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tv   Kentucky Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 13, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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because mcconnell has spent the past year trying to tie her to his favorability ratings are around 29%. dislike to.uch a people do not like him personally or his politics. o'connell has been trying to convince voters that if grimes elected, she will simply do the president's bidding, the agenda and policies he wanted to plate which senator mcconnell says is bad for kentucky messiah grimes made a news because it is about the third time just been asked this question. she was asked if she would vote sorry, ifell -- i am she would vote for obama and she would not answer the question. she said, i was a hillary clinton delegate in 2008 and i
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believed in the sanctity of the ballot box that she was asked four times whether she voted for president obama and it she would not say. she has been getting hammered every sense from the right, from the left, from the middle. a liberal website has hammered her as said her response was pathetic. >> former president bill clinton has been in the state campaigning for allison grimes and hillary clinton will be there. what influence does the clintons have? an interesting question. i guess we will find out. bill clinton was the last democrat to carry kentucky. andarried kentucky in 1992 in 1996, when hillary clinton
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ran for the president upon stress nomination, -- president's nomination, she destroyed obama in kentucky. a strongon name is name in kentucky and we did recent polling on president clinton's favorability and it was about as high as any politician we have seen here. >> mitch mcconnell first elected in 1984 and his i faced tough reelection battles, why? has almost performed as a republican state, it has a strong democratic voter registration. also -- being in the position that he is in, he is the guy that says, no and washington and
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the democrats have been able to use that to kind of hurt his reputation. he does not come across as isable, especially when he the guy was up there blocking every piece of legislation that is pushed or they try to push through in washington and i think that is over the years worked on his reputation and harm town. >> senator mcconnell and alison grimes have been on a number of occasions. they kentucky educational tv debate is the only time the 2 will be in the same studio so what are you looking for? >> it will be a just and especially after the episode grimes before the editorial board, just to see how she handles this and whether she answered questions that are put to her. the same goes for mcconnell. senator mcconnell appeared on the radio, recently on a sports
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radio talk show and also appeared before the "cincinnati board.r" in both cases seems asked about global warming and whether or not he believed it existed and weatherman was the cause, and his answers of both times were, "i am not a scientist." it will be interesting to see if he sticks with that line. crooks and joe gerth who covers politics -- >> joe gerth, who covers politics. >> thank you. are continuing to have a problem with the signal and the kentucky debate we have been hoping to bring to you live. we will record it and bring it to you later in our schedule. on with another debate. the first arkansas debate between mark pryor and tom
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cotton. this is the only debate. and marks warning. -- mark swaney. >> welcome, everyone to debate , the arkansas educational network. i am steve obamas. we are in the reynolds performance hall. -- i am steve barnes. a race for the united states senate. the contestants, u.s. representative tom cotton. mr. nathan lafrentz representing the green party. mark pryor, the incumbent.
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ney, the green party. they will be questioned by a panel of arkansas journalists. gwynn of arkansas business and doug thompson of northwest media. each candidate will have 2 minutes for an opening statement minute, 50ve 1 seconds to respond while rebuttals are limited to one minute. at the conclusion of the broadcast, it's candidate will have two minutes. the order of opening questions and closing statements was determined prior to the appearance by a drawing in which the candidates or the representatives participated. our timekeeper is elizabeth of aetn. our first opening statement comes from mr. swaney.
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>> thank you for washing this debate. i am with the green party. the green party is only progressive lyrical party in the senate today. the green party has certain principles that distinguishes itself from the other parties. sometimes i hear people say they think the green party is just thedemocrats, but it is not case. the green party has three principles we believe strongly to guide our positions. justice,piece, social and protecting the environment. his first term as a senator, senator pryor was a strong supporter of the iraq war. cost 4477 lives and add more than $1 trillion to our national debt and did nothing to protect the united states of america. the greater part of believes it is immoral and wrong to hire people to work and not pay them
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a enough money to live during the time they are working. because of that, we support a living wage. a minimumore than wage. signature prior cannot even support his own party's call for an increase in minimum wage. green party believes that climate change is the most serious problem facing the planet. we believe carbon tax is necessary to address this problem and senator pryor voted for a bill had it passed would have prevented congress for even discussing a carbon tax. these are some of the differences between -- >> in good see all of this debate on and we will go to lexington, kentucky to hear the debate between mitch mcconnell and alison lundergan grimes.
