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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 5, 2014 7:00am-10:01am EST

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>> c-span's live coverage of election 2014 continues with results and your calls. here's a look at where we stand at 7:00 a.m. eastern time this morning in the senate. the democrats have 53 seats. republicans, 45. overnight, that has switched. 43 for the democrats. 52 for republicans. there are still three undecided races. ,n the house of representatives 233-190 in favor of republicans.
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there are still 40 seats. this is being updated as we go. congress with new 40 undecided. there were 36 gubernatorial races. republicans currently have 29. democrats of 21. 31 republicans will serve as governor. 15 will serve as democratic governors. five races are still undecided. 202 is the area code for all of our numbers. if you would like to make a comment on yesterday's election, you can send a tweet at c-span or join the conversation on facebook.
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greta bronner's at the news desk with more results. >> we will begin with those senate and governor's races we don't know yet who the winner is. the alaska senate race was closely watched, highly competitive. the former alaska department of natural resources commissioner the incumbent democrat. hims him 49-45% -- leading 49-45%. tuesday's election given early lead to the independent over sean parnell. the difference was thin and it remains so. colorado governor's race also to close to call. thatenver post reporting the democrat in a strong position to win reelection early this morning. he would be one of the bright spots for the democrats. counted.e ballots
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raceonnecticut governor's also too close to call. dan malloy claimed victory late last night to the supporters, but the gop challenger responding. in the virginia senate race, mark warner declared victory over ed gillespie late tuesday. ap not calling this race. it's a remarkably close one. he is notie saying going to concede and raising the possibility of a recount. , maryuisiana senate landrieu is headed for a runoff on december 6 against bill cassidy. neither one of them able to surround that 50% threshold last night.
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in the arkansas a race, we know who the winner is. attorney in the senate race, tom cotton is able to beat mark pryor in that race. mark pryor, the son of the former senator and governor there. a loss for democrats. they were hoping to keep that seat. let's go to the ohio governor's race. cruised to a second term. they key battleground state for president, defeating and fitzgerald. -- defeating ed fitzgerald. this race, over $111 million spent. kay hagan falls to thom tillis.
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this is going to be the most expensive senate race in political history. as can go to these result come in. page ofre's the front usa today. gop wins big. the new york times, gop takes senate. here, ae these down president left fighting to keep his relevance. capture of the senate culminated in a season of discontent for the president and may yet open a period of deeper frustration.
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robert is a democrat in stamford, connecticut. what do you think of the results? thank: first, let me greta for the run down. she mentioned connecticut. i am a staunch democrat, staunch liberal democrat. i knew it was not going to be a good night for my party in the u.s. senate. i just fear that ruth bader ginsburg dies in the next two years. there will be a supreme court fight with the republicans in control of the u.s. senate with obama's nominee that we have not seen since clarence thomas. that martha coakley and in massachusetts
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anthony brown lost in maryland. in connecticut, it looks like from the latest numbers, my governor is reelected. that is a bright spot for me. host: daymond is an independent in georgia. caller: please let me say this whole thing. let me piggyback on what the guy just said. this is a referendum against the president -- it's more about how they jerryrigged the system. me. is insane to we have republicans who did not do this or did not do that, taking this away, taking that away and you are going to put more of them in office? to pave the way for a republican president next year -- in 2016. .hey have too much at stake
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host: how do you think the system was jerryrigged? caller: they happened gerrymandering the thing for years and nobody is saying anything. host: patricia is a republican in fort worth, texas. caller: hi. now that the republicans have , theynate and the house need to represent the people and no more business as usual. we the american people are fed up to here with political correctness. they've got the power. do something with it. host: what do you think about the fact that greg abbott both one in your home state? caller: ecstatic. host: jerry is a democrat in chicago. you have a new governor.
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caller: i'm quite shocked. republicans have taken a clean sweep. host: the paper we have out here, the chicago tribune says governor quinn refuses to quit. loser. he is a sore coming.king is obama.d the blame on the democrats did not support him. not runningans are for the presidency. i look for the health care witham -- i'm disappointed
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voters this year. awner.back to greta bro >> president obama will hold a press conference at the white house on wednesday afternoon. let's begin with the details of the senate races last night. let's begin with georgia where david purdue was able to best michelle nunn. 53% to 45%. looking at the exit polls, david purdue got 70% of the white vote. getting the black vote nine out of 10 times. considerers said they party control of the senate as important and 60% of those worried about the economy. they voted for david purdue. ernst is able to
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beat back a challenge from bruce braley. an open seat left by tom harkin. she wins 52% to 44%. tilted more republican like in 2010. the said obama was a factor for them. it's good to kansas. roberts will beginning a fourth term in the u.s. senate. he will keep the republican int alive.t 62% of those 65 and over in that 66% say theite and country is off on the wrong and 70% very worried about the economy next year. michigan, the voters evenly
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divided on obama's job performance. gary peters able to win over lynn land.gre , beating amanda curtis after the senator dropped out earlier this year. dakota, the republicans pick up the seat left by tim johnson. 1%.e rounds with 54 and perce in west virginia, health care was the second issue. then immigration and foreign policy. they are sending their first .emale senator
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thoughtt of five voters democrats unfavorably west virginia. go to for more of these results. the: greta mentioned michigan senate race. the detroit free press leads with the fact that rick snyder got reelected as governor of that state. she also mentioned the kansas race. we covered a lot of speeches and we want to show you a portion of pat roberts and greg gorman. [video clip] >> this election was so important because so much is at stake. our values, our prosperity, our future and our faith in government. thanks to you, your vote, your , our conservative republican solutions will see the light of day and be put before the american people and we will do great things. [applause] tonight, as is always with a
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night, it will be the start of a new day. the tide has turned in the era of the obama gridlock is over. [applause] with your help, with your help, each and every one of you, with your help and with god's good grace, we were not dragged across the finish line, we crossed the finish line, we took the hill. roberts wonator tonight, we did not lose. [applause] we not only ran against senator roberts, we ran against the whole washington establishment. [applause]
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all of you in this room send them a very strong message. cannot go to washington and hide behind your party label. you have to go there and get stuff done. [applause] here is the front page of the richmond times dispatch. warner clinging to lead and wins.brett at joe is in fayetteville, north carolina. independent line. caller: i'm not surprised about the election results. a lot of it is the economy. obama, ao voted for lot of them have had to change jobs.
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my wife is traveling every day 100 miles to raleigh. she voted for democrats. they have shortened the amount of early voting. it makes it harder for people struggling to keep their jobs. host: did you vote? who did you vote for? caller: i voted for the republicans. don't vote on party lines. when i was young, i voted democratic. i was disappointed. , people werestand upset because they were against gay-rights and the judiciary overturned that. there is a lot of anger. kathryn is in florida.
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democrats line. want to thank c-span for putting on all the debates. i wish more people would watch. joni ernst from iowa and purdue from georgia, georgia having the highest unemployment rate in the country and you are a fellow that outsourced jobs and got elected. the old republican candidates ran on bashing obama. they had not one word, not one plan for how they were going to fix the economy. that is not surprising. , goldberghe debates did a piece in the editorials saying that too many americans are uninformed and don't know what's going on. he is probably talking about low income, poor people. we are not stupid. we know when we are getting the shaft and being underpaid.
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i'm not surprised. with a after four years disastrous presidency under bush, he got in and the london times were against the war in iraq, the day after the 2004 election they said how could 54 million people in america piece o be so dumb. host: more results. >> let's start with some governors races and more interesting races. we begin with arkansas where the former congressman asa hutchinson defeated mike ross. filling the open seat of the asa hutchinson is
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a gun rights advocate who helped build the case for impeachment of president clinton. in illinois, pat quinn will not get another term in the state of illinois. he loses to the republican challenger there. , voterschusetts appeared to have rejected another challenge by the attorney general, martha coakley. charlie baker eking out a victory. pennsylvania, tom wolfe able to beat incumbent governor, tom corbett. president obama want to pennsylvania in the closing days this racece saying
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was important and about the economy and education and tom wolf was able to get the victory in pennsylvania. in the texas governor's race, bidy davis loses her against greg abbott. kansas, sam brownb ack will get another term. he beats paul davis. a race where political strategists had thought sam brownback would not be able to pull this off. but he does. front page of the houston chronicle this morning. read title wave or the gop with a picture of greg abbott and his family. bob is a republican in canton,
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georgia. you are on c-span. , if theo say republicans had a bringing thect country to ruin and then accomplish what obama had sense, the republicans would now hold both chambers and the presidency and relegate democrats to the minority for generations to come. they did not hammer the positive the waiver the republicans have hammered the negative. question -- do we have a turnout number yet?
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what percentage of eligible voters turned out? host: bob on our independent line. mark pryor was one of the senators who went down. tom cotton will be the youngest member of the senate. [video clip] >> i believe in arkansas and i believe in america. the biggest and most serious problem we are facing in our nation today is the dysfunction of our political system in washington. [applause] we have incredible potential, but we will not reach it unless washington starts to work again for all of us. [applause] if we are going to continue to be the greatest nation on earth, we must work together. a future united is much brighter than a future divided. >>. this campaign, our candidates have told me that they are ready for america to again be a great, strong and
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prosperous country. pessimism.he the bureaucratic rule of presumed elites. this other form of government now consumes nearly half the fruits of all their labors. it intrudes on private life. every community come every business, every school, every person gets unwanted instructions from on high from unaccountable and elected elites. this other form of government always wants to help, but is always hindering. [applause] aid, buty seeks to constantly ends up constraining. we may gain some material security by choosing this other form of government, but under it, there is no true security for anyone. enough to grant
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everything is big enough to take away anything. [applause] host: in the wall street journal this morning, americans spend 16 times as much on beer as on 2014 midterms. $3.67 billion spent on this year's senate and house midterm elections. that compares to $95 billion on new cars, casino gambling, 88 -- beer at nearly $60 billion. albert and told some, oklahoma. -- gilbert in. a, oklahoma. caller: i was just listening.
