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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  January 16, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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minutes, we will talk to ohio congresswoman marcy yesterday's vote on the omnibus spending bill. host: the house yesterday by a vote of 300 59-67 approved the trillion dollar spending bill for the rest of 2014. a vote is expected in the senate by friday. 64 house republicans voted against the measure and they were joined by 3 democrat. the senate intelligence committee released their long-awaited report on what happened september 11, 2012, in benghazi, libya, calling the attacks preventable. we will get your take on the committee's review.
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tweet, so, send us a @cspanwj, or join the conversation on or email anne gearan of "the washington post" joins us on the phone. front-page story with her colleague adam goldman. it is the headline shared by many newspapers this morning, saying that the report says this attack was preventable. why did they come to that conclusion? guest: well, first of all, thank you for having me, pleasure to be here. the report is broadly consistent with several reports that we have seen about what happened in it goesi to date, but
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into more detail and sheds light on the way that the cia, which had one of the compounds that was attacked, and the state department, which has a better-known compound, really failed to talk to one another and to understand one another's strengths and vulnerabilities in the weeks leading up to the attack. thee coincided with what cia and other intelligence aencies rightly fingered as considerable rise in the numbers and potency of islamic militants, including at least ,ome al qaeda-linked militants in the city. this wasn't a secret of the state department either -- secret to the state department either. but the report shows that the true level of danger wasn't being discussed at all. it wasn't being discussed enough
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for adequately by the right people. within the u.s. government away, whenut a mile the attack came there really was one -- that i do know that anyone could do for them. the military was too far away and did not have the right materials on hand. again, something they might've been able to have bolstered ahead of time had there been enough discussion within the government of what was really going on. and no real coordination and planning for these 2 outposts of them wasone overrun or attacked or some other catastrophe befell them. it adds up to if they had done more planning, more security bolstering, more discussion, and had a bit more foresight ahead of this attack, it possibly could have been prevented. dod and intelligence
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community, the cia, the lack of communication there -- that is one of the key recommendations that the intelligence committee comes up with in this report. that is what happened -- their conclusion as to how it could have been prevented the night of. but leading up to it, what does this committee say about intelligence, who received it, and who responded to it adequately? guest: well, it is limited in what it can say about exactly who received intelligence and how detailed the intelligence was, because of course, most of andlligence is classified this version is unclassified. but it does say that the cia certainly on-site in ben ghazi -- by the way, the cia was largely there because of the ,ilitant presence in benghazi
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the scene of a rising potential asurgency and it definitely rising threat to the u.s. backed government many miles away in aatripoli. the cia was keeping caps on them. on them.g tabs the fact that they does the threat wasn't a secret and the cia was sharing that information within its own ranks and the ranks of other intelligence agencies, presumably with the white house, and to a degree with the state department. but the state department their present a mile away in what, in hindsight, was a pretty lightly defended building, apparently , andt getting the message that could be equally the fault of those gathering the
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information in those receiving it. one interesting thing in the report is that the ambassador ,ho was killed, chris stevens is singled out in a way that it sort of hasn't been before, even the people really knew this, that he had been told that there was a considerable security threat, and warned that he really other travel heavier mesh really ought to travel heavier -- he really ought to travel heavier, as the military put it, in dangerous parts of the country, that he should take a larger security force with him. and stevens directly said no, i don't want to do that, that is not the way i want to present myself when i go in to meet people and talk to people, and the report doesn't go into great detail here, but that is not the way stevens thought he ought to be doing his job.
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but he was aware of it. and the fact that he died as a result, potentially as a result of not having additional security, not having additional protection, is something that other reports have kind of screwed around. this 1 -- kind of skirted aroun d. this one says pretty clearly that stevens knew what he was doing. host: the state department -- who at the state department knew about the concerns -- the report does detail, as other reports have -- the ambassador stevens did ask for some help. who at the state department knew he was asking for help? is someone going to be held responsible from the state department? do they identify somebody in the senate report? guest: well, the same people who got disciplined, who were disciplined by year ago are sort of on the hook now, which is mid-level security officials
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mostly, and those in charge of in atching resources and least one case those in charge of deciding how certain facilities would be protected or even where they would be located . the state department has not fired anybody. people adiscipline 4 year ago, and probably more importantly, certainly with the state department -- certainly want to the state department says in its own defense, is that the very first investigation of this, which was by an independent board that the state department is mandated by congress to appoint, called the accountability review board, or report camehe arb
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very close to the actual attacks just a couple months afterward, and it really blasted the state department for a lot of security reaches and failings and sort of failure to think ahead, basically, is one of the main findings, as it is in the senate report. as a result of that, the state department has really made quite a number of changes over the last year. there have been additional security measures in place to many overseas embassies and other facilities, and certainly a greater deal of attention is being paid to communication with intelligence agencies on site, which is one of the recommendations, and to making sure that the people who are potential consumers of that intelligence, ambassadors and other high-ranking state department people who might be moving around in dangerous
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, ines, are better informed some ways sort of an duly warned , from the state department last perspective -- they don't want to be blamed again, they want to make sure that everybody knows the level of threat and has well analyzed it before they make decisions again like either even having a consulate in a place like benghazi, or locating it in what basically was a house with a fence around it. host: what is the role of then-secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama in this report? is, i believe, only mentioned once. politically you would be able to ite the good and the bad for for her from it and those who
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wish her a politically will certainly take that, and those who are defenders will take the good. she responded very quickly to rb the investigation, pledging to limit all the recommendations and take the hit. but the more important question of how well aware what should herself as secretary of state about the risk that people at inis stevens were in benghazi is not really examined on a direct level. paper,testified, on really, she is right. there's not some direct responsibility that the secretary of state has as a line item of authority that they would know this stuff. it would be handled him in these
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kinds of decisions about security and personnel, would be handled many or several layers .elow her in management but she is the boss and she was the boss and she certainly said as much after the attack, that we take the blame and we will make changes as a result. what ok, so, anne gearan, other investigations are happening? guest: well, there are still a couple of other inquiries into specific aspects of benghazi. to shedhink are likely a great deal of new information. the most important thing that is happening is the criminal investigation and the attempt to actually try people. there have been more than a dozen sealed criminal complaints
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, sort of like an indictment but not quite. but nobody's in custody and there have been no trials, and a lot of law enforcement people think that there probably never will be. the ground inn libya trying to investigate this. guest: yeah, they've been back and forth in libya, and the senate report points to, which is pretty chilling, that 15 people who were helping the fbi in some way have been killed. they can't say 100% for sure that these people were killed or targeted for killing because of their help to the fbi, but the link is to the alarming nonetheless. ort: anne gearan, diplomatic spun and with "the washington post," thank you very much. guest: thank you. host: we will get your thoughts attack wase benghazi
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preventable ready to any report by the intelligence committee. darrell, you are up first. caller: good morning, greta. first of all, the question should be that we never should have went into libya. what gave us the right to send our murdering cia terrorists to libya to slaughter the leadership and take over the country? all you people talk about is benghazi and this clown who got killed. out many people did we slaughter in libya? why don't you talk about that? we are the number-one terrorist nation on the planet with our cia. why don't you talk about that? with hillary clinton could charge retire and go back to arkansas. host: all right, darrell. host: jack in minnesota.
