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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 22, 2014 10:00am-12:01pm EDT

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c-span campaign 2014, more than 100 debates for the control of congress. night it had sure u.s. senate debate took place between democratic incumbent senator jeanne shaheen and challenger former senator scott brown. she approves of the job president obama is doing. here's a look at that exchange. >> in some ways, i proven some things i don't approve. , unlike both
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questions that we deal with as policymakers, there are not simple answers. well, i may put it this way. you said you're the candidate for the citizens of new hampshire. scott brown often says, i don't need to tell you you've it with president obama 99% of the time. because obama's approval ratings are at an all-time low in new hampshire right now, how does your voting record jive with serving the citizens of new hampshire? i work for new hampshire. scott brown talks about one survey and 99% of the time that i voted with the president, but the numbers i am proudest of our the 359 -- 259 people who are now working at the prison because i was able to get the prison open after it sat empty for two years. 1200 people being foreclosed on in their homes who our office worked with to keep in their
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homes. the 129,000 veterans who can now get care close to home because of the legislation debate that we got into the veterans reform bill. what we need is a senator who is going to work for new hampshire, who's going to make sure we address the concerns we hear from our constituents, who's going to be willing to work with democrats, republicans, and independents -- anybody in washington who can help us get the job done. >> senator brown? >> she just described to me. i was the most bipartisan senator in the united states senate. every survey that has come out has senator shaheen as being one of the most partisan senators. she has in fact voted with the president over 99% of the time. what does that mean for people in new hampshire? she was the deciding vote for obama care. she did vote against every ability for us to give our doctors, hospitals the people trusted and loved. as a result, deductibles are
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dramatically. karen coverage is going down. she also voted to approve a system where we have more and more gridlock by voting with her party over 99% of the time. that is part of the problem right now. >> you can see all of last nights in a debate between democratic incumbent jeanne shaheen and republican challenger former massachusetts senator scott brown online at tossupce was rated as a postop recent polls showed shaheen up by three percentage points. of campaign 2014 coverage. follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to get debate schedules, video clips of key moments, debate previews from our politics team. c-span brings you over 107 house and governor debates, and you can instantly share your reactions to what the candidates are saying.
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the battle for control of congress. stay in touch and engage by following us on twitter and liking us on facebook. >> and now to the florida governor debate between incumbent republican governor rick scott and former governor charlie crist, who all in office, served as a republican but is running this season as a democrat. this is the second debate between the candidates. the reports have listed this race a tossup. this is courtesy of cnn. tonight, the final debate and the florida governor's race come a one of the closest, most negative and most important contest of the year. republican rick scott is fighting to keep his job. >> let's keep working. tea party >> governor scott has delivered to the people of this state. >> democrat charlie crist is
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fighting to reclaim his own -- old job. former republican, backed by the president he wants controversially embraced. >> we can get this done, florida, can't we? >> a bitter battle of the governors. >> he is a slick politician. >> to decide presidential election. >> anything can happen. the last time these candidates faced off, scott didn't take the stage at first because crist broke the rules. it was a flap over a fan and viewers were blown away. >> that has to be the most unique beginning to any debate. >> election day is almost here. the governor's office is up for grabs and it is florida's choice. >> live from jacksonville, this is debate night. we want to welcome viewers from around the state and around the country.
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tonight i will have questions for rick scott and charlie crist. i am joined by others asking questions directly from floridians. you can join this debate in real time to vote on which answers you liked the most. or the least convincing. each governor will have one minute to respond to our questions. 30 seconds for rebuttal. i will allow for conversation between the candidates. gentlemen, welcome. everybody is comfortable? ok, good. let's start with you, governor. the issue on the mind of every governor -- ebola. if tomorrow a patient were to test positive at memorial hospital here, would you transfer that patient to one of the four hospitals outside the state that has biocontainment units, or are you completely
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confident the hospital could treat that patient without any florida health care workers getting sick? >> this is what they have done so far and i would feel comfortable that we are doing the right thing here in florida. when this first came out this is what i thought. we have almost 29 people in the state and about 100 million tourists. we have health care workers and first responders. my goal was to make everybody feel comfortable that we were prepared. if there was a hurricane we would be prepared. i started asking for things from the cdc. we wanted more testing kits, we have got three so far. we have asked for 30. we asked for more protective gear and we haven't gotten that yet. we asked for them to do a conference call with our health care workers to explain what happened in atlanta versus what happened in dallas. i used to be in the hospital business. you try to find best practices.
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they did that yesterday. that is a positive. we have asked if we could use some of the funding in our own agencies to buy more equipment. they have allowed us to do that. we are buying it with their money and our money. >> just to be clear, you feel comfortable with the patient being here. >> absolutely. >> governor crist in the last , debate, you gave governor scott high marks when it came to handling of ebola. how would you mark president obama? >> i would give it an 8. we had a slow start, and i think he recognizes it. i think the federal administration is doing a commendable job with a difficult situation and i think it is important that the president work with governors around the country to make sure we are doing everything possible to be prepared and not panic. i think working with the cdc's important as well. anybody in the public health arena who has experience with scenarios like this, we need to rely on them.
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>> let's bring in the next question. togovernors, it is an honor be a voice for florida voters tonight. to that point, governor crist, we have a question from facebook. "why should we trust charlie crist? he has flipped parties, views on education, health care and abortion. it seems like he just does what is expedient for charlie crist." governor, respond. >> what i think is important is that you are true to your core beliefs, to how you are raised and that is what i have done, frankly why i am not a , republican anymore. the republican leadership has leaned so hard to the right under the tea party kidnapping that it just wasn't consistent with how i was raised. on abortion, i have always been personally pro-life but have never felt it was right for government to impose its will. it is important for women to
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make their own choices about their own bodies. governor scott has a different point of view. i am somebody you can trust. i call it the way i see it. i'm for education and i want to protect our environment, women should have the right to choose, raise the minimum wage -- things i feel very strongly about. >> governor scott, 30 seconds. >> one thing we should all be concerned about is that he has taken positions for political expediency. meaning, to get elected. >> that is not true. >> that is exactly what he said. when you saying this year is that he believes, whether it is on taxes or education or abortion or women's rights -- which position he is taking today that he is doing to get elected? >> it was interesting -- he talked about how to you know charlie is telling the truth. have you know rick is telling the truth? this is a man whose company was
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charged with medicare fraud and had to pay the largest fine in the history of america. $1.7 billion. i think you worked on the story, jake, and did a great job. when you bring that kind of background into the governor's office and have the kind of cronyism that we do in his administration, it makes hard to believe anything he says. >> governor scott? there is a big difference between charlie and me. i built a company from scratch. when something went wrong, i take responsibility. there is always something you can do better. charlie has never taken responsibility and says he is not responsible. scott rothstein testified under oath that charlie was paid to appoint judges. charlie won't take responsibility. the party chairman
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who into prison. charlie says he is not responsible. 30,000 jobs were lost -- >> may i responded to that? that was pretty serious. >> sure. >> the notion that he would put millions of dollars behind a commercial where somebody who was a convicted felon and making false accusations about me is stunning. it is so irresponsible and that is not being accountable. rick you talk about being , accountable -- how are you accountable at all? he wouldn't answer a question 75 times under oath. you played the fifth amendment. eshoo pled the fifth amendment. you paid no fine and didn't give any money back. when you were kicked out by the board -- i don't think that is being responsible. >> let me ask a direct question of each of you having to do with charges you have each had. governor scott cover you have set you have taken responsibility for what happened. what are you taking responsibility for?
