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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 3, 2014 8:00pm-10:01pm EST

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paul, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, former governor and presidential candidate mitt romney, former congressman allen west. given the support from these well-connected individuals, how can you call yourself a political outsider in this environment? >> that's easy. because i am. i have never been involved in what we have done in this campaign is struck a nerve in georgia. they want a change in washington. may,t to an event back in and i opened the door, and a woman who looked like she was in her 80's said, you are in the senate? and i said, yes ma'am. she said, have you ever run for office before? and i said, no ma'am.
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and she said, well i will vote for you. and that is what you want for the state. not a rubberstamp for barack obama. chance why he wants her in the senate as his proxy. of georgiahe people deserve better, and in georgia the name of those failed policies, again, is michelle nunn. >> can i get a rebuttal to that? purdue, forgive me, but i don't believe you. i am the true outsider in this race, and i don't have any political it -- a local connections, and i am the true outsider. we have to move on, or can i answer that? >> you can answer that. to be partery proud of the republican party, and many people have said it the message is resonating them.
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-- resonating with them. i want to talk about michelle nunn, though. two and ais killing half million jobs, and he has loaded up $7 trillion of more debt with nothing to show for it on the jobs front. we have fewer people working today than at any time since jimmy carter was president, and in georgia, 400,000 more people had to go on food stamps than actually got jobs. michelle, i just have a quick question for you. it is very simple. how do you create a job? >> david, first of all, let me and you completely misrepresented what i said. you actually just made something up there. i have said that the law needs to be fixed, and i have given specific recommendations to make it fixed. repealing cuts
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that are threatening our rural hospitals, and making sure that we are actually sending tax credits to small businesses. so i do not believe it is a perfect bill, i believe it had many faults, but i also believe we want to go forwards, not backwards. we don't want to be stuck in the same gridlock. you perpetuate the same level of gridlock. i don't think people want that in their next senator in washington. job land.eight point some of those are similar to yours. reform the tax code, change the regulatory burden, and these are a lot of your concerns. we want to create one million jobs. those are just a few of the things that we want to do to create more jobs. said, talkeds i about this during the entire campaign. >> you really still haven't
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answered my question. but a did still hear something in there for the first time -- but i did hear something in there for the first time. president obama created 15 million new iris jobs to administer obamacare. that is not how you create jobs. we want a smaller government. he wants a rubberstamp to make this government bigger. he wants and 6 trillion more to make our debt bigger. even though he said he would cut it in half. president obama's policies are indeed on this ballot, and in georgia, unfortunately, they go by the name of michelle nunn. >> all right, daniel malloy? >> would you have voted for obama in 2010 knowing what you know now? >> i think it is of the matter what is woken in washington.
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they think optimizes coming to them, and not actually working together to get something done. i have said many times that i believe that we should and must change the things that are not working, but again, i have talked to people every day on the campaign trail that they say they have a pre-existing condition and they now have access to health care for the first time. i believe we should not go backwards, and i talked to parents who have children on their health care plan and tell the age of 26, and they can sleep at night. i know the government does not create jobs, the private sector creates jobs. but there are instances where you sit on the port authority and create the business that there areenefits, instances where people benefit from those jobs created within government.
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it has taken us 17 years to whiten that port by about five feet. i believe we should have somebody in the senate to , not an the rights rubberstamp for barack obama. >> it did take a long time to get the port, and that is again because people in congress are not working together. but you cannot prosecute your way to a port. you cap prosecutor party and create bipartisanship that will enable us to be champions for georgia. -- you can't prosecute a party and create a partisanship that will enable us to be champions for georgia.
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>> i never said i would not work with democrats. the only repatriation tax in the world. we have two and a half trillion dollars stuck overseas. this is a nonpartisan issue. get this president cannot even talk about that because they're blocking over 300 bills passed in the house on the desk of harry reid. again, that allows this president to run our country with executive order and regular mandate. the people in georgia deserve better than that. that is why i am going to washington to work with anybody to move forward the agenda that i have worked out. >> when you say you will forward the agenda that you have laid out, you will work with anybody, that is the very definition of not compromising. that is the same thing as saying that if people do not agree with me, then we will not move , and do you want to
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continue to have government shutdowns if you are in the senate? >> real quick, sorry. i am going to go to washington everything will day to go to work with anybody, democrats, republicans, libertarians, anybody but right now the sole person for gridlock is harry reid. until we get that passed the senate, nothing is going to happen by the way looked talk about judicial appointments over the next two years. do you want somebody who is on that is so liberal for georgia that will be voting for the next supreme court justice? wofford, i have a question for you. you could have just enough votes so this will not be settled in a runoff in january. do you expect to win on tuesday,
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and if that does not happen, what about either of your opponent steve think you can support, and what criteria might you use as offering an endorsement? >> sure, we are going to be who is going to be moving forward, and it is all that the individual voting for whom they are best aligned with. you are an electing a senator for six years, our president only has two years left in his term. that is something we certainly have to think about, as senators are elected on a secure term, we are going to be looking for a lot of things happening on tuesday because we have kansas, kentucky, louisiana there is a lot of things happening in the first of the year, so we will be looking towards the parties and how each party responds after tuesday partial election, and we will be looking towards business
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experience and private sector experience and how the candidates run their campaigns. whether we are getting substantive discussion of the issues. >> in terms of congress -- let's put a little bit harder on this. you know a lot about these people. you have debated with them. who is more aligned towards you? >> i think it is really going to depend -- when we are in the runoff -- we are going to see possibly unprecedented amounts of money pushed into georgia. i want to see how that changes the electorate and how it changes the response of a candidate. by the actually going to respond to the issues and directing issues instead of some of the things we have heard more about -- campaign memos and about depositions -- and really about how the issues are being addressed. how we are going to be talking about immigration over the next two years. >> so you're not prepared to say that you are leaning toward either candidate today --
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>> correct, we are focused on what is going to happen on tuesday and how the rest of the country goes down. >> at a republican forum with your former opponent he talked about the internet sales tax and how you came from a different perspective. where do you stand on the issue now? do you believe that the playing field should be leveled between brick-and-mortar stores and the internet sales tax? >> yes, i do. i think we have to have a level playing field. first we need to have tax reform. we have the only repatriation tax which is trapped over $2 trillion offshore. we need to start reading real jobs in georgia. the people of georgia want us to talk about that.
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they want us to find solutions to things like obamacare that is killing jobs. you clearly have -- you are enamored of that line. go by the name of david perdue if you want gridlock. they're committed to work across the party lines. stopping the polarization. independenceed my around a variety of issues. i've experience that is unique. it crosses the entire electoral
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platform. that is what it will take. i believe both are responsible. >> in the middle of the game, you cannot change your jersey just because your team is losing . --macare, the signature bill this was the same bill of goods we were sold. he said he would bring the parties together. he crammed obamacare down our throat. to -- wants wants michelle in the senate. >> would you vote right now to authorize war against isis?
