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tv   Minnesota Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 27, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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-- and unlike us at facebook. senate debate is available any time at for races around the country. georgia ads in the senate race. >> he came into office with millions of dollars in personal date and now his work millions. out to get rich? -- how did he get rich? he sold his salvage yard. made $3 million. the middle-class has fallen further behind. nathan deal, putting money in his pocket, not ours. >> jason carter has big ambitions by his big promises fall short of the truth.
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he claims to be for education and the middle class. --would with strict access -- heid ask us to the restrict access to the hope scholarship. >> we dated five years before we got married and five more years we have our first song. two years later we had thomas. it has been the adventure of our lives. he is the best at it they love him. -- he is the best dad and they love him. i do not have the stomach for politics but jason is very courageous. he is never afraid to do what he think is right. >> first place, the pinnacle, number one, how'd do we get there? build a nathan deal
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skilled ready workforce. nathan deal brought real appeal to our economy and created over 200,000 new jobs. climate issiness leading the nation. george is the number one place to do business. >> i am andrew hunt. we want to verbs in u.s. government. a percent refused to vote in the primary. you are fed up with politics. we want to move away from the the bottom of education. we want the government out of our lives. let's reduce regulation and three jobs putting georgia back to work. >> c-span's campaign continues tuesday night with sin debates from new jersey and south carolina.
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new jersey senate debate between atumbent cory booker republican challenger jeff bell. at 9:00 p.m., a south carolina senate debate between tim scott, joyce dickerson, and jill bossi. >> tonight, the minnesota senate debates between al franken and republican challenger mcfadden. the hawaii governor debate. and later, the claims made by candidates from outside groups. >> a few of the e-mails we recently received from our viewers. gene wrote --
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christine sent to this e-mail. and robert/lee wrote --
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continue to let us know what you think about the programs you are watching. join the conversation and like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. >> the second debate between minnesota democratic senator al franken and his republican challenger mike mcfadden. from minneapolis, this 50 minute debate is courtesy of wcco-tv. ♪ >> from minnesota's most-watched station, this is wcco-tv senate debate. >> good morning and thank you
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for joining us for a special sunday morning on wcco-tv. >> we are joined for a live senate debate between democratic senator al franken and challenger mike mcfadden. thank you for joining us. >> welcome. what you will see over the next hour will be different from a traditional debate. there is no audience and i will not be timed responses. pat and i will keep things moving so we could get to as much possible. >> we flipped the coin to determine who would field the first question. mr. mcfadden, you one. we want to start with ebola. there is widespread anxiety in america about a possible outbreak of ebola and there are three states, which or enforcing mandatory core retains -- four teams -- quarantines.
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you want to go further and you would like to have a travel ban for was african countries because you say this is a dangerous situation, but medical experts around the world say it's not effective. >> what we have seen here is another example of lack of leadership in washington, ebola is a very serious disease. people are really concerned in this country and minnesota and as i am going around the state whatal, i do not know you're hearing, people are really concerned. it, we are noto close to being prepared for it ebola outbreak in the united states. their only 4 state of the art centers. one in atlanta, why in nebraska and one in washington, d.c.. they can take 3-10 patients at a time.