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it got underway about five minutes ago. [indiscernible] [no audio] ouraking is safe for children for shrinking the size of the federal government by honoring the commitments we have made to our veterans. i believe i represent the best state in the union at best people in america and we have a lot at stake after this election. i do not know if you heard the audio a congress cotton went to a luxury resort in california to spend time with his billionaire donors. there is an audio tape where they brag about him as they introduced him for voting against the farm bill. you can hear the ovation for voting against arkansas. listening to you.
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he is listening to them. that of applause is ranking in his ears. ringing in he will do anything, say anything, vote however he can so he can get their money to win this race. haves billionaires, but i the you. that is all i have ever had is in you. the people of arkansas. you pray for me, you have given me the current to keep going -- havege to keep going a you given me direction. i am asking you for your vote on november 4. i know together, we can keep america strong and arkansas moving. that is what i've made by arkansas comes first and stop >> r. lafrentz? >> i would like to thank the university of central arkansas for hosting this debate and it is an honor to be here among the other candidates.
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i think during this debate you will find a distinct dichotomy between myself and the libertarian party and the other is,e candidates what i mean though the republican and democrats have their own issues that they focus on and interest groups that influence how they vote in washington, all three parties have one common goal and that is to grow the size of the federal government and to consolidate control and power over our lives in washington, d.c. but cousin that control means more money -- because that control means more money from special interest groups and a continuous cycle that needs to now.nd end the overarching goal of my platform is to take this consolidated power in washington, d.c. and diffuse it down to the county level, to
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this ismunities because america and it was founded on local governance and a limited national government and now have a federal government to has a deficit of over 18 trillion dollars. both were putting us and democrats have control over the past 10 years and no matter which party was in power, we saw spending growth. i think it needs to in and in and now. what i will bring to arkansas and to the rest of the country is a voice in washington for a true, limited government. will cut the federal government and return that power back to you and your local communities. thank you. >> mr. lafrance, thank you. to mr. cotton. >> as i travel around the state of arkansas, i have listen to arkansas.
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they are frustrated with washington. and they should be. i have not been washed a very long but i have been there long enough to change. they can use the common sense i used growing up. that the use of more of the trees i saw in iraq like leadership and -- more of the traits eyesight in iraq like leadership and courage. obamacare isn and a disaster. parents are worried about what kind of future we will leave our kids. excited toere so announce we are expecting our first child, a baby boy. we want to make sure our child has the same opportunity we had. unfortunately, that is the kind of future that barack obama's policies promise because he is failed us in arkansas.
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-- barack obama 93% of the time. barack obamaid does not offer a lot to rural america and i agree but i do not understand why he votes for him 93% of the time. those policies are called mark pryor. i hope you agree, there is a better way. let's repeal obama care and start over, let's rebuild our military is to terrorist before they attacked us here again. if you are ready for change, i am ready to serve. >> our first question tonight goes to mr. pryor. >> mr. pryor, i think a lot of our candidates have been -- our candy and have been turned off ansians have been turned
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off by the negative ads. what to do you think? chris i am turned off by the negative time as well. -- >> i am turned on by the wealth studiess outside groups set the town and super pac's. well and these outside groups set the tone and outside taxes that you have to ask why. the answer is very clear and it is what you see playing out and in your mailboxes is a business transaction and you have cotton who goes out to hang out with his friends, his supporters out in california resort and there is more and there is more that audio tape that i've mentioned and there is a point in their
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where he is in a room and they tom,tom a, you are in a -- you are in a room full of investors and why should we invest in you? they are investing and tom cotton like they would in a company. why? they want to get a payback and did they will. if he is elected, that will get six years of paydays but cousin he will do things like cut so -- because he will do things like cut social security and will vote against farm bill's and fund the savings over here and mean he will turn around and give them enormous tax breaks over there. is a goodn cotton investment for them and that is why they spent over $20 million on television trying to buy this senate seat. this seat is not for self. he does not have the title to the seat, but you do.
