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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 5, 2014 4:00am-6:01am EST

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potential but we won't reach it unless washington starts to work again for all of us. [applause] if we are going to continue to be the greatest nation on earth, we must work together. a future united is much brighter than a future divided. tonight, the people have spoken. toave just called tom cotton congratulate him on his victory. i wish him the best as he takes his seat on the senate floor. i want you to know that he will be in my prayers. that is part of taking off the red jersey and the blue jersey. [applause] we all need to help him do his job. >> we love you, mark. [applause] >> thank you.
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i must confess, though, that i have some sadness tonight. i will miss waking up every day to go to work for the people of arkansas. as one chapter of my life closes, another chapter begins. it is uncertain but exciting because i know god will direct my steps to whatever he has planned for me. before i leave this stage, i have to thank a few people. first, joy, who has been with me every step of the way. [applause] and our children. come up here. [cheers and applause] and of course my wonderful parents. [cheers and applause] and my two brothers, come up here.
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teamlso, a great campaign and my incredible official staff. thank you. [applause] and all of my many supporters across the state who believe in me and who have carried me through this campaign. thank you, god bless you. [applause]
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>> thank you. thank you. thank you, everyone. how about that win? [applause] i think it was the wind that we all hoped for and may be s aected, but perhap little earlier and bigger than expected. i want to thank all of you for being here and thank you for your support. want toortantly, i thank you, the people of arkansas. i'm humbled by your trust and confidence. it is a true honor to serve the state we all call home. every election is about a choice, a choice for the people. this election, the people had a choice between two ways of governing and two ways of living, the choice about equal rights that god granted us, that
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the constitution protects -- [applause] a choice to live as a free people and govern ourselves freely under the greatest constitution in history. [applause] the people of arkansas have made their choice. we have again chosen constitutional self-government, which allows each of us to flourish according to abilities and industry, to live with the blessings of civil and religious liberty, to live as free men and women under law and to control our government rather than be controlled by it. [cheers and applause] throughout this campaign,
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candidates have told me they are ready for america to again be a great prosperous country. we reject the defeatism inherent in the other government, the centralizing and bureaucratic rule of elites. throughr government taxing consumes half the labors of our savings. it intrudes on private life. community, every business, every school, every person gets unwanted obstructions from on high, from unaccountable elected elite. this other form of government always wants to help but is always hindering. [applause] it constantly seeks to aid but ends up constraining. we may gain some material
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security by choosing this other form of government but under it there is no true security for anyone, because a government big enough to grant everything is big enough to take away anything. [applause] in this campaign, i've contended , if we choose this form of government, we will spend so much that we will all be impoverished and elevate the presumed elites further still. our country will be too poor to defend itself from enemies that multiply a broad, to protect our borders and provide opportunities to our citizens, and too sluggish to provide work for the able. decline is a choice and we have rejected it. [cheers and applause]
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we are a free people and we have once again chosen of free government, one that is limited in scope yet strong and confident in its duties. that chosen a government aids our citizens without overwhelming them and taking away their freedom. government that protects all the things we hold dear. our natural rights, national defense, a system of free right toe, and the think our thoughts and speak our minds and pray our prayers and raise our kids according to our faith and conscience. [applause]
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to do these things does not centralizing bureaucratic administration of suppose it elites. ,t requires the exact opposite constitutional self-government. that is the choice we have faced. this election was not so much about mark pryor armie, but about you and how we choose to govern and live as a people. i received a gracious call from senator pryor. i commend him for a spirited campaign, and along with every , i thank him and his family for their years of service to our wonderful state. [applause] senator pryor and his family will be in my family's prayers.
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i also want to thank everyone who made this night possible. my whole team, for whom the hours were very long, but the pay was very low -- [laughter] but these great young people didn't work for me. they worked for you and the people of arkansas. [applause] to all our wonderful volunteers around the state who worked in these last hours, days, weekends, over the last year, wonderful women like betty daily and anne griffin and so many others -- [applause] >> hoorah! >> and so many others who gave of themselves and worked so hard for our campaign.
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and to the people who supported me not just in this campaign but over the course of my entire life. i thank you, the people of arkansas, for best upon me the privilege to serve you. i recognize that not everyone voted for me tonight. but the season for campaigning has ended. now we begin the serious work of governing to improve the lives of all people in every station and season of life. i will serve and represent every arkansan, democrat, republican and everyone else. [applause] while i am a proud republican, you have elected me to represent arkansas in the united states senate and it is arkansas that i will represent. [applause]
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tonight, this victory belongs to you, the citizens of arkansas. all the families who are struggling to make ends meet, all the workers who are just barely holding on, the young and old who dream and still believe america is the greatest country on earth where all things are possible. i will work to make that dream a reality again for each of you. i will not forget that it was you who elected me to the senate and it is you to whom i will listen every day. of course -- [applause] of course, none of you will agree with every vote i cast or every word i speak, but as i have for the last two years, so i will for the next six. i will act upon my judgment and
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my unbiased opinion to explain my reasoning forthrightly and frankly. while we may on occasion disagree, i firmly hope i will never disappoint. i know many of you are cynical about our politics today. sadly, with much good cause. i will promise to act with integrity and principle and use politics as an instrument to unite us, not a weapon to divide us. [applause] together, i hope we can turn that cynicism into a traditional and healthy skepticism that recognizes men are not angels, yet also appeals to the better angels of our nature.
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i have served you before. our troops tonight bravely defend this government of hours. my heart is filled with gratitude for them, my old , for my parents and sister who have loved and supported me, and for my wife, anna whose love sustains me and completes me. [applause] and for our beloved country, whose promise i will always cherish, whose blessings i will never forget, and whose call i will always heed. and especially tonight, my heart is filled with gratitude for you for allowing me to answer that call. thank you all, god bless you.
