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tv   New Hampshire Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 30, 2014 9:57pm-10:59pm EDT

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called them together and find a way to save money. will nowndidates deliver closing statements. each candidate will have one minute. we will begin with mr. cuomo. >> thank you very much. there is no doubt that this state has suffered for many decades, especially in upstate new york. we saw young people leaving. we saw jobs leaving. upstate new york was abandoned a albany because there it was down statement taliban that took over and upstate new york did not get the attention they deserve. we have diverse to that. that is what the buffalo billion is all about. when my opponent says he will stop it, that is over my dead idea. that would he like saying dropdead buffalo. lows.xes are at historic jobs are at historic highs. more than ever before in history. and we respect people's rights.
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we have democrats and republicans working together again in albany. on time inr budgets a row. there is more work to be di -- to be done to make certain. i want to keep upstate moving forward together. >> mr. mc are met -- mr. mcdermott. >> i asked you to please listen as new yorkers. now i want to speak to you as a libertarian. democrats and republicans have a problem. you want to stop, gore? vote -- you want to stop common core? vote libertarian this one time. vote for michael mcdermott. you want to prevent [indiscernible] vote libertarian. you want to not have charter schools taking over?
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vote libertarian this one time. don't think of what you have done and don't continue what you do every other election. this time, vote libertarian. what do you have to lose? years, you can still vote for a republican. they will still be around. libertarian this one time and let's make a difference. and am running for governor i am ready to be your governor to turn this state around, to make it great again so our families, like mine and yours, can actually live in the state and not think about leaving and actually leave. you really feel your taxes have gone down under andrew cuomo? they haven't. in westchester, we cut property taxes but taxes still went up because andrew cuomo failed to do what he said he was going to do and get rid of these mandates from albany.
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we can be a great state again. plan ont my [speaking spanish] >> i wish this was the first of several debates. i think they had seven in the state of connecticut because we barely discussed the issue. i am falling at 7%, that is a record for a progressive candidate. i'm the only one that wants full employment, who wants a minimum wage that is a living wage, that is for single-payer health care, for full and equitable funding, for full public campaign
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financing, for progressive tax reform policy that would give tax cuts to 95% while raising 20% more revenues. these policies i think our policies the majority of working-classnd people support. we can win this election. tothis will bring our debate a close. thank you to our candidates and to the league of women voters for helping to nice program. we also thank the candidates. we also thank you for watching and listening. now, it is time to make your voice heard. please from number two vote on
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election day. good evening. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] >> we are proud to support this podcast of the 2014 .ubernatorial debate
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here is a look at the ads running in the new york governor's race. .3, 4, 5 and 7, 6 >> 10, 9, 8, 7. 3, 2, 1. >> can we trust rob astorino? propertyed to cut taxes 20%. then, he broke his word. he food toda property tax cut.
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westchester has the highest property taxes not only in new york but in the nation, the highest property taxes in the nation. if you cannot trust him to manage taxes and westchester, you can never trust him as governor. >> the governor is supposed to butesent all the people, andrew cuomo only represents a liberals in the city. he does not care about you, he was off the map. he violated the privacy of law-abiding owners. take the governor's office away from him. is everything to me. that is why for all we have a compass to fix state government, our job is not done until we clean up the legislative corruption in albany. i'm appointing a new commission led by top law enforcement officials to investigate and
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prosecute wrongdoing. the politicians will not like it but i work for the people and i will not stop fighting until we all have a government that we can trust. >> guess what state ranks dead last in economic output? new york. has the highest property taxes in the nation. or stay to retire, most people leaving the state, you have got it, cuomo's new york. has new york last. a proud history of fighting dissemination. that is why it is shocking that my astorino has repeatedly lidded antidiscrimination laws. he is the only county executive who refuses to comply. $10 million in penalties for
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civil rights violations, the new york times, diehard resistance to civil rights laws did not work out for the south half a century ago and it broke work now. so far right, he is wrong for new york. more than 100 days for the control of congress. stay in touch and on top of the debates and engage, follow us on twitter and like us at facebook. this comes a might of a 29-year-old's decision to end her life following a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer.
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thus, your phone calls, facebook comments, and tweets. >> on friday, discussion about midterm elections and the latino vote. live starting at 10 a.m. eastern. >> throughout campaign 2014, c-span has brought you more than 130 candidate debates from across the country in races that will determine control of the next congress. to see who wins, loses, and which party will control the house and senate. at coverage begins at 8 p.m. eastern with results and analysis. you will see victory and concession speeches in some of the most closely watched senate races across the country. we want to hear from you with your calls, facebook comments, and tweets.
