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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 22, 2014 2:00am-4:01am EDT

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a review that takes place every 10 years or so. >> not only should there be a review, they should be re-upped by governor's council or whomever. should be another vote? >> i guess what i would say is you can either have a process where they have to be re-upped or the review would determine whether or not they would go before the governor's council. i like the letter better than the former. these are lifetime appointments. we want to make good decisions. that is why we set them up. but they ought to be held accountable. at the same time, everybody ought to know at some point they're working for the public and taxpayers are paying for it. >> let's hear from patricia. >> i cover social services. both of you have talked about caring about vulnerable children and the need for fixes. neither of you have talked about
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adding more money for the agency. a federal judge said the primary problem is a budgetary shortfall more than anything else. my question is do you think you can fix it without adding more money? >> i actually supported the governor's proposal, $30 million increase for dcf. both for social workers, and for a variety of other pieces. i think there are management reforms that ought to be part of what happens there. i may proposals when the german oliver case broke earlier this year. in many respects dcf has a difficult and complicated job. they are dealing with some of the most troubled families in the commonwealth. the fact that they had an opportunity to move toward fixing this for years ago when children's rights filed that
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case, which was a compelling case against the department, and the attorney general and governor chose not to move to fix it but to fight it, was a problem and borne out by what happened after. in addition to that, i've said this before, you have a terrific record with respect to advocating for children. to have that case in front of you and to stand silently by why they cut the budget by $40 million was a problem and showed a lack of judgment. >> first of all the case is so compelling the judge dismissed it. let's be clear. we get represent the government. that is my job. i always do that to the best interest of the children and families we need to represent. let's be clear about what's going on here. outside lawyers were suing us.
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one-size-fits all solution. it was not the right solution for massachusetts. better use of that money to go in to dcf. we need to restructure the agency. i've had a plan since i work with that agency for 25 years. we have agency to protect kids and keep families together. they don't do it right. we need to change it. by the way, i'm glad you're advocating for these changes while you're running for governor but you had an opportunity as secretary and undersecretary helping human services to look at caseloads, technology, and reverted $2 million. >> is $30 million enough money? everyone says restructuring and moving things around him and they will never have enough money. >> it's not just about money. >> every judge has said the same thing. it is money. they don't have enough money.
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>> we can give them more money. problems don't get solved. the structure of the agency doesn't work to give omissions to the social work and an caseloads are too big or they don't have enough training. i work with terrific social workers that we need to change the structure of the agency and then we need to say with an increase in technology, we need to better communicate what the mission of the agency is and what they are supposed to do. and hold them accountable when they don't meet those measures. >> instead we have fought that. the lawyer who represented that case on the other side worked in the clinton administration. she was hardly partisan. the way you describe that, you said you did what was best for massachusetts. >> it was not that lawsuit. the one-size-fits-all result. i absolutely refuse to say i've
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read the brief -- you said you would rather give a lot of money to outside lawyers to tell massachusetts what to do. i don't think that is a good solution for a manager. i don't think that's what a governor of the state should do. >> you have praised martha coakley's work for children which leads me to say we have to play a snippet of ads, most parents tell their children to leave the room. let's watch a piece of these. >> more than 50 children abused, neglected, lives cut short under the care of the massachusetts department of children and family. martha coakley. how could we trust her again? baker eliminated nearly 2000 jobs at his company. tripling his own salary to over
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$1.7 million a year. >> very quickly, somebody who supports you, the former attorney general say you did a great job. i still don't understand briefly why you are not answering the super pac, klees take that commercial off the air. it does represent my value. >> i said i didn't like the tone of the ad. we're still having a discussion about whether they made the right decision or not. the proof is the tragedies and problems and the broken agency of the dcf in many respects at the time and through those cuffs -- those cuts in their budget. >> why can't you do that? why are you asking the ads about him be pulled?
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despite your criticisms, he led the saving of hunter pilgrim. >> the facts in that ad are accurate. the salary went up. that is the difference between those two ads. factual inaccuracies. i think that add is just for entertainment. that i sat by while children were killed. that is outrageous. this is a campaign. i understand that. i asked charlie. he would not do it. there's no way to control these ads. >> the first negative ad was run by a super pac against me, they give thousands is of dollars through a finance loophole. to some extent she doesn't have any credibility on this issue. >> i disagree. >> let's move on. >> i spent five days this summer reporting from ferguson,
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missouri that erupted in near constant protests after an african-american teenager was shot and killed. many of the officials in the city and the state were criticized for not understanding the circumstances that contributed to the volatile situation. my question is, how would you as governor make sure that all communities, but especially the amenities of color have a seat at the table so disparity and education, housing, income, as well as health care that those gaps are closed. >> could you give me one example to address? >> i think that we want in massachusetts community policing, not combat policing. i would propose getting men and women in our fire teaching police services, and areas of public services that would address those things.
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>> i'm very proud of the fact that i was endorsed by the minority law enforcement officers association because of the time and effort i've made getting to know the folks in the communities of color. a huge part my plan is economic opportunity and education and public safety in those communities. i was proud to stand with leaders from those communities a week ago today to talk about the plan and gain their support. one thing i would say, i haven't to do a right along on the ride-alonged to do a on the friday night of when ferguson was breaking. sergeant johnson, i wanted him to take me around the city for five or six hours and show me what goes on in urban boston. the first thing he did was he took me to dorchester high school where they were holding practice and cooking.
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this is what goes on in this community. which no one ever talks about. he knew every single coach, he knew half the parents who were there. one of the things we have to do if they want to avoid situations like that is we have got to embed ourselves as human beings in these communities of people understand not only do we care about them but we get where they are coming from and they can see us, and they can know it would make a commitment they will follow through. >> i have done that for 18 years with community policing, and messy violence. violence.mestic it is important to make sure we have a good criminal justice system. >> educational factors, charter schools.
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a few months ago i went to one of those charter school drawings. no parents were there. i realized so few kids can get in it's too depressing and upsetting to go to these things and not get called in. you have been supportive not so strongly for charter schools. charlie baker said denying the options of charter school support kids is nothing less than an affront to their civil rights. how is he wrong? >> this is where he differed. it is about education. we have made this distinction between charters or not charters. charters were the reason that we were able to see what works and what doesn't great extended learning time, early education. the ways in which we get every cap the best possible education. it's about making sure we keep the promise to take the best practices from charters and seed them in district schools. we have highly innovation
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schools. we know what works. >> you mentioned pre-k. primary night you celebrated your plan, but has morphed into a plan where 17,000 people are on the waiting list, who need support. what happened? >> i still support universal pre-k. we are going to start with 17,000 kids in 100 $50 million immediately to get them into places we have. there are parents that have that ability now. i'm trying to land the claim field. -- i'm trying to level the playing field. >> charter schools? >> the position is basically the same. i'm glad to see that she agrees with me, we should make targeted investments in expanding participation in pre-k. i spent a lot of time and city schools over the course of this race.
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i'm looking for excellence. there are 45,000 parents on a waiting list. those parents deserve choices. when i knock doors in dorchester, in springfield, the first question that comes up when i'm talking to somebody is i don't have enough choices for my kids. they are desperate when i talk about this. for anybody who has kids, it kills you to hear the concern in their voice. there are a lot of great traditional schools out there. one of the things i've talked about during this campaign is wanting to create relationships between folks who are actually doing a terrific job of educating kids and public schools with other folks in public schools. we don't do the in-service type learning and teaching and best
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practices that we should be doing. i'm going to make that happen. we have to start doing that. there are stars performing in urban education we are not leveraging them. >> we are going to move to an issue that is huge. income inequality. the minimum wage increase, and question four, mandatory paid leave. do you support those things? very quickly, are you not concerned about the arguments of small business that one or both of these is going to croak them. like snow. no.> the minimum wage has been passed. most supported it. we have families living week to week to pay their rent or put food on their table. there is a couple that works at
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logan airport. they can barely afford to put food on their table. that is not right. the corporations they work for are doing quite well. this income inequality has to be for everybody. >> connecticut and california, we would be the outlier became the third because small businesses say it is a killer. >> i think that it is absolutely a cost of doing business they would be able to afford. this is a right for people. most don't worry about six time. sickn't worry about earned time. if they are sick they are going to lose their jobs if they don't show up. it is a public health issue. it mostly affects women. minimum wage women who have childcare responsibilities, who don't have vouchers for early education. this is a fairness issue. i support it. >> you had said earlier in the campaign you would consider a
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sub minimum wage for teenagers and people in training. >> we should go ahead and pursue what is happening on the minimum wage legislatively. i also believe we should, and i would file a bill, for small businesses tax credits to absorb the increase without taking hours away from people or jobs. >> question four, you propose a threshold of 50 or more employees. 120,000 businesses, they would not benefit from paid sick leave. does not trouble you? >> that would be the same as the connecticut law. only two states have this law and both of them have a lot more in flexibility. i support doing this.