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applause]d tom!] let's go, ♪
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republicans have won 241 seats and are leading in the races for seven seats. democrats are leading in the races for 13 seats. the republicans have retained control of the house and if trends continue will gain 14 seats. pelositic leader nancy released the following statement, saying, in a difficult night for democrats, a number of candidates won hard-fought campaigns supported
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by an connected to their constituents. house democrats will continue to fight for middle-class families who are the backbone of our democracy. there is important work to do to jumpstart the middle class and we hope we can do it with bipartisanship and fairness. that is from house democratic leader nancy pelosi. bruce braley to take a seat held by retiring tom harkin. ernst, now the first female senator in iowa history's brook iowa history spoke from her headquarters. wa!thank you, io thank you for being here on this special evening. just a few minutes ago, i got off the phone with bruce braley. running alated him on
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phenomenal campaign. he was a worthy opponent. he was a worthy opponent. and he was willing to sacrifice to fight for what he thought was right. we didn't agree on much but i -- [laughter] anyonedmire, i do admire who is willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in. [applause] iowa, we did it. we did it! [applause] it is a long way from red oak to washington, from the biscuit line at hardee's to the united
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states senate. [applause] you, we areo all of heading to washington. make aare going to squeal! [applause] thank you. thank you. this morning, i was voting in red oak and as i look around, i about ashat this is different as you can get from washington dc. politicians are more interested in talking then doing. they ignore problems, hoping they will go away. but you know what, isis isn't
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just going to go away. the almost $18 trillion of national debt is not just going to say. our economic struggles aren't just going to go away. aren't justlems going to go away on their own. but we can overcome them. because this is the greatest nation and history of mankind -- [applause] can'tere is nothing we achieve. we are going to do this. it starts with new leadership. [applause] and that is what iowa has voted for today. [applause]
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we have talked a lot in this campaign about values. and hard work.e knowing the value of a dollar and not to waste it. these are the values that our parents and grandparents have taught us. these are the values that my mother -- [laughter] that my mother taught me on rainy mornings, not with a lecture or a book but with plastic bread bags. you see -- [laughter] up i only hadng one good pair of shoes. so on those rainy schooldays, my mom would slip plastic bread bags over my shoes to keep them clean and dry. you know what i'm talking about. thank you. and you know what, it wasn't
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high fashion, but i was never embarrassed. and it worked. [laughter] so it wasn't high fashion, and i wasn't embarrassed because every day, when it rained and i got on the school bus, there were rows and rows and rows of other kids just like me with plastic bread bags tied to their feet. these were the sons and daughters of hard-working iowans and our parents didn't have much. but what they did have, they worked very hard for. they taught us to live simply, not to waste, and to help our neighbors. they taught us to thank god every day that we live in this special place that we call iowa. [applause]
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[laughter] thank you. whate ask me all the time my favorite part of the campaign has been. well, i think tonight -- [laughter] nothing, nothing is going to beat tonight. but before tonight, my favorite part of the campaign was going through the iowa state fair. believe me, i hugged my way through the iowa state fair. if you got within five feet of me, it was probably because i was trying to hug you. [laughter] i love the state fair. it truly is a celebration of what is best about iowa. our agriculture, our manufacturing, our technology,
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our community, and our family. that is who we are and that is the iowa way. [applause] and our iowa way is working, and it is not lock or an accident. it is because we have the greatest people and we have the greatest governor and lieutenant governor of any state in the nation. [cheers and applause] here in iowa, we understand that america's greatness doesn't come from its government, but it does come from our people. look -- yes. look at the results.
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-- in the lastt four years, we have reduced taxes, reduced job killing rules and regulations, and balance our budget every single year. yes, thank you. [applause] to we have created up ,50,000 new, good paying jobs while personal income is growing at the fourth fastest rate in the united states. that is the iowa way. [applause] now, let's look at what they are doing in washington. higher taxes, more spending, more debt, and the slowest economic recovery since the great depression.
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tonight, we are taking the iowa way all the way to washington. [applause] yes, thank you. thank you. let me tell you exactly what that means to me. iowa, no >>rust best for i'll a more than bureaucrats in wash -- know wh more thanfor iowa bureaucrats in washington dc. it means keeping taxes low and cutting red tape so businesses can grow and invest. it means preserving and protecting social security and medicare, not just for today's seniors but for future generations to come. it means keeping america strong in the world, because the world is a safer place when america is the strongest nation in it.
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[no audio] [applause] [applause] and it means fighting every day for the men and women who wear our nation's uniform and the veterans who have worn it in the past. [applause] they have sacrificed so much and risked everything to protect our freedom. they deserve better than what they are getting from washington today. can tell you, when i go to the united states senate, i'm going to make sure they get what they have earned and they deserve. [applause] there are so many people that i want to thank tonight.