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what we have right now in 2011, this president ignored his advisers. we have a lack of leaders. he ignored his advisers that said he needed to leave a stabilizing force. if you didn't, it would create a vacuum in which groups like isis would grow. we need leadership in that area. these people have said that they are going to come to our backyard. we need to take this seriously. we need to secure our border -- separate from the immigration issue. right now, we need leadership in the white house to battle this issue here. my opponent has flip-flopped on some of these issues, like ebola, where she said she did not support a travel ban when it started, and only after i said i did, she came out and said we needed a travel ban. that is not the kind of leadership we are looking for in
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the united states senate. hese policies are failing and in georgia, they go by the name of michelle nunn. >> david, my position on ebola is the same as johnny isakson and saxby chambliss. that is all i need to say about it. we need to be sure that we take the extraordinary and most important efforts there to combat ebola and we need to make sure we are following our scientists as we do that. i believe that we need to have a conversation, deliberation along long-term deliberation in congress. right now, i'm continuing the policies we have right now around airstrikes and around continuing to arm the moderate rebels. david, a year ago, you are asked if you are for intervening in syria and armoring the moderate rebels, and i think that would've made a difference in fighting isis, and you said no. something that john mccain said
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it was a catastrophic position as it related to isis. >> lee's answer that, and then, miss wofford. >> i do not think -- that is in total disregard and you have absolutely flip-flopped. you deny that even in this. i think we need strong leadership in the white house -- not just with isis and ebola. also with softening the sanctions on iran. safety and security is something i hear from the people in georgia and we are not getting it from this president. he is so focused on his legacy of obamacare and his legacy bill that he is ignoring the very concerns of the people in georgia. that is why i want to go to the senate and fight for the people of georgia and not be a rubber stamp for barack obama like michelle nunn will be. >> again, david, you failed to address your lack of leadership as it related to having the foresight to intervening in
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syria a year ago. but let me just say that i have been very clear that the cuts to our military are dangerous. there are jeopardizing our military readiness and it is incredibly important that we reverse the cuts that have happened as a failure of leadership between the president and congress and, again, emblematic of the representation you want. >> time is running thing, miss wofford, what you think on isis? >> the power and responsibility of the federal government of foreign policies to protect united states citizens. in regards to isis, we have to look at if there has been a specific threat. also if there is a demonstrated capacity to do that. once that is in place, we have to have a declaration of war by congress. and that is the constitutional response to that, not unilateral action by the president. once that is in place, we have to look at -- looking at a specific enemy, no building of
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infrastructure. at the current time, i would not support a current invasion of isis, but i would monitor that and continue to look forward to what is happening in that environment and half to have a vote by congress. >> ms. nunn, the stock market is higher than ever, gdp is up, consumer confidence is down and unemployment is high. why is the administration not getting credit for its wins? >> i think that we live in a time in which there is a huge amount of, again, animus and polarization and we need to send people to washington who are united and who are going to put the nation's best interests first.
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at the same time, the thing that is broken is our government, and the only way to fix it is to send people to washington who are going to work together. people are still feeling a great deal of economic insecurity and we need to do common sense things like raise the minimum wage, make sure there is pay equity, and to create the conditions that will lead to greater job growth. so, again, there are a lot of things to be optimistic about our country, but we need to break through the government gridlock and paralysis that is holding us back. >> mr. purdue. >> thank you, candace. i disagree with the conclusion. i think the president is failing. his economic policies are failing, we have fewer people working in the united states since any time since jimmy carter was president. middle-class income has dropped dramatically. and we have pushed many women in , the last six years alone, into poverty. these are not measures for a successful administration. they feel like the ship is
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rudderless right now nobody is , leading us with regard to our foreign policy, our economy is failing the people of georgia. what i hear out there in the state of georgia is that they wanted leader in washington to stand up to the present. that is not going to be michelle nunn. i will go to the senate and fight for the people of georgia. >> thank you, it is now time for closer marks. first a statement from mr. purdue. >> during this campaign, i have traveled all over our great state, talking to hard-working georgians -- and listening to your concerns. it is very simple, if you like the direction of our country, a vote for michelle nunn will be a vote for barack obama and his failed policies and nothing will change. it just seems to me that if you are as frustrated as i am about the size and scope of this government, about the fact that this president will not secure our borders, and about the fact that we are building up a huge debt on the backs of our kids and our grandkids, then stand
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with me. stand with me and i will be your voice in the senate. fighting every day for you to solve the problems that are affecting you and your family every day, right here in georgia. president obama wants michelle nunn to go to the senate to pay for him. i want to go to washington to fight for you. i am david purdue. i am asking for your trust and your vote to be your new and next u.s. senator. god bless you. >> we have two choices in the united states senate race. you can vote for more government, obama care, a rubberstamp for mitch o'connell, or you can vote for candidates, like me, who understands that government is the problem that the solution. or you can vote for a candidate like me, will not vote for any of the current leadership because they are all doing a dismal job. a candidate, like me, who really understands that it makes no difference who controls the senate because both parties have controlling us for decades.
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you're just going to get more of the same, but when you go to the polls on tuesday, you will be able to vote for a candidate who understands the power and responsibility lies within the individual, and not the government. >> michelle nunn. >> first of all, thank you all. i got into this race because i wanted to continue and extend the work that i have done for 26 years, and that is serving people, making a difference in their lives, solving problems, and getting things done by working together. i also got into this race because i believe we can break through the gridlock in washington. i have seen throughout my entire career and throughout his last 16 months the campaign that we can do anything when we work together.
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there's a real contrast in this race in terms of experience, aspirations. david has done well in his business, but the people around him have to often not been brought along, and if you think we can break through the gridlock by more prosecution and less compromise, then david is offering that. but what i think georgians want is someone who is going to bring justice and liberation. so i ask for your vote on tuesday. >> on behalf of our panels and viewers, we thank you for being with us this morning. best of luck on election day. this concludes our debate. we thank you all for being with us. election day is tuesday and we will have two the minute results. you can also find results at, we hope you have a wonderful sunday.
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during campaign 2014, c-span partnered with stations like wt stb in georgia, allowing us to cover races like the senate we cover thatgia, live at 10:00 eastern time, and you can watch anytime at there is a new poll out showing -- thatrge's race leading withe is david purdue, michelle nunn falls, and amanda swafford in third place. the latest polling information is available online on the marist poll website. here is some of the latest as now on the air in that race.
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>> i am michelle nunn, and i approve of this message. wire dad founded south more than 60 years ago, and today, it is the leading manufacturer of power cable in georgia. when i hear david purdue say he is proud to outsource jobs to other parts of the world, i am concerned. georgia workers can compete with anyone in the world. i don't think it is right to be proud about sending jobs overseas. >> david purdue created jobs right here in america. all michelle purdue -- all michelle nunn does is attack david purdue. >> she supports president obama's agenda. >> we don't need more bad policy from washington. we need a new direction. >> that is david perdue. >> david purdue. >> david purdue.
