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tv   Georgia Senate Debate  CSPAN  November 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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jobs in u.s. government? >> thank you. it is great to be here this morning. as i go around the state, the number one issue that i hear from hard-working georgians is they are concerned about their jobs. if they have one, they're worried about keeping it. if don't have one, they are worried about how hard it is to find one. in my career, i spent my entire career creating tens of thousands of jobs. i try to help provide individuals the opportunities provide for their families. i believe that there are only about 10 people who have any experience. i think we should add some depth about how to create jobs. i just believe that in this environment, the people of georgia want somebody who will fight for them and not fight for this president. >> if i may follow with that.
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what would you do specifically if you say create jobs? what would you do as a u.s. senator? >> for the last year, we have been talking about the things i would do. we would need serious tax reform. we have the only repatriation tax in the world. maybe most important is that we need to really pull back on our regulators. this president has created a fourth arm of government and i believe they are really shutting down job creation and growth right now. third, we need to finally unlock our energy resources to get this economy going again. >> miss nunn, what would you do as a senator? what have you done in your life to prepare you for this? >> thank you, i have spent my entire life trying to make a
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difference -- serving people, creating an organization from a few dozen people and taking it to an organization that last year mobilized 4000 volunteers. i started hand on atlanta with a couple thousand dollarsand we ended up with an organization that had a $30 million budget. so i know what it is like to work across differences. i worked with george w. bush's points of light organization. i want to break the gridlock in washington and i know that the way to do that is by putting our country first, above party, and above partisan divide, and actually getting things done that matter in people's's lives. i think it is different from david who, by his own account, has spent the majority of his career outsourcing jobs. and who, throughout the campaign, has perpetuated the gridlock. >> ms. swofford. >> as someone who has held local office, i have stood up and i have a principled record for voting for less government.
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absolutely, the re-election is on the line. i stood up for small businesses. i gave our citizens a lot of opportunity to have choices in the way that government services work and how to be delivered. i have done a lot of things and local government and i stay involved even after losing re-election. i take personal response body to step up and run for united states senate to give georgians a real choice for their next united states senator, instead of just complaining and not doing a lot of anything. i'm staying engaged and being responsible. >> okay, let's get to our next question. >> i want to first ask you, this has been one of the biggest nastiest races we have covered. i want to ask you, there have been some really outrageous attacks against you. let me get your answer to this. mr. purdue, you have been attacked that you discriminate against women.
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ms. swafford, you have been asked to step out of the race because you have been called selfish. what is the most egregious attack you have heard about you? here is your chance to set the record straight. >> thank you. the most egregious attack is clearly the attack that david made saying that president george h. w. bush's organization was funneling money to terrorists. it has been called the worst ad of the entire campaign. not in georgia, but in the entire united states. by usa today, by time magazine, by washington post. bush said it was shameful and despicable and it should be taken down. it was really an affront not just to me, but really to the
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millions of volunteers who were a part of building an organization that is really a legacy of president george hw bush and the work of so many people so that is the kind of negativity and the kind of irresponsibility that people are so tired of in politics, and they are ready for changing. >> mr. perdue. >> that is a little bit like the pot calling the kettle black. i had to do this for our former president, george h.w. bush. he has endorsed me. this is her ex-boss who has endorsed me in this campaign because he is concerned about the future direction of our country. but first, let me just answer this. i think the most egregious thing in this debate has been all the attacks on me about my character, my career. it just seems to me that this is an attempt to distract away from the real critical issue, and that is job creation here in georgia. people are hurting in this state. she is trying to distract people away from the real critical issue. president obama said that his failed policy -- like obama care
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that is going to destroy two and half million jobs, according to the congressional budget office. it just seems to me that his policy -- he said the and in the state -- and in the state, that goes by michelle nunn. >> i have been called selfish for taking alternatives in this race. for someone who wants to stand up for most georgians, for someone who wants to have more control in their lives. who don't believe that either party is giving them options to really take control. who want to have voices in this race to stand up against both parties who no longer allow us to understand that it is about personal responsibility and
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individual liberties. that is the most egregious thing certainly that most -- that both parties are entitled to your vote. your vote is your vote and it is your power and your responsibility to use that vote in a manner you see fit and vote for candidates that you think represent you the best. not who you believe is going to win the horse race that actually is our political system has turned into. >> let's get some clarity on an issue, please. you both mention the bush family a couple of times. miss nunn, your campaign is using the former president george bush in a campaign ad. but this is what was said by one of the president's spokespersons. he said that "michelle nunn and her team have been repeatedly told the president bush did not want to use this photo as part of this campaign." that ad is still running. why? >> that ad is a perfect embodiment of my message, which is that i am going to work with who ever the president is, whether it is republican or democrat.