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first, i need to start with my family. they have been there, they have sacrificed so much during this campaign cycle. family -- [laughter] family -- [laughter] i love you all so very much. thank you for being there for me. [applause] i also want to thank all of my many, many, many wonderful supporters who are always willing to lend a helping hand and pray for me and my family. i have so many of you here that know me for my entire life, many of you. again, i want to thank you for always being there, always being supportive and helping me on this incredible journey from montgomery county all the way to washington dc. thank you so much. [applause]
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and lastly, i do want to thank those iowans who voted today for my opponent. i plan to work day and night to earn your trust and confidence in the years to come. so thank you. [applause] thank you. so in closing, i do want to say something about this incredible country that all of us call home. say, here in the fields of iowa, our grandparents worked and dreamed of a better life for their children. many, like mine, had very little to call their own. but they were determined to give
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their children a chance to succeed, and so they did. because they did, they gave an ordinary aisle one -- iowan extraordinary opportunities, opportunities that they could only dream of. and in the senate, that is the kind of america that i'm going to fight for every single day, every single day! [applause] thank you. america where no matter who your parents are or what neighborhood you grew up in, you have the chance to succeed. an america where it doesn't matter who you know. all that matters is how hard you work and what you can do, and working together, that is the
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america that we are going to build, that we are going to build. [applause] and with your help, and with your help we can change direction and take the iowa way all the way to washington dc. god bless all of you, god bless the state of i'll lock and god and god bless these great united states of america! thank you so much. [applause] ♪
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>> my friends, i know we have heavy hearts tonight but our heads are held high because we fought a hard, clean, honorable campaign with bruce as our great standardbearer. we all stood tall behind him for i'll a's progressive values -- 's progressive values and our traditions. we for the good fight and should be very proud of that. [applause]
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when i was campaigning for him the first time, during the first race in 2006, i knew he was the real thing. progressive, a natural leader, someone from humble roots who would fight for working families. he has never, ever let us down and he has not let us down in this race. he stood for everything we believe in. [applause] and so, my friends, i want you to know how proud i am of bruce and carolyn and his family, how much we owe them for his service in the united states congress. mark my words, you haven't heard the last of bruce braley. [applause]
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him how much we appreciate all he did for us. congressman bruce braley. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you all so much. forthank you, tom harkin, always being by my side along this journey. the most important people i have to thank are the people standing behind me and the people standing in front of me, and the people who walked beside me on this important journey. first and foremost, my wife, carolyn, who has been such a rock. [applause]
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my mom, who may be the most famous mom in iowa right now. [applause] reason.good my three wonderful children, lisa, david and paul. paul's wonderful friend melissa who has been with us on this sister, my brothers, my my brother's wife and daughter who are here with us tonight, and all the people who got up every day and volunteered because they believed in what this race was all about. that was a better future for the people of iowa. [applause]
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i am so proud of my amazing campaign staff led by my campaign manager sarah and all the great campaign staff -- [applause] all of the amazing staff on our coordinating campaign who worked tirelessly to turn out burgers -- to turn out voters all over the state. all the volunteers that i met on the journey in all corners of iowa who worked tirelessly to try to help elect democrats and make this a night that we could all be proud of no matter what the outcomes of these races are. and i think that they were best exemplified by one of the volunteers who came up to me yesterday and told the that she had gotten a woman who was 70 years old to vote for the first time in her life. [applause] thank my good friend,
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jeff, who was one of the best people i ever talked to about running for public office, and who has been with me every step of the way. beproves that you can involved in politics and be a great friend first. i want to thank you, jeff, for making me a better person. [applause] you know, there are a lot of disappointed people tonight. including me. but we are lucky to live in a country where we have the freedom to be disappointed in the outcome of an election. people come here from all over the world because they don't even get to vote on the people who make decisions that impact their lives. we get that right here in the united states. hadght, thousands of iowans the opportunity to vote for their elected representatives. we should all be thankful that we live in a country that gives
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us that opportunity. [applause] we have the freedom to be disappointed in america. , this is to tell you not a bad day for bruce braley. a bad day is when you are 23 years old and you lose your father. a bad day is when your next-door neighbor, who is your first cancer dies of colon when she's 39 and leaves two children behind. a bad day is when your 17-year-old niece that you love takes her own life. this is not a bad day for bruce braley. this is a day to celebrate what people can do together when they put their mind to it. they work hard and they try to
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change the way people think about their relationship to their government and to their future. so my biggest fear is that all of the great young democratic activists that i have met on this campaign are going to be frustrated by what happened tonight. that would be the worst outcome of this disappointment. you have the power to change lives and change the future of this country. tonight is the starting point of the rest of your life, and the opportunity to make your mark on the state and this country. i am going to be there for you, cheering you on, supporting you and making this a better place for all islands and all iowans and-- all all americans. i am here tonight to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. i will never forget the
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confidence you placed in me, the energy i drew from you, and i leave here tonight filled with hope and optimism. ernsts why i called joni to congratulate her on winning this race and wish her the best. iowans know that the only way forward is by having optimism in the future. thank you all for being here tonight. [applause] ♪
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>> we have an update on a few of the governor's races. in illinois, republican bruce
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rauner claimed victory over pat ofnn, ending a dozen years one-party democratic rule in the state. in nevada, republican brian sandoval was reelected as he beat his democratic challenger, robert goodman. in connecticut, democratic incumbent dan malloy spoke to supporters from harvard after defeating his republican challenger, tom foley. won hisan david perdue georgia senate race, surpassing the 50% threshold needed to avoid a runoff. the georgia senate race was one of the most competitive in the country. >> georgia once somebody to fight for them. we are committed to go to washington and fight for you,
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not for special interest and the insiders in washington, but you. applause]rs and want us to fight for their constitutional rights, for the right to life, the value of life. we will listen to the people here at home and act accordingly. more thanwe've heard anything else is that washington is broken. we don't want to leave this world to our kids without trying to make it better. most importantly, georgians want good paying jobs. we have got to get this economy going. we have to resolve our tax problem. right now, saxby chambliss is handing the baton over to me. i am going to fight. applause]d
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imagined that bonnie and i would be standing here. we are the most unlikely people to be doing this. we felt this was something we could do to make a difference. tonight, we start a new journey. this has been an extraordinary 18 months. when i called my cousin and said, -- do you need to run -- he said, i've been paroled. you need to think about it. we thought about it. we started the journey with your help and some great professional help and we took our message around the state. it resonated and it worked. because it was sincere. more importantly, it was from your heart. that is what the people of this country -- that is what they are hearing tonight. i want to remind you, tonight we start a new journey, to set a new course for america.
