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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 8, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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today, because i have been tching on c-span the old hearings, you know, in congress about the impeachment and the attempt to impeach the president. how, theent nixon.i was strucky demeanor during the hearings. moreally there was so much o treat eachm t other with a manner of more respect than they do now. the snideness that i see now and the comments and the behavior toward each other in congress seems to be such a change in demeanor, or perhaps it was just the times. certain. considering how contentious this was, i was amazed.
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i've forgotten how well members could treat each other and respect each other during those hearings. thank you very much. you are absolutely right. in the american history books, and lot of bipartisanship, that is all of the legislation of the great society and all of nixon's legislative accomplishments. dealing,ing, wheeling, drinks on the town. it was less of a cutthroat culture. he watched the watergate hearings and you are absolutely right. you watch everybody behaved quite well and you look at people like howard baker, a republican being very tough on nixon. they are not taking a purely partisan view. these senators, when you watch watergate hearings, are concerned about objection of trust as is rightly be should be
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-- justice as rightly they should be. a circus,d be more of more shrill, more partisan. goldwater turns on nixon. he says this is not what we are about, i am not backing my career and my reputation my reputation on this kind of -- my integrity on this kind of behavior. everybody sidles up to their party to such a degree that it is discussed in the american people and nothing gets done. host: who is the third gentleman sitting on the opposite sofa? guest: i would have to look at that.
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looked and picked that picture because it is the king of jordan and henry kissinger. we would do that brightly yellow because one of the problems is that nixon did not do a lot of colorful photos. always very up tight, in the suit. but there with the king of jordan from the middle east, in muchom kippur war, he very backs israelite becomes a full bureau. -- israel and becomes a full olk hero.
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it was kissinger's shovel diplomacy in the middle east that really paint the way to the camp david accord. a lot of things that were accomplished with ford and beginnings ineir the nixon years. >> the nixon tapes, doug brinkley and luke nichter, available now. thank you for being with us. there going to open up phone lines, whatever you would like to talk about. if you would like to talk about the 40th anniversary of resignation,on's if you would like to talk about iraq, you can start to dial-in now. this is the washington journal on c-span. c-span presents debates on what makes america great. evolution, and genetically
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modified foods. higher or gross oversight, student loan debt, and campus assault. history to her, showing sights and sounds from american system are laces. -- tvur tv sets don't schedule one week in advance on our website. join the conversation, like us on facebook am a follow was on twitter. booktv this week and, tonight ,t 8:00 p.m. eastern marriage equality, the obamas versus the clintons and marion barry junior. interviews john
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dean on the watergate scandal. of the new york public library sheds light on the past and future of the library. washington journal continues. open phones. we want to bring your perspective to bear this morning on some of the issues. there is a lot of nixon resignation material on the c-span website and there is a lot of material coming up on all of our networks and
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platforms this weekend. i want to start with radio. here in the washington area and you know it is at 90.1. if you have xm satellite radio, it is channel 20. you can listen to c-span radio online at itsan radio is marking anniversary of the resignation with some of the last phone calls. the nationally televised resignation speech, and his emotional farewell to his staff and cabinet for leaving the white house on august 9. c-span radio did an interview with his co-editor, luke nichter . that all begins tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. eastern time on c-span radio. weekends,span2 on the
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48 hours of nonfiction books and authors. bob word, john dean together talking about john dean's new book the nixon defense. that is one hour of on woodward and john dean sitting down together. if you go to booktv. or you can see that schedule there. after it airs, you can see it online at at your leisure. c-span3, american history tv every weekend, 48 hours of american history on c-span three, there is going to be a live call-in. this will be with john farrell, he has a new book coming up coming up richard nixon, an american tragedy. weekend american history tv ran the 1974 late july house
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judiciary committee hearings with the articles of impeachment, the discussion among the members of congress, and some familiar faces pop up in those hearings. charlie wrangle, a member of the committee at that time. we get goodast this week and they're going to do a cbs special report. on august 8,ed 1974. and in the farewell address to the nation and the farewell to the white house will air, and then there will be a call-in. live call-in on american history tv with john farrell all tomorrow on the different c-span networks. hear yourn photos and views on public policy issues or any other historical issue that you want to discuss.