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if you want a senator to listen to you, i am that man. >> mr. lafrance? >> i have not heard a single negative campaign and the state of arkansas so i am sure a lot of television viewers will appreciate that. turn on the tv walked out saying a half dozen of these ads. it really is a shame because these negative ads are not informed of the voters about what senator pryor or congressman are going to do for them. they are smart tactics on each other. they are not discussing the real issues. that does not telling you, the voter, what are they going to do for you in washington because that is what matters. what do they will do for you. and i can tell you i will work for you every single day in the
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united states senate. do not have fact i been the donors means i did not have a of influence from outside parties. people who donate tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions to special interest groups, they are not doing that out of the kindness of their heart but for a return on their investment like a business. for both the democratic and republican candidates, who ever wins, they would expect a return through their vote in their favor. no such influence with myself as a libertarian party candidate and i will work for you. you would not to be a big time and donor to call me or visit me. >> thank you. to mr. cotton. have a very tough and the priors/obama economy.
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the last in a want to do is hear politicians whining about the campaigns. i dot drill bullets in iraq. last thing they want to do its hear politicians whining about the campaign. -- i dodged real bullets in iraq. couple in el the dorado that in and i met, -- ann t, they had to sell their mortgage and move in with their parents because a price of their insurance have increased so much. wages are note where they want. with only crated 28,000 full-time jobs. createdave only a 28,000 full-time jobs.
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or think about what obamacare has done. jobs.l cost 2.5 million in arkansas we can expect premiums increased. to cut pryor voted medicare by $700 billion to pay for obamacare. arkansas seniors, over 4000 will see plans canceled. last week. time and time again, mark pryor rubberstamped president obama's agendas to a vote for mark pryor is for more of barack obama's policies. swaney.. >> i am glad you asked that question. i am not disturbed by the negative content of these ads that come from out-of-state but i am concerned by citizens united that made it possible.
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party is very opposed to this particular decision of the supreme court, citizens united because it leaves to pilenhood, the idea that a of papers equal to a human. this is something we strongly oppose. as a result, we are in favor of and do support a constitutional amendment that would change the define human beings to being natural flesh and blood humans and nothing else. therefore, we would like to see this decision overturned. they said the decision that would be overturned by an amendment would be the hobby lobby decision which we think is a very bad decision and goes ofo the round of -- realm imagination when the supreme court imagines a corporation can have religious feelings.
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realm ofimply into the the ridiculous. corporations have advantages over natural persons and if we give them more advantages, were all going to be building ourselves [indiscernible] we oppose the citizens united decision. thank you. for a rebuttal, mr. pryor. >> let me say the negative ads are bad for our system. , the just think misinformation these ads create is not good for the system. there are 2 things you never want to see in a political campaign. unlimited money or secret money. that is what you have with citizens united. i think it is bad for the system and corrosive and money has a corrosive effect. this the first election cycle
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where it has been around for 2-4 ands, it is the first time a pretty ugly picture. i have voted to change the system and ability to work. i think the fact that the supreme court has said citizens united can allow sick or money and unlimited money, i think it is bad. it diminishes the voice of real people and real arkansans -- not good for the system. >> our next question. >> i feel sorry for people who do not have dvr's. every time i accidentally watch one of the political ads, i feel dirty. some have been called off for multiple pinnochios. some of these are not from outside groups. some are from the candidates on campaigns.