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if a severe outbreak, where not ready to address. >> medical experts say a travel ban is not effective. >> i think it is common sense. we have a way to prevent people from coming to our country, so i called for a temporary travel ban of people traveling from west africa to the united states. >> and to support the mandatory quarantine for health care workers who have -- over the weekend, that had goes into and newn new york jersey. >> when you saw what happened in doctoral camea and develop symptoms, it is scary. those poor nor since -- those poor nurses in dallas and they probably thought they were doing everything right and they contracted it. the cdc allows the nurse to get on a plane. >> let's go to senator franken. medical experts say job in is
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not effective. is it effective or not? insufficient it is to have a travel ban from the was african countries to the united states because it is a vast majority go through countries. there are very few flights directly. let me tell you what i have done. he said hefranken, wants a travel ban and you said it should be considered, but you are concerned about getting aid workers in and out. do support or not and also what about the mandatory quarantine that has gone into effect in three states? >> let me tell you what i have been doing. it is a very small minority of flights that come from there. the vast majority come through third countries like europe or
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the middle east. i agree that the response in dallas was just unacceptable and my work, a lot of my work has to -- thatminnesota that is not going to happen. i have been in burglar content with the head of the hospital association and we have for hot foods now that are set up -- i have been in regular contact with the head of the hospital association and we have 4 hospital set up. >> what about the ban? it is very controversial? >> we want to do the most rational, effective thing to keep people safe in minnesota. i talked to the governor and from thener -- minnesota department of health last night and i will be talking to the commissioner and he is having a meeting with expert
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today at 1:00 to talk about what the most effective way is. and whether that means a mandatory quarantine. >> we want to know where you stand on the travel ban? >> i have nothing against a travel ban from west africa. it is am saying is -- totally insufficient because what we need to do is be able to screen and i talked to the cbc and i pressed the cdc along with the governor, who makes airport where in you screen and track people. all the people come in will be theyned and attract, so have to take her temperature twice a day. that is the distinction now between mandatory quarantine. other governors have decided not to do it.
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i will be talking to the governor and the commissioner later today about how that meeting went. we want to do this in the most effective way possible. >> mr. mcfadden, let's go back. we have a doctor in new york who was self testing and was taking his temperature by he was out of bowling and riding the subway. is he a hero or irresponsible dr.? about the cdc,s there are a lot of mistakes and that was made. the administration does not seem to have a hold. with doctorsctor without borders and he is a hero. i listen to both of you asked frank and three times what his answer was and he did not answer. that's a problem with politics. people want straight talk. the reason people are so concerned about ebola is a ecac
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in washington -- if they see a theme in washington and there is no leadership whether isis or the economy. people are feeling less secure and less safe and i know that because i am talking to people. >> are you satisfied with president obama's handling that handling of the obama crisis? they apologized for what they did. focusnow, my number one is making sure that people in minnesota are safe and that is why i have worked -- i've been in constant contact with both the commissioner, the governor. >> are you satisfied with president obama? >> no, and i do not think he is. >> that's it for this segment that will be back in a couple of minutes with questions about the affordable care act.
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♪ >> welcome back to the senate debate. the affordable care act which is known as obamacare is now in place and a year old. americans are still navigating what it is and what it means. >> we want to start with senator franken, president obama said repeatedly if you like your doctor, you can keep him or her and if you like your policy, you can keep it. would you call it the lie of the year in 2012? have you been lying to the peak will of minnesota -- to the people of minnesota? >> i have not. i did not say those things. the president was engaged in wishful thinking. let's talk about what the affordable care act has done in minnesota.
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theave reduced by 40% number of uninsured. 95% of minnesotans are in short him of the country. minnesotans, second in the country. mr. mcfadden wants to repeal the affordable care act, he has ronald that the whole time. he wants to repeal it. we have to fix the things that are wrong with it, but built of the things that are right. if you repeal, we would go back to square one and you would have people with pre-existing conditions being able to get coverage without paying a penalty. women would have to pay more for their health care just because they are a woman. people who have gone through their lifetime cap or annual cap would be thrown off their health care again.
