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tv   Illinois 10th Congressional District Debate  CSPAN  October 22, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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case? my thoughts and prayers go out to eric gardner and his family. out of respect to that family reservenypd, i will decision and till the district attorney finishes his full investigation. i have confidence in the district attorney. he does a great job. he will be fair in his investigation. i do believe that i would still -- those bills i voted for. we have district attorney. we have internal affairs. we did not need that. it is an opportunity for people to sue. felt were not the right bills. i expect us to work together with the community and police. years,istrict, over the we bring the police and the community together. that is what i'm going to do as a congressman. i am going to work together with the community and the police department to bring them
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together to foster a relationship and bring crime down. that is what we need. >> do you think the justice department should take over the investigation? decision that the justice department has to make. i am holding off all decisions until the district attorney comes up with his final report. >> your response. let me go back to the beginning of the question. inspector general, ability to sue. >> we have a big difference between my opponent and i. as a congressman for staten island, the one thing is that the constituents in my district know where i stand. i think the mayor made a big mistake by bringing al sharpton to center stage. why? al sharpton is divisive and exploits the opportunity. my heart is broken for that families will could this is a
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tragedy. to bring in someone like al sharpton who will exacerbate the situation -- that is the wrong thing. when they wanted to march across the verrazano bridge, i was one of the first to say that this is inappropriate. this should not be done. since the wrong message to staten island. the rest of staten island thought this was a march against them. anyone in any agency can make a mistake. i was very outspoken. we have someone qualified and capable. when they didn't do the rally -- didn't do the rally, anti-nypd slogans were said. they have a difficult enough job. >> i want you both to characterize height you believe community-police relations are. you characterize the relationship? it can always be improved.
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>> a good, fair, poor? >> i think they are good. this is an isolated incident. this is strained relations. overall, i would say the relationship is good. >> a couple of great yes or no questions. we will break it up a little bit. there was a study to find out tourist, should pay to ride the staten island pharisee -- fairy. more tould cost implement a system for them than it would yield in revenue. hurt the would businesses on staten island, cultural institutions. that is what i'm going to do as a congressman. i will work with the cultural institutions to increase the attendance. since the tour went up on the verrazano bridge to $15, attendance at the museum has been going down. that is what we need to do. they have been going from
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manhattan to brooklyn, bring them to staten island. >> my opponent keeps talking about how we need to have more tourism. he voted for and a dollar toll. >> i did not vote. i did not vote to raise the toll. >> you lied under oath. you were indicted. >> i did not vote to raise the toll. no. i did not vote to raise the toll. >> gentleman. another yes or no question here. another yes or no question. lets find out where you stand on adding pedestrian bike lanes on the island. yes or no? >> that is something we should look into. i believe in having community input. one reason own coney island. we had the input of the community.
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communityt with the and be their voice before arrested decisions. >> they did an entire documentary on how domenic recchia sold-out coney island. >> jobs were there. >> $9,500. your record is a 20 count criminal indictment. calleden island is often the forgotten borough. what have you done in congress for staten island? >> several things. when superstorm sandy hit, it was evident i was on the ground going to make sure every hospital had what they needed, including backup generators. i went to each other, making sure they had food and everything they needed. from day one, even before the storm, on the ground, making sure they were not forgotten.