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i will work with the legislature to get it done. i worry if we're all concerned about jobs and small businesses and their ability to create opportunity that this puts us at a significant disadvantage. >> 1.2 million people who would get sick time. >> a lot of people are going to lose their existing flex benefits when that passes because they won't be able to access the flex benefits their companies have put in place. >> both of you have been involved with ethical questions. martha coakley failed to disclose a lawsuit against fannie mae and freddie mac. >> i think the opportunity, as the chief law-enforcement officer and the overseer of the office of campaign in finance it would've been inappropriate for
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-- would have been appropriate for the attorney general to disclose that relationship, especially since she had financial opportunities. this woman raised money for her as well. >> the premise is in your question. the statute, i've been fighting to keep people in their homes. the only purpose and that statute was to make sure homeowners to stay in their homes. it is not the only company that does that. it is a not-for-profit. we disclose everything we needed to. we checked and checked again. we did what we needed. we did everything we needed to do. >> some have suggested you engaged in pay to play.
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should voters be concerned about that? >> those facts indicate at least from my point of view a reason to investigate. he said under 33 different times he filed and was a partner of it. he is in violation of the law. if he is not he should disclose his contract. >> the reports today, that chris christie and the treasure of new jersey appointed by chris christie, a supporter of yours, is holding up the lease of the investigation about this page plaything until several days after the election in massachusetts. would you use this opportunity to urge christie to disclose what their investigation is? >> i can't control.
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i stay as far away from it as i can get, which is appropriate. they will issue their report when the issue with. martha issue the fact that i was working for general catalyst. i've been transparent. i've never tried to hide anything. i gave all the documentation and said if there is something you need to do here tell me. i wrote a brief on it. i made that brief publicly available to anybody who wanted to see it. >> the governor of new jersey -- should the voters of massachusetts -- [indiscernible] >> the pension board is want to going to make their
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decision whenever they finished their study. as far as i can tell based on the work that was done, i have done nothing wrong. >> he can resolve it by disclosing his employment contract. >> we are short on time. >> there is only one person at this table who is paid a campaign violations find. the attorney general. >> i've been completely transparent when we have had errors that have been pointed out. we have fixed them. it's not a fine. we refer to the money to where it should have gone. i always have done that. that is the transparency. >> we are going to release the tension. >> let's hear from the boston globe. a serious question about taxes. he is going to ask you one quick question. >> who would play you in the movie of this campaign? who would lay your opponent?
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>> reese witherspoon. >> they are looking at each other. [laughter] >> liam neeson. >> same question, most of this has been about power you have. let's talk about our you don't have. -- power you don't have. the bully pulpit of the governor's office that you would advance. you just use your position as governor to try to move the public on. what would that be? >> we need to create more things at night for kids to do in urban communities. i would like to put together a coalition of folks who were involved in all kinds of recreational a community-based
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athletic activities across the commonwealth involving urban communities and come up with things kids can do at night. that's a big problem. >> the legislature -- >> i am most concerned about kids, others a not-for-profit sittings that don't have the resources to get what they need, not just sports but social work, mental health. there are troubled kids in the state that need help. >> thank you both. we appreciate your time. that is all the time we have. [applause] charlie baker and martha coakley. >> thank you for tuning in tonight. [applause]
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>> the heart of c-span's campaign 2014 coverage. follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to get debate schedules, video clips of key moments, debate previous from our politics seem. c-span is bringing you over 100 house and senate and governor debates and you can share your reactions to what the candidates are saying. the battle for control of congress. stay engaged by following us on twitter and liking us on facebook. >> our campaign debate coverage continues. the new york 11th district andte between michael grimm
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domenic recchia junior. at 8:00, the florida governor's debate with governor rick scott and former governor charlie crist. at 8:30 on c-span, it is the illinois 10th district debate with her presence of brad schneider and former representative bob told -- bob dold. then a 10:00, the illinois 13th district debate with rodney and ann call c-span campaign 2014, more than 100 debates for the control of congress. senatorw hampshire, jeanne shaheen is facing former senator scott brown. senatorn served as u.s. in massachusetts until he lost a reelection bid. he is now running in new hampshire.
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we will bring you their debate from earlier in a moment. first, here are some of the ads running in that race. >> i am jeanne shaheen and i approve this message. >> too often, that is not how he votes. he sponsored a bill to deny women insurance coverage. supportst believe he's limiting access. no wonder anti-choice groups endorse scott down. >> -- brown. >> i don't trust him. seen -- i have support continued funding for planned parenthood. i believe women should have access to contraception. senator shaheen has resorted to a smear campaign.
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she knows better. the people of new hampshire deserve better. i approve this message. >> i am jeanne shaheen and i approve this message. >> the big oil companies are the most profitable on the planet. she voted to give them more than $20 billion in taxpayer subsidies. big oil gave scott down thousands of dollars. >> scott brown does not care about new hampshire. >> he is in it or scott brown. -- for scott brown. i know what you are thinking. another ad. senator jeanne shaheen says she put you first. she votes with obama 99% of the time. as for more spending, more debts.
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obamacare? kaman can read we have to put up with him for two more years. we can fire her now. let's fire jeanne shaheen. >> here is the video. >> now the debate between jeanne shaheen and scott brown. discourtesy of new england cable news. todd --rators chuck moderator is chuck todd. concorde new hampshire. buying for the u.s. senate seat. a democratic candidate seeking reelection, jeanne shaheen. and republican candidate, scott brown. the political reporter for the concorde monitor.
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[applause] and now, meet the press -- the host of meet the press. >> good evening. from concord, new hampshire, we are here on debate night. we have a one-hour debate on domestic and other issues. there will be rebuttals. he will get questions from myself, from the panel, and the candidates at some point will also ask each other a question. we have a great crowd with the big they have promised not to be an active participant that active listeners. we will give them one chance to get their energy out of their systems. [applause]
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>> now to debate time. there is not a lot of baseball being followed in new england. that is why this crowd is excited. the department of homeland security will require travelers from the three west african countries dealing with ebola will have enhanced screening for the disease. senator brown, you call for a travel ban. senator shaheen, you opposed a ban. is today's announcement by the department of homeland security enough? >> no, it's not. what's happening, we have a couple of weeks ago the president said we are not point
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any issues. we are going to stamp it out. we've had one person die and to others infected. we need to have a travel ban, absolutely. anybody leaving are coming into those countries that needs to stop, they cannot get here. the problem, the president has given an incoherent policy. he said it's not going to come here and then it has. the direction from the cdc has been confusing. i did call for a travel ban. i am glad that the president and senator shaheen is coming forward and moving forward in this regard. we need to make sure this does not come in. the time is now. >> senator shaheen? >> ebola is a serious threat. people are concerned about it. it is a new disease. it is serious. i think we have to look at taking every action necessary to keep people safe. including a travel ban if we can figure out that improves the situation. it reminds me of when i was governor after september 11 and
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there was the threat of anthrax and other bioterrorism. i brought together officials in the state to come up with protocols with how to respond, and we are seeing actually some of those plans, the early warning system, are still in place today. we do need protocols. we saw some changes in that today from the cdc. we need to make sure people can get access to equipment and there is training, and resources that local public health officials and state officials need in order to address this threat. >> let me address this. what is a bigger threat to new hampshire residents, the flu or ebola? >> it depends on who you are speaking with. people are concerned about a few things. our border, ebola, travel coming into our countries without proper authority caring diseases, being terrorists. there are a lot of concerns.
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it depends on who you talk with. i want to continue on what senator shaheen said. she did come up with protocol and came with a plan. the president has not come up with a coherent plan. he appointed a czar with no experience in this area whatsoever. it is a political appointment. i don't think it helps at all. he hasn't even been to the meetings. we are in an emergency situation. i'm thankful senator shaheen broke in that regard. >> what is the bigger threat? >> we know that more people have died each year from the flu than we have seen from the threat from ebola to date. the fact is this is a serious disease. people are concerned about it because it is new. we've seen the dallas hospital made mistakes. we need to address this disease. we need to make sure the public has as much information as possible.