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caller: well, my brother from his or her beach me to it but let me take the -- my brother from missouri beat me to it but let me piggyback on his comment. we the peasants don't get to know what they are doing with our tax dollars. we love to go into these countries that don't kiss our lely enough and destabilize them, especially if they have a big pot of oil. the big pot of oil that is left for us to grab in the middle east is in iran. that is what we're doing in libya undoubtedly with our cia, , is our phony ngo's destabilizing the government, stirring the pot, making the country splinter into about 500 different parts so that we can .ontrol it with our puppets we spend the money to destabilize it and then we say
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that we have to go and and stabilize it. if you play with fire, you get burned, and that is what happened to our poor ambassador, who was undoubtedly part of the destabilizing libya prior to the attack. host: ok, jack. host: felix in north carolina, democratic caller. caller: good morning, c-span, america. how are you on this wonderful day? i am from here in fort bragg where a lot of special forces operations are going on and i see on the news reports that only the 3 times he had asked for the help. what about august 16 and a couple weeks after that when general carter ham had offered to give it to him, over the phone and in person, and stevens denied it?
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the housen to that, of representatives and congress actually cut 10% of the state department's budget, $300 million. everybody is going after benghazi for the 5 people who died. what about the people who died under bush, and cheney, a draft dodger, 2.5 times worse than clinton? america, have a great day. for greg is here to protect you. host: felix is talking about that spending bill and the cut from what the obama administration wanted. the ranking republican on the intelligence committee, saxby chandler's, tweeted this out. ,ost: that is saxby chambliss republican from georgia. steve king from iowa
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host: that is steve king tweeting that out. senator ted cruz, potential contender for 2016 marco rubio,n another potential 2016 contender, put out this statement saying the committee should re-examine former secretary of state clinton's failure to provide adequate security for deployed personnel in benghazi as well is took ins she and others the days that follow that attack." marco rubio's statement on the
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senate intelligence committee report. mark in missouri, republican caller. mark in missouri to my view on the line. mark, one must call for you. jim, independent caller. caller: from what i read, barack obama was told about the incident around 5:00 p.m. that afternoon. but from that time up until the next morning, he did absolutely nothing. apparently he had dinner, went to bed, got up next morning to vegas. fundraiser in apparently either he knew that something was going to happen or he getting care. -- or he didn't care. but they need to ask you barack obama, what executive did you do or try to do. you have 4 americans and an investor getting killed -- and faster getting killed and you go to a fundraiser? host: where did you read that?
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caller: the foreign press. host: that is where you learned of it. thank you very much. the senate intelligence report is linked on our website,, if you go to the "washington journal" site. you can read it yourself if you would like. this is being called a bipartisan report with the members of the senate intelligence committee, headed up by senator dianne feinstein, democrat from california. in the report they talk about how tehhe committee began its review of the september 11, 2012 attacks 2 days later. the committee started the review 2 days later and launched into a formal review weeks later. this is what they did as part of their investigation. they had 3 committee oversight hearings with witnesses from the director of national intelligence, the national
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fbi,erintelligence center, dod. 2 committee briefings with david betrays, when what he was cia director and one after he resigned. 3 committee briefings with , regarding the cia talking points. 4 on the record meetings with thompson,cks, mark nordstrom, the former cia chief of base in benghazi who was on the annexed on the night .f the attacks, that is the description of the work that they did, the senate intelligence committee, when they launched this formal review
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of the attacks. they also looked at thousands of intelligence reports, internal documents, e-mails, cables, written responses to the committees, surveillance videos related to the attack. you can find this report on our website, go to the "washington journal" site. carl, what do you think? see theyes, i conservatives, they are going cuckoo because of their conspiracy theories. the only way this was preventable is you are not there, period. what is missing from a lot of these people -- the other 3 guys who were killed, we don't know who they are. there is a reason for that. they have blue stars in langley. they are cia. we are not going to tell everything that happened because we were involved in spying and we're just not going to tell
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everything about what happened and who was doing what because of that, and these idiots act like there were -- they don't know that that is what is going on here. this couldn't have been prevented. if you had to have more security, that is not a guarantee that they couldn't have been attacked. it is an unfortunate incident that happened. it is not like september 11, where the administration told the incoming and ministration that terrorism is our biggest , they got information that terrorists wanted to use airplanes to commit terrorist attacks on america and in ministration didn't do anything and almost 3000 people died. let's get some perspective. thank you. host: bill, you are next in dundalk, maryland. independent caller. caller: this morning i couldn't
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help but notice the anger and amongsttration of -- agains the american populace. i'm 555 years old and i've never witnessed this until today. it is scary to me. are politicians and policies -- no thanks to mr. snowden, ei ther, but he has created a major fiasco. the country as a whole, it just seems like everyone is frustrated to a level like i've never seen before. ok, bill. let's show you how it is playing on the front pages of the newspaper. theirashington times," front page, " benghazi was preventable." here is the front page of "the new york times."
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"benghazi attack called avoidable incident report -- in the senate report." report is broadly consistent with the findings of previous inquiries but it is the first public examination of a breakdown in communication between the state department and the cia during the weeks leading up to the daily episode of the diplomatic compound where chris stevens, the american investor, died. it is the first report to implicitly criticize mr. stevens, raising questions about his judgments and actions in the weeks before his death. like previous inquiries, the senate investigation does not cite any p specifi intelligence warnings. there were no specific terrorist plots to one ambassador stevens about or the others on the ground." we are talking about the senate intelligence report, what is in
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it, getting your take on that. you can call in, you can e-mail, you can tweet as well. inside the report, this is what they write. "stevens recommended the creation of teams made up of locally hired personnel in benghazi and tripoli. they attempted to create a team in triply but were unable to do so because it was difficult to find clear and appropriate personnel. a team was never created in benghazi, despite the ambassador's recommendation." that is what they write in the report. on july 9, 2012 that stevens sent a cable to 13dquarters requesting temporary duty personnel for libya which he said could be dod sitef ds agents,
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security team personnel, or some combination of the 2. john, independent caller. hi, john. caller: hello. yeah, i want to go a different -- i'm sorry -- coordination between different parts of the government. they said that if there was better coordination, benghazi could have been averted. but it is also the case that the other terrorist attacks in other countries, countries would talk , certain other terrorist attacks can be averted with information that is available to them. but there is so much information and so much data that it is basically impossible to quit in and everything that is going on -- to coordinate everything that is going on. there was way too much stuff to
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pass between government agencies too,ifferent countries, that i think it is impossible to do so. host: some critics of what happened on september 11, 2012 said why is the united states there? intelligence report, it said that operations continued with minimal improvement to security protections although some countries averaged their presence in benghazi --reduced their presence in benghazi, the united states maintained a diplomatic presence there similar to the united nations, the european union, and other countries such as italy, france, turkey, and malta." chuck into a north carolina, democratic caller. hi, chuck. caller: hi, thank you. i just think this thing is blowing out of proportion, there's nothing we can do to
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change about. that pastor burned at the caron. that wasn't a terrorist attack. that pastor is to blame for all of it. host: john in quincy, illinois, republican caller. the last month i've been listening to the show in the morning and they've been interviewed libyans who lived in the area and they told how the area was cordoned off before the attack. and then there was a light attack. and then they talk like a couple armored vehicles left this so-called compound -- he said it was actually just a house. a couple of armored vehicles left the compound and then there was the heavier attack and they brought stevens out. he was dead, apparently. the man across the street said "i couldn't figure out why he was dead. what didn't the vehicles take a man? host: heavier the report, --
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have you read the report, john? caller: no, but you can get the report -- host: in the report they talk about 3 separate attacks. there was the attack on the embassy there, where ambassador stevens was, and then the cia annex, and itcia says in a report that the demonic security personnel and thought at that time that ms are stevens had been kidnapped so they left without him and then when they came back they realized his body was still there and that he had died from smoke inhalation at the compound. caller: we destroy the country over there for no reason. water, no no fo -- no food. wholeant to destroy the
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area. go to host: as to the issue of who was there to respond, what resources the government had to respond to the attacks at night, the senate intelligence report says this. ships available to provide any support that were anywhere close to the facility in benghazi. the assets we had available were strike eagles located with life weapons they could've responded but they were located in djibouti, africa, just the equivalent of the distance between here and listen to this. -- here in los angeles. we would have had to build weapons, weapons, get tankers to support it, and get it there." that is what the report says about having adequate response and whether or not people were told to stand down in the senate intelligence report, that that did not happen. aber hindered in responding to quit but most -- they were hindered in responding quickly