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the staten island university just received a $40 million federal grant. the medical center just relieved 12 main dollars -- received $12 million. funds for twoed new ferries and infrastructure. recchia, if you are in congress are presenting staten island, what would you specifically do for staten island? addressld work hard to the transportation issue, to lower the tolls, and fight to get funding for a library. that needs to be addressed. transportation to get cars off the roadway when i drive to my mother's house, i'm feeling the impact. in addition to that, we have to address jobs, raise the minimum fairness, paycheck equal pay, and education. lets face it. we are going to fight hard to bring education from headstart
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programs to high school and the school. >> let me ask you this. you live in brooklyn. are you staten island enough for staten island. lives on staten island. my three sisters live on staten island. i have been working staten island. i have supported many cultural institution, the nonprofits. >> are you staten island enough? >> i have lived there for the last 21 years. >> you live in queens. >> i just said i lived there for the last 21 years. obvious he am a 21 years old. i live somewhere before i was 21. besides that, we hear about light rails. he was the finest or of the city council for 12 years. the mta did not put a light rail in the budget. the reality is it is the local electorate that light rail. had 12 years to do
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it. he never did anything for the only thing he did is that he voted for congestion pricing and added in a dollar toll on the brooklyn bridge. >> i would like to address that. the city council put the first part of the money -- we needed another $5 million. you know what, we couldn't, michael grimm voted for seacrest raise in pay that close that program. programs were going to close because of micrograms vote. grimm's vote. you are the last one to talk about fiscal responsibility could you can't bounce your own checkbook. the minority leader came to me and said we have to say these programs. people were not going to have day care because of the damage
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he did with sequestration. if that had not happened, we could have put the money in. >> how does that make sense? >> we pay down debt. >> we had a surplus. the sequestration bill, what president signed into law? a republican president? >> general and, let me go to the next question. gentleman, let me go to the next question. >> let me talk about my record to your record. why don't you talk about why you voted for that. you hurt the people of your district. >> absolutely not. >> one to go to some of these headstart programs? >> i don't. dca, the very following year
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we changed it and took us cut back. again, the sequestration was signed into law by the president and voted on by 94 democrats. >> i was in washington when that happened. let me move on to another question. if you were to be in washington, you would be working with president obama, at least for the next two years, do you disagree or agree with the president? >> the president and i will not agree on all the issues. i'm not in favor of common core. it is data driven. it was not rolled out the right way. it is a problem. school want to help district this country, it should not be tied to any curriculum or what you should do. any other areas where you disagree? always agree on
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everything treat i will stand up to the president for the best interest of the people in my district. i will stand up to republicans and democrats. i know how to work to get things done. >> in areas where you agree? act wasffordable care passed. we have to help people. more people are covered today. that is something we have to work on. i want to go to congress and correct the a formal health care act. there are things that the president and i do agree on. we want to pass a jobs bill. we want to pass a guns bill. we need to do something with the gun violence in this country. >> your response? >> the only thing i agree with my partner on is common core. as far as obamacare and therefore will health care act, he is crippling our health care system. it is a disaster. it is on the backs of seniors. $716 billion.
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and more doctors, more and more patients are being dropped from the policies. that is one area where i disagree with the president. he has had no foreign policy. >> i have to stop you. point where you'd each get a closing statement. it is limited to one minute. we start with domenic recchia. >> thank you for having us here today. congressing for because this district has not been represented by someone that they can be proud of. represented by someone who has not been put under a criminal indictment or 20 counts. we deserve better. i am that person. i went to go to washington to fight or every person in my district. i will to fight on transportation, fight to get funding for light rail, we've make transportation improvement, lower tolls. i want to go to washington and get a jobs bill passed, raise the minimum wage, and get funding for the things that we need for our schools and middle schools, from childcare to a
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college affordability. in addition, we have to stick up for women. i want to fight for women to make sure that they get paid just as much as men when they are doing the jobs. i have three daughters. i'm married to a public school teacher. i know what families are going to. look for me on november 4 as your next congressman. >> thank you very much for having me. i appreciate it. listen, i think people in my district know that i'm accessible. they know that i'm there when they need them. i think they also know who i am as a person. when i was 19 years old, i enlisted in the marine corps because that's what i believed in. i give up her career on wall street to become a special agent of the fbi. as a congressman, i continued my service treat i have been in service for my of the life. i have a passion for serving my community and country. at the end of the day, if you look at my results from day one, i passed legislation that was important. more important, i am proud of the fact that my constituents
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know me and they know that i move mountains. most of my time in congress, even during the time when congress cannot get anything done, there was landmark lands legislation. i am part of my record and the people are present. thank you very much. >> that is this first televised debate. the election is november 4 could we want to thank the candidates. a lively discussion could we thank you for watching. don't forget to vote. it is your right and privilege. >> our campaign 2014 coverage of new york politics continues tomorrow. the debate between the candidates for your 23rd congressional district. tom reed is up against martha robertson. we will bring that to you live at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. one of more than 100 debates we will be bringing to this campaign season.
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54 time for choosing speech. let us know what you think about the programs you're watching pre-call us at the following number. e-mail us at the following address. send us a tweet. join the c-span conversation, like us on facebook, follow is on twitter. >> our campaign 2014 debate coverage continues with the race the 10th illinois district. defeateder nearly robert dold before. they are on the ballot again this year. is courtesy of abc seven in chicago. >> abc seven eyewitness news presents the 2014 congressional district debate.