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kate, a mom, whose daughter has cystic fibrosis said her daughter is alive because they got rid of the cats. >> your mate is a big part of your campaign. -- you have made a big part of your campaign. you said you want to keep pre-existing conditions and keep 26-year-old on their parents' policies and no lifetime limits. you also say no mandate. it does not seem to work. on the health experts say that is obamacare, but for the mandate. >> we have a health care issue in this country. we have had for a long time. obamacare is not the right solution. it is a train wreck. i have come with a
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plan and i want to talk about it. lie, theed with the biggest lie of the year, if you like your doctor, you can keep it. the biggest lie was when the president and al franken said it would make health care less expensive and that is not true. it's absolutely not true. i know that because i am talking to people. that it was preferred one, the low-cost provider and they came out with the new rates and they are going up 63%. when i was in rochester last week him a woman came up to me who work at mayo clinic -- last week, a woman came up to me who works at mayo linette at her deductible is going up and she had a look of fear and anger. said it is a lie you are telling minnesotans. premiumsfocus on the
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going off. three weeks from tomorrow, thousands of minnesotans will go to the website and the estimates are all over the map ranging from 4% to 11%. what did you say to people who are concerned not only by the increasing -- people have seen their rates go up and some have seen them go down. i spoke to a manufacturer 8:00 p.m. ploys 48 people -- may fracture and he employees 48 people. let's make it clear. let me make this clear. what he is talking about is repealing this and it goes back to square one with a congress that is -- where there is -- there is obstruction and gridlock. all of this disappears illegally. -- immediately.
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>> we have a health care issue in this country. obamacare is not the right solution. it is a disaster. to say it is going to lower cost is patently wrong. it will raise costs. we cannot afford. the difference is i want the states to control and you want the federal government to control. >> that has been done. quick you do what you want -- >> when al franken and i were debating in front of the audiencem alfred and said there audience,roms with -- alfredo said there are many problems with obamacare. at yourts have looked plan and set your plan will not keep costs low will cost you do not have the mandate. chris that is wrong. i said of the states can decide if they want to implement.
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-- >> and that is wrong. if minnesota said we want a mandate, we could do that. not want one,es they do not have to. i believe the states are laboratories for experiment. >> it does not matter. it is not going to be his plan. members of the house and 100 members of the senate and everybody will have a plan and your plan does not get adopted because you are running for office. it immediately goes away. i have offered fixes. ok? i have bipartisan support on something called reinsurance which is the unions and businesses that sell for sure the republican of illinois is a cosponsor of my legislation. to say i have offered nothing -- >> that is a minute piece of it.
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what minnesotans want -- straight talk and obama care is not working. there's a better way forward and i think the states are laboratories for experiment and it should be implemented. i am sorry gentlemen. that is all the time we have. >> ok. >> they are $1000 a year less per book in -- per beneficiary their predicted in 2009. the cost of the kind of care we have incentivized as opposed to -- and what we do -- >> you mentioned -- >> medicare advantage that you want to do away. >> and that is not true. more americans on medicare advantage now than ever before. i am sorry for
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that we want to go to a lot of topics. hang on a second. >> for safe to say it will lower, it is a out right -- everybody getting the permits for next year are seeing staggering rises. >> we will have to take a break. we will be back in a couple of minutes. >> welcome back to the senate to debate. we have been asking viewers what is on their mind. what do they want to know from the candidates. >> we have had a lot of questions from viewers and one is from rod, who is sick and tired of america being at work for a dozen years. he is wondering, what can be done about it? he asks senator franken, what would you do about the isis threat?
