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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 15, 2014 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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connected to the right people, or your industry does not have the most effective lobby, you are at an extreme disadvantage in this regulatory environment. the libertarian solution is really a three-step process. government.strip to bring spending in line with the actual budget. why have we not done that already? it is a simple question. >> i have said during this campaign that i may have been the only person that said and complemented saxby chambliss for his work with senator warner. do need to grow the economy, cut spending, and reform our tax code. david talked about his experience in actually creating jobs, but i just want to remind folks that he said he was proud
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of a career where he spent the majority of his time outsourcing jobs. >> we will wrap up this question with a 32nd rebuttal. -- 32nd rebuttal. 32nd rebuttal. rebuttal. and next question. please.s to ms. nunn, >> two parts. first, do you support a balanced budget amendment, and then a previous attempt to implement this, and if you are elected senator, how would you go about this to get them to approve a referendum on a balanced budget? amendment,port the
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and i think it is time. i have said, for instance, that we should ask every member of congress to say they do not get paid unless we pass an annual budget. so i do think that there are measures we can take that would create more fiscal discipline and give us an opportunity to restore regular order, pass a budget, and we do not need this to go to government shutdown. ,hutting down our government that is not helpful. it has cost our economy billions of dollars. 77,000 people in georgia were for load during that government shutdown, so we, again, we need principled efforts like a balanced budget amended, but we also need to send people to washington who are not just
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about paralyzing and polarizing our government. >> well, it is very interesting that you would support a balanced budget. we could not get hairy reed to give us a reconciled budget for five years. look. the decision in this race, 70% of us know we are headed in the wrong direction. day, but weere all have to put people back to work in this country again. that is what is at stake in this race. thank you. >> the next question, please. congress has had a 9% approval rating, something very low like that. both republicans and democrats
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have described the stability to restore washington. if elected, what is one issue that you can agree with president obama on? >> and open and transparent government, but he is not doing it. open and transparent, across all levels of government. he knows enough about what goes on in the government. just look how long the nsa spying went on before we knew what was going on. we did not even know what until 60 minutes for the first time showed us what was on tv. there is so much we do not know about what is going on. i would just like to see more effort on his part to do that, and also on his the first time showed us what was on tv. initiative, that has got support to bring more
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openness and family support to our community. i would really like to see him do that more to support that. it is an admirable program, and he does not speak about it enough, so those are two programs i could definitely get behind the president on. >> the next question goes to mr. perdue. >> let's talk a little bit about outsourcing. this has resonated through your opponentough in this race for the u.s. senate. you have said before that washington is the solution for outsourcing. correct,indeed, is what should public policy be about this subject which is very, very divisive in this country? >> well, first of all, let's get this straight. what causes companies to fail? because they cannot compete. have entire industries being
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decimated by government policy. apparel, footwear, electronics, even furniture. did not cause entire industries to disappear. misled by false statements about what i have said or what i have not said. there is a 180 page document taken from years ago. get we have to do is america working again, and that is why we have to focus on tax has gotreform, regulatory refo. this is critical to set the stage for a new era of economic growth in america. our kids deserve better. >> what do you feel about public policy? what is your view on this? david has talked about failed government policies of president obama and harry, and, in fact, i think he does not realize he is
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not running against hairy reed or barack obama. he is running against me. his tenure of outsourcing took place over 40 years, period, so to blame this administration for what happened during his work at companies when he was outsourcing thousands of jobs, there have been others creating manufacturing jobs right here in georgia at the same time. are going to wrap this up with rebuttals. mr. purdue, 30 seconds. >> michelle, i have a lot of respect for you, but you are dead wrong. i am absolutely running against barack obama and harry reid.
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no amount of false advertising -- no amount of false advertising will remove the fact has funded youma and is mentoring you. do you really believe that we think you will not bite the hand -- you will bite the hand that feeds you? you will not. ms. nunn, we will stick with this topic. many believe the american free trade agreement is to blame. do you think we should rework that read trade agreement with canada and mexico? >> i believe that we should always ensure that we are creating an equal playing field. i have talked to business people, unions, farmers, and over and over again, they have said we do not need a favor.
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we need an even playing field. >> do we have that field? >> i think we need to continue to work towards this with the transatlantic trade or the transpacific going forward. we need to make sure that environmental protections are in place and that worker protections are in place but that we are creating an opportunity for jobs and for more. >> to we have time to ask mr. purdue that same question? perdue the same question? hard, but we do not have a level playing field. american jobs are being lost because this administration is forng it harder manufacturers to compete around the world.
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this will be a rubber stamp for this failed agenda that has put more people out of work since when jimmy carter was president. a we will wrap this up with 30-second rebuttal, ms. nunn. >> i am not sure what that was in response to. did you actually address the question? he has said that he is running, he is prosecuting the president in this race, prosecuting harry reid. he is running against me. my name is on the ballot. the ballot, and those are the people. we have two more years of president obama, and then we will have another president. and we need someone who is going to work with and respect whoever
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is the president who actually get things done on behalf of the american people. >> ok, we have time for one more. one more question before closing statements. >> president nixon declared war on drugs back in the 1970's. as a senator, what suggestion would you make to win that war? >> every 48 seconds, we are using precious law-enforcement resources to arrest someone for the possession of marijuana, every 48 seconds. individuals are being sent to jail for just possessing marijuana, and those are precious resources where we can violentng with truly criminals, so i would look at the industrial complex of prison. businessre really big
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in america right now, federal prisons, especially, and that is huge, so has really made a difference? federal government is trying to do? the federal government is really bad at almost everything it tries to do. maybe it is time to take a new approach and look at some that in may be to look at the war on drugs for my health and alternative perspective and things like that. give themwe have to their 62nd so we will be able to hear them. when we interrupt them, we have to take away from their time. you and thank you to a passionate crowd
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across the sector. thank you for participating. i want to tell you all. they say we need to change washington, that it is broken. david has evidence that he does not have the leadership that is necessary, whether that is opposing bipartisan immigration, the farm bill, embracing the government shutdown, or during his campaign, actually putting forth what has been called the worst ad in all of america. and this was by president bush bush.s son, neil i have the experience, the bush. i have the experience, the values, the aspiration to bring
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people together and to get things done in washington to serve the people of georgia and to make a difference in their lives, and i ask you for your vote and your support. >> next up, mr. perdue. 60 >> president obama even said this week that his policies are on the ballot this year in this race in georgia. he hand picked her. he funded her. he supports her. do you really think that she is not going to support him when she gets there? look. the decision in this race is very simple. if you like what is going on in washington, vote for my opponent, because she will be nothing but a rubberstamp of barack obama and harry reid, and nothing will change, but if you are as outraged as i am by this government, by the failed policies of this administration,
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and by the debt that they are piling on the back of our kids and granids, then stand with me. let's bring america forward for everyone. i am asking for your vote. thank you. >> one final closing statement. she will give her closing statement, please. closing statement, please. heard anythingy different from these two parties? all they really want to do is rearrange big government and make the government more efficient. at its core, i do not believe big government solutions work. have controlled congress at various times for decades. can you name one government program that they have given us that has actually worked?