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we need to work together. what we do not need are people who are fear mongering, spreading panic. this is serious and we need to work together. that is what i have tried to do. i have been disappointed my opponent has raised concerns without talking that we can do to address the issue. >> very quickly, 30 seconds. >> i'm not fear mongering, i'm talking about something that is relevant. there has been no coherent policy from the president. i called for a travel ban immediately, didn't do anything inappropriate. others have actually joined in and i'm thankful the senator has broken with the president to join with me. >> senator shaheen, imagine you're at home wearing your new hampshire citizen hat and you get a question from a pollster.
2:35 am
do you approve of the job the president is doing? >> in some ways i approve, and some things i don't. like most questions that we deal with as policymakers their aren't simple answers. >> you are the candidate for the citizens of new hampshire. you vote with the president 99% of the time. because of obama's approval ratings, how does your voting record jive with serving the citizens of new hampshire? >> i work for new hampshire. scott brown talks a lot about one survey, 99% of the time that i voted with the president. the numbers i'm proudest of are
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the 359 people who were now working at the prison because i was able to get the prison opened after it sat empty for two years. and the 1200 people who were being foreclosed on in their homes who are offers worked with. they can get care close to home because of the legislation that we got into the veterans reform bill. what we need is a senator who is going to work for new hampshire. who is going to make sure we address the concerns we hear from our constituents, willing to work with democrats, republicans, independents, anybody in washington who can help us get the job done. >> she just described me. i was the most bipartisan senator in the united states senate. every survey has senator shaheen as being one of the most partisan senators.
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she has voted with the president 99% of the time. what does that mean for new hampshire? she was the deciding vote for obama care. she voted for every -- deductibles are going up dramatically. costs are going up. care coverage is going down. she has voted to put in place a system where we have more and more gridlock by voting with her party over 99% of the time. that is part of the problem. >> senator brown, you help propel you to the u.s. senate, tens of thousands of residents are now eligible for health insurance under the state medicaid expansion plan. you have said you wanted to repeal the law. how did you tell these people they no longer have health insurance.
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>> you are assuming obamacare is the only answer. we have the ability to develop a plan that addresses those concerns. we can address what you reference, pre-existing care, covering kids to a certain age. dealing with catastrophic care and coverage, all sorts of things. we can develop a plan that works for us. senator shaheen put forth a bill she did not read. three quarters of a trillion dollars of cuts come from senior medicare. medical devise companies are being crushed as a result of this. when you're talking that health care, i want everyone to have health care. i supported bill that did just that. we can do the same thing here. we have great leaders watching and listening and we can do it in our own way that respects rights and freedoms, addresses competition. when she was in charge as governor she change the law. we lost our insurance companies. we only have one.
2:39 am
>> the fact is we have 100,000 people now who are getting access to health care because of the affordable care act here. i believe people in new hampshire should have access to affordable, quality health care. if you listen to what scott brown is proposing he would kick tens of thousands of people in new hampshire off of health insurance without any plan to replace it. i don't think people want to go back to a time where if you had a pre-existing condition you lost, you couldn't get health insurance. if you had a chronic disease, and you've reached your lifetime or annual limit you got kicked off of your health care. if you are 26 years old you couldn't stay on your parent's plan. we don't want to go back to a time where health insurance the determine what people
2:40 am
got. >> senator brown, are you misleading the public by rpetuating this repeal idea? nobody seems to be serious about repeal option. >> i think that is false. plenty of people want to repeal it. if you speak to the people of new hampshire, you can go to north country tractor, one of the reasons they are not hiring is because of obama care and the penalties. you look at a mom like my mom who works one job when she could 50, 60 hours. she can't do that anymore. to think i don't want people to have access to health care. what has been references the business mandate coming after the election. they're getting notices right now. it is real. >> is repeal a priority? >> i voted five times to repeal it. >> senator shaheen? i hear democrats say they want
2:41 am
to fix parts of obama care. what is a fixed bill you would like to introduce? >> like any other major issue health care is something we have to continue to address as we implement it. one of the things that i have proposed is an independent ceo that would oversee the health care website. we saw issues with the rollout. if you listen to my opponent and me, this is a fundamental difference. i believe people in new hampshire should be able to get access to health care. if you listen to what he is proposing he would throw tens of thousands of people off of their health care without any plan to repeal it. he wants to throw people off. i don't think most people want to go back to a time when they didn't have health care.
2:42 am
>> is this a proud accomplishment for you? >> absolutely. making sure almost 100,000 people in new hampshire have access to health care is progress for people. >> we will have more health care. dante has the next question. >> do you support new hampshire's new medical marijuana law? the federal government has a role in the nation's drug laws as well. it classifies marijuana as the most dangerous type of drug. should that continue? should the federal government continue to classify marijuana the same way as it does heroin or treat marijuana like alcohol? >> i do support the medical marijuana law. we're seeing some states who have allowed marijuana for recreational purposes. i'm not ready to go there yet. i think we need more studies on what the impact of marijuana would be. there is a role for the federal government and education, and training, and to provide treatment.
2:43 am
we have a real epidemic in new hampshire and new england. addiction to heroin starts with prescription drug addition. we need to address that. i don't need another drug coming in that will take attention off the need to address those treatments for heroin addiction and making sure that law enforcement have the resources that they need, it is one of the things i have worked on after talking to police chiefs. we worked to get the resources they need to address the issue. >> are you for reclassifying it? >> no. >> thank you for your question. i have similar beliefs to senator shaheen on this. medicinal purposes, in the event
2:44 am
that somebody has a disease they have tried everything, and it doesn't work, there should be an fda approved to have the ability to get treatment. i'm not in favor of what is happening in colorado. not in favor of changing the classification. i will continue to work to address the other concerns we have had with with heroin and some of the drug use we have seen around the country. it is real. >> you have suggested isis could come through the u.s. border. what is the evidence? >> with respect, i did not say that. isis is real. we had an opportunity to keep a
2:45 am
transition force. a bipartisan letter to the administration said please leave a transition force there. senator shaheen did not sign that letter. she chose to stand with president obama. is there a possibility it has been raised? there are people coming through the border, what are their intentions? they have made it clear they want to plant the flag in the white house. our goal is to make sure that does not happen. the clearest way is to make sure we close the border. i voted to secure the border. senator shaheen has stood with president obama and has not done that. >> do we think you should have
2:46 am
left a force in iraq? >> i think that is revisionist history. the threat from isis is real. i don't support sending tens of thousands of troops back into iraq as an occupying force. the fact is the agreement to withdraw troops was negotiated by george w. bush when we couldn't get an agreement in iraq for the protections for our troops. there was an agreement to withdraw them. i don't think we should send them back as an occupying force. we need to address the threat of isis. this is another issue where we need serious people working together in a way that is going to address this threat. not fear mongering and raising claims that it will bring down the country. >> the issue of combat troops. do you think the president should have taken them off the
2:47 am
table? >> to correct the record, i've never suggested we should send combat troops but i questioned senator shaheen. what i have suggested is the president and senator shaheen have taken that off the table. immediately. we have the greatest fighting force in the world and we have taken it off the table. general dempsey may come back with a recommendation that we may need ground troops. we have advisers on the ground right now. we have choppers in the air right now. isis is not taking anything off the table. my question to the president and senator shaheen has been what happens at airstrikes don't work? then what? what if they get bigger and bigger and exporting terrorism around the world? they are bank robbers.
2:48 am
they have robbed banks. they have gained more equipment. we need to make sure we do something about it. >> would you be open to doing it if general dempsey is saying it? >> i'm not going to speculate. >> should it be an option? >> general dempsey has said we do not a to do that now. we need to support the iraqis. they have 200,000 people in the iraqi army. we should support the kurd fighters, they are doing a good job. i don't think we want to do is send back an occupying force of tens of thousands of americans. my opponent has suggested when he was being interviewed that we should be thinking about that. in terms of the troops that we have had in korea. we've had troops in korea for 60 years. i don't think we want to send troops back in the middle east to do that. we want to continue the airstrikes.