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a barbaricis is group. we need to degrade and destroy isis. train and arm the syria withbels in some trepidation about how successful it could be. i have supported the president's bombing as well as in iraq. isis does not observe those borders. i do not think -- would we go back to to congress, we will debate and vote at the right to use military force to o this bombing. kay it will be a much more narrowly defined authorization. -- to support the president'
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do you support the president's actions and has he done enough? mr. mcfadden said he you and missing in action a do not done enough to stop recruiting right here in minnesota. what about that? >> as soon as i got to the what are the9, first things i did was give briefings from the fbi, both in washington and st. paul on recruitment going on at the time in our community. leaders, anommunity organization that tries to get youth to make better choices. i met with a lot enforcement and the on record as pressing judiciaryecurity
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hearings on this. i am on record as pressing the director of the fbi on this and judiciary hearings. i have worked with the community and working with law enforcement. we got to the recruitment down. when it was clear that isis had acruited dozens, i wrote letter saying i want to double down on what we did to limit -- they started a new program. >> he has done a lot. this has been going on for a long time. the world has become a more dangerous place. i hear about safety and security from people all of the time. the number one recruitment area for terrorism and that concerns me. there are things going on for a long time. al franken second 2008. it was not until -- there are estimates that thousands of
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minnesotans are fighting with isis. minnesotans were killed and i called for a revocation of that gos from people with terrorist organizations and i held a press conference. after talking with community leaders in east africa. al franken comes out and says -- he writes a letter to the department of justice. let me go back. when you talk about isis the cuts that are barbarians. i cannot stress enough how disappointed i have been with president obama's foreign-policy or lack of it in your support of it. doesleading from behind not work. it was a president that said, i will sit down with the leaders of north korea and iran and work everything out. that is not been the case. the world is a more dangerous face today because will not show
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leadership. it is a president they came from vacation after there were 2 beheadings of journalist and said we do not have a strategy and that is not acceptable. >> the president said in 2012 syria used chemical weapons and a red line would be crossed a it would be u.s. action in retaliation and that never happened. experts point to that in a series of missteps in syria and not leaving a force in iraq as being part of the reason that isis has grown so quickly. you have supported the president's foreign-policy. do you feel the president and yourself and those who have supported him are right to blame? used 2013 when assad chemical weapons, i said i thought the president should use force. mr. mcfadden talks about leading from behind.
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in the first 10 months of his campaign, there was not a word about foreign-policy and terrorism. used chemicalad weapons, every republican candidate was asked by minnesota public radio what choices they would make, what would they do. everybody answered but mr. mcfadden. he ducked. the reason was it was a difficult political decisions. >> i did not duck. >> you did not answer the question. >> every -- other candidates responding. >> we get asked questions all of the time. sometimes we answer and sometimes we do not. it made a situation i was at a kids -- i am in the game. as soon as you draw a redline in the sand and it's crossed, i would've had bombers
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immediately. done. and -- and -- >> this was a huge issue at the time. this dominated the news. when you were asked about the issue facing the country and right then and there that was the issue and it was a difficult decision at that is the job -- in benghazi, we had an ambassador murdered and the president did nothing and you supported and the world watched. phil what happened is the president drew a red line in the sand -- then what happened is the president drew a redline and nothing happened. no wonder we have a situation that happened in the ukraine or gaza or syriaa -- and the world is a much more
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dangerous place. you supporting for president 97% of the time. you are a rubber stamp for his policies. >> we will talk >> what should we have done in benghazi? >> hang on. let me answer this. this is a job where you have to answer questions in real time, where you have to make choices in real time. you can't take cheap shots from the bleachers. there was no, nothing, not a word of his foreign policy. nothing on his website. nothing that he -- no speeches on it. no press release. >> you talk about diverting questions real time. i just watched pat asked you three times whether you supported travel ban from west
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africa and you diverted it time and time again. people are seeing how you act and that's not acceptable. >> up next, we'll get to one of the most repeated attacks in this race, that 97%. stay right here. >> welcome back to the u.s. senate debate between al franken and republican challenger mike mcfadden. something we've heard a lot in this campaign and viewers have seen this in your political ads over and over again. you have repeatedly criticized senator franken in your ads for voting with president obama 97% of the time. you promise if you're elected if you vote 97% of your time with your party, you won't run again. what is the proper percentage,