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but stand down. hi, bret. caller: thanks for c-span. if you could give me a minute to go through this because there is a couple of things i'm going to add to this. for the people who are denying that this is really what happened, it is beyond comparison. second time in as many guys that "the new york times" has gotten the story wrong. second time in as many months that we caught the president lying. if you like your insurance, you can keep it. benghazi was caused by a film, a riot. absolutely not true. the real situation now is we need to figure out what the president knew and went and same with hillary clinton. both were involved in a very, very big scandal where they are lying and deceiving the american public. where did that like him from -- lie come from? in the congressional hearings,
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the gentleman who respond to these types of situations in aaa was told to stand down -- these types of aa -- these types of situations in tripoli was told to stand down. importantly, it is time that the democratic knowledge that this was not a conspiracy, that this was a real event and that americans died and that that is important. the first ambassador to die in a 40 years and it is under this president's watch and that is a travesty. host: you might be interested in this -- they go to the pen gauzy -- they go through the benghazi talking points and said that the final unclassified version of the talking points as provided security personnel was on september 15, 2012, and it reads what you have heard. "the currently available information suggests that the demonstrations in benghazi were
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spontaneously inspired by the protests at the u.s. embassy in cairo, etc.," what we've heard, and then in this report they go on to talk about how the talking points were then revised, and they have a timeline in their, if you are interested in reading it. you can see that on friday, a.m.,ber 14, 11:015 these are the talking points put together by the director of terrorism analysis. you can see that throughout that day they continue to revise them. there are the revisions in red. they go through many iterations of these talking points. a lot has been made about the talking points. i just pointed out because you and others can go to this report and read it yourself. caller: i'll be happy to check it out but it is important to note that the people who knew that this was a terrorist attack immediately involve the joint chiefs of staff homily on panett -- joint chiefs of staff, leon panetta.
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the talking points originated in the white house. us was verye uncomfortable and wanted to remove himself from the talking points because he knew they had nothing to do with a riot or demonstration. it was a terror attack from the beginning. politically this would be inconvenient for president who is running for office in a tight election and this terror attack on september 11 on his watch, how you explain that during the election. bret, "usa today," different story on this, they report that jason chaffetz of utah says that the report "is evidence that state cap security minimal to give an impression that u.s. policy in the beer was a success for the obama in libya was a-- success for the obama admin assertion. 'security was not driving these decisions.
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was.'"was. -- politics "the washington post" front page story this morning break a story atcapitol hill balks shifting cia role in drones." " in the trillion dollar spending bill that the house approved yesterday that the senate is slated to approve on friday, it includes a provision that blocks the president from moving the drone campaign from .he cia to the pentagon that is on the front page of " the washington post" this morning. a little bit more on who voted against the chilly dollar spending bill in the house. 64 republicans -- among the republicans opposed to the measure r 5 running for senate seats. gingrey, jackil
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kingston, tom cotton, who is running against senator mark pryor, and steve daines. three democrats voted no -- raul, rush president obama will speak tomorrow at the justice department about reforms that he would like to see to the nsa. "the washington post" has the story this morning. that he wants congress to a more on the fate of this program. isy note the president giving the speech at the justice department, a symbolic choice to signal that the administration is committed to the rule of law even in the secret world of surveillance. that is in "the washington post"
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this morning. more retirement to tell you about. we told you about bill owens yesterday. "the wall street journal" has a story -- "lawmaker retirements to hit centrist ranks." mckeonte that buck announced yesterday, along with virginia, democrat of that they would not seek another term. on healthcare, here is "the wall street journal." "federal court upheld subsidies at the core of the healthcare law. the decision hands a victory to the obama administration, which has been fighting in court to defend the formal care act -- the affordable track. the people who brought the case to the court cited a disputed passage in the text that argues that subsidies can only be given to people in states that set up their own exchanges. states didn'tof
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do so, relying instead on a federally run exchange. the judge, a clinton appointee, dismiss the argument, saying it runs counter to the central purpose of the law." the affordable care act surviving a core challenge. back to your thoughts this morning on this new senate intelligence report on benghazi. int -- i'm sorry, louise florida, democratic color. caller: there is something more behind the benghazi attack. i always felt that the timing of the anti-mohammed video played a part so close to 9/11. was anot forget, benghazi cia operation overseen by patr a aeus. susan rice -- the talking points came from the cia. raeus was never a supporter
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of our president and neither was secretary of state hillary. when they say there was a breakdown in communication between the state department and the cia, look at the breakdown of the original 9/11, pre-9/11 between the cia and the fbi. this is going to be played out, folks. host: darrel issa tweets this out. host: there is the tweet from darrell issa. the editorial pages this morning lack anything about the benghazi report, but "the washington times" has it there. "bipartisan committee painted her find prospect of more to come -- paints a terrifying prospect of more to come." texas,, arlington, republican caller.
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hi, barbara. caller: thank you, c-span. when we began the war on terror, it seemed like the country was so united in our patriotism was so strong. are goingince -- we down party lines on our thoughts on 4 people losing their lives in benghazi. now that we have found out through a lot of work that this was preventable, it seems like it is making everybody angrier with each other. i think we need to stop with the party line and who we are for and who we are for again -- and who we are against and .ealize that we lost 4 lives i really think that getting to the truth of what happened is good for those families and for the whole country in general. we need to get back our united patriotism if we are going to beat this war on terror. that is all i have to say. host: ok, barbara.
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gilbert in tulsa, oklahoma, independent caller. caller: good morning. this thing in the libya -- let's go back to the beginning. we have been involved in libya since the 1700s. "member the marine song -- from the halls of montezuma to the shores of tripoli." that embassy over there was swarming with our cia, just like they have been swarming in africa since the colonization of the african continent. the cia killed patrice mumma and they knew what was going on but everything was done to discredit this president. we need to start checking our cia. they are a government in exile, as far as i am concerned, with the cia. in. what they have been they have not prevented anything, to my understanding. host: gilbert, if you are
7:43 am
interested in the number of personnel the united states had in libya the night of the attack, the senate intelligence report goes into the details. they say they were outnumbered by the libyan attackers, numbering at 60, that came into the compound there. if you are interested in that, go read their report. another tidbit from the report. we talked about the talking points and what the cia put out the day after the attack. the senate intelligence report says "as a result of evidence from closed-circuit videos and other reports, the intelligence committee changed its assessment of the process of classified intelligence reports on december 24, -- september 20 4, 2012." they had a site of talking points and they change them on september 24, 2012. also, about the libyan forces that were there the night of the attack. "localootage shows that
7:44 am
police vehicles stationed outside the facility with true as soon as i'm attackers advanced towards the u.s. compound. in addition, the team in benghazi had been vandalized and attacked in the months prior to the attacks by some of the same guards who were there to protect bit about the libyan forces who were working with the u.s. to protect the ambassador and the compound there. tom in strasburg, pennsylvania, republican. caller: within all the acrimony that is being stood around on this issue, what has fallen off the table is where is the administration whole point with creating -- putting susan rice on all the talk shows and obama telemundo,ng on
7:45 am
going before the un, saying all this was caused by this video, his imaginary troublemaker was making and causing all the reaction in the middle east. what has happened to that one? how does the administration talk its way around that? is there going to be an explanation on that one? host: this investigation is -- investigations are likely to continue. republicans on the senate intelligence committee added their views to this report, the executive- " branch has not provided all relevant documents to the committee. other documents have been provided to the committee on a read-only basis, meaning that the committee was only permitted to view them for a limited period of time, while being supervised by the court a dating agency, and had to rely upon our notes when preparing the report. significantly, key executive branch witnesses were directly involved in decisions that
7:46 am
affected the ability of the u.s. to defend or respond to these attacks have declined our invitations to be interviewed by the committee even after being returned to full duty by the state department." john in ohio, independent caller. caller: yeah, i have a question. i don't think benghazi would have really happen if republicans and democrats worked together to run our country like they were supposed to. i don't see how one organization can blame the other for a problem. if they worked together they would have been more informed and this kind of thing would have never happened. host: john, independent in ohio, thanks for your comments. , we will turn our attention to the chili dollars spending bill. we will talk to rep. marcy and get theio perspective of budget committee rett,r scott gar republican from new jersey. all that up next.