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the republicans ran on a democratic platform and they won. host: what was that platform? caller: a social regeneration. out of that came, look what we have. they are the ones that held up everything. al goredrats were again. the democrats ran. the woman in west virginia could not say she voted for obama. running from obama. in pennsylvania. he asked obama to come and he won. the democrats have to get a spine and have to learn how to fight. one thing i will say about the they are good right or wrong and they fight for it. they know how to fight.
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dirty, clean and otherwise. the democrats run. please don't be mean to me. ok, we will say we did not vote for him. clay aiken, do you realize who you are in the south? host: jill is a democrat in chester, new york. caller: i'm sad the democrats lost. what i more sad about -- i'm is the speeches these winners are giving. they were running against obama. it israel said. -- it is real sad. obama did so much good. when bush did so much not good not seecountry, we did
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this fight or talk about taking our country back. host: from politico this morning, no obama pivot after midterms. voters demand change from washington on tuesday. republicans say it is up to president barack obama to deliver it. the white house that emerges after the midterm elections won't look, act or sound drastically different. the president will seek some common ground with republicans, but there are limits to how far obama wants to go. senate democrats will let him go. ofma does not think too much election results.
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the president will be holding a news conference this afternoon. us?a, what do you have for >> the kentucky senate race where mitch mcconnell will get the leadership, beating off a challenge from alison lundergan grimes. candidateshese two spent roughly $60 million. mr. mcconnell contributing 1.8 million of his own money on october 22. more than11 million alison grimes and spent 10 million more than her.
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the washington post front-page has a piece by robert costa inut mitch mcconnell back september worrying about whether or not republicans could take control. his focus was on the kansas senate race. mitch mcconnell called a longtime colleague, pat roberts from his living room. $62,000 in raised august and was airing no ads. hands on aad his private polling memo predicting roberts would lose in kansas. an alarming possibility that could cost the gop the senate majority. reported by many of the newspapers. pat roberts getting a washington insider.
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he was able to win. let's go on to the florida governor's race this morning. bid to crist lost his unseat rick scott. denied the democrats in that state. their plea for more voting time -- scott spent $13 million of his own money on this race. racee wisconsin governor's , scott walker won a second term and could be positioning himself or presidential bid in 2016. also this morning come in new moved to, scott brown new hampshire to challenge jeanne shaheen. he was unable to out her from that seat.
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she wins 52% to 48%. you can go to for more results. host: harry is a republican in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. what is your reaction to last night's results? harry? moving on. and charlotte, north carolina. democrats line. caller: good morning. what do you think of the results? caller: to be quite honest, i'm disappointed, but i'm not surprised. i don't even know where to begin. , there waske to say something always told me as a young man growing up as a black
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man, you had to be 10 times better, work 10 times harder. i am not a prejudice person. wither, it's a shame that all of what this president had to go through and deal with -- every president has their issues. any other president would have been glorified it to come out of it the way he did. once again, the american people are misinformed. we are getting bad information. our homework ourselves to try to figure out what's going on and we vote against our own best interests. the ridiculous amounts of money in politics today is another sad state of affairs. i'm terribly disappointed in how we as a people don't understand what's going on out here in the ramifications of it. the couple of your callers made
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great comments. the possible future of the supreme court. gerrymandering. there are so many different issues that have to be discussed today. the thing on people's minds is the economy. if you have the least productive congress in history, who have stood in the way of progress, but you expect different results by putting the same party in thate, it's amazing to me we can be so foolish. host: what do you do in charlotte? caller: sadly, i am unemployed. i'm a veteran. i'm currently looking for work. things have been extremely difficult for me. things are hopefully looking up in the near future.
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i watch a great deal of c-span and i thank you guys for airing. host: from the hill newspaper harry reid's chief of staff blasts the white house. detailing many of the conflicts between senate democrats and the white house. the washington post reports that senate leaders beg obama to transfer party funds to help senate democrats.
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"we were never going to get on the same page." bill in louisville, kentucky. independent. caller: i have been watching this program for a number of years. i was the first color under the mondale reagan debate. i'm not surprised over what happened. i travel a lot through northern kentucky. there was never any question that mcdonnell was going to win -- mcconnell was going to win. this woman never had a chance. i am not surprised. host: did you vote for senator mcconnell? caller: i sure did. i don't particularly like him. i was not going to vote for that lady. host: did it make a difference to you that rand paul campaigned
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for mitch mcconnell? caller: not really. i understood that he would out of necessity. he was going out to do that. mcconnell is a professional. he has been around for a long time. do until we can get some of the better host: what do you think about having the senate majority leader in your home state? effective's a pretty executive. a lot of people think everything is going to change. unless we downsize this government and nullify history, nothing is going to change. it's the agencies and departments that run this government. nothing will change. everything will go on as usual.
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host: terry is a democrat in dayton, ohio. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say that i'm a in ohio.sappointed governor kasich never even had a debate. you never had anybody come into the area, the senators here, the representatives. the most you got here was mail flyers that were 5-10 a day. no one ever really talk about what the real issues were going on in ohio. there were 70,000 fish that came up on shore out of water up in the northern part of ohio where a company is fracking. they don't have to release what chemicals they are using or anything. surprised, but i felt
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like the democrats ran away from the progress that for the last six years we have tried to make. republicans got it. show us what you've got. host: are you ready in ohio for onslaught? want to see people with some backbone and some people say what they are going to do. not all of this obama did this. i am so over that. i want to see people who want to do right for the people of the country and move us forward. we can compromise on some things. just do what is right for the people of this country. host: what is right for the
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people of this country? caller: increase our minimum wage. give us accessible health care. infrastructure -- our bridges are crumbling. the streets are crumbling her. we have people who came through ittreet -- they resurfaced and they had to go back and outsourced people to come in and resurfaced the street. host: here are some more results. >> there were several tossup races for the democrats and republicans this year. we begin with democrats. this was the list they put together heading into tuesday's election. let's begin with arizona's first district where ann kirkpatrick is able to eke out a victory
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over andy tobin. district,'s second this one also closely watched. has this one has not been called. this was an expensive race. ron barber raised about $3.2 million for this arizona second district. california's seventh district this morning with 100% reporting , you can see the republicans picked up a seat. also in california, the 26th justict, julia brownley
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barely ahead over jeff gorell. these are close races. florida in the 26th district, republicans picking up this seat from joe garcia. he loses by two percentage points. some other tossup races in georgia. republicans getting that seat, adding to their majority. rick allen winning over john barrow. illinois's 10th district, d pete brad schneider. dold beats brad schneider. raceswere some tossup
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that were being closely watched this election cycle. host: over 10% of the u.s. senate will be in the new senate. with the republicans in charge, some potential committee chairs. paul ryan over at the ways and means committee. here is a real arcane, little fun fact you might enjoy. c-span started televising house coverage on march 19, 1979. only four members of congress remain that were there prior to television in the house of
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representatives. andlie wrangle, don young jim sensenbrenner. that comes courtesy of c-span's in-house historian. anthony is in little rock. public in line. caller: good morning. this election is not about president obama. if you look at all the things that have taken place since he came into office, inheriting a disastrous situation -- and a lot of positive things have taken place. stock market is doing so much better than it has been in a long time, making record highs. there have been several jobs in the private sector. he has done all of this without help, with a great deal of resistance and hate from a republican congress.
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it's not so much about him. people hate him. this --he states, host: you called on the public in line. -- on the republican line. who did you vote for? caller: i called in as independent. i voted for mark pryor. , i don't know why people are deluding themselves into thinking he is going to represent them. it is obvious, he took a lot of sources.m outside he has to pay them back. crumbs,ive them some but his loyalty is to the people who paid him.
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they want a return on that investment. as far as asa hutchinson is concerned, i don't agree with the things they stand for. i think your state voted to increase the minimum wage. caller: that was left up to the people. that is the ironic thing about republicans. they want social security and medicare and want to raise the minimum wage, but they voted for people who are against those very things. things.t these the people they voted for are going to pass legislation against the very things they say they want. we will get what the people voted for. it's no surprise we have republicans winning in southern states because they are predominantly republican. host: tim in indiana.
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independent line. caller: good morning. a latency attitude right now. the way i see it, the republicans control the legislative branch, but they are going to have to govern around the middle and come to obama to a certain point. they do not have the majority to override any veto. we may actually get some things done. that being said, they have good things on their plate. get still have to immigration reform, get tax reform done, get medicare stabilized. the have a whole list of things where in the last two years
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coming out of the house, the legislation they have tried to pass has been extreme. that is not going to fly. that will not get through the presidency. i have some hope that we may get some of the country possibly as this done. -- some of the country's business done. when people cool down, they may see that in two years, if we don't have a budget like we and these other things, you don't know what's going to happen. host: a lot of the papers this morning have this picture on the front page. mitch mcconnell and his wife.