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>> now, the final televised debate between the candidates for senate it in hamster. jeanne shaheen and scott brown. the race is a tossup. this is an hour. >> the granite state debate. this evening, the u.s. senate candidates. >> good evening and welcome to the final night of our granite state debates. we will hear from the candidates
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for u.s. senate here in new hampshire. >> i'm joined by george stephanopoulos. >> this is one of the most closely watched senate races in the country. a lot of big money and big names have come in to try to influence the outcome. i'm excited about the opportunity to help you to get to know these candidates. >> thank you for being here. here are our candidates. senator jeanne shaheen is serving her first term in washington, also a former governor. she will be facing republican challenger scott brown. he's a former senator and served 35 years in the national guard. audience tod our hold our of foster the debate except for right now. please welcome our candidates.
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>> we do want to knowledge the death of the former boston mayor, someone who was well-known throughout new england. he passed earlier today and condolences coming in from across the region and the white house. here are the guidelines for tonight's debate. we will out 32nd rebuttals as needed and offer follow-ups. ofre will be one round candidate to candidate question and maybe a question or two will come against our voters. with all the introductions now let's go toy, george stephanopoulos. >> the first question comes to you, what is the greatest threat facing america today and what can you do as senator specifically to address it? >> the greatest threat is radical islamic the hottest -- islamic jihadists.
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disrupt theant to middle east, export terrorism around the world. rum in africa, we have isis, we have al qaeda elements. the number one goal is to disrupt and dismantle the society as we know it. senator shaheen has called the we're discussing fear mongering. i call it a very rational field. has been, there hesitations and half steps as evidenced by secretary pineda. he wanted to leave troops in iraq during the pullout. hemade very clear that wanted to do that. the president did not listen to him and as result we are having more and more trouble in that region. >> do you agree that is the greatest threat? looks i certainly agree that isis is a threat. a bigger threat is not having
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the commitment and the conch and here in this country to address the threat of isis, to address other threats facing this country. i don't share my opponents view that isis or other terrorists are going to cause the collapse of this country. america is strong, we have a strong smelter in the world and we are going to take on this doead, we have a strategy to that, building an international coalition. the airstrikes have taken arered's of fighters and we working with over 60 nations to address this threat. but we don't need is our leaders raising concerns about our ability to take this on. anything that american sets his mind to do and that is what i'm counting on. >> do think it was rise of president obama to rollout the use of ground troops? looks we have heard from the
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other generals that we don't need ground troops at this time. -- >> we have heard from the other generals that we don't need ground troops at this time. when american interests are threatened, we reserve the right to take any action and i think that that is true in this case. right now, we need to let the iraqis, the kurds, we need to let the people whose country these our do the fighting. >> you're not willing out roundtrips? >> i don't think we should take tens of thousands of american troops and put them back into a iraq as an occupying force. that is what my opponent says that we should do. that we should have an occupying force like we did in korea. i don't think we want tens of thousands of american troops as an occupying force for 60 years as we have had in korea.
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>> i was speaking to speaker boehner and he did say that american troops would have to go in on the ground if other countries didn't step up. do you agree? >> i want to rely on the generals on the ground. the president and senator she had have taken the greatest fighting force off of the table. isis isn't taking anything off the table. we area liberty force, not an occupying force. i and every other person is served in the military resents the fact that you're calling us occupiers. fact, what you have suggested and what others have suggested is that we should go suggestediraq and you and my opponent suggested it in an interview that we should look at this like we did in south korea. i don't think that that is what we should be doing. we don't want to send tens of thousands of american troops back into the middle east. but we want to do is to support
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the kurds, the iraqis on the ground as they do the fighting. >> we had an opportunity to sign a letter. we signed a letter to the ministration, please don't leave iraq as is. senator shahid did not sign a letter. we are not talking about occupying forces, we are talking about leaving a transition force as we have done in korea, germany, japan. having the opportunity to have the government lean on us. to do otherwise is dangerous. to support the kurds, we should have done that a long time ago. gains., they are making the fact you have called us occupiers is an insult to the men and women who have served. we are a country for good, we are liberators. at a an insult to those given blood, life, and lamb. >> to talk about a related topic.
