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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 21, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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outside that context. and certainly some work and guidance by congressional i like to use the example of president george h.w. bush who was a republican who really took an active role in trying to get consensus through congress. i'm critical of president obama who really didn't engage in the building whensus he was tried from up registration. and the problem we now have, in my view, is epa is trend a pound of very large square peg into a small round hole and some people abusing theis authority of the clean air act. that will ultimately be decided in court, probably, but i think to come an opportunity
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together. i'm still optimistic about that. i think it takes presidential leadership. that is a lesson of the clean air act of 1990, someone who can talk to both sides and find some common ground. and we have not really seen that since 1990. but i am optimistic that at some point, the situation will be repeated. host: a discussion about the clean air act. guests.d from our two thank you. coming up in the last half hour, open phones. here are the numbers if you want to call in and make your comments -- we will take those soon first an update from c-span radio. >> an update on ebola the
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officials from the world health organization are visiting two hospitals in liberia in an area authorities have sealed off to help prevent the spread of the ebola virus. has returned to west point after clashes between protesters and security forces, nighttime curfew has also been put in place. authorities say ebola spreading fast in liberia. meanwhile, both american health care workers infected with the virus in west africa could soon be released from the hospital. they have been undergoing treatment at emory university hospital in atlanta will stop there holding a news conference early this morning to discuss the discharge of dr. kent brantly and daisy writebol. dr. bradley were turning to the economy, fewer people applied for u.s. unemployment benefits last week. the labor department says weekly
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claims for the benefit fell 14,000. the less volatile four-week average rose 4700. it remains close to levels before the great recession started in 2007. this from politico's playbook, they have what they call a sneak peak. they write that texas governor rick areas coming across as increasingly confident, even sassy, in his out-of-state appearances. today he is in d.c. before heading to new hampshire post up today he will warn of a possible islamic state attack on the u.s. homeland, this from his prepared remarks. you can hear governor perry live on c-span radio or watch him on c-span television. the event begins at noon eastern time at the heritage foundation. and those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. are some of the
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highlights for this weekend. find our television schedule one
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week in advance at and let us know what you think about the programs you're watching. call us or e-mail us. join the c-span conversation, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. host: for the remainder of our time, open phones. this from "the washington times."
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you can read more in "the washington times" this morning. "usa today" a profile of texas governor rick kerry and headline talks about his recent events.
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by the way, rick perry is scheduled to speak your in washington. the topic is on immigration. e-mail addresses political and -- he may address political and other concerns as well. you can see that on c-span starting at 11:00. to open phones, this is florida, democrat line. good morning. hello. i wanted to ask a question from the other show that was on just before. mr. hamilton? hello? host: mr. hamilton, what do you mean? caller: he was talking but the clean air act. host: correct. go ahead. caller: i can't hear myself
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speaking. first of all, we're talking about him being a former government employee and represented of the environmental protection agency. but i would like to know, i want to know his current position. i believe he is representing the coal industry. can you tell us exactly what he is doing right now? host: he is gone now, but he did say the course of our conversation he represents a wide variety of energy agencies. caller: no, he represents the coal industry very strongly. it is in his bio. host: ok. caller: then he talked about profit and how the business cannot exist under the clean air act. well, the clean air act has been in existence since the first president bush put it in place. i would like him to answer a
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question being that he represents the coal industry, the amount of profit the coal industry is making. he is no longer here, so he is not able to answer that question. let's move on to joe, texas, independent line. caller: good morning. fornted to make a comment the general public. what we're seeing in ferguson, missouri and the militarization has aice, i hope everyone chance to look at some of the photos, read some of the articles. things like this are happening more and more across the country , i believe, as the government unloads excess surplus equipment. and as they unload, i believe, as much as $5 million across the country so far, i believe it is sending a message to the police that they are more military warriors more so than to serve
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and protect. i think it is setting a dangerous presidents for the future. i hope everyone takes notice of the pictures and the photos and becomes more informed on the subject. thank you. host: fairfax, virginia, democrat line. call on anad a quick arcane subject of tax policy. if anybody is listening, any republican candidates lately including the speaker of the house, they've heard republicans complain continually about taxes being too high or taxes being too high and spending being too high and they want to cut spending and they want to cut taxes. the timey would take to actually look at the statistics they will find for the last five years, except for the first year via obama administration, three items have dominated spending. those items are medicare/medicaid, health care, social security, and national defense. they add up to 62% of the federal budget.
