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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  September 18, 2014 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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himd by isis and that 9:00 our series on higher education continues with the indiana university president. ♪ ♪
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door open to the possibility boots on the ground. louisville, kentucky, we are looking -- talking about training syrian rebels. caller: thank you for your time. is notto say that isis just about beheadings. ,t is the most extreme ideology denying education mistreating women and enforcing a closed society. that is sort of a philosophical sense. when you to destroy isis.
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what could be more depraved and infernal? host: what do you think about arming the syrians? >caller: what is the best way to help these people? arabnk it needs to be the coalition stepping in to do these things because this is an ideology. isn't this going to make people think the united states is the bad person and thereby strengthen and reproduce the bad ideology? the cognitive science of religion talks about experimental psychology. host: republican line, hi, robert. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my
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call, sir. military and this year, the situation going over there, what i don't understand about it -- i know needs to be wiped out and taken care of but what i don't understand about it is why all of this intelligence that we have in america did not see this coming. there is someone hiding something up there. someone is doing something in washington that is not right. this president is a smart man. i will give him credit for that. but he is not a military man. is our commander-in-chief and he is my boss when i was in the military. i have to respect the office. i don't have to respect the person. host: what do you think about the idea what do you think about this idea toward ices and the step at the house has taken? do you think it is a good step? sir, these countries
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around the world should step in, should step in with money, and if they are going over here to fight these wars, let's get this president and let's get him on the line, and let's pay for it as we go. $14 trillion in debt. havef these days when we people like myself, 80 years old, drawing a social security check, my check will not be there. they need to get this straightened out. host: john up next from florida. democrats line. hi, john. caller: hi. good morning. i think it is insane to send any more weapons over there. what we need to concentrate is on de-arming those countries and taking weapons out. one thing off-topic a little bit andabout the beheadings
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stuff. i realize it is propaganda on the other side of the fence, but our military needs to stop releasing videos of us blowing 40, 50 of their people at a time because that inspires them as much as the beheadings do for us. back to your thoughts on de-arming, why do you think that will work? stuff, stop sending sending bullets. you have seen what has happened in iraq. all of the equipment that we have sent over there will be fighting against us. stop sending stuff and cut off their supplies. senate will be taking up the vote today. yesterday, talking about the plan for isis is senator joe manchin, democrat of west virginia. he talks to civic leave out
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treating moderate syrian rebels. [video clip] refer my colleagues to press reports that moderate syrian opposition forces and sold american journalists, to isis, whof, beheaded him and put it on the internet. are those people our allies? who are our other allies in this flight. as of today, we have only hints of military support from arab countries. who themselves face a greater threat from ices than anyone of us. neighbors have the technical ability and the financial resources to support and train the syrian opposition forces. if that is correct course of action we should take, they have the wherewithal to do it. for: (202) 585-3880 democrats, (202) 585-3881 for republicans, (202) 585-3882 for
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independents. up next is james from virginia, republican line. hi. caller: good morning. obama has shown himself to be a very weak leader. he shows himself to be drawing a line in the sand. his bluff has been called. now he has some tough decisions to make, and the question is -- is he going to actually stand up and lead and not power down to down torrible, -- cower these horrible, horrible things. that terrible video, that was the straw that should have broke the camels back. we needed to go in there, we needed to be overwhelming, not the wishy-washy politics that obama has got in place. when he to go in there and actually make a stance, and that is to stand up for all of the people. as far asames,
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decisions go, what do you think of this first one when it comes to the syrian rebels? caller: there is not a whole lot syria, the far as various groups. i know we need to get a multinational force in their for deterrence, but right now we have to rely on our own muscle, forces that guiding have the right motive in mind because if we start contracting of forceifferent types that we need to have in place, we do not know what we are going to get. i do not think the trust is there. -- hisow, obama, he legacy is a failed legacy. obamaving grace for what
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is doing right now is to come through and make this thing work because right now there are not a lot of positive things he has done. host: after yesterday's vote, some tweets from republican representatives. republican representative paul cook -- i hope he acts on the continuing resolution and the isis authorization as soon as possible. these are priorities and they cannot be delayed. -- we will spend our dollars to arm and train them and in a few years we will spend more money fighting them. what a waste. let's hear from jay, democrats line. caller: good morning. i am opposed to president obama's unilateral action. what is more disturbing is the fact that he is continuously referring to president george w. bush's orders as his own authority for going back into iraq, going into syria. he is consistent with the george w. bush policy of bypassing
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diplomacy, of bypassing the united nations. in addition, there have been no attempt to change our relationship with our so-called , whods, like saudi arabia have certainly been very responsible for creating a lot of the conditions that brought isis into place, along with of course the american military destabilizing this vast area of middle east and then resorting to more military action to further destabilize i. host: the house intelligence committee will hear on the president's strategy against isil. this will take place at 8:00 this morning. they will hear from jim mattis, retired. former investors to iraq, syria,
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and afghanistan will talk about these strategies to combat the terrorist group. see that on c-span3 at 8:00 this morning. here is another jay, independent line. hello. americai do not think can win because america cannot trust america. i was gung ho -- i am a 20 year retired navy veteran. i feel stabbed in the back by my own country because of what happened. i mean, we were booed at the olin fix. host: that is jay from missouri. this chart provided by the "washington times," 71 republicans supporting it, 85 democrats were against a, three members of congress not voting, and that is in the "washington times." twitter, my constituents have been crystal clear in their staunch opposition to arming
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moderate factions in syria. gwen moore. lee lay in texas. hi. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. first of all, i think our president is one of the smartest presidents we have had, and i have nothing but respect for him. i do blame the republicans because they have condemned him theyhowed the world that do not respect him, so if they do not respect him, no one else will. host: what do you think about the president's decision, though? caller: i am not sure. i do not know if he can win because of the culture of those people. you know we have gone in with afghanistan and everything. we try to build up roads and buildings, and they destroyed it because of the culture. my concern is our interest in iraq, what about the embassy that we have theirre? what about interest in the oil?