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>> senator shaheen, the mother of james foley, told abc news that the national security officials repeatedly threatened her family with prosecution if they paid ransom. was his hard-line necessary or did the government mistreat the family? >> i don't think that hard-line was necessary. i've had a chance to talk to the foley family about what happened , the barbarous murder of jim foley, both with ties to new hampshire. this is one of the things that brought home to us. i had the opportunity to question both secretary of state kerry and secretary of defense hagel the hard-line that we took. helpingat how we are
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families who are faced with a situation that the foley family was facing. we should do everything we can to help those families. i don't think they should pay ransom for americans because that is what is at risk. think it is very important that we treat the families with respect that we do everything we .an >> can you imagine if that happened to your child. when it happened, everyone one of us was deeply saddened. senator she had and i went to the memorial service for the foley family. sheehan and i went to the memorial government. try to doment something important for the family to heal, also to have the glimmer of hope to get their child home. i would have done anything and everything to get anyone of my children home for friends of anyone that i knew.
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that's a problem with the federal government, they are chipping away at our rights and freedoms. they're telling us what to do, how to do it, and we should sit down and be quiet. to stand up and take back our rights and freedoms. >> you said that before we even talk about incompetence of immigration plan, you want to secure the border first. let's begin with that, there are 7000 miles of border that include the southern and northern portion. give a realistic plan as to how you would secure all of those miles and how much that would cost. is very the cost minimal in terms of the safety and security of our country. it is the number one priority. we have to make sure we secure the border. obviously, use fences, walls, aerial surveillance, infrared, troops, border security personnel, natural resources, it is not secure.
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i voted twice to secure the border. it is the number one issue. aboute deeply concerned people coming through that are not here. people that have criminal intent and terrorist intent or carrying some type of disease or another. seeking asnt is also part of immigration to legalize upwards of 11 plus million people and giving them enhanced benefits. he's preparing it right now. >> the safety and security is most important thing. when you have the federal government wasting our tax dollars, trust me, there a lot of money in the federal government right now. senator coburn put out a very book -- thorough book. how about taking that and use it
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to secure the border? >> president obama says he has big plans for immigration after election day. it is called a cynical ploy to protect obama's fellow democrats like you. to see theu like president say, do you think it is fair to capture voters? president think the should take any action on immigration. this accomplishes comprehensive reform. but it doesn't secure the border, it does that by building 700 miles of border fencing. it also bombers the number of border guards that are there. all the things that senator brown says that he wanted to do our part of that legislation including a system for that people who are hiring can
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determine whether they are hiring legal or illegal. that bill had the support of senator mccain, of senator rubio, it has a strong bipartisan vote. it is the kind of bill we should pass if we're going to address this issue. >> you have seen a tv set at any time, you probably know which candidate is being characterized as a blindly loyal foot soldier who can say no to president obama and which is being painted as an optimistic wall street backed politician who was in from new hampshire. themoters who have seen that haven't heard from their candidates for a response, here's a chance to defend themselves. start with you. what is the last big policy to scream at you can point to that you have with president obama? >> i disagree with the administration proposal for another round of base closings.
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i chair the readiness subcommittee. proposal to close our bases has to go through our committee. i said without any hesitation that we are not going to do another round of base closings. i want to go back to the border the things that my opponent has said the last couple of days is that we have got to close the border because we have people humming across with polio and other diseases. the fact is we haven't had polio in this hemisphere since the early 90's. this is another effort to scare people about what is happening at our border. even the former republican chairman said that scott brown is trying to scare people about the border. >> senator brown, fear mongering. israel.nterovirus
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it is in our country right now. that is what i was referring to. thee the senator brought up border and immigration bill. have beenbill would passed and the president signs it, it immediately gives him the ability to give preference to people that are recently here jobs. i want to fight for jobs for new hampshire. if you read the recent article that are going to illegal immigrants, 70% of them are going to those people. i want to protect jobs right here, right now. i've held six town halls. go around our state, talking about these very important issues. they want their border secure. they want to make sure that their kids and their families are safe.
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>> you have been selling the idea of bipartisanship. what is the last time that you have agreed with this president on a policy issue? >> i commended him for going after bin laden. since that time, there has been hesitation and have steps. not only with the rock but also dealing with boko haram in africa, dealing with economic issues, our energy policy. there is a lack of coherent policy on issue after issue after issue. the problem is that the senator has been endorsee policies for the last six years. course we will move forward with this. you have been asked never -- >> we will move forward with this. you have been asked a number of times why you are running in new hampshire. why did you move to new hampshire instead of staying in massachusetts? >> i know that senator shaheen has made my residency a central
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part of her campaign. i'm glad i have an opportunity to discuss it. i was born at that words of the naval shipyard. was a waitress at hampton beach, my dad was an air man. the first three years of my life, i lived in portsmouth. my family's roots go back nine generations to the standing families of new hampshire. most of poorly, my wife and i have been property owners and taxpayers for over 25 years. focus on where we're are going because senator shaheen is from missouri. we both care about new hampshire. what we going to do for new hampshire? buying forcing the president failed policies over 99% of the time, we are not going in the right direction. your biggest supporters is hillary clinton, she will be here on sunday. she moved to new york and became a senator there. is that a problem?