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this race was always bigger than me, always bigger than georgia. we have to do this for our kids and grandkids. a member oft to be the first generation in the history of our country that has to tell my kids and grandkids that i'm leaving you -- starting tonight, we are going to change that. [applause] tomorrow morning, my commitment about 5:00, my first day starts as a senator. i'm very proud. i'm going to roll my sleeves up and get to work like i've done all my life. we have always worked as an thisdog, just like in
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campaign. i need each of you to help me do it. [applause] [inaudible] we have got to work hard. you just can't believe what i'm about to tell you. just because we had an election -- seriously, this journey is just starting.
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[inaudible] [applause] from the bottom of my heart, i want to thank georgia for trusting me with this unbelievable responsibility. i take it very seriously. saxby chambliss great heroes of georgia. [applause] i will work hard to earn your trust over the next six years. i will work every day to turn your trust into results. i want to thank each and every candidate in this long road to get here. i want to thank michelle nunn for running a strong campaign. she should be proud of their effort. mentionedporters, i to her tonight, i wanted her to
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convey my congratulations. they fought hard and they believe in what they believed. that is our system. we have to engage -- [applause] butll not give up my values i'm going to washington to get something done. [applause] herthose who voted for amanda swafford, i welcome you to join us in trying to make a better place for our kids and grandkids. [cheers and applause] youommitment to everyone of -- bonnie and i will give you everything we have to represent every individual in this state. this is the greatest state in the country. we can lead this country back in the direction it ought to be headed. [cheers and applause]
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without thanking congressman jack kingston. he epitomizes -- [cheers and applause] public service in the state of georgia. he backed me in this election and he has worked very hard to get us to this point. jack, wherever you are, i want to say thank you to you. god bless you. [cheers and applause] congressman paul broun, derek grayson, we had a ball, didn't we? it was a hard-fought battle. these are great individuals, great americans. i want to thank them for all they did in this process. guys, i want to thank the thousands of volunteers. i've never been through this. without thedo it
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volunteers, the donors. some of you got the calls last year. the first words out of your mouth were, david, what are you thinking? but you hung in there and stepped up for us and our staff. the job you guys have done over the last year and a half is beyond belief. thank you, god bless you. [applause] lastly, i'm going to get this out, to my bonnie, she is a rock -- [cheers and applause] she is better at this than i am. i want to thank my son and our grandsons for putting up with this. i have been an absent father, absent grandfather, because we were on a mission. with your help, we did it. i want to thank you for all of your -- this is not about me.
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i don't even think it is about georgia. i think it is about our country. we have an opportunity and you have to stay involved. you have to hold me and our elected officials accountable. i want to tell you right now that with your help and god's will, we will change the direction of our country. we will be able to tell our kids, we are leaving you a world that are off. -- better off. i'm so proud to be an american. i love my country, i love my state. we will make georgia and america of the best ways on earth. thank you all. [cheers and applause]
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>> we have reminded people of what a two-party system looks like, and a civic dialogue. up and advocated issues that matter to people in this country. whether it is raising minimum wage, pay equity for women, bipartisan immigration reform, these are just a few of the issues that are at stake. whether it is making sure our young people have an affordable and clear pathway to college, or whether it is universal access, these are issues that will continue to be lifted up. to have stoodd side-by-side in this campaign with thousands of georgians who have worked so hard. some of your hands may be blistered from putting in all those yard signs. your voices may be horse from doing all that shouting and
4:59 am
talking and telling people how important this race is. i know you have been walking a lot of neighborhoods. you could not have worked harder. [applause] have exceeded every expectation of what was possible in this race. just about 15 months ago, all of the political pundits said georgia was not in play and we put georgia in play. [cheers and applause] nowave built a foundation that needs to be cultivated. we need to work on it to broaden our reach. we want to remind people that elections make a difference. lives, wepeople's change communities, we change our nation, we change our world when we vote. we have reminded people of that and we want to keep reminding people of that.
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we make choices about how to care for our sick, how to care for our environment, our elderly. i hope that we have reminded georgia that we want leadership our sooks like i say -- tate. i met with a wonderful group of pakistani and indian doctors and it only was the first time anyone had reached out to them to engage them in this process. they said, you have given us hope and inspiration. election up the optimistic about america and i have never been more optimistic than i am right now after seeing of seeing the
5:01 am
extraordinary commitment and passion of georgians. i was reminded once again of our georgia state motto. wisdom and justice and moderation. tonight, more than anything, i want to thank you all. thousands whond have worked hard on this campaign. to the future of our state, the country, your dedication, each one of you have given so much. your talents, resources, sleepless nights, and unrelenting commitment. i'm so grateful to have walked this path with you. i want to say a few things to my beily, otherwise it would out of the control of the number of people i would have to thank. [laughter] i want to thank my parents who are here.