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what do you say you are responsible for. >> when you have a company like that and something goes wrong -- i thought about what i could do better. i could have hired more auditors. that is what i said in 2010, and i wish i had done that. blitzer member -- let's remember that. charlie is responsible for raising taxes, raising tuition, when he says he was against all those things. he was saying he was a regular republican, but what charges did he appoint for the campaign? he won't respond to that. >> zero. >> what he knew they were doing. did he try to give any of that money back? no. he kept all the money -- >> you are just wrong. >> you did not. >> we will see it in the paper
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tomorrow. >> if you want, you can respond. >> i am ready for your question. i think we need to move on. it is obvious he has his problems. >> the thing about the charges he leveled against you -- there have been a number of people that have gone to prison. what does that say? >> i don't have a crystal ball and you can't always foresee what people will do in the future. let me give you an example. i have met people that later took a bad turn and it is unfortunate. it happened to jeb bush. he was the secretary of the department of corrections. those things happen. you can't always foresee that someone might go badly wrong. >> let's move on. governor scott, florida prides itself on its gun laws. -- open government laws. reporters investigating your finances have found documents showing that you have much more finances tied up in family trust that you have disclosed. why not do with the state
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constitution requires and file a " full and public disclosure of your financial interest"? what i am looking for is the reason for your providing this information to a state that prides itself on open government. >> let's look at what i have done. in 2010 when i ran, i disclose the assets. i did exactly what the grand jury suggested under charlie and i put my assets in a trust. why do you do that? so you don't know what you own if you have any assets so you don't have conflict. jeb bush did it. i did the same thing. on top of that, this year i disclosed everything in the blind trust when i did by filing and i filed my tax returns. mine and my wife's. i have done all that. charlie hasn't. charlie has not released his tax returns, like jeb bush did, like bill mcbride did. like i did. i have disclosed everything and
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i will continue to disclose everything. >> i have disclosed all my tax returns, and think i have disclosed them for the last 15 years. rick scott has not done that. he talks about the fact that my wife has not released hers. that is true. we file separately. i believe in a woman's right to choose and i'm going to protect her from that if that is what she wants. i don't think it is fair for governor scott to try to impose my wife -- she is not running for anything. this is an election between you and me, rick. >> let's go to an issue that is foremost among mines -- jobs in the economy. governor chris, as you know, and governor scott reminds us quite often more than 800,000 jobs , were lost while you were governor. when that is raised you always , say that you are not responsible for the global economic meltdown that occurred during your term. but florida did have the second highest job loss in the nation. are you saying you are not to blame for any of the jobs lost?
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>> no, i don't think i was and i will tell you why. when i came into office we were starting to experience a real estate meltdown. we are in florida. we depend on real estate and awful lot. what rick scott doesn't get is the fact that even though he talks about creating more than 600,000 jobs, i was not responsible for the global economic meltdown anymore than rick was responsible for the national economic recovery. if you are somebody who flies around in a private jet and you live on a mansion, it is hard to understand what people are suffering from and this is probably the most important thing i will say tonight. the real difference in this race is kava i understand what you are dealing with. i am on your side. unfortunately, rick scott is not. >> first off, charlie, you -- i don't know my natural father and i lived in public housing.
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we struggled for money. i know what it is like to watch a pure and lose the only family car we had. i watched my parents struggle with my brother could not get health care. up with i did not grow money like you did. you grew up with plenty of money. you lost more jobs in any state but one. we had the second-highest increase in unemployment in the country. >> thank you, governor. >> one million homes were float -- were foreclosed on. >> thank you. we're staying on topic. jobs and economy. governor scott, four years ago, gubernatorial debates, you promised you would create 700,000 new jobs "on top of what normal growth would be." economists expected that to be one million jobs. you at the together, 1.7 million new jobs. so far, about 626,000 new jobs
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have been created, well short of your mark. the question is kava why aren't you meeting your own benchmark? >> i ran on a campaign. we have 261,000 job openings right now. let's look at what normal growth was when i took office. number growth is, you'd lose 820,000 jobs. will growth at the time was unemployment 3.5% to 11.1%. no more growth under charlie. we would now be at unemployment at 18%. if you go back and look at what normal growth was, it was losing 800,000 jobs over four years. we have added 651,000 jobs, average income for this openings for the top 25 in demand is $27 an hour. we are down to a little over
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100,000 people. on unemployment. this state is on a roll. >> there is about 600,000 people that are still unemployed in florida, another 700,000 that are not on jobs anymore because they have given up. that is 1.3 million people in florida not working. what i think is important is to understand what they are doing. you have to look at who we defend and who we support and why we are running. i am running to defend the middle class, to give you a chance. i have always fought for you as your attorney general and governor. rick scott is fighting for the big utility companies and the property insurance companies. that is the difference. >> look at the difference. charlie grew up with money. he has not had to worry about money his whole life. when you grow up worried about money, where you start a business, charlie never did these things. he didn't have parents worried about putting food on the table.
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are paying for health care. what i think about every day, i ran for governor for this reason. i want this to be the state were any family, you can live the dream. the dream is, you can get a great job and your children can get a great education so they can live the dream. >> thank you. >> if that is so, then why doesn't governor scott fight for the middle class? consumers i meet every day that are paying higher utility bills and property insurance bills. they go higher and higher every year of his administration. when i was elected last time, one of the first things i did was call an emergency special session to reduce your property insurance bills and we did it. then i called another to reduce your property taxes and we got it done. that is somebody who was looking out for you, who is on your side. he is on the side of the big utility companies. >> thank you. >> utility rates went up under
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charlie and went down since i have been governor. these are all charlie facts. with regard to property taxes, you said they would drop like a rock, charlie. when you were governor, dealing thing that dropped like a rock was home prices. they dropped 48%. third on property insurance. you put the state at significant risk. for each hurricane, the average household would have been responsible for $1800 in additional fees. >> do you want to respond? >> we haven't had hurricane and eight years and your property insurance rates have gone through the roof. why is that? i will tell you why. it is because rick scott is not letting the department of insurance regulating -- he signed a bill last year that said the department of insurance cannot regulate insurance. does that make sense to anybody? it certainly doesn't make sense the people at home people paying higher insurance rates. >> that is not true --
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>> i will move on if i can. you both disagree about raising the minimum wage. governor crist wants to raise to $10.10. governor scott, you have set you said you oppose raising the minimum wage because you think it would be a job killer. clarify something. do you support the principle of the minimum wage, the concept? >> sure. but here -- how would i know -- the private sector decide wage s. according to congressional budget office is, raising the minimum wage would lose 500,000 jobs. you lost 800,000 jobs when you were governor, how many more can you lose? charlie can do anything he wants with the minimum wage, and under charlie the minimum wage was zero.
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832,000 people went from making money to zero. you should be known as the zero wage governor. i don't want to lose any more jobs. think about where we are. 261,000 job openings. average income is up $27/hour. that is how you get people better wages. you find companies that may tz, lockheedher martin and northrop grumman. this is something you would never do. >> if i could -- you say you support the concept of the minimum wage but then said the private sector sets it. you support the concept of the government setting a minimum wage? >> sure, but just because they set a minimum wage doesn't mean you get it under charlie. -- get the job. under charlie, the minimum wage was zero. clocks i will like to let governor chris respond. >> the fact that pretty clear here.
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he is against raising the minimum wage to $10.10/hour. he says the very idea makes him cringe. why? why would it make anybody cringe? so you have a little more money in your pocket? the statistics are also not what he said -- they are crystal clear. in seattle and san francisco, where the minimum wage has raised, more jobs are being produced, people have more money, you can go to the mom and pop down the street and spend a little bit more. >> i want to ask -- some economists do say that in raising the minimum wage would cost 50,000 jobs in florida. we spoke with one business owner, who tells us she has done the math and that the minimum wage going up -- she will have to layoff one of her employees. what is your message to that one employee who would be laid off? why is it worth it? >> the reason i think it is worth it is people deserve it.
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my wife is a small businesswoman. god bless her, she pays her employees at least $10 an hour. because she knows it is the right thing to do. how can summit a get by on seven dollars an hour? people work to our three jobs just to make ends meet. that is not an economy that is humming along. if you are rick scott and you have a private jet, or you live in an oceanfront mansion, you you are out of touch and you are not feeling what people that are watching tonight are feeling at home. i know they are hurting and i know they need somebody on their side. i was that governor and that attorney general. i will do it again. in 14 days, you get the opportunity to make the change. >> governor scott? >> charlie just said it. he doesn't care. jake, your example, that one employee -- he doesn't care.