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so, along the same lines, what is the responsibility you as a candidate how for the tone of your ad and are you responsible for making sure your ads do not mislead the voters on your position of issues that are really of critical importance in their lives? >> thank you. the citizens united decision was andnitely a tumultuous one that we have all of these groups and state, out-of-state that do not have to reveal where the money is coming from and they can air attack ads on what ever they want and spent how much ever they want. personally, i think that could should beair informing the voters of arkansas about what we would do while in office. the negative ads are just at that. they are usually misleading people or take a single statistic and blow it out of proportion.
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that is just not the right. it is not fair to the voters who are trying to make an informed decision on election day. so, unfortunately, with the supreme court upon stress decision,- court's there's not a lot that could be done. i would come out publicly and specifically say, i do not want this type of support and i do not want attack ads running against my opponents in my name or for my campaign. i do not think it is the right way to run a campaign and it is informative to the american people. >> mr. cotton? >> i do not think arkansans want to hear politicians whining, they want to hear solutions. barack obama has not offer the solutions. mark prior has said he is not have a lot to offer rural
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arkansas stud this will we need to do. when you look at followed wages or underemployment, we need to get it back to basics and we need to balance our budget and pass a balance budget amendment. >> are you answering my question about what your job as a candidate is or are you doing talking points? as a your responsibility candidate to make sure that your ads are not misleading? >> i have to allow him to go ahead because was no provision for a follow-up. do you want to go ahead? i i can only control the ads run. talking about solutions for arkansans and balancing the budget and pass an amendment and keeping our economy going. a thousand full-time jobs
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28,000000 people on -- full-time jobs but 80,000 people on food stamps. the top 5% are doing ok under economy./pryor pryor always stands with barack obama for higher taxes and more spending. think it is right for arkansas and that is why i do not think arkansans are ready to cast a vote for mark pryor because they know a vote for him is a vote for barack obama. i believe that a candidate is 100% responsible for every piece of advertising that comes from that campaign. and i believe that candidate and ifbe held to account the media is able to show the ads are misleading and untrue --
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should be another disincentive. pretty directs a answer to that question. i would like to say further on a separate subject if i am allowed that i am opposed as the green party is opposed to the death penalty. the subject has not been discussed much but i want opposedy to know i am to the death penalty. when i am lucky enough to be elected, i will work very hard to eliminate the death penalty and i wanted to make that statement in case i did not get to say so otherwise. >> mr. pryor? i want to thank you for that question because i am responsible for the content of my own ads. the difference between the 2 parties, whenever we release an
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ad, we provide documentation to the ad of every fact in there, every vote, every statement. we put the content in there. i have sat down with my campaign team and said, look, one of the things we want to see is integrity. the people of arkansas deserve that. they deserve honesty when it comes to campaigning. one thing you heard about for my opponent and one thing you have seen on his ads is his rhetoric is very clever. that is great for advancing his political career. it will help them climb the political ladder. the problem is arkansans are smarter than that. independentmazingly and smart folders. see, id again, you will have experience in some of my thes back in 2002, i won
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state is very big and so did mike huckabee. you can find these election results basically every given election cycle. people here are stubbornly like toent and do not be told about misinformation and bad information. most people i talk to when it they see the ads on television, they hit the mute button. i hear that over and over. for i said, it is not good our system. we need to change this. either get the supreme court to reverse citizens united or amend the constitution to make sure it does not happen and the future. >> mr. lafrance? >> thank you for the opportunity for a. i was reiterating what i stated and that is that the money being donated, not being donated by people like you and diet, $10, $25, onto the money donated by
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at large, special interest group . the union, the wealthy individuals, incorporation across the country, it is not being donated for the campaigns because they have a strong political beliefs or because of a thing to do. they are making an investment in every candidate that they throw money at. that is an investment a you and that is an investment cannot afford to make. is there is no special interest influence in my campaign. as your u.s. senator, i will work every day for you, the people of arkansas and no one else. >> the next question for mr. thompson. , there is open a war in syria and iraq. something that looks like undeclared war in the ukraine.
