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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 2, 2014 8:30pm-9:16pm EDT

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host: we want to introduce you to richard gage. the founder of a group called architects and engineers for 9/11 truth. of 2200e are a group architects and engineers dedicated to finding out what really happened at the world trade center with the destruction of all three towers on that day. host: what do you have doubts about? guest: the architects and engineers that i represent have found evidence that has not been told to the american people by the agencies tasked with .xplaining these towers evidence of controlled demolition. particularly with the third high-rise that collapsed on that day. world trade center seven. we're looking forward to sharing
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evidence today. host: let's look at video that your group has put out. [video clip] >> here, we are going to show you video tape of the collapse itself. the collapse of this building. it's amazing. amazing, incredible, pick your word. reminiscent of those pictures we have seen too much and television before. building seven. guest: it sure was. most americans are completely unfamiliar with this. architects and engineers around the world mostly all unfamiliar with the third worst structural
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failure in modern history. ate is a 47 story skyscraper 5:20 in the afternoon, it dropped like a rock. this past. , freefallst acceleration, straight down, uniformly, symmetrically. a building with 47 tons of structural steel cannot fall straight down like we saw due to normal office fires. -- official reason given us given to us by the national standards of technology without floorumns on each being removed simultaneously. we have seen this like the old hotels in las vegas. it looks exactly like a controlled demolition. downtell us, no, this came
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due to a normal office fire. you can begin to see the problem right off the bat. normal office fires have never brought down a skyscraper ever before. we have steel frame, fireproof skyscrapers for a good reason. if they have protected our towers for a long, long time. the 2200 architects and engineers that i represent around the world in over 300 presentations now in 32 citieses and 82 american , they have presented the evidence for the explosive demolition. that evidence is seen not only in the videos of the buildings, but her by the first responders -- heard of by the first responders who cite the explosions. who cite the pools of molten iron flowing like lava, they
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say. cites aobertson himself river of steel flowing. these are evidence of temperatures exceeding 2800 degrees fahrenheit. office fires can't even get to 1000 degrees short of that. we have a serious problem. story,he official evidence of walton iron -- molten iron documented by fema itself in the first report. may of 2002. which documents hot sulfur corrosion. author of that report said the ends of the beams were partially evaporated. that takes 4000 degree temperatures. the only thing we are aware of that can create that is
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thermite. it's an incendiary a used by the military to cut through steel like a hot knife through butter. this is why we have to have a real investigation that looks at havevidence that they rejected from the report after they came in in 2004 and threw away the fema report. the national institute of standards and technology? guest: that is correct. host: you're talking about their report. you question the falling of building seven. are you questioning how the twin towers fell as well? guest: there are very serious questions about the twin towers. we looked at world trade center seven, which most people don't know anything about, and ,ee how obvious the freefall
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symmetrical destruction is and how that matches a controlled demolition and how the official story cannot possibly be true, we are ready, maybe, to take a look at the other subject, the twin towers, with a more open mind. most of us you like -- feel like we know how the twin towers came down because we have been given the official story. most architects and engineers don't question the story they have provided. evidence in see the the twin towers like building seven, they do end up agreeing with us by a show of hands, overwhelmingly. honey 200 architects and 22 hundred- architects and engineers now
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demanding an investigation. that evidence is available in the videos. we are told that this upper block of 10 story, 15 stories in thehe point of impact north tower, that upper block drove the rest of the building down to the ground. we have a few problems with the story. that is not what the videos show. that upper portion is destroying itself before there is any to drive theon rest of the building down to the ground. in the first four seconds, it's completely destroyed and liquefied, if you will. if the structure is completely shattered and there is nothing left to drive the rest down. yet, what we see after audra seconds -- four seconds is exactly what the first responders are describing in the world histories taken and documented by the fire commissioner.