2:49 am
that is the way to address isis at this point. >> i'm going to stay on this point. the arab spring, democracy first, now there is revisionist. supporting regimes that are the most democratic. what should be the foreign-policy priority? stability or democracy? democracy led to an ally we didn't like, a group of people getting elected that people of united states in light. >> there are different views by different people. let's take syria. we knew it was a terrible regime. we actually said we were point to draw a redline if they did something. a mere going to do something. we did nothing. that sent a powerful message to our allies. the president's foreign-policy,
2:50 am
when it comes to isis and are issues has been incoherent, it has been confusing. senator shaheen is part of the committee that has endorsed those policies. we need to make a determination based on the facts on the ground. we need to move forward with a clear and coherent policy. that is the policy. are we going to do what we did in iraq? we had an opportunity. it was president obama who pulled those troops outcome who did not want to do a status of forces agreement. as of that void we have isis. >> stability or democracy? >> as part of our american foreign-policy we should be supporting democracy in other countries. obviously in some cases when you support democracy it doesn't always turn out the way you want. my opponent talks about syrians drawing the redline.
2:51 am
i'm one of 10 people who voted to take action in searing -- syria because i thought when we drew a redline on those chemical weapons we needed to address that. i think as we look at what is happening in syria and iraq, what we need to do is encourage the iraqis to try and form a more inclusive government. the more they do that, the better they are going to take on isis. >> do you think the president blinked? he should have done airstrikes? >> i think when america draws the line in the sand it's important for us to follow through. as i say, i was one of 10 who voted to do that because i thought it was important. i think now, as the result of
2:52 am
that action, fortunately isis does not have access to those weapons. >> where are you on this? >> of course he should've acted. right now it is something different. we don't know who we are providing support with. that should've happen a long time ago. revisionist history, it was an opportunity to leave that transition forced to advise them of how they should form their government. the senator endorsed that policy. we have to establish trust. the best way to do that is to change direction. >> immigration. is there any part of the senate bill, and i know it is a compromise, specifically on the idea of visas, do you think it is pro-worker enough when it
2:53 am
comes to importing more guestworkers? >> we have a broken immigration system. we need to address that in a comprehensive way. we need to address the visa system. it is not working for our farming industry, for high tech companies here. the bill that we passed starts with addressing security at the border. it provides additional resources for interdiction and put in place a verify system so people can make sure that employers can make sure the people they are hiring are actually legal here. this is the approach we should be taking. it is comprehensive and has been disappointing to hear my opponent doesn't support this comprehensive immigration reform
2:54 am
bill. it passed the senate with a strong bipartisan vote. i think we should urge the house to take up the bill and pass it. >> i have a different approach to immigration. we need to secure the border. it is not being secured. that bill created incentives during that coming out to have them step out of the shadows. i can't provide benefits for people who have broken our laws. that is where i differ. you can actually differ with your party, i do it often. i was the most bipartisan senator. i'm not going to rubberstamp a policy i don't think works. we look at that bill it
2:55 am
immediately gives an opportunity for the president to authorize 11 million people to get jobs. i want to fight for jobs for people in new hampshire. i voted to secure the border. i voted to send troops to the border. we need to secure the border. the president, to expand the definition of refugee, i can't support that. >> define a secure border. what is this metric? i hear this a lot. what is the metric. the border is secure. you know it secure when people don't come across it. [applause] the border is not secure.
2:56 am
you can do it through fences, through walls, through surveillance, through troops. there is a host of raise to take care of our border. i have voted to secure the border. we have to make sure that happens first. the president and his policy, his effort is to expand and give status for people who were not entitled to it. >> what is the metric? how do you decide? >> the senate bill puts in place strong measures to secure the border. if you want to secure the border my opponent would support that bill. it is going to add fencing, border agents, and the pieces of legislation where he talks about that we differ, one of those is a killer bill on immigration reform. even the republicans who supported it didn't vote for it.
2:57 am
we should take up immigration reform. we should fix a broken system. what scott brown has done is to grandstand on this issue. >> it is time for a break. we will take our one break here. coming up next, these to get to question each other. if that's not a reason to stay tuned i don't know what is. we will be right back. [applause] >> welcome back to a decision
2:58 am
2014 debate. the candidates, scott brown and jeanne shaheen. >> welcome back. break,omise before the you don't get to hear from me asking questions. it is now for the candidates. jeanne shaheen it's to ask scott brown -- gets to ask scott down a question. >> one of the problems is we encourage committees to outsource. we provide tax credits for that ship jobs overseas. we have the highest percentage of jobs that have been shipped to china. why would you support outsourcing overseas? >> i have never voted to
2:59 am
outsource jobs. aboutou're talking outsourcing jobs, the only person on the stage who has done shaheen when she was the governor, she took a andram for food stamps outsourced it to india. it was an opportunity to keep good paying jobs in our state she chose not to do that. that being said, i think outsourcing has a lot of different meanings. there's been many opportunities for you to fight for the people of new hampshire. onto a letter with the united nations outsourcing our second amendment rights to a have noat should
3:00 am
control whatsoever over our second amendment rights to carry and bear arms. when we're talking about outsourcing, senator, we have to also look at the challenges right now.nesses and those businesses challenges are real. is up. now are question for senator shaheen. >> thank you. senator, you've gone around the state touting your business record that you're fighting for small businesses. businesses are having a lot of difficulties with obamacare, the high cost of energy, and challengings. the national federation of i believe business is a group that represents 1500 businesses in our state. and they grade people on what for businesses not only in the legislative session but also over their career. a zero rating with that group. and you have a lifetime f rating with that group. you also have an f rating with the chamber of commerce. can you sayand what to those businesses where you've them in voted against
3:01 am
this legislative session 100% of the time, how do you explain them?o >> now, i'm very proud of my record.siness i sit on the small business committee. the national federation of isependent businesses another co-funded organization -- brothers funded organization. [applause] worked hardi have to support our small businesses, draft thehen i helped small business jobs act. for it. my opponent voted against it. i supported something called the that wouldbs act invest in infrastructure here, create almost 2,000 jobs, cut for 30,000 american businesses. i voted for it, my opponent against it. i supported the travel promotion act to help our tourism industry. my opponentit, voted against it. we need somebody who is going to support our small businesses
3:02 am
in new hampshire. >> thank you both for that, forgiving us a break here and questions. shaheen, there are concerns around this long-term solvency of the social security program, so what is one solution that you propose to ensure those the work force can count on social security when they retire? has not addedrity to our deficit. we have borrowed from the social trust fund. it has been the most successful program to help our seniors stay poverty. i think we need to support security. i don't think we should privatize it, as my opponent has he's open to. i also don't think we should change the way we figure a cost for socialncrease security recipients. my oh point en has said he the president when he came forward with a proposal to do that.
3:03 am
we should pay this of ourf on the backs seniors by reducing social security. brown, 45 second. >> thank you. not only social security is at issue, but obviously medicare as well. we have a situation right now where anybody who is getting medicare,urity or they're going to continue to get it and anyone who is about to going to continue to get it. so that commercial of granny cliff, that's the a false premise. but we have to be real and when about how we're going to make it viable for our kid and our grab kids, because right now i don't believe the present path is sustainable. when you look at social security, the key is to make we have a bipartisan effort that the president will be involved in and sign. to medicare, senator shaheen and president obama took three quarters of a trillion dollars from our seniors' medicare to help pay for obamacare. something i never would have
3:04 am
done. if you talk to our seniors right now, they are having real problems. me ask you about this on social security. one of the easy funding gaps ist people talk about basically raising the payroll tax, there's this donut hole in there. do you think that is a step one solvency,g lengthier which is to raise the cap on wealthier americans and how much they contribute to social security? senator shaheen? >> there are a number of ways to issue of social security. what i've suggested is that we do what we did when president was in office and appoint a bipartisan commission to address this. back to scottgo we'ves suggestion that taken three quarters of a million dollars out of medicare. that's been shown to be false by inorganizations. the fact is that our passage of the affordable care act has the life ofgthened it'sare by 13 years, and
3:05 am
stablized the cost of health care, which is now flat for the years.ime in 50 so we need to continue to address social security and sure that it's there for future generations, that's what i want to do. payroll taxhis proposal that's out there. >> i don't disagree with the senator. should have everyone at the table to come up proposals, that's not happening. but the federal government has money, that's the problem with the president, he wants more, senator shaheen has endorsed those policies. but let's talk about medicare, the fact checkers i check with the seniors that are being dramatically affected by it. our moms and dads and grandparents in these rehab facilities and long-term end of life facilities, they're getting the cuts. the reimbursements for the doctors are being lowered every time. medicare advantage right now, some people are losing it, their rates are going up. of whatall a result
3:06 am
senator shaheen did when she was the deciding vote on obamacare. both. me ask you what's wrong with the united states senate as a bipartisan commission, why do we have to outsource social security outside of the elect officials? having alking about committee, as we have done. >> the reagan era, both of you the reagan era one was outside folks. >> let me stand corrected. doingk we should be within the senate. the problem with the senate is it didn't function right now. in harry reedder who has upward of 400 bills on won't get -- he it's gridlocked. because you have senator shaheen others who vote with their party 99% of the time. trading bill,ider the hire a hero bill. but youget things done, have to step back from party politics and partisanship. idea ofor shaheen, this an outside commission? seems like the hardest
3:07 am
decisions. >> congress should be able to do this. it should be a bipartisan effort within congress. of the problems we've got is that we've had gridlock senate the rules of the allow people to filibuster. and scott brown when he was in for 44ional voted filibusters during his three years in the senate. that's more filibusters than we had in the whole country between 1968, over 50 years. we can't afford that kind of gridlock, and that's why it's thingsfficult to get done. so we do need to work together, that's what i support, and do.'s what i try to >> alison king has the next question for senator brown. >> senator brown, you say you are pro-choice. but you cosponsored the blunt lets employers deny contraception to employees, use of opposed the federal fund for aabortions. for those motivated to vote on whye types of issues, should they vote for you and not for senator shaheen? >> thank you for that question.