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in that ad is president george h bush, whom i have worked with, president clinton, and president obama. and i believe we have too much of the partisanship and not enough problem-solving together. i spent seven years working with president george h. w. bush's points of light organization. unlike david, i do not want to erase parts of my resume. this is a significant dimension of what i have done and what this race is about. and it is no surprise that -- of course, we know that david can work with his fellow republicans. the question is, can he work with democrats? he said that is not a single democratic issue that he can find to work together on. when you talk about disrespectful, you should talk about the ad that has been called the worst in the nation. >> mr. perdue. >> well, let's set the record
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straight again. her ex-boss in this race did not endorse michelle nunn. he actually sent a press release out supporting our campaign. to change directions in this country. again, another distraction away from failed policy of this administration that my opponent, michelle nunn, supports. the president on amnesty bill will bring 15 million new workers into this country. this is a bill she supports. by the way, she talks about all working together. that sounds like a story that our president told us in 2008 when he said he would work together in a bipartisan way. the first thing he did was cram obamacare down her throat. is it any wonder why she is going to be a rubber stamp for this president? is it any wonder why he put on the radio elect michelle nunn so she can get their continue his good work? >> david, i know that this is the line of attacks that you
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would like to -- and someone told me that david wants to run against harry reid, he should have moved to nevada for that, but you are running against me and i have made very clear that i have real differences with the president and i will stand up for those differences, whether it is moving forward the keystone pipeline -- i think it is important to reverse the cuts that the president has made in our defense budget and i think that the president and congress should have done a better job of working together on a long-term debt. when it means raising the minimum wage or pay equity or actually tackling the tremendous problems before us as a nation. >> daniel malloy. >> mr. perdue, you just said that the attacks lodged against you are false.
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have you outsourced in your career? >> no. >> what is the difference between outsourcing products and services and outsourcing jobs? >> look, at dollar general, we created tens of thousands of jobs and we outsource products there. i have said all along that these false attacks are taking away from the real debate. i have traveled all over the state. people are concerned about their jobs. we see a president bragging about his policies -- which are failing us, by the way. we have fewer people working in the united states right now, as a percentage, since jimmy carter. we have 400,000 workers in georgia alone who had to go on food stamps. those are not good works. it just seems to me that this president has said his policies are on the ballot. in the state of georgia, those failed policies go by the name of michelle nunn. >> so, david, let's be clear about the fact that in the deposition, under oath, you said you spent the majority of your career outsourcing. you then went on to list 16
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countries where you created jobs. korea, china, taiwan, mexico -- not once did you mention the us. you are the head of sourcing all in asia. closed in 500 jobs georgia. so, if that is not outsourcing jobs, i do not know what is. he said that he will question the business career -- your business career do not understand, but i do not think you have been able to clarify for us. >> you said just a minute ago -- you talked to a farmer about this. and, again, all these attacks have been false. not only in the general elections but in the primary and the runoff as well. but talking to a farmer, michelle, it is interesting that you can do that without feeling like a hypocrite. he told the farmer how important he and his businesses to you and yet in your own plan, you rated farming issues number 18 in your
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list of priorities and you actually rated rural issues dead last. that is the kind of distraction that i'm talking about. you don't want to talk about the slight-of-hand when you say one thing to one group and another thing to another group. i think barack obama wants you in his senate to fight for him, not for the people of georgia. >> david, you continue to reference a memo, something that was put together by a staff team that listed a set of issues. you know very well that if you look at my website, we talk about agriculture. your website, there is nothing on agriculture. let's talk about the issues where we are presenting ourselves to the public. if you want to talk to the issues, i would love to talk about the farm bill. the farm bill is something that saxby chambliss said was perhaps the most important piece of legislation for most people in the state of georgia, and you are opposed to it. the farm bureau said that they wanted it -- if we had your way,
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we would still have farmers that did not have the clarity of having a farm bill passed. it is not what we need in washington. we do not need more gridlock. >> and this is an interesting issue, mr. perdue, about the farm bill and what is tied to it. >> well, it is a perfect example of an ombudsman bill were only 20% of the bill was related to the farmers. the other 80% was related to the food stamp program. but let me go back to that plan. in her own plan, her advisers said that she was too liberal for the state of georgia. that she is not even a real georgian. they had to put her in a rural scene so that people would think the rural issue was important to her. this is not the kind of senator
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we need in washington. we need some buddy to be a champion for the working men and women in georgia who are concerned about their kids in the future. barack obama wants her up there to defend his policies. that is not the kind of senator we need a washington. >> we know that you have all been on this. now to our next panelist, please. >> ms. nunn, short of seeing you in person, the most repeated thing that most viewers have heard you say -- either on television or listening to the radio -- is that quote i differ to the president of the united states. i would like to give an opportunity right now -- what exactly did you mean when you said that? >> i'm happy to answer that, but i do want to go back to tell david that he continues to cite the memorandum put together by a group of staff people that his staff got a hold of and -- it is completely egregious. this memo said that this is how my opponent would attack me.