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>> i am david purdue, and i approve of this message. >> i am michelle nunn, and i approve of this message. david perdue, ceo of dollar general, admits that he sent most of his jobs overseas. >> he was asked how he can respond to outsourcing, and he responded, yeah, i have spent most of my career doing that. >> he acts like he is proud of it. >> david perdue. he is not for you. >> michelle nunn admits that she then she hadl, and an organization linked to terrorists. david perdue spent his career creating thousands of jobs. purdue will grow this economy and bring common sense to washington. >> i am david purdue, and i
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approve of this message. >> some of the latest as in the georgia senate race, also a contest in kansas and iowa. bit, the racee between the senate race, and and the final debate in the iowa senate race, where the holes over the weekend by the "des moines register" shows a seven point advantage over democrat bruce braley. you can look at our facebook page as well, and the question is "which party should control congress?" thatf our viewers wrote they should serve the interests of the people who are elected. you can join the conversations and,
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poll news,me marist and joining us live from purchase he new york, they can for joining us. -- live from the cap ski -- poughkepskie, new york, is lee miringoff. thank you for joining us. of perdue's supporters say they actually support him, so as we drill down and see a little more intensely nn side, are we going to have to have a runoff? for could be an outcome
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tomorrow night, yeah, we will see how it goes from there. one of the things that has been interesting in georgia also. the gender gap has vanished. democrats were hoping to win women by double digits, but right now that is not happening in georgia and in some other places. >> let's stay in georgia and talk about the governor's race as well. the republican seeking reelection on the ballot, and jason carter is is a familiar democrats, his grandfather's jimmy carter. we will have to see how that goes. the incumbent governors are in some jeopardy this time. not all of them, but some are. a lot of incumbents talk in places like pennsylvania and a few other states. think nathan does have the advantage, and we are also watching what the libertarian candidate gets not
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only for senate by for governor as well, the libertarian gets up to 4% or 5% or 6%, it's hope the means the- that democrat could be down by 2% or hoove thewould be republicans. on two runoffs are separate dates in georgia, senatorould have a new before you have a new governor. they have not seen the end of the ad wars if they have to have a runoff. >> and the georgia democrat say they would contest that, with a primary runoff been at the same date that they are pushing for, that january 6 date. if tom wolfe beats corbin, that sincebe the first time 1968 when the state changed its
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constitution allowing governors to seek a second term. no governor has lost reelection. but stern to kentucky. again a big state where mitch mcconnell was in a dead heat against alison grimes, your poll says that he has created a fairly significant lead. mcconnell 50% for with only 41% for grimes, again, big changes in these numbers as the campaign continues. the independent movement is at , so we have seen movement in the state, no gender gap again. both candidates are very high negatives. they're going to have to do a lot of work to prepare their image. 47 -- 47% approve of grimes, 47%
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grimes, soapprove of these are not very popular people. >> a lot of crystal balls, a lot of predictions, but there seems to be one unanimous prediction, and that is in indiana. what is called an open primary, and the democrat mary landrieu is that -- that is in louisiana. >> they have what is called an open primary, and the democrat mary landrieu is below 50, and all the smart money says she will be and what you will end up with is a runoff in louisiana. in that instance, she might be able to fight, because republicans are more likely to unify behind cassidy, and independence are more likely to go that way, so if there is a lot -- so if there is a runoff,
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she has to make up a lot of ground. so if she goes head-to-head with cassidy, she only gets 245%. the difference is that the numbers coalesce -- sheila gets to 45%.e only gets the difference is the numbers coalesce around him. >> we want to hear from you. republicans, democrats, and independence, you can call her numbers. as we show you some of the debates in some of the most important senate races, 202 is 585-3880, 3381 for republicans and for all 3882., three 882 --
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let me ask you about a couple of other states to read first of all, in north carolina and in kansas. buffers, north carolina. what are you sensing down there -- but first of all, north carolina. what are you sensing down there? iowa, north carolina, stateso, those are three that democrats are desperately trying to secure. they can offset some of those red states like arkansas and louisiana. kay hagan has been competitive and has been ahead narrowly the whole way, so this race could clearly go either way. >> let me ask you about this "w piece thatard"
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compared the early voting from two years ago, but according to the "weekly standard" republicans were slightly behind. >> the democrats are hoping that their ground gain can offset some of their anti-obama sentiments to read president in thes at 40% or below states that are being hotly contested. so democrats are really banking on their ground aim. so the early report -- ground game. so the early reports can be deceptive. now you are trying to get them to vote in these midterm elections like 2014, and that is harder to do. so we are going to see whether in a sense this is just the
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likely folks who typically vote, or if the democrats have been successful in keeping the obama from atact rum a -- presidential year. the big question is, are they doing it because they have done better among young people, african-americans, latinos, and women? or is it just because the turnout is low, and in 2016, they come back and we are looking for a presidential turnout, and then it becomes another problem for republicans? so it will be very interesting to watch tomorrow. that they will make inroads into the electorate, or does it just turn out to be lowering the midterm election in a very atypical pattern? that is what we are looking for. >> so let's look at the "des poll, a lot of"
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comments from senator harkin among others that his opponent is like taylor swift. what is this mean to you? i think the expectation is that iowans are in good shape. has not run the best of the campaigns. ,e has had a lot of problems talking about senator grassley, it has just been one thing after another. it is enough to detract people from what he is trying to do, and a lot of it is focused on him now. that is not going to better his chances. so the expectation that this is a place that republicans breakthrough, that would pick up a critical seat for them. ingoff is joining us
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-- maristt college college, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> let's take your phone calls. the first is from the republican line in celtic. what you have to say about -- in south dakota. what you have to say about this? is they pressler independent, gordon howie is the --er independent, we just >> we cover that debate and you can check it out on our website. one had him up by eight or 10 point. >> that is where my comment
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comes in. first of foremost, the polls that i am seeing him, some of includingare not independent gordon howie. thesome people have gotten telephone pole, and they tried to pick gordon howie on the phone, and it just kept replaying the other choices. the people who i am talking to in western south dakota are absolutely fed up. but thetch the debate, fundamental thing that i am seeing is that people are absolutely fed up and, you know, anyway, i have voted pursley, but i think it is a lot tighter of a race that people are saying. i am going to move on only
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because we are short on time. donna is joining us on the democratic line for massachusetts. donna poland is from somerville, massachusetts, and i am going out the polls the first thing in the morning hopethey open up, and i the democrats all caps their majority back in the house of representatives, including more in the senate. and i hope in 2016 that hillary clinton would run for president in 2000 and 16 -- 2016. so muchonna, take you for the call on the democrat line. was take a call on the independent line. >> things are taken my call.
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-- thanks for taking my call. the democrats should be dancing in the streets right now. benghazi shut down the government, public and even had republicans even had the audacity to try to shut up the government. >> thanks for the call. an interesting piece in the "new called the upshot, and the piece points out on election night, knowing who is ahead is not enough. or example, in states like georgia and elsewhere, cities have traditionally then among the less to report their votes lean democratic, and this means that democratic candidates will appear weaker than they really are. similar in states with slow
8:42 pm
counting republican areas, republican candidates will seem weaker than they actually are. full details in the breakdown on there joined by ken on republican line from fremont california. of ais reminds me but -- but -- jerry brown is a clear politician, and he is just not the one to tell you the truth. to tim in go next philadelphia, and the president was there yesterday campaigning for tom wolfe. you are on the republican line. tim? are you with us?
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we will one more time for tim in philadelphia. we have to move on to our independent line with bob. good evening. >> is the political person from marist college still on? no. what was your question? >> i wanted his opinion on the senate race in virginia. >> he did do polling on the virginia race and it is on the website, but that was done in couple of weeks ago by marist college. >> yeah, heard it was about 47 ven points.our to se >> i keep. the same kind of rhetoric from those in texas and from those in the democrats and republican candidates in georgia. empty, id of the same, hear "rubber stamp" this and
8:44 pm
that, and i am incredibly moderate, and i am dissatisfied with the texas candidate as i am with the georgia candidate. i was hoping to hear a little bit from the push from the georgia candidate who is independent, but she came off as weak, and she was not very forceful. i was really hoping for some sort of, you know, movement away from the ebola and the border control. how about the flu? the flotilla kill so many people every year. kills so many people every year. people die from euthanasia every single day in this country. >> they so much for the call. alwayshington journal is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern time,
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and on wednesday morning, we will have victory speeches and concession speeches. we will open up our phone lines to get your reaction and your analysis on what it needs for the democrats and the republicans on the midterm elections. jim is joining us from california on the independent line. good evening. >> thank you. my only comment is that republicans will probably take the senate, and i think that is the best thing to happen for obama. >> why do you say that? will force him into a position for having guts and actually doing something. with iran and with israel and their ridiculous debacle in the middle east, he will go on and be the same president he has been for the last six years, so having a senate that is against him, really, the house is bad enough. president was in philadelphia yesterday campaigning for democrat tom wolfe. you think he made a forceful
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case in this election for his party to maintain control of the senate? >> i have not been following it very much at all, quite frankly, and i have not been following it very much outside of california. thanks so much for calling from california. >> thanks, bye-bye. >> and we have more on our , andte at at 5:00 west coast time for jim and 48:00 eastern's -- for jim , weat 8:00 eastern time will have election night coverage. the results will also be from the governor's races and house races available online, on radio, and here on c-span television. and the final kansas senate andte between pat roberts
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great gorman. n studios in the ks wichita, the senate debate. here is your moderator. >> good evening, and welcome to ksn studios for the debate. i am darren dedo. here are the rules. will have one minute and a half for opening remarks, and each candidate will be able to answer questions as well as a 32nd rebuttal. we will end with a minute and a half closing remarks from each candidate. we have a number of partners for this debate.