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problem that either hillary clinton moved to new york or that scott brown moved to new hampshire. the voters will have a chance to determine whether his candidacy makes sense or not. the question is not where he is from, the question is what he is for. i afford to make sure that our middle-class families, our small businesses have a fair shot at success here. supporting our small businesses with the small business jobs act. i was at manchester, where act,se of what was in that they now have over 400 employees. my opponent voted against that. i voted to our tour's ministry. attract visitors from outside of this country. it is good for new hampshire, we have over 70,000 jobs in the tour's ministry. my opponent voted against that. he voted to support subsidies to the big oil companies and he supported a $19 billion giveaway
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to the big bang. he supported companies that want to outsource our jobs. the issue is who will fight for new hampshire and the new hampshire first. >> >> i'm glad she's like about these bills because what they voted against them whenever each in office. she has a zero rating from the national federation of independent businesses and an f rating from the chamber of commerce. we talked about jobs and job protection, it doesn't add up when you're voting 100% of the time again small business and the biggest challenge right now for our ski operators and mountains and other recreational areas is obamacare of which, you were the deciding vote on and as result our ski lifts had to close early last year and they are concerned about the business man coming in after the election. >> health care is an issue we will get back to later on. >> another issue has been dominating the headlines which is the scare over ebola. we saw that those coming back
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from afton countries should self quarantine for 21 days and that the state has the authority to enforce it. in next door we are seeing a standoff between the governor and the nurse who says she doesn't want to abide by the quarantine. he says that he will exercise "the full extent of his authority to enforce a quarantine, reasonably that means going to court. you think it is a good move? ", people are understandably concerned about the threat of ebola. we have seen some missteps by the cdc, from the dallas hospital. asking people who have been to west africa, with been in contact with ebola patients to do a voluntary in-home quarantine make sense. the governors do have the ability to enforce this kind of a quarantine to ensure the safety of their residence. hopefully they can work this out.
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this seems like they should be able to get to a reasonable solution. issues around the border with immigration, the issues with ebola, my opponent has been using the concern that really fearand mongering that concern for his own political purposes. a leader should be serious, people with issues but not try to grandstand on them. >> if you're saying that you believe the governor should have , soauthority to enforce it it is not really voluntary, right? >> hopefully people will be willing to voluntarily do it. if they don't, the governors have authority to enforce it. aftera governor, i worked september 11 with the threat of anthrax, the threat of bioterrorism. i think we have to understand
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that governors need to protect the health and safety. >> how do you respond to the points that having a quarantine for someone who is asymptomatic simply doesn't follow s cience? >> thank goodness the we have troops and people that want to go to the infected areas. they are heroes. the president says it needs to be voluntary. here is the problem. there are so many inconsistencies and confusion with not only the cdc. remember, the cdc was in front of congress saying we need some good ideas. asey said a nurse who w infected could fly when she called. the problem is we do not have a clear and concise policy. the experts are confused. we need to have a mandatory
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travel ban. it is a no-brainer, common sense. have a to make sure we mandatory quarantine. we saw in new york that somebody was going to a restaurant and bowling in on the subway when he was infected. the think i would arggue governor has the ability to enforce that law. i believe the woman in maine, we need to put public safety and of personalahead convenience. >> as i said come i think the governor does have that authority. if my opponent were so concerned about the cdc and about this issue, then it's disappointing to see that when he was in the senate he floated for a republican budget that slashed funding for both the cdc and the -- voted for a republican budget that slashed funding for both the cdc. >> what's the answer? issue. is not a money this is a commonsense issue. you do not need more money to