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and he has used those as truths throughout the campaign. i, frankly, do not believe that someone would ever connect george h.w. bush's point of light but david, you surprised me as an organization with terrorism. as it relates to your question, this is another example, again -- it has been cited. david has taken one line from a debate and used it to apply to every form of issue. i said that one line in the context of a personnel decision related to the veterans of administration. ultimately, the president does
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make personnel decisions and i was the first to come out, shortly thereafter, to say that we should replace the head of the va. i have spent my entire career trying to make a difference. much of that focused on veterans. so i have a deep commitment to making sure that we're doing everything possible for veterans, but this is the kind of campaign that david has run in which he has taken snippets -- pieces of pictures or lines -- and use them in a way that is -- >> i'm sorry, she has gone all completely misrepresenting the truth. -- in a way that is completely misrepresenting the truth. i'm sorry, she has gone all over the state talking of how important it is to have a strong military. yet on the important issues that we know our disaster within the veterans administration's, she's going to refer to the president. i believe that if we are going to set this nation on a new direction, we need people in the senate to enact to be a rubber stamp for barack obama.
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he said his policies are on the ballot and that she will be a rubber stamp for that. i want to go to the senate to fight for the people of georgia. >> david, you know very well -- you continue to use rubber stamp. i believe that you said in my campaign that i want to be a rubber stamp for gridlock in washington. i have spent about 45 minutes of my life with president obama. i have spent seven years working for the points of light organization. i have a deep and abiding commitment and it talked about it for the entire campaign for working across party lines. i believe we can work together to get things done. it is very different approaches than the one capture the campaign trail. you are seemingly in favor of more of the partisanship and more of the gridlock and i actually believe the way to breakthrough is to work together. >> we will move on. >> yes sir, thank you. let's talk about gridlock, michelle. today, there are over 300 bills on harry reid's desk. they are not going anywhere. they're not going to the senate. president tohis
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run this country with executive order. you flip-flopped later after i asked for a travel ban. you now support my position to ask for travel ban, but let's be clear -- your story of coming together and working in a bipartisan way is a false promise, just like president obama promised it in 2008. >> let's talk immigration reform. on the one hand, the united states and the states without system in place. the borders are porous, yet there are families and children, in limbo. heartbreaking realities. so to each candidate, where are you on immigration reform? >> i embrace the bipartisan immigration reform that mark rubio led. we need to make sure that we secure our borders and that legislation would have actually
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accomplished that with an investment of 20,000 security agents on the borders that would be there already. david talks about what he is concerned about, the border, but just remember, 20,000 security agents would have been put forward to this legislation. i believe people should have the capacity to go to the back of the line to learn english, to pass a background check, to pay taxes, and they must do that in order to have citizenship. we know that david talks about jobs, and we know that this immigration bill would actually create over one million jobs. it would also cut the debt. this is something that the u.s. chamber of commerce has said that therefore, in fact, they said that david was lying about this bill and this legislation and this position and the way that he characterized it.