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the new presumptive majority leader of the u.s. senate. we covered mitch mcconnell's victory speech last night along with his opponent, alison grimes. [video clip] >> you know, there is an old saying that is often attributed to winston churchill. us, is what he said about about americans. the americans always do the right thing. after they have tried everything else first. [applause] this experiment in big government has lasted long enough. [applause] it is time to go in a new direction. [applause]
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it is time to turn this country around. [applause] i will not let you down. thank you so much. >> tonight they did not bring us the results we had hoped for. you journey, the fight for was worth it. i will continue to fight for the commonwealth of kentucky each and every day. [applause] hope is the message has been sent to congress that we need to work to increase the minimum wage and close the gender pay gap and bring good paying jobs back to the commonwealth of kentucky. [applause]
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this fighty, was for each and every one of you and i will work my hardest to keep this amazing organization that we have built together in tact to fight for a brighter and better future. we deserve that. [applause] host: c-span's live coverage of election 2014 continues. we will be here all morning taking your calls and keeping you updated. looking at those results right now. >> this is our second round of tossup races for democrats by charlie cook heading into tuesday's election. we begin with i was first district. iowa's first's first district. in minnesota's eighth district,
7:51 am
rick nolan is able to regain that seat and serve another term in that house. hampshire, frank ginter has regained his congressional seat from carol shea-porter. they keep going back and forth. the republicans when this new hampshire first district. bid torown lost his replace jeanne shaheen. polls, 54%o exit think scott brown had not lived in new hampshire long enough to represent the state effectively. that gives you some clue as to what happened there. let's go back to the tossup
7:52 am
races. in york, the first district, tim bishop loses to lee zeldin. morning, new york's 18th district, sean maloney able to hold onto his seat over nan hayworth. trying to return, unable to do so. loses by two percentage points. in the 24th district of new york , the republican winning by 20 points over the incumbent democrat. let me end with west virginia. , necick three
7:53 am
rahall loses to evan jenkins. host: fresno, california. democrats like. -- democrats line. that has am a mother son that has been in the military. he has been in the military since he was 18. he is serving the country. economy.ied about the i voted for obama. i see there is not a lot of jobs now. iraq. went to he was there three times. who isa son, michael only 24 years old. i have two grandbabies. reactiont is your electio
7:54 am
to election 2014? caller: i am worried that we are not going to have the jobs, the housing for us to be able to buy homes. change, for health care, for a lot of stuff. i don't want to see our kids going back into war. dana in move on to florida on a republican line. caller: good morning. -- thereting nervous was a comment about someone being set to be american. -- sad to be american. regardless of who one, the system worked today. it doesn't matter if you voted for republican or democrat.
7:55 am
it is the fact that we were able to go out and vote for who we wanted to win. morning go to work this and not fear any repercussions for who i voted for. host: what kind of work do you do? caller: i am a high school teacher. host: you do have to be on time. caller: i do have to be on time. the first bell rings and six minutes. -- rings in six minutes. david in georgia. independent line. david? let's try this david in bloomsburg, pennsylvania. we are having a bit of trouble with the phone line. we want to show you the new york times. washington comes out the big loser.
7:56 am
, thete all the negativity number of voters said they thought their votes mattered. republicans said winning control of the senate would curb the excesses of mr. obama. in the wall street journal, this analysis piece. surveys of voters signaled this parties.ith both
7:57 am
that is in the new york times this morning.
7:58 am
let's go to baltimore. republican line. i'm an african-american republican. the writing was on the wall. have he republicans won. hopefully we can finally undo the mess the president has got us into. he has failed on almost every level. almost every piece of legislation has affected me in my life. i'm ecstatic that the republicans are in power. host: reuse surprised by how big the margin was of larry hogan's victory? caller: not at all. the democrats take for granted the african-american vote. niece --c spirits, my
7:59 am
from my own experience, my niece said i would not vote for the white guy because he wants to take away our food stamps. your mother works, you don't even get food stamps. the democrats have brainwashed the african-american population. they believe they are for them, but they are not. they are for sustaining some dependency on big government and not empowerment of african theicans to excel beyond state they are in right now. host: let's hear from another marylander. francis. i think the system has
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worked. --, i think america needs they have forgotten what this president has done for this country. about thisomment that it seems like a lack man has to work 10% -- a black man has to work 10% harder than any other -- host: are you attributing that to why anthony brown lost in maryland? not really, but somewhat yes. i wish america would wake up and not forget what the president has done for this country. clinton,ro is in
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maryland. caller: with the time that i have -- the nerve of harry reid's chief of staff talking therewhere was obama -- were headlines after headlines that democrats were running away from obama. the next point, as far as the maryland governor race, i am glad the republican won. i voted for the republican even though i am independent. as far as democrats in maryland, in maryland we had a bad problem where they raised taxes. the roads are horrible. maryland's budget went into the red for the first time in years. it was no wonder why the democrats were going to lose. what the last guy said about america needing to take
8:02 am
ginkgo -- yes, they need to take ginkgo. mitch mcconnell, the guy who is against everything. he does not recommend anything. you want to make him the majority leader? please do not. 202 is the area code. --host: 202 is the area code. there is quite a conversation going on on facebook. we will be here all morning with your phone calls and updated results. let's go through the closely watched, highly competitive result in arkansas. french hill will be replacing republican tim griffin who ran
8:03 am
and won lieutenant governor in that race. two,orida, in district gwen graham, the daughter of former senator bob graham, she is declared the winner just barely beating republican incumbent steve southerland. in this district, president obama won by barely a percentage point in 2012. in iowa, david young, the republican beats back a challenge from democrat, staci appel. this is an open seat. in nebraska's second district, who wanted a ninth term, is losing right now to brad ashford. districtney won this
8:04 am
by 21 points. let's go to west virginia's second district. the republicans will hold onto this seat. 44%x mooney meaning 47% to over nick casey. windemere, florida. victor, where is windemere? caller: it is right time -- outside of orlando. host: what do you have? caller: i think you need to put on your screen the ryan budget because that is what the republicans are going to do -- past the ryan budget," or and it in.- fence they want to increase military spending, get us back into a war
8:05 am
against isis. the in politics is we have misinformation, and the media does not cover the important things. they are not looking at the budget. i sent you an e-mail that shows the ryan budget -- it should be up there, see what cuts and priorities the republican party has. host: do you support those republican ironies? -- priorities? i supported to some extent, not all of it because we are and that $17.8 trillion. we will need to balance the budget with cuts and taxes. host: how did you vote in the governor's race? caller: i voted for charlie crist. host: why? caller: rick scott closed a
8:06 am
tuberculosis hospital. florida is a low income state and a high-cost state. it depends on retirees. they moved from northern states with good pensions and they do fine, but the people getting hurt in florida are the working class. host: robert is in mcalester, oklahoma. democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you, sir? host: fine, sir, how are you? well.: doing i am a democrat, but i did vote for some republicans yesterday because i was tired of the ineffectiveness of our government. i watch c-span a lot, and try to stay connected and informed. two senateou had races and a gubernatorial race -- who did you vote for in those three races? caller: i voted all republican. first time ever in my life.
8:07 am
i was trying to send a message to washington. the saddest thing i saw was the veterans administration, and people that should have jobs lost or in jail -- nothing. i am talking about nothing. crickets. when you have people working for the epa that can watch porn on the internet for four hours a day and nothing happens to them, it is out of control. host: robert, i am sorry. i did not mean to cut you off mid-sentence. that was my fault. i apologize. in 37 days there will be another election, the runoff in louisiana. c-span covered senator landrieu and bill cassidy in their speeches last night. here is a little bit of that. [video clip] a so, tonight, i issue
8:08 am
challenge to congressman cassidy -- six debates, six hours. [applause] debates, six hours, one hour for each year of a senate term. i do not think that is too much a guy that wants to represent 4.5 million people in the united states senate. >> this comes down to one fundamental issue -- do you want a senator that represents barack obama, or a senator that represents you? [applause] i tell you, i am with you. now, for all of those others who voted for change but did not vote for cassidy tonight, if you want a senator who will vote to repeal and replace obamacare, who will work together to get the economy going again by using america's natural resources, who
8:09 am
will respect your and second amendment rights and appreciate your culture of life, a senator that represents you, not barack obama, i look forward to getting your vote on december 6. tulsa, oklahoma, independent line. what is your reaction to election 2014? caller: i am very surprised any democrats won the race at all after mr. obama's performance and i would like to see limits put on the amount of spending candidates can put in their election instead of just term limits. if we put that money toward paying off the debt, we would that paid down obama has gotten into. it is ridiculous the amount of money these candidates spent. i grew up in louisville,
8:10 am
kentucky, and mitch mcconnell, to me, he should not be in office. he is the biggest bottom feeder i have ever seen in my life. host: porsche, springfield, illinois. republican. turning 24 next month and this is the first time i voted. i voted all republicans just so the democrats can get out of senate. i am tired of bills not being passed. i hate the idea of obamacare. on inldren are actually illinois, nothing gets accomplished. we have ebola running around. nothing gets accomplished. when our bills going to get past. i do not like that obama is in office, and i am biracial. when father is white and my mother is black. i am tired of nothing getting a
8:11 am
cup. it is not helping poor people, not helping black people -- accomplished. it is not helping poor people, not helping elect people. it is time for my generation to look at things. all rights are being taken away. i do not like it at all current -- at all. porsche, are you surprised governor quinn lost yesterday? caller: no, i do not like him at all, honestly. past. something can get i do not care at this point if obama gets impeached. i just wanted to let you all -- to call and let you know that. "politico" -- tom stier, greens have rough night at the polls.