5:02 am
they've taught me the importance of public service. my father, i hear the story of someone who made a difference -- he made a difference for. he has been a role model and great advisor. mother, whose fierce determination, whose tireless work ethic and unyielding support has sustained me throughout this race. my very wonderful and long-suffering husband. [laughter] i want to thank elizabeth and vincent, who are here somewhere. they traveled to stay with me. they have stream -- seen the extraordinary goodness of
5:03 am
georgians and the state. in 20 years, they will thank me for this campaign experience. [laughter] think there will be young women like elizabeth who will take for granted that we have equal rest presentation of women in congress. and equal pay as well. >> there was another gop win and south dakota where mike rounds won his bid for the u.s. senate. the headline in "washington post." gop dominate midterms, take control of the senate. after a bitter campaign.
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by early wednesday, republican candidates had one at least 10 of the 13 closely contested senate races. mitch mcconnell is set to become the majority leader of the senate. here is his victory speech. [applause] >> are you having a good time? on a night like tonight, we are else and that all
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gratitude starts with the people of kentucky. they have put their trust and confidence in me for a long time and i want to thank them tonight. i work hard to bring your concerns to washington and i will not let up. every election is a job interview. in this case, a very long one. , youred my vision with you shared your stories and your concerns with me. one complaint has stood out above all the rest, especially in recent weeks. i would like to make an announcement. no more campaign commercials.
5:06 am
tv executives may not like it, but enough is enough, right? my secretary grimes ran a spirited campaign and cheered my respect. it took a lot of guts to take on a race like this. it also meant she would take some heat. i admire her willingness to step into the arena and fight as hard or she did. we need more people who are willing to do that, not fewer. she deserves a lot of credit for it. this was certainly a hard-fought contest. i have been so proud to have my
5:07 am
wife beside me every step of the way. she told me early on she was not ready to have me sitting around the house working on my resume. she has gone above and beyond to prevent that. [laughter] she has been a most valuable player on our team and i am so blessed to have her in my life and by my side. to my campaign manager josh --mes [applause]
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my friend, he pitched a perfect game. thank you. of course, there are so many others i could thank. they know who they are. everyone of you, for giving so much of yourselves to this race. blessed with a better team than i have had over the years and i want to thank them all. my thoughts also turn back tonight to two other people who are not here, but to the maillot owe at deal -- who i great deal, my parents. i learned a great deal from them both.
5:09 am
my dad and my mom. i learned the value of perseverance. overcome ame frightening bout with polio as a child. my folks were like many other parents of their generation. they were optimists. they believed in america. without a trace of cynicism, they transmitted the central promise of this country on to me. the promise that every generation will leave the next one little better off than before. this is the compact that every generation of americans have made with the ones that follow us. , we have always made good on it. i sensed new doubts in kentucky.
5:10 am
folks are not so sure that that compact will survive if we continue down the road that we have been on. they're hungry for new leadership. they want a reason to be hopeful. they want reassurance that people who run the government are on their side. [applause] tonight, i pledge you this. whether you are a coal miner in eastern kentucky who cannot find who does not understand why the government took away her family's health insurance, i have heard your concerns. you will be heard in washington. [applause]
5:11 am
when you get right down to it, campaign is this all about. it was not about me or my opponent. a government people no longer trust to carry out its most basic duties. to keep them safe, protect the border, provide dignified and quality care for a veterans. a government that cannot be trusted to do the basic things because it is too busy focusing on things that should not be focused on at all. a government that is too busy imposing its view of the world on people who don't share that view. too many in washington have forgotten that their job is to serve. tomorrow, the papers will say i won this race. [applause]
5:12 am
but the truth is, tonight we begin another one, one that is far more important than mine and that is the race to turn this country around. [applause] to restore hope and confidence and optimism to this commonwealth and across this nation of ours. some things don't change after tonight. i don't expect the president to wake up tomorrow and view the world any differently. he knows i want either. -- i won't either. do have ane obligation to work together on issues where we can agree. i think we have a duty to do just because we have a
5:13 am
two-party system does not mean we have to be in perpetual conflict. i think i have shown that to be true at critical times in the past. hope the president gives me the chce to show it again. there is so much we can and should do for the good of all americans. kentuckians are tired of a government that only seems to work when it is working against them. i'm so honored to have dr. noel hunter with me tonight. [applause] you have all gotten an opportunity to get to know her. what an extraordinary woman. she was determined to get her daughter back against all logic did it. she did
5:14 am
she made me seem all warm and cuddly. [laughter] over the past year, a lot of people outside the state have tried to tell kentuckians what motivates me to do what i do. i let them have their say you read here is the truth. to anyone who says nothing ever gets done in washington, here is my five word answer, tell that to noel hunter. [applause] this woman is the reason i run, the reason i do what i do in washington. we can make a difference and we do what we do. we can make a difference every single day.
5:15 am
we are proud of that in my office. state,aveled across the i have become reminded of something else the government can do. it can do terrible damage to families and communities. i have seen the hurt in people's eyes. it breaks your heart to see the pain that distant planners are causing to so many in our state. officiale an elected like me, it hardens your resolve to do something about it. for too long this administration has tried to tell the american people what is good for them and then blame somebody else whether policies did not work out. tonight, kentucky rejected that approach.
5:16 am
when i come kentuckians said we can better as a nation. , kentuckians said we can do better as a nation. we can have real change in washington, real change. that is just what i intend to deliver. so tonight turns a corner. the future i see is a bright one. that whathave seen the current crowd in washington is offering is making us weaker at home and abroad. they have had enough. there is an old saying that is often attributed to winston
5:17 am
churchill that i am reminded of. here is what he said about us, about americans. he said you know the americans, they always do the right thing after they have tried everything else first. [laughter] friends, this experiment in big government has lasted long enough. it is time to go in a new direction. it is time to turn this country around. and i will not let you down. thank you so much. [applause]
5:18 am
♪ ♪
5:19 am
5:20 am
♪ >> senator harry reid sent a tweet. reports that in massachusetts it came down to the wire, but charlie baker is projected to be the next governor. democratic candidate martha to concedeused tuesday night even as the associated press, abc news, cbs news, abc news, and fox news went for baker. she would not concede until at least wednesday morning.