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96%, 95%? how about 90? how about 88%? what's your percentage? >> it shows independent leadership. i won't be a rubber stamp for any president. it's an issue because i believe that this president is leading us in the wrong direction. i believe that most minnesota residents believe that and al franken has been a rubber stamp for the president. i haven't met anybody in minnesota that agrees with another person 97% of the time. he don't even agree with my wife 97% of the time. what's a good% ath -- percentage? >> pat, let me tell you something. let me share something with you. america is broken right now. congress is not working. it's not working. it is hyperpartisan and i believe that right now that
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where we have dush mentioned there's 100 senators and 435 in the house of representatives, there's 535 people that have an opportunity to vote in america and what we have produced from congress for a decade is horrendous. >> i get what you're saying. you're using them over and over again but that is apparently what everybody does. take a look at some of -- here's what the democrats vote. let me show you this. here is what democrats vote with their parties, and it's above 90%. you've got all the democrats, 90% or more, except for colin peterson. but republicans too. look at the republicans. here are republicans. everyone is voting above 90%. that 97% number is meaningless. >> no it's not. it's not meaningless. it's one of the highest percentage voting with the president. he has supported the president every step of the way. pat, you raise a bigger issue nd that's the extreme partisan
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partisanship that has taken place in washington. we have seen this hyperpartisanship. congress has a 9% approval rating. what really bothers me as a dad, as a businessman, and as a coach is nobody takes responsibility for the outcome. let me just -- >> we have to move on. we actually broke down the votes amongst the u.s. senate and we actually found there were no republican senators who voted with their party 97% of the time while 37 democratic senators including you voted with the president 97% of the time in the 113th congress. doesn't that make your party, the democratic party the party of gridlock? >> no. this has been written about extensively and why this is so
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misleading. a lot of these are just nominations. .h.s. secretary, she passed -- a lot of these -- that's what they score. they score the things the president is for. i try to vote -- i try 100% of the time to vote for minnesota. and i work across party lines. i've done legislation with lamar alexander, a republican of tennessee. we just got it signed in july, the first reform of our workforce system. we got rid of 15 different programs but we're training people for jobs that exist. i work with pat roberts on making drugs safer. work with deb fischer from kansas, deb fischer a republican
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from nebraska on world broad ban. >> you say you're woking across the aisle. but 97% indicates you do support president obama. has he been doing a really good job, good enough you support him 97% of the time? -- i have - i do voted in the interest of minnesota. now, on president obama, i've been disappointed in his inability to deal with this gridlock. but i've also been disappointed in the gridlock that's been created especially by the tea party. >> let me talk about gridlock for a minute. to ale you made a comment franken his party was a -- i can tell you as an outcider, as a
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usinessman -- outsider who was taught to take responsibilities dad, i don't understand, congress has been horrendous. republicans say it's not our fault. we don't control the presidency. the democrats don't. they say we can't work with the house. i believe that la franken is one of the most partisan senators in the senate. >> why have senator roger wicker, a republican mississippi in the th me to reign credit agencies on wall street. >> may i answer? >> go quickly. >> i see common ground when i can. but i also stand my ground when i -- when they come after the
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middle class, and this is where mr. mcfadden and i fundamentally disagree. i think the economy works in the middle out. i work want to work for the middle class and those aspiring middle class. >> hang on a second. we're talking about partisanship. >> i'm for raising the minimum wage. >> a study came out and they ranked senators from 1 to 100 in terms of their ability to co-sponsor legislation across the aisle. you were ranked last place. my dad always said look at actions. >> according to that constituent -- it statistic, ted cruz is one of the most bipartisan members of the senate. >> ted cruz voted with his party 87% of the time. i've got ted cruz's voting record here. >> if you look at voting,
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there's a bell curve and, al, you are an outliar. >> when president obama was elected, the first thing we heard from the republican minority leader mitch mcconnell was they were going to do everything they can to not allow a second term. do you agree with that? >> i'll just give you a straight answer, unlike la franken who continues to divert from questions that you've asked him, i believe that's wrong. i think washington is so broken that nothing is getting done and nobody takes responsibility for these outcomes. this is america. we signed up for representative democracy over 200 years ago which by definition, which means we have to work together to get things done. and under measurement what has been produced by congress over the last decade is horrendous. and you've been a part of that,