8:12 am
denise, antioch, california. caller: good morning. i am so happy to say i am a californian. i worked at the polls. i did not have to vote because i know what california is going to do. we are blue and we're going to stay below. do not lose hope.
8:13 am
do not give up hope. host: did you say you work at the polls but did not vote? about: i was not worried it because california is the place to be. host: thank you, denise. greta bronner. guest: house race results -- michigan -- debbie dingell, the wife of the retiring congressman, congressman dingell, who served 30 years in the house, she will replace him in the house. -- 66% of thete vote. in new york, 11th district this morning, mike graham -- people mm.w him -- mike gri many know him. he is famous for being -- for
8:14 am
threatening to throw a reporter over a balcony. he wins in new york's 11th district. the case will be decided against him in december. we will see what happens a -- then for the 11th district in new york. utah's fourth district -- mia love the first african-american female republican coming to the house. the headline from the washington post. she is elected to utah's fourth district. seventh district this morning, this was being watched closely because the incumbent, democrat colin peterson, the ranking democrat on the house agriculture committee is able to win with from hise vote to 46%
8:15 am
republican challenger. then, in north carolina this district,n the second clay aiken, a familiar name to our viewers, the democrat there, ran a -- to incumbent renee ellmers. those are some of the results from the house races. host: steve. california. independent line. caller: good morning. i think probably this result is because they were not honest in 2008 with the american people right away about inflation. inflation is starting to hit the grocery stores. it was inevitable. they had to feed money into the
8:16 am
recession, and that was a given. they got us out of the recession, but they needed to let people know what was coming, and i think when this inflation hit, and it is hating now, hittinglook at it -- now, people look at it as the obama administration not doing well. it will happen again in 2016. inflation will be there to get us out of the recession. caller: bobby. georgia. what is your reaction? caller: i am elated. i am so happy georgia has gone republican as usual. we are dancing up and down and we hope this will bring both democrats and republicans together to make something happen in congress. we are sick of what is going on in our country. we want our country back like it was before.
8:17 am
now we can breathe a sigh of relief. former president jimmy carter and his wife roseland, where they out on the campaign trail? caller: i did not see them at any time in the local area. no. host: thank you. we have been showing you some of the "where we stand now post quote pictures -- where we stand now pictures, and some are still undecided. virginia, then alaska. you can see the big flip. democrats had 53. right now they are guaranteed 43. still three races to be called. republicans are up to 52. two independents remain, bernie
8:18 am
sanders and angus king. eugene, oregon. it looks like you're the gubernatorial race was closer that was supposed to be. caller: yes, it was. host: why do you think that is? caller: i cannot say. it is a matter of who gets to the polls. i can't tell you the polling stations had traffic -- i can tell you the polling stations had traffic jams. i am kind of happy all of this c rap is winding down. the next two years is interesting. congratulations to the republicans, however now it is time to walk the walk and get rid of the talk. 20 16,timistic that come if people do not step up and look at the best interests for all -- it is an interesting time. there is no telling. [laughter] i wishst optimistic, and
8:19 am
these people could throw some spiritual or religious concepts into the practice of their lives rather than get even. mail-inu are one of the states. what do you think of the mail-in system? caller: everything is expedient here. there are boxes all over the place. i do not trust some of the machines, some of the technology, that kind of thing. i guess i am old-fashioned. host: do you miss going to the polls on election day? not really. eugene is interesting. there is a lot of political activity. people discussing stuff. you know, it is certainly -- in terms of money, i am sure it is more reasonable to have an election this way.
8:20 am
we are very accepting. right now, i do not have any issues about the election or who won and who did not. watching the republicans on how joyous they are -- they have big plans and everything. i am hoping they will walk the walk. host: judy. north carolina. independent line. how did you vote in that senate race you had down there? caller: well, i wanted to tell you i am a poll worker, and the precinct that i work in is asrly evenly split as far between democrats and republicans. tom not allowed, of course, voice during the loading process, my opinion on anything, national voting process, my opinion on -- voting process, my
8:21 am
opinion on anything, but i had ears open and i will say that ,he comments by both parties fliptrations, there is a on the attitudes on gay marriage by president obama and of course that trickles down to north carolina, and they were very upset that that happened from the time the president was elected, his attitude on gay marriage and what he evolved to. commentwanted to make a on the poll worker who called from california and said that she did not vote. in north carolina, of course, there has been a big controversy days i had and all of this -- i had --ahead
8:22 am
and all of this, and i see no reason why anyone who has access to early voting would not have cast a vote. it is beyond my comprehension. host: how long have you worked at the polls, judy? caller: i have worked at the electionspresidential --two presidential elections in the midterms. turnout? was the caller: in my precinct we were elated. my oldest registered voters yesterday was a wonderful 98-year-old man. he drove to the polls. he was a 20 year retired marine. 20 years in the marine corps. we had an abundance of first-time voters. we were just elated. the 98-year-old, did he share his first vote for
8:23 am
president was? ,aller: that, i did not ask because we are not allowed to do that, but i was curious. he was a very handsome 98-year-old man, and we all agreed. we were stunned. i did ask if he minded sharing with me what he did in his working career, and the first thing he told me was that he joined the marine corps. that was the first thing he did, and he was very proud of it. it was just a wonderful experience. host: thank you for sharing that story. post," whoashington voted and why -- there is some luminary results. -- here are some preliminary results. let's go through this.
8:24 am
the older groups both went for the publicans. the younger groups went democratic. by party montana, on our
8:25 am
republican line. you're on c-span. caller: good morning. i have been watching practically all night long, and for some reason when the races are announced -- by the way, i am very happy the way the country when you get to minnesota, then the next state is new hampshire. host: you mean on the results that we are showing? we are skipping montana? what do you think of your new senator? steve daines? caller: yes, steve daines. host: what you think about him? caller: he did a good job in the
8:26 am
house. host: we have some crackerjack reducers that will make sure we are not skipping -- producers that will make sure we are not skipping meant anna. -- montana. guest: nearly one quarter of the questions on the ballots were citizen-led initiatives. this is a policymaking tool with a roughly two in five chance of passing historically. a little history for you, since 1904, 2000 420 one state initiatives have appeared on 2421 statets -- initiatives have appeared on state ballots with 900 approved. abortion --n with in tennessee, amendment one -- the voters they're approving
8:27 am
amendment one, giving the state legislatures the power to regulate abortion. in north dakota, measure 1 -- a personhood amendment, an amendment to the state constitution extending and enshrining rights of the unborn. colorado with a personhood amendment -- 92% reporting. to thethose said no personhood amendment in colorado, and that also would be expanding the rights of the unborn. let's go to guns -- washington -- thisnitiative 594 requires universal background checks. approved of that. supporters raised $11.2 million for this initiative to me from the alliance for good responsibility and he received a big chunk of the money from michael bloomberg and bill gates. washington, initiative 591 --
8:28 am
this man's background checks unless they are in compliance with federal standards. supporters raised only $1.2 million for this initiative. so, two background check initiatives, for and against on washington state's ballots. --t: in iowa, joni ernst to won the senate seat there. again, c-span cameras were at her headquarters and at her opponents'. [video clip] >> thanks to all of you, we are heading to washington. [applause] [laughter] and we are going to make them squeal. [laughter] [applause] thank you. thank you. [laughter] morning i was going --
8:29 am
voting in red oak, and as i looked around, i noticed that this is about as different as you can get from washington, d.c. [laughter] in washington, politicians are more interested in talking than doing. they ignore problems, hoping they will go away. you know what, isis is not just going to go away. the almost $18 trillion of national. it is not just going -- national that is not just going to go away. our economic struggles are not just going to go away. our problems are not just going to go away on their own. but we can overcome them. is the greatest nation in the history of mankind. [applause]
8:30 am
nothing we can't achieve. we are going to do this, but to get there, it starts with new leadership. >> we have the freedom to be disappointed in america, but i have to tell you, this is not a bad day for bruce braley. a bad day is when you were 23 years old and you lose your father. is when your next-door neighbor who is your first when shees of: cancer is 39 and leaves two children cancer when she is 39 and leaves two children behind. and bad day is when you're 17-year-old niece that you love takes her own life. this is not a bad day for bruce braley. this is a day to celebrate what people can do together when they
8:31 am
put their mind to it, they work hard, and try to change the way people think about the relationship to their government and their future. live coverage of election 2014 continues with your phone calls. from springfield. democrat. say is what i want to this election -- actually, it was not about politics. it was about policy. if it was about politics, democrats would handily win. it is about how much i hate obama. most of the races were in the red state. i do not know about this media myth about how much obama's
8:32 am
approval ratings are low because if you see what has happened since obama took over -- this andhas put in place so much it is an indication of how the country is getting better. surpassedma has ronald reagan as second behind bill clinton in the stock market. created 10t, he has million jobs. gas prices are the lowest in a long time. go back 100 years. republicans have not been anything for this country. even jfk, when jfk was going to the moon these are the same -- andthat said this guy today, obama giving the space