5:21 am
in the kansas senate race, pat roberts held off in depending greg orman to win reelection. he spoke from his headquarters in topeka. >> thank you. thank you very much. i just spoke with my opponent greg orman. i told him he ran a good campaign. an honorable ran campaign. he should be proud. i wish him and his wife the very best. now, having said that -- [laughter] [applause] it was a good conversation. i didn't mean it that way. [laughter]
5:22 am
well, we did it, kansas. [applause] you did it. we said for months it is the road to a republican majority in the united states senate led through kansas and we did it. i don't think there is any question that the eyes of the nation were on kansas and hopefully still are on kansas today. on usuntry was counting to help deliver a republican majority to the senate and we delivered. i thank you for your vote. i thank you for your work. i thank you for your support and your friendship and your kindness. you are all family. [applause]
5:23 am
i would like to now introduce mine. my very special family. this is about family, really. yours and mine. this is my wife frankie who was on the campaign trail. david, my daughter ashley, also on the campaign trail. where did you go? my other daughter and grandchildren. where are you, charlie bear? [laughter] and my youngest, miles. who yes, does look like me. some years ago. at any rate, ladies and gentlemen, thank you, kansas. a privilegetruly and an honor to serve our great and i'm deeply humbled to
5:24 am
continue that service. tonight, kansas that up and said enough. enough of the gridlock, the failed leadership under president obama and harry reid, and enough of the unconstitutional maneuvers of an intrusive federal government. together, wetood made a stand for kansas, we made a stand for america, for i values, families, children, and their future. we made a stand for the republican values of limited government, fiscal discipline, and free enterprise. i stood withand, you, and now it is time for action. this marine is ready to lead that charge. [applause]
5:25 am
this was a tough election, a hard-fought election. i heard my marching orders loud and clear. i will be bold, i will be conservative, i will be constructive. i promise you this, we will get things done. for ourdo great things nation, we will do great things for kansas. the powery unleashing of the american economy. business is a partner of good governance, not an adversary. creatorsree our job from the stifling regulation of the administration. we will reform the tax code and level the playing field, so that businesses down the main streets of kansas can thrive again. to be the nexte chairman of the agriculture committee. [applause]
5:26 am
once again, once again i will have the opportunity to be a champion for our farmers and ranchers. burden of felt the the obama agenda quite like our farmers and ranchers. they feed a troubled and hungry world and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. you can trust that i will bring common sense and respect back to farm country. our men and women in uniform who risk their lives to secure and protect our freedoms, they deserve nothing less than our full faith and backing. we will renew the bond between those elected and those who served. a marinealways will be and i will never stop fighting for our military and military families.
5:27 am
i will fight to keep our kansas military bases at the ready. country and our state proud and safe and i have got your back. finally, our families deserve better. our senior citizens deserve ,etter, our moms deserve better our children and our unborn deserve better. the greatest nation on earth can provide for those in need. we can provide a safety net and we should. we must reject an ever-growing system of entitlements. great and meant -- greatness is born from freedom, not from dependency and entitlement. if we are to remain the land of the free and the home of the
5:28 am
, we must not fall to the temptation of more regulations, more benefits, and more government. we cannot afford it and their children should not have to pay for it. thingeve the greatest that we have to fear is the inability to restrain the growth of government. americans are losing faith in their government. they feel powerless to change anything. andendless grandstanding bickering confirms their worst fears. even their elected leaders are powerless. i reject that notion. we will restore faith in our government by restoring the government's faith in you. that begins by returning to the founding principles of our constitution.
5:29 am
was so important because so much was at stake. prosperity, our future, our faith in government. thanks to you, your vote, your hard work, conservative republican solutions will see the light of day and be put before the american people and we will do great things. tonight, as is always with a night, there will be the start of a new day. the tide has turned and the era of the obama reid gridlock is over. [applause] , each andhelp everyone of you, with your help and with god's good grace, know that we were not dragged across the finish line, we crossed it, we took the hell.
5:30 am
-- took the hill. my heartfelt thanks for your vote and support. now, let's get to work. let's get our country back. thank you. thank you. [applause] [no audio] >> we will have more election results tomorrow morning on washington journal. calls, take your e-mails, and tweets.