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can you name anything that they done to reduce government interference in our lives or to restore personal freedoms to us? take a look around you. donegovernment politics is big money. a lot of you came out here on provided at free costs. you came out here on free buses and had free meals provided for you by both parties. it is time that we look at the power of responsibility of the individual. becauseored to be here i do not feel entitled to your vote in any way. thank you very much. david, michelle, amanda, thank you for being here tonight. and thank you, audience, for being here. remember to show up on election day to make your vote count.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] morning running on a website says that the georgia democratic senate nominee michelle nunn, as you saw there, going against david perdue, in a new poll released 45% ofnunn david, leads 48% to likely voters according to a poll. ae libertarian candidate took 3%. last week, survey usa put perdue up. if no candidate secures a 50% of the vote on election day in georgia, the election goes to a runoff between the top two candidates in january. the c-spanof campaign 2014 coverage. follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to get schedules, video clips of key moments,
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debate previews from our politics team. c-span is bringing you more than 100 house and governor debates, and you can instantly share your reactions to what the candidates are saying. the battle for control of congress. stay engaged by following us on twitter and liking us on facebook at just receiving this word from the associated press. president obama is canceling his trip today to new jersey and connecticut. he says he is holding and ebola meeting with his cabinet. the president is expected to make remarks at a campaign rally today. again, the president can sling that trip to new jersey and connecticut. he will be holding a meeting with his cabinet to discuss ebola. chuck hagel is a keynote speaker association,rmy live coverage set to begin at onut 12:30 p.m. eastern
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c-span. and here is a portion of today's "washington journal," looking at the midterm elections. we are joined by tim phillips, president of americans for prosperity. mr. phillips, who are the americans for prosperity? we are 2.3 americans from all walks of life in all 50 states focused on making sure every american has their best shot at the american dream. we think the american gene is best achieved through economic freedom. a 501(c) nonprofit. what does that mean? guest: we issue education efforts. we are allowed in limited .acitti -- capacity in united states senate, but
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that is only a portion and a cannot be roughly half of what has been raised in a given economy. >> politico describes the group as the coat others, americans for prosperity. in youre do they play foundation? where proud to have them in organization. host: how much of your money comes just from those two gentlemen? guest: we do not disclose the amount. the most feared regulatory agency in the country to go after folks who disagree with him on the issues. we think it is probably a good idea. most know the koch brothers are substantial supporters. host: how much are you planning to spend? well over $100 million
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during the course of 2014. roughly 73 or $74 million last year. work we're doing and the fact we are building a genuine grassroots efforts, tv advertisements, we do those, absolutely. that is not the majority of our spending. it is less than half of what we do. over 500 field staff in states across the country. their job is to go out and recruit other activists and volunteers to join the effort and deliver our message that economic freedom is the best way for both to live the american dream. >> what are the main races you're focusing on in this cycle? advocacy of these democrat senators. we think harry reid's majority has failed when it comes to bringing economic prosperity. ,hrases like north carolina
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congressman braley in iowa, the priority states most folks would think of when they think of the senate races that are most in play. we are expressly advocating the defeat of these candidates. fieldin terms of the efforts you're talking about, those are in play. those who have made not been involved in elections before, what to field staffers do? is it physically knocking on doors and asking people to vote? guest: it is. but not just doing it themselves. also, recruiting volunteers, hopefully folks from all walks of life, to join us. we know in the busy landscape that is american life today, and view, skeptically, a lot of advertisements out there, the most effective means is person to person and from folks they know. to have volunteers
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working with our staff and reaching out to people. to peer, whether in the neighborhood or community associations or baseball games one-on-one to deliver our message. the message is simple right now. these democratic senators, their policies under the obama administration to get the economy moving again to get folks back to achieve prosperity, it has failed us. it is just not working, whether it is obamacare energy policies rated as failed us. is here tohillips take your questions. our phone lines are open. they are split up -- the washington post last week
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described a fps the most valuable insight ally. would you agree with that assessment? >> i would not. we hold republicans accountable. we thought the farm bill was terrible. it was corporate welfare and corporations are doing just fine. our taxnot need dollars. we aggressively pushed republicans to vote against the farm bill. that is corporate welfare and we have urged republicans in the they alone can do, they can shut the thing down without any democratic help. right now in the senate effort, we think the democrats are the problem in the united states senate for the economy. host: you said you expect to spend -- how much of that was spent on republican primary races? to be we chose not involved in primary races across the country. we did not get involved in 2012
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or 2002. not see a real need to. we look at where we could make a difference in where there are key issues at play and we just felt the difference between some of these republican candidates on economic issues did not rise to the level of express advocacy. we have only done it twice in our roughly decade-long history. that is it. out of all of the times we could have done it, we have only expressly advocate the election year on two occasions. reluctantly.step we would rather not be doing this. when we look at the performance of harry reid'senate majority in the administration, they have simply held the people with government overspending and dysfunction in washington and obamacare, and i could go on. they failed the country. people are hurting from all will -- all walks of life. especially for folks struggling the most. the left claims these are the
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folks they want to help and it is just not helping. taking yourillips questions and comments. we will start with al on our line for democrats. good morning. i have been knowing walking in here in day one. in 2009, he said he was against president obama. in 2004, when we got the budget, he was against it. sitting here to protect banner. tell the truth. not asked leaders in the house to pass it. you want to respond? i do not know if you was talking about americans for prosperity or you personally. guest: i do think the president has failed the country on
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policy. reelection.12 for we spent roughly $34 million out of a budget that was over $100 million. it was a limited portion of our total budget. ,ith regard to minimum wage medicine issue worth talking about. the left says they want to raise minimum wage here it economic studies out there and even hillary clinton and the president acknowledged, raising the minimum wage would kill roughly half a million jobs in the country. jobseople losing their again would be the most vulnerable people. that is not a good thing to do to kill a half million jobs when we are to have the lowest labor force participation since 1978 courting to the bureau of statistics. can you talk about your work before americans for prosperity? campaigns,level
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going back to the late 1980''s. reagan got me excited about the political arena. when i was in heist oh, i became one of these reagan kids. chief of staff for bob goodlatte. judiciary chairman. from texas onin our line for independents. good morning. go ahead. how to get voters to vote against themselves. about democrats, i understand they voted with the president. publicans voted 100% against the president. how did they bypass partisan?
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the policy, putting up 20 feet will, they help people, but then the republicans try to make it like it is against the people. what specific policies are you referring to that are for the people? something -- they want to know how you will pay for it. everything we do, they knock it down like he is spending too much money. everything he want to do, he spending too much money. if we do some of the advertisements and a lot of the messages door-to-door is that some of these senate dem press vote for the president 99% of the time. we do not look at that as a partisan thing. we look at that as for judgment on the part of these democrat senators in supporting some of
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the policies i have outlined, like the global warming agenda, which makes energy more expensive and more difficult to produce very often. obamacare policies like that. that we doly right hold these democrat senators accountable for voting with the president 99% of the time. we do not do foreign policy issues. have notvotes, we gotten involved in. we do tie the democrats to president obama from the standpoint of their voting records. we think it is bad for the country. does military spending factor into the issues you're looking into? guest: usually not. we do not do social issues or foreign policy area we do look at waste in the defense budget. a lot of times, there is waste. when you pull out waste in the defense budget, you can be called anti-national defense. that is a loaded charge. but we do try to look at it.