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>> in looking at the events of a person's life, the normal approach is to do it chronologically, starting with the subject's youth and progressing through adulthood and old age. we do this with james monroe and we run into the limitations of the individual documentary record.
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the figure here holding the flag is supposed to represent james monroe. you want legacy? here you got it in spades. the great iconic painting of the american revolution. this and the signing of the declaration of independence are the 2 most known paintings from that era. you look at the figure of monroe, you look at washington, it is used directly -- it is exactly the same pose, almost a mirror reflection. monroe general washington, but he is in pretty much the same pose and he is holding the flag. the fifthts of president, sunday at 7:30 p.m. eastern, part of 3 days of american history tv this holiday weekend on c-span3. >> as the president first stated in march and reemphasized tuesday night, the goal of the anded states in afghanistan
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pakistan was to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al qaeda and its extremist allies and to prevent its return to both countries. the international military effort to stabilize afghanistan is necessary to achieve this overarching goal. >> robert gates served 2 presidents as defense secretary from 2006 through 2011, and cia director in the early 1990's. a life book tv event. hisetary gates talks about management of the wars in iraq and afghanistan and his relationships with the white house and congress. in a few weeks, women's history morris.hor bonnie online for the rest of january, join our book tv book club discussion on mark levin's "the liberty amendments."
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>> "washington journal" continues. host: we are back with congresswoman marcy kaptur, democrat of ohio. a trillion dollar spending bill makes its way through the house yesterday. how did you vote and why? guest: i voted in favor of it theause we can't continue chaotic shutdown mode at the federal level. we have to give confidence to the people of our country that we know how to run the united states of america. it came through regular order. our subcommittees have been working through all of them. we couldn't wring our bills to the floor because there wasn't a budget. the budget was completed by the good work of senator patty murray and congressman ryan of wisconsin. we were able then to have the framework within which we could adopt our 12 measures. they were put in one bill because the measures for several months -- were several months .ate
7:51 am
the budget was over 7.5 months late. we have completed our task as promised. host: you sit on several subcommittee, one of them being the energy and water subcommittee on appropriations. explain your role on crapping that part of the legislation. explain your role in crafting that part of the legislation. our responsibilities included nuclear weapons, which is a good share of our budget, and the other portion deals with the army corps of engineers, the bureau of reclamations, providing the infrastructure for energy research and development across this country, as well as water provision in the 17 western states. power production echoes with it.
7:52 am
it is the next ordinary subcommittee. we have a good working with -- it is an extraordinary subcommittee. we have a good working relationship. the chairman is from idaho. in idaho we have differences and the challenges we face and we work well together and i am proud of everything a member of our subcommittee on both sides of the aisle. host: adequate money for this part of the bill? guest: compare to some of the others, yes. and recommends that america's chief folder ability is our lack of energy independence. your prior segment was all about libya, about the sub continent of africa. do think about where we are bringing oil into this country, it is our chief category of trade deficit. it creates unusual relationships as many countries that don't share our political values. america for its own sake must become energy independent here
7:53 am
at home. , as well as the defense subcommittee, are taking a leadership role in helping to turn the situation around for future generations in the country. i agree with the president on an all of the above strategy in the energy sector. it will create jobs here but most importantly it will make america independent again. host: does this bill address what happened in west virginia with the chemical spill? guest: that happened after the bill was put together. our bill includes, usually for cleanup, unless it is defense-related or nuclear related, that is under the jurisdiction of the environmental protection agency. we will have to see what that situation yields. has beenan nick rahall a very strong voice from west virginia for management of that situation. at the moment that has not come under our jurisdiction. if there is some way we can help we'll will work with the
7:54 am
agencies to do that type of that -- but cleaning up type of spill is generally under the jurisdiction of the epa. perhaps my administration might become involved. host: you also sit on the defense appropriations subcommittee. when he has been restored for the anna gone into this approach -- money has been restored for the pentagon in this appropriations bill. including abillion, billion dollars, $90 billion for contingency operations, which is our war efforts in the war on terrorism. bill. a difficult a congressman from new jersey, just a phenomenal talent, has the responsibility for the lead in the house on that, and archivist man from indiana -- a bipartisan team that works very, .ery well
7:55 am
we had to give confidence to the markets in until as well as all .ontractors, subcontractors can you imagine, whether you are talking about contracting for m-1 tanks or the provision of culinary supplies a database somewhere, they had no budget. for months and months they did not know what their budget was. major cuts had to be made all across that budget. it has come down with president obama's midship and the leadership of members in both chambers. leadership ands the leadership of members in both chambers. we are trying to fulfill our obligation to soldiers, sailors, and airmen. i believe this budget restores some of the pressures that were on them, not meeting the military obligations to retirees, for example. that was taking care of. host: just for disabled
7:56 am
veterans. guest: just for disabled, but still, that was a terrible oversight. i feel we did the best we could with the resources we had. until we get the economy growing faster -- that is the most important part of this. when you have certainty and you know what you can spend this year, and now we have a regular , i hope for this year you get the country back to regular order and you make progress for the country. host: we're talking with marcy kaptur, democrat of ohio. she sits on the appropriations committee, involved in putting together this trillion dollar spending bill. she sits on the energy and water subcommittee and the defense subcommittee as well. let me ask you about the front page of "the washington post." included in this bill is a provision that blocks the president for moving the drone campaign from the cia into the defense department. why was that put in there? guest: i was not the member that put that in there.