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and our soldiers for a couple of decades, our service personnel of all branches have been asked a lot ranging from a deployment to the giving of their lives and it has been very expensive. what a strategy should we have to contain the threat such as applied in an be bipartisan manner over a long course of time that we can fford? >> the most fundamental responsibility of our government is to keep america safe. barack obama's foreign-policy of hesitation has made america face greater risk. unfortunately, mark pryor has been rubberstamping. if we look at iraq and syria with the islamic state, there are around paging. -- and they are rampaging. they are be heading americans
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and crucifying christians. this is happening because barack obama failed to take the advice of his generals in 2011 when they asked for a small stay behind to force. not trigger pullers like i was in iraq would we were fighting the precursor group of the islamic state, al qaeda, the trainers and because of that decision, we lost our leverage with the iraqi government and called into question the trustworthiness of the united states among allies in the region. we allowed al qaeda to regroup. they are not just a terrorist group now, they are a terrorist army. them, theyo not stop are going to to teach a rampage across the middle east and could attack in the united states. their own leader when released see you guys in new york. the president does not have a
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defective military strategy. he has a political strategy to get us past november 4. we have to take it seriously. no commander in chief what take any option off the ground including boots on the ground but cause of islam and state sturdily is not take -- certainly is not taking options off with a table. >> mr. swaney? >> a very difficult situation. -- abouto on and on by why you think the situation has gotten so badly. war is generally a bad idea. i usually do not support it. i am not a pacifist and i believe there are 2 reasons why i will support military action. one is to defend the united states against attack and the toond one is to put an end mass human rights violations. with isis meets
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both of those criteria is. i was support military action to destroy isis. i think congressman cotton was correct when he listed the vast quantities of human right violations being committed by these people reported by independent observers from all over. i think congress needs to authorize it and we need to seek support from the united nations and we need to seek support from other islamic countries and that support should also go to helping to frame the cost of this because isis is a threat to the entire world, not only the united states. briefly speaking about ukraine, we have no business messing around there. i have a strong suspicion we initiated that problem and it is blowback. if the russians were trying to
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influence a group of people in mexico to illegally overthrow the mexican government and put in a government that was hostile to the united states, we would be very upset. we need to work constructively with the russians and we have common enemies. >> mr. pryor? answer thisked -- question, thank you for your service. let me talk about isis for just one moment. i want to be very clear about this. i number one priority is to keep america safe from terrorism. organizationrorist and basically a terrorist army. we must fight to this head on. -- that is why i support the airstrikes in order to damage isis and we have to destroy their capability to harm america. when ever it comes to something like this, i have three criteria.
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it is not new. this is something i talked about in my first month of the senate when president bush was in office. first, there must be a clear national security threat and there must be a clear mission with a definable and untenable goals and that means, we know when we hit -- when the job is done. and a third, there must be an international coalition preferably with regional --tners who are bearing bearing the burden along with americans and put themselves at risk like america is in harm's risk. i am not sure what mr. cotton -- >> you to see all of this debate later on c-span and also at our website it looks i with a good signal out of lexington, kentucky for the debate between mitch mcconnell and alison lundergan
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grimes. we will go to it live now. >> just in the last couple of weeks. not going to be able to provide as many services because of these cuts. let's make sure what we are talking about here. on medicare toid provide subsidies for people who are not old and not poor enough to be on medicaid and that bill is a huge mistake. say thet the cbo report number of full-time people were declined and others working fewer hours, is that in the way some have interpreted and you said a job loss? >> let's put it simply. 2.5 million fewer people will be working. is a goodhink that idea for the country to have more joblessness particularly as
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which isof this bill, a huge step in the wrong direction. i think it is the worst peas of legislation passed and the past half-century. by fact substantiated that premiums are going up all across the country. >> the duck doubles are going up and copayments are going go up. just the other day, it was announced 14,000 people were losing their policies here in kentucky. i'm sure there are some people getting insurance we do not have it before and most of the people who signed up our medicaid and that is medicaid eligible people bond the private insurance market -- >> that is 85,000 people. >>. insurance after having policies canceled and the new ones are not as good as the old ones.