8:33 am
program to the private sector -- look at what the private sector is doing. myths.these are i feel bad for democrats. i mean, virginia -- i want to talk to them personally. you cannot run away from all of the good things. i think this election is good democratsats because hid themselves. you do not run away from obama. obama knows how to make numbers. in 2012 they said his approval ratings -- anytime this guy runs -- chic in springfield, virginia. solomon in columbus, georgia. caller: i want to make a comment about the people who comment about obama not getting anything
8:34 am
done. i wonder if they are listening to the republican friends or if they do not have enough brains to see for themselves. i the time obama was elected, the public and stopped -- from the time obama was elected, the republicans stopped everything he wanted to do. how could you say he does not get anything past when he tried to get everything passed but he is stopped by the republicans, the congress. also, talking about jobs -- there was a jobs bill for two years. there are so many things obama wants to do for the people and the congress stops everything. these people have no brains -- just numbskulls. host: that was solomon in columbus, georgia. this is greta bronner. race ise reset with the that we started with. these other races that have not been declared. we begin with the alaska senate
8:35 am
race. this from "the washington post" an hour ago showing dan sullivan is leading by four percentage points, a lead that appears insurmountable given that the precincts have reported back, and assuming there are no surprises here, and whatever votes are still in play, and those include absentee ballots, that would be the last big win for the republican party. race in alaska, the independent gubernatorial candidate bill walker appears to be on track to unseat the governor, sean parnell, the republican. has been conceded or called in alaska. -- race has been conceded or called in alaska. colorado, governor john hickenlooper, a strong position to win reelection, one of the bright spots for the democrats
8:36 am
in the election cycle. the democratic incumbent was ahead, 48.1% to 47 .4% over uprez. congressman bob bea in connecticut, yet to call this one, governor dan malloy, the democrat, winning right now. president obama was in connecticut in the closing days of that race. in the virginia senate, mark warner, the incumbent democrat declared victory late tuesday night, but it has not been called. it is a remarkably close race for the republican ed gillespie andconceding and their -- "the washington post" saying he is raising the possibility of a recount. we know there will be a runoff in louisiana. senator mary landrieu was not
8:37 am
able to get 50%, so she and bill cassidy will be squaring off on december 6. mary landrieu has done the runoff thing before in her first and second bids for senate. she won those, but obviously by small margins. in arkansas, the governor's race -- he sees me, the senate race, tom cotton, the 37-year-old iraqi veteran is able to be mark pryor, the democrat, the former son of a senator there, and he beats him handily, 57% to 39% in arkansas. in ohio, the governor john kasich, the republican wins over edocratic challenger fitzgerald. john kasich, a contender in the intleground state of ohio 2016. in north carolina, state speaker
8:38 am
thom tillis, bested the incumbent senator kay hagan by two percentage points. mitt romney carried this state in 2012. according to "the washington post" kay hagan trailed thom tillis by 22% among white voters. this was the race that gave republicans the magic number six to take a majority in the senate. "washington post" broke down demographically who voted and why -- let's look at race and ethnicity. 78% of the electorate yesterday was white. 59% went for republicans.
8:39 am
brenda is a republican in tallahassee, florida. caller: hi. i wanted to say to the poll worker in california who was so proud she did not have to vote because california is such a blue state, well, i wish all the democrats would move to california because quite frankly a are ruining our country. i am so glad to see the republicans rise up again and take this country back. i have been a republican all my life. i do not vote republican because, you know, i am just one of those that are going to vote straight republican. i vote straight republican because they are always on the correct side of the issues. for the gentleman that said obama had done so much for the stock market, here is a republican that does not play the stock market.
8:40 am
i put my money in good, old what, and you know certificates are not even paying -- they are painting -- taking .05%. that is if you have $100,000. that is all you are getting on your money. the banks are going to go out of business because of obama? that is all set up by the federal reserve which is wrong with the democratic agenda right now, which is obama at the top. next up, pamela, in bakersfield, california. the quote where she said we are going to make them squeal, it reminds me of not see journal. the public and intend to control the media and turn us all into pigs -- the republicans intend to control the media and turn us
8:41 am
all into pigs. i am so happy jerry brown won again. i love jeff merkley in oregon. i am glad he won. i am glad al franken won in minnesota. they are the progresses in the heart and soul of democracy. we need to clean house and put good democrats, real democrats into the senate and the congress so that we can get ready for hillary clinton. that is all i have to say. david in monticello, georgia. independent line. morning, c-span. c just stopped laughing at chi and sullivan's remarks. it is a joyous day. the will of the people has been spoken. i think it would be in the gop's best interest to go back a
8:42 am
couple of decades, look at what newt gingrich did and do more -- a 100-day contract with this country, passing at least three bills to show to the president to get some of that stuff off of what was a reread's -- harry reid's desk had thank you. host: david, are you a member of the tea party? caller: i am not. i am not fully a republican. i consider myself an independent. i do vote with republicans almost always. host: thank you, sir. tom, san jose, california. it is your turn. in san jose,his is california. it is obvious what will happen now. the republicans were oh -- will overplay their hand. they will try to impeach obama. they will try to overturn obamacare.
8:43 am
they will probably get us into another war. they will screw the economy up like we did in 2008 and the democrats will come in, clean it up. are you there? are listening. we are just showing some results on the screen. guest: p --caller: people have a short-term memory loss. the stock market crashed in 2008. we were losing jobs when obama took office. the only way republicans can win is to block the vote and cheat. the girl talking about interest rates being so low in the banks, she needs to get a clue. the reason interest rates are low is to stimulate the economy, so we can get back on the -- on our feet after the republicans crashed the economy. we will see. it will play out. republicans will overplay their hand host:. who is your host:
8:44 am
congressman? caller: good question. host: do you -- did you vote? caller: yes, i did not have any congressman. by a david perdue won bigger margin than expected in florida over michelle nunn. they both spoke last night. [video clip] we have exceeded every expectation of what was possible in this race. 15 months ago the political pundits said george was not in play, and we put georgia in play. [applause] we built a foundation now that needs to be cultivated, and it needs to be built upon, and we need to broaden our reach. we want to remind you all that elections make a difference in people's lives.
8:45 am
we change communities, we change our nation, we change our world when we vote and we reminded people of that. we made choices about how we are going to care for our sake, how we care for our environment, our elderly. these are the choices we want to continue to lift up in the future as we go forward. start a newe journey. this has been an extraordinary 18 months. when i called my cousin, the ex- need to, and i said you run, he said no, i have been paroled, and i said we need to think about it and we thought about it, started a journey with your help, and we took our message around the state and it resonated and it worked because it was sincere. it was from our heart. or importantly, it was from your heart. -- more importantly, it was from
8:46 am
your heart. that is what the people of this country, this state, that is what they are hearing tonight. we start a new course for the united states, not just georgia. it was bigger than me, you then georgia. kidsve to do this for our and grandkids. i do not want to be a member of the first generation in this country that has to tell my kids and grandkids that we are leaving you a world is worse off and starting tonight we're are going to change that with your help. that his former, outgoing senator saxby chambliss standing behind david perdue. he will take his seat, january. back to "the washington post," their breakdown of who voted and why -- married men
8:47 am
philip is a republican in glasgow, kentucky. living in aare state where you have the senate majority leader representing you. what you think about that? aller: i think he would do good job. i really do. i have been listening to what you are talking about, and i think the governor's races around the country, and the house races around the country may be just as important as the toate race and the shift whatever it is going to be, probably 54% to 46%. it it is 53-43.
8:48 am
two independence. three more to be decided. i hope i have those numbers right. caller: right. mitch mcconnell ran a good race in kentucky. the only thing i was going to say, as much as anything, given the governor's races, the house, and the senate, this is more a repudiation of the policies of obama. getting to that point -- the republicans getting to this guess,oday is, i euphoric, in a way, but at the same time, it is time for the republicans to roll up their sleeves and find a way to compromise. you know, i think the litmus test here is going to be will the president be willing to compromise with a republican majority? i mean, he has demonstrated, you
8:49 am
know, and arrogance, toward -- an arrogance towards working with anyone on the hill, and now it is painfully obvious to everybody that he is going to have to come around. it is going to be an interesting time, especially from january to april, i guess, tax time. we will see how the parties try to come together and do some compromise. bills are waiting to go through the senate and hit the president's desk. host: we will be talking about the lame-duck air in a minute. i have some articles i want to show you on that. that is the old congress, the new one does not get sworn in
8:50 am
until january. philip, what you think about rand paul running for president in 2016? caller: well, i'm a republican, but rand paul -- i am 30 miles from the guy -- but in my know that he not is necessarily the best choice for the republican party. host: have to leave it there. greta bronner, what you have for us? guest: let's begin with this tweet from jimmy dupre a veteran washington reporter, noting the polls did not have it as it ended up tuesday night.
