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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 7, 2014 5:00am-7:01am EDT

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accept. >> is this a penny wise and pond thing good now but watch out later? >> i think the circuit breaker after three years. i'm very confident the federal away innt will not walk its commitment. is very ursement rate high. if they don't after three years breaker.the circuit we have a 90% reimbursement rate. there is arizona taxpayer money that will go to the states round us that took the opportunity to do restoration. >> did fred just say he is very that the federal government will not walk away from its commitment? > we have the circuit breaker and i think that we need to move it, doug.nd not repeal >> i just don't think the ederal government, they are
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here and they are here to help us. we should not use fear to not advantage of this issue to stabilize our economy and ensure healthca healthcare opportunities. >> talking about tools, it makes more sense to get government of people's t healthcare because the estimates 80% drop in 60% to all aspects of healthcare. hat is the difference from eople who do the hipaa compliance. we could handle our own healthcare out of hurry hip pockets. is more sense than these plans. federal lked about the musing that they would keep their bargain. arizona work with immigrati
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mmigration if we have an antagonism toward the federal government? >> we will have new leadership in the federal government in two and in the interim i want to make the case for what we and i'm o it arizona willing to work with anyone. stated shows i i want to reach across the aisle. is get ould like to do our dollars back in this state so we can be in charge of many programs. work with the federal government but i would like to be the governor of the state and charge of the direction, not have in run out of washington, d.c. the federal with government how do you become -- e didn't get to common core which some think is a federal intrusion -- how do you avoid trying to workre with the federal government? own?o you stand up to your >> you have to speak for rizonans and frequently washington, d.c. do not understand the west and rizona's governor has an
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important role to play in making sure what is unique to arizona, respect what is unique do t arizona and we can that. we have to have that kind of voice. we have to have a functional relationship with the federal government to make it work. a each candidate will give one-minute closing statement and going in reverse of the opening remarks. we start with barry hess. >> i want to say i hop everybody hope everybody has seen a good debate and you understand hat the whole idea of growing government by the republicans and democrats is a puppy cake. good now and it is going to come back to haunt us. to hess ask you to go for where we have pretty es and it is serious. hen we have common core it is
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an idea that wants to homogenize education. what made us great was innovation and competition. used to be kid we able to say my school is better could back it. with common core we can say my just like yours. don't let the future of arizona sameness and lack of innovation. >> doug ducey now. doug ducey aid want to be your next governor. it has been great joining you tonight. running on the real world experience as a businessman and job creator. spent nearly four years your ng $12.5 billion of assets that are in better condition than they were a short ago. i have built the broadest coalition of any candidate. out.l continue to reach you can tell a lot about how somebody will govern but how
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campaign. i'm proud to have kathryn moran and to have every one of my republican opponents endorsing this campaign, the party and moving forward. i want to be an independent kick starts our economy so the arizonans that ave been displaced by the downturn can find a job. restore the education system and take charge of our state. doug and doug ducey on facebook. >> now john mealer. i believe arizona needs to run arizona. believe the parties are acting in our best interests. d.c. or all located in outlying areas. that is where the money is coming from, the dark money we
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hearing about. i don't think there is a debate is money paying for the it paying for s the elected official later? it is doing both. it will be paying definitely for the elected official. for ve been in statehood 102 years and it hasn't changed. for these and ours play for ours and they leave us out. is left out in the middle. we need somebody that has a plan somebody that is willing to do what needs to be done and doesn't have a worry about.ure to thanks. > fred duval with has closing statement. >> we have a lot of work to do arizona forward and we are filled with 2/10 but it starts with our children. making sure all of our children have the tools to succeed and we need to stop to our education system in order to provide that kind of future. in arizona where
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test scores are going up, class coming down, teachers are paid a livable wage so they and give e classroom students the skills they need to succeed. where we transform our education system in a way that provides the skill and workforce of the future. when we do that, new businesses will come and new technology will come. hungry for an educated workforce for the future. that is the kind of arizona we want. jobs, opportunities and a new day for arizona. thank you. >> thank you, candidates. that is it for now. thank you so much for joining us. you have a great evening. campaign 2014 coverage continues with live coverage of west virginia senate debate. that is 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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2 it is the virginia senate debate between mark and ed gillespie. hat is live at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> coming up, former president clinton campaigns with arkansas candidates at the arkansas.y of central then kentucky senator rand paul talks to voters in north carolina. >> here are some comments we received. to be an 't have einstein to know the only way to from coming into the united states is to have president step in and demand no be allowed to come into this country the next 0 years or more until this ebola is completely eradicated. i can't comprehend how people
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so non-salant about -- about ebola getting into the united states. feel all the people who as i do will state their outrage is being this problem handled and demand the president to take the action i have suggested. >> they have said it would never reach the united states, ever. now, look, look what has happened. and 3,000 other people over there. are you kidding me? we are falling for this budget doctors are he giving us we have this under criminal. it will never spread. blah, blah. it wasn't supposed to death over here, either, blah, blah, blah. >> they have a wonderful discussion going on, panel virus.ion on the ebola in the as been revealed
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somebody morning that west africa over here, got out, went to his condition northeast dallas. his family members contracted virus from him. that ld be construed that was a reckless disregard to the was cans when this guy allowed to leave a please that the ebola virus without somebody having checked im out before he boarded the plane or then after boarding the here and ng over nobody collection him out and he -- collection him out and he dallas community and as a result of that there , he's ple in quarantine in a hospital. he is going to
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die. i haven't checked the local news i'm only c-span right now to see whether he is going to live or die. know about to lets 202-626-3400, all e-mail at comments at at ou can send us a tweet c-span, #comments. live coverage on c-span, a panel later will xamine how u.s. foreign policy decisions affect latin america and hispanic voters in the u.s. hear from luis miranda. it begins this morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. the afternoon at the wilson center an event on the keystone pipeline. here from the energy reporters and legal analysts. hat starts at 1:00 p.m.
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eastern. >> former president bill clinton of aigned in his home state arkansas. he rally was for mark pryor, mike ross is running for overnor and congressional candidate patrick henry hayes and we will hear from the current governor mike bebe. university of central arkansas in conway, this is 40 minutes. > welcome to the stage your team that is putting arkansas first. hayes, mike ross, senator mark pryor, governor bebe, and president bill clinton!
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good afternoon, good afternoon. i am patrick henry hayes and i'm your next second district congressman. them!go get et me first of all say that it is a tkpwraegreat thing to be i city of colleges. afternoon and i will tell you the energy that us on this is giving stage is extraordinary, it is terrific. up.umps us we have two weeks until early voting and we are going to start voting a lot in early voting on the 20th. weeks from tomorrow. day. is judgment we know what dined of judgment we are going to have for all of us on this stage.