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all of these explosions to mother describing and hearing explosions. explosions are out of the building. yet, none of these hundreds of eyewitness testimonies are included in the official report. they describe a belt of explosions laterally driving a foreign ton -- a fort hunt perimeter long section 60 miles an hour in every direction. -- a four ton perimeter long. structural steel sections -- this takes an incredible lateral force. a 200 force to eject pound cannonball three miles. are going to take a lot of phone calls and we will begin that in just a second. we invited mr. gage on this
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program because, from time to time, regular viewers know that we get phone calls asking about fiddling -- building seven regardless of what segment we are talking about. this groupestigate and give them a chance to have their say. i want to start with this tweet. it goes to the why. who gains from this building fall? why would somebody want to demolish it? guest: criminal investigators at were trained at looking four suspects in such massive criminal controlled demolitions like these have to be employed to look at the means and motive and opportunity. who benefited? these are the questions that enterprising journalists and criminal investigators should be
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asking. a large measure are not for whatever reason. the architects and engineers for 9/11 truth are tasked with the what. you ask, why,s have to also be answered by those who are trained to find suspects with motives. host: let's take some calls. max in indiana. go ahead. caller: thank you, c-span, for having mr. gage on to tell the inconvenient truth about 9/11. foreign policy is based on 9/11. there are so many questions to be asked and answered about 9/11. inre is the airplane debris pennsylvania? where are the four black boxes from the airplanes?
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why did the bush administration fight an investigation? the 47 story world trade center building seven collapse? why were military and political people told not to fly? who scheduled the hijacking wargames on 9/11? at?e was nora who told them to stand down? i agree with the caller. these are some serious and very important questions that americans are asking. but not getting enough air time. we appreciate c-span's dedication to journalism. finally, focusing on this subject. wars were started as a result of 9/11. we have lost 6000 soldiers.
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millions of people in the middle east have been killed in these wars. we have lost precious civil liberties through legislation and our economy has been wrecked. if there is any question about what happened at the world trade center, we have to have a real investigation. alicenext call comes from in new jersey. caller: thank you, thank you, thank you. isrything you are saying questions i have asked somebody for 24 yearsthere and was therefore the 93 incident. giuliani.r brings up the mayor, the biggest mouth, never said after the first building was hit, clear out the
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second building. i don't care what size plane they thought it was. continue -- please continue to investigate. i lost so many dear friends. i was not working any longer at the trade center. thank you. guest: thank you. i do appreciate the additional questions raised by the color -- callers today. our focus is on the science of what happened. 400ant to know how did structural steel connections every second during the seven second freefall collapse of world trade center seven? there are computer animations made to prove how their theory developed. 79 buckling of column number
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at the 12 floor where the worst fires were said to be. however, those fires were out, burned out over an hour before the building ever collapsed. they could not have caused the thermal expansion that they cite as initiating this collapse. also have a serious problem in fabricating evidence and not including key structural components in their computer model which they will not release, citing it would jeopardize public safety were they to release the computer models and the structural drawings for building seven. the architects and engineers like us who are responsible for public safety have to have this information in order to ensure that public safety. national institute of standards and technology after
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their investigation of building seven put out a full report. , it seemsead it pretty frank and open eared they have asked themselves questions and answer them such as, is it possible that thermite created the collapse? to applywer in here is thermite to a large steel column , approximately 1.13 pounds of thermite would be needed to heat and melt each pound of steel. for a steel column that w per foot. pounds this is for one column. presumably more than one column would have been prepared with thermite. it is unlikely that 100 pounds of thermite or more could have
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been carried into world trade center seven and placed around columns without being dissected prior to 9/11 or during that day. who would be detecting this? you want an investigation of the security company. they would have brought several tons of thermite. is quite cute. they completely ignore the patented thermite cutter charges that issue thermite through a issuing inice, milliseconds molten iron cutting through structural steel. this is very well-documented. you don't just poor thermite against the column. it has to be contained and directed. we have been looking for that evidence. what we see, what fema documents
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is often iron. concrete iron and which takes 3000 degrees of temperature. where does that come from? it can only come from thermite used by the military to cut through steel. the evidence is therefore thermite. patented cutter charges are in fact made with consolidated thermite. all that would be left is molten iron. that is what is found in the basements of the twin towers. it was not included in the comprising 1000 pages of lies. host: next call, eric in california. caller: i would just like to say
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that i really enjoy c-span. there have been a lot of callers about this issue. i would like to thank c-span for allowing this to come up. congratulations to all of the people calling to bring it forward. host: we move on to germany . caller: hello. , there were many eyewitnesses on the morning of 9/11. indeed, it was one of the biggest crime scenes in history. i know you are not only just in contact with architects and engineers but also with lawyers. would it be possible to consider including testimony of key
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eyewitnesses? collapsede any tower -- isn't regular procedure to hear crime scene witnesses? guest: there are several witnesses hearing explosions. before his life the day the final report came out about building seven in which they deny explosions which he was testifying to in several different films. mccaughan whoevin was a first responder who heard a countdown. and then felt explosions under his feet. it was like you needed to grab onto something. he here's an explosion. other firefighters or policeman hearing explosions. -- he hears explosions.