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al, and you need to take responsible tore that. >> we have to move on to the next segment. we will be right back. please join us. >> welcome back. we're in a state that bleeds purple and gold. even in a trying season the vikings are in a very big draw. we want to join larry jacobs from the humphreys school who has been going over the viewer questions. >> we've got john who has written in and john is fed up with billionaire owners getting public funding. lets start with you, senator franken. john asks, do you think it's time to revoke the nfl tax exempt status? if yes, would you commit to sponsoring legislation to do this? >> senator franken. > well, they are exempt from
10:41 pm
certain laws that i think they shouldn't be. when they were negotiating on the stadium, it really was the owner could hold us hostage, the city hostage. i believe that we should be able to go back to the green bay packer model where a community owns -- can own the team. >> what about tax-exempt status? >> i would revoke that. i would have to look into that. they do -- >> two other senators have bills drks senator cantwell and cory booker both have legislation in congress saying that they should revoke the tax-exempt status. >> i will support that. >> i will how about you? >> it's something i can look into. when i heard the question he thought maybe -- >> this is a federal issue. >> i understand the tax-exempt
10:42 pm
status. i have not looked into the nfl's tax-settlement status. and i've never been asked a question on that before. what i am asked is about the direction of this country. well, this is a $10 billion constitution here and they have a tax--- institution here. you're thoughts on that. >> i'll look into it and i'll get back to you. frankly, i'm kind of surprised that in an hour debate that we're talking about tax exempt status. >> this is important to our views and a lot of minnesota ans . a week from now the washington redskins football team comes here and to many people, minnesota residents and native americans they
10:43 pm
believe it's offensive. should they change their name? >> if it was my team, i would own e the name but i don't the team >> i think it's racist. >> senator franken, you've actually written to the nfl to ask them to force the redskins to change their name. according to -- you septembered a $2,500 this election season from the nfl. was that the right thing to do? >> well, look, whoever gives money to me, i feel they're endorsing what i speak on. >> they've been widely criticized for turning a blind eye as to domestic abuse. >> this is the first that i heard that they gave to me. >> according to this group, it's a $2500 contribution.
10:44 pm
would you consider giving it back? >> i will, yes. >> we will move on to the next segment where we'll talk about a lot of issues that a lot of our viewers want to hear about this too. >> you have also talked about closing loopholes. you want to close every loophole there is. isn't this a loophole that an organization like the nfl has a tax exempt status? >> i can't wait to hear which ones you want to close. >> i think that would be an exercise in futility to sit there and say which one of the 17,000 we are going to get rid of. i think we should do it in a onpartisan way and say this is going to be neutral because we have $17.5 trillion of debt we need to be guided by simplicity
10:45 pm
and transparency. >> this is where we have a fundamental difference. i voted to get rid of tax loopholes for companies that outsource jobs overseas. hat we use that to pay for 2, 00 teachers in minnesota. this is was at the height of the great recession. we were losing teachers right and left. i made that vote. he criticized that vote. i have legislation to prevent inversions that i have co-sponsored. his company has taken advantage of inversions. >> billions of dollars. >> al franken owns stock in the parent company that he's talking about. >> al, i'm disappointed. you have spent millions of dollars attacking me on the air with false ads, and that's one
10:46 pm
of the issues that we have in this state right now. you ran the most negative attack oriented campaign in 2008 against norm coleman and now you're doing it again. and i believe -- >> lets talk about this latest ad, mr. mcfadden because you're saying it's absolutely false that your company neg yosheyated a deal that resulted in a mine closing in montana that resulted -- layoffs.lay offs >> the company that i run did not do that deal. it was not involved in that transaction. >> why was it on the website? i've got the website here. it has that deal right underneath it. >> what i would encourage you to do is call them on monday and you ask them if we were nvolved. . e company that i run
10:47 pm
we sell businesses. >> you also talk about your restructuring prowl es on your website. you posted that. >> this was a transaction that the business that i run did not touch. and what al franken has said is in that ad was that i was a c.e.o. that was bruce. you know bruce. he was a big donor to your campaign. >> except you're not telling the truth, senator franken. 00 people loss their jobs. >> you have these unemployed mill workers -- >> i have a mutual fund. you know some of the financials that i don't control. >> please let me answer this. this is an ad about a plant in montana that closed and it closed because of a deal that
10:48 pm
mr. mcfadden's company was advising on restructuring. >> not the firm that i run. it's the firm -- >> can i answer? >> mr. mcfadden's firm during this entire campaign advertised that it did the restructuring for that company. that's the company that laid off these 400 people. some had worked there for 20 to 30 years. but the day they had it on their website until the day we ran the ad. that seems pretty incriminating. >> this would be like me blaming you for something that general electric did when you were at "saturday night live" because they -- >> i didn't advertise on my website. >> it's not just this ad. you met my daughter.