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texas, republican mike, john, you were on with tim phillips from americans for prosperity. caller: good morning. i want to look at it from a different point of view. i am a firm believer that gay it will in this nation, more than likely become the law of the land here and i believe this country, america, she was dedicated to god back when george washington was president, this country has turned her back on god. until this country repents, there is not one thing washington, d.c. can do until that happens. i actually believe this country will go down and collapse because of the sins of this nation as a whole. this nation has become complacent. this one of the social
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issues you do not get involved in? economic really do issues. we respect the importance of those issues, but we focus on economic policy like taxes and spending and regulation and issues like that here these are important issues across the board. it is just not what we do. host: on our line for democrats. robert, good morning. caller: i'm just wondering the americans or prosperity, where they were when president bush was in office, coming in with a surplus and left with a deficit. two wars, did not pay for them. unemployment jumped up 10%, he was not worried about it. you are exactly right. we criticized the bush and ministration. they spent way too much money and expanded government. republicans am a very often, like what you're talking about
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in 2003, 2004, 2 thousand five, they expanded government dramatically and it was not held. no child left behind is mostly a failed project that made government eager, more expensive, and more wasteful in many ways. under republicans come exploded to 15,000 in the last year of their control of congress in 2006. we did call them out. the first national issue campaign we ran was on earmarks. we call them to end the earmarks. the 50 most egregious earmarks in our view, 27 of them were in republican house districts. 23 of them were in democrat house districts. the caller is exactly right, they failed to make government more efficient and more effective. did you have a follow-up? caller: yes.
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he says he held republicans responsible but he did not. -- unemployment 10% and now it is 9.5%. mitch mcconnell made a promise even before obama took office that he would not help the president. everything democrats tried to pass, republicans block it. and these tube want to put republicans in charge. those rts different issues. we asked lee did hold publicans accountable. if you look at the coverage of the end of earmarks express. we also decried government spending during the bush years. a lot of friends in the republican party were upset with me and with americans for prosperity. i remember having house members caught up in sake how you are hurting the team. i remember having to answer him a we are not on your team. when you're spending more money and making government more wasteful and ineffective them we
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are definitely not hundred and. so we did hold them accountable and they went out of control. it is one reason the republican brand him even today, is still harmed with many americans. in regards to opposing the president, he is right in that we have oppose obamacare. we think it is a terrible law that hurts people and not helps people. i think the results are bearing that out so far. we oppose most of his policies because they do not work and they end up harming more americans than they are actually helping. we do oppose those and we make no policy -- no apologies for that. on a line for republican, jim. caller: you're doing a good job and you continue to do the job. i would like to comment the gentleman from arkansas -- you cannot blame bush for everything. when you jump on an airplane and ,ly around the world and a golf then you are the president.
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when something gets hard, you have got to blame bush. i can tell you one thing, these last two instances in the middle east and the latest news on weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons were found, you cannot blame bush. he put it out there. leadership.sue, the worst president since james earl carter. i do not know about him. buchanan. we have got really good leadership. let's get rid of this bunch. thank you. i think early in the obama administration, the strategy of blaming bush for everything, and work for the president for a while, for president obama. i think the american people figured out, it is not about the bush administration anymore. it is about the ease of the obama administration. the reason he is so unpopular in the american people is because
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his policies are not working. with regard to president bush, we do think he did good things. rates.t tax so he did some good things. on the issue of government spending and the size of government, they did fail. they got out of control on spending. host: i just want to point out the caller was bringing up weapons of mass destruction, perhaps referring to the front page story on today positive new york times. -- the story noting from 2004 to 2011, american trained iraqi troops repeatedly encountered on at least six occasions and .ounded by chemical weapons the story noting the united states had gone to were
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it active weapons of mass destruction program. instead, american troops gradually found it ultimately suffered from the remnants of long abandoned programs, built in close collaboration with the west. leadingmultipage story the new york times today. you talk about the policies of the president that you oppose, in a cnn interview in april, you mentioned we want to make sure issueare is a number one in the country in this election cycle. have you been successful in doing that? like most americans are thinking about obamacare. post andr foundation polls, they do not like it and want to see changes in regards to it. he mentioned ebola. i want to point out some democrat campaigns and liberal groups are trying to use this
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tragedy, folks contracting the virus in people dying, for gain, saying cuts are the reason for the ebola outbreak. i think that is outrageous and they should stop it. to webou are referring advertisements from democrats this week. guest: it is outrageous easing death and sickness of our fellow americans to try to score political points here they also happen to be incorrect. host: up next from california on our line for independents. thanks for getting up for -- with us. caller: thank you for taking my call. raising the minimum wage would cut 500,000 jobs.
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if you have $28 million, and i do not want to raise it to seven dollars an hour, which would make it about 1425, but if you , these people,n they work eight hours a day. most of them work 360 days a week. if you do the math on that, that is somewhere around 500 and $84 billion. host: we got your point. jobs created raising the minimum wage. guest: i do not see how forcing employers to pay more per hour -- new jobs. it means they have less income .o hire more folks most of the studies done, i was
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interested to note hillary clinton and others on the left have acknowledged it would be job losses i increasing the minimum wage by a half. those are the studies genia -- generally accepted. imperative. is worth moving -- losing those jobs. we disagree. somewhat immoral to force americans out of work. a lot of times, part-time jobs are the gateway jobs to better life and a better career. americans out of work. a lot ofit was back to what we d earlier. the left's policies and up harming the people they will claim they want to help the most. laborhing them out of the market. think about young people and african-americans. they are suffering under unemployment rates that are historically high for such an extended time year after year.