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the really doesn't care is because he has never experienced it. i watched a parent, a father, struggle to buy christmas presents. i went through that as a child. charlie never went through that. he has never had to worry about money or being laid off. charlie has done fine in life. what i'm going to fight for is what i have done the last three years and nine months. i will fight for families -- >> governor crist? >> he talks about how i was fine. when i was a little kid, we lived in a small apartment and my dad used to deliver newspapers to make ends meet. you don't know me and you can not tell my story. i am not going to tell yours but i know you are worth $100 million or $200 million. god bless you for that. but the way you got it is pretty unsavory. the fact that you don't relate to people -- real people in florida today and the struggles they have, and you won't lower utility rates, you won't lower property insurance --
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>> charlie, you raised utility rates. they have come down since i have been governor. you almost bankrupted the state. you borrowed $9 billion. somebody has got to pay that off. when you took office, the family would have to pay $100 a month to send their child to university. four years later, $250 a month. >> excuse me. >> we do have to take a quick break. when we come back, they are not the only ones on the ballot. medical marijuana is as well. we will get their take on that, next.
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>> welcome back. we are here in jacksonville for the final debate in this very heated race. let's get right back to it. medical marijuana is also on the ballot this november. governor scott, you signed a law allowing a mild form of marijuana to be used by those suffering from cancer and epilepsy, and als. we spoke with one man who says marijuana of medical will not be enough for his daughter with seizures. what is your message to him? he says you are not getting his daughter a chance. >> i want to make sure everybody gets the health care they need. anybody that has a debilitating illness -- i have been in the health care business and want to make sure you get that. we started this year -- i was passing legislation, and i think the right thing to do is to
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continue to go back through the legislative process and find treatments that will work and let us make sure that we get those to individuals all around our state, make sure there are things -- they are things that are safe for your family. we were going to the charlotte's web discussion this year. i wanted to make sure it was safe for everybody. >> i support the medical marijuana amendment. the reason i do is i think it is a compassionate thing to do. my law partner has worked very hard to get on the ballot and i commend him for it. i think it is important to have done so because he did it out of compassion for his brother, his father. i happen to have a sister that a year ago was diagnosed with brain cancer. thank god she is doing well -- hello, margaret. god bless you. if people like her were to get into pain and they needed something, it is a good alternative. >> there have been a lot of questions about the florida
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state university football team, specifically how some players have gotten away with crimes ranging from car theft to alleged rape, almost as if they are a protected class. you are a proud fsu alumnus. do you think this is a problem, or it is just the media? >> i think it is a serious problem. whenever you have an allegation of the type we have seen, you have to take it seriously. i understand what justice means. you have got to approach it in a fair way. you have got to make sure there is balance. just like in the scales of justice. this isn't just an issue at florida state university, it is an issue across the country. we have seen a lot of focus on it and i think that is a good thing. we have seen the stories out of the nfl. this is a problem that america has and we have to have law enforcement react appropriately and have state attorneys do thorough investigations.
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get all the facts, the move forward appropriately. >> has fsu have a serious problem? >> first, i think every athlete and every student needs to be held to the highest standard. if there are allegations that need to be reviewed, there shouldn't be different standards for anybody. anybody involved through schools or the state attorney, everybody ought to be held to the same standard. >> are they? >> what is going on is the state -- and the fsu issue, the state attorney reviewed it and decided not to proceed. it is going back through now. they will go through the process and review it through the normal channels. but my goal is that every athlete and student be held to the highest standard. >> governor scott, during your term, we became second only to texas and numbers of execution. governor crist said in reference do you, "this governor signs a
10:33 am
lot of death warrants. for whatever reason. i did not sign a lot of them because i took it very seriously to her co- governor crist seems to be suggesting that you do not take the process seriously? >> the death penalty is a solemn duty. it is something that is very difficult to do. these individuals have done heinous crimes. i think about the families and the victims. i reviewed the cases and i am very cautious in that case. but they have done heinous crimes. i have met with the victims' families. it gives this families some conclusion to what is going on. i see them around the state and what i think about all the time is the victims. >> governor crist, do you think
10:34 am
he doesn't take it seriously? >> let us look at the facts. he has signed a lot of death warrants. i have as well. it is the most solemn act of governor has to do. knowing that your name on a piece of paper is going to result in the death of another human being. that doesn't make you -- if that doesn't make you take it seriously, nothing well. just this past year, and execution was delayed by the governor so the attorney general could go forward and have a political fundraiser. to me, that doesn't sound like somebody is taking that solemn duty as seriously as they shed. -- as they should. i don't understand and i don't know what all the facts were. the only fact i do know that an execution was delayed because the attorney general of florida wanted to hold a political fundraiser and that can't be delayed without the governor's consent. >> governor scott? >> he doesn't know all the facts. he doesn't know what i go through or how i think.
10:35 am
the prayers that i do. it is a solemn duty. >> did the attorney general ask you to delay it? >> i am talking. what i think about is the victims. if you read the cases of what these individuals have done, you won't feel good about doing it but it will continue to do it. >> i asked him a simple question -- did the attorney general ask you to delay the executions or so she could go through with the fundraiser? >> you can answer that. >> she asked me to delay it because it didn't work on the date she thought it was going to be on. >> did you know it was for a political fundraiser? >> she apologized. what would you like her to do? she apologized. >> that doesn't answer the question. >> governor crist, earlier this year, in discussing why you left the republican party, you said, "i couldn't be consistent with
10:36 am
myself and my core police and -- believes and stay with a party that was so unfriendly. i was a republican and i saw the activist and what they were doing and it was intolerable." clarify for florida voters -- are you saying there are so many racists in the republican party that you couldn't remain a republican? >> no, i'm saying that element exists. listen, my family are republicans and they don't have a racist bone in their body. what is at work here is a pretty simple thing. if you remember back to 2008 and some of the e-mails that were distributed about the president by some members, not all, of the republican party -- they weren't exactly flattering. i think you can research and find out what i'm talking about, but it wasn't right. i can tell you that the reaction i have gotten from some in the republican party leadership wasn't tolerable. it was pretty clear that it wasn't just because i was willing to work across the aisle
10:37 am
with a democrat to get the recovery funds. it was apparent to me because it was the first african-american president. listen i don't enjoy saying , that. it is not fun to say. but i'm going to tell the truth. and those are the facts. >> charlie, you are a divider. slinger. mud entire time you have been in politics -- you are a divider. you are a divider. look at what -- we live in a wonderful state, the best melting pot in the world. we have so many wonderful people here that have come from all over the world and you want to try and divide them. i want everybody to have the same shot i had to live the american dream. >> nothing could be further from the truth. i reached across the aisle when i was your governor and worked with the president to get the
10:38 am
recovery funds. this governor won't work with the president even to get high speed rail which is so important to central florida and the whole state. it would have been $2.4 billion to florida, 60,000 jobs, he will not lift a finger to get medicaid expansion done. as a result one million , floridians watching tonight aren't getting health care again tonight as a result of that in action. plus it would bring one at the 20,000 jobs. >> first of all, you left me with a budget deficit you , borrowed $9 billion to get everything you could. you left the project on the table that would cost us billions of dollars. you want to talk about medicaid. you were governor in the past? -- your governor when it passed. why didn't you pass it to then? i actually have worked with the federal government. example, something
10:39 am
you wouldn't do, settle the decades old lawsuit over the everglades. >> the governor doesn't work with the ministration, it is clear. he asks for their help when we have a crisis like ebola, and that is the right thing to do, but when we are offered 60,000 jobs with high speed rail, 120,000 jobs with medicaid expansion, governor rick scott just says no. he is all talk and no action and as a result, tens of thousands of floridians that would have a job today in our stalled economy , aren't getting the employment that they need and that is not right. you are not on their side and i am. >> you are the last person that ought to be talking about jobs. you lost 832,000 jobs. charlie government doesn't , create jobs. you can talk all you want, but you didn't take action to help create jobs. you wouldn't call on a company, you wouldn't work with economic development. we have one 400 competitive
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products to get companies like lockheed martin and northrop grumman to either move or expand here. charlie you would never even , make those phone calls. >> let's talk about jobs. what governor scott has done is say he will guarantee $266 million for big corporations outside of florida to come to florida for jobs. the tampa bay times in the miami herald that only 4% of the jobs promised actually were created. that is a 96% failure on your jobs program. what would i do? because you deserve to know tonight. i would take that money and invest it in small businesses here in florida. go to it talks about our plan. >> can i respond? >> i would like to move on. i want to ask you about the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> he doesn't know how economic development works.