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for being here and helping that judgment come. good for democrats. let's go. two days my grandson harper will turn six. in one week on october 13, my isabella, middle grand daughter, will turn 10. y grand daughter savannah 25.ned 12 on july now, mr. president, i think it as 11 days ago that you became a grandfather. right? [cheers and applause] 7:03, charlotte came into this world. now, i talk about my grandson. another 84 years --
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-- then he might very well see the next century. be it is possible he would 92 years old. years old ould be 85 plus three months in the next on ury would very well be us. i'm up here for that generation, for your generation, and i'm up here for our generation because we have to in washington. we surely got this started. you know what the republicans did one year ago -- and i like in honor of my three grandchildren, first of all the birthdays, they shut down 16 days. asn't that nice of them in honoring the three grandchildren. hat was a travesty and wrong and that was not something this government to do. government is supposed to work that is what we did for 24 years at little rock city
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hall. shut down because we disagreed. we found a way to make things happen. things i'm of the proudest of in the 24 years that i had a chance to serve as mayor little rock is people told me you made things happen. we wanted to make sure things verizon -- raise your hand, to go y you had a chance there or dicky stevens ball trail system,ley, the things that make people's lives a high quality. to do that for the seven represent in central arkansas and for this state and country and come november 4 with energy and blessing we will make it happen. i want to come and join with candidates, these democratic candidates who care. they care about you, they care tomorrow and they care about the future of this country. so, let me say we are up here to make things happen. to ant to go to washington
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make the lives of our children and grandchildren better and by it we are going to do because we don't spend to sit still. to re going to find a way make things happen and make washington functional again. want to tell you that i'm proud as i have ever been to be n this stage with certainly my fellow democrats mike ross and mark pryor. bless you and od all of what you do for the world. let's go get them now until 4.vember thank you very much. hayes!ick henry and now, city of conway, welcome arkansas's next give, mike ross! hello, conway. how about those u.c.a. bears!
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my name is mike ross and i'm proud to be the democratic ominee for governor of the great state of arkansas. president, welcome home. i'm running for governor to grow the middle class. i want to build on the bebe tion that governor has laid especially in the areas of education, lower and fair are and more and better paying jobs, education. sooner and tart finish stronger. if you are a parent and you have them inear-old and want a pre-k classroom there should of your regardless income or zip code. n congress i voted increased pell tkpwrapbtsdz cut student loan interest rates in half and we have to continue to make in reach for more young arkansans.
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for those who do not choose focus we need a renewed on career tech so young people can learn a skill, a trade and and get a fication good paying job. it helps provide our state with trained and skilled workforce we need to attract more and better paying jobs to state. lower, fairer taxes. a single mom working two jobs to ends meet earning $34,000 is paying the state income tax making $34,000 a year. that is nothing fair about and we are going to fix it in a fiscally responsible manner. women in arkansas should get equal pay for equal work. we have a plan to address that a plan to protect urvivors of domestic violence
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and protect them. this campaign is not about me or of us up here. it is about all of us. it is about arkansas. future direction of this state. are we going to build on what give bebe linton and started here or turn the clock back? let's move arkansas forward. here is what i need you to do. one, mark your calendars on october 20 get on facebook, text everyone nd in the world that you know -- -- and es in arkansas tell them early voting has started. supportinghy you are the folks on this stage and encourage them to get out and vote early. then mark your calendar for november 3 and get on facebook and text and e-mail november 3 if you didn't get around to voting the last two weeks tomorrow is your last chance. and elections do have consequences. races are very
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we are working night and day. i'm asking you to join us over 29 days. if you will help me between now 4, i promise you i will work my heart out for you for the next four and hopefully next eight years. let's move arkansas forward. thank you and god bless. >> the next governor of arkansas, mike ross! and now, welcome to the stage senior united states senator mark kansas, senator pryor! >> thank you. >> thank you, arkansas. so great to be with you. love to ere crowd and be on u.c.a.'s campus. mr. president and governor bebe. there is one other governor we need to recognize. give david pryor off there. let's give him a hand.
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these three former governors know what i know and that is is going to make a great governor. the election is four weeks from at rrow and we have a lot stake. let me tell you, i didn't come opponent lk about my but let me take this opportunity to do so. resist to say my opponent voted for huge cuts in grant program. cut -- double the nterest rate on the stafford student loan. went to harvard, right? into u.c.a.get what could i say?
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but he went to laughed and you now how he paid for his education? stafford student loans. he has said now he wants to student the stafford loan program. can you believe that? that is called climbing the and pulling it up behind you once you get up. minimum d to sign the wage petition. he voted against equal pay for work. bright now in this state women in rkansas, when they are the workforce they make 77 cents on the dollar and i'm prepared change that in washington. ok? in the o the only one arkansas delegation of any of us, democrat or republican in he is the only washington who voted to change the medicare and age 70.ecurity to i'm on your side. i'm on your side.
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a sign on my desk that says that my father gave me i was sworn in, arkansas comes first. complemenes first. that is what i mean. billionaires and you have seen their ads on tv. but you s billionaires know what i have? i have you. i have the people of this state and that is how we win this race. we win this race one day at a time. until election -- 28 days left until the election. counts.ingle day we have to get out there, knock on doors, make phone calls. voter s the last day of registration, early voting starts october 20. listen, this is crunch time. this is the tomb for all of us to kick it in gear and get all elected.crats amen? >> amachine. >> now, if i were on the senate
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ask for ht now i would what at the call a point of personal privilege. is, mr. president -- or should i say grandpa? get a selfie? right? let's do it. let's do it. to do right there. we got it. thank you. thank you. good. >> and now, please welcome the the popular governor in united states of america, bebe.or mike >> thank you. what we were coming here for today. was ught this crowd
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gathered because you found out i dollarse a half million to u.c.a. and you wanted to thank me for it. cheers clea [cheers and applause] >> i didn't give them anything. money. your it is taxpayers' money and i on't know how we can spend taxpayer dollars for anything any better than creating jobs and education. get those things right, we get everything right. which leads me really to talk i going to steal your thunder if i mention something you talked about on night?one the other >> no. > those that don't know the president probably don't realize he gets by on about 4 1/2 hours sleep a night, i think. and he loves to call you at all
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hours. and he can't stand to be alone, just he gets board he starts calling people. so, the other night i'm watching or something on tv and my spoken rings and it is president. and usually his people call he ng the day but i guess had run all of them off so he called and he said i'm going polls in arkansas and i'm looking at all of these stats. stande of the things that people view mike ross and mark pryor as work with that can everybody regardless of their political party and can bring people together and solve problems. that is what we ought to be talking about. we ought to be talking about who versus who their opponents are and how they can work together.
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now, i wasn't going to do this to i have decided i'm going do t. pat hayes's opponent is a smart guy. a good guy. he's worked with me and he's helped me and he worked with the hrlast legislative session on se major issues. disappointment we for poor political purposes uring a republican primary season he came out, knowing private gainst the option which is ensured 200,000 eople, saved our hospitals, spent our tax dollars in arkansas instead of spending hem to california and taking care of arkansas people and he came out against that just for political votes when he knew better. enough reason right there to tell you we want stand behind ill us and not take cheap political shots.