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so many americans are pushed below that threshold now feared being harmed by obamacare because of regulations with obamacare. those policies, i do think they mean well, but the end up hurting people and americans that are most honorable and set of helping. caller: you all keep saying president obama like to blame bush. why is the republican party fighting so hard to keep george w. bush's policies in play and trying to block everything the president does. the president is trying to take it in a different direction. my other question is, besides policies, what other are you all referring to that
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obama is doing that is destroying the country? one more thing. obama plays less golf than any other president. thank you. do not have a view on how much coffee place. i am not interested in that. presence of the parties need time off occasionally. i think with obamacare, he mentioned we are not telling the truth. story,simply telling the which is, millions of americans lost their health insurance under obamacare. we see premium increases in a lot of states. and now, with the latest revelation that obamacare premiums increase for next year, they will not come out until november 15. conveniently after the mid-term election. this law is bad and it is hurting people. his first week policy coming out they claim jobs
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created, that it would get the economy moving, we wasted roughly $1 trillion of tax their money and people are in debt borrowing from china come and we did not get any help. today has been the slowest economic recovery in postwar american history. these policies have failed us. think about the global warming agenda as well. we are for renewable energy as long as it works on its own. not propped up by regulation. host: democrats, good morning. i want to question you on, have you paid any attention to the senate race here in new jersey? we have a well-qualified candidate running an underfunded
12:45 pm
campaign without any help from the rest of the republican party. we are running against a corrupt ex mayor of the city who refuses to debate our candidate. lockstep is walking in .y ignoring the scandals we're wondering, we need help, and we are wondering if there is , tohing you can help do continue the reagan policies and bring prosperity back to america. guest: we have not chosen to get involved in that state here and we chose not to get involved in new jersey. i think new jersey is a tough lose state. christie to get elected as
12:46 pm
a republican government -- but progresse, have a registration advantage. it is an important race, but we do not know that is the best place to put expressed advocacy. host: a republican caller new york, good morning, dan. go ahead. that there isg the economy and how sluggish the recovery has been, what is being done? so many people have been forced onto the social welfare system. programthe food stamp welfare tripled since 2009. what is being done to weed out waste, and abuse in the
12:47 pm
systems? >> we will leave this segment to go live to remarks from defense secretary chuck hagel, the keynote beaker at the conference of the association of the u.s. army. this started about three minutes ago. >> he is also not only a warrior but a thinker. i could not do the job that i do .ithout his assistance
12:48 pm
the united states army helped define me and i have always been very proud of my service as a soldier. it allowed me to witness courage and nobility that i would never have had the opportunity to see if i had not been a soldier in the united states army. it affected me, and i know it helped me and maybe even maybe a better person. i know my brother tom, who served with me in vietnam, feel the same way about his service in the army. so i deeply appreciate, general sullivan, the opportunity to address the strongest advocate for america's army, but also our one million-plus active soldiers and in reserve status. one needs only to look to the , recentlyavy seals
12:49 pm
retired bill the craven, who earlier this year said there is no more noble calling in the world than to be a soldier in the united states army. together, we, at a time of great transition for the army and the nation, it serves. in december, as we hand our combat role in a in a stand and transition to a train and advise and assist mission, the afghan national security forces will be fully responsible for their country's security. and, schmidt made possible by the tremendous sacrifices of american troops. our isaf partners and the afghan people. as the army or merges from 13 years of large-scale combat operations, the longest in its history, it faces new challenges. the world is becoming more volatile. less predictable, and in many
12:50 pm
ways, more threatening. at the same time, our defense budgets are declining. the theme that you have chosen for this year, trusted professionals, today and tomorrow, is well-suited to describe the soldiers that america will need as we navigate period of change and uncertainty. before i address what the army is and where it's going, we should remind ourselves and the american people of where the army is coming from. over the past 13 years, more than one million soldiers deployed to the wars in iraq and that a stand. one out of six of these soldiers was deployed to both countries. more than half a million soldiers, 30% of them guardsmen and reservists, endured all multiple deployments and as ground forces shouldered a very heavy burden. they fought in the mud and sand
12:51 pm
and in the streets, doing most of the fighting and dying and adapting under fire to a kind of conflict far different from what the army trained and prepared for during and after the cold war. 70% of u.s. personnel wounded in action over the last 13 years were from the u.s. army. countless soldiers have come home with visible and invisible wounds of war. our enduring obligation to take care of them and their families is a sacred responsibility that we must always uphold. combat the crucible of and a grinding counterinsurgency campaign, the american soldier fought on, and as a result, today's army is as battle tested as it ever has been. of all the soldiers who served in iraq since 2003, nearly half are still on active duty or in
12:52 pm
the guard and reserves. those that serve in afghanistan, the most two thirds are still in the army. the strength, resilience, and dedication of these soldiers is what the army is about, what makes the army a foundation of america's national security and our military's global presence and engagement, and he army's contribution to our security are as critical today as ever. we see it in west africa where soldiers from fort campbell and fort bragg will soon deploy as a key part of america's contribution to the global effort to stop the spread of ebola before it becomes an even more grave threat. we see it in poland, in the baltics, where soldiers from fort hood's first cavalry division are reassuring our nato allies in the face of russian aggression. we see it in iraq, where
12:53 pm
soldiers from the big red one, first infantry division, are trained to advise and assist kurdish and iraqi forces in the fight against isil. and we will soon see it in saudi arabia, where soldiers will help and quit members of the moderate syrian opposition. the president has been very not commit he will our armed forces to fight another ground war in iraq, or become involved in a war in syria. this is not because we think that wars cannot be waged without committing troops to combat. our strategy in iraq and syria does require forces on the ground, but they must be local forces. we will help them, we will support them, we will train them . this is not only the best way to degrade and ultimately defeat terrorists, that it is the only sustainable path to defeating
12:54 pm
terrorism and extremism. this is a critical point that chairman dempsey and achieves of defense from 21 other nations as custom yesterday at andrews air force base. at an important conference to help reinforce our coalition against isil. isthe near term the army unlikely to repeat iraq or afghanistan campaigns. that is, regime change and occupation, followed by nationbuilding under fire. however, this does not mean that demand for the army is diminishing. while there are no longer wars00 soldiers in ground in iraq and afghanistan, as there were five years ago, there are still almost as many ordiers either deployed
12:55 pm
forward stationed in nearly 150 locaons around the world. that includes 80,000 soldiers in the pacific command area of responsibility. more than any other. with nearly 20,000 soldiers in south korea standing ready to .ight there are also 40,000 soldiers under central command, 28,000 soldiers in europe, and thousands in africa and south america, some of whom i visited in colombia last week. the demands on the army will only grow more diverse and cobb .ocated, going forward threats for terrorists and insurgents remain with us for a long time but we also must deal with a revisionist russia with its modern and capable army on nato's doorstep. and as disruptive technologies and instructed weapons
12:56 pm
proliferate in the hands of state and nonstate actors, the specter of so-called hybrid warfare looms large, where our adversaries mary the tactics of insurgents with the tools of advanced armed forces and their sophisticated technologies. the army will remain essential to helping deter and confront every national security threat facing our country. there will always be a need for a modern, ready, well-equipped, well-trained standing army, but maintaining a ready and capable of the 13become out years of continuous large-scale combat, will not be easy. for the army to fulfill its role as a guarantor of our national security, our soldiers must continue to be exceptionally well led, well-trained, and well-equipped. that is especially true because the global security environment is more unpredictable than ever.
12:57 pm
with crises erupting at any time . crises that require america to lead the world in response. we must not forget the lessons of history. we have seen how quickly a battle hardened army can with her into a force that is ill-equipped and ill prepared to carry out its mission and we have seen the consequences. in july 1950, five years after america's military victory in world war ii, the soldiers of task force smith were sent to the first battle of the korean war with orders to halt a north korean advance. they were undertrained, underequipped, outnumbered, and unprepared. within hours of engaging the enemy, the task force was routed , ultimately suffering a casualty rate of nearly 30%. soldiers paid for portraying, poor equipment, and poor leadership with their lives.
12:58 pm
we have also seen how past drawdowns sought to protect the training and equipment that is the essence of military readiness. when general sullivan was army chief of staff in the early 1990's after desert storm and the end of the cold war, the army made it difficult but necessary decision to reduce the size of the orders in order to with no morediness task force smiths as its mantra. as general sullivan said at the time, "the reason we cut the divisions was to keep what we ready." trained and today, no more task force smiths must once again be our motto. we must maintain an exceptionally ready army, but because of the state, deep, and abrupt defense budget cuts that sequestration has imposed on us, last year, the army had to
12:59 pm
cancel so many critical training rotations that we had only two active-duty brigade combat teams that were fully ready and available to execute a major combat operation. thanks to the budget compromise of the president and congress reached last summer and the army relentless focus on training, army readiness has improved from where it was a year ago, with 12 out of 37 brigade combat teams trained to the highest levels of readiness. while this is a direct result of the army's ability to adapt to unreasonable budget constraints, it falls short of what i believe is sufficient to defend our nation and our allies with minimum risk. we must continue to put readiness first in the current budget environment, which is why we have modestly reduced the size of the army and protected training and maintenance in our budget. trading readiness for capacity
1:00 pm
.s the path to a hollow force our soldiers deserve better than that. they deserve a stable and predictable budget that gives them and their families the training and support they need. but despite temporary relief, sequestration remains the law of the land. if congress does not act, it will return in 2016, stunting and reversing the army's readiness, just as we have begun to recover and requiring even more dramatic reductions in force structure. the military as a whole will face a similar readiness crisis if congress does not accept program cuts and compensation reforms we have proposed in our budgets. across the dod, we could face a $70 billion debt in our budget over the next five years if congress prevents us from moving forward with these changes.