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tell people what they need to do. we want the president to succeed, but we want clear and concise information as to what we are going to do, what is expected of us, and how we can help. it is not about money. it is about having clarity. initially, you are opposed to a travel ban. now apparently you are in favor. now you want to rely on the experts for the travel ban. you are waffling on this issue. we need to get this disease in its infancy. the president said it would not be here. we have had one person died, three others infected. if we act now, together we can stop this in its infancy. >> well we don't address a disease like a bowl of the common sense. we address it with the support of medical experts. that is what i advocated. i have been open to travel restrictions as long as they are workable. in the case of in-home quarantine, they are workable. and governors have that authority. but the fact is if we are going to address diseases like this, we do need the research. we do need to support the cdc and nih. and there are those who argue
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that if we had supported that funding, we would be much further along in addressing a disease like ebola by now. so it is disappointing my opponent talks about this issue but he does not want to do the hard work to address it. >> thanks very much. next issue is going to be one it is important to the pocketbooks to a lot of people in new hampshire and that is on energy. that is coming from dan to we of "the union leader.' -- dan tuohy. >> senator brown, national gas prices are up. electricity prices are soaring. winter whatnto can be done at the federal level to bring relief to new hampshire ? >> we can have - wind, solar, nuclear, hydro, geothermal, making sure citizens are at the table in these decisions. i am a pro supply senator. i want to make sure we have more supply. has voted toen pave the way for new national
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energy tax. she will tell you, i am not in favor of that tax, but how do you vote to create a fund to create -- to spend the money and you are not in favor of it. to taxalso voted that our energy producers in the middle of a recession. increase taxes on our energy producers. natural gas. we do not have the delivery or storage capacity. she is against nuclear. she is against gas and oil innovation. she is against coal. citizensu expect our to actually afford to pay the bills? sorry, a c,-- i'm prices are going up 50% to 100%. --electricity prices are going up to 50%. carrie got her notice. they are going up $100 next job. hed bypolicies pus the president and senator shaheen that are making it
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difficult for residents to pay the bills. >> the fact is that energy is very important to our businesses. that is why worked so. hard as governor to lower energy prices supporting the cheapest, fastest way to deal with our energy needs, which is efficiency. i opponent is just wrong. i do not support a national energy tax. independent fact checkers have indicated that that is a false education -- false accusation. i voted for legislation to support nuclear power, because if you believe in climate change and believe you have to address that, although my opponent is not, then you have got to have nuclear power as part of that energy mix. the concerns about the gun woman that my opponent talks about has to do with the kinds of policies that we are supporting and what my opponent supported when he was in washington. he supported the corporate special interests. we need to support our
10:36 pm
middle-class families. we need to raise the minimum wage. women need equal pay for equal work. my opponent proposes both of those. >> if i may. >> she's raised two issues i would like to take a shot at. many democrats voted against the bill that would tax our energy produces in the middle of the tourist season. senator shaheen voted to increase those taxes. when you talk about equal pay, i believe it. i live it. in my office when i was a senator, i paid women $1.21 for every dollar that men may. centsr shaheen paid 95 for every dollar that men made. right now are in our campaign to this quarter, senator shaheen, pays 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes. i pay $1.14. it is easy to talk rhetoric. but i live it. i paid women more than you do in my office because i have a house full of women as well. i want them to make more, especially the girls. i want them to support me at some point.
10:37 pm
[laughter] >> you know, scott brown is study thatght wing has proven to be wrong. the fact is, regardless of what twocites he had opportunities in washington to vote for equal pay. both times he voted no. pay.nk women deserve equal it is something i've been working on for decades. >> we are going to james tyndall for the next question. >> senator shaheen, we both heard from your campaigns that you are pro-choice. earlier this month, you brought this issue of abortion into the campaign. when he started running ads. why did you do that? >> i trust women to make their own decisions about their reproductive health care. all of the time. not just part of the time. and that is the difference during the difference between me and my opponent. because he supported the blunt amendment allowing employees to determine if their employee should get access to birth control. for any moral reason. he has supported this up
10:38 pm