10:41 am
ge just said they would add jobs. it was a competitive bid and we won. charlie, they don't have the jobs in one date and we don't give them the money until they add the jobs. we are not out of the money until then. you had this job. why didn't you do all these great things you are talking about? you are pure talk and you take no action. >> may i respond? i was serving during the global economic meltdown. we did the very best we could to get florida through it and we did. the economy in florida was starting to come back when you came into office because of the policies i had except in -- like accepting the recovery money from the president. that kept us from having to fire 20,000 school. those are real jobs and it matters to them. i am action and i got things done and i would do it again and i will work with anybody, republican, democrat, that will bring jobs here and you won't. >> i would like to move on. i want to talk about trayvon
10:42 am
martin. it put a spotlight on issues on race and justice. issues we've seen time and time again, most notably in ferguson, missouri, recently. here is the larger issue that i see coming up, governor scott, a simple yes or no. do you believe that african, -- african-americans, especially young african-american men, do you think they get a fair shake? >> my goal is that they do. you but the trayvon martin case. >> i would have you focus -- you is they do what , are you doing to get them there? >> here the things we have done. i sat down with the family, the mom and dad. i introduced them directly to the individuals at the department of law and forstmann -- florida department of law enforcement that would do the investigation. i told them in person that i was going to bring in a federal
10:43 am
prosecutor to make sure that justice was served. i want to do everything i can to make sure the right thing happens. here's what we have done. we have completely changed how we do justice. we have had a dramatic drop in the number of arrests since i got elected. we have the lowest recidivism rate. we make sure that you get a job if you get out, on like under unlike under charlie when you couldn't. are we making progress? yes. is there more work to do? yes. >> a quick break. when we come back, the issue the next governor of florida must deal with before it is too late. >> welcome back. just two weeks from election night, this is the final debate. this is being broadcast on cnn.
10:44 am
you can go to to vote on which answers you like the best. let's get back to the debate. governor crist, you wanted to weigh in on the question i asked governor scott about whether young african-american males get a fair shake in the criminal justice system. >> i don't believe they do. i think it is sad. i think it is important that everybody is treated equally and gets the justice they deserve. i used to serve as the attorney general and we found civil rights cases to make sure that all people were being treated fairly. african-american children were being discriminated did as humming in a pool. the more important issue is restoration of rights. when i was governor, i had felons get a chance to get a job. sadly under rick scott, it is , gone and it has been gone for five years. you can't even apply. >> here is charlie's plan.
10:45 am
commit heinous crime? get out of jail, get to vote. stalk, vote. you have permanent intentional disfigurement of a child, vote. >> that is fundamentally unfair. i said nonviolent criminals. you are lying again. >> you want to look at yourself and that is exactly what you did and i completely disagree. >> governor crist? >> very unfair. go to his site if you would want to, but i recommend you go to fairshot >> you support lifting the embargo against cuba. you said you would like to travel there after the election if the opportunity presents itself. would you be willing to meet with role castro? >> the embargo has been in place for over 50 years and has not worked.
10:46 am
the intent was to get rid of the castro voters. -- brothers. they are still there. that is a flawed program that hasn't worked. the people are still suffering and that is what concerns me. i have compassion and i care about people and i don't want to see them suffer. we are of the state closest to cuba, only 90 miles away. in addition, if we were able to open up relations with cuba and the cuban people, learn from the dissidents, have the opportunity to have some redevelopment on the island come financial launching pad for all of that redevelopment, if we can move forward, is the state of florida. that would help florida's economy and our hemisphere and hopefully bring more freedom to cuba. >> governor scott, i want to ask you -- >> can i respond to cuba? the only thing that has changed with the castro motors is -- castro brothers, is charlie's position. they are terrorists. there is no democracy there.
10:47 am
there are human rights violations. in venezuela they are killing , peaceful protesters. i wouldn't be going to cuba and wouldn't be meeting with the castro brothers. we need to stand with individuals there in cuba. >> let's go back to the next question. >> we take a question from facebook regarding immigration and driver's licenses. governor crist, i will start with you. "do you support giving driver's licenses regardless of legal status, not just the dreamers?" >> i think we need to have it for all of them. i think it is important. i am a grandson of a greek immigrant. my grandfather came to this country when he was 14 years old and didn't have any money. he had a dream of coming to america that would give him a chance. he fought in world war i and was
10:48 am
honorably discharged and he gained citizenship. he was able to get a driver's license. these young people today should get a drivers license. my running mate is an immigrant, herself. we are a nation of immigrants. florida is a shining example of how promising diversity can be. we need to do everything we can to move immigration, comprehensive immigration reform, forward. if elected governor i would , encourage our members of congress and senators to work with the administration to get that done. >> governor scott? >> here's why we are having this conversation. he hasn't secured our borders. now we have a humanitarian crisis where we have unaccompanied minors coming across because of the president's action. we need to have comprehensive immigration reform, immigration reform where we know how to legally immigrate. if you want to come to this country, know how to immigrate.
10:49 am
if you are here, you know what the rules are. the reason we are having this conversation is because the president has failed us. he needs to secure borders. >> i would like to follow up -- you praised senator rubio for his efforts and immigration reform. there is one clarification voters would appreciate. do you support the part of senator rubio's bill that would provide a path to citizenship for the undocumented immigrants? specifically, that part? >> what i said is i appreciate what senator rubio tried. i appreciate the fact that he pushed to try to get comprehensive immigration reform done. but i don't think you can talk about this in pieces. you have to take the whole package. the president has failed us. he hasn't worked with congress and hasn't secured borders and by not securing borders, he makes it difficult to get anything done. the first thing americans want
10:50 am
is a secure borders and a comprehensive policy and you won't do it. >> do you support the past the citizenship part of the bill -- the path to citizenship part of the bill? >> i want the package done. >> do you support that if it was part of a package? >> i would have to see the whole thing. >> i support it. it is not that the of ministration hasn't tried to move forward. there are a lot of components to government, in fact there are three branches. the congress, particularly the house of representatives, has not been particularly helpful in helping the administration tried to move forward. to blame it on the administration is disingenuous. it's not true. let's talk about where rick scott was on immigration when he ran for governor. he wanted to bring out an arizona style law in florida, where officers were able to pull people over because maybe the y looked wrong.
10:51 am
>> i believe illegal immigration and rule of law, the listen what i did that charlie says is the wrong thing. i said you should get the same tuition as your peers. charlie said when this legislature didn't past that they did the right thing. charlie was against that. but we did the right thing because if you live in florida you ought to have the same rights to state tuition as your peers. >> but now they will get her driver's license. >> they have their right right now. >> i want to move on -- the scientists are concerned about people who live near the beach, climate change. whenever you are asked about climate change is caused by man, you say you are not a scientist. but you are a governor. doctors advise you on ebola. economists advise you on the economy. why are you so reluctant to believe the overwhelming majority of scientists to say that man contributes to climate change? >> what i am into is solutions. here is what we have done. we have spent $350 million to
10:52 am
deal with sealevel rise in the keys. -- $100 100 and $10 million to deal with coral reefs. we have done historic money into our springs. we are going piece by piece in solving problems. charlie is going to talk about -- he will have con ferences and then do nothing. he didn't lift a finger. he didn't put a dime into coral reefs, to make sure springs were protected. but he will have a conference and talk a big game, but nothing will happen. >> i believe in climate change. i believe in global warming. i think that man is a significant part in that. we did have conferences, but i signed executive orders, the nature of which you had never signed. to cut emissions. why do i believe it is important to do that?