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the police are saying the buildings are about to blow up. how did they know it was about to blow up? the few scattered fires in this building which have never brought down a still frame ever are saying it's going to come down. they're expecting it to blow up. announced in the case of building seven the destruction of the building in the morning. several hours before it came down. in the case of bbc, they announced a 20 minutes before it actually happened. they later apologized for this error, citing the confusing events of the day. something is going on here that needs to be investigated.
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why can't we get governmental officials to investigate that? every one of our cnn viewers should be calling their congressmen and finding out why they are not investigating the worst mass murder in u.s. history and the third worst structural failure in modern history. it's an extraordinary and unacceptable situation. that is why we have to any 200 architects and engineers -- 2200 architects and engineers. host: what do you do for a living and when did you come to believe what you believe? i founded the organization eight years ago when i heard on the radio another researcher, the author of 10 books on the subject, who delves into many of the other earlier callers
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have brought up outside of the world trade center, which is are of narrow were scope investigation. i have to dedicate myself to this all-important task because i have found that most americans are unaware of the evidence. it is on the internet and available and it makes sense. it is comprised from the video testimony and video documentation. it is not something that is made up. evidencelking about capable of being brought into a againstd standing up the process -- the legal process. ,ike the other caller said let's get it going. let's get some effort.
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we are pursuing various legal niftts, including against themselves. an emergency responder caught in world trade center seven between the sixth and eighth floor said he heard two loud booms. is that evidence it was explosion? the sound levels reported by all witnesses do not match the sound level of an explosion that would have been required to cause the building to collapse. guest: they say it would be a loud boom. what they are referring to is high-energy explosives, which are normally used to bring down high-rises like the old hotels in las vegas. which buildings have been looks exactly like. if they used thermite, which operates by heat instead of gas and loud and force
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bangs and bright flashes, thermite instead would be much quieter. there would still be some explosions heard, which were heard. host: what do the 9/11 truth ers thing happened in nine pennsylvania and the pentagon? guest: the researchers have found serious questions that also require a real investigation. we are talking about a real investigation which offers immunity to bring forth witnesses. subpoena power to force them to come forth. that looks at all the evidence with an open mind and with the scientific method. when we get such an investigation that we can actually trust, unlike the 9/11 which two of those members have said that they were
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set up to fail by the bush administration. one of them resigned citing this is a national scandal. this is pretty extraordinary evidence heard the attorney for the 9/11 commission decided that there was a decision at some point to not tell the american people the truth. the american people deserve the truth. host: mike in florida. go ahead. caller: good morning. mr. gage, i want to give you the .tmost compliment you're a true american hero. my hats off to you. the first caller was right when he listed the lengthy list of anomalies. the signs for the destruction of the twin towers through explosives is there. it is overwhelming. i have spent hundreds of hours
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going over various information. ruppert did an excellent presentation you can pull up on youtube where he goes through who would benefit from the twin towers and brought down. brought he discusses topics of insider trading. defense contracting. there is a lot of things he touches on that having a lot of credibility. the one thing we have to start away from his partisanship. we should try to avoid dropping large names. it is counterproductive. believe there is a lot of questions the bush administration needs to answer. have you personally had any
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threats on your life or anything of that nature? thank you very much for c-span. guest: i am delighted to say that i have not had any problems with threats. i am eternally grateful for that. i don't need that in my life. i'm a normal, everyday architect. and a person who is very concerned about our country. am deeplyican, i disturbed about the state of deception on the scale of these three criminal controlled demolitions can occur and most americans, certainly not all, fortunately, have been deceived.