1:01 pm
we would have little choice but to make up the difference is through cuts to readiness. dod's eaters understand there would be less resources available, but the army and the military needs congress to be a partner in responsible long-term planning and budgeting. and we will continue to urge congress to put an end to sequestration, irresponsible deferral of responsibility. i greatly appreciate general sullivan's support for ending sequestration. also for your support on many of our hard but necessary trade-offs made to protect readiness in the dod budget proposals. to presslso continue congress to join us in making these tough decisions because our challenges will become far more difficult and far more dangerous the longer we give her the tough choices. army leadership has expressed
1:02 pm
their concerns about this cloud of uncertainty. i have been very clear. chairman dead sea has been very clear. we have been clear with the congress, with our troops, with their families, and with the american people. that i share many of these concerns of the army's leadership. but as we work through our current budget challenges, the army must face the new reality of shrinking resources, sustained demands, and a more competitive and unpredictable tragic -- strategic environment, one that our current events strategy remains capable of addressing. the army and our entire military will need to continue thinking critically about its future role in missions to ensure it is not only ready, but relevant for both the short and long-term missions. it will need to continue to learn, adapt, evolve, and
1:03 pm
innovate. readiness to man's agility. i want to commend secretary , for, general cody or no taking the critical first steps in this direction. setting the course for the , ands 2025 and beyond shaping the new army operating concept unveiled over the past week here at ausa. i will continue to work closely with both of them and all of our army leaders to build the army the nation needs, the army the , and the armys that our troops need for their future. to succeed, i believe, the army must renew its commitment to readiness across three critical resources. it's people, its capabilities, and its partnerships. first, the army must keep a laser focus on the readiness of
1:04 pm
its most precious resource, it's people. because soldiers, to quote creighton hayes, "are not in the army, they are the army." our soldiers need to be with well-trained at all levels, from the individual to the brigade, and they must be prepared to face challenges from across the spectrum of conflict. the continuities of warfare remind us that even as we prepare against high-end threats, like cyber and precision missiles, the human dimension of war is inescapable. we cannot forget what we have learned about counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and building part -- partner capacity. we must retain those skills. at the same time, our soldiers must also be ready for full-spectrum operations.
1:05 pm
that takes time. it takes resources. to be ready for the range of challenges we will most likely face in the future, soldiers need to experience nonlinear full-spectrum training that mimics today's complex operational environments. this kind of decisive action, this kind of decisive action training, is best conducted at the army's combat training centers, the joint readiness training center in louisiana, and the national training center at fort irwin, california, which i will visit exmouth. at these training centers, soldiers are immersed in realistic threats and aerials where they face a dynamic mix of guerrilla terrorists, criminals and opposing forces. in addition to preparing soldiers for full-spectrum operations, decisive action training hopes to develop an
1:06 pm
agile, adaptive, and innovative leader that the army needs to be ready for future threats. many army leaders already recognize that in a volatile world with a wide range of missions, we can no longer get by with training soldiers want to think. we must train them how to think, so they thrive in conditions of , and arety and chaos comfortable to adversaries. going forward, whether we can keep the soldiers ready in the future will depend on congress's partnership in providing the resources to fund the training that our soldiers need. second, the army must be ready with the right capabilities, ,oth today and in the future insuring the equipment our soldiers currently have is well-maintained, and that we continue to innovate, going forward. more than any other service, the army is well suited to this task
1:07 pm
because the army knows its key weapons platforms for everything still comes down to the soldier. it also knows that a capability is about more than just new technology or equipment with less money. it is also about how we creatively use our technology and equipment to achieve our objectives. the army has begun adapting capabilities to be ready for the most likely missions of the pre-positionedg the equipment stocks can support a wider range of operations. and even flying apache helicopters off navy ships to gauge how army aviation could contribute to surface warfare. the army is also combining manned and unmanned capabilities, enabling combat helicopter pilots to monitor feeds and operators weapons from aerial drones and testing
1:08 pm
driverless resupply convoys that can free up manpower for more important tasks. tuesday ready for future challenges, the army must keep innovating for the long-term. with our ongoing rebalance to the asia-pacific, the army could broaden its role by leveraging current suite of long-range precision guided missiles, rockets, artillery, and air defense systems. these capabilities would provide multiple benefits such as hardening the defenses of u.s. relations, enabling greater ofility, greater mobility navy destroyers and other joint force assets, and helping ensure the free flow of commerce. this concept is worthy of consideration going forward. such a mission is not as foreign to the army as it might seem. after the war of 1812, the army was tasked with america's coastal defense for more than
1:09 pm
100 years. finally, one thing we have learned over the past 13 years --that the army is affected effective at more than arms maneuver and security. it is also exceptionally effective in training and exercising with friends and allies, helping them grow stronger while improving interoperability for the future. building partner capacity is one of the army's most valuable capabilities, which is why the army must continue taking steps to expand and diversify its partnerships while ensuring that this critical mission continues to be embraced throughout the army's institutions. though we must also be clear eyed about our missions. building partner capacity cannot happen in a vacuum, as we have seen in iraq this year. political context is critical, ofis ethos, a spirit
1:10 pm
leadership. today the army is better positioned to work with partners because of its regionally aligned forces. nearly every unit from division headquarters, to theater enablers, two combat brigades is now allied with the geographic region which makes it easier for the army to provide tailored response of forces to engage with our allies and partners. and because soldiers received specialized cultural, regional, and language training before deploying, they can better understand the local underlying social, political, economic, all areal factors that involved in security. ultimately, making them more effective in the publishing division. shaping the security environment has now become a core competency for the army.
1:11 pm
so rather than return to garrison, our soldiers must remain appear to engage around the world. those stationed here at home must be trained and ready to respond to a full range of contingencies, whether a mission includes building partner capacity, reassuring and reinforcing allies, or providing humanitarian assistance in the zester belief -- and disaster relief. people, capabilities, and partnerships, keeping the army ready for today's and tomorrow's challenges will not be easy. the future security environment remains uncertain. in trying to predict it, it will continue to be challenging as ever. the austrianter archduke was assassinated in sarajevo, president woodrow wilson both to congress and predicted a growing cordiality among nations, foreshadowing an
1:12 pm
age of subtle peace and goodwill . he spoke those words 101 years ago. we all know that history proved the president wrong. the so-called war to end all wars was anything but a war to end all wars. a century later, we cannot know for sure what complex, challenges -- conflicts, challenges, or threats the next 100 or 10 years may bring. we cannot say for certain whether history will be repeated .r made a new but we must prepare our institutions for the unexpected and the uncertain. that is the greatest responsibility of leadership. we know there are risks. we know we will make mistakes. but the american people depend upon an army to be prepared.