10:53 am
because i believe in renewable energy. clean energy like solar, wind. these are the kind of things i think are important in instead of continuing to be addicted to gasoline. that is if funds your campaign but those are not the people i am looking out for. i'm looking out for the people at home. we need more electric cars. >> i'm afraid we have to take a break. when we come back, a question i have never heard of these candidates answer. >> welcome back to the final debate. we only have a little time left so let me proceed to this final question from facebook. >> the biggest thing is i wish there was more time. i have called on companies for almost four years and i wish there were more hours in the
10:54 am
day. i love traveling the state. i wife and i both love getting around the state. >> a do-over? for me it is pretty obvious. the opportunity to serve you again. i love florida and i want to make sure we have a florida where we look out for the middle class and support small business growth and mom-and-pop. make sure we are the things that floridians need and deserve. better education. not cutting the budget, but adding to it the way it was when , i was a governor before. two weeks from now you'll make that vote and i hope to earn it. >> thank you. we had over 170,000 online votes and the results can be seen at thank you both. we really appreciate it. i hope to see you again for election night in america. have a great night and are
10:55 am
-- and remember to vote. >> be part of c-span's campaign coverage. follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to get debate schedules, video clips of key moments, debate previews from our politics team. c-span is bringing you over 107 house and governor debates, and you can instantly share your reactions to what the candidates are saying. the battle for control of congress, stay in touch and engage by following us on twitter and liking us on facebook. >> the health and human services department will announce this point findings of a report on youth homelessness. cyndi lauper will be joining the department officials and former
10:56 am
homeless youth. live coverage of that at noon eastern. the top democrat in the house energy and commerce committee will be retiring at the end of the session. commerce men henry waxman will globalr -- discuss health care a georgetown university law school here in washington, d.c. at 5:30 today, we will be live as justice janice rogers brown will talk about the us constitution on the federal appeals court, speaking at the heritage foundation lie at 5:30 eastern. -- live at 5:30 eastern. our campaign debate coverage continues. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern --
10:57 am
>> that includes last night's debate, amanda chris and republican congressman steve daines. here's a look at a three minute portion of that debate. fathersour founding wrote our founding documents, they did not ever intend for corporations to be running the show here. they absolutely intended for
10:58 am
teachers and electricians and plumbers to be making the decisions that affect us in our citizen legislature. and i have found in meeting montana, they are a little afraid of being part of the process, that maybe they think they are not quite smart enough to do it. the reason i have stepped up to the plate is to prove you do not have to be us overspend fed politician, a career politician to represent working families, and the best person to represent workers in the state is one of us. >> a follow-up to that with getting to your experience, do you think you have the express to represent with one year and house of representatives and your background is a high school teacher? >> absolutely. i'm sure by now most folks have read in a local paper about my background growing up in poverty, right here in billings. and the adversity i experienced.
10:59 am
most people know that i have dedicated my life to education because it is the pathway to overcoming the adversity that i have experienced. the expenses i've had in a working-class family in the state in montana absolutely make me the best person to be our voice in the united states senate. we do agree that we need to have more of a citizen-top legislature serving as an washington. we need more men and women who have world experience that can bring that back, taken the skills learned in the private sector outside of washington help lead the country. growing up in bozeman -- my dad grew up here. my grandma still lives in the same 1100 square foot home on avenue c for 45 years until she passed away a few months ago. i grew up watching a mom and dad in a construction business from nothing. we lived in 10 different houses growing up, moving about every care and a half to stay a step ahead of the bank. i put myself through college
11:00 am
with construction. we need people who have had experience growing jobs and growing businesses because we talk about jobs. i'm the only candidate on the stage that has created hundreds of good high-paying jobs right here in montana. [applause] in a rebuttal. >> i have to apologize to all of the teachers that you know because we know teachers are also very important job creators in our state and in our country. >> that was the first debate between amanda curtis and steve daines. that happened monday. ms. curtis joined the campaign late after john walsh quit the race due to allegations of plagiarism. listed as solid republican. you can see the entire debate on here is a tweet sent out this morning by "the hill those quote
11:01 am
-- they are putting nancy pelosi is expected to retain her leadership position no matter the outcome of the election. i talked to a dem strategists and found she's likely to stay at least through 2016. now the first debate for the u.s. senate seat in new hampshire between income and senator jeanne shaheen and her republican challenger cost scott brown, who is a republican in new hampshire. the cook political report rates this race a tossup molly rothenberg -- while the rothenberg report lists it as leaning democrat all stop this is about one hour. >> live from the capitol center for the arts, but you by the "concord monitor" vying for the u.s. senate seat seeking reelection, jeanne shaheen, and republican candidate scott brown. tonight panels of journalists
11:02 am
include allison cain, political reporter for an easy and. john scott from the university of new hampshire and the political reporter for the "concord monitor." >> good evening. from concord, new hampshire, we are here on debate night. we have a one-hour debate on domestic and other issues. he will get questions from myself, from the panel, and the candidates at some point will also ask each other a question. we have a great crowd with the big they have promised not to be an active participant that active listeners. we will give them one chance to get their energy out of their
11:03 am
systems. [applause] >> now to debate time. there is not a lot of baseball being followed in new england. that is why this crowd is excited. the department of homeland security will warrant travelers from the three west african countries dealing with ebola will have enhanced screening for the disease. senator brown, you call for a travel ban. senator shaheen, you opposed a ban. is today's announcement by the department of homeland security enough? >> no, it's not.
11:04 am
what's happening, we have a couple of weeks ago the president said we are not point any issues read we are going to stamp it out. we've had one person die and to others infected. we need to have a travel ban, absolutely. anybody leaving are coming into those countries that needs to stop, they cannot get here. the problem, the president has given an incoherent policy. he said it's not going to come here and then it has. the direction from the cdc has been confusing. i did call for a travel ban. glad that the president and senator shaheen is coming forward and moving forward in this regard. we need to make sure this does not come in. the time is now three >> senator shaheen? >> ebola is a serious threat. ibo are concerned about it. it is a new disease. it is serious. i think we have to look at
11:05 am
taking every action necessary to keep people safe. including a travel ban if we can figure out that improves the situation. it reminds me of when i was governor after september 11 and there was the threat of anthrax and other bioterrorism. i brought together officials in the state to come up with protocols with how to respond, and we are seeing actually some of those plans, the early warning system, are still in place today. we do need protocols. we saw some changes in that today from the cdc. we need to make sure people can get access to equipment and there is training, and resources that local public health officials and state officials need in order to address this threat. >> let me address this. what is a bigger threat to new hampshire residents, the flu or ebola?
11:06 am
>> it depends on who you are speaking with. people are concerned about a few things. our border, ebola, travel coming into our countries without proper authority caring diseases, being terrorists. there are a lot of concerns. it depends on who you talk with. i want to continue on what senator shaheen said. she did come up with protocol and came with a plan. the president has not come up with a coherent plan. he appointed a czar with no experience in this area whatsoever. it is a political appointment. i don't think it helps at all. he hasn't even been to the meetings. we are in an emergency situation. i'm thankful senator shaheen broke in that regard. >> what is the bigger threat? >> we know that more people have died each year from the flu than we have seen from the threat from ebola to date.
11:07 am
the fact is this is a serious disease. people are concerned about it because it is new. we've seen the dallas hospital made mistakes. we need to address this disease. we need to make sure the public has as much information as possible. we need to work together. what we donated it is people who are fear mongering, spreading panic. this is seriously need to work together. that is what i have tried to do. i have been disappointed my opponent has raised concerns without talking that we can do to address the issue. >> very quickly, 30 seconds. >> i'm not fear mongering pre-i'm talking about something that is relevant. there has been no coherent policy from the president. i called for a travel ban immediately, didn't do anything inappropriate. others have actually joined in and i'm thankful the senator has broken with the president to join with me.
11:08 am
>> senator shaheen, imagine you're at home wearing your new hampshire citizen hat and you get a question from a pollster. do you approve of the job the president is doing? >> in some ways i approve, and some things i don't. like most questions that we deal with as policymakers their aren't simple answers. >> you are the candidate for the citizens of new hampshire. you go with the president 99% of the time. because of obama's approval ratings, how does your voting record jive with serving the citizens of new hampshire? >> i work for new hampshire.
11:09 am
scott brown talks a lot about one survey, 99% of the time that i voted with the president. the numbers i'm proudest of are the 359 people who were now working at the prison because i was able to get the prison opened half after it sat empty for two years. and the 1200 people who were being foreclosed on in their homes who are offers worked with. they can get close to home because of the legislation that we got into the veterans reform bill. what we need is a senator who is going to work for new hampshire. who is going to make sure we address the concerns we hear from our constituents, willing to work with democrats, republicans, independents, anybody in washington who can help us get the job done. >> she just described me.