3:08 am
i have choice, i'm an inpro-choice republican. comes to the women's right to choose i've always supported that right. the ability for equipment to get contraception, i have supported that as well. i do support and have always to have apropriate conscience exemption to allow people of faith to practice their faith. with regard to our differences, against partial birth abortion. i believe that parents should play a role in their child's process.making when i'm out and about in new hampshire talking to women are obviously concerned about those issues, but they are also concerned about jobs. they are also concerned about the ability to bring their kids to school. they are also concerned about our border security. they're not just one issue, they're not one-issue people. we're taking our message to ofen voters on a whole host issues. >> senator shaheen? >> i believe and i trust women own reproductive
3:09 am
health care decisions. [cheers and applause] just part of the time, but all of the time. and the fact is scott brown not only supported that he sponsored the blunt amendment, it said accessployers could deny to contraceptive care for their employees for any more reason. court'srted the supreme decision in hobby lobby. and 2012,n in 2010 mass antichoice groups endorsed withthey said he voted them 80% of the time in 2012. lot ofagree, we've got a issues that women and their families are concerned about. one of those is equal pay for work. i think women should be paid equally for what they do. my oh point whebt he had the in the senate voted twice against allowing equal pay work.ual i any, again, there's a fundamental difference between brown and me in terms of what we think women should be
3:10 am
able to do. i trust women to make their own decisions. second.give you each 15 >> i'm glad the senator brought up equal pay. senator ayotte and i voted that bill because it was a bad bill. there are already mechanisms in place to protect women in the workplace. my office, iin paid women 1.21 to every dollar man made. shar shaheen pays 95 cents for every dollar that a man makes. so i not only believe it, i live it. >> senator shaheen, you want to that?d to [cheers and applause] >> i think the issue is who do you trust to make decisions about their own reproductive health. i trust women 100% of the time. i think they should be able to make those decisions with their families, with their physicians. had thet brown when he chance voted against that when it came to appointing a new
3:11 am
the supreme court who opposedchoice, he was to elaine akagan. the it came to supporting freedom of choice act which v.wadeave cod filed roe in 2010, he opposed that. so there's a fundamental difference on this. >> senator shaheen, winter is coming. and -- >> that is not a reference to show. elected,less of who is electricity bills are about to sky rocket for many new hampshire homeowners. ensurethe best way to affordable electricity rate for state residents? >> you know, energy is a very for us here in new england. when i was governor i worked to lower electric rates. we did by about 16%. it's why i worked in the senate with an energy efficiency strategy with rob ohio.n, republican from
3:12 am
because i believe we've got to technologist,ergy alternative sources of energy. i don't think we're ever going in my lifetime, but we've got to start investing in those new energy technologist. helps our businesses here in new hampshire. whichsses like sustain ex is working on a new energy storage which would help with us wind and solar. opponent has supported fossil fuels 100% of the time when he washington. he voted for subsidies to the oil companies over $20 billion a the oil companies, not once but twice. i think that's just the wrong in newon for us here hampshire, where we're seeing our oil prices go up. foreed to provide options small businesses, for families in new hampshire. >> i'm glad we're talking about energy. as you know, many people have received their length trying notices, they're going up 50 to 100% right now, as a result of the efforts not only of but senatorama
3:13 am
shaheen to curtail not only our gas,opment of oil, natural she's against nuclear, she's against -- >> no i'm not. ( laughter ) where did you get that? >> if i may have a couple extra -- ahead. >> senator, when the seabrook inlear power plant was, effect you may an effort to stop it. >> no, i didn't. >> senator, with respect, you did. >> i was not in office at the time. ( laughter ) [cheers and applause] >> finish up. >> this is about supply and demand. tremendouse have a amount of demand and we do not have enough supply. the policies being put forth thet now but administration, senator shaheen has not only voted to increase taxes on our energy producers at time when we need more energy, but she's voted to pave the way energy tax,tional at a time right now when rates are going up sky high. wasalso said when she
3:14 am
elected that she would make every effort to lower rates. they have not been lowered. so we have a very real problem with energy. right now obamacare, the coming in after the election, energy rates, sky rocketing. lady, foura young jobs to pay for her increased bill. is she supposed to get a fifth job? >> senator shaheen? >> let me just be clear. independent fact checkers have that i wants charge to raise energy taxes is just false. fact is america is producing more oil today than we have in our entire history. we need is to stop subsidizing the oil companies, because it's not making a difference in terms much our prices. it's $20 billion a year. we should be taking some of that putting it in alternative sources of energy and new energy technologist in that are going to actually help us here in new england. that's what i did as governor. started retrofitting state buildings to make them more
3:15 am
energy efficient and now tax pacer are saving between 2 and $4 million a year plus thousands pollution.f >> wind, solar nuclear, coal, allowing people to be part of the process. when she's says she's not in favor of a national energy tax, just false. >> that's right, it is false. >> it false because you in fact pave the way for a national energy tax. a white house amendment to set up a fund to spend the money from the tax. only in washington does that make any sense, that kind of double talk. of course they're going to create a fund and of course money. going to spend >> how do you deal with carbon. first of all, climate change, man made? combination approach, man made and natural. the question is how do we deal with it. >> it's man made, it's from burning fossil fuels. >> so do you believe you have to carbon at some point? >> i believe we need to come up with an energy strategy in this
3:16 am
on energyat focuses efficiency, that focuses on alternatives, and new energy technologist, and that's what i've supported. i don't think we should continue companies,e the oil as my opponent would do. >> do you think we'll have to carbon?x on >> she's already supported a cap in trade scheme, i'm not in favor of it. i'm not going to talk about whether we're going to do something in the future. we need to deal with these now.s right >> oil companies are budgeting for it. should they be? shaheen voted for a national energy tax -- >> that's just wrong. way for national energy tax, if i could finish. she's also supported taxing our producers. senator ray yot and i, and other democrats, voted against the she's criticizing me for. we have to step back from our dependence of foreign oil. to pay moneyinue to countries that want to hurt and kill us. and i have supported production tax credits -- [applause] i have supported production tax
3:17 am
for wind, do i support solar. but we have to find a way right ourto step back from dependence of foreign oil and ine sure that electricity our state does not continue to go up. >> senator, 15 seconds to support. we need to support other options. for our small businesses, it's good for them in new hampshire we have a budding energy sector and the fact is what only oilwn has is an all the time strategy. not an all of the above strategy. options.ifferent >> all right. moving to the lightning round, less than 30 second to these promise you they're worded in a way that it should only take that. harry reid comes to you, senator shaheen and says you get to introduce the first is it?hat >> it's to allow students to refinance their student loans. [cheers and applause] >> senator brown. mitch mcconnell or who ever the leader is, he tells you you get
3:18 am
first bill. the what is it? >> to do a budget. done is onthey've the backs of veterans. the last budget they did was on the backs veterans. senator shaheen supported that. i would never have done. that mcconnell, senator brown, is much mcconnell the best republican to be the republican leader? >> if i'm honored to elected i'm going to make sure we find out who the best person is. do you think he is z? any --n't have >> did you serve under him? >> i thought he did a good job circumstances. >> is harry reid the best democrat to lead the democrats? our choicesure who will be. >> do you think there should be a choice? >> i do. an ideal senate democratic lead are if it's not harry reid? going to speculate on who. but i think it's important for us to have a contest in these positions because we need to think about how we're doing
3:19 am
the senate. >> is there another republican you'd like to see other than mcconnell? problem andd is the we have to get rid of him because he's holding everything up. [applause] it can be anybody except harry reid. are lost races for the u.s. senate, you in massachusetts, you in 2002. lesson youe biggest took away from it, senator shaheen? there aremetimes factors beyond your control. and there are things happening a the country that affect race, and i think we're seeing this now in this race, we're lot of concern about world.happening in the we're seeing my opponent who has standing on isis, on the border, on ebola. need iswhat we responsible officials who are going to try to address the who are goingce, together.