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>> and if there is anybody in who decries the overt artisanship and inability to get anything done across party lines and to try to do away with gridlock that exists up there, if there is any human being that willingness to work together and get stuff done it is the senior senator from arkansas, mark pryor. and we need more mark pryors and less of that other stuff. don't know if that is a dog ined me or what that is -- behind me or what that is. whatever it is, he sounds like a democrat. the president says it is a yellow dog. known mike ross and served with him in the senate and he did precisely in the
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miked states congress what pryor has done in the senate and how is tried to figure out we move the accountant forward and work together in a fashion hat allows problems to be solved rather than ideological divide pus a fashion that nothing hams. if you want something to take a legislature and continue what has again on with the previous governors of trying to and make as first arkansas move forward, mike ross is your man. give oss will be the next for that very reason. he works with all kinds of people. i'm not going to presume that every human being in this registered to vote. i'm going to assume almost all .f you are registered to vote and i don't want to embarrass anybody so i won't ask for a hands. but there is the last day to go register.
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whoanybody in this audience is not currently registered please go do t. are we anybody here? >> yes, find somebody with a clipboard. >> there's somebody with a out in the back. there they are. f you are not registered to vo vote, now i don't want you in washington,ed d.c. last week. i only want you registering in one place. registered, ven't please do so. and every vote counts. folks t means tea ouout means e win and a good turnout by good, educated hard working college students makes all the difference. needs to lead the way in that regard. and now it is my pleasure to introduce somebody who really
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an introduction but him this wayducing every time i get a chance, 42nd and gentlemen, the governor of arkansas, bill clinton. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you. thank you very much. hello, u.c.a. letting other people come. i saw a henrick sign back there. thank you for coming. entire staffnk the for having us here. want to thank the other candidates that are here, representative steve mcgee and tommy thompson. frank shaw, candidate for the house. onnor pearson, candidate for the senate and graduate of the clinton school of public service.
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our candidate for land commissioner mark robertson and penny, john is running for lieutenant governor, i would him.ciate your support for i'm glad to be here for pat ross, for mark pryor, with mike bebe. a hilarious headline in a website called real khracl politics. and this is what it said. theaid clinton goes back to brier patch. colon. obsession.s somebody saidness you understand he comes back all the time. i mean i was in faulkner county to look at the tornado damage. i buried two cousins and one of mother's best friends this year. high out to go to my 50th
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school reunion. i hate it but i am. to in november we're going have the 10th anniversary of the presidential center in little rock. all invited by the i hope you will come. love my native state. without you i never would have a chance to do anything. i didn't come back to the brier patch. i came back to the future, the fort of arkansas and future of america. represent.t you so the first thing i want to say is you probably picked this out. this is not an ordinary election. and you see these polls. place.e all over the i will tell you a little secret about polls. they are all correct. say that is not possible. but it is possible. poll.ends on who they and they have to figure out what is the percentage of people by to vote, whatoing
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the percentage by gender that the most and for important thing what is the percentage of people by age that will vote. are here with these clip boards because there are people in this place that are not registered and we are here and we are going campuses because historically in nonpresidential there's a big drop off in the youth vote. opponents of these candidates are betting there .ill be this year and i'm betting there won't be. to you.s up nobody has a bigger stake in than you do. i want to urge you to register vote. i will tell you why. first of all, there is a reason bebe has the highest approval rating of any governor in america.
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run away from his party label. he is proud to be a democrat. progressive things. but he believes he should listen to and work with everybody. it is in our d.n.a. down here. was raised to believe that i be right all bly the time. nd so i never said to anybody it is my way or the highway. i also believe we have to share .he future and that we want a future of hared prosperity and responsibiliti responsibilities, and that means we need to share the decision making. it is just the way things are. and we are too little to fight the time. here is what i want to tell you. you know my foundation, we work world now.e have three people working for the health access initiative in ebola outbreakhe has occurred. program and ng an
5:38 am
they said would you help us a response. little family we say a prayer for those people every day that they won't be -- they won't be they will turn the tide. everywhere ain the world people are working good things happen people fight and they think constant conflict and ivision good things are not happening. so, you have a choice. mike bebe is popular because arkansas has the biggest drop in the percentage of uninsured people, people without health country., in the away rank number one. people say i really don't like that health care law, 200,000
5:39 am
and kids have s health insurance because of it. now, you have a good model here. below us is louisiana. they took the my way or the highway deal. going to we are not take that medicaid money, not us. bad.s all what happens? we rank first in the country in who got e of people health insurance. because near the bottom they wouldn't take the expansion and give working families a their kids and themselves. announced just been it is estimated understood the insurancetion program premiums in arkansas will go down there year 2%. down. now, why is that? because if you are under 26 and parents' policy
5:40 am
or you get the private option when you get health care you are not insured. if you get it when you are not insured somebody else pays the people. louisiana?ed in blue cross there has asked for a 18.35%.crease of the difference on average across $1,800 a year to families who were healthier and have more money in their pockets mike bebe did the right thing working with democrats, independents, fib who cared about putting the people of arkansas first. the same thing is true in education. you know what the national average high school graduation rate is? 81%? know what it is in arkansas n now? 84%. the real reason all of these student loan issues are so pryor wasthat senator talking about is, we are still not before the national average
5:41 am
percentage of people who go to college and get degrees. almost 250,000 arkansas adults who have done higher an institute of education who couldn't finish because mostly of economic reasons. a big opportunity he here. mays served for 24 little rock weof have known each other every day of those and then some. you, because i was president during eight of of e years, he became one the most highly regarded mayors not just in arkansas but in the because he s balanced 24 budgets, cut the increasedvernment and the scope of their activities. you really think he got the ball arena and caterpillar only only with democrats? no. e dealt with everybody and treated everybody right and his word is good. wake,in the morning
5:42 am
thinking i wonder who i can make mad today. do somebody from out of state will send me a check. you are laughing, but it is true. everybody is trying to hijack our politics and you have to own only your lives will be affected. after this election, they will and worry about something else and you will be stuck with the people that get elected. he ross i have known since was a teenager when he drove me around in the governor's race 32 years ago. wishes he were still a teenager. even he had something then. nd you have an unusual opportunity in the governor's race and sat race because all our candidates have served in congre congress. record.y have all got a mike ross and mark pryor have work with they will
5:43 am
anybody to get something done inaction and hate gridlock and shutting the government down and not anybody else. anything for anybody and they have done it under republican as well as democratic presidents. mark pryor was one of 14 who made an agreement when george bush was president break the gridlock on nominating federal judges. e got a lier percentage of his nominated approved than i did or than president obama has. broke the gridlock. because as democrats we proved work with ling to them. mike ross was the leader in the blue dog caucus. they were always pushing through bipartisan budget bills and to problems. that.pponents can't say mark's opponent voted against
5:44 am
the farm bill. 36% of our g.d.p. is tied to agriculture. good move. he said all i had to because the food ted in with stamp bill. we are spending way less on food stamps because the unemployment going down. farmers.oney goes to about heard mark talk all those other votes. that we t want to say know what they will do by what they have done. if you like mike bebe's style of forership, you have to vote mike ross and you have to vote for mark pryor because they will do it. now, just think a minute about what the attack against them has been. they are really running against the president, aren't they? they see these polls, the president sun popular in
5:45 am
yeah, the economy is coming back but nobody believes it yet because you don't feel it. but remember what i said four years ago. two years ago. in charlotte. financial crises take an average years to get over. we just crossed over and we are more jobs above where we were before the crash. be n't expect anybody to happy because middle class incomes haven't risen and the family is making less than the day i left office but back. coming we have 700,000 more manufacturing jobs, we are than we havet cars made in eight years. we have 10 million new jobs. four ee of the last quarters the growth rate has 4.5 and 4.6%.
