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  New Hampshire Freedom Summit  CSPAN  April 12, 2014 8:19pm-8:50pm EDT

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>> thank you very nice. i want to thank david fosse. the whole group has been amazing. is a great honor to be here. i love new hampshire. i have been here many times before. special people. people that love to work. they are workers. i love that. countries need that. to be honest, we have something that we have to do and we have to do it fast. we have to make america great again. we have to do it. it will not be able to continue onward. we're not going to be able to do it if we do not take this country and bring it back.
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it has to be brought back fast. our country is in very serious trouble. jobs, unemployment or the roof. you look at indexes. some of them are the worst we have had in 36 years. despite that you have a number that is below 7%. we know it does not matter the number. they do not report the way they used to when they were unemployed. now you stop looking for a job because you cannot find one. they consider you to be employed essentially. as a country, we are in such serious trouble we owe $17 trillion, much of it to china, who does numbers on us like nobody has ever really done numbers on us. we have deficits that are massive on a yearly basis. we do not have the right people negotiating or us. obamacare is an absolute
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catastrophe. it is a disaster. it is a disaster. they say they had 7 million startups. does anybody really believe that? ok. just an impossibility. it is impossible. how many people have paid? they do not mention the 7-10,000,000 people that lost their plan or. us. obamacare -- doctors. obamacare has been the single greatest lie i have witnessed and i have been in politics for a long time. think of this. we all have websites. i have a lot of websites. it costs me about three dollars per d set it up. you get this guy. you get this woman. you get this young kid and you put them in. i get everybody. it cost me so little.
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they spent well over $1 billion to do a website. nobody even talks about it. they sort of skipped over it. it is going to be one of the great classical lines in the history of politics and incompetence. that was when secretary sibelius on the podium with the president here, he must have been going wild on my she said "unfortunately, a page is missing." of obamacare.atic a page is missing. the whole thing is missing. a very conservative person and somebody that is a republican and proud to be, we do not get treated the same way.
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if that were done by some republican they would make that person into the dumbest, most incompetent human being that anybody has ever seen. with her they said isn't that cute? she lost a page. it wasn't that cute? i watched. i could not believe it. they are trying to make it like it was a wonderful thing. when president obama was interviewed a couple of weeks ago eisenach whatever his name -- to get the youth - interviewed a couple weeks ago by whatever his name was to get the youth, they said some nasty things. he was so furious. you could see he wanted to get out. he is looking for the aid that set the interview. s
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you could see how angry he was pure iwatch the commentary. everybody was saying wasn't that fun? the only one not having fun was in. it was very disrespectful to the president. they made it like wasn't that wonderful? wasn't that great? we have a lot of problems going on in this country. i am a big believer in free trade. with free-trade unique competence people. i do not like free trade with incompetent people. everybody's is kicking our ass. every country. i like to say fair trade as opposed to free trade. trade."o say "smart i know people on wall street that are so smart, that are so brilliant businesswise that if i put them to negotiate against
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china and japan, mexico, you it, we would take one person put them in charge of china. i know them all. china does not have a chance. take these people that are diplomats, that our political appointees. you get a nice position and you negotiate with china. as luck. laughing why china is at us. why they are outsmarting us. i do not know if you saw the other day but it was shocking to people. they just devalued their currency again. went to the wharton school of finance. i'm good at this stuff. it is common sense. it makes it really tough for us to compete for project and jobs and all the things they're taking out of our system. nobody would have thought they
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would have had encouraged to devalued the currency again. they have no respect for our country. none. i am a big believer in military. i do not want to use it. when you have it, you do not have to use it. when you don't have it, you have to use it. when you have it, you don't have to use it. we are cutting way back. many decades it has not been this weak. many decades we have not spent this little as a percentage. we are cutting way back great putin who is absolutely having a great time. russia is really hot stuff. now you have people in the
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ukraine, set up or not but it cannot all be set up, are marching in favor of joining russia. ist he has done for russia really amazing. he has done it by outsmarting our country at every single step. you look at syria. you look at iran. they are taking oil from a rack. we spent $2 trillion on iraq. that worked in not exist two years ago. now you can hear billion. now you hear trillion. we spent $2 trillion fighting in iraq for years and years. we lost great people. i come from new york. i help wounded warriors. i have met so many of them with arms and thehe ar and the trauma they are going through. for what?
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iraq.u look at now we have nothing to do. you know who has taken it? iran. for decades they were the same strength. they would go to feed this way, to feed that way and then they would say "let's have a truce." now we have decapitated. i believe strongly in military. i am very strong in doing wars if it is a right war. i was always against this. iran has taken over. if we're going to be, maybe these people in washington, and i'm not talking about obama
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purely. he stay there a long time. maybe they know something. maybe they're going to take the oil. i said, they must have that in mind. you know who is taking the oil right now? china and iran. we get nothing. they do not let us in the country. now you look at afghanistan. afghanistan is another catastrophe. we are in there for a trillion. we are fighting on this side of the mountain. money to get satchels of money.gets satchels of who is the person delivering the cash? how does it feel to carry $50 million over your back. this is cash. who is authorized to give this? they are paid millions and millions of dollars in cash. after that, karzai is throwing us out like we are dogs.