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candidates were not given the questions are the topics before 10 i's debate. we have pick some of these questions tonight to as the candidate. let's start with our opening remarks. mr. orman will get to go first. mr. gorman, the floor is yours. -- mr. orman, the floor is yours. >> thank you, as we know, washington is broken. people care more about extremist in solving problems. they bury their heads in the sand and refuse to cooperate. has -- int, in action action has not solved any problems. i am concerned that if we don't start solving these problems,
8:49 pm
our standard of living and our standards in the world, and the existence of the middle class will be at risk. like a lot of kansans, i have been disappointed. tonight, senator roberts will tell you that president obama and harry reid in washington are the reason why it is such a mess. and he is half right. is, both parties are more interested in playing games than solving problems, and both parties are failing kansas. that is why i am running for the u.s. senate as an independent. imf fiscally responsible man who was to go to washington and find solutions and not play party games. -- i am a fiscally response will man who wants to go to washington and find solutions and not play party games. thank you. tipping point, and kansans know it they have a choice to make.
8:50 pm
they can make a choice between a conservative republican with integrity, or my opponent, who is a liberal democrat who still won't shoot straight with kansas voters. it is pretty simple, folks. what this boils down to is a vote for pat roberts is a vote for republican majority in the senate. endthe harry reid agenda -- the harry reid agenda, end the gridlock, end the obama regime, and create real growth. my opponent can not stand up to the obama-reid agenda. contributions, $174,000, to hillary clinton, barack obama, and yes, even harry reid. he cannot stand up to the
8:51 pm
reid-obama campaign. it is so much more about this election than me. that is why we have had all members of the republican party come to cover the selection. they know one thing is to get this republican majority in the united states senate to end the gridlock to stop the obama-reid agenda. >> thank you. our first question is from brian lowry at the "wichita eagle." withich of the u.s. do undocumented immigrant children? >> before i answer that question, i just have to ask a couple questions. theact, we have gotten to point where we have made up facts about the levels of contributions i have given.
8:52 pm
he said all traditional republicans would not endorse me, but i have been endorsed. we have to pay attention to what the truth is. in terms of the young adults and the children at our southern order, i think we need to address that at the source. guatemala,go to honduras, and let them know to not send the children through the treacherous trip through mexico to the united states. as we need to let them know that we are going to process them and send them home. that is the best way to ensure their safety. you, senator roberts? to do first thing we have is secure the border. the second thing we have to do is pass a bill and a house that
8:53 pm
says that all other countries will be similar to that of mexico and canada. if you come across here illegally, i am sorry, but you have to go back. humanitarian repatriation. the president himself said people 16 another -- 16 and under could stay led to this onslaught of a humanitarian tragedy. but let me go back to the border. we had 160,000 felons who were admitted to the department of isis,nd security, we have we have ebola, so we must secure the border. clarification sir, yes about the children who have come across the u.s. border -- he asked about the children who have come across the u.s. border. been working
8:54 pm
through the system and are obviously not going to deport 66,000 children. borderhave to secure the to prevent other situations like that from happening again, and yes we work with the central american countries to make sure that they understand that they are going to be like mexico and canada and that they cannot do this kind of thing again. there are also the drug cartels involved. bottle -- a, every rebuttal? >> i am not clear what his answer was there, i do believe we need to secure the border, that i do believe we can secure the border and have a humane immigration policy. i hope we have an opportunity throughout this debate to discuss this. this is particularly an important issue for western kansas. >> senator roberts, rebuttal? >> you are not going to get any
8:55 pm
immigration policy reform as long as harry reid is in the senate. we put harry reid out to pasture, and a republican majority, then really, we can't consider immigration. but again, all of this stops once we secure the border. that is the first thing. and in addition to you all, isis, or what ever comes across the border, or 100 67,000 in illegals who are convicted felons, that shows you that we have to secure the border. i cannot support amnesty. >> the next question is from dr. bob beatty. immigration about reform, if the u.s. were to create a pathway for immigrants to enter the country illegally, what criteria should those immigrants meet to qualify for potential citizenship?
8:56 pm
roberts?r >> obviously we do not have that now. it one more time. the department of homeland security just announced that 167,000 convicted felons have come across the border. there somewhere in the united states. we have no idea where they are. now, secondly. if you're going to deal with the immigration problem, you have to secure the border first. the house of representatives should sign a bill over to the is ae, which, by the way, place for good bills go to die, because harry reid will not allow them any consideration. they need to secure the border and really secure the border and change the law. again, that will be so every country knows that it is the same law that applies to canada ,nd to mexico and that illegals
8:57 pm
when you come across the border, you go back. if we do that, then we can get to immigration. and they will get to the complexities within that. but first you have to secure the border. >> ok, thank you sir. >> i have talked about this at length, and i believe our policy n immigration needs to be tough, practical, and fair. i think we need to maintain our commitment, but it needs to be practical. i don't think we are going to a halfdeport 11 and million people, and nor would it be economically advisable. this would affect kansas, the dairy industry, then meet industry, -- the meat industry, this would impact us.
8:58 pm
i think you would have to register, pay off fine or perform community service as acknowledgment that you broke the law, you need to hold down jobob and pay taxes -- a and pay taxes, and by the way, that 14the same plan republican senators signed on to. >> senator roberts? >> again, you are not going to make any progress with regards to immigration as long as the majority leader, harry reid, stays in power. threatenedbama has -- or at least it has been issueed by the press -- another executive order and declare amnesty for illegal aliens, and also his total immigration policy. now that is something that i think is absolutely wrong, and
8:59 pm
it involves securing the border and embassy before anything else, no amnesty, before anything else can happen. my opponent cannot stand up to the obama-reid agenda. >> as i have said in this campaign, i do not support amnesty. there are a lot of people who work here and follow a set of rules, but with that, senator roberts was to talk about how the senate is where bad bills go to die -- or where good hills go to die -- i don't remember except the what he said, but in fact, 40 republican senators including john mccain and lindsey graham, approved of this but it is still not happening. i would also say that president obama should not >> securing the border, if these people are in the country now, do we need to change the policy?