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>> hello. we welcome you to the debate in the race for the 10th congressional district of illinois. abc debate is presented by seven eyewitness news as well as the league of women voters of illinois. our candidates are mr. bob dold and brad schneider. your responses. i want to welcome you. your responses are limited to 60 seconds. only 30 seconds for the follow-up question. in addition to our questions, something a little different, you will have the opportunity to actually ask a question of each other and have the person respond to that. at the end of the debate today, you will have one minute each for your closing statement. we will begin with my colleague charles,. we will begin with charles snyder. served af you have term in congress representing the 10th illinois district. when either of you returns to the house next year, what
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specifically will you do individually to help break the gridlock in that chamber. ? >> thank you. it is good to be here. i want to thank abc seven in the league of women voters. i travel around the district. i talk to people. the frustration that they feel is blocking real progress. it is blocking progress on immigration reform which passed the senate one year ago and is stuck in the house without having a vote. wage,g the minimum extending an appointment insurance, passing a long-term transportation funding bill. all these things are stuck because of the gridlock we see. the republicans refusing to bring debate or vote. my goal is to work with colleagues to find a way to get these issues to the floor. i let the effort last winter and tried to force a vote on extending unemployment insurance. boehner toforce john bring it to the floor. i respect people's right to vote yes or no, but the citizens of
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the 10th district, the american people conga deserve a congress of votes on these issues. your answer to the same question? >> i think washington is not working. realize istalk to that they are falling behind food washington is not stepping up. i am pleased to have been ranked as the most independent bipartisan member in the congress. i work with those on the other side of the aisle. it is a hallmark of the 10th district. it is something that i used to say that i have upheld. i have gotten the endorsement from the daily herald in chicago tribune and they have said that bob dold is the one who will in gridlock in washington. i believe there are bipartisan solutions, putting people before the politics and get solutions done for the 10th district and our country. that is the record that i have amassed. that is what i will continue to do when i go back to the united states congress. with all due respect, i did not hear anything
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but talking points. what are you going to do specifically when you get back there? what are you going to do individually to break the gridlock? >> what i did in my first term, find the people i can work with and introduce legislation in -- a republican from georgia, indiana, north carolina, people have good relationships with. work through the process of trying to build coalitions, bring people together, make sure that we can get it to the floor for a vote. we passed legislation to put sanctions on has a lot this summer. we passed legislation last year to protect israel, to increase their military edge. there are things that can get done. >> thank you. , what can you do? >> this comes down to leadership. it means sticking your neck out. working with the other side. something i have been able to do.
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specifically, lets take a look at the budget. in 2012, for the first time in a generation, there was a bipartisan budget. it was based on the residence deficit reduction commission. they stuck in a cap to cosponsor the budget. i was one of them. these are the types of things that the 10th district has grown accustomed to bring everything i did was with bipartisan support because i am so that he who meets a budget and a payroll, small business owner, i realize we have to work together to solve problems, and that is what the american public needs. >> this is a question for both of you. i want to begin with mr. bob dold. in 2011 at 2012, you voted several times to repeal the affordable care act. will you continue to vote with your party to repeal obama care if you are elected this time? >> i think what is important to know is that we need to take a step back and take a look at what we want in our health care system. what we wanted to look out going forward. i think what we have right now is far too politicized.
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when you talk about the affordable care act, people say -- people should be saying what we want in our care? i think we want hastened centric care. patient-centric care. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. so many families and small gone toes have been -- the mailbox and found their plan was canceled. they can't see the oncologist that they have been getting treatment for. those of the things that we have to fix. i will step up to try to fix those problems, something that i'm committed to do, because we need to have a health care system that works are everybody. be changed need to about obamacare question mark >> sure. i was disappointed years ago when i watched my opponent vote 28th times to repeal the affordable health care act. it is far from perfect. it is an important step forward in a health care system. we can't go back to a time where people can't get insurance
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because they have pre-existing conditions that we can't go back to a time where families are not able to keep their children on their health care plan until age 26. when someone gets sick, they can receive a notice from their insurance company kicking them off of their plan. all of these things were dressed by the affordable care act. we need to move forward. it is not perfect. i have legislation that would repeal the medical the vice tax. this is a tax on innovation. we need a innovation to move our health care system forward, to provide the technologies that will allow us to reduce our overall taxable health care. he joined with his party every single time, repeal the affordable care act, and moved is backwards. i'm going to build on what's working great i will fix on what is not working. we cannot repeal this. you want to fix the affordable care act. i think it's critical.
