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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 16, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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incrypted would not have been available to us? [inaudible] >> i don't think i know. canva. ed my folks to s state and local partners. i'm not looking -- here's the thing, when i was preparing the speech, one of the things i was inclined to talk about was to avoid those kind of edge cases, we're not looking to frighten people. logic tells me, there are going to be cases just like that. but the theory of the case is the main bulk of law enforcement ctivity. i don't know the answer. >> i'm from fox news. sir, is there any credible
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evidence that terrorists can use ebola as a bioagent here in the united states? >> no. >> do you have any wrap-up? >> no. i hope this is the beginning of a robust dialogue in this challenge. like i said, i don't think i have the wisdom or technical knowledge to answer this. but i see -- when the light was blinking red in the corner of my eye, it is now blinking red directly in front of me. i want to make sure that we don't get to a place where people are saying, how did we get here? we as scientists want to have end-to-end incryption on every device we use. but we as a country should make that decision.
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that's the way a democracy should operate. >> i want to thank the director for coming in and having this conversation. please keep your seats so he can actually get out. please join me in thanking him. [applause] > thank you. >> this weekend on the c-span networks, from the texas tribune
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fessval, a conversation not dealing with undocumented youth coming into the u.s. sunday, a town hall meeting on the events at ferguson university in st. louis. then, friday night at clock, on c-span2, drones, their impact on aviation, and how they transform the american military. . turday, jake halbern saturday at 8:00, life and legacy of booker t. washington. nday at four, exercise
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delawar. a joint military operation between the u.s. and iran, when the two countries were allies. let us know about the programs you are watching. -- 626-3400. 2-624- like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. >> here are a few of the comments we recently received from our viewers. >> i'm caught in the conversation of this ebola thing and i'm watching this u.s. go on where we have a multieye mill ollar resort in -- multi-million dollar resort in cuba, i think it's called gaunt
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guantanomo. i believe i've seen the c.d.c. or this government is in control -- that's in control now tells us about ebola. we can't trust our f.d.a. inspectors here now. and the federal government wants us to believe them on ebola? ha! you have got to be kidding me. >> this ebola outbreak is following a long line of diseases, poaching, genocide. now the world is concerned because the chickens are coming home to roost. your guest talked about the bush meat. you know, the people in africa are starving. the congo hasn't changed much. people are just worried how to
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live from day-to-day. >> continue to let us know about the programs you are watching. call, -- call us, e-mail us, or tweet us. join the c-span conversation. like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. >> well, the capital dome is not the only thing being worked on. the house oversight subcommittee -- house energy and commerce versight committee is gaveling in to speak about ebola, this after a nigerian unanimous dies in texas, and two of the women have eated him, nurses, contracted ebola as well. joining us today, coverage on
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the hearing. that begins at noon eastern. throughout the hearing we'll be looking for your comments. we will be hearing from the two lead officials on the u.s. response to ebola. we'll have that hearing live before it gets underway here on c-span as well. members of the committee have been tweeting about. fred upton is the chairman of the energy and commerce committee. a tweet this morning, he says, "prepping for a noon hearing on ebola. we should not be in the situation we are in today." we certainly will hear from chairman upton as well as he participates in the subcommittee meeting. c-q ng about this, a article hints at tough choices ahead. they say the decision wednesday to transfer that second health
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care worker in texas who preliminarily tested positive for ebola to emery university hospital in atlanta illustrates the federal government's reactive and rapidly evolving strategy to prevent the spread of the virus that's now within u.s. borders. now with a look at what's certain to come up, we're less than three weeks to the election, and how this is playing out in terms of its politics. this will look at a "the washington post"-abc news poll that the times writes about. they say "according to that poll, 54% of republicans are confident in the federal government's ability to respond effectively to ebola. far fewer than the 76% of democrats who expressed confidence." that writing today in the "new york times." they are writing about an abc news/"the washington post" poll. a prefew for -- we take you to a
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preview of today's hearing with "washington journal." >> this under scores the seriousness that the president has taken with this outbreak that he is visiting the hospital. >> first and foremost, to c.d.c. director freed man -- friedman come up in this talk? >> what kind of came out of it is that the white house is doing