11:10 am
i was the most bipartisan senator in the united states senate. every survey has senator shaheen as being one of the most partisan senators. she has but with the president 99% of the time. what does that mean for new hampshire? she was the deciding vote for obama care. she voted for every -- [indiscernible] deductibles are going up dramatically. costs are going up. care coverage is going down. she has voted to put in place a system where we have more and more gridlock by voting with her party over 99% of the time. that is part of the problem. >> senator brown, you help propel you to the u.s. senate, tens of thousands of residents are now eligible for health insurance under the state medicaid expansion plan. you have synergy wanted to
11:11 am
repeal the law. had you tell these people they no longer have health insurance. likes you are assuming obamacare is the only answer. we have the ability to develop a plan that addresses those concerns. we can address what you reference, pre-existing care, covering kids to a certain age. dealing with catastrophic care and coverage, all sorts of things. we can develop a plan that works for us. senator shaheen put forth a bill she did not read. recorder the trillion dollars of cubs come from senior medicare. medical devise companies are being crushed as a result of this. when you're talking that health care, i want everyone to have health care. i supported bill that did just that. we can do the same thing here. we have great leaders watching and listening and we can do it in our own way that respects rights and freedoms, addresses competition. when she was in charge as
11:12 am
governor she change the law. we lost our insurance companies. we only have one. >> the fact is we have 100,000 people now who are getting access to health care because of the affordable care act here. i believe people in new hampshire should have access to affordable, quality health care. if you listen to what scott brown is proposing he would kick tens of thousands of people in new hampshire off of health insurance without any plan to replace it. i don't think people want to go back to a time where if you had a pre-existing condition you lost, you could get health insurance. if you had a chronic disease, and you've reached your lifetime or annual limit you got kicked off of your health care. if you are 26 years old you couldn't stay on your parent's plan. we don't want to go back to a time where health insurance the terminal people got.
11:13 am
>> senator brown, are you misleading the public by perpetuating this repeal idea? nobody seems to be serious about repeal option. >> i think that is false. plenty of people want to repeal it. if you speak to the people of new hampshire, you can go to north country tractor, one of the reasons they are not hiring is because of obama care and the penalties. you look at a mom like my mom who works one job when she could and 5060 hours. she can't do that anymore. to think i don't want people to have access to health care. what has been references the businessman coming after the election. the businessman day going to crush businesses now. the cost of ghana. they're getting notices right now. it is real.
11:14 am
>> is repeal a priority? >> i voted five times to repeal it. >> senator shaheen? i hear democrats say they want to fix parts of obama care. what is a fixed bill you would like to introduce? >> like any other major issue health care is something we have to continue to address as we implemented. one of the things that i have proposed is an independent ceo that would oversee the health care website. we saw issues with the rollout. if you listen to my opponent and me, this is a fundamental difference. i believe people in new hampshire should be able to get access to health care. if you listen to what he is proposing he would throw tens of thousands of people off of their health care without any plan to repeal it. he wants to throw people off. i don't think most people want to go back to a time when they
11:15 am
didn't have health care. >> is this the crowd a compliment for you? >> absolutely. making sure almost 100,000 people in new hampshire have access to health care is progress for people. >> we will have more health care. dante has the next question. >> do you support new hampshire's new medical marijuana law? the federal government has a role in the nation's drug laws as well. it classifies marijuana as the most dangerous type of drug. should get continued? should the federal government continue to classify marijuana the same way as it does heroin or treat marijuana like alcohol? >> i do support the medical marijuana law. we're seeing some states who have allowed marijuana for recreational purposes. i'm not ready to go there yet.
11:16 am
i think we need more studies on what the impact of marijuana would be. there is a role for the federal government and education, and training, and to provide treatment. we have a real epidemic in new hampshire and new england. addiction to heroin starts with prescription drug addition. we need 20 dress that great i don't need another drug coming in that will take attention off the need to address those treatments for heroine addiction and making sure that law enforcement have the resources that they need, it is one of the things i have worked on after talking to police chiefs. we were to get the resources they need to address the issue. >> are you for reclassifying it? >> no. >> thank you for your question. i have similar beliefs to senator shaheen on this.
11:17 am
medicinal purposes, in the event that somebody has a disease they have tried everything, and it doesn't work, there should be an fda approved to have the ability to get treatment. i'm not in favor of what is happening in colorado. not in favor of changing the classification. i will continue to work to address the other concerns we have had with with heroin and severe drug use we have seen around the country. it is real. >> you have suggested isis could come through the u.s. border. >> with respect, i did not say
11:18 am
that. isis is real. we had an opportunity to keep a transition force. a bipartisan letter to the administration said please leave a transition force their great senator shaheen did not sign that letter. she chose to stand with president obama. when your document how people come to the knotted states, we have evidence people have come to the border illegally. is there a possibility it has been raised? there are people coming through the border, what are their intentions? they have made it clear they want to plant the flag in the white house. our goal is to make sure that does not happen. the clearest way is to make sure
11:19 am
we close the border. i voted to secure the border. senator shaheen has stood with president obama and has not done that. >> do we think you should have left it force in iraq? >> i think that is revisionist history grade the threat from isis is real. i don't support sending tens of thousands of troops back into iraq as an occupying force. the fact is the agreement to withdraw troops was negotiated by george w. bush when we couldn't get an agreement in iraq for the protections for our troops. there was an agreement to withdraw them. i don't think we should send them back as an occupying force. we need to address the threat of isis. this is another issue where we need serious people working together in a way that is going to address this threat.
11:20 am
not fear mongering and raising claims that it will bring down the country. >> the issue of combat troops. do you think the president should have taken them off the table? >> to correct the record, i've never suggested we should send combat troops i questioned senator shaheen. what i have suggested is the president and senator shaheen have taken that off the table. immediately. we have the greatest fighting force in the world and we have taken off the table. general dempsey may come back with a recommendation that we may need ground troops. we have advisers on the ground right now. we have choppers in the air right now. isis is not taking anything off the table. my question to the president and senator seeking has been what happens at airstrikes don't work? then what? what if they get bigger and bigger and exporting terrorism
11:21 am
around the world? they are bank robbers. they have robbed banks. they have gained more equipment. we need to make sure we do something about it. >> would you be open to doing it if general dempsey is saying it? >> i'm not going to speculate. >> should it be an option? >> general dempsey has said we are not a to do that now. we need to support the iraqis. they have 200,000 people in the iraqi army. we should support the kurd fighters, they are doing a good job. i don't think we want to do is send back an occupying force of tens of thousands of americans. my opponent has suggested when he was being interviewed that we should be thinking about that. in terms of the troops that we
11:22 am
have had in korea. we've had troops in korea for 60 years. i don't think we want to send troops back in the middle east to do that. we want to continue the airstrikes. that is the way to address isis at this point. >> i'm going to stay on this point. the arab spring, democracy first, now there is revisionist. supporting regimes that are the most democratic. what should be the foreign-policy priority? stability or democracy? democracy led to an ally we didn't like, a group of people getting elected that people of united states in light. >> there are different views by different people. let's take syria. we knew it was a terrible regime. we actually said we were point to draw a redline if they did something.