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-- if they'ren serious about getting rid of the deficit, republicans need to stand up and say, let's cuss a cut social security or raise taxes. you can have a both ways. i just wish they would be honest about this. host: take a look at the 2014 election, the longer context of the 2016 election. unlike mr. obama, she is this is peach, maryland,
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democrat line. was listening at the guy that came on that you're talking about isis. the people over there in iraq. saying we need to come out and tell the truth and say these guys was trained by the united states. is situation in jordan nothing new. i don't know why you guys don't come out and say that. host: carlos, new york, independent line caller: you had a lady on earlier from the brookings institute who told growing up.verty i remember in the 1990's there
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were talking about urban sprawl, so they cut down on construction. and you did not mention anything about the regionalization. i live in nassau county. the of westchester surrounding manhattan. these are wealthy suburbs of new york city. a lot of of cities do have wealthy suburbs. the mosthink she was forthcoming, talking about the poverty growth in the small towns, which i don't understand why we're letting all the illegal immigrants come into the country when we have so many americans they can't work and we have no manufacturing. i think she could've been a little more up front. the other thing about the two people from the epa, talking about all the resources and everything that we people don't mind paying a little bit more, -- the epa is doing the work for the top 1%, all these people that are democrats and liberals. this whole thing about global controllede epa
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resources. that is all it is about. there's more than enough food and everything. they just want to use this whole thing about the global warming and the environment and the environment has improved. in new york city, there was smog in the 1970's. now the air is fresh. i think it is very dishonest like it is watching what they're doing. they're doing funny business because why do their e-mails keep disappearing? there are tied with all these left organizations going back and forth. this is about controlling the resources and not letting people move into or out in the west. host: taking place over voting map, the subject of a story in "the new york times."
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missouri. caller: i live in north county. the issue in ferguson is not poverty, because ferguson has very strict rules on the care of the property there. aboutople are concerned
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the violence against people that -- michael was visiting his grandparents. he did not live in that complex. he was shot in broad open in thet at 12:04 afternoon and laid on the ground for five hours before they removed his body. they are concerned about people getting killed and nobody is doing anything about it. the black people are targeted. people and all other should be -- feel like they can walk down the street on a saturday morning and not get shot.
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the reviewer mentioned ferguson, missouri. a story that comes from "the washington post" -- he addressed the situation in ferguson. here's a little bit of him talking with viewers. [video clip] >> our investigation is different that from which the state is doing. where looking for violations of federal, criminal civil rights statues which is different than with the local investigation is. but we have brought substantial number of people here, agency or, who are done a great job in canvassing that they did over the past weekend. they continue to follow leads so we can do a servo and fair job in making a determination about what happened on august the ninth. i'm confident through the
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ability of these people we will make her be up to make a determination about whether or thatny federal statutes have been violated. host: that is attorney general eric holder. democrat line, next. caller: good morning. i have a question. why is the federal government no longer offering a federal tax credit for people who want to buy a hybrid vehicle in 2014? i ask because in 2008, i was a 96 mile round-trip commute and i bought a 2008 altima hybrid and received a federal tax credit. it was worth it to me to buy the hybrid vehicle, but now there are no longer any federal tax credits. additionally, i'm in the market for new vehicle now and i would like to buy a factory option of
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having a gasoline and compressed natural gas vehicle. i used to work in the city of palm desert planning department. they had a fleet of ford contours they just flipped the switch and would go from natural gas to gasoline. but that option does not -- is offered in the united states of america. host: james, indiana, independent line. and the words of a great communicator from mississippi, and most folks will know who he is, us to these people in washington are educated beyond their intelligence. thank you. host: pennsylvania, republican line. caller: good morning. i have a question about the situation in ferguson, missouri. that are attorney general eric holder has gone down there, yet three days after that, after the
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shooting in ferguson, in celtic -- salt lake city, utah, a white man was kneeling on the ground and he was shot officer. black police now, i wonder why there is not the moral outrage of the utahent in salt lake city, as there was in ferguson, missouri? i mean, it is just a question i have. you have everything happening in ferguson, nothing in salt lake city. what is the reason? host: what do you think the reason is? caller: i haven't the slightest idea. people like jesse jackson and how sharpton and the out-of-towners going into ferguson, missouri, are creating a hot spot situation just to stir up emotions. and they're completely ignoring similar circumstance in salt
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lake city, utah. host: what do you think about the involvement of the attorney general and him being there? host: i don't think it is necessary for him to be there. host: why so? caller: it is putting influence of the president on the situation wanted to stop and influence of the situation in celtic city, utah. host: democrat line. stanley,y name is joe a retired union coal miner. you just had a segment on the clean air act and the environment protection. people should come to southern west virginia and see what we have left after the extraction of coal. there's been approximately 2 million acres of mountaintop range in all the four station and animal life and clean water that goes with that because of mountaintop removal. we are at the bottom of every list in america were tied for
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every list. we were one of the richest states in america. we have one of the largest were theas capacities probability for improvement of natural gas. but our electricity is over 90% coal generated. our environmental laws, if it weren't for the u.s. epa, would not be enforced. the west virginia department environment protection has constantly for over the last seven years had over 250 vacancies in enforcement. if it weren't for the federal , which funds over 50% of west virginia dep mining permit -- positions, we would not have any enforcement at all. host: anthony, mississippi. caller: california.