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>> miss wafford? >> why aren't we talking about enforcing the laws that we have on the books before we start writing new laws? let's talk about border security and the existing laws that we are to have. if you will remember in 1986, we were given immigration reform without entitlement reform. i think we really need to look at our entitlement reform and work out immigrants who work around our system. that is going to be paramount to any discussion about reform. we had a border security bill that passed in 2007 and we don't have that yet. both big parties promise more and more reform, yet we never get that. it is paramount that we understand that we need to sit down and have discussions about how it is going to look and what we are going to do about immigration, instead of relying on the bipartisan bickering that
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we hear about all the time. >> well thank you. first of all, i agree that we have to secure the border, but this is not what michelle nunn was talking about. i am actually a part of the bipartisan opposition to the senate bill. the bill would bring 15 million new workers in over the next 10 years. this is not what the people of georgia want to hear when they're having trouble finding jobs. it just seems to me that this is a bad thought about amnesty and this president has, put on the table that after the elections, he might consider my get amnesty. it just seems to me that right now, if we are to get focused on the components of this and get after it, we can secure the border and provide solutions going forward. my opponent is nothing more than a rubber stamp on this issue of amnesty, though. if he comes -- she doesn't support his executive amnesty, she just wants to do it herself. she is not only going to be a rubber stamp, he wants her in
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the u.s. senate because she will fight for his failed policies that, in his mind, are providing good work. in my mind, that is not the case. >> i'm not sure i understand what you mean, i would want to work with john mccain and marco rubio. they have said that what you in fact, have characterized on this bill is simply untrue. you sat down with the us chamber of commerce -- they represent business -- yet you stormed out by your own account because you cannot have a conversation about this. they went on to say that you were lying about this bill and their position. again the farm bureau has also, supported this bill and farmers who i have talked to say they need this kind of legislation to be able to be successful in terms of farming here in georgia. now, i am on the side of business and farmers and people across the state to actually want solutions.
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>> mr. perdue, there has been a lot of talk about the minimum wage during this campaign. do you think there should be a minimum wage at all, and if so, what do you think it should be set at? >> what i said is that i do not believe it is consistent with the problem we have right now with unemployment where we have fewer people working in the united states since anytime since jimmy carter. the congressional budget office is actually estimated that an increase in the minimum wage from where it is now to $10.10 would actually kill 500,000 jobs. when people in the state of georgia are having trouble finding work -- or who have jobs and are afraid of losing it -- that is not the time to be talking about something like this. but this is the type of policy that this president is trying to perpetrate on the people of georgia. my opponent is in agreement with that. this is not the way to create jobs. you create jobs by correcting the tax policies, pulling back
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on regulators, and unlocking our energy resources. president obama wants her to be on the senate to serve as a proxy for him. the name of those policies are michelle nunn. >> michelle nunn, do think the minimum wage should increase? >> i do think the minimum wage should increase. david perdue has yet to answer that question. and if so, what do you think it should be? i think we should raise the minimum wage. states that have raised the minimum wage have higher employment rates than georgia does. david, when you were at dollar general, it took one of your minimum wage employees a full-year to make what you made in a single day. so i think it is easy enough for you to say that you are not in
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favor of waging -- raising the minimum wage. but for the thousands of children dependent upon minimum wage, we need to make sure working families have the capacity to be self-sufficient. so there is clearly a difference, but i would still like to know the answer to do you believe there is a federal minimum wage rate that we should have? >> mr. perdue, what should be? >> first, i would like to ask your question. >> that is our next segment. >> hold on. it just seems to me that this type of increase -- the question is to be answered. which person out of every three are you going to tell are losing their jobs? because that is what happens when you increase the rate at this point in time. and again, these are the failed policies that this president is arrogant about and has said are
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on the ballot in this race. he wants michelle nunn in the senate to help him continue his good work, when 400,000 georgians one of food stamps last year they got jobs. >> ms. swofford, do you agree? >> i do not support a minimum wage. the government should not be involved in the day-to-day decision of our company. minimum wage laws minimize opportunities for everyone in the workforce. >> thank you all for that. we encourage you to stay with us now. we are just getting started and the candidates will have the opportunity to question one another after a short break. ♪ >> and welcome back. it is now time for the candidates to question one another. the first question is from michelle nunn, and the next will be from amanda swofford. we start with miss nunn.