1:13 pm
they trust that army to be prepared. and know the army will be prepared. and i know, everyone here knows, those who represent today's army in this room know that we will not fail them. gordon sullivan, to you and everyone here at ausa, thank you for your support and continued leadership and the opportunity to give you some of my thoughts and to recognize you for what you do. iq. -- thank you. [applause]
1:14 pm
>> wrapping up with the remarks of defense secretary chuck hagel. if you missed what he had to say, you can see on our website starting today at . a short time ago the white house issued a change to president obama schedule because of ebola. the ap reporting the president is canceling a fund-raising trip to meet his cabinet on the ebola outbreak. he was scheduled to travel to new jersey and connecticut this afternoon. that changed after a second health-care worker in dallas was diagnosed with ebola. the nurse was part of the team at texas health presbyterian hospital that cared for a liberian man who died from ebola last week. there will likely be more on this this afternoon during the white house briefing. it is now set to start at 2:15 p.m. eastern. c-span2 will have it.
1:15 pm
debate --ve hand, rick scott has created hundreds of thousands of jobs and it is predicted he will create one million by 2018. a vote for rick scott is a vote or more employees floridians and a prospering free market economy. rick scott, for jobs, for florida, for governor. rick scott is blaming me for the financial crisis? that's ridiculous, here is the truth. the recession was not caused by me or you. you know who caused this? greedy wall street bankers and takeover artist. in other words, guys like rick scott. his company committed outright fraud. when you see his as, remember it was guys like rick scott that crashed our economy. and charlie crist, i work for you, the people. always have and always will. doorway tonot just a
1:16 pm
a school, it was my doorway as a public school kid to opportunity . i want to nurture every child has the same chance for a better life. scott's education cuts are closing the door on florida's kids, spending almost $200 less per student than when i was governor and cutting board future scholarships in half. when i was governor we brought both parties together to open the doors of opportunity, not close them. together, we can do it again. day -- the other >> you think nothing about obamacare has irreparably harmed floridians in any way? >> i don't think so at all, it's been great. 300 thousand health plans canceled. obamas as patients may lose their doctors. the federal government says less work hours for american jobs. great, charlie? great for hisbe political career, but it is not great for the rest of us. >> those ads for candidates in
1:17 pm
the florida governor race. we will have a debate between rick scott and charlie crist, who was a republican while serving as the states chief executive even live coverage of that debate begins at 7:00 eastern here on c-span. after that, the third and final debate in the kansas senate race between pat roberts who is running for a fourth term, and independent challenger greg orman. a democrat in the race dropped out several weeks ago. the candidates have put out these as recently in the campaign. >> i am pat roberts and i approve this message. new debt,ns in obamacare, 10 million americans unemployed. now barack obama says -- >> make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot. every single one of them. >> obamas candidate for senate in kansas? greg orman. they vote for greg orman is able for the obama agenda. >> these policies are on the ballot. >> pat roberts is attacking me,
1:18 pm
and that is exactly what is wrong with washington today. they would rather attack opponents than the problems we face. i tried both parties, and like many, i have been disappointed with both. as an independent, i will not answer to either party. i will answer only to the people of kansas. i will stand up for the best idea regardless of who thought of it. i'm greg orman and i approve this message. while they try to attack a label me, our country's problems only get worse. >> in case you have forgotten, i am bob dole. i want to talk about my good friend pat roberts. that is a fourth-generation kansan who shares our values and fights for kansas every day. from protecting our national security, to creating thousands of new jobs, pat roberts is a workhorse in the senate. the stakes are high and the choice is clear. we need to keep pat roberts in the senate.
1:19 pm
when pat roberts for scott to washington, there were under one million illegal immigrants in america. 47 years later, the problem has only gotten worse. today there are 11 million illegal immigrants. instead of working on a solution, robert does come back to kansas to lie about greg orman. orman opposes amnesty and will secure the border with a plan that is tough and practical. >> i'm greg orman and i approve this message. while they try to attack and label me, our country's problems only get worse. >> be a part of the campaign 2014 coverage. follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to get the big schedules, video clips of key moments, the rate reviews from our politics team. c-span is bringing you over 100 senate, house, and governor debates and you can instantly share your reactions to what the candidates are saying. the battle for control of congress. stay in touch and engaged by following us on twitter and
1:20 pm
liking us on facebook. last week in the i/o senate race, republican joni ernst and democratic congressman bruce braley met in a debate. they are running for the seat of tom harkin who is retiring. here is a look at that debate. for and against, cedar rapids, waterloo, iowa city, will begin our questioning for congressman brielle and. one minute on the response. >> thank you. welcome, congressman. senator, it's great for you to be here. much has been said about the advertising so i've been given the great assignment to give you a chance to refute some of these pac asng -- super
1:21 pm
particularly. these are millions of dollars in money coming from forces outside of iowa. we understand those of which you have no control over at all but are driven by fear and scare tactics. i will begin with this one. i would change the order slightly because of the gun control but you just talked about. the nra,n ad today, political victory fund into doing that you and michael bloomberg our bodies now and that you will take away my second amendment rights, and i don't like it a bit so what is the answer? >> i have never met michael bloomberg. i have no idea what these as are based upon other than a fear that i will bring balance and common sense to try to come up with reasonable solutions to reducing gun violence like i have, working with republicans from pennsylvania. we have helped lots of hearings this year on the connection
1:22 pm
between our failure to address the needs of mental illness in this country, and through those bipartisan hearings, we learned a lot as mental health treatment facility in the united states is the los angeles county jail. we know we have to do more and yet when senator ernst was asked about that question on what we can do, she was asked about her ad that she ran in the primary where she was shooting a pistol into the camera and saying let me take aim at obamacare. it came out right before the shooting in santa barbara. she was asked if she regretted it. she called it an unfortunate accident. i don't think it was an accident to the victims and their families. that is their horrible tragedy and i have stated that already. where you have stated that you will work for mental health reform, we have actually done that here in the state of iowa, working towards a better system,
1:23 pm
easier access for the most vulnerable in our population, to receive care. they can walk into many places now and discover where they can go for treatment. whether you are in a rural area, whether you are living in a populated area, we want to make sure that there is easy access for those that suffer from mental illness and receive the care they need. i will always be a strong supporter of the second amendment. ourmotto, state motto, liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain. >> now the second debate in the colorado senate race between incumbent democrat mark udall and republican congressman cory gardner, both the cook and the rothenberg political report lists in this race as a tossup. on friday, october 10, "it is a " the denverst -- gardner.orsed cory
1:24 pm
[applause] >> good evening and welcome to the denver post. we are glad that you came out tonight to see the last of our debates series tonight we are lucky enough to future the senate race with senator mark udall and cory gardner. i am the politics editor here at the denver post. with me moderating is lynn bartels, the reporter covering the race. and one of the well-known reporters in politics in a state of colorado if not the rocky mountain west.
1:25 pm
thanks for coming. we have a couple of quick pieces of information to conduct. please withhold tonight overreactions or displays until we have concluded our debate. i understand if somebody's as a funny line you cannot help but chuckle, but let's hold the applause until afterwards. if we have any heckling we'll ask the persons to leave. we'll have four different kinds of questions tonight. we'll have questions that are specific to the candidate. those questions are themed so the other candidate will not have a rebuttal. then we have traditional candidate questions for both, we'll have a yes or no type round with yes or no type answers, and we'll have a round where candidates get to ask questions of each other. we'll forego opening statements. these men are both well known. if you wish to know more about them, this sunday is a lengthy profile file in the denver post. thank you again for coming.