7:57 am
i think that happen in the closed-door meetings that are the outcome of the omnibus process, which means that if you don't bring your bill to the floor in regular order, they are put together in the end, and very few people are involved in some of those last-minute decisions, which i'm sure this was. that did not come up in our subcommittee. i hope this year we get back to regular order and matters like that can be deliberated by the. committee -- the full subcommittee. --t: when you and others will you and others tried to overturn this move? guest: i will talk to our subcommittee about that. i feel that the intelligence operations -- there are several intelligence operations in our government. i am more comfortable with the department of defense managing war related activities such as that. as a muchny times
7:58 am
more difficult instrumentality for us to have oversight over. i tend to go on the defense side more than on the cia intelligence side just in terms of transparency. host: kevin has been waiting in maine. democratic caller. caller: good morning, commerce woman kaptur. guest: good morning could i love your state. caller: thank you. maine is a beautiful state. i want to ask you about the keystone pipeline. several years now we have heard .epublicans be all for that i am wondering where democrats are on the keystone pipeline. opinion, i in my
7:59 am
would not like to see the pipeline built. it would be a cheap source of revenue for canada. they would put all the hazards on our property, if you know what i mean, heh. candidate would think if we offered to build a pipeline through their territory -- what canada would think if we offered to build a pipeline through their territory. guest: thank you, kevin. every member has to decide for themselves what they support, and i personally come from the great lakes region and we have major refineries, and those refineries have been preparing for the crude that would come from the keystone pipeline. for a district like mine, along the great lakes, we would move that product there for refining. i believe that -- we brought from alaska- oil
8:00 am
and we are refining some of that in our region and there are ways to move those easements where you can protect environment. i have a very good environmental record and i would never want to harm the environment for future generations. i will say that strategically -- we said this a little earlier in the program -- i believe energy independence for our country is so important. if we can bring in oil from canada rather than from places in the world that do not share our political values, i think it is incumbent upon us to do so. i am looking for ways to have and all of the above energy policy, just as our president does, with a balance between renewables, fossils, nuclear, and personally i've been involved in the development of a lot of renewal will technology -- renewable technologies, as well as conservation programs. those are pretty exciting.
8:01 am
at this point in human history, we are going to be bringing up oil and refining it. the question is, are we going to be bringing in him from troubled nations in the middle east, the arab peninsula, or are we going to try to bring resources up from our host: a couple tweets from our viewers that question the overall spending level. "we really need to spend all this money?" first of all, i want to thank the american people for holding the congress accountable. yes, we do have a $17 trillion debt and we have to move to bring down that debt. we are doing that. trillionhave been $21 without the changes that we have been making at the national level. you can do it in a way that
8:02 am
harms growth. if you look at the job creation numbers, you'll see that because ,f the cuts we are making today we have been having large numbers of people from the government sector move on to the unemployment rolls at all levels, federal, state, and local. the government sector is shrinking, but the private sector is not expanding fast enough to absorb those workers. that does not help anybody. it does not help to take people from the unemployment -- employment rolls and push them the poverty. the budget that we have produced will permit the department of transportation to elect contracts for road paving's, for .xample in the bills that i'm directly ourlved in, the dredging of harbors, the improvements to those harbors, so we can have
8:03 am
--er shipping channels better shipping channels -- we have to modernize. we can't sit and say that the 20th century was good to us. we have to invest in our own country and education. passed,measure that we we major the headstart levels for children will be maintained. will have children falling behind because we know that they they are america's greatest resource for the future. tried to make good judgments -- there were some programs that could not be funded. some programs that are underfunded, but most of all, i think we showed that we could govern. that is a message for the whole world. our departments can function in normal ways and they are part of helping america grow the economy and 2014. host: comments on twitter.
8:04 am
"why is this bloated military budget considered sustainable?" karl in michigan. republican color. caller.lican the president has destroyed the coal industry, or is trying to. he won't put the pipeline to bring oil in. he does not like fracking. he does not like anything that would make this country independent from having to go to other countries for oil. i don't understand that. you seem to be talking about -- we had 50 million people that needed health insurance, so we 150 millione hundred people. what is going on in washington? our budget is out of control.
8:05 am
the spending over the last 5-6 years is off the charts. and you are he's doing a good job? guest: we are trying to do a good job, sir. challengen economic in our region. i'm glad to see the detroit auto show being so successful. i credit obama with the leadership it took to refinance the auto industry. it would not have been possible -- in terms of the energy industry, i do agree with the president that we have in all of the above strategy. the loan programs that the department of energy has reconstituted include assistance to the coal industry. research programs weird doing to try to figure out how to use that resource with the least environmental damage. it is not an easy challenge.
8:06 am
readf the reports that i in toledo -- it is one of the major coal shipping ports. coal coming up from west virginia -- our economies are bound. find a wayave to technologically to use the resources that we have in this country. we are not putting all of our eggs in one basket. for the manufacturing industry, michigan and ohio, one of the challenges we have is to reduce the kilowatts we use per ton of manufactured product. nut ofould crack the reducing the energy cost of production manufacturing, we would make one of the most advancements for job creation in michigan and ohio and our entire industrial
8:07 am
development near the great lakes. i don't think we should close our minds to anyone sector, whether it be wind, geothermal, clean coal, oil from this processing our nuclear waste, and so forth. we have to look at all sectors to make energy -- make america energy independent. morninge headline this about the president' north carolina yesterday, dressing last year's to do list. say that obama -- here's the president north carolina yesterday talking about what he would like to do. [video clip] manufacturing going, create jobs, make sure that the research is tied to
8:08 am
businesses that are actually hiring. synergies are going to grow the economy regionally and ultimately across the whole country. as part of our push to create middle-class jobs, said, you know what, let's not settle on 15. let's do 45. publicans and democrats in the house and senate introduced bills that get this going. that is good. but they have not passed the bills yet. passt to encourage them to the bills that would create 45 of these manufacturing hubs. in the meantime, i am directing administration --" guest: the president has my support. the three manufacturing, whether it is the that he wasciency
8:09 am
discussing yesterday north carolina or the manufacturing in advancedhether it is manufacturing across this country, there could be no more important sector for us to focus on then manufacturing. /3 over the last 25 years. one of the reasons of this ranking is because those jobs have gone up shores. i have read charts showing the -- they werents supposed to create jobs in our country. --t one there shows that china a little bit later in that decade and then korea most creating-- we are not more exports versus imports. we are inundated by imports. i tried to buy a coat over the
8:10 am
holiday season. trying to find something made in this country. , that ishart there our deficit with china. this of the shoes worn in country are not made in this country. we used to make a lot of shoes in maine. when you think about electronic products, there is a chart their related to mexico and the growing trade deficits with mexico. we have lost one million jobs related to that agreement alone. we have to restore those jobs. one of the ways we do that is to innovate in the manufacturing sector. the great thing about manufacturing is, it produces of products. if you have jobs been created in manufacturing, you create nearly three additional jobs and the
8:11 am
supplier sector to this manufacturing companies. you are concentrating on manufacturing, you begin to lift your whole economy. the reason i represent from cleveland to toledo, that whole belt -- when the auto industry started to givet up off its back, you could feel the entire region listening. they said, that is going to save america. they have moved into the net negative. we have to invest in that sector as well. is north carolina, northern ohio, northern california, we have to pay attention to manufacturing, how ,e move higher level research one of the topics that we deal with heavily on my subcommittee on the energy front, the kind of
8:12 am
innovation that is going on there -- this is going to move america into i a better job's position. host: mike is in ohio. independent collar. is congress going to do anything about the lack of apparent control over the nuclear weapons program that we have? the cheating on tests and the drug rings that are being ran in the silos. and what we do for our veterans is atrocious. you guys ought to hang your heads in shame, which is never going to happen. as far as the budget, every person i ever see on washington the other any of segments on c-span, they always brag about how tight their committee is and how well they get along. yet, when you look at it, congress is so dysfunctional it is pathetic. where is all this geniality and getting along getting us question mark as far as the american people putting you guys
8:13 am
to the torch, the only people that have any influence on fromess in my opinion, what i've seen, our special interest groups. they're the only ones -- the big donors and big industries. there's no such thing as clean coal. thank you very much. host: thank you. were: first of all, there 359 votes in favor of the bill to move this country forward. there were only 57 votes negative. their 166 republicans and 193 democrats. we were able to come together finally on something of importance to the country. create that solid framework with progress that we have needed for a long time. in terms of clean coal, you are correct. right now, it is not. the question is, could it be?