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most of our elected representatives are unwilling to tackle the very serious issues before them. such as the finding of nano thermite in the world trade center dust. altogether found by an independent team of scientists led by neil harris in copenhagen. with nanoparticles of iron oxide and aluminum powder embedded in them. very clearly the most advanced materials made an extremely sophisticated defense apartment contracting laboratories. this material should not be in the world trade center dust. yet, there it is. factor by the initial analysis of the dust
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.amples by the usgs which also found evidence of molten iron in the dust, which cannot be accounted for by the official story. office fires can't possibly account for temperatures exceeding 2800 degrees. they can't even get up to 1800 degrees. from the report, some people have said that a failure of one column should not have produced a symmetrical fall like this one. what is the answer to those assertions? world trade center sevens collapse viewed from the exterior did appear to fall almost uniformly as a single unit. this occurred because the interior failures that took place did not cause the exterior framing to fail until the final stages of the building collapsed. the interior floor flam framing
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collapsed downward and pulled away from the exterior frame. there were clues that internal damage was taking place prior to the downward movement of the exterior frame. guest: another one of their cute answers to an extremely difficult question. you cannot have the interior of 47-storytory -- structural steel frame fail without polling in the side of the building and causing massive warpage on the exterior perimeter system. it can't happen. they are talking once again in the computer models which betray have own theory that we 400 structural steel connections that have to fail in that computer model in order to get that interior to fail and then at the exterior. we don't even have to massive window breakage on the exterior.
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it can't happen. the does happen is penthouse drops .5 seconds prior to the overall. drops and then the overall building drops. how fast? freefall acceleration. that fast. seven seconds. total structural shattering of the entire structural steel system. this can't happen unless all of those are compromised. when you have a pile driver that is driving the rest of the building down, it is doing work. in this case, it is falling at freefall. all of the energy is transferred to kinetic energy or motion. there is no energy left to do any work such as driving
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the rest of the building down to the ground. -- have to have been have come from another force. that force is most likely thermite for which we have evidence in the rubble pile. host: john from georgia. go ahead. i have a couple of questions. where did you get your degree ? what engineering degrees do you hold? i would like to know when your book is out. i've been a steel worker for 50 years and i can assure you that all of the centripetal force and this and that, if you put enough weight on a building, you dropped a five pound weight on a n a paper frame and it will drop. guest: thank you.
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i went to the university of southern california in 1986. i have my degree and license from 1988. 70 structuralhan engineers who have signed on. at least a dozen high-rise architects come experienced architects in these buildings, that have attested to the fact that you cannot have a 40,000 ton structural steel system, not a paper building, fall at freefall. we are talking about 80 columns. in order to have this building --icy metrically, all it he have this building fall symmetrically, all 80 columns have to fail at once.
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you tell me as a steel worker how that happens and i tip my hat to you. host: dale from atlanta. good morning. caller: good morning. i joined the army three months after 9/11. and decision that nearly cost my life -- nearly cost me my life. gage and the 2200 other architects and engineers are heroes in my book. i would like to give props to c-span for bringing light to this important information. i would like to end with a question for peter. you have been given these talking points. you thought it was transparent. which is a dance around the point mr. gage made about t them refusing to release the data used in their computer models. how do you think that is transparent?