1:26 pm
>> i have to make sure my wiretapping equipment is working here. thanks for being here. much of this campaign has centered on women's health issues from abortion to birth control. we have separate questions for both of you on that issue. mr. gardner, you've been accused of waging an eight-year battle to outlaw birth control. please explain where you stand on birth control, including your positions on the iud and the morning after pill. >> i'm sorry, what was the last part? i couldn't understand. >> on the iud and the morning after pill. >> thank you very much for the opportunity to be here today. it's simply outrageous that somebody would try to ban birth control. that's simply outrageous.
1:27 pm
in fact, the first time my wife and i saw a television ad that said we wanted to ban birth control my wife smiled and said, didn't you used to pick up my prescription? the fact is i support over-the-counter contraception made available without a prescription. we should change obamacare to make sure that insurance should reimburse for that purchase. when it comes to the other issues that you have mentioned, those are legal and nothing is going to change that. >> we know that you support a woman's right to choose. but given the advances and the scientific understanding of fetal development where we know when fingernails grow, would you support late-term abortions? >> i look forward to what i know will be a robust and spirited discussion tonight. congressman gardner has built
1:28 pm
his political career on working to ban abortion and common forms of contraception. and this question is in effect a diversion from the real differences between us in this campaign. colorado voters have weighed in over and over again on where they stand and where we stand and where colorado voters stand is trusting a woman to make the decisions that are best for her and her family. and frankly politicians and judges and businessmen and women ought to butt out and trust the women of colorado. there are situations where there are late-term abortions are found to be necessary. i've heard the story of a couple who waited for many years to have a child. they found tragically that that child's brain was growing outside of the skull of that fetus, to demand that woman carry that child to term would be a form of government intervention that none of us want to see happen. and we ought to respect the women of colorado and their point
1:29 pm
of view. >> we also have separate questions for both of you regarding the affordable care act. in your first senate debate in 2008, when you were asked about health care reform you said i'm not for government-run solution. you voted for the affordable care act which has expanded government's medicaid coverage for millions of low-income americans. how is this not a government-run solution? >> we did just what i suggested we should do, which is we put people in charge of their health insurance. that's what the affordable care act does. the insurance companies were running our system. we had a broken system. if you were a woman you were charged more. if you had someone in your family who had a preexisting condition, good luck getting the coverage you needed. if someone got sick, your rates could be jacked up or you could be dropped. the system was flat-out broke. we put people back in charge of their insurance coverage. this is again one of the many differences in this campaign
1:30 pm
between congressman gardner and me. he believes that we ought to go back to the failed system. and he's demonstrated that by voting over 50 times to repeal the affordable care act. my approach has been to move us forward. the affordable care act as we know is far from perfect. the rollout had a lot that was lacking. but we're moving forward in the state of colorado and we've seen 400,000 coloradans in various ways have quality health insurance that didn't have that health insurance a year ago. that's real progress. the colorado way is to work together and insure that more can
1:31 pm
we popped out of the health care when we showed our own healthcare solution. the promise that if we like to health care plan we could keep it we chose a plan that we could afford, a plan that benefited our needs. so did 340,000 other colorados. he didn't say, if i like your you can keep it. we should reveal obama care and create solutions that would work to lower the cost and increase the quality of care. we need to make sure we put where people have conditions can be covered. that is not the colorado way
1:32 pm
senator. a few more take seconds, we want to get a specific answer to the question. why did you rate jacked a your family he plan was using? >> the same kind of solution other colorado people found, they found a policy that ance they liked, what the senator promised with that if you like the health care plan you could keep it. to say your policy didn't do this and didn't do that. >> if you could answer the specific question. >> i'm happy to debate obama this whole of our -- hour. >> if i might chart, i would like to get a word in.
1:33 pm
>> we try to get you to answer specific question. >> let's just get control of every now ion here, and then, we will look at each other and confirm to ask a follow-up question if we think the question is not answered. if t is our prerogative. and they don't answer the question that tells you a lot about the candidate. what would like to address you just said. >> that is not just applicable to you. so, glenn, go ahead-- oh no it is me. we will engage a little bit longer. gardner thanks to the --
1:34 pm
>> when he passed obama care he said in the most bipartisan of terms. i believe we have to do something instead of going back to what we had in place before act to ordable care address people, on medicare. we address re that the issuesthat meet the needs of the people. the first promise was made that if you like your health care you can keep it, the second promise if you liked your dr. you could keep your dr.. lower the cost of
1:35 pm
health, this will lower your health care. he broke all his promises. >> thousands of coloradans either have they held her plans cancelled or rates increased. what changes to the law would you make to mitigate this problem? have to note that we want to move the country forward. applause until-- there was nobody angrier than the insurance companies broketheir words. i offered legislation to allow them to keep their plans, i was on the doorstep of the white house urging the administration to do everything in their power.
1:36 pm
as you know, mr gardner is misstating what happened. there were about 350,000 letters of those went outbut those letters were to renew your policy. they say he's going to appeal obama care. of at leaves us at the mercy the insurance companieslike we have done the decades before. let us go forwards. >> now we have the same questions that both of you. the minimum elieve wage issue is better than of your opponents? >> all you have to do is look at the bills we have sponsored.
1:37 pm
when you look at it and what it abortions uld ban all and limit access to birth control. we have a real opportunity to ensure women receive the same pay for equal work, that legislation has been in front of the house twice. congress and gardner even went voting against a measure of flexibility in the workplace for working mothers. that would raise women's prospects. congressman gardner has a long way to go to understand the needs of the women in our state. >> he talks about going forward but unfortunately he has put
1:38 pm
this economy in reverse and no one has suffered more than the women. let's look at an obama care. promised they could --keep their health care and they could keep their dr. that they like. this economy has hurt women across the nation. the labour participation rate is at its lowest in 36 years. more women out of their workforce than the previous reports. because of the failed economy, the jobs are not available. i want to focus on growing our economy and education opportunities but it is not 99% of the voting barack obama has
1:39 pm
been voting on. >> we have the strongest economy in the nation right now. we have 400,000 more people with quality health care and insurance because of the affordable care act. he talks about the four corner plan but all i can see him doing is cutting corners. he has voted against raising the minimum wage. hasn't supported education raise. on energy he touted a bill that leaving the ly green revolution, but he didn't finance a single project and went out of business a few years later. he denies climate change isn't occurring, and to me that is cutting corners. >> folks, all right,
1:40 pm
>> i have a 32nd rebuttal. >> no sir. want at an impress -- a professional environment. brewing interferes with that, so i know you feel strongly about your candidate and that hundred percent understandable but please let's have a professional debate environment for these folks. once this is over we can shift back to campaign mode. extra's 3o the seconds this time.