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>> aren't we embarrassed about what? >> about taking off your website the day after my ad that says -- that advertised we did the restructuring. >> we're come back on the other side of this break. >> stay tuned. we'll have much more of our debate after this. >> as we joined again by senator al franken and mike mcfadden. both of you wanted to continue the conversation that we left wfment >> so i wanted to say and stress anses are tired. when we initially when i jumped into this race, al, your team, the democratic party put out an attack ad that had my daughter in it. no, don't roll your eyes. there is an attack ad that had my daughter molly in it. that's not appropriate.
10:50 pm
and minnesotaians are tired of these attacks. i have not -- >> you don't run negative ads? >> every ad -- these ads have been very negative. >> what about the issue of the 400 jobs that were lost, senator? >> 400 jobs lost, they did the restructuring, they bragged about doing the restructuring for the whole lent of this campaign until -- whole length of this campaign. they knew his company did the restructuring on this. now they are a wholey owned subsidiary of a company in bermuda. that's the whole point -- you're a shareholder in that company. >> let me finish. that's the whole point of having a company in bermuda.
10:51 pm
you can sit -- you can send the money there. evidently it's intended to be confusing where your income is so that middle class americans end up paying the tax bill. we have a fundamental difference in the way we think the economy should work. it should work from the middle out. it should hope those in the middle. >> you own stock in this parent company and you own it through a mutual fund. you know what the mutual fund was called? the social responsible fund. >> if i can get to the point of the inversion -- tax inversion and those 400 jobs. did you have something to do with that? >> no, the firm that i run had nothing to do with that. >> why was it on your website? >> you sat there and -- >> your company made $10 million on an inversion deal that sent a u.s. pharmaceutical company over to ireland. is isn't that fair for you to be questioned about and held
10:52 pm
accountable? >> that is false. we did not represent the company that did the inversion. >> you represented the irish company and your company made a lot of money. >> we have no operational control. it's like selling a home. >> you told the associated press that you didn't even know an inversion was part of the deal. you were a accomplished businessman. >> you're a c.e.o. and you don't take responsibility for what your company does, what are you going to do as a senator? the point is there's a company that's worth $500 million in ireland and you're representing it. you're representing the fact they have a very low tax rate in ireland. >> we have a minute left here. >> we represent companies all over the world and we don't have operational control. it's -- when you sell your house , when you sell your apartment
10:53 pm
-- your agent doesn't make operational control of that. it's the new owner comes in and -- >> this is a fundamental difference. as s -- he doesn't just act the real estate agent. he bragged in 2009 about when there's a bad market we change to doing restructuring. and that's exactly what happened in montana. >> gentleman gentlemen, i am sorry. that is going to have to be the last word. we want to thank mr. mcfadden and senator. thank you so much for joining s. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute] >> you can see this and other debates again. here's a look at the ads in the minnesota senate race.