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my name is anthony. i think the tax breaks for foreign vehicles are just a boon for foreign corporations. i think if they aren't giving us tax bricks anymore, i think that is a good thing. along with trying to recover some kind of job situation for america. just a quick note on ferguson. i think opportunity has to be the priority for cities like ferguson or any other city in this country. stockton, california is another one where there's a lot of people who are out of work and people get out of jail and can't get a job. so our situation is just been exacerbated strictly because of a few free trade agreements. that is all i have to say. host: the topic of president obama's vacation in "the washington post" --
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memphis, tennessee. the guy that, called from pennsylvania a few minutes ago.
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he referenced what was going on in ferguson and try to parallel that salt lake city or utah. the media makes those decisions. that is not a decision that individual news outlets make. it is a big deal in ferguson. this guy was killed by pd. so just to reference that, just to comment on that, i think it is wrong and makes no sense. i think to draw parallel between the two is not adequate. thanks. host: from michigan, john, independent line. caller: good morning. how are you? i was calling in reference to the situation in ferguson, missouri. i heard people calling and were criticizing al sharpton and jesse jackson for showing up.
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at the parents of michael brown requested that they come to ferguson. is suffice request enough. the other comment, i think it is a big deal or good idea to attorney general chose to visit ferguson because these have been long-standing issues in ferguson , is my understanding. but it is all over the country. there are too many black young males getting shot and killed by the police. host: what do you think jesse jackson and al sharpton, what do they add to the situation by being there? caller: there are this there i guess to console the family. which at this point in time, everybody needs to console the family. in my opinion, this sound man was shot and murdered by the police -- this young man was shot and murdered by the police. that is my comment. florida,terhaven, democrat line. caller: i just wanted to call
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into echo on what we were saying what is happening in ferguson and the fact that reverend al sharpton, joe madison, if they do not go to a city, there will be no light shed on what is happening to our young black man getting shot down in the streets. so we would not have known anything about the trayvon martin incident, the incident with renisha mcbride. things would not be brought to the for front with a man with a chokehold in new york. we would not know nothing of this. light would not be shed on this and that she bring people who bring light. so all of us who argue against these people coming out to help, that is exactly what we need. otherwise, it would be swept under the rug. host: so the attorney general being there is a plus is what you're saying? caller: he absolutely is a plus being here. even if they brought the president or whoever they want to bring their, we need to shed
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on these incidences that are categorically happening in bringing destruction to our black men in this country. host: should president obama visit the area? caller: if he so chooses to. like i said, any light that can be shed. people were being hanged and you never knew anything about it. but now the light is being shined on it and people know about it and the media. people come out and rally against it and voice their opinion. other people seem to get upset about it. but when other people's kids get killed, if it's your child, you would want summit in all about it, too. by god, we ought to be bringing and shedding light on this. our: that is the end of program today. another edition of "washington journal post quote comes or way of 7:00. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014]
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>> here's a look at what we have coming up free today. governor rick perry at the heritage foundation. coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern. also, rich lowry, james caps on oh, and heritage governor or at heritage, that is. governor perry will be speaking about noon eastern. live coverage here on c-span. coming up tonight, opposing views the issue of climate change from the heartland institute.
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here are some comments from mr. coleman. >> around the world, science was focused on this great catastrophe unfolding because of man's use of fossil fuels. their meetings, was at all scientists? oh, no, you's bureaucrats, politicians, and firemen list, a consortium of people with agendas come of one world government led by taxation on the nations that burn fossil fuel to help third world countries. this was it. invitedscientist were to international conferences and glamorous places around the world. and they compiled these great reports and issued them and published them. and the entire


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