got 8% followed by new jersey governor chris christie.
11:24 pm
paul ryan got 6% and scott walker got 5% of the vote. ted cruz, bobby of louisiana and former alaska governor sarah palin also received votes. next, president obama speaks to the group called organizing for action. then a conversation with bob edgar of common cause. then the weekly addresses with president obama and congressman paul ryan. >> what the public isn't paying as much attention as i am and you are and those of us who are part of this political party. there is a political community. it is about -- probably about 10 million people. it is the people who watch c-span, they watch "meet the ess," they watch fox news, cnn. they care about politics a lot.
11:25 pm
but, you know, we had 130 million voters. most people just get a lot of what goes on in politics is background noise. the background noise comes pretty much from the mainstream media. people form an opinion of romney -- bama and so on, it has fox news doesn't reach most of those people. fox gets great ratings and they have a loyal audience. o'riley"he shows "bill show is the most popular show. it gets two to three million viewers a night. >> more with political common tater and weekly executive edit sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's
11:26 pm
"q&a." on wednesday, president obama poke at a gather hosted by a group called organizing for action. the president told the audience that his priorities in his second term include immigration and gun violence. this is about 15 minutes. [applause] >> hello, everybody. hello. hello. thank you. that's great. have a seat. it is good to see all of you. i missed you. [laughter] let me first of all thank jim and john for organizing this. i want to thank all of you. i have a bunch of friends in
11:27 pm
this room, people who have supported me even before i ran for president. new friends, old friends, everybody here in it for the right reasons. people who care about this country and want us to continue to move forward. i said in 2008, i'm pretty sure i repeated in 2012, that you run elections not simply to get elected, you run elections to have an opportunity to deliver on behalf of the american people. and the central premise of our campaign was always this great country of ours is built on some foundational ideas. the most important of which is anybody, anywhere, if they are willing to work hard and take responsibility can succeed.
11:28 pm
if we have a grow, thriving middle-class and opportunities in the middle-class then nobody can beat us. that is why we attracted immigrants from every corner of the world. that is the reason why our culture has been viewed as dynamic, forward looking. not looking backwards but consistently looking at the next horizon. e good news is, that america in 2013 is poised, as it always has been, to success in ways will make us the envy of the world, if we make good policy decisions. since the election, since i is a many of you we made some progress. we have seen that -- there's actually a bipartisan commitment, at least in the senate to potentially overhaul our immigration system so we can continue to attract the best and
11:29 pm
brightest around the world. we are having terrific conversations around issues like cyber security and how we make ure people's privacy and civil liberties are protected but how we protect our critical infrastructures. we make sure the power of the internet isn't used for ill as well as good. we've seen some progress after the heartbreak and tragedy of newtown, where people finally say we can do something about gun violence in a way that is respectful of the second amendment but insists that no society should tolerate our children being gunned down either in the streets or the


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