8:14 am
opinions vary on that. i don't think the scientific standpoint should be to give up. in the philadelphia area, in ohio, that particular region and stressed. we have to think about our future. i know the congressman from that art and others from ohio dedicated to improvement -- are dedicated to improvement. if you know a veteran that needs help and is not seeing it -- the medical services is available to veterans are not as great. you can call my office. we have managed with this president and the secretary of veterans affairs to move health clinics for veterans to areas where they did not exist before. we have modernize them. we have provided a way to survive veterans. we have doubled the budget that
8:15 am
serves veterans across this country well thought for us and put their lives on the line for us. i can't imagine a member of congress not helping any veteran finding those services if they are needed. thank you for standing up for them. host: the caller also mention this headline that is on fox news. officersr missile implicated in cheating scandal. go to if you're interested. any thoughts on this? people thatave some are total disappointments. it is human nature. it can happen inside our u.s. military. with the hearings yesterday and the other actions that will be taken by subcommittees such as the one i serve on, we will get to the bottom of this. host: it will be cleaned up. host:thomas is in fremont, ohio. you're on the air. go ahead. i am asking about the
8:16 am
unemployment bill. if they can reach an agreement -- i'm a single dad. i make a decent living. guest: thank you so much. i know fremont, ohio. thank you for calling in. we are fighting as hard as we johno get the speaker boehner from ohio where unemployment has just gone up to bring that extended unemployment compensation measure to the floor. he can do that under his power. right now, he's making a decision to not bring that delta the floor. 128,000affecting over ohio families that have not been able to get their extended unemployment benefits. these are people who have worked , who believe in the value of work, and they have earned the while they helped are looking for another job. it is hard to get a job when you lost it, because we don't have
8:17 am
enough jobs being created for the levels of unemployment that we are sustaining, particularly among older workers. we have historic ties for those -- and stork highs for those over 50 years of age. -- historic highs for those over 50 years of age. people want to work. what good does it do us to say, you can come up your unemployment benefits and then they fall into the ranks of poverty. people's lives together so that they can look for another job. and maintain that good work ethic that is at the basis of the economic growth that the society -- this society has maintained. host: republican caller.
8:18 am
hi, frank. caller: obama's down in north carolina talking about creating jobs. yet, he is working on this agreement with vietnam, chile, all these companies -- countries where they paid the five cents an hour. $0.25 an hour. they vote against it. they can't discuss this with each other and say nothing about it. if you're up and down, it is all secretive. guest: iq for calling in. -- thank you for calling in. i'm very concerned about these backtrack trade agreements where congress has not been allowed to amend. they're driven to the floor and we have to vote on them.
8:19 am
the executive branch since the early 1970's has taken the power away from congress. it is time reassume that power. every single one of these trade agreements, whether it is nafta or china later in the decade or korea couple years ago, the presidential administration negotiates these deals and then they send a deal to congress. usually in a way that it is backtrack come a which means it comes at a time when, within a few days, it is discharged to the floor. you are not allowed to amend. it has resulted in losses of $9 trillion of economic activity in this country. more imports coming in than exports going out. millions of jobs, as you know, in massachusetts where you are one of the states affected by that. i don't support the trans-pacific agreement.
8:20 am
we already have deficits with 6-7 of the 11 nations involved. they say, you are going to create more jobs. every single one of these trade agreements is a flawed trade that has cost america jobs. these deals increase the incomes of americans investing abroad, even as they diminish the income of americans working here at home. we have to have a pro-american trade policy that results in jobs being created here at home and opening these close markets around the world. -- close to markets around the world. the representative on top of the west virginia chemical leak situation, the same week as the leak he voted to reduce hazardous waste reporting requirements. how did you vote on that bill? guest: some bills have nice
8:21 am
titles, but they don't do what the title infers that they do. i personally support the environmental protection agency and careful monitoring, not changes in regulations that would diminish their ability to .leanup spills the area he represents has a lot of cold and it has a lot of special challenges with material that most areas in the country do not. i'm very proud of my voting record. there is aof whether spell in west virginia or one in cleveland, ohio, let's clean it up. one of the weaknesses of the bill that we passed yesterday in my own subcommittee -- we have a program where we cleaned up
8:22 am
nuclear sites and ways to run this country. the american people would not believe how much damaged material sits in different places near our waterways and landfills where we simply do not have the money to clean up the sincehat was left over the first world war, literally. when you look at the maps of ande these waste pits are neglected sites, we could create so many jobs across the country. if we could fully fund those programs to cleanup legacy costs , legacy sites from past generations. it is shocking. great things as a member of congress. i want to modernize america. i want to modernize the grid and make our energy independent. yet, on our subcommittee, we have a look at all these waste
8:23 am
dumps that aren't cleaned up. , that is partted of the job. it hurts the water table. people are concerned about the water table and so forth. it hurts our ability to reuse those properties. in some places, they have to be permanently sealed because of what has occurred there. we don't have enough money in the budget to do all that. host: is this related to yucca mountain in nevada question mark harry reid's continued opposition to moving nuclear waste to nevada. that is a whole other issue. all of our commercial utilities properties -- we over the years have invested in the place called yucca mountain in nevada. there is no new money for yucca. the question becomes to the country, if the money invested wholeis sunk and the
8:24 am
and we can't move the material there, what are going to do? that is one of the unresolved questions that are subcommittee faces. where are we going to put it? unsafe. sites,u have dozens of n that material being taken and put in a storage place with heavy security and so forth, that is a much better way to handle nuclear waste than what we're doing today. the commercial utilities know it. we don't have an answer to that question. host: we have a question for you from one of our viewers. the report by the senate intelligence committee about what happened on september 11, 2012 in benghazi. his report made it impossible for hillary clinton to win the presidency in 2016. families of the heroes who died
8:25 am
in the defense of the compound and benghazi will not allow the american people to forget. the blame lies of this and ministration will not be forgotten. thise blatant lies of administration will not be forgotten. guest: that is a question for the american people to decide. those who support or don't secretary of state hillary clinton -- former secretary of state hillary clinton will stay. we are a country that continues to investigate, a country that continues to probe, and ultimately, the truth will come out. in matters like this, where there is secret operations going on in a very difficult part of the world -- a country where we had imported oil. it is an important illustration for people to think about, all right america, if you are
8:26 am
importing oil from places that have that much political turmoil, isn't it time for us to wo feetn our own t more and become diligent question mark people who run for office in this era should have that at the top of their priority list. our soldiers know this very well. a country where we had imported lots of oil. imagine if we had invested those dollars in america. modernizing our grid and bringing up new types of technology for more energy vehicles. imagine what that it would've done for this country rather than have us in 17 trillion dollars of debt because we have been at war for over a decade now.
8:27 am
the cost of war halfway around the world and all these terrorist operations that we have had to break up, stemming from these places that are oil-rich. think about what we are doing is a country. we have to turn this around. we have to stand on our own two feet again here at home and invest those dollars in the united states of america. millie is an asheville, north carolina. independent color. caller: good morning, ladies. i would like to know if the , when thetive democrats voted a bill to discontinue the incandescent light bulb, which put the last lightbulb company out of business in america and we now have to import those mercury filled ones from china. my other comments is on the coal industry.