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thatere were 2000 women less and ire paid wonder if you would join me today in supporting the paycheck equality act? >> thank you michelle. first of all, we have a law of the land. this new law would only serve the plaintiffs and the lawyers and our country. i've supported equal pay for equal work. i have to tell you that this is another false attack. if you look at the reason why she is trying to distract us away from the real issue of job creation, you understand why the
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obamacare law, the signature law of this president, is killing 2.5 million jobs right now. yet she supports that law. she even wants to expand that law. i'm sorry, but when 400,000 more georgians have gone on food stamps that have actually gotten jobs in the last six years -- that is not the kind of why we need. the epa has killed thousands of new jobs in our energy and utility industries today. it is no wonder that barack obama wants michelle nunn in the senate today. the people of georgia wants a buddy to be a champion for them and to fight for their families. >> david, i do think families in georgia want someone who will fight for them. and i think the women and children deserve someone who will fight for them to be paid equally. i think action speak a lot louder than words and, clearly, both in terms of your history and experience, i feel like you would be in the position to say that we do need to do better here. and we must.
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every time that we have -- in fact, every time that we have the opportunity to talk about a sensitive issue like this, you move it to a conversation in which you decide you are running against the president. i think -- again, women and families deserve pay equities and i'm disappointed that you will not join me and actually advancing that goal. >> michelle, i absolutely agree that we need parity. there is always improvement around the world, but i have not gotten you to talk about obama care. this is what you bragged about -- it is a great bill, i support the president -- yet it is killing 2.5 million jobs right now.
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his failed policies are indeed on the ballot. in georgia, they go by the name of michelle nunn. >> mr. perdue, your chance to ask a question in just a moment, but miss wofford, your turn. >> my question is for mr. perdue. you have had a lot of support and the senate from senator ron paul, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, former governor and presidential candidate mitt romney, former congressman allen west. given the support from these well-connected individuals, how can you call yourself a political outsider in this environment? >> that's easy. because i am. i have never been involved in politics. i never thought about it. we struck a nerve in the state of georgia.
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i went into an event back in may, and i was opening a door. a lady who looked like she was in her 80's said you are running for the senate, aren't you? and i said yes ma'am. and she said that she had just one question. i said, oh boy. she said, have i ever done anything in office before? i said, no, i have not. she said, well, you have my vote. michelle nunn was handpicked by barack obama. she has been funded by him. is it any wonder why she wants to be in the senate to be his proxy? the name of those failed policies, again, is michelle nunn. >> david, your opportunity to ask a question. >> can i get a rebuttal to that? mr. perdue, forgive me, but i do not agree with you. i am the true outsider this
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race. >> mr. purdue? >> do you want a question or can i rebut that? >> let me say that we are bringing a diverse people and a diverse group of people together and i'm very proud of that. even independent and libertarian voters have come to us to resonate our message. president obama's policies have been killing jobs. obamacare alone is killing 2.5 million jobs, the epa is killing thousands in several industries, and this president has loaded up $7 trillion of more debt with nothing to show for it on the job front. we have fewer people working today than at any time since jimmy carter was president. in georgia, 400,000 more people had gone food stamps. i think the next us senator
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needs to understand how to quit u.s. jobs. michelle, just a quick question. how do you create jobs? >> so david, first of all, let me address aca. i have said that you completely misrepresented what i said. i have said that the line needs to be fixed. i have given solutions to fix it and also making sure that we are actually extending tax credits to small businesses. i do not believe it is a perfect bill. i think it has many faults, but i also think we want to go, forwards, not backwards. we do not want where the same gridlock that you seem to want to embrace. you are a new face, but you perpetuate the same level of gridlock. i do not think people want that in the next senator in washington.
5:35 am
in terms of creating jobs, i have an eight point job plan. some of the ideas are similar to yours. we need to reform the tax code, invest in infrastructure -- that is accessible to create 1 million jobs. so those are just a few of the things we need to do to create jobs. >> that is interesting. you really, still have not answered the question. are you saying that the government creates jobs? they created new jobs to administer obamacare. i believe in smaller government. there is no wonder why this president wants you in washington. he was a rubberstamp to make this government bigger. he has already added $7 trillion to our debt. he is on track to more than
5:36 am
double our debt, even know he said he would cut it in half. his policies are indeed on the spell it. in georgia, they go by the name of michelle nunn. >> ms. nunn, knowing what you know now, would you have voted for obamacare? >> i have said many times that i was not there and i have said that i wish there was more bipartisanship. we have people like david that think that compromise means coming to them and not actually working together to get something done. i have said many times that i believe we should and must change the things that are not working. but again, i talked to people every day on the campaign trail who say that they have a pre-existing condition and have access to health care for the very first time. i have talked to parents who are covering the children up to age 26 and they say that they sleep better at night. so i know that we should actually not be having the same conversation over the next six years. if you want the kind of gridlock
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that we have had in washington, david wants to pursue that path. i will say, david, that you have talked about covering creating jobs. i know the government does not create jobs, the private sector creates jobs. but there are instances -- there are some people who do seem to benefit from government, in that instance. >> i'm really glad you brought that up, michelle. i believe that is obama administration is getting in the way and keeping us from competing around the world. it is one of the reasons i got in this race. i believe we need to have some in the senate to champion the rights of the people in georgia who are hard-working and need
5:38 am
jobs, not a rubber stamp for barack obama. >> it did take a long time to get the port -- and i think that is, again, because people in congress are not working together, but you cannot prosecute your way to a torch. you cannot prosecute the other party and think that you will create a bipartisan partnership. i think that is very clear by evidence of the 17 years it has taken. >> let me give you a good example. i have never said i would not work with the democrats. let me give you an example of an idea that would work across party lines. we have the only repatriation tax in the world. we have $2.5 trillion to cover costs. this is a nonpartisan issue, yet this president cannot even talk about this because they are blocking over 300 bills, passed in the house, on the desk of harry reid. this allows our president to run this country with executive order.