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that is called fixing this. he wants to call it fixing. when i do it, it's called the lake. there are a lot of problems great if we look at what is going on, it is one party putting through 1/5 of the economy without a bipartisan solution, we will have a lot of issues with this and need to be fixed rate frankie, we need bipartisan solutions, people coming together. >> i will take you with all due again,, time and time avoiding other issues to repeal the affordable care act. mr. bob dold voted with his party. that is not fixing it. we could find agreement. iere we disagree is that don't want to repeal the full affordable health care act or you do. we need to move forward. we need to build on what is working could we can't go back to that time where people are not able to get insurance pay >>
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thank you very much. now we will move on. we have questions that were submitted to us trade these questions coming into our abc seven facebook page. this first question comes from a gentleman who opposes this, workforce participation is at a 30 year low. what are your plans to integrate the jobs market? mr. schneider? 200,000 new jobs created every month last year. you that is the right direction. i talked to people. they are struggling to there having a hard time making ends meet. they are not feeling it. quality,ou create more welcoming jobs. manufacturing is a key component of that food we have in this 600,000 300,000 open manufacturing just because these company's cannot match people with these openings. i have been working hard to close this gap. i introduced legislation that would work with educational institutions. community colleges, technical schools, to make sure that the
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people were going to the schools, get the skills they need, expand our manufacturing. we weren do that, adjust to our konica that is growing our economy. it will help people get on-the-job training through co-op and internship spear that will expand our economy. >> what would you do specifically. >> i do believe that manufacturing is absolutely vital. we live in the third largest manufacturing district in the nation. what is interesting is that my opponent voted against it. that is 70% of the time. he voted against manufacturing 70% of the time. that is a step backwards, without question. i think we have to talk about how we fix our tax code. we all know businesses that have -- people have been put out of work. we need to fix our tax code to make it work for everyone, not just for the well-connected. fix jobs, in terms of how we train them, how we extend
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education, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, to make sure the students have the skills they need to get jobs in the 21st century. i believe we have a key ingredient here. we have to make washington worked at we have to make able come together to solve these problems in a bipartisan fashion. right now, washington is not working. people are falling behind. that is what i think is absolutely critical. i have put together a main street jobs position which talks about access project vendors and small businesses to get resources, invest in this is. of you thegive each opportunity. if you have ever wanted to ask the german across the table from you one question, this is your chance. we want to start with you mr. bob dold. doyou say one thing and another. you have rallied against the koch brothers in the fossil fuel industry, yet invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to line your pockets. you say you are for small businesses yet you voted and small businesses. over 70% of the time. you say you are going to be bipartisan, get you have produced nothing but a partisan record as noted by the chicago
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tribune and others. you are running a bipartisan campaign -- partisan campaign. you have gutted the program. after you miss by the voters this many times, how can they expect to trust anything you say? >> again, you criticize folks. the votes i have taken to protect the affordable care act -- i will protected because it means we move forward. to protect social security and medicare, affordable health care only one of us has voted that way. that is you. you voted for twice. it is the medicare guaranteed. aarp says it will cost the nation's $6,000 at your more for medicare insurance. the wall street journal says it will end medicare as we know for you voted for twice. you voted to this fund, dismantle, or rebuild your formal health care time and time again. you voted 200 times against our
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environment. sierra club, league of conservation voters, i have their endorsement. that is why planned parenthood have given me their endorsement. i said i would fight for a woman's right to choose 100% of the time. i have. i work to protect our environment. i have. the voters in the 10th district can judge -- >> thank you very do have a chance to rebut. about hownent talks it will end medicare. that was the lie of the year. he was to go back -- what is interesting is that he is running a campaign because he has no record to run on. he wants to poke holes at me. in actuality, he did cast a vote that is cutting $700 billion out of medicare, 156 billion dollars out of medicare advantage. lake, the singers are sitting around the table, they are having a real problem.
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-- thank you very much. at this point, it is your chance to ask him a question. >> let me first respond. it's and we did not happen. the scots. the affordable care act, i voted to protect it. you want to repeal it. i won't. two years ago when you served in congress, a simple yes or no question, didn't you vote every time all four times when they brought the repeal to the floor? get a vote to repeal the affordable care act? >> do i have a chance to respond? >> yes or no question? >> we need to have a bipartisan plan. downdoesn't need to go without a single republican a vote. net to pelosi says we had to


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