9:00 pm
they are going to be working in the system. what would you do with these people who are ready to deport thousands? >> i never thought we should deport 11 million people. we should say no to amnesty. my opponent says he is against amnesty. he will say that he did not say that. >> thank you. regarding foreign policy, the u.s. invasion of afghanistan and iraq, was it justified? yes or no. your preferred response to the new threat? >> in terms of afghanistan, yes. we needed to do something to get the muslim extremists there and make sure they did not have the safe havens to attack again. in terms of iraq, it is now
9:01 pm
being suggested that we were not as thoughtful as we should have been going in there. we have lost thousands of lives and have had tens of thousands of people critically injured. we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars honoring the commitment to our veterans to prevent muslim extremists from having a strong world and the middle east. a vacuum in iraq and a civil war in syria is allowing that. i believe that we need to follow the campaign we are doing and protect the poetic assets on the ground. we need to train the iraqis to solve that problem with our support. >> thank you. >> afghanistan, yes. i worry about afghanistan. if the president repeats what he did, the real mistake is not
9:02 pm
having a status of forces agreement with iraq. when we left, it left a vacuum. maliki was not the best in terms of leading the country. now, we have a caliphate. this goes to a larger problem. the president has tried to lead by following with national security and foreign affairs. when you lead by following, there is a vacuum and bad people fill it. if you cannot deal with the bad people, it gets worse. much worse. that is where we are today. have a situation where, just today, the president says we are winning with isis. we are not. they are within 20 miles of the airport. we have the big red flag in baghdad. we have 450 members there.
9:03 pm
before we go any further -- >> ok. >> i'm sorry. >> you have reached your time. we will come back. >> i did not hear an answer about whether or not we should have gone into iraq. we were optimistic to think that we would take able to have been fighting for 15 centuries and form a properly functioning democracy. the war has to change. it can no longer be considered a u.s. war against muslims. it has to be considered a middle eastern war against extremism. we need to back up allies in the region to address the issue. >> thank you. >> i was going to point out that the president is conducting a war right now. congress ought to weigh in.
9:04 pm
the president ought to come to congress and explain to the american people. if we are sending more troops into iraq to contain or destroy isis, and there is a bitter debate about what we should do, the president has an obligation to come to the american people and explain. he has not done that. he continues to stay put. we are losing with iraq and isis. intelligence shows that is dangerous for national security. >> let's go on. it is a social media question from keith. we are starting with senator roberts. how do you think the united states should deal with ebola? senator roberts? >> the ebola epidemic shows you how we should secure the border
9:05 pm
and not grant amnesty. i issued a statement a couple of days ago. why can we not do now what we know we are going to have to do down the road? we are going to need a team in africa stopping air traffic from west africa to the united states. we should get the best and brightest over to the country as fast as we can. the world health organization said that if we do not take action within the next 60 days, we could lose 10,000 people a week. a humanitarian disaster. this goes back to isis, ebola, and other problems on the border. we must secure the border and secure the national security of our fellow americans. >> ebola is serious. we need to have a serious response to it. it does include sending the best
9:06 pm
and the brightest to africa. i also believe we should suspend air travel with west africa for the time being and until the crisis is contained. this was back to a crisis in leadership. roberts has come back and made strong statements about ebola in kansas and a came out the other day that, when he was in washington last month, he skipped the hearing on the ebola virus. it is easy to talk tough year and, when you have an opportunity to do something about it, you choose to skip a hearing. that is a real problem. >> a rebuttal? >> nothing of substance came of it. there is a crisis in leadership. the president has been behind
9:07 pm
and a sleep at the wheel. he just said he will have a more aggressive program. it is the president that i think we have to look to for this leadership and we are looking for the plan and the strategy. we have to do that now. >> lacking leadership in washington is on both sides of the aisle. while you did not attend the hearing, it has come out that you did not attend two out of three hearings in the agricultural committee, a committee you want to lead someday. there is a crisis of leadership. >> the next question is from ksn news. >> you own homes in other states.
9:08 pm
please explain your sense of connection with kansas. >> i grew up in minnesota and my father owned a furniture store in kansas. i spent time in kansas working in a store and learning the value of a dollar and kansas values. i got the opportunity to move back to kansas in 1996 and i took it. ultimately, my friends and family are here. i choose to be a kansan. if you wonder where i am going to spend my time, it is kansas. >> i love kansas. i have been border to border and
9:09 pm
corner to corner in kansas. there is no public official that has been in more communities and talking to more people about the issues they are worried about than i have. bob dole jokes that he is trying to catch up with me. i know kansas. kansas is conservative. kansas wants answers. my opponent is a liberal democrat. >> we do not live in the information age anymore. we live in the misinformation age. you heard misinformation from
9:10 pm
roberts. i will address that one at a time, if we have the opportunity, during the debate. senator roberts, you talk about supporting farmers and you vote against the farm bill. you talk about supporting veterans and you did not have the courage to go to washington to vote on the va reform bill. >> we achieved the number one priority, crop insurance. i voted against the bill because, once again, we see farmers farming for the government and not the market. i received the endorsement from the farm bureau and major organizations. they endorsed me and not my opponent. in every case, i am the champion
9:11 pm
for farmers and ranchers in kansas. >> thank you for your answer. a reminder to voters at home to send us the questions online. we may read the question on air tonight. it is back to our panel now. the next question is from brian lowry. >> the aviation industry has seen a decline in unemployment since october of 2000 date. can the industry be saved in wichita? what role should washington playa? >> senator? >> i sorry. stop the aviation taxes. jobs are involved with aviation. the industry can get along fine.
9:12 pm
this administration, again and again, puts aviation taxes on the industry. it is not what washington can do for you. it is what they can do against you. i am the champion of aviation. every time there are corporate jets, i was on the floor and said, sorry, that is not right. we had a personal discussion about it. >> i and the only person on the stage who has created private sector jobs. i am qualified to talk about what private sector businesses need. i have put forward a small business plan. i talk about rolling back dodd frank regulations on community and regional banks. they were not the people
9:13 pm
involved in bringing us to the brink of disaster. we should not punish them and industries that serve the aviation industry. we talk about rolling back regulation and having a review of regulation every 10 years. it makes sure that the kind of regulations that were imposed on businesses are doing what they were intended to do and not stifling innovation. those are the things we need to do for businesses. >> job creation. job creation indeed. my opponent was the recipient of taxpayer money to start the shrimp farm in the middle of the desert. the supposition was that people
9:14 pm
eat so many shrimp cocktails in vegas. that is a grant of $3 million. explain that. i have the endorsement of the federation of business. >> here is the chance to endorsed this. >> i am proud of my private sector record. i have been involved in investing in over 40 businesses. he doesn't realize that not every business succeeds. not every business is a success. if they were, everybody would run a big business and we would all be successful. i am proud of my private sector track record and i will compare it to the senator's any time. >> we asked roberts about his
9:15 pm
residency and his personal wealth. how can regular people relate to him? you can find the answers on our website. all right. >> i have a glass-half-full question. unemployment fell to 5.9%, the lowest since july of 2008. what has the u.s. government done right, and what should it continue to do going forward to keep this recovery going? >> the challenge we have had with this recovery is why we are creating jobs we are not necessarily creating middle-class jobs. i've talked about how we get
9:16 pm
this country started again. we have to get washington back in the business of solving problems. i can't tell you how many business owners who have said we need to deal with health care affordability. if we could have an honest discussion about how to address health care affordability in this country and change the incentives that drive costs out of the system we would be and a better position to create jobs and see wages grow. people tell me we need to deal with immigration reform. businesses have suggested they would add jobs if we simply got congress and the president to get their act together and pass some sort of immigration reform. when he regulations out of the system and help businesses grow again. >> i was going to grant some time back, i have the
9:17 pm
endorsement of the national federation of veterans. they represent small businesses up and down the street. the chamber of congress looks at your record. we meet with the chambers in kansas. they give those issues to the national chamber. a story on real job growth, less regulation, less spending, binding certainty to the best that we can to the obama reid agenda. they endorse me. not only did they endorse me reflecting the chambers in kansas and small businesses in kansas, they took the extra step of defining my opponent and his record of job creation as a liberal democrat. that is what they did. >> would you like to respond to that? >> i've never heard of anyone defining someone record of
9:18 pm
conservative or liberal terms. it feels desperate. it feels like something that has been the need you to stand up here and represent the facts. i've met with chambers throughout the state. i can tell you from those first 10 meetings that there are a number of chambers in the state that would love to see me get elected to the united states senate. >> name them if you can. the national chamber in their endorsement of me took the extra step again of defining my own as a liberal democrat. it is on the issues with regarding to certainty for business and the obama reid agenda. all of the regulations that come out of the administration. we are drowning and regulations. we have to have so many regulations you can keep up.
