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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 7, 2014 12:27am-12:46am EST

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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome donned atrump, chairman president of the trump organization. >> thank you very, very much. notice, no teleprompter. we don't have teleprompters. said, how many of these people are using teleprompters? them, so almost all of we can't do that. you know, i just left trump national dor aal in miami and it's a great place, i just spent $250 million rebuilding it making it the best resort in the woodsy, and i saw tiger this morning, ernie els and phil mickelson and i was dressed like this. where are you going? and i said i'm going to cpac.
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[cheers and applause] now, i don't know if they knew what i was talking about, they so that washey did, very impressive. but i created a lot of jobs down the road,t thank you, you look so nice. road i'm down the creating jobs, we start in one month on the old post office, is an incredible building. and tremendous numbers of jobs, of money going into it, and it will be perhaps the most when we finish anywhere in the world, and we're very proud of it. right on pennsylvania avenue next to the white house. and between the white house and congress is sort of an interesting place to be. to tell you that our seriousis in serious, trouble. $17 trillion our debt, 17 trillion?y off
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nobody ever heard the expression a number of years ago, the word trillion. have debt that's beyond belief, we have deficits that even comprehend. china, which i've been talking last five years, face,day right in our they just devalued their currency. now, for those that don't understand devaluation, what they're basically doing is ripping you really big league, nobody's ever done it better than us, but now we're to really do it again. and the reason they did it, and it,ybody was surprised by so because our leadership is weak, and so pathetic, that they can get away with it. and believe me, they're taking our jobs and they're taking them big league. is not the only one. you look at other countries, they're all doing the same
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thing. have no respect for our leader. frankly, they frankly, they have no respect and a longer for our great country. it is so simple to solve. is a strong economy. what we need is jobs. you hear the stony job numbers, 6.7%. it is like they consider you employed. it's amazing. they changed at this. if you had people that could not find work, they could not find work. huge number, probably like we have not had. the worst in 36
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look atng said and you what is going on, we have a president that just today came out with his lowest job approval rating, 38%. [applause] know, i am so torn. i would love to see him do a great job and put the country back, bring the country back, but we all know it's not going to happen. we all know it's not going to happen. is 54%.pproval rating when you think of that, it is inconceivable. we are getting into jimmy carter territory. i never thought i would see anything like that again. i lived through that time and it was not a good time. we are pretty close. maybe by next month we will have surpassed the late, great, jimmy carter. is and that isit
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the way the country is. know, i want to see something happen that brings the country back. i went to see the potential that this country has on working so hard and i will do these things. al has done an amazing job with cpac. he really has. he's around here someplace. he is really done an amazing job . everybody wants to be here. when he calls, you come here, and we get our point across. the people in this room are people that want to see this country be great again. it's very simple. somebody said, who is your says, who isebody your audience? who are they? i actually said these are people who love the country and want to see it be great again. it's very simple. it's just one of those things.
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now, we have a big election coming up. i believe the republicans -- conservative republicans, because the word conservative to me is very important. conservative republicans are going to take the senate. i believe that. i think it's going to happen. [applause] i think in 2016 you will probably be running against hillary clinton. it's going to be a tough race so by that time, it will be bad that the republicans will likewise take that and then you could actually end obama care which is a total catastrophe. [applause] the problem is that in 2016, if you look and study it like i do, all of the problems are being 2016, afterthe year
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the election. i don't know how the republican leadership has allowed that to happen, but it's happening. i have read a lot of report saying we're going to drift along. just keep drifting. 2016, 2017, 28 team are going to be an economic disaster. you know, whoever is president -- good luck. you're going to have to be very smart, very sharp. they say 2016 after the election 2018, economic disaster. some say economic catastrophe. we have so many issues if you think about this country. we have so many problems and we have so little leadership. so little leadership. it is all about the leadership and she agrees with me. i love her. she agrees with everything i'm
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saying. i like her. know, if you look at just what has been happening over the last couple of days, russia and putin -- i was in moscow a few weeks ago. they treated me so great. he even sent me a beautiful present with a beautiful note. i spoke to all of his people. you know, you look at what he's doing with president obama, he is like toying with him. the dayhe olympics and after the olympics, he starts with ukraine. the day after. he did not want to do it during the olympics and boom, the day after. our athletes leave, we all leave, and the day after. you know, he goes in and he takes crimea, he is taking the heart and soul because that is where all the money is. i heard that the other day and
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they were saying that most of the wealth comes right from that area. that the rest of ukraine will fall landed his predicted the fall fairly quickly because without the money -- like this country, if we do not make this country great, it's going to fall. it's already falling. airports, look at our bridges, our roadways. becoming a third world country. when you see what they are doing in ukraine, it's just a question of time. now, putin is very friendly with iran. iran is causing us tremendous problems. iraq. afghanistan, iran is now selling to iraq its weapons. iran has already taken over, essentially, iraq.