5:46 am
created heree been and europe and japan combined and they have a lot more people combined. do so what you have to ask , who is going to put to the we need more college graduates. we need to find way to help refinance loans at a lower interest rate. we need to give everybody a it back as a percentage of income. ark pryor will do it and his opponent won't. we need to build on the advances and figure out a way to abolish the distinction my obsession -- abolish the distinction between is is academic and what practical so people can get college degrees and they can skills.ctical mike ross will do it. his opponent won't talk about
5:47 am
that. i'm telling you the truth. so, why would you not vote? it is your future. it is your future. just became a grandfather and you care more a ut the future we you have kid or grand kid. that is true. i thought that life one of the greatest privileges i ever had was being born and up here where i was aught not to turn away from anybody bass of their race or party. or their political or just because they disagreed with me on something. i was taught by my mother that every now and then i would being i need to keep my ears open. need to listen as much as i talked. i didn't quite take that to
5:48 am
heart. but i try. and i'm just telling you, you afford to do what their opponents want. make it a ou to protest. likeare satisfying you may these guys but you have to vote against the president. i promise you, last shot. pretty good scam, isn't it? two me a six-year job for a your protest. that is mark pryor's opponent's message. voted to cut student loans and raise the interest rate. yes, i voted against the violence against women act. for equal ever vote one more will give you protest vote. to do that you have to give me six years for a protest that irrelevant in two. or in the case of the governor really casta protest vote. give me a four-year job that do lick to do with
5:49 am
washington, d.c. so you can have within more protest. sense to make think you? throw your future out the indow, don't care about the college loans or having preschool for over kid. what do we know? we know the average poor child, ifn he or she starts school, they came from a family that themn't afford to accepted to contingekindergarten or coul pre-kkindergarten three , they have heard million fewer words. you think that word gap ought to income is hat your or, as mike says, what your zip code is? he doesn't. i don't. if you don't, you better vote for mike ross for governor. is true he's it only got a two-year term but one thing about him is he cut the
5:50 am
balanced the budget and still did more. people.will work with once gavehis opponent him an award for being a fabulous award and few he is the term he im for once praised him for. you get bipartisan budget deal the president will sign it. any president will sign it. there, i know. f in is bipartisan it will be signed. pat last will do that work for you. if you really understand why the highest approval rating of any governor in the country you have to vote hayes and mike ross and mark pryor because they will did that. basically the decision being presented to our voters is this. that all makes perfect sense,
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but one more time i have to cast a protest vote. why? out-of-statef this money baghdad television ads tells me to. to think about arkansas. i would like to think about our future. i would like to think about what our children for and grant children but i just can't do it. or you can honor mike bebe's his legacy continue , voting for what you are for not what you are against. that is the right thing to do. i was a little boy we had all of the civil rights trouble here i have been sick tired of people stirring people up and vote for what they theygainst instead of what are for. how many times have we seen people do something they knew they than to do because nit. in a seven
5:52 am
look at this crowd. how much more a diverse and hopeful and full of potential it is. can hold othing that us.back but so, that's it. faithful to the true heritage of your state. arranged that the southern governors conference to wailen holy tpaoelsd song arkansas you run deep in me sung. e commissioned a contest to write a song for our 150th birthday we i was governor.
5:53 am
the ends of it is i may wander nd i my groan but i will never be far from home. always in my heart and be, arkansas, run deep in me. vote your heart. vote for what they tell you that you have to be against. vote for what you know you be for. vote for mark pryor, vote for vote for pat hayes, vote for mike bebe's legacy and happy a month from now. thank you and god bless you. c-span [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] campaign 2014 coverage continues. we will have live coverage of .he west virginia senate debate
5:54 am
that is 7:00 p.m. eastern on eastern. c-span 2 it is the virginia senate debate between mark warner and ed gillespie. p.m. s live at 7:00 eastern on espn2 c-span 2. >> here are a few comments we received from viewers. to be an 't have einstein to know the only way to eep ebola from coming into the united states is to have the president demand no one from to come into wed this country for at least the next 10 years or more until this ebola is completely eradicated. how people rehend are so unanimous shallow atlanta nonchalant about ebola getting into the united states. i hope all the people who.
5:55 am
will call in and state their outrage as to how this being handled and demand the president to take the suggesting. >> what do people expect about the ebola outbreak. never reach would the united states, ever. has look, look what happened. and they put 3,000 other people over there. me?you kidding do you think we are falling for the doctors are giving us that they are smiling, we have it under control. will never spread. blah, blah, blah. it was not supposed to get over either. >> they have a wonderful discussion going on, panel ebola virus the revealed in the tphaonews this morning that a p liberia and came from west
5:56 am
africa over here. ot out, went to his contingent kin folks house and they got it from him. construed that that was a reckless disregard to the when this guy was allowed to leave a place that is with the ebola virus without somebody having checked he boarded the plane, or then after boarding here and he came over nobody checks him out and he goes right on into the dallas now, as a result of that, there are people in quarantine quarantine. he's in the hospital. no one knows whether he is going to die. i haven't checked the local news yet because i have been on to see whether he is going to live or die.
5:57 am
>> continue to let us noah you about the programs you are 202-626-3400 and email us at comments at us at c-sp tweet joins on mments and facebook and follow us on twitter. kentucky senator rand paul in north carolina last week. e also met with supporters of congressman walter jones at barbecue dinner in greenville. an how are you?ng, >> good morning. >> i like your shirt.
5:58 am
>> do you live in raleigh? live in raleigh. thank you for coming. you live here in raleigh? >> yes, i do. union.hairman of a i was in the second world war. nephew who flies the p-3 for the navy. been joking with him he has a terrible assignment he's california, rey, the last two years at the leadership school. i think he is going to hawaii the next assignment. tough life. >> i have been there any number
5:59 am
times. >> he's done his active duty he's trained other pilots. he's been in about 13 years. he will stay in for 20. work.u keep up the good >> thanks for your support. hello, nice to meet you. you are like my favorite u.s. senator. thrilled to see you. >> thank you. >> perfect. thank you for all you do. rock star. >> do you come here often. years in >> no way. did you used to live here? seven nt to duke for years. two different times. i was there for four years in in 1980's and three years the early 1990's. >> i never knew that. down the -- ight you were down the street. >> yes, we used to go somewhere
6:00 am
swim in a quarry. borough.s off the cliffstle beachwe woule into the water. >> wow, that is incredible. i cannot believe you still live here. thank you for coming to north carolina. >> we will win north carolina and i think we will win the senate back. >> we have two or you will be the end of our country. thank you. >> thank you. >> senator paul, thanks for coming out. speaker tillis has been a strong proponent of public private partnerships. you might have heard the first toll road, the contract was signed in mecklenburg county.
6:01 am
support public-private partnerships? an opinion on infrastructure, we need to do something about our infrastructure. one idea that i have had and i taxesed is lowering the on american profits overseas. take that tax money and putting it into roads. we can come up with somewhere billion and $70 billion in tax revenues, actually lowering the tax. >> right here, all right? >> thank you so much. thank you so much for being here for speaker tillis. yes, sir. >> all right.