9:19 pm
one former told them we are not being governed, we are being ruled. your job, and only the shrimp farm but -- >> let's go back to our panel. the next question is for the capital journal. >> both of you have mentioned the affordable care act this evening. i believe you have indicated it is flawed in some manner. how should the federal government intervene in the health insurance market to control costs without restricting access? >> senator? >> number one, you are not going to have any repeal or placement of the affordable health care act with harry reid as majority leader. i believe that we should repeal and replace the affordable health care act. my opponent will not do that. he is for amnesty. he is against the keystone pipeline.
9:20 pm
i am not. the list goes on. he is pro-abortion. i am not. these are the kinds of issues that i think the chamber of commerce took a look at and said he is a liberal democrat. by deed, by word, by campaign contributions. on the affordable health care act i think we have the repeal and replace it. more market oriented solutions. we have to in this assault with higher premiums, lost relationships, many doctors quitting. the list goes on. not to mention rationing boards in washington. the first step come repeal and replace. you will get that with a republican majority. >> i've said this a lot in this campaign. i believe that president obama and his harry reid are part of the problem.
9:21 pm
i believe senator, you're part of the problem. you have been in washington for 47 years. during that time the undocumented people in this country has grown from one million to over 11.5 million. that has grown from under $1 trillion to $18 trillion. in the last decade you voted to support funding for the bridge to nowhere in alaska. i have been clear from this on the beginning. i did support the affordable care act when it was passed. in 2010 i gave a campaign contribution to scott brown who was supposed to be the deciding vote against the affordable care act. the reason i did not like it was because i thought it was expanding a broken system. we pay for quantity in this country and not for quality. we need to fundamentally change the incentives to we can deliver better quality care at a lower price. >> senator roberts.
9:22 pm
>> my opponent -- [inaudible] and president obama, who we voted for and contributed money to, describe the aca as the first step to national health insurance. that is the wrong way to go. you must repeal it first, replace it with more market oriented solutions. you will not get there from here unless you elect a republican majority in the united states senate working with e-house. we can do that. the senate has passed bill after bill that would be helpful with regard to replacing obamacare. >> again, as i said from the beginning, i wasn't an initial soap order of the affordable care act. i don't believe it was the right decision. right now what we have is a health care affordability issue. we had it before the affordable care act.
9:23 pm
we had it today. this is what you see in washington. incident talk about how to address the affordability we have taken an issue like the aca and made a political football. ultimately it prevents them from having to make the hard decisions that we need to make to secure american's future financially. >> my apologies, i'm not sure where that came from. craig anderson, our next question. >> and abortion question. a woman must have an ultrasound with the option of viewing the image, get counseling and wait 24 hours. you agree with these regulations and should ultrasounds before abortions be mandated nationwide? >> i've addressed this issue many times before. what i've said on this issue is that as a man i am not going to have to face the hard decision that women have to face. i trust women of kansas are
9:24 pm
smart and they can make decisions on their own about their own reproductive health. with that said i think we spend a lot of time in this country talking about this issue and we have spent a lot of time over the last couple of decades talking about it. it prevents us from talking about other important issues. what i would like to see us do is start focusing on some of the big problems that we absolutely need to get our arms around if we are going to preserve the american dream and our financial futures. >> are you pro-life or pro-choice? >> i am pro-choice. >> ok. >> he is obviously pro-choice. i am pro-life. i think it is that we have to get past this issue. get past the rights of the unborn? get past the guaranteed life for those end-of-life? i don't think you can say that
9:25 pm
with any degree of conscience, more especially as i'm concerned, the question that was raised is a state issue. federal mandates, i don't know of any federal mandate i agree with with the paperwork and regulations out of washington and taking over states rights. but with abortion, and you have to move past it? i think that is unconscionable. i really do. >> justice roberts when he was in his confirmation hearing referred to this issue as settled law. i think it is. it is an port in question but i think we've spent a lot of time debating it and it is time to start debating other important issues as well. >> thank you. >> it isn't settled. we had a great fight over hobby lobby. the rights of individual business people to say i'm sorry we are not going to send
9:26 pm
obamacare because it strikes at our religious beliefs. the hobby lobby one. it isn't settled law. not by a long shot. that is why i am proud to receive the endorsement by the national right to life and the cans is right to live. they support me. they don't think we ought to get past this issue. >> let's go back to social media with our next question. via twitter, i would like to know the stance on gun control and if you are a gun owner. >> i'm not a gun owner. my opponent supported the harry reid ease of legislation that would have been tearing apart the first amendment. the second amendment. i've a protector of the first and second amendment. my opponent is not.
9:27 pm
that is one of the many issues that proves he is a liberal democrat and he is not an independent. first amendment, freedom of speech, you should be concerned about that. harry reid's bill would have had congress decide what happens with regards to campaign contributions. imagine that. that was the wrong thing to do. the second amendment, i strongly support the right to bear arms and am pleased that i have the support of the kansas state rifle association and the nra. >> first a couple of things. the first amendment thing that senator roberts is referring to is overturning citizens united. he doesn't want to overturn citizens united because his buddies from washington have flown in and are spending millions of dollars in campaign ads attacking me in a desperate attempt to allow him to stand office.
9:28 pm
i am a gun owner. i have two guns. when i bought those guns i had to go through a background check. i don't believe it was intrusive, i don't believe it intruded on my second amendment rights. i support the second amendment. i would point out that what i talked about in terms of ending the gun show loophole is the same long that senator roberts in the past has said he supported. when he found himself in the middle of a difficult primary and realized that direction his party was heading you change and flip-flopped on the issue. as a gun owner i believe in and support the second amendment. >> i am 64 out of 64 on right to life. the nra, i can't tell you where i am. the way you describe that situation i don't think that is accurate. i've always supported the second amendment and i will continue to
9:29 pm
do so. >> again, i'm just -- >> rebutting the rebuttal? i'm concerned we are getting rebuttals to rebuttals. >> [indiscernible] go ahead sir. >> as a gun owner i support the second amendment. i do support expanding background checks to cover gun shows. if you think about what a background check does, it prevents someone who has been adjudicated mentally incompetent subject to restraining order, has been discharged from the military or sentenced to a year or more in jail from getting a gun. those are people i don't want to see having guns. with that said, for a law-abiding citizen willing to
9:30 pm
go through background check, i support the right to keep and bear arms. >> thank you for your responses. >> kansas ranks as one of the top five states affected by drought according to the u.s. department of agriculture. what role should the federal government play in helping kansas in similar states achieve water sustainability? >> what i have talked about in that regard, i've spent time in western kansas with folks talking about the awful for and the issues associated with water in western kansas. it is clearly a depleting resource. i think we need to do a couple of things. we need to make sure federal policy isn't discouraging the planting of low water crops. talking to farmers what i have heard is the reason they don't plant is the crop insurance is four times as expensive as other crops.