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it's amazing. we lost tremendous lives, so many wounded warriors. these are great people and i know so many of them. so many are just so badly wounded. in these incredible people come back to this country and what have we gotten for it? iraq and$2 trillion in then we pull out. i took a lot of heat, except from conservative people, when we went over there and i said i assume we are taking the oil. are we taking the oil? people said, what a horrible thing to do. special into the victor belongs the spoils? cpac. at take the, at least pay us back. i come out front page news about
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trump yang a horrible human being wants to take the oil from a sovereign country. sovereign? give me a break. [laughter] [applause] unbelievable. so you know who's taking the oil now? iran. and what people don't know is has the second-largest oil reserves in the world. who knew that? i did. trillion isple of peanuts and $18 trillion on the ground. trillion, just two, maybe three? but people went nuts. now you look at what's going on with afghanistan. you have karzai treating our president like you does not even
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exist so they make a deal, and i am not advocating staying because, frankly, i went to build this country. i don't want to build a school in afghanistan. up andhe road get built blown up four times and they keep rebuilding and rebuilding. the go to brooklyn and you cannot have schools. you go wherever he and you cannot have schools because we don't have any money because we are spending it in other places where, frankly, they don't want us and i don't want them. it's amazing. [applause] so in afghanistan, they make a deal and karzai said, i'm not signing that deal. the stupid americans. they give me bundles of cash. who is the soldier -- think of this. maybe i have a couple hundred
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bucks in my pocket. soldier that carries satchels of $50 million to take care of these people? have you heard this? who is this soldier. i guarantee you unless he's a really honest, he's really rich, ok? [laughter] we give all of this money and it was just revealed the other day that are friends again from area were for -- we fighting the war here and on the other side of the mountain, a lot of people don't realize this but afghanistan, they did not think it had wealth. it has tremendous wealth and minerals. and fighting,ng getting blown up, all sorts of crap happening and on the other side of the mountain, you have china taking out all of their minerals. this was reported the other day but i said it two years ago.
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by the way, i don't dislike china. businessweek did an article the chineseings most want, different elements. they had 10 of them. the top 10 things. friends respect me for it. they actually say, you are right. they live in china. gettingt believe we are away with it either. the thing they most want, anything trump. you believe it? my apartments, my ties. they love me. i have the largest bank in the world from china, the chinese , theyiggest bank in china are my tenant in one of my buildings and they said we will never leave. we love you. we love the building. smart and they respect
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you. they don't respect stupid people. they are dealing with. ok? obama care has to be changed. immigration, we are either a country or we are not. we either have borders or we don't. we either have borders or we don't. [applause] you know, you have a border, you have a contrary. whatu don't have a border are we doing acting nothing? i feel strongly about that. as conservative people and does some are so conservative you don't even want to be republican and i understand that, too. [laughter] as conservative people and does republicans, when you let 11 million -- which will grow to 30
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million -- i don't care who stands up whether it is marco rubio who talk about letting getyone in, you will not one vote. every one of those votes goes to the democrats. you have to do what's right. those 11 million potential voters, which will go to 30 million in the not too far off future. you will not get any of those votes no matter what you do, no matter how many times you say to rip down the fence and let everyone in the, you will not get the votes. you better beon, smart and tough. they are taking our jobs. you better be careful. i just say one other thing. medicare, medicaid, social security. i listen the people come in and say we are going to dismantle it and we're just going to knock
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the hell out of it. i'm a friend of paul ryan. i like him very much. but i don't like what they are saying. i want to make this country so strong and so rich, so powerful, we have so much energy and so much money under our feet. [applause] to take away peoples social security, medicare, medicaid. you want to stop the fraud and abuse? believe me there is plenty. they had a vote recently of tea , 79% said do not my medicaid,care, my social security. how the hell do you get elected when you want to do that? i want to make the country so strong and you can do it. we are sitting on top of something that is so amazing, such incredible wealth. the way you solve all of these problems is tremendous wealth,
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of ourous strengthening military. they want to cut our military. [applause] listened to vladimir putin about what we are going to get. we don't want you to use those missiles. hard to believe. the bottom line is very simple. make america strong again. make america great again. unbelievableuch potential. we have to use it. we need the right leaders. thank you all very much. thank you. [applause] thank you. ♪