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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 1, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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time sleeping and would wake up screaming. we would hear him wake up screaming. restless nights and agitation ansys mission. and progressed he did cap hypervigilance of self-defense. called ahad what i hunter, pray system -- syndrome. to me, he was always .ypervigilant 13 is when he purchased his concealed weapon. wenthotgun in 2011 when we to alaska but then felt the need to have himself armed with a handgun. being a marine, he carried a rifle and was responsible for the biggest gotten on the battlefield, the fifth he caliber. so when he made his third -- second purchase which was his
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third firearm, the rifle, that made sense to us. we knew that was his tool of the trade and kept him alive. this. me posit we know we have the waitlist. i have had a conversation with a mother like you. theweighted treatment and waitlist. what do we need to do more to go ? >> as the congressman said, the late care is the nine care. it is great if you can get in but if you cannot get it, you did not get the treatment you need. we have to hold leaders accountable. we have to hold transparency. we need to give veterans a choice. if they cannot be seen in a timely and are, why can't they go to a private facility? introduce a little competition. >> one last russian.
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me made ans extremely powerful statement in your opening statement. that you could not counsel your son. this appears to be a failure and with fashion leadership. my question for you is what do you need to see changed to find yourself in a position to say yes to your son dr. to say it is ok to put on the uniform and carry the flag? i have beencourse extremely vocal. i am not going to let up. i have given the president and the last bill the 90 days requested. apb my mouth shut for another 34 days. at the end of the 35 days i am
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not going to stop. all the claims in the bill passed, so far i do not believe they are being implemented. just the fact that our shall the shoulders were supposed to have the right to go and visit outside the hospitals and get assistance we cannot get it. that is not happening as quickly. giving a car to go say cs civilian, each one of days -- to go see a civilian, we need to be with our brothers. the simplest and this body could do, authorize the veterans to go to dod facilities. those facilities to see the troops. this is where we grew up being treated. why should we not be treated by the then people right now. empowered the people to stay with their guys if they want to, but if they need immediate assistance elsewhere, but the individual in charge of their own health care.
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thank you. i yield back. >> i think the gentleman. this hearing has been a fantastic hearing. i noticed a few short hours ago you were in mexico setting out by the courtroom as ordered by the judge in order to support your son and now here au suck -- here you are as tireless advocate and wonderful example of what an american mother is all about. thank you. god bless you. all of you panel members, your service is truly humbling. think the consensus of the panel discussion, which focuses on a brave soldier who gave his country his everything, it is a lot broader.
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it is about do we stand for those who stand for us or not? do we stand for them? to thee reference veterans administration. we checked $17 billion. on herly pat ourselves back like we have done something stupendous. in the past 60 days the calls have not stopped. not in my office. not with caseworkers. i do not see anything changing and i do not see anything better and i am dubious it will get better until major changes happen and a major change within our country that we really do care about those that care about sent into harms way. this is a case of a young man who served our country crowd place who is suffering -- probably who is suffering from ptsd and now suffering in a
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mexican jail. i implore what the commander-in-chief should do and that is to use everything he has got to get this young man home. i for the government of mexico to do the right thing. laws are there to provide safety for its citizenry and to enact justice. we know what justice would be. justice would be to have this young man home and being treated. that is justice. that is compassionate and justice. i thank you for being at the hearing. members-- thank the from coming from around the country. this hearing is concluded. god bless. [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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>> of reminder, you can see all of this online shortly at more live coverage coming up in just over an hour. we will take you live to the
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pentagon. chuck hagel will discuss the department findings of a report detailing the military's health system. hispanicessional caucus continues its policy conference today. featured speakers include thomas perez, house democratic caucus xavier becerra, and immigration attorney who represents unaccompanied immigrant children. watch all about meeting 15 eastern on3: c-span. on theay testimony secret service. two senior lawmakers on capitol hill on wednesday urged secret service director julia pearson to leave her job, saying they have lost confidence and trust in her ability to protect president barack obama. jason chaffetz of utah and elijah cummings an additional he called for piercings ousting. more aboutwill hear
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this of the news briefing at the white house coming up at 3:00 eastern on c-span. look for coverage of that on c-span two. at the white house the president meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin jan -- netanyahu discussing a number of issues, including the ongoing palestinian conflict. here is a look. it is good to welcome the prime minister of israel. obvious no stranger to the white house. we meet at a challenging time. israel is obviously in a very turbulent neighborhood. this gets us an opportunity once again to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the united states and israel, and
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our ironclad commitment to making sure israel is secure. throughout the summer, obviously all of us were deeply concerned about the situation in gaza. i think the american people should be very proud of the contributions we made to the program. a time when god -- rockets were pouring into israel. i think we have also recognize we have to find ways to change the status quo so that the israeli citizens are safe in their own homes and schoolchildren in their schools and the possibility of rock of iron, and also that we do not have the tragedy of palestinian children being killed as well. we will discuss extensively the situation of rebuilding gaza but
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how to define a more sustainable peace between israelis and palestinians. broader thanll be that obviously. work we'reief the doing to degrade and ultimately destroy isis and the broader agenda that i discussed at the united nations, which is mobilizing a coalition, not only for military action but also to bring about a shift in arab muslim countries that isolate the counselor -- cancer of violent extremism that is so pernicious and ultimately has killed more muslims than anything else. also an opportunity to discuss the progress being made with respect to dealing with iran's nuclear program, which has
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obviously been a high priority not only for israel, but also the united states and the world community. so we have a lot to talk about. i appreciate very much. i think it is challenge for an israeli prime minister to have to work so hard. i know the utmost priority is making sure his country estate during these difficult times and glad the united states can be a partner in the process. thank you. >> i want to thank you with the unflinching support. -- support expressed in so many ways and additional support for iron dome, which has saved so many lives.