5:39 am
the people of georgia deserve better than that. that is why i'm going to washington to work with anybody to grow our economy and build jobs right here at home. >> when you say you are forwarding the agenda that you laid out, that is the very definition of not compromising. this is actually saying, when people agree with me, i will move forward. and when they don't, we will have paralysis and gridlock. you have been spending time with ted cruz was the architect of the washington shut down. you have said that you think we should -- you know -- that it was a good political tactic. do we want to continue to have political shutdowns if you're in the senate? >> what you defined is leadership. i'm going to go to washington and work every single day to work with democrats, republicans, and libertarians, anybody, to move this forward. right now, the sole person responsible for gridlock is harry reid. until we -- by the way, let's talk about judicial appointment in the next two years if the republicans do not get the
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senate. do want someone who's own staff calls her too liberal for georgia? >> miss wofford, i have a question for you. if the polling is correct, some say you are likely to get just enough votes to perhaps push this vote to a runoff. while i know you expect to win on tuesday, if that does not happen, what about either of your opponents do think you can support and what criteria might you use in offering an endorsement? >> we're certainly going to be looking forward to tuesday. you know, the individual has the power and the responsibility to vote for the candidate they are best allied with, not to they believe the parties are telling them to vote for. you are electing a senator for six years.
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our president only has two years left in his term. so that is something we certainly have to think about. but certainly, we are going to be looking for a lot of things to happen on tuesday because there are a lot of rights that this country has at stake. we have kansas, louisiana -- there's a lot that could happen between now and the first of the year. but we will be looking towards the parties and how each party will respond. we will be looking towards business experience and private sector experience and how the candidates run their campaigns. whether we are getting substantive discussion of the issues. >> in terms of congress -- let's put a little bit harder on this. you know a lot about these people. you have debated with them. who is more aligned towards you? >> i think it is really going to depend -- when we are in the runoff -- we are going to see possibly unprecedented amounts of money pushed into georgia. i want to see how that changes
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the electorate and how it changes the response of a candidate. by the actually going to respond to the issues and directing issues instead of some of the things we have heard more about -- campaign memos and about depositions -- and really about how the issues are being addressed. >> so you're not prepared to say that you are leaning toward either candidate today -- >> correct, we are focused on what is going to happen on tuesday and how the rest of the country goes down. >> at a republican forum with your former opponent he talked about the internet sales tax and how you came from a different perspective. where do you stand on the issue now? do you believe that the playing field should be leveled between brick-and-mortar stores and the internet sales tax? >> yes, i do. i think we have to have a level playing field. first we need to have tax reform. we have the only repatriation tax which is trapped over $2
5:43 am
trillion offshore. we need to start reading real jobs in georgia. the people of georgia want us to talk about that. they want us to find solutions to things like obamacare that is killing jobs. the fact that this amnesty bill -- that my opponent supports -- brings in over 15 million low-wage workers to this country. barack obama wants his policies represented on this ballot, and they are. unfortunately, in georgia, they go by the name of michelle nunn. >> david, you clearly have -- you are enamored by that line -- but let me just remind you that if you want more gridlock, i think that you go by the name of david purdue.