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host: thank you. 2200 architects and engineers sign on. how many architects and engineers are there registered groups? and these other guest: what we have found is that most of them -- there are about 80,000 in american institute of architects -- most unfamiliar them are with the evidence, particularly world trade center building seven. this is the third worst structural failure in modern history. yet, architects and engineers are not familiar with it. inn we travel, we get them our audiences and they end up
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agreeing with us by an overwhelming majority. when they0% of them see this building come down. which they can see on our on which people can see the building coming down. is architects are expressing opinions before they opinionsvidence. those are uninformed. you have to see the evidence to have an informed opinion. when they do, they end up agreeing with us. telling, why are they not informed? outletsn't other media
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such as cnn and msnbc and cbs shown the world trade center building seven to the american people? why haven't the american society of civil engineers educated their own professionals about the third worst structural failure in modern history? why are they so uninformed? these questions are extremely important as well. we're doing our best. communicating with the leadership of the american institute of architects directly now. we are expecting to educate the 80,000 architects in the membership that i belong to. that will make incredible headway towards the problem that you are citing. host: let's close with this question. what is your theory about what
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happened and why do you think it happened?" guest: the scientific evidence ands that incendiaries thermite and nano thermite and high-energy explosives, most likely, brought these towers down in an explosive, controlled demolition. in the case of world trade center seven, it collapsed from implosion. in the twin towers, very explosive. this is what the evidence shows. it is very clear and overwhelming. we're asking all americans to formed and the -- google experts speak out.
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it will come right up. once people are informed, they can tell others because this is a grassroots organization. largely operating because of what amounts to a censorship. we praise c-span for having the courage to bring forth the evidence on this morning's show. is to educate the american people so they can be informed and they can demand a real investigation and then we let the chips fall where they may. a conspiracy theory. we are bringing the evidence. it's up to others to investigate and find out who may or may not have been responsible. host: richard
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host: kurt eichenwald is the author of a recent newsweek cover story about conspiracy theorists. guest: you have actual politicians who are repeating conspiracy theories, who are >> and in yesterday, member of congress saying that the obama administration wanted the children refugees from latin america are coming at united states so we could perform medical experimentation on them. this is coming from someone who is an elected representative in
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the government. and when you have policy being shaped by fantasy, you end up with pretty bad policy. host: what are some of the conspiracy theories that you think are causing the most harm in this country right now? guest: one of the worst is the conspiracy theory about agenda 21. and, you know, i can tell you right now, i said those words and there are people all over the country reaching for their phones. because what that one is -- agenda 21 is a nonbinding agreement that was signed during the original george bush administration back in the early 1990's, you know, in the u.n., saying that the countries were making a commitment to basically care for the environment, basically to act in ways that preserved the environment, allowed for things in terms of planning, in terms of urban development, blah,
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blah, blah, blah, blah. nothing big. it's a nonbinding commitment. this has turned into a belief in a conspiracy of a new world order that is trying to seize private property in the united states, to grant trees the rights of humans, there are actually people saying they are going to shuffle us off all on train cars and send us to work camps. i mean, it's crazy stuff. but when you look at it, there are zoning commissions in the united states, local county zoning commissions, that can't get anything done. you can't get bike paths built. you can't get, you know, modest, normal zoning development done because people come out screaming that it's about agenda 21. and, you know, there are zoning commissions -- i mentioned in the article that nobody in the zoning commission
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knew what agenda 21. they had spent years on a zoning plan and they couldn't do it so they resigned. they said what's the point if they can't do it because people are talking about craziness. host: and you mentioned about health or the health policy realm. guest: the big one is the anti-vacciners. they're people who believe there's a big conspiracy between the government and the pharmaceutical industry to hide the dangers of vaccinations. everything has a danger. the question is, is the danger significant or not? the antivacciners are, again, living in a world of these vast conspiracies that are hiding
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these vast problems that don't exist, that have been disproven over and over again. the problem is we now have a recurrence -- measles was almost completely defeated in this country until the antivacciners came along. now measles is on the up swing because of the defeated in this country until the antivacciners came along. now measles is on the up swing because of the antivacciners believing that this vaccine caused autism and other conditions when there is no reputable proof to back this up. conspiracy theories work backwards. if you think about it, an event happens and you
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look at the event and say, well, wait a minute, could it be bigg bigger than whatever. and if you're actually asking questions to find out answers, you can find a real conspiracy. conspiracy theoryists take those facts and unwind them on the basis of an original belief. take the 9/11 truther, these are people who actually believe the bush administration knocked down the towers so they could start wars. what you end up is, well, here's my evidence that leads me to these conclusions, it's let me tear down the official story. and any official story about anything can be torn down if the questions are


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