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money we are spending, our interest in the oil, i think american people really do not understand -- i do not fully understand it myself. i hope that you guys will spend some time talking about all over the world how much money we're putting into them. because these countries of their resources and we want to take control of their resources. i think we need to talk about that. host: sean from illinois, and dependent line. hi. caller: hello, sir. thank you for taking my call, c-span. i want to get right to the point that i disapprove with arming any rebels in syria at this time. whyn give just one reason -- i do not think they are the type of people at this point to trust. we were making the same mistake
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again that we tried once with iraq, and somehow they have turned around, these people are using our own weapons we left behind against us. ofondly, i would like to say werse with george w. bush, did mistakes, so it is actually twice, we have done this mistake. when are we going to learn that going over there -- i would like to know what is so important about this conflict that these people -- i do not think they are any threat whatsoever to the united states right now unless they make that threat and it the only choice i would make as president of the united states to go against them, to really go against them full force, 100%. host: carol, georgia, and minute
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line. caller: good morning, pedro. this kind of bothered me. the topic that you all have on c-span because when this war started, y'all did not do any of these questionings. if y'all had not been so involved in trying to figure out whether or not they had weapons of destruction like y'all are doing now with the president because you all do not have anything -- and please do not cut me off because i want to respond to the man from virginia. did not wantident forces that they did not know nothing about, you have got john mccain, lindsey graham telling what they need to give the weapons to. you cannot have it both ways. republicans are to face. they are like tackles to me. you can only have it one way or the other. either you want boots on the ground or you don't want boots on the ground. either you want him to be able
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to lead us out of this mess that that votedublicans for this war in 2003 -- they are that wantnes, pedro, president obama to put boots on the ground in syria. now think about this -- when we took saddam hussein out, we took the only thing out that really all the from iran and other people that was against the united states. what we did was like cowardly. host: that was carol from georgia. up next, from maryland, independent line. good morning.i, thank you to c-span for providing this town hall. the previous caller really put her finger on it. the problem is too much outside living by large regional and international powers. that is the case of meddling. you have russian-american on the
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one hand, you have the saudi's, with the sunni shiite. it is really a product of the george bush war, it invasion of in march 2003 when they talked about the saddam hussein regime. and they talked about destroying the part of the army, the only part of the iraqi states, thus creating another failed state in the region. iraq is a failed state, lebanon is a failed state, all of these failed states, which is far worse than al qaeda, filled the gap that is left by these failed states, the chaos that is left behind when a state power fails. host: thank you. houserst hearing of the select committee on benghazi took place yesterday. i read about in the "washington times" today. the headline -- panel kicks off without bickering.
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host: if you want to see that hearing, we did record it. you can find it on our website at, you can go to the video library. speaking of secretary kerry before the senate foreign affairs committee yesterday to talk up at the president's strategy for isis. questioned by ranking member bob corker, and he was talking to secretary kerry about the at administration's efforts, that it spends too much on politics and in his worst and not consist of a real strategy for stock a little bit of senator corker's statements. [video clip] >> you are asking us to prove something that we know the way that you have laid it out makes no sense. we have a strong sense that our
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army, our military leaders have urged you to put special forces on the ground, but no, we are not going to do that. this does not even seem serious. it seems like a political answer to the united states as they cry out about this uncivilized activity, but it does not seem real to me. if you are willing to get in a classified setting and lay out details and tell us which of these countries will be flying their flag into syria, they are going to be putting people on the ground because we know -- we know the free syrian army cannot take on isil. you know that. you talk about a multi-your process -- we are talking decades if that is going to be our salvation. i will just close with this. i am disappointed. i was disappointed in the briefing we had last week. to deal with this in an effective way.
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you have not laid it out in a way that meets that task. i hope when we come back and before you put people in harm's way unnecessarily you have a plan that achieves the end that you just laid out, but we know right now that is not where you are. host: that was yesterday, again, also see it on our website, representative mo brooks, republican, from alabama says he america support raising, training, and arming a rebel army to fight syria's civil war. good morning, thank you for waiting, democrats line. caller: good morning. republicans are some of the biggest hypocrites. if bush sent the troops in and start the war, they will be the first ones saying why did he do something stupid like that, why did he not keep the troops out and fight from the outside? whatever obama do, they are going to be against it. they try to make this administration look bad so they
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can get in. the airport getting his shoeshine, and they said why is he wasting our money on getting whose decision is to keep americans out of their -- we have too many problems. we need to solve them. you have unemployment lines running around the corner. we are talking about sending troops to get their unemployment down. sost: you support using syrian then? you support using syrian rebels? guest: we should just get out of there and leave those people alone. host: al from chevy chase, maryland. republican line. caller: good morning. one thing that ian


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