5:44 am
if you believe that we need to change washington, that we need to send people who both are republican and democrat to work across party lines, to take it to stop the paralysis, then i am the candidate. i have declared my independence around a variety of issues. i have experience that is unique across this entire electoral platform in action having proven that i can work across party lines and i believe that is what it is going to take. i do not think it is one party or the other that is responsible. i think it is both. >> in the middle of the game, you cannot change your jersey just because your team is losing. i hear all this talk about bipartisanship yet obamacare, the signature bill of this president, not one single democrat in the senate voted against it and not one single
5:45 am
republican voted for it. this is the same bill of goods we were sold in 2008 when the president said he would bring us altogether as a country. i think he has been the most divisive president in our history. he said he would bring our parties together, yet he crammed obamacare down the throats of the minorities. he also said it he would cut the debt in half. no wonder he wants michelle nunn in the senate. >> for all three of you, would you vote right now to authorize war against isis? start with purdue. >> well, daniel, what we have right now, this president ignored his advisers. he ignored his advisers that said he needed to leave a stabilizing force. if you didn't, it would create a vacuum in which groups like isis would grow. we need leadership in that area. these people have said that they are going to come to our backyard. we need to take this seriously. we need to secure our border -- separate from the immigration issue. right now, we need leadership in the white house to battle this
5:46 am
issue here. my opponent has flip-flopped on some of these issues, like ebola. only after i came out and asked for a travel ban did she come back and say, yes, i agree with david. that is not the kind of leadership we are looking for in the united states senate. hese policies are failing and in georgia, they go by the name of michelle nunn. >> david, my position on ebola is the same as chambliss. that is all i need to say about it. we need to be sure that we take the extraordinary and most important efforts there to combat ebola and we need to make sure we are following our scientists as we do that. i believe that we need to have a conversation, deliberation along long-term deliberation in congress. right now, i'm continuing the
5:47 am
policies we have right now around airstrikes and around continuing to arm the moderate rebels. david, a year ago, you are asked if you are for intervening in syria and armoring the moderate rebels, and i think that would've made a difference in fighting isis, and you said no. something that john mccain said it was a catastrophic position as it related to isis. >> i do not think -- that is in total disregard and you have absolutely flip-flopped. i think we need strong leadership in the white house -- not just with isis and ebola. safety and security is something i hear from the people in georgia and we are not getting it from this president.
5:48 am
he is so focused on his legacyand his obamacare and his legacy bill that he is ignoring the very concerns of the people in georgia. that is why i want to go to the senate and fight for the people of georgia and not be a rubber stamp for barack obama like michelle nunn will be. >> again, david, you failed to address your lack of leadership as it concerns intervening in syria a year ago. but let me just say that i have been very clear that the cuts to our military are dangerous. there are jeopardizing our military readiness and it is incredibly important that we reverse the cuts that have happened as a failure of leadership between the president and congress and, again, emblematic of the representation you want. >> the power and responsibility of the federal government of foreign policies to protect united states citizens. in regards to isis, we have to look at if there has been a
5:49 am
specific threat. once that is in place, we have to have a declaration of war by congress. and that is the constitutional response to that, not unilateral action by the president. once that is in place, we have to look at -- looking at a specific enemy, no building of infrastructure. at the current time, i would not support a current invasion of isis, but i would monitor that and continue to look forward to what is happening in that environment and half to have a vote by congress. >> ms. nunn, the stock market is higher than ever, gdp is up, consumer confidence is down and unemployment is high. >> i think that we live in a time in which there is a huge amount of, again, animus and polarization and we need to send people to washington who are
5:50 am
united and who are going to put the nation's best interests first. at the same time, the thing that is broken is our government, and the only way to fix it is to send people to washington who are going to work together. people are still feeling a great deal of economic insecurity and we need to do common sense things like raise the minimum wage, pay equity, to create the conditions that will lead to greater job growth. so, again, there are a lot of things to be optimistic about our country, but we need to break through the government gridlock and paralysis that is
5:51 am
holding us back. >> mr. purdue. >> thank you, candace. i disagree with the conclusion. i think the president is failing. we have fewer people working in the united states since any time since jimmy carter was president. middle-class income has dropped dramatically. in the last six years alone, into poverty. these are not measures for successful administration. nobody is leading us with regard to our foreign policy, our economy is failing the people of georgia. what i hear out there in the state of georgia is that they wanted leader in washington to stand up to the present. that is not going to be michelle nunn. i will go to the senate and fight for the people of georgia. >> thank you. it is now time for closer marks. >> during this campaign, i have traveled all over our great state, talking to hard-working georgians -- and listening to your concerns.