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a very delicate balance. as you said, they said they are going to be reviewing everything that happens in the cases in balance. on the other hand, they are trying to assure the public that the risk of a widespread outbreak is very, very low. the president held himself up as an example, saying when he was in atlanta a few weeks ago he hugged and kissed nurses that worked with the ebola patients, and he felt confident doing so because they took all the necessary precautions while dealing with these patients. they took the protocol. they talked about the fact that they need to take lessons learned from dallas and go from there. >> as far as more pressure from the cabinet, did you sns that there? >> as far as what the president out they are sending swat
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in case there are additional cases, and there is expected to be some. they are sending people on the ground to help local hospitals go through protocol and do things in a way that will try to ensure that this virus does not spread further. >> what about the political undertones to this? there have been calls by some to remove the head of the c.d.c. there has been calls for a travel ban. how does the white house take those suggestions? >> house speaker boehner came out yesterday and called for a travel ban. he'sed first member of congress to do so. the drum beat is growing for that. more and more lawmakers have called for a travel ban. two countries that are affected. there have been some lawmakers that have called for the resignation of c.d.c. director,
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director frieden. that will likely be growing in the next several days. >> events canceled at the white house indicate that other events might be canceled as well? >> no. as far as we know, the president was supposed to travel to rhode island to give a speech on the economy today. then he was supposed to go to long island in new york. those events are canceled. as far as we know, those are the only events that are canceled. he was suppose today go to new hampshire. that has been postponed. the president is supposed to go back to connecticut at some point, but it is unclear when he'll do so. >> any indication that the president might address this concern directly in a speech or republicans?to
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is there anything along those grounds? >> we do not know if he will or he won't. that's something we will be watching closely today. >> talking about the white house response to ebola. there is a story on "the washington post" web site. thank you. >> thank you. >> again, you are hearing the president is canceling some of his travel plans for today. he did yesterday as well. he met this morning with his defense secretary, chuck hague l. other hearings today, a defense briefing. they are hearing from home from our ambassador in liberia. we will have that for you on c-span2. also covering a joint briefing today with a state department spokesman and the defense department spokesman coming up this afternoon. look for coverage later on the c-span network and at here at c-span, in just over 18 minutes, we will take you inside
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the hearing, as the oversite subcommittee on energy and commerce. we'll hear from dr. tom frieden and dr. anthony fauci, the two lead officials on the u.s. response to ebola. cory gardner says "i will be at to discuss today, inclusions to stop the spread of ebola, including my call for a travel ban." "a temporary ban on travel to the united states from countries afflicted with the virus is something the president should absolutely consider." and this one from ed royce." givingen the need to contain the disease at its source --
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>> four more u.s. airports will have their tams taken today. it is part of an effort to keep travelers with ebola from bringing the virus into the united states. and the associated press reports that the top official with the u.n. reports that the death toll from the ebola crisis will rise from among 4,500 9,000 infected from the ebola virus. om frieden and anthony fauci
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live at noon today on the u.s. ebola response. >> well, this is a work in progress. we are trying to determine prt c.d.c. what it has ordered to do certain things. i know it is advisory. i also want to see how we can fix this problem. the problem in dallas at texas presbyterian shouldn't have happened. we don't want it replicated in other parts of the country, so we need to fix it. i think we have a good panel today. a lot of regulatory agencies
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have the authority to deal with it. so i'm hoping we'll do that. now, our oversight and investigation committee is not an investigative committee. all of us who serve on there also serve on the health subcommittee, the committee that ctually leg slates this. >> tom, one of the people at the hearing today that has been frieden is s -- tom at the hearing today. do you think he understands the situation well? >> i think he is -- understands and it's evolving. i want to talk about what he said recently happened. they didn't have a team there quick enough in dallas. they need the resource to go whether it is dallas texas, houston, or anywhere else. we also don't have enough of these containment beds. texas press tearian did not have what -- presbyterian did not have what emery has.
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in fact, even here in houston, texas, we do not have a ontainment hospital. >> we have heard people saying that tom frieden should resign from the c.d.c. would you join that argument? >> no. i think tom has done a good job. i have worked with him since 1997. i have seen a lot of appointed officials come and go. i think he's serious. i think he's also a problem solver. that's what we need in this job. >> as far as travel bans, would you support something like that to keep possible spreads of ebola from occurring in the united states? >> well, the administration is slowly tightening it up. we may aend up doing that if we continue to see people that come out of the countries that have the epidemic. you know, they have to have a visa to come to the united states. to get a visa, have you to go to our consulate. our consulate would not issue visas.