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>> let me ask you, how would you vote on a bill to repeal the affordable care at? a matter ofd it is standing golf for a 5000 kentuckians. -- i said is a matter of standing up for 500,000 kentuckians. statistics show the here in the state. we have over half a million kentuckians for the first i ever are filling prescriptions and going to the doctor and getting checkups. i will not be a senator that reps their insurance. you give me one specific area where you would either streamline orf fix the affordable care act? the grandfathering clause. when politicians make promises, if you like your doctor, you should baby keep it, we should mean that.
8:41 pm
-- you should be able to keep it, we should mean that. >> would you replace or change connect? >> i think governor beshear has demonstrated great courage and s are better live because of the expansion of medicaid. there is work we have to do but we have to have a senator that wants to work in conjunction especially with the state of kentucky. >> we appreciate you being here on ket. that hased to a topic garnered quite a bit of interest during the campaign. there are plenty of coal miners in its kentucky who have been out of work for 2 years or more and i bet some are watching. how will you help them after this election? is the problem. will barber to it at some
8:42 pm
length. it is the biggest problem we have. 2e administration has issued regulations through the epa. pursuing a goal that cannot pass when they totally controlled the congress. one would guarantee there is another -- and there's not another coal fire plant created. industry.fter this they want to shut it down. if you look at the rest and we know what it is, global carbon emissions. no industrialized country in the world is going to do this. germany, for example, which used to be the greenest country in europe is now importing coal. the indians have called greenpeace a threat to their economy. the chinese are building a coal fire plant.
8:43 pm
the australians just repealed their carbon tax which was their version of what president obama trying to do here in the united states. aen if he felt and it was and it will have zero impact and what we need to do in congress and will not been able to get any votes a because harry reid would not let a single vote on coal of occur, not a one. again, restrict the funding of the environmental protection agency so they cannot go down this path. place, -- is a this a place, should the united states be a later? tyingody is interested in their hands behind their backs and crating more problems for their people in pursuit of a goal.
8:44 pm
>> and you are not looking for the united states to be the first one? >> my job is to look out for kentucky's coal miners. this administration has engaged in an assault. we have lost 7000 jobs and it is a disaster. they need to be stopped. the is one thing, if american people changing the makeup of the senate and give me a chance to second the agenda for the country and for kentucky, we will at least be voted on efforts to rein in epa. i believe the reason harry reid will not allow votes is he is afraid it was actually passed. i will guarantee we will be voting on those types of issues. >> how will you help coal miners if you are elected? >> i am helping on trying to push our current senator to support commonsense measures
8:45 pm
like the legislation proposed by jay rockefeller and senator manchin and by pushing to make sure that the health care coal protection benefit act is actually supported by kentucky senator was to all things that have not happened yet. i am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the thousands of they havel miners as endorsed me because they are ready for a senator that will have their back and will fight to make sure they get the benefits that are due and deserve. and not have to fight what they are doing to get the black lung benefits they deserve. the protection that helps to make it easier for miners, the widows, to get those benefits. senator mcconnell has told you he wants to repeal to make sure we realize we have to rein in the epa but we also have to work across at the il in a coalition
8:46 pm
-- across the aisle in a coalition, the effort to make sure that senator reid or whoever the majority leader is, listen to those here in kentucky to make sure that coal has a rifle place as an export. the voice of mitch mcconnell after 30 years is not being heard in washington, especially for the benefit of our coal miners. >> less try to run down some other issues quickly. what is your position on climate change and do you question as all of the scientific evidence and research data lends itself to the debate going on with climate change? >> i do not see your to be a scientist to recognize what is happening around us. it did not stop senator mcconnell from having an opinion on having to move the economy forward. senatorize all like mcconnell the realities of global warming but i do believe