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a continuous bond of friendship that is so strong between israel and the united states. i also want to take the opportunity to enqueue to meet with you and the arts challenges they think the united states and israel. there is definitely a new middle new dangers but also presents new opportunities. , israel fullygers supports yours leadership in an effort to support-- to defeat isis. even more credible is the shared goal of preventing iran from becoming a nuclear power. as you know, the president of if we let thefeel tough sanctions and leave it as a threshold of the nuclear power
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. i fervently hope under your leadership that would not happen. i think of it as an opportunity and opportunity is changing in the middle east. there are merges of commonality of interest. think we should work very hard to seize on the common interests and build a positive advance a more secure, more prosperous and more peaceful middle east. to ae been committed vision of peace for two states for two peoples based on mutual recognition and rocksolid arrangements on the round. we should make use of
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the new opportunities, think outside the box and see how we can improve the outcome to agenda.this i look forward to our discussion on these and many other matters. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. of reminder, the white house news briefing coming up this afternoon at 3:00 eastern. we will see that live on c-span two. 2014 coverage continues live for minnesota at 8:00 eastern. the first debate in this eight governor race. the first candidate is mark eight and. jeff johnson and independent candidate hannah nicollette. here is a look at some of the recent advertisements running in that race. ago things in
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minnesota were not going very well. a new coach. up.things are looking we have added over 150,000 new jobs. one of the fastest growing economies in the nation. cut taxes while increasing the rainy day fund and investing in education. darn good record, right yet so darn good coach. lex i am just johnson. as governor, i will audit every state program, and i am pretty the rope. orough. held dayton should be accountable for wasting our money. his bonuses for failed obamacare bureaucrats prove he is out of touch with middle class. time for a governor who gets it and gets us. >> just johnson for governor. >> in a state like a partisan
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dysfunction and special interest, a team of extraordinary candidates, a step forward to restore dennis otis governor -- government. lieutenant governor, brandon borges is lieutenant governor. .at dean as state auditor together they are the independent. coming november 4. prepared and paid for by the independent party candidate committee. advertisements in the minnesota's governor's race. coming up live at 8:00 eastern. c-span's 2014 c-span competition underway. this nationwide competition for middle and high school students award 150 prizes totaling $155,000. create a documentary on the topic, the three branches and you. idiots need to show varying points of view and must be
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submitted by january 20, 2015. -- videos need to show varying points of view and must he submitted by january 20 the 25th team. >> more campaign 2014 debate coverage. 52ndis california's congressional district with scott peters against carl dema io. this is located in the southern region of california. including the central and coastal regions of san diego. >> now come a new special, a conversation of the candidate. >> good evening. a special edition of nbc seven news at 6:00. tonight hosting an in-depth conversation with the two candidates in the most hotly contested race in on -- on the november ballot.
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we want to just to do something different with this debate. be morey wanted this to of a conversation with the candidates to hopefully in the end and affected viewers. >> that upset the political scene in california's 52nd congressional district to give you a good idea of why the race has a should wide importance. >> 52nd congressional districts to that stretches from coronado into rancho bernardo. registered voters are split. 34 percent republican, 32% democrat, 29% independent. >> most races in congress are very partisan. >> this is why this race matters. san diego voters could potentially give the gop another seat in the republican-controlled house.