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typically the situation we had with the gentleman that came in and falsified the application, you don't need many of those where you just say, let's shut it all down. i don't know if we're there yet, but we may be there tomorrow. we see a lot of this happening, from europe to the united states. although, hopefully what the president has done with those five airports will actually deal with that. >> so if we see more cases, a travel ban is something you would support or not? >> yes, i would support a travel ban if we can't deal with it like we're dealing with it now. these are countries that -- liberia was settled with u.s. slaves back in 1600, so we have relationships with these countries. that's why we have armies there building hospitals. they are not providing direct care, but they are building hospitals to be able to help them. >> what about funding for the c.d.c. we have had both sides saying we are -- >> in congress, because of our
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budget deficit, although it is down historically in the last few days, we found that out. we have always had to deal with budget cuts. we need to spend our money smarter. there have been budget cuts. n.i.h., national institutes of health, even c.d.c. you will see states trying to tighten their belts who are doing that. maybe some of those cuts went much further and took us away from where we are right now. >> did you support those cuts initially? >> no. i support expansion of medical research. either district is under-served. i think we should do more on health care instead of less. >> we have had bob casey calling forrest racial of cuts. do you think there -- they will take that up later or will there be other issue yuzz use that come up? >> i think what you have going on with icis and iraq, there need to be budget ad juments to
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pay for what we are doing over there with our air power. i think there will be opportunities once you get back after the elections to look at both the health care budget and under continuing resolution now. that needs to be renewed for december. that needs to be done to reflect the budget for our needs today to be healthier for the military. >> should there be a single person heading this up, an ebola czar? >> i don't know if we need a new czar. if you create too much of a you lose reaucracy, what you are doing with it. i'm not a fan of another czar. if the agency officials do their job, they don't need someone over them. >> deborah simmons talked about this czar idea. she said, we already have a czar. his name is president obama."
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she goes on. what's been his performance in all of this? >> i think the president is listening to his advisors. to respond to that, the czar issue did not original nature with president obama. to ronaldd czars back reagan. i do know the president ought to be able to have somebody, but someone appointed, not confirmed by the senate. overseeing physicians who are concerned. i think those folks need to do their job rather than having someone created above them. >> gene green a member of the senate smers and commerce subcommittee. that hearing getting underway we expect in under 10 minutes. we will try to take a couple calls. the numbers are up, if you are a republican.
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202-585-3885. democrats, 202-585-3886. or all others, 202-585-3887. we continue to look for your . mments as well at facebook if we don't get to them before the hearing, we will certainly get to them after the hearing. we look for your calls and comments. this hearing is expected to run until 3:00. it just depends how many members return for the hearing. congress is out. after 't be back until the election. the election november 4. the first nurse to contract the disease, nina phan. a tweet --
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the other nurse moved to emery. the first nurse moved to n.i.h. let's get a couple quick calls here. apollo beach, florida. what do you think the u.s. should do with this ebola situation? >> my biggest concern right now, because we've had a bunch of rain, is mow mosquitoes. i think they are doing all they can at this point. but i'm just thinking, some people that are coming back from work, from the 21-day incubation period, how do we protect ourselves? >> the team that will flew with amber has been put on paid leaf
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and the flight attendants as well, following that flight. next up. caller: i'm just wondering why they would allow someone to come here with ebola. i realize that he was not documented properly, that he snuck in. but why would we wait to stop the ban on travel? why was it a consideration and not something that should be done immediately since health care workers are being infected? >> that certainly will be a topic at today's hearings and other briefings as well. hammond, indiana, democrat. caller: why are we rushing about this right now? this ebola is not obviously on a widespread epidemic. i understand how everybody is worried about it right now. there are so many epidemics.
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it looks like it is being handled pretty fairly. like if health care workers is treating someone and getting treated for it and then they are infected by it, and we are quarantining them, isn't that the best way to handle it? > today a hearing at noon. l we'll take you to the hearing room next. we get a look inside the hearing as we wait for the witnesses to arrive. here's our independent line. oger, are you there? caller: i think we should put a ban on everybody coming into the united states with this ebola virus. if they decide to bring them in, i think they should fly them all
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to washington, d.c. >> we'll let you go there. that will be the last comment for now. ive coverage here on c-span.
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