10:54 pm
>> al franken is hiding his 97% voting rate with president obama. why? > al franken, 97% obama. >> i'm mike mcfadden. i approve this message. >> waiting for rain can prove unpredictable. but waiting for congress to pass the farm bill? come on. i'm proud that i worked with democrats and republicans to write and pass a five year farm ill that's good for moans -- minnesota minnesota. one in five jobs in our state is tied to agriculture. i'm al franken and i approve this message. >> >> i'm molly mcfadden. my dad mike mcfadden is running for senate. he really tries but he's knot good at this political stuff. >> not good. >> problem is, dad's super
10:55 pm
honest. he works hard. dad's been all over minnesota telling people about his plans. i can tell you this, he's a good guy with a great heart and he'll give everything for minnesota. >> i'm mike mcfadden and i approve this message. >> i'm al franken and i approve this message. >> where do you go to avoid paying taxes? how about bermuda. that's where mike mcfadden's company go to avoid paying taxes. mcfadden's company made $11 million on a deal to help a company void paying taxes. anywhere you go, mike mcfadden is not for us. >> campaign 2014, we are bringing you more than 100 debates for the control of congress. llow us on twitter at c espn -- c-span and like us.
10:56 pm
now the kansas city senate race between pat roberts and greg orman. we spoke with steve kraske of the kansas city star. >> back to campaign 2014. eight days until the election. lets take a look at the kansas senate race. we're joined by steve kraske for the kansas city star. thanks for joining us. we're looking at the race between pat roberts and the independent greg orman. where do things stand eight days out? >> it's still obviously a very close race out here. the latest polls that we're looking at here suggest that orman might have a lead of a point or two but obviously that is within the margin of error in these polls out here. but a very, very tight race. here's no question about it.
10:57 pm
>> last week the pat roberts bringing in the big guns, bringing in mitt romney. who else has come in to campaign for the senator? >> at this point, bill, about half the u.s. senate has been out here to campaign for pat roberts. ize -- he's had john mccain here, rand paul, ted cruz, just one senator after another, tom coper from oklahoma has been here for him. today as you just mentioned, mitt romney will be here in the kansas city area suburb just on the kansas side, i think he'll draw a pretty good crowd. mitt romney is still a big name in american politics and that's why senator roberts is bringing him out here. it will be fun to see what happens. >> who does he rely on?
10:58 pm
the democratic party is not there for him. >> that's one of the big questions that surrounds this campaign is as we head down towards election day who does greg orman count on to get the vote out? he doesn't have very much at least in the traditional sense that we judge these things. as you point out, he's an independent. the democrats are reluctant to help him on on that. they don't want to be caught helping greg orman and further tie him to the democratic party. that's been one of the main arguments throughout the campaign from the roberts' side which is that orman say liberal democrat. he's a democrat who's been hiding behind the cloak of being an independent candidate. they really want to avoid that kind of association. so orman is from what we can tell anyway is pretty much on his own when it comes to getting
10:59 pm
the vote out. you wonder how bad will it affect him. ronts will have the advantage of having a long established republican machine behind him, very well-known for his get out to vote apparatus that helped sam brownback four years ago very well should help him again this time around. so roberts will be able to bank on that kind of support. orman doesn't have that kind of machine behind him. and you wonder how that's going to affect the final vote on election day. >> you have an election eight days and you have a world series coming back to kansas city. is that a distraction in terms of the things like getting airtime for tv spots, political ads and things like that? >> well, if you watch the world series out here you're seeing lots of ads for orman, lots of ads for roberts. i don't think there's been any impact there at all.
11:00 pm
we have noticed though some research that has been done that suggest if you have a successful home team in any sport that tends to favor incumbents going forward to election day. how big of a factor that is, i doubt. but there is research out there that suggest there is that kind of tie going into election day. >> we'll find out this week on one of those pieces of it anyway. >> yes we will. >> steve kraske, he's on twitter . follow all the action there in the senate race in kansas. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me, bill. >> on the next "wall street journal," mike duncan discusses -- has about he become a big issue. karen white lookswh


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