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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 26, 2013 8:50pm-9:01pm EST

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taken. what else are they doing? is there any other legislative effort plan for 2014? on thet of lawmakers hill think that the issue is dead. in september, we have the navy yard shooting and it reinvigorated the debate for dick durbin, dianne feinstein, the democrats who wanted to bring the debate back to congress after the failed .mendment in april harry reid said he would not seek a vote. right now, the issue is appearing dead. that may allow the white house to introduce my executive if republicans on the hill will not cooperate. >> in terms of the administration, what will we see? >> i'm not quite sure. they did introduce the 100 million dollars for additional mental health services this week but it is too far to tell what
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they will bring up in the next few months. >> rebecca shabad, and on twitter. thanks for being with us on c- span's "year in review." [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> here's more about guns from connecticut senator chris murphy who spoke on the senate floor to mark the one-year anniversary of the newton school shootings and urge congress to act in 2014. >> we are about to hit the one- year mark since the tragic shooting in sandy hook, connecticut, that took the lives girls andle boys and six educators who cared for them. it should be a source of great embarrassment to the house and senate that we have not moved
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the ball forward one inch when it comes to the issue and protecting the thousands who are injured by guns every year. even while 90% of americans agree that people should prove they are not a criminal, there's no reason we should allow military style weapons in the hands of ordinary americans. we should be embarrassed if we upnot pass a comprehensive aid to the undetectable firearms act, a bipartisan piece of legislation that has been on the books since 1988. most in this country have no idea it exists because up until this week it has been
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noncontroversial. little bit about why this is so important, i want to bring you back 70 years to world war ii. in world war ii, the allies developed a very small firearm called the liberator. it is capable of firing only one shot him a a very small little gone. the idea is we would get this out to the resistance movement in europe and they would be able to conceal this very small to arm to get close enough german soldier, use the one bullet in the gun to kill the soldier then take his weapon. the program never went very far but fast-forward 70 years later to a university of texas student who came up with a design of a newly undetectable firearm, a
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un that can be isroduced a 3-d gun that called the liberator, the same exact gun developed to be used by the resistance movement in world war ii. witness also the fact that once he posted the plans for that plastic, undetectable gun online 100,000e downloaded times in short order across the country before the department of state youth authority to take those plans down. to take themrity down. i don't know the designs but it can be used in the exact same original liberator gun was used. bylastic gun is undetectable imaging equipment, metal detectors. it can be used to get into a very secure place like, let's
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say, a government building, the ones being designed today like young man in texas talked about. they can fire enough bullets to injure a law officer, security officer, take their gun and do even more damage. so mr. president, we have two problems today when it comes to this new issue of undetectable plastic guns. first, the law passed in 1988 manufacture,e possession, or sale of undetectable firearms, 10 cannot pick up on a metal the tractor, you essentially move in secure locations without being identified -- cannot be picked up by a metal detector. if we do not pass an extension, tomorrow it is legal to create an oval firearm.
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the second -- to create the firearm. availableng is pretty really easy tot make firearms that comply with the existing law but our potential he undetectable. why is that? to be a legal weapon, you have to have a certain percentage be metal to get picked up by a metal detector. now we can make creatively bestructed weapons, it can easily removed before it goes through the detector and still be used without the metal on the other side of the detection unit test essentially a racing the benefit of having a metal component if it can just be stripped out. it's a pretty simple up date we have to make here. we just say the metal piece of the gun has to be integral to
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the firing mechanism of the gun so if you take it out to get through a metal the tech to rid does not work on the other end. mr. president, we are having a hard time getting that common sense update, just recognizing that get passed in the senate and in the house of representatives. bill is expiring. we have to pass it. second, we need the update to be taken care of. exam is ar in review federal budget and shut down. we look at the action leading up to congress's failure to not pass a budget and a 16 day government shutdown cutting down services. that's at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> coming up on the next
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"washington journal," a look at the legislative priorities for 2014. our guest is rebecca sinderb rand, the politico senior white house correspondent. rand corporation, special operations forces in iraq and at anniston. later, an examination of the american consumer spending habits and how they've affected the gop and economy with nicole mayerhauser from the bureau of economic analysis and jim ta nkersley. journal" is live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. did not decide early on. minute, as he often did. he probably met with the pennsylvania governor on november 14 and that is when he
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finally realized he had to decide and he did decide to go. he's probably and on the night hishe 17th as he said to friend of a dear brother, he said that on the night he found time to write about half the speech and took what he had to gettysburg and wrote the rest there. there is very good evidence that he in fact wrote the speech late but it does not mean it was not important to him. he used in a lot of care and attention in his words. just because he did not write it for two or three weeks does not mean it was not important. circumstances following abraham lincoln's gettysburg address. sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern, part of "american history tv" on c-span 3. >> coming up tonight, first
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ladies and the life of may me eisenhower. then a discussion on the increased number of women in the prison system. later, cnn >> today it is our pleasure to entertain for the first time our first lady at her belated birthday party. ♪ >> ♪ many happy returns >> ♪ to mamie with music ♪ >> a birthday tribute to mamie


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