decision in hobby lobby which would also deny women access to birth control, their employers can make that decision. and when he ran for the senate in massachusetts in 2010 and 2012, he was endorsed by anti- choice groups is that he voted with them 80% of the time. when he ran for office, he opposed the freedom of choice act, which would codify roe v wade. i believe women need-- in new hampshire, need a senator they can count on. that is why i have supported and that's what i'll continue to support. >> are there differences on this issue? >> first of all, i would like to say my position because senator shaheen has made this essential part of her campaign distorting my record on this very important issue for women. we are both pro-choice. we will both believe that rove he waited as the law of the lampert we believe that women should have access to health care. i believe in a conscious
10:39 pm
exemption. people of faith should be able to practice their faith. once again, with of the federal government telling them what to do. i believe we should have more adoptions. it is such essential part of who we are as people. also, i believe that parents should play a role in that very important decision because there are great people on both sides of that area important issue. as i travel around our state, women are deeply concerned about that. they are also concerned about how they are going to pay the high electric bills? how are they going to pay for the high cost of obamacare? mandate comingss in after the election. how will they keep their small businesses up when senator shaheen has voted 100% of the time against their interest. that is what they are talking about they are not single issue candidates. trust women to i make their decisions all of the time, not just part of the time. scott brown will tell you he is pro-choice, but what you need to do is look at his record. when you look at his record, you see that he votef d for the
10:40 pm
bluntt amendment. oft he opposed the freedom choice act which would codify roe v wade. we need somebody in washington who is going to support women all of the time. >> we will to the pace with the lightning round. answers will be limited to 30 seconds or shorter. was not longen, it ago that you said that the redskin should change their nickname. so what about local schools like elmont red -- belmont red raiders? >> this has started a good debate among our high schools about whether they should continue to have those names for their teams. i think that is important. but the important thing about my opposition to the redskins, and i think we see this with the nfl, the national football league has an opportunity to make a statement about what is important, to say we are not going to accept those racial inrs, just like they did terms of ray rice and dealing
10:41 pm
with domestic violence. they have not been willing to take on that opportunity. >> senator brown, what you think about the redskins and local schools? >> doesn't the federal government have more to do than worry about names for professional sports teams where billionaires are in charge? i want to focus on obamacare and the businessman that is coming in after the election. i want to focus on our national security. i want to focus on the border. i want to focus on the issues affecting people of new hampshire. >> this is a lightning round. you answer that. i appreciate that. another one. quick answer. do you believe we are too politically correct as a society? >> i believe there are good people in our country and in our state who can have a sense of humor once in a while. i think it is important. we lost that ability to laugh at ourselves and with each other. so, that's my feeling. >> senator shaheen, are we too politically correct? >> i think it is a point for us to knowledge differences. and that is part of trying not use racial slurs, of trying
10:42 pm
to accept people for who they are. that is what i think we should be supporting. >> onree more quick one. you both live in new hampshire. senator shaheen, do you think that new hampshire should expand gambling and have a casino? >> when i was governor i supported gambling at our four tracks. we at that time had race tracks and it would've provided revenue to a state in a way that i thought would be helpful and supporting education. >> oso, yes. >> it is a local issue that is deeply concerning for the effective cities and towns. i supported in the past. if there is a federal element, i'm happy to be involved, but i figure should be settled at the local level did >> it is time for the candidate to candidate question spirit we told each campaign to get 20 seconds to ask a question of their opponent. they will then get a minute to respond. retrieved the order for this, and senator brown, you ask the first question per >> senator shaheen, for the last this years ars, you havee
10:43 pm
voted with president obama 99% of the time. is the president right 99% of the time? >> nobody is right 99% of the time. i'm glad you asked me that. you quote a survey, there are lots of surveys out there. if you not to know what is in that survey, check my website. i work for new hampshire. i get up every day putting new hampshire first. if you want to see the bills and that survey, one of them is the defense bill. i worked hard. i am on the armed services committee p i worked for that defense bill because it has provisions to help our shipyards national guard. i do not support the bill because the president supported it. i supported because it was good for new hampshire. another bill that is in that list is the equal pay act. i believe that women should get equal pay for equal work. that is why i voted for it twice. brown was in the senate, he opposed it. he talked about the chamber of commerce.