6:02 am
>> all right. >> thank you so much. yes, sir. thank you so much for coming. >> what do you do? i was seven years in durham. we used to give out awards to -- vis a visrs the press conferences -- >> well, great time to be in raleigh. thank you so much. when you mind if i get a picture with you real quick? >> how are you doing, senator?
6:03 am
i am, right here. can i get one with a handshake? >> sure. >> awesome. thank you so much for coming out. got bless you. >> thank you so much for coming out. we appreciate it. north carolina needs you. [laughter] live here in raleigh? >> i do. my husband was born and raised here. >> that's great, that's great.
6:04 am
hear?t do you do >> i actually work for the state government down here, 29 years, but i would like to get into politics. >> we need people with a variety of backgrounds. we have got enough lawyers. yeah. >> you don't spend more than your check, right? >> yeah. we bring in and out 3.1 -- we bring in and out $3.1 trillion. the problem is we spend 3.1 or
6:05 am
3.0. thatthink it is something it is something i teach my kids. thank you for coming out. >> thank you. been to l.a.? >> yeah. >> good. to -- t next >> ok. >> 1, 2, 3.
6:06 am
>> oh, yeah. yeah. >> did they bring you guys up -- whistles] everybody. welcome. good morning. i am thom tillis. i'm running for the u.s. senate. applause] i also want to make sure everybody knows my wife, susan, is here. she is my wife for 27 years and
6:07 am
a great asset to this campaign. i appreciate all the patients that she has. it is a tough job and it is great to have a loving wife by your side. i appreciate all of you knocking on doors, taking phone calls, sending out letters. you are the difference makers in this campaign. thank you all very much. [applause] runningthe reason i am for the senate is that kay hagan said she was going to washington to finally get something done. she said anybody who votes for the president 92% of the time does not work in north carolina. she has gone to washington and voted with president obama 96% of the time. we like our if health care we can keep it. we cannot. the federal government has
6:08 am
decided their health care is not good enough. one month from now they will give premium notices coming increase premiums with decreased coverage. kay hagan says that the $10 billion debt back in 2008 was a disgrace. she agreed with the president. trillion,bt is $17 approaching $18 trillion. the middle east situation is unacceptable. we need to destroy isis. senator who sits on a committee who should be developing strategy and she has no plan. we have got to send kay hagan home and fire harry reid as majority leader. [applause] i am thrilled to have senator paul in town. senator paul is
6:09 am
fighting tirelessly for our freedom. he is an independent thinker, and i love independent thinkers. people who will go to washington and expect nothing more than accountability and ultimately to putedom that we need in -- i am proud to have him in north carolina. i am proud to have his support. ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome rand paul. [applause] >> thanks, everybody, for coming out. i am happy to be in north carolina to endorse my friend thom tillis for u.s. senate. i spent seven years here. i was in durham at duke .niversity are i it bothers me that we have senators like kay hagan who say that you are not smart enough to
6:10 am
choose your own doctor. the arrogance of passing legislation that says she knows better who you can choose. to oneprobably close dozen friends in my small town in bowling green, kentucky. who have cancer. to one of the best cancer centers in the country. get freeacare, you counseling but you do not get to choose your doctor. it goes against the fabric of the country to have legislation to prevent you from having the choice of your own doctor. i have a 22-year-old son. he has birth control, pregnancy coverage, dental coverage for the kids he does not have. my unmarried 22-year-old son does not need in vitro fertilization, ok? catastrophic
6:11 am
insurance plan. he needs choice. he needs something that cheap -- he needs something that is cheap that would cover him in an accident. this debate over health care is not about health care policy, it is about freedom versus coercion. three months after obamacare was passed, kay hagan had another chance to make it less bad. we had a specific vote on itther or not we would grant to people who had insurance already. kay hagan looked the other way and voted twice, first for obamacare and then against allowing people the choice to choose their own doctor. i think that nothing good will happen in this country until harry reid is gone. people say is there a difference between republicans and democrats? yes. republicans believe in balancing the budget. we had a vote on a balanced budget amendment. where was kay hagan? voting against balancing the
6:12 am
budget. proposals that come from the house on less regulation. lower taxes. none of those will ever get a vote while harry reid is in charge. for taking the u.s. senate back is in north carolina. we have a republican house and senate. you need a republican u.s. senator, and i am happy to be here today to support thom tillis for u.s. senate. >> we will take a few questions. >> it was thought that michelle hall might be a spoiler in this race. is your appearance here an indication that anybody that might be leading toward shawn will vote for speaker tillis? >> there are many libertarian ideas that are republican ideas. lower taxes, the constitution, limited government, balanced
6:13 am
budget, personal liberty, and i representstillis those ideas and i would like him to respond to that. >> the reason we want any kind of member of the republican caucus here to demonstrate support is because the people of north carolina. they all share that belief. i welcome any member of the senate caucus to come here. i am thrilled to have the broad support that i do. that is the way we got things done in raleigh in the last several years. -- we a broad base and had a broad-based in the caucus. we had democrats joining with us against the democrats governor. that is actually governing. not like what harry reid has done. harry reid, through kay hagan's support, as shutdown the congress. and we are not getting things
6:14 am
done. there are a number of things that we should be able to working across the aisle. they have failed to do that. kay hagan has rubberstamped harry reid's policies of obstruction and obama's failed policies for the nation. >> mr. speaker, you criticized senator hagan for the way she ran against senator dole and her voting record since. if you prioritize working across the aisle, what are some examples of things you could work with president obama on? what would you vote with him on? >> there are a variety of policies that have been passed out of the house that i know even democrats in the senate would vote for if they could come to a vote. slowing down the failed policy of obamacare. a number of different things that would help get jobs and economy back on track. >> what about things that have come from the white house? >> i think you will have to find a congress response. economic policy, regulatory policy. there are a variety of things
6:15 am
that a majority of the members of the senate are prepared to vote on, but barack obama has told harry reid not to take it up. and they are delaying policy until after the election. he is delaying the discussion and the decision on amnesty and until after the election. there are 473,000 cancellation notices for next year. this year 54,000 are coming out for retirees' coverage. we need to get congress functioning. reduce regulation and hopefully, the president will sign it into law. >> thank you. >> i appreciate all you all are doing.
6:16 am
can i get a picture? >> 1, 2, 3. >> can i get a picture real quick? one second. all right? >> on obamacare, speaker tillis said it is not going to be repealed? >> right here.
6:17 am
>> [crowd chanting] >> hi, how are you? i would appreciate getting a quick picture. >> senator, hi.
6:18 am
>> you are doing good in wayne county. >> we have met a couple of times. [indiscernible] >> i am from the outer banks. i have think the outer banks.
6:19 am
nags head -- >> you should have let us know you were there bank -- you should have let us know you were there. they moved it. yards or something, not very far? >> they did not disturb one rock. >> yeah, they just moved it on us. >> how are you? >> it is an honor to meet you, sir. >> nice to meet you.
6:20 am
>> we will just sign one. >> ok. >> good luck, good luck. >> god bless. >> everybody knows -- >> yep. how are you doing? >> good. >> nice to meet you. walter represents this area? .co my uncle did.