9:31 pm
i think we need to look at federal policy and make sure that we are not discouraging the planting of low water intensity crops. we need to lean on the innovation of the farm community. we have seen improvements in irrigation technology and i would like to see those technologies expanded so we can conserve water and ultimately extend the resource that we have in western kansas for agriculture. >> it's interesting the only federal response we have had from this administration is when the president went out to california and discover the drought. he spent $8 billion for climate change centers. we've never figured out what a farmer would do if he went into climate change centers as opposed to the farm service agency that we have in every county. i represented the first district for 16 years. i come from western kansas in terms of my home.
9:32 pm
i know what farmers want and i certainly do not want another federal regulation or mandate coming down telling farmers based on water usage what plants, what they should not plant. we already have that too much in the federal government for the latest farm bill that is once again have a farmer's land for the government and not the market. >> i have come out as a small business owner myself. i recognize that government getting deeply involved in businesses is a mistake. which is why i have my small business plan intended to roll back regulation. with that said we have a crop insurance program and that right now provides for premiums farmers have to pay. if they have to pay more to ensure something they are less likely to plant it. my concern is i don't want to discourage farmers from planting low water intensity crops because they think it would be
9:33 pm
good for western kansas. >> we just had one heck of a time putting together, saving, and improving our insurance. here you go messing around with water usage and telling farmers what they can plant, what they can't, which will also directly involved crop insurance program that we improved. i'm the father of crop insurance. it was a bipartisan effort. we improved it and saved it in the farm bill rated number one priority. when we did crop insurance i didn't hear anybody saying somebody could come out with the federal government and say due to your water usage we are going to encourage you to go to a different crop. >> back to our panel. >> let's keep talking about this. washington looks to kansas congresspeople for expertise on
9:34 pm
farm issues. considering one of you will go to washington, what would each of you like to see in the next farm bill that is not in the current farm bill? >> senator roberts? >> in the next farm bill you're going to have to go over the current farm bill and see if it is working. in wichita the farm service agency folks are meeting with regards to the farm bill which is headed in the wrong direction. having said that we need a shakeup and understanding department agriculture means a lot and businesses up and down mainstream need a lot. 82% of the funding in the budget goes to snap or food stamps. this a program that cries out for reform. this is another example of where my opponent will not support anything like that because that
9:35 pm
is a primary concern of barack obama and harry reid. this program has exploded in spending. the cut is only 1%. it is going to cost $800 billion in the next 10 years. we at least ought to stop and think about what we do with that research, greater export row rooms, and have our x boards and -- >> let's talk about that when you rebut. >> i think if you want to talk about the food stamp program ultimately we need to see economic growth in this country. when he decreed the jobs where people don't need to be on food stamps. i have talked a lot in this election about how i think we have a new american paradox. how i believe it is harder than ever for the average american to get ahead and yet paradoxically easier to do nothing with your life. i have talked about looking
9:36 pm
about those programs and asking one very simple question. are they promoting upward mobility or the proviso that promoted complacency? if they promoting in place and see i think we need to adjust and improve. ultimately we may need to end them. >> let's hear from the senator. >> my amendment would have had effective eligibility in taking advantage of loopholes. it was defeated by harry reid and the democrats. obama would not go there. that is one of his chief programs. you have to get back to production agriculture and understanding farmer and rancher feed not only this country but a hungry world. 9 billion people on the planet the next couple of decades. our farmers and ranchers have to be looked at and that context can have the usda pay more attention to them and their likelihood than some bloated program that cries out for
9:37 pm
reform. >> let's hear from -- we took with 15 seconds. sorry. >> i was going to say we need to reform programs so that they are encouraging upward mobility and not complacency. i would point out senator roberts has raised our last debate as the state fair, i got a thumbs-up from him. apparently that doesn't make sense anymore. >> we've come to the final question of the night from me. you get 30 seconds to answer, no rebuttals. say one thing nice about your opponent. >> i appreciate senator roberts and his service to our country, in the marines and every time i
9:38 pm
have an opportunity to talk privately with the senator he has been a gentleman with a great sense of humor. >> thank you sir. >> marines take the hill. i would say that you're a well-dressed opponent. i admire your accumulation of wealth, i have a question about how you got there from here but i think that is the american dream. i would hope we can make that possible for everybody up and down every small kansas community. you have a nice smile. and you're for the royals. >> they disagree but they had mutual respect. i believe we have come to the point of the debate where we are going to do closing remarks. let's start with mr. orman. >> thank you and thank you to the sponsors for having us
9:39 pm
tonight and everyone at home that took the time to listen. thank you to my wife and family for their continuing support. the question we have in front of us is simple. is washington working? if you think that it is i am not your guy. i believe the system is broken. i believe sending a senator back to washington who is been there in that broken system for 47 years isn't the answer. i'm asking kansans to join me in sending a message to washington that the status quo is no longer acceptable. kansans deserve better. we are the country that the man on the moon and figured out how to harvest the power of the atoms. that took computers that used to fill the room and put them on the head of the pen. they can solve any problem that they put their minds together and work together. we will not get that if we keep electing partisans instead of problems -- instead of problem solvers.
9:40 pm
two parties using more interested in seeing the other party fail facing our country succeed. this election is an opportunity to send a message to partisans of both parties that if you don't roll out your sleeves, solve problems, we will find people who will. it is opportunity for us to send a message the nation about what's right with kansas. i'm asking for your vote on november 4 to send this historic message and helpless in washington back in the business of solving problems for every american. >> thank you. >> thank you again to ksn. president obama said a week ago this election was about a referendum on his policies and his agenda. his legacy.
9:41 pm
that is true. there is only one way that we are going to stop the obama reid agenda. to elect a majority of republicans. this is so much more about me, it is the future of the country. they have endorsed me because they know i will vote for a republican majority in the dictatorship and gridlock by harry reid and stop the obama reid agenda. about this time tomorrow night my phone is going to have dinner in new york at a $5,000 a plate fundraiser with the soros family. going with him is an endorsement by the iof cfo. going to a soros fund raiser, i have never known that family to endorse independents.
9:42 pm
they endorsed liberal democrats. >> thank you. thank you to senator roberts. special thanks to our panel. greg anderson, brian lowry on the wichita eagle. we will have more on the kansas senate debate at 10:00. remember to get out there and vote. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> from mid-october, that debate
9:43 pm
courtesy of ksn-tv. cosponsored by the topeka capital journal and the wichita eagle, one of more than 130 debates we brought to you this campaign season. some of a chance to see the debates in the races that will determine control of the u.s. senate. we take this opportunity to hear from you. if you are a member of a third party, -- be sure to follow us on twitter -span, and share your thoughts on our facebook page. we are asking the question who will control congress next year. first, this from the washington post, reporting tonight that it will go to republican hands based on a number of different models. there is at least a seven in 10
9:44 pm
chance that republicans will net the six seats the party needs to reclaim the senate majority. that is according to three major election models. the washington post model casting their look and take over as a near certainty, giving it a 96% probability. silver's moderate says republicans have a 73% chance of the majority. the new york times model, with that 58%. all the models have been trending a republican majority. the full story is available online. our phone lines are open. let's go to jerry in louisville, kentucky. >> i believe that it is going to
9:45 pm
be a tight fight, but i really believe that the democrats will control -- still control the senate. i would like to see both democrats and republicans worked together -- work together. you hear a lot about supporters of the democrats saying that if the agenda for obama -- it should be an agenda for both parties to help the people. uselect officials to help and look at our country and keep us together. we are not about democrats and republicans. i thought the war was over in the rack -- in iraq. we got our politicians fighting against each other, such as when they shut the government down. that is not what we are about. >> and he got back to the kansas
9:46 pm
race, because a lot of attention is on this new will from nbc -- right now, mitch mcconnell has a nine point lead. it is a 50 to 41% lead. is within the last 10 days. why do you think that is? >> well, it's just like the gentleman said, greg no orman. people are afraid of change. mitch mcconnell has been there for 30 years. this is a republican state -- >> but you have a democratic governor. >> that is true, and that is a very rare thing that has happened. but most of the midwest does have republican governors. >> thanks very much for the call. i wanted a pass on some information, courtesy of politico. one democrat died over the
9:47 pm
weekend in oklahoma. and 81-year-old democrat in the race for the u.s. house seat in eastern oklahoma died from injuries he sustained in a car accident. a korean war veteran, died yesterday. he was a decided underdog in his race. an independent is also running for the seat. everett was attempting to cross the highway when he was hit rod side by westbound vehicle and was taken to hospital by helicopter. the passing of an 81-year-old democrat and underdog in the race. let's go to pam, joining us from boca raton, florida.