10:44 pm
look at the survey that the nfib came up with. one of the things that is on there is raising the minimal wage. he opposes it. i supported. that is why i am not on their list. another thing that is on it is regulation -- the clean air act. i think we need to support the clean air act and the clean water act. my opponent opposes it. >> senator shaheen, your opportunity now to ask a question. >> the five biggest oil companies last year made over $90 building, yet you voted support the senate to subsidies to oil companies. now, why should a waitress or ket have tomarket bas pay through their taxes to subsidize the five biggest oil companies? how would you respond to a cashier who asked to that question? >> i am glad that market basket is back in business because that is where we do our shopping. that being said, democrats voted
10:45 pm
against that bill that you keep referring to and are running against me for the last year. we are talking about our energy produces, you voted to tax those same energy produces. in addition, you have not an all above approach. i want to make sure that whatever happens, it is not going to be passed through to individual motorists, especially if you remember, that bill was done in the middle of the tourist season, in the middle of recession when gas was $4.50 a gallon. if we want to have a conversation about energy, i voted to eliminate the subsidy and other things like that. but to single out our energy producers in the middle of the recession, in the middle of the tourist season and not allow us to become energy independent, to step back from our dependence on foreign oil, i think is a mistake. >> let's go back to george stephanopoulos. >> we began about health care. senator brown, you brought up
10:46 pm
the informal care act. your opposition to it well-known for you say you want to replace it. but what you say to the 40,000 new hampshire residents who signed up for coverage? the 10,000 edition who have gotten coverage -- the 10,000 additional who have gotten coverage under medicaid? can you guarantee that they will not have any interruption in their coverage of you get your way? >> let's talk about the interruption of 22,000 people whose insurance was canceled. we had a situation where senator shaheen and president said if you like your plan, you like your hospital, you can keep it. we find out that's not true. after the election, there is a potential of 70,000 other people about to lose their insurance as a result of the business mandate coming in after the election. we should have the ability to develop a plan that works for our state. it has been done in other states. we can address the catastrophic care pre-kissing condition covering those people like you referred to, making sure they do not fall through the system. to think that obama care is the
10:47 pm
only answer. it is not. rates have gone up. deductibles have gone skyhigh. employees are paying more. employees are paying -- employers are paying more. we need to do it better. and i remember when the president actually apologize for misrepresenting the entire obamacare, especially not only the roll up but the fact he cannot keep your doctors and hospitals. senator shaheen has never apologized to the citizens of new hampshire. >> can you guarantee that those citizens will not have an interruption of coverage? governor, the legislature, the senate majority leaders, we can work together and develop a plan that works for new hampshire or to think that obama care is the only answer, folks, is a false premise. we can develop a plan that respects our freedoms, that addresses the issues that people care about. what are the things that are important to you? you referenced two of them. >> senator shaheen, i see you shaking your head. me as your -- let me ask you a
10:48 pm
question. the majority of new hampshire citizens oppose the affordable care act that you have been asked what kind of fixes you would make. no substitute fixes? i think we should repeal the medical device tax, but the issue here is i believe everybody in new hampshire should have access to quality, affordable health care. we passed legislation that now almost 100,000 residents in new hampshire access to health care. the legislature passed a bipartisan bill to expand health care to 50,000 people who now have medicaid. i talked to a realtor in londonderry. could note said he get insurance because he had a pre-existing condition. finally, his daughter talked to him into signing up to the exchange. not three months later, he had to have a quadruple bypass. he said he would have faced financial ruin without health care. what my opponent wants to do is to kick off those tens of
10:49 pm
thousands of people from their health care. he does not have a plan to replace it. rates are stabilized for the first time. anthem send out a notice said that rates are going up -- they are stable for next year. we have four new carriers coming into the exchange. we need to fix what is not working about the law, but repealing it, kicking tens of thousands of people off their health care with no plan to replace it and years of indecision about what to do, that is not an answer. >> senator brown? ke nancy pelosi to we have to pass it before we know what is in it. had she read the bill, she would've known the medical device tax was in it. she voted for it anyway. now she was to fix it. my question is, what it going to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars that that hoele will create? the fix. she wants to have a commission, another commission in washington to study a website that already billion.4 i think our website cost $5,000
10:50 pm
and is working quite well. she had a chance, by the way, to fix it. i was their peers who voted against every single effort to doctor, your hospital, to opt out every single time she voted against it. be disingenuous with this, is wrong. we can develop a plan that works respectsampshire, that our freedoms, that allows us to have competition. remember, when the senator was governor, she change the laws in new hampshire that went from 26 insurance companies down to one. after the election, we are going to have more. i do not believe it. >> well, my opponent is just wrong in terms of the cost of this law. we have already saved over $100 billion because of passing the affordable care act. what we have heard from cbo is if we repeal it will cost $1 trillion. the fact is it is working for those thousands of people who have pre-existing conditions wh
10:51 pm
who now can=-- get health insurance. for 26 euros you can stay on their parents insurance, for people on medicare getting help with the scratch and drugs, and with preventive care. it's working. we need to fix what is not working about it. is oneical device tax thing i think we should repeal. when i sit -- what i suggested was an independent overseer over the website to make sure it is working properly, because that has been an issue. the answer is not to throw tens of thousands of people off their health care and have no plan to replace it. -- to kick an answer us back into a place where we are facing years before we have got any answer to how we are going to make sure that people get access to health care. >> let's go back to our panel. a question about jobs. >> you two, usually when we talk about the economy, we have a big picture conversation but i want
10:52 pm
to drill down to main street in new hampshire. you both live on the seacoast. let's talk to the western part of the state. senator brown, what you see going into the economy -- going right in the economy and what is going wrong and be specific. >> along the southern border, we have more jobs, more opportunity. every structure and other opportunities up north are difficult. one of the biggest opportunities is tourism and our ski areas and trails for snowmobiles. i support those efforts. i know senator shaheen references a tourist bill. the biggest wet blanket right now on the economy in that area is obamacare. it is also those notices that people are getting 50% increases on their electric rates. rates are not going down. in addition to that, you have a situation where getting from b, inspiringint businesses to stay there is problematic because what are they looking at? highest corporate tax rates in the industrialized world.