6:21 am
he was majority leader for a while. >> before i really got to know him that well. the man i want to introduce for a few minutes, he said he would be willing to take a few questions. opinion couldmy be the only individual that can save america from self-destruction. is $17.7 trillion in debt. in the year 2000 it was $5.6 trillion. today it is $17.7 trillion. neither bush nor obama have followed the constitution. the man that i want to introduce believes in the
6:22 am
constitution, and when he raises his right hand to accept the presidency of the united states -- [cheers and applause] constitution. the i give to you right now senator rand paul from the great state of kentucky. [cheers and applause] >> i think walter just skipped a few steps, didn't you? [laughter] i'm happy to be here today. it's a privilege for me to be here today to endorse my friend walter jones, for reelection. thank you all for coming. walter has been a good friend of our family for a long time and i think one thing you should know in north carolina in his district, he is well respected. he is respected as an independent voice in washington, and a voice of someone who truly has a conscience, someone who truly thinks about the soldiers
6:23 am
here in north carolina and those who fight for us, the young men and women who volunteer to fight for our country. and to walter and to myself, neither one of us see this as a chess game. this is not checkers. this is not inanimate objects that you move around on a map. these are a precious commodity, our young men and women. you will find no greater supporter for the military and for national defense than walter jones. [applause] you may have heard about a little girl, she thought she would do something good. she wrote a letter to god and said, if you will send me $100, i will do something good with it. the postmaster did not know what to do with it. so he said, i will send it to the president. he will know what to do with it. the president got it and he said, send her five dollars. she will think that's a lot of money.
6:24 am
so she gets five bucks and she is a little overwhelmed, and her parents told her to send a thank you. and she said, dear god, thank you for the money. don't send it through washington. they stole a bunch. [laughter] we can pretty much stop there. that moral is pretty much universal. can't government do it? is government inherently stupid? it's a debatable question. [laughter] here is the thing. there are a couple of arguments for why we should keep government to a minimum. why the government should do very few things. number one, they don't do much of anything very well. in fact, you might say they even have trouble protecting the white house. you would think that would be pretty simple. but the thing is that government does not do many things well.
6:25 am
i tell people, there are two arguments for keeping government small. i call them the liberty argument and the efficiency argument. the liberty argument is what thomas payne said. he said the government is a necessary evil. and you say, oh, that is a terrible thing to think about the government. and i think it is, because i'm part of the government now. but government is a necessary evil. because you have to give up part of your freedom, some of your taxes. it's not an argument for having no government, but for minimizing how much freedom you have to give up to have a government. the other argument is an efficiency argument. milton friedman popularized this. one simple, true statement -- he said nobody spends somebody else's money as wisely as they spend their own. think about it. do you think government people
6:26 am
care whether it is $10 or $10,000 or $10 million or $10 billion? or any more, we are talking about trillions. do you think any of them lay awake at night thinking about, i wonder if i made a mistake about that $10 billion i let go today. me if i asked you to give $1000 for an investment to open a new business, do you think you would think about it before you gave it to me, would you worry about getting it back? do you think about that money? yes, because it's your money. things are always more efficient in the real world. and you have to meet a payroll. you have to make a profit. all of those signals. every day, there is a signal back to you to be efficient. government gets none of those signals. government is wildly inefficient. so we should let them do very little. when we look at how we will get to prosperity in this country again, how we will get jobs in this country again, it's a real
6:27 am
simple message. keep more money in your community. keep more money in north carolina. send less money to washington. you say, well, are all republicans for that? no.sad truth is, what passes for bold in washington is, hey, guys, i'm for revenue neutral tax reform. i say, if that is what we are for, i will discuss home. -- i will just go home. i will still yell at my tv when i'm angry, but i'm not participating in what i'm doing to go to washington and be for revenue neutral taxes. does anybody remember ronald reagan getting up and saying, good morning, america, i am for revenue neutral tax reform? had 20 million jobs created because we were boldly for what we are for.
6:28 am
we have a big debate going on across the country -- how the party could get big enough to win again. and i have been fairly harsh. i say, we evolve, adapt, or die. we have to become a bigger party, but we don't do that by diluting our message. what we are for, we should be more boldly for. we are the party of the constitution. we are the party, frankly, of the bill of rights. we are the party that will protect your rights if you are a minority. you could be a minority because of the color of your skin, or the shade of your ideology. you can be a minority because you are a fundamentalist christian, or you are jewish, or black, or asian-american. there are a lot of reasons why you are a minority. but we need to stand up for every minority. the bill of rights is not for the prom queen. the bill of rights is not for the high school quarterback.
6:29 am
they will be treated fairly. they always do fine. the bill of rights is for those who might be unorthodox, who might have an unusual idea, who might not look like everybody else. there are big debates in washington. imagine anybody who but manyfor that, members of our party were. and we had this enormous debate. one senator said to me on the floor -- i said to him, you can take an american citizen and send him to guantanamo bay for -- with no trial? and he said, yeah, a are dangerous. who gets to decide who is dangerous and who is not? everybody remember richard jewell, the so-called olympic bomber? everybody thought he was guilty and he was convicted on tv, and within hours, it turned out it wasn't him. he wasn't guilty. but can you imagine if he had been a black man in the south in the 1920?
6:30 am
-- in the 1920's? what would have happened to him? the bill of rights protects minorities, whether it's the color of your skin or your -- or the shade of your ideology. we need to stand up for the rights of everyone. we need to proclaim our message with the passion of patrick henry, but also proclaim our message with optimism. like the painter who said, paint like a man coming over the hill singing. i think when we proclaim our message like a man coming over we hill singing, when proclaim our message with the passion of patrick henry, then we will be the dominant party again. i want to be a part of that. i thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. the senator said he would rather be out in the crowd shaking hands. you can ask him your questions then. [applause] >> you are from kentucky, right?
6:31 am
>> right. >> that is where i am from. >> i don't know what senator rand paul is going to do in the future. but i know that politics as usual is not going to fix america's problems. that sticksresident by the party bosses is not going to fix america's problems. [applause] one slightead just sentence from the presidential oath. "i will, to the best of my ability, protect, defend them the constitution of the united states of america." mr. bush did not keep his word when he swore to the american people. mr. obama has not kept his word when he supports the american -- when he swore to the american
6:32 am
people. but the man i'm going to introduce now will keep his word to the people. that is the senator from kentucky, rand paul. let's give him a warm welcome. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. i'm glad to be in north carolina to endorse my friend, walter jones, for reelection. are you guys going to win him back? [applause] i spent seven years in north carolina. i almost moved close to your district. we interviewed in wilson, almost a little bit outside the district. i always tell people that is my favorite trivia question. do you know how you say wilson if you are from north carolina he echo you have to add a "t" in there. i am from wiltson.
6:33 am
or if you are way out there and you want to have someone come over to your house you say, would you like to come over to my ouse? or have you been to my ome before? h, that happened to the people lost the h? i went to duke and i will put my diploma the wall and people will think that is a good medical school and it will help me get patients. i got there in 1993 right out school and they made that shot against the university of kentucky, the shot that has probably been relayed -- replayed more than any other in history. i was there when he made that shot.