5:31 am
then the republican national committee will give its analysis of the terms. d light on c-span. -- that will be live on c-span. the louisiana santa fe's has had to do. mary landrieu bill cassidy headed for a runoff. the election will take place on december 6. we will hear first from mary landrieu and then bill cassidy. gentlemen, she has been helping louisiana win for the last 18 years. put your hands together and help me bring to the stage, a fighter for louisiana, mary landrieu. [applause]
5:32 am
>> thank you, everyone. thank you so much. thank you for your support, encouragement, and your love fighting for the future of louisiana. now we have the race that we have wanted. , congressman cassidy has hidden from the voters of louisiana. brothersed the koch oflet full of billions dollars to hide behind and distort and twist our record of
5:33 am
fighting and delivering for louisiana. ladies and gentlemen, those days are over with. tonight. [applause] one of my favorite scriptures is isaiah 40:31. but they that wait on the lord shall renew their strength. they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. wantve the race that we and bill cassidy, you cannot run, you cannot hide anymore. this race is starting tonight. [applause] race is not about who the president is, who the president
5:34 am
was, or who the president will be or which party controls congress. this race is about the future of louisiana, the bright and strong future that louisiana deserves. our children, families, and parents. tonighttion facing us will be a very simple one. which candidate has the proven record of standing up, fighting, and delivering for our state? which candidate has a record of running scared and trying to hide his record from the voters? [applause] i want to thank my family, my extraordinary husband, my wonderful son, daughter, and daughter-in-law, and the newest member of our family maddox
5:35 am
parker. and to my extraordinary mother and father, a plethora of brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. to my extraordinary staff that has put in 24/7 and to all of you here with me tonight and who have been with me for 18 years as we have done some extraordinary things for louisiana and our country. let me say a word of thanks. they put themselves out there, they showed up to face voters. he drove his pickup truck more than 85,000 miles. especially for his 32 years of service in the air force. thank you, colonel. i know that you and i do not agree on every issue, but at least we have one value in
5:36 am
common, at least one. we know how to show up and fight and we know that louisiana is worth fighting for. [applause] tonight, i issue a challenge to congressman cassidy. hours.ates, six hours, one hour for each year of a senate term. i don't think that is too much to ask a guy that wants to represent 4.5 million people in the united states senate. i suggest that some of these issues be education, jobs and growing our economy, social security and medicare, health
5:37 am
care, energy and the environment , and yes, international affairs and trade. these are critical issues for our state and you are going to have to say more than president obama's name in these debates. president. this race is about who is going to represent louisiana in the united states senate for the next six years. in the next four weeks, the mary landrieu campaign will ask some important questions. when louisiana needed someone to stand up and fight to get our go oilare of offshore and gas revenues, to restore the coast, we stood up and delivered billions. let me ask you. where was bill?
5:38 am
when we fought for truth -- when we fought for our troops and when they came home and they needed quality health care and a living wage, we stood up and delivered to new veterans clinic's. one in lake charles and one in left the yet and we are building a state-of-the-art veterans hospital not too far from this hotel. when louisiana needed leadership to save thousands of jobs, together we stood up and delivered. we know where we were, but where was bill? in 2012, when hurricane isaac destroyed 59,000 louisiana homes and the people in the river parishes looking for their own congressmen could not find him, but we delivered, so let me ask you, where was bill?
5:39 am
when louisiana women needed a fighter for equal pay and against domestic violence, where was bill? when louisiana needed students to help student loans face a 50% tuition hike because the governor/tire education by $700 million in the state, the , weest cut in the nation went looking for our congressmen to join our efforts to make college more affordable and here we go again. where was bill? came to me in 2000 and said, the chinese are dumping an inferior product into costing us, it is jobs and our livelihood, we took on the chinese and the president of both political parties, and just last week, we delivered $20 million to our producers.
5:40 am
where was bill? so louisiana voters know they can count on me when our seniors deserve respect for a life of tod work and needed someone protect the best parts of medicare and social security, we stood up for our seniors and said no. we will not raise the retirement age to 70. we will not give out coupons for medicare. but where was bill? it is louisiana veterans, workers, middle-class families, seniors, or students, to be a senator, you have to know how to put coalitions together, be willing to stand up even to your own leadership at times into your own party to get the job done. when president obama shut down drilling, killing millions of jobs, i stood up to the on one of put a hold
5:41 am
his top appointments until we could get some relief and that moratorium was lifted and we have put people back to work and have more than 50 wells drilling in the deep health of mexico. -- gulf of mexico. as the chair or the of the energy committee or perhaps the ranking member, i promise i will continue to fight for drilling and oil and gas jobs and the energy we need to move this country forward. no, president bush said many of you know the houma area, and president bush vetoed for vetoulf, we overrode the because we need levees against the rising tides and the storms that are raging. but where was bill? thank you, david.
5:42 am
[laughter] and thesing your he senate, muscle, experience to deliver and to continue to deliver for the people of our state. it has been a joy and a privilege to represent you. i have worked with three presidents, for majority leaders, six governors from both political parties and i have proven that we can work together to get the job done. i am not afraid to oppose them when i think they are wrong and i'm not afraid to stand with them when i think they are right. [applause] louisiana does not need a senator who just mails it in. we need somebody who will stand up. we need a fighter. we know that voters want what we can do. look what we have done. the record is clear. one candidate has a strong record of fighting in delivering. the other, where was bill?
5:43 am
congressman cassidy, i look forward to this race. i have wanted to run it my whole life. let's get on with it. every year that you are asking to serve in the united states senate. i really don't think that is too much to ask. thank you. si se puede. thesiana voters all across state deserve to hear directly from both of us on the issues that matter most. they should have their questions and concerns answered. this campaign begins tonight. louisiana is worth fighting for. join me. let's get some rest tonight and hit the campaign trail in the morning. god bless you all. thank you. [applause] thank you. [applause]
5:44 am
mary, merry, mary, mary! [applause] >> woah! tonight, 60% of the people in the louisiana have voted for change. before i go any further, let me give some thanks.
5:45 am
got a call from the kernel. i thank him for his service. i appreciate the campaign he has run and i look forward to his supporters supporting us as we vote for change. let me thank our campaign manager. we are not through yet. we have 32 more days. volunteers, oh my gosh, my girls, my wife, my son who is not here. and lastly, i thank you. you, the people of louisiana tonight, have sent the signal that you want a senator who represents louisiana, not a
5:46 am
senator who represents barack obama. [applause] the issues between senator landrieu and i are clear. would foot forhe of comic there tomorrow and i look forward to voting to repeal and replace it. obamacare tomorrow and i looked over the voting to repeal and replace it. on economy, she has for everyone employees -- she has voted to support everyone of president obama's them -- appointees.