1:41 pm
>> thank you, our foreign policy is in the situation is today because of the failure of at the white house. and the president has said that his policy is on the ballot this november. the president said we have no strategy when it comes to the when it comes toisil. the president said we would lead from behind. we must make sure that we protect the safety and security of american families. that is why i have made supported efforts to take out the terrorists. senator believes that they are not plotting against our country. we have people arrested in denver international airport with the islamic
1:42 pm
state, and the senator doesn't even show up to the armed services hearing when it talks about emerging threats. >> same question. >> i want to remind congress gardner meant that he is running against me and not barack obama or my father or harry reid. him on the me and ballot this fall. isil is a serious and lethal threat. i serve on the intelligence committee, we are going to wipe them out, we're going to do it through this strategy you voted for and we are going to be there but we also can call our air partners to step up. let me talk with you a little
1:43 pm
bit about the committee, i have served on that committee as i have told you and i get briefings on an ongoing basis on what is happening in the world. i made every single vote on the armed services committee. i want to protect america. running a tv commercial on the islamic state. >> when you vote as many times as you have the president 99% of the time you're tied to the president who admitted it, that the two of you are together on the ballot. listen to his words. the islamic state is not an imminent threat, and he won't show up to the threat hearings. job approval is
1:44 pm
hovering, which member of the unit as senate's most responsible for that environment?. >> i think the country is divided, there are very and we nt point of view reflect that. i think we are called upon to be leaders and rise above that. they have see my record and i have done en that that. seen that senate gardner has been 99% with the republican leadership in the house. 100% of coloradans know that he is in the wrong place but what we have to do is work together and i have record that is going create more job
1:45 pm
of ortunities, my record working across the area is one i am proud of. >> mr gardner? >> he has single-handedly made the most dysfunctional place on the earth. what we must do is replace harry reid. they have been over 340 pieces of legislation that have passed the houses of representatives of many with bipartisan support. harry reid is refusing to bring those bills up so the fact that we have this dysfunction is because we have a senator who changed the rules and broke the to change the rules. to stifle debate.
1:46 pm
ideajust harry reid's like you followed the united states of america is president 99% of the time. >>i have been proud to lead the efforts to ensure that we get $770 million of flood recovery money here. we have worked together to ensure that we got the state-of-the-art firefighting capabilities in the state, we have the lead in the best of the energy approach. there is a lot that we have done in colorado that we will continue to do. we know our futures are linked together. speaking of the shutdown, it came at the same time that colorado was trying to cope with the flooding.
1:47 pm
mr gardner you claimed you never took a vote to shut down the government but you took at least three votes that led to the shutdown. gardner ments about mr left the impression -- >> the flood was a tragic, tragic occurrence were people lost lives and thousands of were destroyed in damage, but i was proud of the work that we did together. we work together to bright side flood relief to the people of colorado. we work together to find solutions to people in need. the vice president of the united states said even if there was a government shutdown flood relief would not be impacted. we asked the vice president about that.
1:48 pm
the fact is we work together to provide solutions for colorado. we've heard a lot of talk about somebody who says rugged collaboration and cooperation and we did that, during the floods, to provide much needed relief. i am saddened that the senator has decided that it is okay to does icise a tragedy that not deserve to be used as campaign fodder. you ith all due respect politicise the issue. i don't know what happened on the plane ride but when you got off that plane washington dc you took a whole different approach, i didn't know whether or the the tea party hold you that took delayed recovery.
1:49 pm
to the ters park we went communities that because the national park closed. congressmen was irresponsible and reckless. you don't turn your back in times of national disasters. >> mr gardner? >> you don't politicise tragedy, you don't turn around to the people of colorado after we work together and try to create campaign and political from people who suffered. we work together we stood side-by-side. we talked about the roadwork we accomplish together. we stood side-by-side in briefings talking about how we going to work together.
1:50 pm
>> it is time, let's move on. gentlemen do you think president obama has authority action on illegal immigration? >> we have failed immigration system. >> i am sorry, the question was intended to begin with mr gardner. also might he robot he has. -- rebuttal. >> i think your question was about immigration reform? >> we have a broken system, the senate passed a bipartisan bill
1:51 pm
close to 70 votes and nothing happened, every business leader. has asked the immigration reform many of the communities see the right focus. i do believe the president should consider all of his options, we're spitting up too many families and we need to be focused on criminal. i have called on congressmen gardner to act. to take we need immigration reformsteps and he hasn't taken one step to move to the tion reform finishing line. we want employers to know that they hire people with the right papers. keep families together, let's passed the reform. this is one of the most important steps we can take congressmen gardner has been missing in action. >> i strongly support immigration reform.
1:52 pm
we are in this mess today because of failed leadership from the white house, from -- utal.ou tall, let's the president himself said he lacks the legal authority to issue a legal order. let's work together on immigration solutions. to focus on criminals when it comes to solutions. still er if he is focusing on whether criminals are still felons in his mind according to his vote when he a chance in 2010 to vote
1:53 pm
chose migration reform he for carbon instead. >> you are an example of failed leadership. again i'm calling on you to exert your leadership, let's open up before the house. i've acted, you haven't. the president wants to act and he is considering all his options but let's talk about today and moving the country forward. america is a land of immigrants. we are back to questions specific to the candidates. saying have been moxa the last person the white house wants to see walking up the line is you. what is your opinion of the job barack obama has done?
1:54 pm
have a little fun, you all had fun at my expense after you said that. when i agree with him president of the united states i agree with him and i stand with him like it did with president bush. obama presents a strategy i stand with president obama. is spying on americans, i made my point of view very clear. when president bush wants to go to iraq i made it very clear that we should finish the job in afghanistan but when both presidents supportedthe immigration reforms. i supported both the presidents.
1:55 pm
explain rdner? please that you y difference cosponsoring, that you say you are now wrong to support. >> i have said that a good phase change of position could be considered a virtue are not advise. the federal act that you are referring to is a statement that i support life. have or, you just said you a colorado compass that maybe you should try and get gps because your compass is leading the state down the wrong path. >> we are going to go back to mr gardner with a specific question. >> i was ready to answer. >> monday was a historic moment the grey rights movement.
1:56 pm
-- gay rights. to think it's time for you to change your possession? >> i do believe people must be treated with dignity tea and respect so i will abide by the decision of the courts. let's talk about how we can provide that dignity and respect that i hear about the well, issues of economy and opportunities of building families and i believe we could do those things of trying to ead politicise. >> your campaign has been so issues on women's you've been dubbed mark uterus. you as a of bipartisan has been
1:57 pm
significantly diminished and the colorado junior senator is of more interest. have you gone too far? very productive rights are important to coloradans. we place this campaign on a lot of other issues and we've a lot of points, isis and immigration reforms. we always want to make sure the economy is working for everybody and if you look at traffic in my campaign, over a half of our ads have discuss these topics. he does one have this discussion because his record is extreme and you don't have to look any further than the personal amendment that will
1:58 pm
ban all forms of abortions and most forms of contraception. he is cast a lot of anti-women making emergency contraception available,, he wil has a long records of to limit women's rights. >> do you believe humans are significantly to climate change? just a yes or no. is a long question. >> at the end of the yes no question you will be given a minute to respond to these questions.
1:59 pm
to i think we should be able provide an answer and this is a serious issue and i don't think we should shortchange serious issues with a yes or no answer. >>he is yes or no questions are answered yes, or no. move to the senator. did you support colorado's ban on same-sex marriage? >> no. >> mr gardner? >> no. >> mr gardner do you support federal actions to provide clear rules for illegal gain uana businesses to access to banking?
2:00 pm
>> yes. >> yes. support rdner do you casino style gambling as proposed by amendment 68. do you support the construction of the keystone pipeline you can >> if the science is completed, yes. >> if the science is completed, yes. >> is to gartner, we'll go back to you, and you have -- well, about 30 seconds to respond. >> again, i think these are very important issues that many cannot be described as yes or no, and that's why when it comes


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