6:34 am
the 1.4 seconds to go. if you really know your basketball, he get the pass and dribbled one. he dribbles wants and makes it. later -- nevert had a perfect game? kentucky was ahead with 1.4 seconds to go, lucky shot off the glass. and goes in, kentucky is ahead by one. and our phone starts ringing. we are in durham and we have a bunch of friends over for medical school and residency. this is in the day when you actually had a phone with the cord. i don't know if you have ever seen is it was attached to a court. and this was in the old days. people actually answered their phones. people didn't screen. nobody answers the phone anymore. so my wife hopped up to answer the phone. kentucky had made the shot and she gets there at about the time and leithner makes the shot and
6:35 am
whoever was there hung up. her brothers were big kentucky u.k. fans, so we suspected this. it took years for them to admit it, but they were calling to give us a hard time and he made that shot. [laughter] and then i finally got some good barbecue. i was in the line for barbecue tonight. we will not name any names. but he had two big plates of barbecue and he said you are not going to live very long eating like that. he said my granddad lived to be 105. and i said, your grandfather did not live to be 105 by eating like that. and he said no, he lived to be 105 by minding his own business. [laughter] i think there is a moral there. maybe we could use this as a public cry for government -- minding your own business.
6:36 am
[applause] i think a corollary to that might be "leave me the heck alone." if you want to be part of the leave me alone coalition, if we want our party to be bigger, maybe we ask people to join the leave me the heck alone party, we would have a bigger coalition. i am of that mind. i have been going to college campuses, conservative and to berkeley. i have been to every extreme in between. i have been to liberty university. i have been to berkeley. there is a big difference there. but i gave them the same message and it is received in both places well. the message is, what you do or say on your cell phone is none of the government's business. [applause] and people say, well, you don't want to get terrorists?
6:37 am
terrorists,t to get but i don't want to get 300 million americans to find the terrorists. sometimes we make the haystack so big we cannot find the needle. for example, the two boys in boston, we were warned by the russians that one of them was potentially a terrorist. he traveled back to chechnya and no one even knew he had traveled. do you know why no one knew that? because the computer could not figure out alternative spellings of his name. we are 10 years after 9/11 and we don't have a program to figure that out? we did nothing. the tsa looks at everyone. everybody has to strip from head to toe and be patted down. why don't we scrutinize people who are traveling from countries that might attack us? in a significant way. why don't we try to have a way
6:38 am
where people who travel frequently in our country can do it in a respectable manner where we do not have to be harassed at every moment? there is a professor at harvard by the name of noah feldman. he said the next time you go to the airport you have to hold your hands over your head for seven vulnerable seconds, ask yourself is this the pose of a free man? we do have to be conservative ,bout preserving our liberties but we don't want to give up what we are defending against in the process. [applause] i know a lot of you have been worried that your government might shut down. i have good news for you. your government is open. the bad news is, your government is open. [laughter] your government is open and borrowing $1 million a minute. in the next 13 hours of my speech, we're going to borrow how much?
6:39 am
can you imagine, in the next 20 minutes, we will borrow $20 million. it is crazy what is going on with this. we had this big battle. do you remember when the government shut down? the president was afraid you might not notice. quiet? 2/3 of your government is medicare and medicaid and social security and it never closes down. it is in perpetuity and not paid for. a third ofking about your government. why were we even talking about that? because commerce does not do their job. there are 12 appropriations bills. historically we pass them one at a time, and then the government was open. we do not pass any appropriations bills anymore. as the deadline looms at the end of the year, we look like a
6:40 am
bunch of chickens running around with our heads cut off. it is 2000 pages. nobody reads it. nobody can physically read it. we often get it at 8:00 in the morning and we pass it by noon. nobody reads it. to make matters worse, the last time when we kept government open two weeks ago, they stuck more in the spending bill. we did not have a debate over going to war, we just stuck it in. i told them, inconvenient time to talk about it. you ought to debate about it. we should not willy-nilly send our honorable courageous young men and women in without a debate over war. it is a crime that we do. when government shut down a year one third, one third of your government split. half of it is defense, and half of it is the other stuff -- welfare and other things. so we said we should pay our military, so we did.
6:41 am
really, what the president was squawking about, how evil the theblicans were, a sixth of government was closed. he was afraid you might not notice. you know what he did? he wrapped the world war ii monument. it does not cost any money. it was paid for with private donations. someone has to mow the grass. i would have volunteered to mow the grass. they wrapped it with barricades. if you want to remember one image of the shutdown, you remember this. you remember the image of world war ii veterans cutting the medicaid and throwing them on the lawn of the white house. [applause] we did learn some things. congressman jones will confirm this. during the shutdown, they sent a request. they said list your essential
6:42 am
and your unessential employees. i said we are going to learned lesson here, we are going to figure out what part of government we have to have and what we do not. for myo fill out a list employees. i said what's find out what the irs list looks like. 90% unessential. there is a real lesson we are going to learn about government. i said call the epa. 95%alled the epa, unessential. i thought, we are onto something here. we are going to find out that most of government is unessential. i was so naive because the more i dug into this, i discovered something. guess what -- if you are unessential, you do not have to come to work, but you do get paid. so there is an incentive to be unessential. it has some paint to do with not working and still getting paid. every federal employee was paid.
6:43 am
we got rid of some bad ones? are you crazy? you cannot fire the federal employee. that is insane. but they were looking at the epa and they did something for the first time. they started looking at some individual employees. they found one employee had not been to work in 20 years. she haddisability, but not communicated with anyone in the office for five years. do you think they fired her? you cannot fire a federal employee. are you crazy? another woman had 17 members of her family with paid internships. she was also selling vitamins and cosmetics and all kinds of stuff on her work computer. did we fire her? are you crazy? we cannot fire a federal employee. another guy had been downloading day.six hours per certainly we fired him, right? he still works for the epa.
6:44 am
they all continue to work for the government, but my favorite is a guy named jonathan beale. he had worked for the cia for 11 years. ginas said to be mccarthy's right-hand man. he was really important. you know what his expertise was? global warming. they looked and he was gone most of the time. he had not been to work in six months but he kept getting flowing performance reviews. !e is great so they did something where they asked, why doesn't he come to work? his boss said he works also for the cia. really? the epa and the cia both? what a combination. then they did something extraordinary and they called the cia. they asked them about him. they said jonathan who? they had never heard of him. so i would imagine that jonathan beale, who make $150,000 a year
6:45 am
who makes over $100,000 he year? are paidal workers who but not working. i just imagined him by the pool -- because he has to have a pool, right? his boss calls and he has a beer and they say, jonathan, are you coming in today? "no, i am in istanbul on a secret assignment or co [laughter] remember the v.a. scandal? no one was fired. anybody remember 9/11? anybody remember anybody being fired over 9/11? spent trillions upon trillions of dollars trying to be safer. i am for being safer, for spending some money to try to make the nation safer, but we have done ridiculous things. we spent $8 million in fargo
6:46 am
last year. i said if the terrorists get to fargo, we had -- we might as well surrender. we give equipment to our local police forces. vehicles that weigh 20 tons. we said, where is this equipment coming from? the said it is surplus from military. they found out one third of it is new. if it is brand-new and it is surplus, does that mean we are buying stuff to replace the stuff we are giving away to police forces that have no business with 20 ton vehicles? dundee, michigan, a town of 3900, as a mine-resistant vehicle. it encourages the wrong response to someone out there yelling and screaming and protesting or whatever. this is america, for goodness sakes. you are supposed to be able to
6:47 am
protest. but we have gone a little bit crazy over all of this. when we started with homeland security, they gave wish lists to every state. indiana had 7000 earmark quests for social security. the mule day festival, popcorn factory -- like everything else that is good in washington that we should do something, protect our country, they take the money and use it for something frivolous. i had this debate with the president. i said, why don't we cut some spending? he says where would we cut? we have cut to the bone. where would we cut spending? i gave him a list of a few things -- why do we just not rehire anybody when they retire? per year bytrillion not rehiring anybody. if you freeze federal spending, no cuts, the budget balances within 10 years. if you were to cut one penny out of every dollar, the budget balances within five years.