3:20 am
>> biggest lesson? >> that i love hi wife more than was there as she well as my daughters, and my entire family is here tonight, does go on and that defeat is only temporary. [applause] you both, you had two chances to run for the u.s. senate in massachusetts, in 2013 and 2014. why not take those? here.ause i live i live here. i live here, i was born at the portsmouth naval shipyard. my mom is a waitress at hampton beach. >> so you never thought about the u.s. senate -- >> if i could answer without interruption. because i live here, number one. my family is here, my mom is a beach, myt hampton dad was an airman at pease air base. my first three years of life portsmouth. a son of the american revolution out of newington. so i'm running because i care care new hampshire and about restoring america, that's why i'm running.
3:21 am
>> senator shaheen, you were in missouri, you chose to live here. anything wrong with what senator brown did? >> you know, senator brown when lost this race he didn't move to new hampshire and say i want to get involved in the state. about running for the senate again in massachusetts, then he thought about running for governor in massachusetts, iowa andent out to said he was thinking about running for president. i don't think new hampshire is a consolation prize. think we need a senator -- [cheers and applause] we need a senator who is going to put new hampshire first, who get up every day, talking to people here, working for people here, doing what's our small businesses and middle class families. >> believe it or not, an hour flies by, it's time for closing statements. so senator brown, you get the first closing statement. >> thank you very much, and thank you everybody for participating. i like senator shaheen, i respect her record. in newryone here hampshire was excited when she got elected and said she was going to be the i believe voition for new hampshire. unfortunately when she went to washington she changed. she's voting with the president
3:22 am
that's nottime and good for new hampshire. the president said a couple that he's not up for re-election, but every one of glat.licies is on the -- the ballot. i agree with him. these are turbulent times. care systemalth that's broken, we have energy have soy rocketing we many issues facing our country time for new, it direction. it's time to send anible leader to the united states senate and we don't have so i'm asking for your vote on november 4. go and sendo help us in a different direction, an independent leadership direction. you. [applause] >> senator shaheen. >> thank you to our sponsors and tuning in.ou for this election is about what kind for newe do we want hampshire. weather e going to support our middle class families and small
3:23 am
businesses in a way that allows them to have a fair shot at seks? that's what i want to do. that's what i've done as the united states senate. helping young people with the cost of college. helping families who are ofuggling with the cost child care. trying to make sure that women get equal pay for equal work. don't need is someone who is going to go to washington and support the corporate special interests to be a rubber stamp for the oil companies and their subsidies, to bank, wall street and bank give aways, for american jobs. this is a real choice that we have, i think we need to to support the people of new hampshire getting up putting new hampshire first is what i've done. it's been the great honor of my life to serve this state. i hope you will give me the opportunity to do that for another six years. i ask for your vote. all very much. [cheers and applause] >> i want to thank both the
3:24 am
candidates, i want to thank the crowd. i think being a political candidate in the age of 2014 is hardest jobs there is in our government these days, actually running for office. thank you both for running for office and for participating because --ate, i want to thank the panel. everybody can cheer for that. alison king, necn partnered with the university of new hampshire and the concord monitor, we appreciate that. participate in this democracy, go vote. don't get turned off, don't let get the best of you. politics is a good thing when it's practiced well. thank you and good night. [applause]
3:25 am
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> c-span's campaign 2014 is bringing you more than 100 debates for the control of congress. stay in touch with our coverage and engage, follow us on twitter conversation at >> with the 2014 election less weeks away, our campaign debate coverage continues. onight at 8:00 p.m. eastern c-span, the new york 11th district debate.
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also at 8:00 on c-span 2, the governors debate with governor rick scott and former governor charlie crist. c-span it the illinois 10th district debate. followed at 9:00 by the new york district debate. illinois 13ththe district debate. and thursday night, live at 8:00 eastern, the iowa 4th debate. 2014, more than 100 debates for the control of congress. >> here are a few of the comment on our ebolad virus coverage. >> why can't we all get behind and in what he the good of the people, and that's this ebola
3:27 am
thing. it overhyped by the .edia they give it 10 to 12 minutes every morning, when it first stillut and they're talking about it. there are other things that are about, too, talk but they don't do it. doi would like to see c-span a question about if this ebola arus, the proof that we need national one payer health care system. happened ineen what texas with this capitalistic system.are and what it's now going to cost millions toand clean that mess up. hospitalsng ebola and not being ready, you had a guest on, oh, gosh, it could have been eight, anybody years -- nine years ago, and i forget the author's name, she wrote a book
3:28 am
called "pandemic." and she went into how our who weres aren't prepared, it was worse under the bush administration. nothing. readiness for we had a shortage of doctors and nurses, i wonder how that fares today. her book, "pandemic" said it all. wewere not ready then and are not ready now. you should have her back on again. to let us know what you think about the programs you're watching. us, or you can send us a tweet. in south carolina, governor nikki haley is running for re-election against four challengers. she debated democrat vincent sheheen, tom urban, steve french themorgan bruce reeves of
3:29 am
united citizens party. sinclairourtesy of the broadcast group. >> good evening. this is the second and final televised gubernatorial debate election. general joining us this evening are bruce reeves, judge tommernch,
3:30 am
ervin. senator vincent sheheen and governor nikki haley. to be discussed tonight are education and health care. candidate are permitted 60 seconds to answer each question. each candidate is also given up to three 30 second rebuttals may wrote at their discretion, either to rebutt an opponent's answer or extend their own remarks, however they must be used prior to closing statements. are:ists in the interest of time we've
3:31 am
asked our live audience to clapping, cheering or otherwise making noise with two exceptions, at the andlusion of the debate right now when we welcome our candidates. [cheers and applause] to our candidates, thank you again for joining us, good luck. will comequestion from car -- darcell. >> the department of justice has warned school districts that all are required to educate children regardless of immigration status. now, one estimate puts the cost all 50 statesin at at least $760 million. should this additional cost be the responsibility of local school districts or the federal government?