11:23 am
a mere going to do something. we did nothing. that sent a powerful message to our allies. the president's foreign-policy, when it comes to isis and are issues has been incoherent, it has been confusing. senator shaheen is part of the committee that has endorsed those policies. we need to make a determination based on the facts on the ground. we need to move forward with a clear and coherent policy. that is the policy. are we going to do what we did not rack? we had an opportunity. it was president obama who pulled those troops outcome who did not want to do a status of forces agreement. as of that void we have isis. >> stability or democracy? >> as part of our american foreign-policy we should be
11:24 am
supporting democracy in other countries. obviously in some cases when you support democracy it doesn't always turn out the way you want. my opponent talks about syrians drawing the redline. i'm one of 10 people who voted to take action in searing because i thought when we drew a redline on those chemical weapons we needed to address that. i think as we look at what is happening in syria and iraq, what we need to do is encourage the iraqis to try and form a more inclusive government. the more they do that, the better they are going to take on isis. >> do you think the president blinked? he should have done airstrikes? >> i think when america draws the line in the sand it's important for us to follow through. as i say, i was one of 10 who
11:25 am
voted to do that because i thought it was important. i think now, the result of that action, fortunately isis does not have access to those weapons. >> where are you on this? >> of course he should've backed agreed right now it is something different. we don't know who we are providing support with. that shouldn't happen a long time ago. when you also our top among revisionist history, it was an opportunity to leave that transition forced to advise them of how they should form their government. the senate endorsed that policy. we have to establish trust. the best way to do that is to change direction. >> immigration. is there any part of the senate bill, and i know it is a
11:26 am
compromise, specifically on the idea of visas, do you think it is pro-worker enough when it comes to importing more guestworkers? >> we have a broken immigration system. we need to address that in a comprehensive way. we need to address the visa system. it is not working for our farming industry, for high tech companies here. the bill that we passed starts with addressing security at the border. it provides additional resources for interdiction and put in place a verify system so people can make sure that employers can
11:27 am
make sure the people they are hiring are actually legal here. this is the approach we should be taking. it is comprehensive and has been disappointing to hear my opponent doesn't support this comprehensive immigration reform bill. it passed the senate with a strong bipartisan vote. i think we should urge the house to take up the bill and pass it. >> i have a different approach to immigration. we need to secure the border. it is not being secured. that bill created incentives during that coming out to have them stood out of the shadows. i can't provide benefits for people who have broken our laws. that is where i differ. you can actually differ with your party, i do it often.
11:28 am
i was the most bipartisan senator. i'm not want rubberstamp a policy i don't think works. we look at that bill it immediately gives an opportunity for the president to authorize 11 million people to get jobs. i want to fight for jobs for people in new hampshire. i voted to secure the border. i voted to center to the border. we need to secure the border. the president, to expand the definition of refugee, i can't support that. >> to find a secure border. what is this metric? i hear this a lot. what is the metric. the border is secure. you know it secure when people don't come across it. [applause] the border is not secure.
11:29 am
it is not secure. you can do it through fences, through walls, through surveillance, through troops. there is a host of raise to take care of our border. i have voted to secure the border. we have to make sure that happens first. first. the president and his policy, his effort is to expand and give status for people who were not entitled to it. >> what is the metric? how do you side? >> the senate bill puts in place strong measures to secure the border. if you want to secure the border my opponent would support that bill. it is going to add fencing, border agents, and the pieces of
11:30 am
legislation where he talks about that we differ, one of those is a killer bill on immigration reform. even the republicans who supported it didn't vote for it. we should take up immigration reform. we should fix a broken system. what scott brown is done is to grandstand on this issue. >> it is time for a break. we will take our one break here. coming up next, these to get to question each other. if that's not a reason to stay tuned i don't know what is. we will be right back. [applause]
11:31 am
>> welcome back. senator shaheen gets to ask the question. >> i think one of the problems with our tax code is we encourage companies to outsource our jobs. when you are in the senate you voted to reward those companies that shift jobs overseas. we have the highest percentage of jobs that have been shipped
11:32 am
to china. why would you support outsourcing overseas? >> i have never voted to outsource jobs. when you are talking about outsourcing jobs, the only one that has done outsourcing is senator shaheen. i think outsourcing has a lot of different meanings. when you were elected you said you would be an independent senator. there has been many opportunities for you to fight for new hampshire. you have also signed our rights
11:33 am
to a group that should have no right over our right to bear arms. you have to also look at the challenges facing buildings right now. you have got around the state touting your business record. the national federation of independent business is a group that represents 1500 businesses in our state. they grade people for what they have done, not only in the legislative session but over the career. what can you say to those where
11:34 am
you have voted with this session 100% of the time? >> i am very proud of my small business record. i sit on the small business committee. it is another koch brothers foundation. i have worked hard to support our small businesses as i did when i crafted the small businesses jobs act. i voted for it. my opponent voted against it. i voted for an act that would invest in infrastructure, cut taxes for 30,000 american businesses. i voted for it. my opponent voted against it.
11:35 am
we need someone who is going to support our small businesses here in new hampshire. >> thank you for giving us both a break. >> there are concerns around long-term solvency of the social security program. what is one solution you propose so they can count on social security when they retire? >> social security has not added to our deficit. it has been the most successful at helping seniors prevent poverty. i don't think we should change the way we figure the cost of living increase for social security. my opponent said he applauded
11:36 am
the president when he came forward with a proposal to do that. i don't think we should pay this debt off on the backs of our seniors by reducing social security. >> not only social security is at issue but medicare as well. we have a situation where anybody getting social security or medicare are going to continue to get it. anybody who is about to get it is going to continue to get it, so it is a false ms. we have to be real when we talk about how we are going to make it viable for our kids and grandkids. the key is to make sure we have an effort the president is going to be involved in and sign. when it comes to medicare senator shaheen and president
11:37 am
obama took three quarters of a trillion dollars from medicare to pay for obama care, something i would have never done. if you talk to our seniors, they are having real troubles. >> let me ask you. one of the easy funding gaps is raising the payroll tax. do you think that is step one in creating a lengthier solvency, which is to raise the cap on wealthier americans about how much they contribute? >> there are a number of ways to address the issue with social security. what i suggest is we would do what we did when president reagan was in office to address this. i want to go back to scott brown's suggestion we have taken three quarters of a trillion dollars out of medicare. that has shown to be false by a number of independent organizations. the fact is our passage of the affordable care act has
11:38 am
lengthened the length of medicare by 13 years, and it has stabilized the cost of health care, which is flat for the first time in 50 years. we need to continue to address social security and medicare, make sure it is there for future generations. that's what i want to do. >> i don't disagree. i think we should let everyone have a seat at the table to make proposals. that is not happening. to immediately say we are going to raise taxes, the federal government has enough of our money. he wants to endorse those policies over 99% of the time. let's talk about medicare. the fact checkers i checked with our seniors that are being dramatically affected by moms and dads and grandparents. they are getting crushed by the cuts. the reimbursements for doctors are being lowered each and every
11:39 am
time. medicare advantage, some people are losing it. the rates are going up. this is a result of what senator shaheen did. >> you brought up the commission. what is wrong with the united states senate as a bipartisan commission? why do we have to outsource social security? >> i am not talking about having a committee. >> the reagan era was outside. >> let me stand corrected. i think we should be doing within the cement. the problem within the senate. the problem with the senate is it is gridlocked because you have people like senator shaheen and others who vote with their party 99% of the time. i was the most bipartisan senator there. we did a veterans jobs bill. you can get things done, but you have to step back from partisanship. >> this idea of an outside
11:40 am
commission -- it seems like the hardest decision. >> congress should be able to do this. it should be a bipartisan effort in congress, but one problem is we have gridlocked as the rules of the senate allow people to filibuster. scott brown voted for 44 filibusters during his three years in the senate. that is more than we had in the whole country between 1917 and 1968, over 50 years. we cannot afford that kind of gridlock. that is why it has been difficult to get things done. we need to work together. that is what i support. that is what i tried to do. >> senator brown, you said you are pro-choice, but you cosponsored the blunt amendment that allows employers to deny contraception to employees, and you oppose the use of funds for abortions. for those motivated to vote on
11:41 am
these issues, why should they vote for you and not senator shaheen? >> i have always been pro-choice. i am a pro-choice republican. when it comes to the right to choose, i have supported the right. i do support and have always felt it is important to have an exemption to allow people of faith to practice their faith. with regard to the differences of partial-birth abortions, i am against those. i think parents should play a role in the decision-making process. voters are concerned about these issues but also about jobs. they are concerned about the ability to bring kids to school. they are concerned about order security. they are not just one issue people. we are taking the message to women voters on a host of different issues.