8:51 am
thom tillis in north carolina wins by two. perdue in georgia winning by eight. the race in arkansas, tom cotton, winning by 18 points. his reelection in 2008 with 80% of the vote. term in therd senate last night. let's go back to ballot initiatives and we begin with marijuana. in alaska, they are on track to approve measure two, which would allow recreational marijuana use in alaska. that has not been called yet, but they are on track to do so. -- in d.c., by a margin of seven-3, voters backed
8:52 am
an initiative that would allow people to consume and grow marijuana in the nation's capital but does not set up a tax system. in oregon, they modeled this initiative after washington state -- 55% of the voters approve of recreational marijuana use in oregon. then, in florida, medical marijuana, the use of that failed in that state, florida. this would not allow the use of medical marijuana. i do not think we have this screen quite right. we will come back and look at that. let's move on to minimum wage initiatives and go back to alaska. have decided, they to increase the minimum wage which is at the federal level $8.75 next$7.75, to year, and $9.75 in 2016. in arkansas, issue five, they,
8:53 am
too, have decided to increase ,heir minimum wage from $7.25 another $.50 then in 2016. in california, it would increase from $8.25 to $10 next year. in nebraska, it would go from 775 next year to nine dollars. in south dakota, voters increase tominimum wage, from $7.75 $8.50. went to college were more likely to support the republicans
8:54 am
back to your calls. mike is right here in the suburbs, alexandra, virginia. thank you for: c-span. i think the u.s. public in miseducatedotally by the entertainment media and shame concerned about the of motor repression -- voter repression who are opposed -- by the people opposed to progressives. liee poll manipulators about voters voting twice or
8:55 am
falsifications using wrong ids and so on. the public does not hear about that. host: -- that is mike, alexandria, virginia. george, richmond, virginia. democrat. caller: my disappointment -- i am disappointed the democrats did not win, but the idea that people say the president did not do anything, they have a short memory about the condition of this country when he took over and i hate the idea talking about those same we will take back my country. what country are they talking about? agoon six to five years half of the black people were not allowed to vote -- less than 60 five years ago, half of the black people were not allowed to vote. another election will come up in
8:56 am
two years i think we will learn the election national lesson that we need to get to the polls. not enough people voted that could vote. in merrill in bardstown, kentucky. what area of kentucky is that in? caller: 35 miles from louisville. host: go ahead and make a comment. caller: the main comment is all of the whiners on the democrats calling in and crying and crying and crying. this is the first time i have ever called c-span. i took my lumps six years ago and two years ago, and i never call, i never wind. , but i hateointed crybabies. it is like playing in a card game every when you get a good hand and you beat somebody, they
8:57 am
cry. when you get a bad hand and then you beat somebody, they cry. that is what it is. kentucky proved that kentucky is a pretty smart state. we did not believe all of the lines -- allies that this alison .rimes come up with and this country -- i'm so proud of the country, but the republicans better, they had better do what they say they're going to do it. if not, we are going to be in trouble again. that is basically all i have to say. i hate whiners. i do not whine if i lose. is merrill in bardstown, kentucky. who voted and why from "the washington post." the top issues
8:58 am
dave improving bill, michigan. independent line. election 2014.o caller: thank you. reactions i have is how much money they spent. that is a corruption to the system that we have. if they want to take care of the economic problems, i think it is pretty simple. they have to do away with all the loopholes that all of the corporations and wealthy people have. they can lower the corporate tax to where we are competitive with the rest of the world, and then we can decide that any company in this country that moves overseas, either to management
8:59 am
or labor can not return their products to this country. they lose this market. if we pass that legislation, we would have all kinds of companies coming back here. ge would have to start paying taxes. anyway, that is my response. host: thank you for calling in this morning. we appreciate it. from "the wall street journal" --
9:00 am
9:01 am
that is a little bit from "the wall street journal." angela in maryland. a democrat. caller: good morning. two issues that the republicans and obama are going to compromise on. number one is the free trade agreement. that is going to get done. jobs will be outsourced on that one. second, social security, the cost of living increases. i definitely think the seniors will be seeing cost-of-living increases. i think there will be a problem with the republicans and the moderates and the tea party will be the budget.
9:02 am
the tea party does not want to fund the government even the moderates know they need to. that will be interesting to watch. i think they will decrease the department of education, so my property taxes are going to go up. that will be fun. host: what do you think of your governor elect? caller: they are going to do the fracking in western maryland. i'm not for that. i'm worried they are going to get the -- rid of the ban on assault weapons so i will have malldge bullets at the now. toler: first of all, i want congratulate you. you are straight down the line. you are very great. you remind me of the great tim russert.
9:03 am
i am so glad maryland has woke up and decided to throw the bums out. there is nothing about larry brown that i like or the previous governor. they would find a way to tax the air that you breathe. i am a first-generation american. i have never seen this kind of nonsense before in my life. at least we have a different person in there. governor does not do well, i will vote to throw him out, too. i am excited and elated. i know it will be tough in the senate and congress. people don't understand the policies that are being implemented. i knew obamacare was going to be a disaster because i do mergers and acquisition work.
9:04 am
i knew what the costs were going to be for different companies. cory gardner is the senator elect. he will come back in the lame duck and serve in the house of representatives. he is the new senator elect for the state of colorado. mark udall was one of the incumbents who got defeated yesterday. here's a little bit from both of them. dad.ny of you knew my he helped raised six kids. he played for the denver nuggets. he served in the congress for nearly three decades. , who wasd will rogers the john stewart of his time. [laughter] particularly fond of rogers' admonition to all of us that we are all here just for a short time before we pass on, so
9:05 am
get a few laughs, do the best , so thatlive your life whenever you lose, you are ahead. as long as i have had the privilege to serve the people of colorado, i have always felt that i have come out ahead and tonight is no exception. [applause] can fix this nation's problems together. we can build a stronger economy together. we can achieve energy independence together. educationrove together. we can protect our incredible environment together because the people of colorado sent a message, a message that what is happening in washington is not working and it has to stop area do our country expects and deserves better than what it is getting. leaders should not stop at the status quo and think they deserve a pat on the back. it was not a message for republicans tonight or against democrats. , a warning to all who fail to courageously at on
9:06 am
our nation's greatest challenges. coveragepan's live continues. we will be live for most of the was any press conferences, including the president this afternoon. live coverage taking your calls throughout the day. in a minute, we will put the phone numbers back up in case you care to dial-in. we have some more results for you. a couple of tweets for our viewers. the independent millionaire did not say who he would caucus with if he came to washington unable to defeat pat roberts in kansas yesterday.
9:07 am
let's dig into some of those key senate races, beginning with georgia, where we saw david purdue able to beat michelle nunn, the daughter of the former senator sam nunn. he wins by eight percentage points. among white voters, he got 70% of the vote. he won less than half of the female vote. polls saids in exit they considered party control of the senate important. 60% worried about the economy and they voted for david purdue. withwa, joni ernst military experience, the republican, beat back a challenge from congressman bruce braley. she wins in that race. iowa voters remain overwhelmingly white.
9:08 am
they say president obama was a factor. joni ernst winning 48% of the female vote in that race and 16 points over bruce braley among men. there was the gender gap in iowa. going to kansas, the incumbent republican pat roberts wins against greg gorman, 62% of those that voted for pat roberts were 65 and over. 55% were white. 59% were male. 66% said the country is on the wrong track. 85% strongly disapprove of president obama. michigan, voters were evenly divided on president obama's job performance. 60% said the country was on a wrong challenge -- path. moving on to montana.
9:09 am
seat was an open one and it goes to republicans, steve daines, the republican. tim johnson retired and mike rounds is now the new senator 51%.outh dakota, winning 29% for democrat rick weiland. in west virginia, shelley moore capito, she will be the first republican headed to the senate for west virginia. soee out of the five voters democrats unfavorably in west virginia. you can find more results on our website, host: here is an article in "the wall street journal." persist, but turnout
9:10 am
favors gop. the exit polls surveyed thousands of voters.
9:11 am
john is in brooklyn, arkansas. independent line. caller: good morning. comment about lisa hutchinson getting elected. hutchinson getting elected. i think arkansas done wrong by electing him. he is not the type of person i
9:12 am
would consider good for the state of arkansas. of disappointed that tom cotton one the senate seat -- won the senate seat. from the advertisements i saw on the tv, which you can't believe all that. i hope hillary clinton does not run for president. if she does, i sure hope she does not make it. host: that is john in brookland, arkansas. lenny is in prescott, arizona. caller: hi, good morning c-spaners. we accepted the defeat, not cheerfully. i want to start out with a joke and a quote. i promise it is not a dirty joke. how can you tell a republican is taking viagra? they grow taller.
9:13 am
patriotism is the last reference of scoundrels and religion is the first. beware of republicans talking about free market solutions to government problems are talking about jesus. christ was ajesus bleeding heart liberal progressive democrat socialist anti-capitalist. just saying. free market capitalism and government, beware. here is why. capitalism governmentally speaking is where the public pay all of the costs and risk and what is privatized our profits. a look what happened to our media system. that was the free market solution to government problems. everybody calls and and complains. it has become a horrifying, fascist joke. theeed to be careful of fact that we own a lot of assets, the military, the health care, transportation, national parks, education, water --
9:14 am
host: you have four seconds. wrap it up. trust then't republicans with free market solutions. thank you. host: this is bernard in maryland. on the republican line. caller: thank you very much. i'm very thankful to god for bringing change into the government of maryland. this is god's answers to prayers. the governor had turned the state into sodomy by introducing and bringing the state down. him and other democrats drove away got from the nation. , you arebout mr. obama regardless i am. -- he is va very godless man.