8:47 pm
we have to take a balanced approach. that is fine to protect the good jobs we have here in the state especially coal jobs and making sure we leave this world in a better place for my nieces and nephew and the children i hope to have one day. and that balanced approach is looked at and clean coal technology. kentucky has gone without a the funding we need to make such a technology affordable. we cannot go into longer without a senator that does not have the backbone to stand up and fight for our miners and their jobs. >> do you believe clean coal workinggy is in fact and viable and there is a demonstration of that in the united states or the world? >> i do believe it exists. >> aware? -- where? in west virginia,
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the research and they are doing is tremendous. we have to have a senator to hear to make it affordable. i will be that senator. >> senator mcconnell, you have answered this. you've also talked about the economy and i think you will grant you are not an economist. still hold the position you are not a scientist? -- does that we should you believe we should even be discussing climate change? >> there are a bunch a scientist who believe there's a problem. back in thewrote 70's that a lot a scientist felt were moving toward an ice age. look, i think the main thing to understand here is the job of the state senator from kentucky is to fight for coal jobs in our state and this administration has destroyed 7000 of them.
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it is not surprising that secretary grimes has had the support of the miners association. they support all democrats. tobill, if i might -- i hope interrupt. we have the use it -- this administration, mitch mcconnell has failed to see he has a role in all of the jobs that have been lost. it happened on your watch. been there 30 years a you do not want to take any responsibility. and the lack of benefits our miners and families are having to fight for. that is wrong. pass whats did not the president is doing. we defeated it. when your party controlled both of the house and senate by large majorities, it was a barack obama wore on the coal industry through the epa. congress did not do any of this.
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we defeated it. >> that is the story and a complete context was w cannot read one line of the cbo report. you have to read at. the his resume shows is only person washington has been working for is not to the people here in kentucky or eastern or western kentucky looking to have it there economies further developed, the only person benefiting is mitch mcconnell and the millionaires and billionaires on his bankroll. >> or do you want to respond? >> go ahead. >> we mentioned this before that andross, a columnist , and i've professor been teaching a course about you, the u.s. senate race was that one of their assignments was to write out a question. this from anthony pendleton. he
8:51 pm
wrote to this question, student loan debt reached a high. is causing that young people to delay getting the buried and save for retirement. what should be done? a new student loans bill on a bipartisan basis in 2013 that i think stabilizes the loan rates. the reason this young man has this problem is because the economy is so poor. we are in a situation here where young people get out of school having gone into serious debt and then cannot find a work. a less we get the economy going, it will pursue us. my opponent supports a bill by elizabeth warren which is a big tax increase and i think of that is the wrong thing to do in this environment. until because the economy going, we are not going to have much of
8:52 pm
an impact on the problem. let me say obamacare affects this. the governor's decision to expand medicaid, the 2 biggest items in any budget is medicaid and education. the legislature reduce spending in education. health care costs through the medicaid is driving to wish and -- tuition up. >> secretary grimes? >> i think this shows the difference between senator mcconnell, center of the past versus a senator of the future. he just gave you washington speak versus someone kentucky through and through. someone once promotion of his wants-- someone of who promotion of his party. i believe the filibustering effort that mcconnell led against the recent bill this year to actually reduce the sing-along debt facing our
8:53 pm