5:52 am
it is very simple, if you like the direction of our country, a vote for michelle nunn will be a vote for barack obama and his failed policies and nothing will change. it just seems to me that if you are as frustrated as i am about the size and scope of this government, about the fact that this president will not secure our borders, and about the fact that we are building up a huge debt on the backs of our kids and our grandkids, then stand with me. stand with me and i will be your voice in the senate. fighting every day for you to solve the problems that are affecting you and your family every day, right here in georgia. president obama wants michelle
5:53 am
nunn to go to the senate to pay for him. i want to go to washington to fight for you. i am david purdue. i am asking for your trust and your vote to be your new and next u.s. senator. god bless you. >> we have two choices in the united states senate race. you can vote for more government, obama care, a rubberstamp for mitch o'connell, or you can vote for candidates, like me, who understands that government is the problem that the solution. or you can vote for a candidate like me, will not vote for any of the current leadership because they are all doing a dismal job. a candidate, like me, who really understands that it makes no difference who controls the senate because both parties have controlling us for decades. you're just going to get more of the same, but when you go to the polls on tuesday, you will be able to vote for a candidate who understands the power and responsibility lies within the individual, and not the government. >> first of all, thank you all. i got into this race because i
5:54 am
wanted to continue and extend the work that i have done for 26 years, and that is serving people, making a difference in their lives, solving problems, and getting things done by working together. i also got into this race because i believe we can break through the gridlock in washington. i have seen throughout my entire career and throughout his last 16 months the campaign that we can do anything when we work together. there's a real contrast in this race in terms of experience, aspirations. david has done well in his business, but the people around him have to often not been brought a long periods, and if you think we can break through the gridlock by more prosecution and less compromise, then david is offering that. but what i think georgians want is someone who is going to bring justice and liberation. so i ask
5:55 am
for your vote on tuesday. >> on behalf of our panels and viewers, we thank you for being with us this morning. best of luck on election day. this concludes our debate. we thank you all for being with us. election day is tuesday and we will have two the minute results. you can also find results at, we hope you have a wonderful sunday. >> here is a look at some of the ads running in that senate race in georgia. >> i approve this message. more than 60nded years ago and it is the leading manufacturer of power cable in north america. wonder, every time we
5:56 am
invest in georgia workers, they can compete with anyone in the world. i do not know how you can be proud of sending american jobs overseas. we want to know where she is on jobs, education, national security. she never says. she supports president obama's agenda. we do not need more bad policy from washington. >> david purdue. >> i am david purdue and i approve this message. purdue, the former ceo john mack general, it acknowledge -- ceo of dollar general, acknowledged he spent --t of his career spending
5:57 am
sending jobs overseas. >> david purdue, he is not for you. >> michelle nunn admits she is too liberal. she attacked david purdue. spent his career creating thousands of jobs. he will grow this economy and bring common sense to washington. throughout campaign 2014, c-span has brought you more than 100 ready candidate debates -- 130 candidate dates -- debates from all across the country. this tuesday night, watch our
5:58 am
election night coverage. our coverage begins at 8:00 eastern. you'll also see victory and concession speeches. throughout the night and into the morning, we want to hear from you with your calls, facebook comments, and tre weets. q&a.ming up next, ♪ >> this week on q&a, our guest is harold holzer, author of "lincoln and the power of the press: the war for public opinion." his book examines lincoln's relationships with the press, both as a reader and a master of
5:59 am
its potential first way. harold holzer is one of the nation's leading authorities on lincoln and the civil war. >> harold holzer, another lincoln book. "lincoln and the power of the press," what number is this for you? >> 47 including co-authored books and edited books. i don't want to inflate the number. >> you and i have chatted about lincoln for 21 years. how do you keep doing this? >> i get an inspiration or an invitation to pursue a path that hasn't been pursued before. for me, this was more inspiration than invitation. i plunge into it. i love doing research, i love doing writing. i love the conversation.
6:00 am
>> what about the inspiration for the press? where did that come from? >> it came from my dual careers over the years. i was a journalist for about three or four years. i became a government public affairs person for a member of congress, for state-wide new york political campaigns, for the mayor of new york. how government relates to the press was always part of my life. still is at the metropolitan museum. we work with government relations as well as press relations. just the idea percolated up in


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