6:48 am
people say, how could we do that? has anyone here had to deal with 1% less in income? people do it all the time. government does the opposite. when you suffer, they say the government should spend more. maybe we should balance our budget to cause less suffering. maybe we would have more jobs. [applause] this administration has been riddled with scandals. i think of old macdonald's form. scandal,andal, there a everywhere a scandal. we have a brand-new one, they cannot even keep troopers out of the white house. -- keep intruders out of the white house. of all the different scandals, from the irs, which does bother me to think that you are losing an election and you will be audited because of you being in the losing party -- but the one
6:49 am
that bothers me most is benghazi. [applause] is the the thing is, it job of the federal government to defend our country, our embassies, our troops, wherever they are. so in the six months leading up to benghazi, there was request after request for more security. six months in advance of it, they sent a cable back saying we would like a plane to be able to move about in the country and maybe leave in a hurry if we had to. the state department denied the three days later, hillary clinton and the state of hartman -- and the state department -- it seems we were trying to green it up a bit. ordered $100,000 charging station for the chevy. to the tuneidized
6:50 am
of $100,000 per car so that we can show how green we are. meanwhile, we had no money for a our embassy staff around. preceding the attack on hillary clinton + department spent $650,000 on facebook ads. if you are looking for more friends. $650,000. landscape700,000 for embassy. $5 million on crystal barware and glassware for the embassies. the list goes on and on. sinceust, colonel wood urgent cables saying that sends need toables say we remain in country. there were rumors daily of the possibility of assassination and attack, and they were refused
6:51 am
permission to stay in country. in the middle of august, two or three weeks before the attack, there is a cable specifically sent from ambassador stevens to hillary clinton. . when she became before my ,ommittee, i asked her "secretary clinton, when you were asked directly, send cables directly from the war zone from a nation just emerging from civil war, from a nation in the throes of danger, from an ambassador, did you read his cables?" she acted as if it was beneath her, that it was somebody else's fault, that she was not respected to read cables. frankly, if you are not reading the cables, it should preclude you forever from being commander in chief. [applause]
6:52 am
one of the things walter has talked about and i have talked about about the middle east, it is not only the defensive benghazi that was bad. the whole war was ill-conceived. permission,r asked the with a constitution says we should be asked. our founding fathers were explicit about this. madison said history demonstrates what the constitution supposes, that the executive is the branch most rhone to war. therefore we took that power and invested it in congress. it was very intentional, to have a real debate before we went to war. but we went to war in libya without authorization. you know what is going on in libya now? chaos. i tell people it is a jihadist wonderland. they are everywhere. they literally swim in our embassy pool in tripoli. our embassy, what is left of it after the assassination of our
6:53 am
ambassador, they could not leave biplane. they had to flee overland and they barely got out of the country. libya has no government. radical jihad, radical islam, people who hate america and would come to attack us roam the countryside in libya. why? because if there is one universal truth to the middle that the secular dictators hate radical islam and they created stability. every time the secular dictator has been toppled, chaos ensues. radical islam rises to the forefront, and it is more dangerous. it is not just libya. it happened under republicans' watch. saddam hussein was a secular dictators. now iraq is full of people who would come to america to attack us. isis was not a threat two years ago. why? because they probably would be wiped out by a sod -- by assad.
6:54 am
but we have created a haven -- not just us, saudi arabia, the tar -- qatar. and now weapons are in the hands of cases. these -- and now these weapons are in the hands of isis. how many of these moderate islamic rebels would recognize israel as a nation? zero. many have already announced they would attack israel when we are done with assad. half of the free syrian army has defected and is now fighting with al qaeda. we are now coming before a committee last week and secretary kerry says -- we asked, where do you get the authority yet he said from the 2001 resolution.
6:55 am
i said, didn't that allow us to go into afghanistan? what does that have to do with 14 years later? attack, well, we can forces associated with al qaeda. i said it does not really say that, but if that is how you interpret it, maybe since the modern rebels are fighting alongside al qaeda, you can force them to fight who you are giving weapons to. if the resolution in 2000 want to go into afghanistan has nothing to do with syria, he said the president has article 2 authority. that is where the executive branch gets their power. so really he does not care. none of them care. we did not have any vote. we just went on willy-nilly to do it. there can be honest debate over whether we should, and frankly, we do have to do something about isis. but there should be no debate about the fact that it should be
6:56 am
done in a constitutional way. it should be debated in congress and it should never be done unilaterally. [applause] i have been pretty harsh about the republican party winning the presidency again and winning national elections. great in certain congressional district and red states, but i have said we must either adapt, evolve, or die as a party. we have to have more people in our party who are black, white, brown, with tattoos come without tattoos, with hearings, without earrings, with ponytails. there are ways we can reach out. we do not have to dilute what we stand for. but i have been trying to go places we have not gone. i am the first elected republican to go to europe in years. i bring a message that says we
6:57 am
care about people who live in poverty, and we care about people who are unemployed. how would we fix it? i took a plan to detroit and said we will help detroit i leaving 1.3 billion dollars in detroit. i am not going to get it from north carolina. i would just let them keep it, normally money that they would send to washington over a 10-year period, a billion-dollar bailout of their own money. democrats have nothing to offer detroit. we got 3% of the vote in detroit. we show up, we have a plan, we tell people in different -- in difficult circumstances we want to help them. a wholetransform electoral that has not considered republicans, and then we become the dominant party again. how do we do this across america? we have got to show up. as we do it, we have to do it with optimism, with a smile.
6:58 am
we have to do it by showing we truly do care about people where they are and where they live. i am reminded of the poet, the painter who talked about two young painters, his advice was, paint like a man coming over the hill singing. i love that image. i think when we proclaim that message like a man coming over the hill singing, when we proclaim our message with the passion of patrick henry, i think when we proclaim our message with such optimism and enthusiasm and warmth for growing the economy and getting a job for everyone, then i think we will be the dominant party again. thank you very much. [applause]
6:59 am
>> "washington journal" begins in a moment. we will look at today puzzled news and take your calls. this morning a panel will examine how u.s. foreign policy decisions affect latin america and hispanic voters in the u.s.. we will hear from former white house hispanic media director miranda. about thewill hear keystone oil pipeline. that is live at 1:00 p.m. eastern. >> coming up this hour, chris about his planlk to support fiscally conservative candidates. supportswikler which
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