8:28 am
since this administration, i've read that nearly 100 coal companies have been closed down. that is a lot of people that you have put out of work. so i would like to hear your comments on those two things. guest: thank you for being concerned about energy. we are trying to find an answer on coal. yes, i was here in congress when those measures were passed. our hope was in passing those bills that we would bring down the usage of power in buildings and so forthc. what happens, with almost everything, somehow, foreign production displaced u.s. production. you have your eye on the right target. wouldn't it be great to have that production in the carolinas or in ohio or frankly anywhere question mark with the work we are doing at the department of
8:29 am
energy, we are trying to spur advanced manufacturing in this country. we are just at the dawn of new energy with light bulbs. that was the first design that came out. there will be many, many more. the part of ohio where thomas edison was born. -- i wa represent the part of ohio where thomas edison was born. people will be able to come forward and be able to replant that production here in our country. in terms of coal, because of , manynmental regulations power plants that were fired by coal were shut down or converted. what is happening is, in places like ohio, natural gas -- the
8:30 am
natural gas boom is extraordinary. which seeing a change in forms of power and natural resources are being used and being developed. we are going to see some of those coal mines that actually shut down because of natural gas coming on stream so fast at so much of a cheaper price -- there is a natural market adjustment that is occurring. as i said earlier in the program, we have to have in all of the above strategy. we have to look at each sector and decide how we are going to bring that up in an environmentally clean way and not neglect any sector and convert these plants that were belching all of this garbage into the atmosphere and creating lots of americans who have asthma and lung conditions because of dirty air. we have to grow up. how to usefigure out
8:31 am
these resources wisely and sustainably. host: christa in trenton, north carolina. democratic color. caller: first off, let me say that although i currently live i north carolina, am originally from northeast ohio. before i ask my question, i just want to say that i am glad to hear that you do not support the gpp. to ouruld be devastating country. regarding appropriations, spending, and waste, my question is this. togress's refusal investigate the evidence that building seven was brought down in a controlled demolition on 9/11 is based on its blind trust in this wtc report that is now been found to have incorrect data that when corrected, this collapse would
8:32 am
have been impossible. as appropriations committee member, would you be willing to review the errors in this report and help in seeking accountability for these errors considering that they've spent over $20 billion in taxpayer money to reduce this report -- $20 million in taxpayer money to produce this report? thet: i have seen some of callers that have called in and i think you're getting your message through. as i said earlier, sometimes the government does not have all the facts or there is an effort in some manners to not reveal the facts for whatever reason. the american people are persistent. the truth will be revealed. you certainly can send me material and i will discuss it with those who are in charge of
8:33 am
funding those agencies. host: nancy is next in florida. republican caller. back in the 1980's when clinton was pushing for nafta, i considered you a hero because you are so strong in opposition. goes on forident saying how he wants to create jobs in this country and yet he is going to be supporting the asian trade agreement. are you going to be a leading opponent of that as you were with nafta question mark guest? guest: i hope i measure up to your standard. that hassing the tpp been negotiated in secret meetings. congress has no access to those documents. when members have attempted to get details on those, they are shown maybe one page without any backup data. they can even figure out what
8:34 am
they are being shown. mid-1970's, the executive branch and the trade arena has taken congress i 'power away from it. they always use the argument, it nationalal -- in the interest to do so. no, not when you have evidence of the trade model that has been in place since the 1970's. we have accumulated trade deficits over $9 trillion and , two .7 of lost jobs million jobs lost to china because of the agreement. the korean deal has not resulted in the sales of u.s. cars that we were promised. every single one has been a failure in terms of their benefits to the american people. we need a pro-american trade model. i hope that this president --
8:35 am
i'm sure he is listening this morning. standarduld just set a for his staff and his negotiators, until these trade agreements result in trade surpluses with the united states , we should not using that o ld trade model. this has been a long fight. thank you for fighting with us on behalf of the people of this country. host: we hope the president is watching, too. he is a little busy. thank you very much for talking to our viewers this morning and coming back on the washington journal. we appreciate your time. guest: thank you. host: we will continue our discussion with scott garrett right after this news update from c-span radio. >> it is 8:35 eastern time. remarks to the bbc
8:36 am
radio says that britain defense spending cuts could limit its ability to be a full partner with united states military operations. rinse army will lose 20,000 soldiers by 2020. as part of efforts to meet steep cuts to public spending ordered by the prime minister. robert gates is currently on his book tour, running his new book. he will be appearing on c-span 2's book tv at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow. the top cyber security officer for the health and human services department has prepared testimony to congress. he says that he was concerned with potential voter ability ahead of the launch of the health care website. he was unable to get answers to his questions from others inside the department. he concluded that the testing of the site was substandard. the house oversight committee a.m. to speak on
8:37 am
the health care website's security. you can watch on our website, when president obama laid out democrats,for senate he asked them among other things to not vote for new sanctions on iran. this coming monday is the start of a six-month agreement between the u.s. allies and iran, which is cutting back some nuclear activities in exchange for a loosening of execs think -- of existing sanctions. they will seek a longer-term deal with iran. those talks could be hurt if congress as new sanctions. the senate meets at 10:00. live coverage of their debate on c-span radio and on c-span2. those are some of the headlines on c-span radio. little antennas went up when somebody had their own agenda.
8:38 am
, and it usually worked out. >> watch our program on nancy reagan on our website, our series continues live on monday as we look at first lady barbara bush. >> 300 years ago, the first pioneers crossed the ocean to a new world. the promise of a land where a man could build his own house, raise his children, and yet, one of the great river valleys of wrong., something went in the tennessee valley, three centuries later, the descendents of the pioneers were neglected people. they were living in the ruined land. for these children, the hopes
8:39 am
and promises weren't there. projects a project -- a and the concept that had been under consideration for some years before president ro roosevelt became president. he was looking to help improve the quality of life in the tennessee river of the. tobring flood control generate electrical power and improve the lives of the people living in the tennessee river valley. it is one of the poorest regions in the country at the end of the 1920's. they made a serious attempt at remaking the social lives of the people living in the river about valley. look at the, a history and literary life of chattanooga, tennessee. 2.urday afternoon on c-span
8:40 am
>> "washington journal"nw continues. host: a member of the financial services committee. yesterday, the house voted to approve this $1 trillion spending bill. you voted no. why? we had worked last year trying to come to an agreement where we would put the u.s. government on a trajectory of someday living within our means. that is something that most americans want us to do. we worked in the prior session to come up with an overall framework. we have come together in that manner. year, thein this new beginning of the second year of the session, we break that pledge with each other and we break that pledge with the american people and we spend
8:41 am
more money. depending on what baseline you either tony it is $3 billion or $24 billion more. decisions will have to be made at some point. you, it's the level of spending. guest: ultimately, it's what is good for the economy, good for job creation, what can put americans back to work. during this administration, they for done an abysmal efforts job creation. we see the stagnation level and we need to create more jobs. you will not do that as long as continues to suck so much money out of the economy and to washington and bureaucrats spend it.
8:42 am
host: what is the alternative of government shutdown? guest: i can't think of anybody that i've talked to, either democrat or republican who said he, i want a government shutdown. we have to come together and work in a bipartisan manner. to put us on a sustainable level where we can live within our means. we are still not doing that. people calling in your have to do that. they can continuously spend, getting more credit cards and bank loans, but that is what washington does. we asked the federal reserve to keep dumping money. host: what is your take on all how this came together questior? guest: there is an upside and downside to it.