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what message do scott peters and carl demaio need to convey? >> peters has to convince the middle and thought one of them, and he is. you hear tea party coming out of his mouth every time he can't. and hold on and hope the republican surge is not going to extend to san diego. both are former city councilman and generally agree on most social issues like the environment and same-sex marriage. o tharpe wrote-choice. over themmered peters pension issue, taking credit for his role in pension reform. >> the challenge has been how to track record and the experiences carl has the local level and translate them to a national race. >> what about the issues they
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will tackle and congress? defense spending gap go >> he is not particularly interested in talking about national security, foreign policy. he wants to focus the race on business issues and budget issues, and that is where he thinks he can make inroads. >> recently the national chamber of commerce endorsed peters. there was an ugly tweet from the chamber. campaign imploding. it could come out to voter turnout. ofluding a critical block several thousand student voters. >> we think of student debt and think of post-graduation job prospects and what the economy will look like. like down the line. we really want to start with the big story of the day and an issue congress will be dealing with for some time. the u.s. began an airstrike last night.
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what i am curious about is the issue of ground troops. a lot of military experts think we do not we -- will be able to do this with airstrikes. to both of you, is that what point, if ever do you support u.s. ground troops and a raft or serious to fight isis? >> san diego is a military town. iraq and syria to fight isis? >> if you are going to ask a service member to leave their spouse and children and put the light on the line, you better satisfy to keep test. first, make sure it is a national security crisis or direct impact to the national security position. i think in the case of isis that clearly has been established.
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if not check we will see in this that is that we have a commonsense strategy to win. when we intervene we should have a strategy to win and mobilize the enemy. in this case i do not believe the president has laid out an adequate strategy. i have talked to some of my own advisers who are advising me. service members who are currently serving or veterans and have expressed concerns the president seems to be playing more of a political game of talking about technical advice -- technical advice on the ground. i think that will probably be in adequate. if we have to build the case for expansion, that has to be something the american people will support. that is where the american people and congress should not treat this as a republican or
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democratic issue but a member -- but an american issue. >> it sounds like you are saying not enough information for ground troops. esther peters, how do you feel about the case the president has laid out at this point? -- mr. peters? >> as a congress member, my important job is to keep you and your family safe from harm. we know around the world there are people in countries in dark caves try to hurt our families. is a tremendously theory -- dangerous force. they are better equipped and funded than al qaeda that attacked in 2001. so we have to take this very seriously. congress the plan that and the president and commanders agreed to, which is going to build a multi-strategy plan for dealing with isis. part of it is the airstrikes
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that will degrade the enemy but a much bigger plan, two. part of it is developing a political system in iraq that everyone can rely on and that will provide stability that the people will be motivated to fight for themselves. part of what is what we saw yesterday. people have to be part of the fight as well. part of it is getting international support. france has indicated. -- has indicated their concern. part of it is the equipment and training to serious you will be carefully vetted. >> both of you are expressing a good measure of support for going in and trying to eradicate isis. i think for a lot of the would-be constituents, where is the line in the sand? at what point would you say i will no longer support the efforts?
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i think this goes to the criteria we laid out. this was articulated worst bike carl weinberger who said if you will put men and women in the armed services and harm's way, we have to satisfy first that it is a direct national security threat to the country and that we have to have a well thought out plan. i believe we have gotten into conflicts around the globe where the first criteria has not been adhered to. we have gotten into nationbuilding, policing other countries him and posing , roles we should not be in that do not relate to the national security interest. they be humanitarian but not a direct inc. to national security interest. i think a lot of americans are upset by mission creep we saw in afghanistan and iraq. we have to ensure that when we do use force it is part of a
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sensible and strategic part of using force. not is where congress is afraid to challenge their own party when they are not getting those sorts of answers him up because you are asking men and women to leave their families and put their lives on the line, and they need to know it is not only an important issue that relates to the national security but have supported them by giving them the right sort of intervention and approach by winning the battle. >> at what point would you say no? >> we have really seen the limitations of our ability to witht afghanistan and iraq ground troops and i think we have to resist that. so as a member of the armed services committee live look -- listen hard about the ability to influence this and what the influence is for our own security and their own security.
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be do you believe this can defeated without ground troops? >> i think they can be degraded. i would say it does that have to be american ground troops. we like the people in the area to be fighting for their own freedom. andould like to a quick training. >> i think the problem is people are saying they will not be able to accomplish it on the ground in that is the concern that we are being told something that ben down the line will not fully pitched. >> we share the concern. you cannot guarantee will be successful but i have faith in the military commanders in the things they laid out. any further authorizations would have to go back to congress. the one thing i would say is i would be critical of the president for not being as close to partnering with congress as
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he could be. in this case we have worked closely with the president and commanders. can i follow-up with this? let's say best case scenario, the airstrikes are successful for whatever searches may come after and isis is reduced to a quote and a triple problem, maybe even eliminated. the militaryould make in order to fill a power vacuum that will attract other terrorist groups that rise up? into terrorism that morphs into a isis. >> we have had an iraqi government that was not sufficient to carry the weight of bringing peace to the region. the government was only concerned with one section. we have to have an inclusive government that reaches across the lines. we have seen a change in the government.


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