3:32 am
>> i think the funding is coming from the federal government, and should be responsible for the federal government. look at the corridor of shame. tosident obama came down south carolina and the corridor of shame refers to schools that have been neglected in rural areas. 79% of children on free lunch partial free lunch. and we turned that money down. that's what you call the corridor of shame. indication, the players in that case complained because they didn't have enough schools,run their inadequate schools with inadequate funds. if i were governor i would receive the money from the federal government and i would schools, i would send jobs to the rural areas so base.d help their tax
3:33 am
in fairfield county where i live nearly 40,000 people and only one library. expired.ime has mr. french, same question. >> sure, i'd like to start by thanking furman for having us here tonight. south carolina, i want to introduce myself again on who i and with a makes me the best candidate in my opinion. young father, young husband and small business owner this state a short number of years ago in poverty, homeless. nothing but a truck, strong work ethic and a dream to business. now i'm running for governor because i believe that a can bring you the freest state in the nation. everything that i talk about is be based on does it make you free economically, and does it make you free socially. the question, i am not for south carolynians paying for this. is the federal government
3:34 am
and their broken immigration policy. this does not free us continuing toy take on people that we cannot support. coming toabout people this country legally. coming hereut their with their kids. >> judge, same question. >> thank you. would oppose trying to educate illegal immigrants. we simply don't have the to educate our own children. if you look at the reason scores for south carolina schools, we have a number of that arestricts failing. and we don't have adequate resources to provide for the those children. so we first need to set a high bar of excellence for all of our public school kids in south that we educate them, give them a world class education so they'll be ready for the manufacturing jobs in the future that we hope will come. minde also need to keep in
3:35 am
that our local tax basis not a massd to handle immigration of illegal immigrants. we're struggling as a state, we're still coming out of an economic downturn, and it would revenue and wex don't need to raise tax toes try immigrants.the >> senator, your answer? >> thank you. i don't believe in unfunded mandates. if the federal government requires the state to do something, the federal government should pay for it. simple plan for public education much my mom was a teacher.hool i'll be the first graduate of public schools in the governor's office in a long time, i think that perspective again. my plans focus on the basics. work.ks don't we obsess about standardized testing in south carolina. basics, get kids early. that's why i support 4-year-old kindergarten in every county in carolina. and pay our teachers deeb money. right now south carolina pays its teachers some of the worst
3:36 am
salaries in america and we lose too many. when we have those dollars, we should focus them in the classroom on teacher pay. and if we want to get down to basics we need to that ring class sizes. vouchers don't work. heard of over and over again, they don't work. it's the basics that work. teachers create a council to help us understand what we can do as a state government to improve public a governorwe need again who supports public education every year, not just election year, and i'll be that governor. >> governor? >> thank you, mark. thankof all i want to furman as well as the panelists for having us here today. your question was with the undocumented children, should we be paying for the local school districts or federal. tell you us, it's been very troublesome to have the federal government send over undocumented children. it's dangerous for them to have to cross that border, but it's facttroublesome for the that president obama and his administration refuse to close our borders. so today we have over 500
3:37 am
theyumented children, won't tell us who they are, they they'rell us where going, they won't tell us which school districts they're putting them in and they're just saying that we have to educate and do care. no, our state and local school districts don't need to pay for it. the fed needs to stop sending undocumented children into our state. >> the next question will go to from cynthia rodan. >> 25 states adopted the for education. since then several states including south carolina have from --n does the common core hurt or help public schools in south carolina? fastestnk one of the and easiest ways to talk about this issue is giving a full statewide school choice program, arguments forany argumentse, there are
3:38 am
common core. i am not a fan of it. is, south carolina we were neck and neck with florida in 1998 the average student in south than theranked better flarch floridian student. since then floridian students low income now outpace the south carolina student. you guys out there, you parents know what'sou better for your children than anybody up here on this stage. andneed to have the power the choice to be able to send your student anywhere that you fit. so if you like common core, that's great. i want to give you the option to be in that program. if you don like common core and you want to go to a charter even a private school or home school, i want to fully support that. we spend $12,000 a year per we can do better tonight results that we're getting right now. >> judge, same question. >> thank you. i'm opposed to common core standard.
3:39 am
can do standards, but we our own home grown standards right here in south carolina. surprised when governor haley signed a memo which thishorized common core in state. if you want to read it for yourself, go to my website, cant in, and you see where governor haley supported reauthorization of common core in south carolina. that was wrong. when i'm governor we will fix this by adopting our own standards. we can do it in south carolina. we'll make sure that parents and and educators, school board members have input. and let's have our own standards in the state. >> senator? >> thank you. i believe that our standard teachers,developed by not politicianings, and as governor that's what i'll do. distinction in this race between myself and the governor. believe the basics need to be improved. i support increasing teacher pay. governor haley vetoed teacher pay, but she thought it was okay
3:40 am
to give her own staff 25% pay increases. when i'm governor we're going to opposite. we're going to cut the governor staff increases and increase teacher pay. catch up withd to other state and have full day 4-year-old kindergarten in south carolina. that charge to expand to it 17 more counties working with democrats. and governor haley vetoed the 4-year-old mart of the kindergarten program. but my focus is how we improve the basics of public education. teachers decent wages. have smaller class sizes. are sure that our teachers included in the decision making, not the politicians like the curriculum and standard that we need in south carolina. and make sure that every child has an opportunity to learn regardless of where they happen live. >> governor? >> thank you. we have always opposed common core. by thecore was accepted previous governor and we worked with the senator back in 2012 to let the legislature know how harmful this was and that we
3:41 am
wanted to reverse it. worked well, as well as the parents came together, we're happy to say we have reversed common core and we want to stick with state standards. like obamacare, it nationals education like it care.als health but senator shaheen says we vetoed teacher pay, that's not true. we didn't veto teacher pay. for teacherare increases. what we did was say enough of to one-time money going recurring expenses, they deserve better. we didn't increase our salary budget, we actually have less of a staff budget than the previous administration. whether we increase individual there, it's still less than the previous administration. id 4-year-old kindergarten, appreciate snar shaheen's support, but we not only supported it in 2013, we in 2014 and it went year.ide this past >> dr. reeves, please.
3:42 am
get it.'t i don't get it here. king kong is the 7th wonder of the world. the 8th. but here we have two politicians one for ain office, years, and one was the governor of the state of south carolina, of a sudden it's everybody else's fault. you keep voting on the same people, and you want different results. we talk about education, let's at our personal education. very two doctorate degrees, that than't make me better anybody else, but i love common core because everybody is on the same beat. i'm a football player. i've been hit in the head a lot of times, but everybody is on the same beat. they boththis out, voted against legalizing marijuana and marijuana, why legalize don't marijuana when it can help our children become educated. this is a very powerful source, but we have two people mo vote against legalizing marijuana. hey, let's legalize it, let's
3:43 am
get on down with it. but the bottom line is 79% of the students in the state of these ruralna in areas did not have money. here's our democratic candidate, governor --ublican >> doctor, your time has expired. i recognized the senator first, you had a rebuttal. that are thank you. what we need is honesty and in our governor and to have governor haley stab here and say she didn't veto teacher pay raises when she did is frankly disturbing. was one-timet money or two-time money or whatever excuses, but it's wrong teacher pay increases and give your staff 25% pay increases, it's just wrong. we need honesty, and we need a governor we can trust again. >> mr. french, you had a rebuttal as well? quickly aboutalk this prek initiative. the fact is we don't have the that.tructure to support we don't have the buildings, the trailers, and aside from that
3:44 am
or any faithch based organization right now, system.get this prek we used to have kindergarten at based organizations, more.'t have that any so you're eventually going to lose these faith based organizations. >> governor? >> when we came interest office we had three agency deficit and withay the been was funned one-time money. we made a decision to no longer pay for programs with one-time money. yes we vetoed the teacher pay when it was one-time money. we are not going to get into the budgeting of wowed. agree with senator shaheen, i don't agree with the way the legislature said it. pay teachers with one-time money and hope you have the money the next year. judge? >> yes, thank you. governor haley, you signed a core.eauthorizing common how can you stand up here tonight and say that you're against it when you are the one
3:45 am
that reauthorized it here in south carolina. go to my website and you can it for yourself. governor, you have trouble with the truth, according to the editorial board you just can't get it right. memo onou to read the my website, trust in, and you'll see that she supported it. >> we'll move onto our next .uestion, for >> to continue on this team of teacher pay, south carolina has near the bottom when it comes to teacher salaries, so do you believe this is harming education in the state and -- >> teacher pay is harming our state. over 10,000 teachers last year alone because of the fact that we're not staying competitive with neighboring states. when i was in the legislature, passed governor dick riley's education improvement act and
3:46 am