11:42 am
>> i believe and trust women to make their own reproductive health care decisions. not just part of the time but all of the time. the fact is scott brown not only supported that he sponsored the amendment. it said employers could deny access to contraceptive care to their employees for any moral reason. he supported the supreme court decision. he ran in 2010 and 2012, and/or stem. they said they voted with him 80% of the time in 2012. i agree we have a lot of things women and their families are concerned about. one is equal pay for equal work. i think women should be paid equally. my opponent voted twice against allowing equal pay for equal work. i think there is a fundamental
11:43 am
difference between scott brown and me in terms of what we think women should be able to do. i trust women to make their own decisions. >> i am glad the senator brought that up. the senator and i voted against the bill because it was a bad bill. there are already mechanisms to protect women from workplace discrimination. i don't just believe it. i employed it. i pay women one dollar 21 for every dollar a man makes. senator shaheen pays $.95 for every dollar a man makes. i not only believe it. i live it. >> i think the issue is who do you trust to make these decisions about their own reproductive health. i trust women 100% of the time. i think they should be able to make those decisions with their families come a with their
11:44 am
physicians. scott brown voted against that when it came to appointing a new justice to the supreme court who was pro-choice. he was opposed to elena kagan. when it came to supporting the freedom of choice act when he ran in 2010, he opposed that. >> let's move to dante. he has been next question for senator shaheen. >> winter is up. >> that is not a reference to the tv show, is it? [laughter] >> regardless of who is elected, electricity bills are about to skyrocket for many homeowners. what is the best way to ensure affordable rates? >> energy is an important issue for us here in new england. we lowered rates by about 16%.
11:45 am
it is why i have worked with the senate to come up with an energy strategy because i believe we have got to support new energy technologies, alternative sources of energy. i don't think we are going to get off oil in my lifetime, but we have got to start investing in new energy technologies. that is what helps businesses here in new hampshire. businesses like working on new energy storage that would help with wind and solar. my opponent has supported fossil fuel 100% of the time when he was in washington. he voted for subsidies for the oil companies that were $20 billion a year to the oil companies not once but twice. i think that is the wrong direction for us in new hampshire. we need to provide options for small businesses for families in new hampshire. >> i am glad we are talking about energy. many people have received their electric notices. they are going up 50% to 100%.
11:46 am
there are efforts to not only curtail development of oil, natural gas -- she is against nuclear. >> no, i am not. >> where did you get that? >> if i may have a couple. when the power plant was in effect you made an effort to stop it. >> no, i didn't. >> senator, you did. >> i was not in office at the time. >> this is about supply and demand. right now we have a tremendous about of demand and not enough supply. senator shaheen has voted to increase. at a time when rates are going sky high.
11:47 am
the rates have not been lowered. we have a problem with energy. energy rates have skyrocketed. is she supposed to get a fist job? >> independent back checkers have said the charge to raise taxes is false. america is producing more oil today than we have in our history. we need to stop subsidizing oil companies because it is not making a difference in terms of our prices. we should be taking some money and putting it in alternative sources of energy in ways that are going to help us here in new england.
11:48 am
i started retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient. taxpayers are saving between $2 million and $4 million a year. >> the notices have gone up. wind, solar, geothermal, coal allowing people to be part of the process. it is false. you inside voted to pave the way for a national energy tax. the amendment set up a fund to spend the money. only in washington does that make sense. of course they are going to spend the money. >> how do you deal with carbon? climate change -- man-made? >> i think it is a combination. man-made and natural. >> it is man-made from burning fossil fuels. >> the you believe you have to at some point tax carbon?
11:49 am
>> i believe we need an energy strategy that focuses on energy efficiency, alternatives, and new energy technologies, and that is what i have supported. i don't think we should continue to subsidize the oil companies, as my opponent would do. >> do you think you would put a tax on? >> she has supported cap and trade which i am not in favor of. i'm not going to talk about the future. we need to deal with these issues now. >> oil companies are budgeting for it. should they be? >> senator shaheen voted for a national energy tax. >> that is just wrong. >> she has supported taxing our energy producers. other democrats voted against the very bills she is criticizing me for. we cannot continue to pay money to countries that want to hurt and kill us.
11:50 am
i have supported production tax credits. i have supported production tax credits. i do support solar, but we have to find a way right now to step back from our dependence on foreign oil and make sure energy, especially electricity, does not continue to go up. >> that is why we need to support other options for small businesses. it is better here in new hampshire where we have a budding energy sector. the fact is what scott brown has is only oil all the time strategy. we need different options. >> moving to lightning round. i promise they are worded in a way that should only take a little while. if you get the first bill, what is it? >> it is to allow students to refinance student loans. >> mitch mcconnell, whoever the senate republican is, you get to introduce the first bill.
11:51 am
what is it? >> it to do a budget. they haven't gotten a budget. any budget they have done is on the backs of veterans. the last one was on the backs of veterans. senator shaheen supported that. i would not support that. >> is mitch mcconnell the best republican leader? >> if i am honored enough to be elected i am going to determine who it is. >> you served under him. >> i thought he did a good job under trying circumstances. but i am not sure who our choice will be. >> you think there will be a choice? you think there should be a choice? >> i do. >> who is an ideal leader if not harry reid? >> i'm not going to speculate on
11:52 am
who. i think it is important to have a contest on these positions because we need to think about how we are doing business in the senate. >> is there another republican you want to see? >> senator mcconnell, we have to make sure we get rid of him. it would be anybody except harry reid. >> let me ask this. you both have lost races in the senate. what was the biggest lesson you took away from it? >> sometimes there are factors beyond your control, and there are things happening in the country that affect the race. i think we are seeing this now. we are seeing a lot of concern about what is happening in the world. my opponent, who has been grandstanding to make political gain on isis, on the border, on ebola. i think what we need is responsible officials who are
11:53 am
going to try to address the problems we face, who are going to be serious about looking for solutions. that is what i want to do. >> the biggest lesson you took away? >> that i love my wife more than ever. and that life does go on and defeat is only temporary. >> let me ask about this. you had two chances to run for the u.s. senate in massachusetts. why not take those? >> i live here. i was born at the portsmouth naval shipyard. my mom was a waitress at hampton beach. >> you never thought about running for senate in either of those? >> because i live here. my family is here. my mom was a waitress. my dad was an air man. i was born in the naval shift. my first three years of life were in portsmouth. i am running because i care
11:54 am
about new hampshire, and because i care about running. >> anything wrong with what senator brown did? >> when he lost his race he didn't move to new hampshire and say, i want to get involved in the state. he thought about running in massachusetts. then he thought about running for governor in massachusetts. that he went to iowa -- and said he wanted to run for president. i don't think it is a consolation prize. we need a senator who is going to put new hampshire first, who is going to be there every day doing what is best for small businesses and middle-class families. >> believe it or not, and our flies by. time for closing statements. you get the first closing statement. >> thank you for participating. i respect her record. everybody was excited when she got elected and said she was going to be the independent
11:55 am
voice for new hampshire. when she went to washington she changed. she is voting with the president 99% of the time, and that is not good for new hampshire. the president said he is not up for reelection, but everyone of his policies is on the ballot. i agree with him. we have a health care system that is broken. we have energy costs skyrocketing. we have so many issues. it is time for a new direction. it is time to send an independent leader in the united states senate. right now we don't have that. i am asking for your vote on november 4. i am asking you to help send us in a different direction. thank you. >> thank you to our sponsors for tuning in. this election really is about what type of future we have for new hampshire.
11:56 am
are we going to support middle-class families and small businesses in a way that allows a fair shot at success? that is what i want to do. helping young people with the cost of college, helping families who are struggling with the cost of childcare, trying to make sure women get equal pay for equal work. what we don't need is someone who is going to go to washington and support corporate special interests, to be a rubber stamp for oil companies and their subsidies. for wall street and banks giveaways, for outsourcing american jobs. this is the real choice we have. i think we need to continue to support people of new hampshire hitting up every day and putting new hampshire first. it is what i have done. it has been a great honor to serve this state. i hope you will give me the opportunity to do that for another six years. i ask for your vote. thank you all very much.
11:57 am
>> i want to thank both of the candidates. i want to thank the crowd. i think being a political candidate in the age of 2014 is among the hardest jobs there is in our government these days, actually running for office, so thank you for running for office and participating in this debate. i want to thank the panel. everyone can cheer for that. we appreciate that. don't forget. participate in this democracy. go vote. don't let cynicism get the best of you. politics is a good thing when practiced well. thank you, and good night. [applause]
11:58 am
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