9:15 am
he is the first president to stand openly for gay marriage. he said again movement is in america. -- the gay movement is good in america. host: on the independent line. tom, are you with us? caller: is this me? i'm not in alabama, i'm in misery. -- missouri. i'm a first time caller. i'm curious as to why both parties address issues that most people cannot even relate to because one party caters to the element of giveaway programs, the other party caters to the same element of giveaway programs only on the higher end.
9:16 am
putting gas in people's privately or jets. -- private lear jets. why do we go back to the constitutional standard that all we oh anybody is a level, equal playing field? no laws in place against your gender, your race, your religion. let everything settle as it would normally settle in a truly free enterprise system. host: that is tom somewhere in misery. -- missouri. one of the tweets from this morning. i applaud senator landrieu's challenge. edwin says, what should surprise
9:17 am
america is how many people did not vote. here is taylor. greta, what do you have for us? campaigne analysis of 2014. let me begin with this tweet from the "washington post." gop controls more state houses than any time since 1920. you also have this from there could be more after we get some late results in. reporting that the senate minority leader harry reid is going to run for that top slot and "politico"
9:18 am
reporting that he likely does not have strong opposition to him retaining that top leadership position for democrats in the senate. cbs news with this headline. the vermont governor's race is too close to call, so it will head to the legislature and the governor's race. for more ballot initiatives and the headlines, let me begin with proposition 45 in california. to stateters said no insurance commissioner having to approve any rate increase in that state. statesation, several voting on ballot initiatives. missouri's amendment 3, 70 6% said no to teacher evaluations. in illinois, advisory question
9:19 am
3, this is a millionaire's tax. in washington state, initiative 1351, this requires fewer students in the classroom in 1%des k through 12, 50 saying no because this would cost more money in washington state. it looks like they are trending toward no. we will continue to watch that initiative. host: from the "wall street journal." gop hopes are on the rise. one paragraph from this article.
9:20 am
sophie in savannah, georgia. caller: i'm doing good. the comments i wanted to make is that i am a little bit disappointed with the outcome, but i think a lot of the results do come from the fact that we had such a low voter turnout for a midterm election. it is definitely a problem that needs to be solved. we need to encourage younger voters to vote. we need to make it easier for younger people to vote. so electionake it day is not on a day that is inaccessible to people who have to work. we should probably definitely put it on may be a weekend. host: do you have early voting in georgia? caller: we do. host: did you early vote?
9:21 am
enough tom not old vote. i'm only 16. if i could vote, i would. host: did mom and dad vote early? caller: they want to go early vote and they voted democrat. host: do you think that counts is kind of expanding the voting time and pool? definitely it does expand the voting time, but in terms of general election day because i know not everybody can go out and early vote and i know one of the biggest issues for people, why people don't vote is that it is on a week day, so they can't get to work or they are busy. some people just are no how to register to vote. especially for young people. they have school. a lot of people in college, if they had voting centers on or near their campuses, then people would go vote and there would be
9:22 am
a greater representation of the population that way. about in north carolina, it was an article i did come across that said on election day that there were certain polling areas and african-american neighborhoods that were close to that day and i was wondering why that was. you remember the website where you found that article? caller: i do not, unfortunately. that is definitely a problem if they were not able to get those back up. i just need to wrap it up. a wanted to ask, it is 9:22 a.m. eastern time. should you not be in school? caller: i'm in my ap government class right now and we are watching c-span and we are keeping an update. who is your teacher? host: who is your teacher? caller: my teacher is miss
9:23 am
buckles. host: do you have a mix of democrats and republicans in the class? caller: i think we do have a pretty good mix. the arts school is pretty liberal, but there is definitely a good mix of independence, republicans, and democrats in the class, so it is very interesting. we can have debates and stuff like that. host: is it misses buckles, you said? caller: yes. and thanksher high for tuning in to c-span in the ap class. we appreciate it. caller: thank you so much. at two: 50 this afternoon, the president will be doing a news conference on midterms. that will be live on c-span. we will be live with other press conferences as they come up. continuing to take your calls and get your views on the election 2014.
9:24 am
tom is in bend oregon. caller: hello. this is my first time calling. i have a prediction. there will be gridlock in the next congress, too. mitch mcconnell will do what harry reid did to the republicans and not allow them to have filibusters or add amendments to bills. because the democrat set the agenda and that and they will most likely guess they're just desserts in that area, unfortunately. it will be gridlock because president obama will turn around and veto everything republicans pass. them to get the overpass of the veto, they have to get two thirds of congress and if that is the case, the democrats will most likely not side with them and nothing will get done. we will be in gridlock still. that is my prediction. from the "washington
9:25 am
times" comment page. ben carson. well-known conservative thinker. he has an op-ed this morning. "phoning it in on election day." we will read a little bit of it. not show in court -- nacho in
9:26 am
corpus christi, texas. caller: i had a comment. we are so disappointed as hispanics with everything that has happened in texas. last minute, republicans passed a bill where all voters have to have a license or picture id before they can vote, which a lot of hispanics don't have. there are a lot of hispanics who did not vote. republicans keep doing this and we are going to remember this and we are going to see the same thing that happened in the earlier presidential election. we are going to throw a monkey rent like we did at mitt romney. host: what are some of the issues you are concerned about? caller: immigration.
9:27 am
it is part of our people. there are a lot of people that have been here for a lot of years, that have been working under the system. i think the president is going to do work on immigration. so the republicans won't vote it out in congress. are going to remember all that is happening and in 2016, we are going to do the same thing to the presidential election, to the republicans that we did to mitt romney. senator mcconnell will hold a press conference at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon eastern time . that will be from louisville, kentucky. that will be live on c-span.
9:28 am
2:00 p.m. for senator mcconnell. 2:50 p.m. eastern for the president. read a, what do you want to buckles ap mrs. class? host: these are races where the seats were left open by republicans. they are in the deep south. wasincoming republican supported by, backed by tea party groups. let's begin with alabama. district six. overpalmer winning handily the democratic candidate. he was backed by tea party votes. in georgia, and the first district, buddy carter wins. district, upon 10th another member of the tea party is coming to congress. candidly over the
9:29 am
democrat. louisiana's six district. that was lefteat open by bill cassidy who is headed in a runoff against mary landrieu. edwin edwards, a former member , 80 some years old, he has served eight years in prison, he will be going to a runoff. several candidates were unable to get over the 60% threshold. district in six north carolina. mark walker. five,ahoma, district steve russell, the republican there. , andxas, the 36th district other new member of the tea party movement.
9:30 am
what does it mean for house speaker john weiner and how he rolls the house and the 114th congress. you can find the results on our website. divided government is not have to be dysfunctional.
9:31 am
naomi in denver, pennsylvania. caller: i'm glad to be on this morning. i am ashamed of the american people. i don't understand. forget that the republicans were responsible for the shut down this summer?
9:32 am
and that bush got us into to unnecessary wars? i hope obama sticks to his guns. war is not necessary. we went belly up a couple of years ago under bush. i don't understand. the republicans complain, complain, but when it comes time to vote, they vote right back again. that upsets me very much. i am a democrat. i did vote for democrats in our district. i hope that he sticks to his guns and does what he wants and what he needs to get done. our taxes need to come down. our taxes on homes. that is so high. our schools are the ones that are controlling our taxes right now. that is so unnecessary. host: charles in new hope, arkansas. caller: this is charles down in
9:33 am
arkansas. i'm a conservative myself. i neither, self democrat nor republican. out whilecan't figure the news media is not blaming this on vladimir putin and russia. everything is their fault. we know that. how many people have russia jumped onto and cause devastation since world war ii? how many democracies that we planted with all the billions of dollars we have spent? we are the policeman of the whole world and we can do that. we need to guard our shores. they need to stay the hell out of our lives. we need to lower our taxes.
9:34 am
i don't see any of the country's over there as being a threat to us. we have always been allied with russia. we need to do that. host: that is charles in new hope, arkansas. races the most expensive was the north carolina senate race. kay hagan, thom tillis. here they are from last night. [video clip] honor to been such an hear your stories, dreams, and hopes. i will always be grateful for the trust that you placed in me and the chance to serve our great state. y'all, it has been fabulous and what an incredible family, state, staff, supporters, we have all across this great state. .ll of our volunteers so many of you out there. everyone of you should be right
9:35 am
up to her on stage with me tonight. , we are going to continue to make north carolina have everybody have an opportunity to grow strong and great. god bless you and god bless the state of north carolina. thank you. very much. [applause] >> when we stopped accepting want to behat people provided for by government, the problem was that is the only way the government can provide you with something us to take it away from someone else. there is only one thing government can give you that does not come at the expense of somebody else and that is freedom. [applause] we need to free the american people up to make america great again. we need to free the american people up to make it an economic superpower, a military superpower, and an energy superpower. these are the things we're going
9:36 am
to go to washington to do. host: more news conferences are popping up in washington. here is another forum on election 2014. this is being held at conservative this will be live on c-span 2 this afternoon. you have mitch mcconnell on c-span at 2:00 p.m. eastern. then you have the president at 2:50 eastern time on c-span. then we will have this at 2:30 p.m., a look back from a conservative point of view. host: some more tweet. here are some tweets from those in congress.
9:37 am
9:38 am
he places his op-ed in "the guardian" about immigration reform. a clear message to obama in the top editorial.