9:48 pm
we need republicans to get control of the senate again, be cause it is out of balance. we have been butting up against each other and not working together. they refused and i think that the democratic and the republicans -- the democrats, obama, harry reid, the whole group has their agenda to make this country a socialist country. they have been pushing this affordable care act which is unaffordable for everybody. it just keeps going on and on, i don't feel safe anymore, i feel like we will be attacked. >> attacked by hill? -- by who? they are over there beheading people, this is a holy war for these people, these islamist radicals.
9:49 pm
they are here and they are telling us this. they are coming for us and i don't feel obama opening the borders and letting people come this thistexas -- regard with ebola is the way he approaches everything -- i am surprised that so many people don't even see it when he ran us up and to such -- ran us up into such debt. thinking, i am 50 years old and have young kids, my kids will have to pay this horrendous debt back. election, obama was up in north dakota and sh can pull out his credit card and is running this -- why doesn't anybody ever remember what he was saying? he has done nothing to do
9:50 pm
anything with what he has been saying. >> ok. thanks very much. want tor note -- you hear from you on our facebook page. the question we are asking is who you think should control congress in 2015. we are getting a lot of you weighing in and you can join in on the conversation at this is from ronald, who says conservative republicans should share it. the republicans are moving ahead and the party is voted in by eligible american voters and not corporations. the party that avoids that should be in control of the next congress. we are joined from the independent line. >> hi, and thanks for taking my call.
9:51 pm
on is theted to call fact that i fundamentally believe that we really don't get a ton of difference or a lot of windshield between both parties. for me it is really quite offensive -- it seems as though republican parties who have been talking about tax cuts for the super wealthy and about giving friends brakes on outsourcing jobs and they are more than happy -- these folks have never seen a war that they weren't willing to support. if the generals say we don't need more troops, they will get on the phone and make calls and get them even more. the democrats will then go along -- we know they authorized to get into war and to start trouble in the middle east when these people were thousands of miles away from us. conversely, the democrats are going to get out there and say, you should have more snap, more food stamps, more assistance, more immigration.
9:52 pm
well off ineally this country, get out there and vote. if you are poor, vote, too. for the rest of us i don't see what the great differences. e great to difference is. if there was not a more stark and clear difference between the future and the past, i have never seen it before. i think greg gorman is the man and he is the candidate i would be excited to vote for. >> the president was in philadelphia yesterday, campaigning for the gubernatorial candidate on the democratic side will stop what kind of attention did it receive? >> it seemed to get a lot of good coverage, i live in west philadelphia. i daresay there is no more than three republicans within a 30 block radius. this is deep blue country and
9:53 pm
obama is getting a lot of support. the president has done a decent job. i know i would be laughed out of voterom by your last who was worried about isis invading south florida. we were in the bowels of the deep recession, unemployment dropped, did everyone feel the good news? not so much. but he has done an ok job. hillary clinton gets on him and saying he is not organizing principles -- but she -- but he has done a good job. >> thanks for the good job -- the call. let's go to phoenix to david, the democrat line. wh what can we expect? centralw that phoenix where i live now is highly democrat. pastore's seat will
9:54 pm
probably stay democratic. for me, i don't like all of the hateful comments either way. i kind of hope that democrats win. i tend to root for all of the independent candidates. lose, i amve, win or a fiscal conservative myself and a democrat. ouronwide, i don't believe -- i don't believe we are enthusiastic because harry reid and nancy pelosi are still even thoughparty, their policies lost back in 2010. >> we are moving on to jim, republican line. big senate race out there. became a lot less interesting after senator sullivan stepped out. >> rick dean is going for the
9:55 pm
senate here. montana is pretty well locked up if you look up for the polls -- if you look up the points. there is not much talk about montana. i was getting ago 6-8 different flyers a day in the mail. this time we are not seeing it. about here in washington? what is going to change, if anything, once we count all the votes? iowae republicans can take , a big one, and it looks like colorado -- the last election, mitt romney was a hit right before the presidential election and then president obama took colorado. that will be fun to watch. >> there is no polling booth on election day tomorrow. >> it is a different type of
9:56 pm
thing. everybody is looking for voter id laws and things like that. n, it is aail i9 whole different ballgame. republican, probably more of an independent, but i will say that the republicans better get it together fast. it is like inviting somebody to dinner, they had better make a good first impression. they better not screw around with all these committees and things that need to get done. these are things people can relate to and it is going to be a slow deal. >> i like your analogy, we may use that. evening, a tomorrow chance to weigh in during the course of the night starting at 8:00 eastern time. 5:00 for those of you on the west coast.
9:57 pm
we will continue into the early morning hours, opening up our phone lines and getting your perspectives. really, we want to hear from you. and a chance to watch the speeches in their entirety. it gets underway at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. taylor, aaron blake, josh grosz our -- josh grashower. this from alexander burns, who writes about what to expect tomorrow, saying democratic and republican leaders are making their final pleas for votes today as the 2014 midterm elections hurled to a close with and note -- with enormous swath of the political battleground up for grabs. bridgeport, connecticut, the
9:58 pm
president made a last-minute appeal for the democratic governor, who has only barely opened up a slight lead over the republican in what is traditionally a democratic leaning state. mitch mcconnell declared yesterday, "victory is in the air." is joining us from fort worth, texas on the independent line. good evening. >> good evening, thanks for taking my call. what someth a lot of of your colors are saying, even some of the democrats. i think when you are seeing now is a shift. we need to see a massive shift to the right to correct from the massive shift to the left from obama and reid and policy. i think -- what you are seeing is an incremental move toward constitutional conservatism.
9:59 pm
like what you saw in 2004 after,an, and george soros came in and said we own the democrat party now. they spent the hundred million dollars -- they spent $300 million. what you are seeing now is a billion dollars of grassroots republicans and conservatives trying to shift the republican party and establishment further to the right. >> we are short on time so we will move on. today inr of polls out states like louisiana and georgia, indicating the possibility of a runoff. if that happens, a georgia senate runoff is scheduled for january. scott is joining us from upstate new york, in ithaca, democrat
10:00 pm
line. >> good evening. i am an independent democrat and i am going to make a different prediction. i am a former u.s. senate candidate myself. i tried to run against kiersten gillibrand. what i wanted to say is i think the democrats are going to barely have a majority this time. to lose aey are going lot of seats. democrats pick up seats? ani cannot pick up individual race. my feeling is we are going to get a heavier number of republicans


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