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we will begin with mary, in michigan. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to discuss the fuel tax. toelieve that it is unfair only charge people who drive a car. there are many people who use the roads, the bridges, how do people get their food? how do people get their clothing? all of the things that we use go bridges, over all of these other things that the fuel taxes used for. and yet only people who drive the trucks, or who drive cars get taxed. all of the people that take all they use those bridges but they do not have to pay that fuel tax. host: are you involved in the
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trucking industry? caller: no. americans, every single person, man, woman, child, and it's the benefits of our roads and bridges. use forit should be a everything that goes on those roads, because every single person gets the benefit of those roads. host: thank you. louise and milton, florida. good morning. caller: good morning. let me skip the chit chat and get to the point. there have been so many subjects discussed this morning that is hard to, but the one i went to express my point of view about. i think it is more or less this. party the republican
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asked for a vote after vote to get rid of the affordable care act. opinion it was total waste of taxpayer dollars, total waste for all those republicans to send those representatives of government to be there when they knew it was likely to get them anywhere. they were just wasting the dollars. and here we are with another one of their theatrics, they want to impeach the president. it is just another way for the republican party, who claims they are trying to save the taxpayers money, making liars of themselves, by doing these things. of the unitedople states of america should be paying attention to that. that is my comment, and i thank you for giving me the chance to voice it. host: were you around 40 years
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ago when president nixon resigned? do you remember that? caller: i was young when mr. ixon got voted into office. i argued with my sister trying to convince her that he was nothing more than a gangster. i still think that way today. thank you for the chance to say my opinion. host: darren from right here in washington. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i was going to talk about the buttary-industrial complex, about next and, i wonder how gerrymandering was back when nixon wasn't office -- was in
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office. our country is not really we reallytive of what are because of these districts that are being made. the whole makeup of the congress ifld be totally different districting was happening the right way. state legislators able to make whatever they want. the fifth district on of florida is ridiculous. host: are you listening on c-span radio? caller: yes i am. host: what do you do in washington? caller: i am a property manager. host: what did you want to say about the military-industrial complex? there is -- more
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countries are in conflict right now than they are stable and peaceful. civil ort is separatist group that wants to break off, or what we have in iraq. there are companies that make these weapons, and i'm curious who is making money off of that? host: thank you. janet in bloomington, indiana. please go ahead if your comment. caller: ok. been --lways
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s a prophet and seer? yes.r: the lord gave me a gift. i knew that nixon was going to kennedy -- have kennedy killed. in 1963 he was murdered. i got a book all the arrogance of power. and other people knew that he had had him murdered. the arrogance of power, it was about richard nixon and all of the crimes he committed long before he was the president. theat is all that i would like
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to say. add, on i would like to tv than ever to mention that on kennedy was killed, richard nixon was in dallas, texas. richard nixon was in dallas, texas in november 1963? had a programe that said where were you out when kennedy was killed? they had nixon on camera and you said well i had just flew out of dallas. power.ogance of read that and you will find out the truth. richard nixon had kennedy murdered. you for calling in. from bloomington, indiana, angel is on the line fro.
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-- please go ahead. how are you? caller: i'm just calling in reference to obama. your president. turned on the tv. you cannot listen to yourself. listen through your telephone. mr. obama. he has turned this country around. understandle cannot what the constitution consists of. heyou as a scholar like says, there is only one sentence in the constitution, what your rights are and what your rights are not fair you should read
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that again and reread it and reread it until people understand that. andblaming the republicans republicans, he should blame himself for what he is doing to the country. ring veteran from the core, needs to go to the service to see what it is to be in the service. he has really ruined this he was not i believe supposed to be the president of the united states because you need to be very smart and have iq you to be the president of the men's dates -- resident of the united states. host: our first caller talked about the fuel tax.
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caroline tweeps in that everyone pays for those goods that have the cost of transportation factored in. that is one of several tweets we have received on that topic from that first caller. donna, in st. louis, good morning to you. caller: good morning. i totally support obama's efforts in making it possible for millions of middle-class working people to finally afford health insurance. if you have not ever been in a position where you do not have it you might not appreciate it so much. iraq wasout of i votedhe main reasons for obama, but i do think we should have some limited bombing to protect thousands of christians from being massacred on this mountain. of record numbers filibusters by republicans turns my stomach.
