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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  October 11, 2014 6:21pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> during his weekly address, president obama spoke about the economy and the latest jobs report. the republican response feature the candidate running for new york' is 21st congressional district. >> hi, everybody. for the first time in six years, the unclean rate is below 6%. our businesses -- unemployment rate is below 6%. our businesses have the longest uninterrupted job creation streak in history. but the typical family has not seen a raise since the 1990's. folks are feeling as squeezed as ever. that is why i will keep creating -- pushing for policies that will create jobs faster and raise wages faster.
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rebuilding infrastructure, making sure women are paid fairly, and making it easier for young people to pay off student loans. one of the fastest ways to help folks get ahead is raising the minimum wage. ask yourself, could you live on $14,500 a year? that is what someone working full-time on the minimum wage makes. if they are raising kids, that is below the poverty line. that is not right. a hard days work deserves a fair day's pay. right now, a worker on the federal minimum wage earns $7.25 an hour. it is time to raise that to $10.10 an hour. raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would benefit 28 million american workers. 28 million. these are not just high schoolers on their first job. the average worker who would benefit is 35 years old. most low-wage workers are women, and the extra money would help them pay bills and provide for families.
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it also means they will have more money to spend at local businesses, which grows the economy for everyone. but congress has not voted to raise minimum wage in seven years. seven years. and when it got a vote earlier this year, republicans voted no. that is why, since the first time i asked congress to give america a raise, 13 states, 21 cities, and the district of columbia have gone around congress to raise their worker'' wages. more companies are choosing to raise wages. a majority of small business owners support the gradual increase to $10.10 an hour. i have done what i can on my own by requiring federal contractors to pay workers at least $10.10 an. hour. on friday, a coalition of citizens told republicans in congress to stop blocking a
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raise for millions of hard-working americans. because we believe that in america, nobody who works full-time should have to raise a family in poverty. i will keep up this fight until we win. because america deserves a raise right now. america should forever be a place where your hard work is rewarded. thanks, and have a great weekend. >> i am scott brown, republican candidate for senate in new hampshire. in these closing weeks of the 2014 campaign, americans are realizing how much is actually on the line, especially when it comes to national security. we are at a dangerous moment for our country and for our friends. it is starting to feel like the world is on fire. worse, soises getting many adversaries gaining ground. in iraq and syria, and expense of territory larger the new england has now been lost to a terrorist army, isis.
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our closest ally in the middle east, israel, faced rocket attacks all summer long. in iran the extremist regime is still intent on building nuclear weapons. in ukraine, america's friends are dealing with belligerence from the russian army. it is bullying neighbors while pressing ahead with a massive military buildup. so many challenges, so many threats and problems, and all at the same time. yet the obama administration seems only more confused as things actually unravel. this is what the world looks like without american leadership. so it is hardly surprising that national security is a central issue in this election. i believe that our state deserves an independent senator who will put party loyalty aside and put our national interest first, each and every time. rather than simply voting in supporting the foyer -- failed policies of president obama over
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99% of the time. like many republicans, i'm running to restore american leadership. how about start by protecting our own borders? isis has been threatening to send people here to kill americans unless demands are met. our porous border is an obvious pathway for terrorists to get in here, but in the administration there is more talk of amnesty by executive decree after the election. let's not kid ourselves. when enemies of our country are planning attacks and leaders in our country are planning amnesty, there is something wrong. we have to get serious regarding this nation's borders and enforcing this nation's laws. second, we need to reverse the direction and drawdown of our defense. we have seen a military reduction that is massive. everywhere, army, navy, air force, marines are affected.
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we are on track to have a small army then what was before the second world war. at a time when so much is expected of our military, we need to give it all the manpower, all the equipment, and all the support it needs to succeed in each every mission and come back safely. we oh that much at least to the people who defend us. we need to keep faith for those american veterans. has beenadministration an outrageous failure under this administration. even as the federal government tries taking over our whole health care system, it cannot deliver on the most basic promised take care of our veterans. this election is a moment of accountability, not just at the v.a., but all across the federal government. and every part of america, people have deep worries about national security and border security. all this when so many are still worried about jobs and economic security. yet we are asked to believe this is the best america can do. i don't believe it.
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i don't accept that defeatist attitude for one moment, and neither should you. we can secure our border. we can maintain military superiority that no rival will dare to question. we can restore this great country's leadership in the world. and everything rides on our success. as you know, the president recently said he is not on the ballot, but his entire agenda is. i agree with him. that's your invitation to send a clear message to the establishment in washington. elect republicans to the house and senate, and we will bring that big government agenda to an end, and we will set this country to a better path. this is scott brown and new hampshire. thank you for listening. >> c-span's campaign 2014 coverage continues this evening live from iowa, where democratic congressman bruce braley squares off against joni ernst. live at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span.
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a debate from the michigan governor's race. incumbent rick snyder against live at mark schauer, 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> this weekend on the c-span networks -- tonight at 9:00 p.m., colin powell talks about world affairs. sunday evening at 8:00 on "q&a," robert timber talks about how as a marine in vietnam a landmine explosion nearly killed him and changed his life. tonight on "afterwords," atul gawande on why he feels medical science should do more for the aging and dying. free-marketein on capitalism and its impact on climate change. tonight on american history tv war,span3, king george's
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how it helped establish regional identities and a viable fighting experience for the american revolution. and sunday night, president ford 's congressional testimony on the nixon pardon. find our television schedule at, and let us know what you are thinking about the programs you are watching. call us, e-mail us, for send us a tweet. join the conversation -- like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. >> this week on "the communicators," we talk with legislators on pending telecommunications legislation and some of the issues the fcc is working on. joining us first is the chairman emeritus of the energy and commerce committee, joe barton, a republican of texas. congressman barton, a lot o


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