8:43 am
they were able to get into a -- they were taking the lead on some of this -- i think of the criticism that was made by number of people on .nother issue speaker policy had to pass the bill before he knew what was in it. that is a good charge that the american people wants us to have an understanding of the legislation and read the bill before we all vote on it. question toa good ask the other people left come on this program after me who voted yes on it and say, did you actually read the bill? .any did not read the bill did you read a full summary of the bill? you have a full understanding of what is in the bill? are honest if they
8:44 am
with you, the answer would be no. is what was in this bill, something to fix the problem and the bill that we passed a couple days ago. that is the issue with the veterans. because the bill moved so quickly through the process, republicans and democrats voted for it. they do not understand what was in it and it created real problems for our military retirees. host: you're talking about the two-year budget frame that includes that's to retirement benefits. those cuts were made for disabled veterans. guest: exactly. my point is, they moved it real quick. because it moves so quickly, people do not know it. o fix thatove to mov problem. they just not realize they voted in favor of it. host: is this a criticism of
8:45 am
your leadership? guest: this is a criticism of the process. i criticism of the fact that we have your patch will he -- perpetually not come to grips with the fact that we have to live within our means. criticism of the ministration that says, no, we don't have to balance our budget. it is a criticism of senator reed's who says we do not have to tackle some of these larger entitlement issues. we don't have to do it now. we can wait 20 years to tackle some of these issues like social security and medicare. that is ludicrous. we have to tackle those issues today. theill be too late for economy and too late for americans and job creators in this country to wait another 10-one years. host: finally, congress does its job with this bill. financial regulators, including the trading commission and security exchange commission
8:46 am
with far less money to do their jobs rigorously. these agencies that are overseeing the derivative industry. the sameese are regulators who failed miserably, not for lack of authority, not for lack of money, not for lack -- authority from congress to do their job, all leading up to the crisis of 2008. if you have somebody that suffered under the made-up situation, they can tell you that the regulators failed to do their job. they will tell you that these regulators failed to do their job. if you the regulators to do this, we brought the regulators and after the did you and ask them, have the authority to make these investigations question yes. did you have the ability to make
8:47 am
these investigations? yes. was the information out there to collect on these investigations? yes. did he do it? . their answer was, no. operating as ae .ot bureaucrats do the answer is not always more money. the answers for them to do their job effectively and get the job done. host: i will go back to the new york times editorial. victory in thes spending bill is the amount of overall spending come which is far less than it should be to revive the economy. in 2008, discretionary spending 1.7 $6eorge bush was trillion. that amount should of gone up in the following six years to reflect growth in inflation, paid for with new tax revenues. guest: not to get into economic
8:48 am
theory here, the way to get out of a recession or a depression money,pend money, borrow spend it anyway that washington politicians or bureaucrats want to, as opposed to allowing americans to create jobs, get jobs, decide how they're going to spend their money themselves -- it does not work. it did not work after the great depression. it is not working now with the great recession. -- $300spent multiple billion when president obama came into office. we have done it will all times. spending more money on failed projects is not the way out of a recession. host: let's get to phone calls. west virginia. democratic collar. caller: good morning.
8:49 am
you are against the aca, but i have a different story for you. how about the pre-existing conditions -- medicare. did you know that if you go on a medicare supplemental program and you want to switch from the company that you have already for a cheaper price, the underwriting for the insurance companies allows you -- allows them to turn you down for pre-existing conditions. that needs to be taken out of the law. guest: there are some parts of medicare -- information like this is helpful. you are right. that could and should be something that congress can and should look into and rectify. what you are saying is that if
8:50 am
you are in one insurance policy today and you are going to another one, then the preexist should carry over. that is something that congress can and should change if that is the case. we don't need to do all the other things with the affordable care act where it created more problems for a lot of other folks out there who had health insurance plans and all of a sudden their employers decided they're going to cancel them. people who are able to afford in the private market mousing their rates go through the roof and they can't afford them. there are so many other problems that the affordable care act caused. let's grab that and go back to square one. the point that you raised is probably a good one. thank you. host: twitter --
8:51 am
"deficit cannot be reduced without tax reform. any hope for that?' guest: the tax rate in this country is absurd. i still try to do some of the prep work for my taxes, but a few years ago i decided it was too complicated and we started hiring a local person to do our taxes for us because it is so complicated. you talk to people on capitol hill -- i bet most members of congress don't do it. head of the ways and means committee -- he got in all sorts of trouble. he did not understand the tax code. treasury,ary of responsible for the irs and the entire tax code, he got in trouble because he did not understand the tax code. we absolutely need to reform the tax code. if you do it in the right way, you can actually create
8:52 am
incentives to help job creation, which is good. you can do away with disincentives, which discourage job creation, which is the right thing to do. yesterday, the republican study committee, the head of the committee spoke for a bit. he gave us the degree of optimism that this is still on the table and we can do some good things when it comes to tax reform. host: where do you think it lies on the priority list? if i was me, if i was in to the i would raise it ler's point. caller: my question is, first of
8:53 am
you we are real proud of for doing a great job. we know you are trying to do that in washington. my first question is, what are waste fraud fight and abuse to the taxpayers? what is your opinion on term limits? thank you. limits potentially can work. states can just do it individually because there are constitutional issues there. the only caveat on term limits term limit theou members of congress, then who will be the longest serving people in washington? it will be thelobbyists and
8:54 am
bureaucrats and staff. they may end up -- this may be an unintended negative consequence -- you may end up byh more power and authority all those unelected people and less by the people that you and i elect. on waste andstion abuse. i look at this all the time. waste, fraud, and abuse. whether it is in my budget -- the issues we just talked about, we want to make sure there is not waste their. every time a bill comes to the floor, even if it is outside of your expertise or what have you come i talked to some of the
8:55 am
people that are knowledgeable about it to see, is this bill going to rein in spending and do away with the abuse or does it foster or increase it? host: woodstock, georgia. independent caller. caller: my question is the representative is this -- we -- how do wele solve the problems with so many people having priorities in their district question mark especially when it comes to -- every state has a defense contractor in there and no representative is going to vote against funding that. that is a basic problem that is going to take right minds to resolve. toshould not wait 20 years figure out medicare.
8:56 am
we need to solve some of the current problems with social security. we need to solve those problems. one thing we could do is to raise the cap. i think it is quite unfair to take more than five dollars out of every $100 that an employee at walmart makes and take one cent or less than one cent out fromery hundred dollars these rich sports people. thank you for your time. i know you have a couple get a job. continue keeping up the talking points about nancy pelosi. the only thing that has been forgotten is that harry reid has not passed a budget and 3-4 years. i try not to do talking you.s but thank latter point, on medicare
8:57 am
and doing something -- the color the point.ller makes democratic leadership unfortunately does not want to do some of these things in the piece mail sessions. i was at a conference and on the panel was paul ryan and chris and they were both speaking. question --ed the there'll whole bunch of things that we disagree with -- there are one or two items on social security that you do agree with. you agree to move those bills. i remember, then holland said,
8:58 am
will not move one or two of those bills. we want to move it on a comprehensive package. i guess the reason why is because once this issue or that issue to be part of the package. the only way to get that issue done is to put it into a package. i am more with the collar on this. on this. if it helps social security, we should move it forward. host: winter haven, florida. democratic caller. caller: the people have to give more, while the people who have given every money have nothing left to give. host: what did you say question
8:59 am
? caller: the people have to stop spending -- the people have stopped almost living. it has gotten to the point where we don't have any money. we don't have anything. buildabout time that we our defenses so strong that no other country would dare to .ouch us build it here. if you build overseas come you're out of business. start supporting america only. thank you. that is my question. guest: it is good that he said that because it is obviously something that i've said. maybe other viewers -- let me be clear. much is beingo spent, i did not mean that too much money is being spent here
9:00 am
in washington by politicians and bureaucrats. i think more money should be able to stay in the people's pockets and taxes should not be going up. taxes should be staying the same are going on. the color seems to imply that i want to take more money from the viewers. absolutely not. i have never in my time in office ever voted to raise taxes. just the opposite. we should allow the decisions on how money is spent and retained to be made by the public. on the other point, i agree with him, on issues of cutting spending, foreign aid, that is something i've often said we spend way too much for. as far as building things here, yes. the job creation


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