5:47 am
create better jobs and better businesses for all people in the country and particularly for those in louisiana. can you believe it? louisiana has a senator who has the nra. we are the state who has given the world "duck dynasty." endorsementf my a+ from the nra. mary is grounded, that is what he says. [laughter] whoead of a senator supports barack obama 97% of the are going to have a senator who supports you 100% of the time.
5:48 am
it is going to come down to one fundamental issue. do you want a senator who represents brock obama? >> no! >> or a senator that represents you? [applause] i am with you. for all of those others who voted for change, but did not vote for cassidy tonight, if you a senator who will vote to repeal and replace obamacare, who will work to get the economy going again, who will respect and protect your second amendment rights and appreciate the culture of life, if you want a senator her represents you, not barack obama, i look forward to getting your vote in december. [applause] we have 32 more days.
5:49 am
this is not over yet. if you have spots in a tv station, you are going to make a lot of money in the next month. [laughter] we need you. we win if we win. this is just the beginning of the next month. i'm just looking around seeing friend after friend after friend. so many folks from my childhood to folks who have just joined this campaign. yes. i am moved. i am moved because each of you cares about our country. you have cared about us so much ont you have decided to take the most powerful man in the world and a senator who supports him 97% of the time. you do it for those who have
5:50 am
suffered under this economy. beingose who are tired of told things that are not true by both the president and our senator. this is how democracy is supposed to work. we vote forset, change. i will finish where i started. 60% of people in the louisiana are going to vote for change. we have 32 more days to make sure that change is completed. thank you for being here. i look forward to being your next united states senator. [applause] >> politico reports that evangelic ends has bested the politico reports
5:51 am
that the republicans have one in west virginia. in virginia, senator mark warner declared victory late tuesday in a remarkably close contest. close that his opponent declined to concede. promised to service second term working across the aisle with the new republican majority. in colorado, gop congressman udall'sdner took mark seat with a key win that helped republicans take control of the senate. representative gardner talk to supporters in denver. again, colorado republicans, it is a privilege to be able to introduce to you
5:52 am
the next united states senator for the state of colorado, cory gardner. [applause] ♪ [applause] >> i have a quick question for you. is there anybody here from yuma?
5:53 am
[applause] tonight, we shook up the senate. you shook up the senate. your message was heard from nevada to pennsylvania avenue. , weepublicans in colorado have gotten used to the saying, wait until the next election. i have news for you. that next election has finally happened. a few minutes ago, i spoke with senator udall and i think tim for his incredible commitment and the second phase he and his family have made in the name of making colorado a better place. and our commitment together to work to a smooth transition. [applause] , in boulder, i stood before you to accept the
5:54 am
nomination for united states senate. we realize together the great challenge we faced to get to this day. signed up to be the tip of the spear, the vanguard of the movement that is sweeping our nation to pick the shackle of gridlock and fundamentally change washington dc. we have indeed reached that historic day. we have realized the success of that movement. the people of colorado, voters around the state, had their voices heard. , they are noted blue, but they are crystal clear in their message to washington dc, get your job done and get the heck out of the way. . tomorrow, tomorrow we go to work to fix a washington that is out
5:55 am
of step, out of touch, and out of time. tonight, colorado became the fulcrum in the balance of power. tonight, we commit ourselves to building a government we can be proud of again, a government that solves big problems because leaders have the courage to lead , to unite the voices that while they may not have voted with the victor tonight, recognize the need to find common solutions, and altogether uncommon notion in washington. i will work each and every day for every person in colorado to find those solutions not for party your politics, but for you, the people of colorado. [applause] i am convinced that we won this election because we asked tooradans to lift their eyes the great rocky mountain
5:56 am
horizon, to look ahead to a future that is brighter than our present. ours is a forever young state with an ever hopeful attitude. all of us are here because we believe there is something exceptional about our state and our nation. ideasieve in courageous and bold beliefs. we believe in the power of optimism and the american story. we believe in a generational commitment to be better tomorrow than we are today. the moral compulsion to give our children and grandchildren a better starting point than the one we inherited from our parents and grandparents. i say we can fix this nation's problems together. we can build a stronger economy together. we can achieve energy independence together. we can improve education together and we can protect our incredible environment together because tonight the people of colorado sent a message, a
5:57 am
things are not working in washington. our country expects and deserves what it is leaders should not stop at the status quo and think they deserve a pat on the back. message for republicans tonight or against democrats. , a warning tong all who failed to courageously act on our nation's greatest challenges. over 200 years ago, people came to this great nation wondering how we became who we are? how did this ragtag nation of farmers, planters defeat the greatest nation on the face of this earth? it was because each and everyone of us has a passion in our hearts to rise, a passion to rise and be better and imagine a great nation, a great economy, to imagine together a nation that rises. thanks to all of you who made
5:58 am
this night possible. thank you to my family. [applause] it is time for a new direction, it is time for a new way forward . we did the job tonight and let's thissure that we lead country forward. god bless you, god bless this country, god bless the great state of colorado. [applause] ♪
5:59 am
♪ >> the national journal posts a day after conference tomorrow with a discussion on election results, the makeup of the new congress. plus, a keynote from charlie cook of the cook political report. also tomorrow, the results of an election eve poll from 5000 latino voters. live coverage from the national press club hosted by the latino victory project. that is also on c-span 2 it 12:30 eastern. now a look at new hampshire, where derek reddick --
6:00 am
democratic senator jeanne shaheen defeated scott brown. she spoke in manchester. [applause] [cheers and applause] >> thank you, new hampshire! [cheers and applause]


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