10:53 pm
>> we are talking about sullivan county you're talking about the north country> so, what you see is going well? >> you're talking about anyplace past concord. and the challenges of our state. so i am referring to the challenges, including the high corporate tax rate, obamacare coming in after the election. we also have the challenges of high electric costs. if you go to any business in any county, those are the real challenges coul. >> it's west of concord not north. >> the challenges are the same in every county in our state. >> senator shaheen, you have been that county's governor and senator for 12 years. so what problems remain there? why are they unresolved? >> when i was governor, we helped lower electric rates in sullivan county because that was the victim issues they were still facing. now, forcibly they're able to be more competitive. we worked with them on what are called new market tax credit so they could attract a number of into clarem
10:54 pm
one of the things i worked on was the department of labor grant to get help with our community technical colleges, so collegelley community is working with advanced manufacturers to help them match the jobs they are creating with people who need job skills. again, this is one of the differences between my opponent and me. because i believe we have got to support our small businesses. that is where 2/3 of jobs are being created. when he was in washington, he supported the big guys -- the corporate special interest, subsidies for oil companies. he said we cannot afford a small business jobs act, but he supported $20 billion in subsidies. >> next question. >> senator shaheen, the school shooting in new town renewed calls for gun control. short of revisiting the second memory, what sort of proposal would you support that would possibly have stopped that tragedy? >> i'm glad to hear this
10:55 pm
question. it was a terrible tragedy, and we need to address the facingges parents are because of gun violence. i am a supporter of the second amendment. it has been important to the sta and sportsg tradition, but i think we have to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons. my opponent when he was in massachusetts said he supported an assault weapons ban. then he touted his support from anti-gun advocate mayor bloomberg. then when he came up to new hampshire, he switched his position and says now he does not support an assault weapons ban. so i am really interested in hearing what he has to say about this, because i think there are responsible measures that we can agree to if we work together. that is what i supported in the senate. >> senator brown, your said you would not propose any new legislation if you return to washington, but could you support any new gun legislation,
10:56 pm
like for example, expanding background checks for gun shows? a proposal that republicans, including john mccain, have supported in the past. >> i'm glad the senator talked about my second amendment position. owner i tickets thursday. i signed on the dotted line at 19 to make sure we have the ability to carry and bear arms. senator shaheen has an f rating on that issue. she's agreed to sign onto a letter outsourcing our second amendment rights. when it comes to proposing new legislation, that is correct. i'm not going to propose any legislation. i said to all the gun owners in our state that what ever proposal comes up, i will be sure to hold a town meeting and make sure that we can get their guidance. then i move forward from there. >> but would you support, sorry, a background check for new gun sales? >> any proposal that comes up, i want to read the bill and understand the bill because i read everything. i understand them. i see how they affect our state,
10:57 pm
our country, our debt and are deficit, and i vote. unlike senator shaheen who vot for obamacare without reading. print my door is always open. i want to make sure that we have input from the citizens most effective. i do agree with her on the mental health issues and the felons. not having the ability to get their hands on weapons. when, in fact, they are clear is their mental disability addressed, then they have the ability to get off any list -- >> senator shaheen, take 30 seconds. move on, please. >> he talks about u.n. legislation, that will not affect gun rights. people in new hampshire know me. when i was governor, i did not try to take their guns away. he talks about how he reads every piece of legislation. apparently he did not read the bill that would of close loopholes that rewards company for outsourcing. when we debated last time, he said he had never voted for that bil. bill 38 16., senate
10:58 pm
he voted for it on september 20 8, 2010. >> we want to talk about a topic that we talked about under the umbrella of energy. senator brown, you said climate change is a result of natural and man-made forces. let's accept the idea that we cannot do much about the natural. but what should we do to stem the tide of the man-made damage being done? >> we need to have an all in of the above approach energy. wind, solar, nuclear, hydro, geo, making sure that everybody is at the table. it is so critically important for the key is how do we strike that balance? how do we have the ability to enjoy our environment, enjoy the natural beauty of our state, but also have the ability to create jobs and become energy independent? we have a real difference on the issue purchase against nuclear, against coal, against gas and oil innovation. i supported the tax credit. believing and allowing our


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