student is wrong. we have to have a senator that ,000izes we have 360 students been crushed by string along debt. i set across a woman who made the right decision and went to studentas she is making loan payments and bigger than her mortgage. he will not even consider allowing debate, let alone a vote on refinancing. >> do support senator warren's legislation? >> i support a bipartisan legislation. it is supported by countless republicans to make sure we are putting kentuckians, especially our students and graduates first. they deserve a senator that wants to back them. >> it is not supported on a bipartisan basis at all. it passes the debt to the federal government which under
8:54 pm
the obama administration, the debt has exploded. allave added more debt than the presidents from george washington down to george bush. what a grimes is saying is let's add more. the biggest disservice we can do to the young people getting out of school. what we are leaving behind is threatening to their future. every generation of americans have gone to their grave thinking they left behind a better america than their parents left for him. that is now and doubt. this massive debt hanging over the future has really compromised the chances of our young people fulfilling their dreams and live in the kind of lies they hoped to. have isassive debt we $17 trillion and 17 trillion reasons why not to send mcconnell. 2 wars on the nation's credit
8:55 pm
card. 4 has great significance for you. , kentuckianser 5 all over the commonwealth will get up and go to a job if they have one and pay a mortgage and try to feed a family. , they want to close with want to know which of you that can trust more to provide for them a decent standard of living and inequality of opportunity? >> i believe that kentuckians know my record. it is a record of being an independent thinker and putting the partisanship aside and the people of the state first. that is what my plan is all about. jobs plan.sive i am the only one with a plan. we have yet to see ideas from senator mcconnell. it is about putting hard-working kentuckians back to work. fight for them to earn a living
8:56 pm
just thefor women not right but equal pay for equal work. fight for our seniors to strengthen medicare and social security and fight for our veterans and students. >> very good question. who can best look out for our state over the next six years? i think i have demonstrated that i have the leadership qualities to do that. in recent poll of congressional staffers sent out a couple days ago called me the heart is working member of the united states center out of 100. we have a chance to have the hardest working senator. >> thank you very much for being here tonight on kentucky night. >> thank you, bill. quality programming on ket is brought to you by --
8:57 pm
campaign 2014 is bringing you more the 100 debates for the control of congress. you can follow is on twitter at c-span and facebook. we just saw the kentucky senate debate between mitch mcconnell and democratic challenger alison lundergan grimes. ads running in the state. >> after 30 years, who is doing better? mitch has voted himself six pay raises. over $70ised himself billion. and comes were down 9%. --incomes were down 9%. mitch has washington working for him and not for us. >> i am mitch mcconnell and i
8:58 pm
approve this message. our single rhymes said it is not about her support for barack obama. >> i am not barack obama. 60 obama said a vote for alison is a vote for his policies. >> i am not the ballot but are these policies are on the ballot. every single one of them. >> of obama needs grimes and kentucky needs mitch mcconnell. chris i'm alison lundergan grimes -- >> i am alison lundergan grimes and i approve this message. >> we learned mitch mcconnell skipped hundreds of messages -- meetings. but he found time for a lobbyist fundraiser. [indiscernible] the rest of the time, he has created a gridlock. 30 years is long enough. chris the media calls her ads
8:59 pm
false and misleading. she is attacking on attendance. as a senate leader, mitch does not just serve, he can appoint leaders made the sure kentucky' voice is heard. attendance,nell's 99%. alison grimes, no experience. >> i am mitch mcconnell. we had a technical problem with the kentucky senate debate and will try to bring you the entire debate in a minute or 2. some of the other live coverage happening. the louisiana debate for u.s. marye where incumbent landrieu will face her opponents. bill cassidy and rob maness. if a single candidate fails to get more than 50% of the vote, there will be a december runoff.
9:00 pm
that will be tomorrow night from shreveport on c-span 2 at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we are trying to bring you the kentucky senate debate. some information about the candidates. mitch mcconnell is the fourth most senior member in that chamber. grames challenger alison -- grimes is the third of four children and her father is the chair of the kentucky democratic party. again, we're trying to bring this to you here in a few minutes. >> kentucky's u.s. senate race. our guests are kentucky secretary of state alison


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