9:39 am
a little bit from "the wall street journal." maa from -- and need a from -- anita from maine. yesterday, itil was a democrat but i have been meaning to switch to independent. i'm pretty much an independent. in the past, i have voted for olympia snowe, a moderate republican. i voted for angus king, independent. i voted for president obama. i have a tendency to split my ticket. host: who did you vote for for governor up there? and did you vote for susan collins for reelection? caller: i did not.
9:40 am
what about the gubernatorial race? i voted for michaud. host: the governor got reelected? caller: yes he did. i voted for michaud because of medicare expansion. i have health care, but there are a lot of people who don't. medicare expansion is so sorely needed. it is so sad that politics is playing into that. when you turn your back on people who need health care, that is really indefensible. host: this is matt in buffalo. republican. caller: yes. hi. commentanted to make a in regards to a caller who called in earlier about the youth who are voting.
9:41 am
we have to look at the fact that basicallyhese youths gather a felony for the first 14 years of their life. with a felony, you are not allowed to vote to read -- allowed to vote. a lot of the campaign people that one, i would like to say, it is nice -- time to make a stronger play to the youth and educate them about the better policies that are going on. this is the future that they are talking about. our future is long in the past. host: next up is robert in detroit. a split ballot up there in michigan. you elected a democratic senator and you reelected rick snyder. caller: yes. i was not surprised about the election.
9:42 am
the republicans, the supreme court came down with this decision. this id stuff. i was not surprised. tot: you think it came down having an id or not and voter laws? you've got to have an id to cash her check. my daughter, she can cash my check. she is in college. she goes to school. she can go with a school id and cash my check, but she can't use that to vote. i wasn't really surprised. it is just pick on, pick on, pick on, pick on. when gas prices were sky high, that is all they talked about.
9:43 am
do we want to go back when bush was about to run this country right off the map? because of the economic situation. they never say nothing about the deficit. it is not just republicans, it is democrats, too. the supreme court. every decision they decide for. you already know before it goes there. host: thanks for calling in. antonio in oklahoma city. democrat. antonio is gone. north to albany, minnesota. kevin, republican line. caller: hi. it is right smack in the middle
9:44 am
of minnesota. host: near litchfield? caller: just about 40 miles north. you sound familiar. had was elicited and the reason for my first time oregons tom from bend, and he was commenting on the gridlock he expects to see in congress is republicans choose the agenda and obama vetoes everything. my comment with respect to all is that both parties have accused each other consistently of obstructionism and failure to get anything done when we have a mixed congress. ago when the long democrats had full control of they managed to
9:45 am
accomplish out of their full control session was obamacare. we all know what a mess that is. it has not done anything to lower health care costs. that arethings benefiting from lower costs due to obamacare are those getting the new subsidies to help them pay their premiums. now the republicans will have the opportunity to choose the agenda. i hope they will try to pass bills that obama will actually sign. host: how big was the win to be reelected as governor? was relatively close. i think he got 50% of the vote opponent.his it was have a landslide diana scratch. by any stretch. host: this editorial by the "new
9:46 am
--k times co. "is the senate negativity wins the senate.
9:47 am
let's see what else is going on. with one ofl begin those undeclared races. "the denver post" tweeting this out. in the governor's race, the beaupr├ęz forats governor. according to the associated press, with a 93% of the results in, you can see hickenlooper is leading the former congressman, but they have not declared him the victor yet. here is another tweet from a reporter in washington. representatives -- represents
9:48 am
and the every democratic senator. this press conference call is coming after senator warner declared victory in his senate race, but ed gillespie has not conceded and the "washington post" could ask for a recount. -- says he could ask for a recount. these closely of watched races, let's look at the numbers more deeply. in the kentucky senate race, senator mitch mcconnell won over alison lundergan grimes. together, these two candidates raised and spent roughly $50 million. mr. mcconnell contributed $1.8 million of his own money at the end of october, a little of a week out. he raised $11 million more.
9:49 am
he spent $10 million more on his race. in the florida governor's race, the republican turned democrat charlie crist lost his bid to .nseat rick scott a judge denied the plea for more voting time in broward county. million dollars was spent by both candidates. in the wisconsin governor's race, scott walker won a second term. he could be positioning himself for a presidential run in 2016. in new hampshire, that race being closely watched. able tojeanne shaheen get another term in the senate with 94% reporting. she beats back a challenge from the former massachusetts senator scott brown who moved to new hampshire to try to challenge her for that seat.
9:50 am
that 54% ofhow voters thought that mr. brown had not lived in new hampshire long enough to effectively represent them in the senate. host: theodore is calling from south carolina. south carolina was one of two states that had to senate races as well as a gubernatorial race. caller: i am on the radio? host: you are on tv. onehave two senate races, gubernatorial. how did your candidates do? caller: we did not do too well. host: what kind of, would you like to make? caller: my comment, i have pretty well watched everything indiana, senator from he dropped out of the race when president obama took over.
9:51 am
he was a democrat. my reason for calling -- host: i'm going to put you on hold. kayla is going to talk to you about turning up the volume and how we get that to -- delay and it brings the show to a grinding halt. robert in chester, virginia. how did you do? caller: i did not vote. host: i did not vote. caller: i'm proud to say i do not vote. i feel a can election is just a gimmick. that is no one out there say they are representing one person or the other. this is not one nation. it is divided into two parties. old, the reason i believe young people don't go out to vote is because we believe it does not matter. republicans and democrats both
9:52 am
have contributed to this pile of debt that we are going to have to pay for in the long run. these older people that are getting up. and the senate and the white house are making all of these controls and we feel like our voice still matter. who is hearing us and what we want done? that is all i would like to say. host: what do you do in chester? caller: i'm looking for work. if i do find a job, it is all minimum wage due to the illegal immigrants who come and take our jobs. convincedare pretty that not voting is the right strategy. caller: i am more than convinced. host: how do you get your message across then? caller: i need a change. we need somebody in there who is going to represent the people and take care of america and bring us back into one group of people. amongstding us republicans and democrats and i'm right because we should do this and i'm right because we should do this.
9:53 am
i feel a come watching comedy central because i'm watching the show. one of the few incumbents to win reelection on the democratic side was jeanne shaheen. she and her opponent scott brown spoke last night. [video clip] >> let me just say that every journey, wherever it leads is better. i can share those wonderful experiences with the people behind me. it looks like it is a good night for america. it looks like a senate had a changeover to republican hands. [applause] regardless of what happens here tonight, i have one thing that has come true, harry reid is the minority leader. [applause]
9:54 am
>> i will fight for a minimum wage. [applause] that ensures that no one working 40 hours per week is stuck living in poverty. and i will fight for equal pay for equal work for women. [applause] for smart, serious national security policies that keep us safe.
9:55 am
and i will always fight for a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. robert is in chester, virginia. independent line. you are on c-span. we just talked to robert. we are moving on to jerry in meridian. sorry about that, folks. jerry, are you with us? go ahead. to make awould like comment. i was glad the republicans won last night. i pray they don't drop the ball and move forward with this country. so things like immigration reform, we need to close our gates. we have too many people just coming in. taking jobs that the american people need.
9:56 am
in's move forward and maybe , whoever the republican candidate might be, they will not only have the reef -- support of the congress. thank you. host: we spend a lot of time down in mississippi earlier in when thad cochran was under caller: fire. but he won pretty big? caller:real good. host: did you support him? caller: yes, sir. host: next up, frank, clinton, maryland. democrat. caller: good morning. i have a comment. hello? host: we are listening. caller: i have a comment.
9:57 am
the republicans are with the 1%. they are against women's rights. they are against minimum wage. they did nothing to help the middle class. they are changing the voter laws all over the place. they got the 1% in office, they got the senate, they have the house. the republicans have not done anything. everybody forgot the gas prices are low. the president got bin laden. did not run on anything, they just talked about obama. they have not done anything. host: that is frank in clinton, maryland. this is greta. host: let's begin with the hill
9:58 am
newspaper. under no circumstances, will ted cruz run for majority leader, challenging mitch mcconnell for that position. on twitter, "the huffington post." she testified on capitol hill in 2012 about contraceptive mandate. she lost her bid for california state senate. from, tweeting this out. a few headline tweets for you this morning as we wrap up here and go back to you, peter, for some more phone calls and thoughts. host: let's hear from sheila in connecticut. hi, peter. and everyone.
9:59 am
i think it should be made mandatory that everyone vote. if not, they have to pay a fine. that is how crucial our votes are. it should not be taken lightly. i'm thinking ahead from a grandson and everyone else's grandkids. these people who stayed home, let it be on your consciences now. my hero sheldon whitehouse will not be able to push his agenda for climate change and get it fixed as soon as possible. that is the most important subject out there. if we do not have a climate left, we have nothing. forget about the economy. i hope shelton throws his hat in the ring and puts a presidential bid in for 2016. he is my guy. ruth marcus in the washington post agrees with what sheila had to say. "required to vote" is the title. the last word this morning. caller: wonderful, good morning. seerned the show want to
10:00 am
the election results and i was very disturbed about people claiming that they had to have proper identification to vote. the young people voting. when i first started voting, you had to be 21. to register to vote. i turned 21, i went down to the courthouse, i registered to vote , the man gave me a voters id card. shortly after that, they dropped the election age to 18. i thought, isn't that sweet. my point is i know maryland and you, it both will issue looks just like the gyrus to cash it is an id card with your picture and address on it. all you have to do is bring in proof of identity, either a birth


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