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we are fighting on one side of the mountain. getting tremendous hurt for our great troops. on the other side of the mountain and nobody realize this until two years ago, afghanistan ,as tremendous mineral rights tremendous. unbelievable. side of the mountain, china has these massive machines taking all of these minerals out of the ground. we get nothing. are we stupid. i look at this. i look at what is happening with our country. i look at what is happening with leadership. we found out that we could and should be the energy capital of the world. i am all for the keystone pipeline. i think it is great.
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it should've happened a long time ago. we do not even need it. we do not need canada's energy. i love canada. we do not need the energy. going to hurt anybody. we know that. we have it right here. we should be the energy capital of the world. we are not. off $17you going to pay trillion going to 21 trillion dollars in debt? everyone is beating us. everyone is taking our jobs. mexico, you do not hear it too much. mexico is just beating as so badly. they are taking a tremendous number of jobs out of this country. this will be a big problem. the next four or five years you will see mexico just draining us. a lot of problems with immigration. either you have a country or you
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don't. it is very simple. either have a country or you don't have a country. you have to come up with a humane solution for people who have been here for many years. we have a lot of unprotecte -- unproductive people only have to get them the hell out. day.rd jeb bush the other he was talking about people that come into this country illegally. they do it for love. say it again. i have heard a lot. rd money and sex. the one thing i have not heard was love. i understand what he was saying. it is out there. i would say. borders, have to have
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and i mean strong borders. i am a builder. i build great buildings. border, how can we possibly build a fence known to climb over? i would build a border like you've never seen before. nobody is climbing over. nobody. thank you. the problem that i have with politicians, not just our president. our president is obviously the leading example. politicians, and i know them all . i've known the liberals, democrats, conservatives. i happen to love the tea party. they kill me for loving the tea party. i take heat because i love them. i went to wharton school of finance. the best school in the country.
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i have to get my credentials. the tea party does not get fairly treated. you know what it is? a their people that love this entry and love to work and they love to pay taxes and they want to pay more and more and they want to get this country going. these are incredible people. they do not get the right press. get the tea party. we've got to get them a good press agent. we've got to do it. they are great people. they do like me. every time i make a speech i get far more people. they are all the tea party. they love me. politicians are all talk and no action. it is true. it is all bullshit. it is no action. they talk and talk and you go crazy.
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in the meantime, everybody else is eating lunch. and you know who's lunch it is? our lunch. it is tough. it is not their thing. i have known so many. i respect them. they are incredible survivors. i call a great politician a survivor. , ande had politicians they're very nice to me, they really are, they treat me very nicely. they want campaign contributions. they also what my endorsement badly. they are trying to survive at their job. i have gone to politicians over the years. one in particular. a congressman from many years. i've always supported him. i asked for support of something that was really good for the country. a little controversial.
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not much. tagged me along. you leave the office and you got tapped. and two weeks later you say they are long. they're really good. i have respect for them. then i called him. he said we are really looking at it. we are really looking at it. all right. good. that is great. i'll call you in a few weeks. let me call you in about two months. he calls me in two months. it is a tough situation. two years go by. then he announces retirement. guys are these unbelievable survivors. he did not like it because it was a little bit tough. he might lose two votes. it might not be perfect for him. it was not his comfort zone. in the meantime you did something very bad for that
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particular area. i have learned they are incredible survivors and respect them for that. the surviving is for themselves and not the country and the community. it is selfish. [applause] kidding, butort of i go and i will do these on occasion, and david asked me to do this one -- i agreed to do it and i said, it's interesting. things,me i go to these there are always teleprompters. i always say, take down the teleprompters. not beoliticians should allowed to use teleprompters. [applause] said that to somebody backstage to has been in politics for years and they said, i've never heard of that idea before.
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write a speech -- usually it is written by someone else, get a great speech writer, then they stand up and start reading the speech. you don't really find the essence of a man or a person. you don't really know that person when they are doing the teleprompters saying. i think it's a cool idea. you could learn a lot about people. our president is the number one example. what we know about him? lines of up and reads a teleprompter most of the time and then everybody says, that was nice. you don't learn about the person. happen, maybedn't he wouldn't have been elected. election, the republicans should have one. how they blew that one is hard to believe. how they blew that one is so discouraging and so hard to believe.
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do is we have to straighten out the country. just recently i was thinking a lot, and steve mentioned [indiscernible] it took eight years and the city spent $22 million. i went to ed kotz, the mayor of new york city and said, i would like to build it. if i don't build it quickly and for under $2 million, i will pay for it myself. it's the most successful rink anywhere in the world. run's the way we wanted to -- want it to run. eight years, 22 million dollars. of the $22 million, i had to rip it all down. the advantage was i had to spend demolition money to rip it down. i built it in three months. i have a daughter. do we all know my daughter?