part of that act was to make teacher pay in south carolina stayed at the southeastern average. our goal. well, the legislature has not funded that part of the law. and they should. direct teachers are the way to improve education. they are the direct line, they're in the classroom. need that instructional time so that our young people can succeed in school. we need to cut down on standardized tests and support our teachers like the professionals they are, so many much our teachers are having to buy school supplies out of their pockets. that's simply wrong. we've got to do a better job of itporting our teachers and starts with bringing their pay up to the southeastern average. >> senator? >> thank you. need a governor who is going to support public education every year. electionust in an year. i supported increasing teacher pay because it's the right thing to do, because we need the dollars in the classroom. governor haley's veto pen, for
3:47 am
years, struck at public education over and over over again. it wasn't until an election year haleye heard governor talk about public education. we got to have a governor who truthfulonest with us, and will support public education every year. i remember leading the charge republicans and democrats to overturn her veto of teacher pay. i remember working with republicans and democrats to create full day 4-year-old kindergarten and 17 more counties and the governor was missing in absence. so either we're going to have honest leadership or we're going more politicald rhetoric that's not true, i doesn't lead the state forward. our publiconder schools have suffered and been in trouble for so long in this when we haven't had leaders who will speak the truth and support them. >> governor? >> yes, first of all i support teacher pay raises. but what i will also tell you is
3:48 am
i support children in south carolina. we passed the strongestle indication reform in decades. theidn't talk to people at top, we talked to teachers and principals and superintendents. this in an election year. we spent two of the last three half years trying to get this passed and we got reading coaches in every elementary school, summer camps to learn math and life skills, internet inside the school, one to one computing, professional development money for the teachers because they said don't send us a computer unless you teach us how to quite. schools. charter we did such an amazing education reform that for the first time in southy children carolina no longer get funded based on where they live. now education children in south carolina because they deserve an education and that's our future work force. that was the first year of making education a priority already met have with the teachers and principals nextsummer to work on our
3:49 am
education plan >> dr. reeves? question again, please. teacher pay, i got you, sorry. we go we got the executive branch and you got the legislative branch sitting there, and let me tell you what politics is. scienceand the concerned with winning and holding control over our government. the citizens of the state of south carolina own the state house. governor's mansion. we have two people here that have been given by lobbyists $10 million to figure out the problem. and so here is our democratic candidate and our republican candidate, what about south carolina state university. $10 million to plan a golf tournament at myrtle beach. historical black school there is. and i want to let
3:50 am
know thens difference in the party, i'm not getting at the back of the bus for anybody. not about black or white, it's what's right. gave, if video poker was supposed to go to k through to then the law changed lottery, i mean to what do we the this thing now with cars? >> doctor, your time has expired. >> i'll get back to it. >> mr. french? >> i sound off on a lot of dr. reeves said here. when it comes to teacher pay, can we at least agree that there thisertain teachers in state that we need to be paying a lot more, and there are certain teachers in this state we don't need to be paying at all? goneed to decipher on how we about doing that. i'm the only candidate that's departmentingry of the department of commerce which is a slush fund that cost this is state 130 million a year. can decriminalize marijuana, like dr. reeves said and save
3:51 am
157 million a year. have 1,177 public schools in this state. decriminalize marijuana or got rid of the department of commerce, that's school. per why don't we give that as a bonus to teachers. have each school and say, okay, the best teachers from every grade level get a 25 out 30,000 bone us to start their summer with. you want to create competition, that's a good way of starting it. that's another reason i'm all about a full statewide school program. it puts competition into schools, i am doing it based on income restraint. if you have a child in the state, you should have the your kid where you want to. >> we'll now reverse the order candidatee ask the questions post, currier and tv recent series on south carolina's domestic violence demonstrated that guns were the weapons of choice
3:52 am
in two-thirds of all killings. state make it easier for police to keep firearms out of the hands of convicted offenders?olence >> i have always believed in the second amendment and i believe certifieduse i'm a weapons permit holder myself, and i know the classes and i know the time and tend indication you need in order to be able to carry. we want to make sure we put it responsible of people, which is why we passed legislation that said anyone ordered by the court to be declared with a mental disease that they could not carry. but for everybody else we want them to have the ability to protect their home, their children, protect their business. domestic violence is something that really does plague south carolina. but it's something that we need to go deeper in. cultural issue, it's a generation al issue and we want to get into those communities best chance we're going to have is go in through our churches, making sure that of domestic violence understand there's a safe place for them. they're not comfortable going to now, sorcement right we've got to do better to make
3:53 am
sure they know there are places they can go. to increase penalties against domestic violence victims and make sure we're to end indicate people on how they can have a better life. >> senator? beenople who have convicted of domestic violence shouldn't have guns. secondve in the amendment. i believe in protecting people's rights to guns. but abusers who have been not be havingld guns. and i'm a little surprised and shocked actually to hear haley say this she thinks it's okay. but maybe we shouldn't be, since ago she vetoeds funding for rape crisis centers, toed funding for domestic abuse centers. when we know that those women the most at-need forn in the state protection. i was proud to work with republicans and democrats to override those vetoes because it the right thing to do. and i was disappointed in the governor when she said she to vouch special interest groups, like these victims are special interest
3:54 am
groups and they should raise money for their shelters, that's wrong. we've been ranked number one and in women confirmed by men that they know it is a we have tooblem, but have leadership at the top if it.e ever going to change >> judge? >> if governor haley has failed to lead on the issue of domestic that's a shame because she could have ton that. she turn her back on the victims violence.c she did veto fund that would have come right here for south to help, safe harbor, a nonprofit that works with victims of domestic violence. not only do they have shelters and greenville, but they also go into the schools and teach the next generation of young people, it's right to hit people, it's not appropriate to lash out spouse, have to to resolveriate ways
3:55 am
conflict. and yet the governor vetoed those funds. she has totally failed the lead. i support the second amendment also a member of the n. r.a. and a holder of a permit.d weapons but i can tell you this, when someone is convicted of domestic carolina, theyth have no business with loaded guns in the home. you. >> mr. french? >> south carolina, the second is your insurance policy against tyranny. up here talking about we are all about the second amendment. but i want you to understand big point here. when it comes to domestic violence, mental illness, can't agree that we do not want people to have a mental background or that have a violent background should be allowed to get weapons. the question becomes how do we keep those weapons out of those hands.s i am for conceal and carry, but being a libertarian and being about a consistent philosophy, if a restaurant owner does not allow guns in his
3:56 am
establishment, then that restaurant owner i believe gets to make that decision. to be talking about both side of the coin here. when it comes to domestic theence, i think one of best ways of helping the situation is getting a bunch of state, getting opportunity so women can lead these households and support them shelf and not be stuck in this same reoccurring situation. again, second amendment is the biggest insurance policy against tyranny and i'm a big it.orter of >> dr. reeves, your answer? >> yes, i think that guns don't people. but i think you have to be very with a weapon and not only the citizens of south carolina, but we need to change much our law enforcement officers. we have law enforcement officers ourhere and i haven't heard governor, i haven't her about democratic candidates saying youngng about a african-american kid get shot at four times.
3:57 am
and i'm sick and tired of the law enforcement that we paid that is supposed to support our citizens going around in these like but again, love the lord your god with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul. and the other commandment is yourar to that one, love neighbor. one thing that makes me different than everybody else of their plans, i kept god in it. and i've mentioned his name more here.nybody up that doesn't make me better than anybody else, don't make me preaching. love one another. >> thank you, doctor. the next question will come from darcel. you have a rebuttal? sorry. >> first of all, i think it amazing that senator sheheen speaks of domestic violence. this is a trial lawyer who defend men who have abused defended individual who have abused children. so don't talk to us about domestic you wantand say what
3:58 am
to say, i doesn't work like that. the reason we vetoed those they are is is because inprivate nonprofits. it's not up to me to decide taxpayer dollars should go. individual should decide that the general assembly. >> senator? >> governor maily loves to talk about lawyers. for defendingize the constitution of the united states. but she hires lawyers when she the ethics laws. she hires lawyerses when she misuses the state plane and to get out of trouble but still has to pay thousands of dollars back. she hires lawyers when she sues threatens to sue her former employer, a government hospital in lexington and gets money it.use of it's not your lawyers are the problem, governor, it's break that's the >> any more rebuttals before we move on? the next question, we'll start the senator. >> a recent audit revealed south sociala department of service workers are overworked,
3:59 am
overwhelmed and underpaid when compared to workers in other agencies with equal responsibility and that a lot of workers are leaving. what would you do to fix the problems? >> i released a detailed plan including bringing back retired workers, making sure investigations occur within the hours, and i hope everybody will check my plan out. but most important we have to have a governor who cares, who is honest about it. haley has destroyed our department of social services, and when we raised the alarm stood by a year she her appointee. you know, kids have died.
4:00 am
harmed. been and governor haley has covered up the numbers of what's happened. is true, we talked about it for a year, and an audit came weeks ago saying the kid died when they shouldn't have. the governor haley and her administration monkeyed with the numbers to present a false. got to change the state, we've got to have honesty, we've got to protect the children and the people much south carolina. >> judge? >> this is why i ran for she stood by and let childrenily us howd they won't tell many kids have died this year on her watch. it's a shame what happened. the council report has been around for years. this is a third


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