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sidesn the 1990's the work together, and people were happy. now they will not compromise on anything. lastly, about the watergate hearings, back then you cannot tear me away from the television. it was a big if, almost. .- addictive, almost i was impressed with senator howard baker, i was convinced had a lotsides corruption they needed to work on. so one august 8, 19 74, what do you remember? saidr: my stepmother both sides do a lot of dirty things like he did. that is all i remember. that was 40 years ago. my stepmother said just remembered both sides do a lot of corruption. and i thought that was probably true.
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you have to watch them like a hawk. host: sioux falls, south dakota. caller: good morning. i'm going to make an argument, why do we need a full-time congress? the sun still rises in the east, people go to through their routines. the bureaucrats run the show, they're going to lie in front of congress, they're going to take the fifth amendment and do what they want. when they misbehave they get promoted or retired out with full benefits. congress is not there most of the time anyway, why do we need that in your round? year round?your there is nothing in the constitution that says they need to be there. pay them per day, make them sign an attendance sheet. -- $750ven or $50
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a day. they do not need to be full-time anymore because nobody cares what they are doing. they are just become no influence whatsoever. cheryl, calling from tracy, california. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just want to express my most peoplerding have on their minds, the direction in which our country is going. i think that president obama has gotten a terribly bad rap in his two terms of being a president. when he took office, of course we all know that the country was tanking. this president came in and turn this country around.
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it has been a slow crawl, it has been a slow crawl because of the republicans. i think that the thing is if he had -- if the democrats would have had the opportunity to keep the house of representatives, we would see so much more progress going on in the united states. i think the republicans have done nothing but block every good thing that this president could have done for the american people, and want to do for the american people. and if we're going to turn the ship around, the only way we can do this is by going to the polls in november and voting to turn this thing around. that is all i have to say. thank you for taking my comment. host: can this calling in from palm desert, california.
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kajay. it is i have seen a lot of presidents over my lifetime, and i can tell you that the exceptional presidents were the ones that had personality and that like all and like to get along with of different political persuasions. in other words, people like reagan, people like clinton, people like kennedy were theyfic residents because could get people in the room, they could make them laugh, and they would socialize with them, they would play golf with them. likeake a look at people nixon, carter, and obama, and none of them were social type presidents. none of them enjoyed the parties, none of them enjoyed the socializing of washington. none of them are getting
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anything done, particularly obama. nixon was ar, and loner, carter was a loner. these to me, the president's almost asy, is important as his ideology. host: you're calling on the independent line. please walk this through some of the candidate you voted for. i voted equally between republicans and democrats over the years. host: did you vote for president obama? caller: the first time yes, the second time no. host: president w bush? caller: i did not vote for any of the bushes. host: ronald reagan? caller: reagan i voted for twice.
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clinton i voted for twice. it seems to me that the successful presidents know how people.le the presidents,ccessful and we have one now who is very smart, but intelligence has nothing to do with that it has to do with her personality. if obama would say to harry reid, start voting on these ofls, let the abundance amendments be voted on, they would pass legislation. in pennsylvania. caller: i agree with the last caller, the house needs to -- the senate needs to pass some bills and be president is not cooperating with anyone. until the government shutdown he sat there and said it is my way or the highway.
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he does not want to help either. that is my comment. host: robert in st. louis. you're on the air. caller: i was a journalism student at the university of the year after nixon resigned. i wanted to comment on the impact that i feel watergate had of activistt journalism at the time. how heady the times were. there was a change among theitude journalism staff and faculty at zzou.ime at misso
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the applications to the journalism school sword after watergate -- soared after watergate. in the 70's it was a really had the time, and a seachange journalism where young journalist really wanted to make a difference. they really wanted to make an impact on our culture and down on our society. , ourr electoral process government, and so on and so forth and i do not see that anymore today. it seems like it is really become all about the talking heads on cable news, and making money. host: thank you.
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we mentioned this earlier, but robert also mentioned bob woodward, who will be interviewing john dean on both tv this weekend. they will spend an hour talking about his most recent book the nixon defense. dou can see when that schedule interview is airing. talk toi wanted to about our politicians nowadays, republican, democrat, all of them. as it stands, they are being compromised by their campaign contributors, these independent parties, and these corporations that are funding them more and more. have noticedif you in recent years, we've seen more and more laws that have allowed unlimited amounts of money to come from these companies and corporations and contributors to the politicians. what that is


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