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she's great. i wanted her to go ice skating before she got too old. said, i'mt years, i going to build a rink. [laughter] i would walk through central park and look at that rink and i would see -- it's a massive .urface, over an acre i would say 200 or 300 men sitting there all day long. why aren't they working? they didn't do anything. i got it. i did a great job, like the book, you know? "kick ass." the workers loved it. at the same everything. when the city first started the rink, they went to miami to get an engineer who builds refrigerators, for putting food in. they used freon.
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that's ok for a refrigerator. if there's a tiny little hole the size of a pin, you will never cool the ice. they put this beautiful copper comebacks next day and it was -- come back the next day and it was robbed. i said, let me see the engineer. this said, he's in miami. i said, who's the head of the montreal canadiens hockey team? a great guy. he sent down his engineer. he said, mr. trump, they will never be able to make ice. they did finish in a couple of times but they were not able to make ice. they cannot even make ice when it was 20 degrees out. [laughter]
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i call him up and he comes down. realizes --es, he today we use brian. -- brine. it is water with salt in it, and you put it in rubber tubes under the concrete. the ice never freezes because it has salt in it. it's a rubber tube, salt, and water. they make the water very cold. we had ice so fast, nobody could believe it. they poured the concrete, they ported at an angle. one side of the rink had two and a half feet of water and the other had nothing. this is true. even i could not cool to in a half feet. -- two and a half feet. we had to rip it all apart. today, in the wharton school of finance, they study that. it's free enterprise versus
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government. we need more. [applause] i fixed things. that's what i do. i got rich by fixing things. usually i will buy it out of bankruptcy. they say, trump went bankrupt. i never went bankrupt. the story said, trump, 800 acres in the middle of miami, it's going to be the greatest resort in the country. it's already there. they are very dishonest people. they said, trump files for bankruptcy. i bought a house in palm beach for $40 million out of bankruptcy. i sold it for $100 million. i don't want to brag.
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this is what we need in the country. we have to make deals like this much bigger. [applause] it -- i amought worth now a lot. because i bought it out of bankruptcy they said, donald trump is bankrupt. when icahn plays a bankruptcy, nobody says that. every time you see that crap, just ram or it is a dishonest remember it is a dishonest reporter, ok? we need somebody who will make the great deals for this country. we need to make our country rich again. i'm starting construction on the old post office building on pennsylvania avenue, amazingly next to the white house. if i don't make the one thing, i
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can always have the other as a fallback position. [laughter] [applause] it's much bigger than the white house. i'm going to try and make it just as nice. i'm building a tremendous hotel there. it will be amazing. we start in four weeks. what it means is lots of jobs. you want to put money into this system. but the country has to be doing that to. are very small. if the country is going dead and you are doing well, you will not do well long. you cannot really counteract all that negativity. giving it away to china and other countries -- opec is an example. why is oil, with all the energy we have, how come oil is always setting all-time highs? .pec has hired every lobbyist
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you try to get a lobbyist to go against opec. you cannot do it. you say to yourself, where are our competent leaders? we don't need competent leaders. genius,unbelievable smart as hell leaders. we are no longer at the stage where we can have somebody competent. [laughter] we need something far more than that right -- that. i will say something that a lot of republicans disagree with me on. --friends at the tea party they did a poll, and 78% of them my medicare,ouch medicaid, or social security. am i right? >> you are right. >> this guy is a good american
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right here. leave my medicare alone! ryan, whou have paul was chosen as the vice -- i think he's a very nice person. stance is to knock the hell out of medicare and medicaid. i feel very differently. i would leave it alone. i don't want to hurt people. you have to get rid of the fraud and abuse. that we agree with. there's tremendous fraud. some of these doctors and people are ripping off this country. they have become rich. to my doctor drives up place and they buy an apartment in trump tower and they are driving a for ari -- what you do -- ferrari -- what do you do? i'm a doctor. oh, great.
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you have to run it properly. in all fairness, you have to be able to go through -- you have to make this country strong. you have to make this country wealthy. when this country becomes wealthy, your social security and medicare and medicaid will be taken care of. it will work. it will work well. republicans are out there, always saying cutting back entitlements -- fine. do what you have to do in terms of abuse and theft and crookedness and all the things that are going on, because it's a mess. but you have to protect the people. a lot of these people work all their lives and then find other social security will be harmed and taken away. it's not fair. how do you solve that?
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and how do you solve jobs? how do you solve military? we have to build up the military, not take it down. if we build it up, you're going is doing what- he he is doing because he does not respect us. he sees what is happening. china is taking over areas we always had. i don't know if we even want those areas. let's build our schools and bridges. china is building more bridges than we have ever built in this country. you know how many bridges we are building? none. we don't have any money. we are building nothing. i always end by saying we have to make this country great again. when we make this country great -- when we make this country wealthy, then we can
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afford all of the things that you are really entitled to. it has been an honor to be here. i love new hampshire. perhaps i will see you again. thank you very much. [applause] ♪