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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 22, 2014 6:02pm-6:31pm EST

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it is us. innovation,ieve in creativity, pushing the envelope , and changing the world. changing the world is easy to say, but it is difficult to do. sandisk, three immigrants, ,hree students, one from india one from china, and one from israel, myself, started this company 26 years ago. we woulded that provide a surge for the portable world that did not exist at that time. or no smartphones, no real digital cameras, no internet. no mp3 players, but we were going to develop storage that you could carry with you so that you could have all of your memories in your pocket.
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gave president obama a little gift from our employees. i want to show you what it is. sandisk most advanced card. gigabytes -- let me take what 512 gigabytes can do. i told the president, i said when you build your library, presidential library, this card can store 100 million documents. 100 million documents on this little card. is 2e that card, there trillion transistors. wo with 12 zeros for
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this was the technologiey that s perfected here in the united states and used by billions of people every day. you would not be able to do that much with your iphone if you did not have the 64 gigabyte of flash memory, to store your pictures, most precious memories, and just think about it. off and that smartphone three months later you turn it on and it is all there. i could tell you it would be there 30 years from now. that technology did not exist when we started the company 26 years ago. this is what a team of people that are truly talented, hard-working, and frankly, all over the world, because the world is a flat new world. we have to compete with the rest
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of the world and cooperate with engineers all over the world. this is really what is the future of united states. i did say, and the president quoted me, there is no place like the united states to start a company today, as it was 25 years ago. the optimism i have for this , intry as an immigrant became a naturalized u.s. citizen, it is very genuine and just a privilege. >> can you tell us where you think data will go from here. ? data multiplies every two years.
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it keeps going exponentially. that will not stop her the question is what do you do with it. you hear a lot about the cloud. people storing every thing in the cloud. as it's not a real clout. it could be in iceland, timbuktu for all we know. that is what the internet allows you to do, store your information wherever you want. what we believe is that at the end of the day, you want it all right here in my pocket. so that i can back it up in the cloud, but when i want it, i don't need to be in a place where there is wi-fi or broadband. it is already right there and i just plug it in and use it. one very significant trend now is big data. big data is basically a relatively new trend with so much information. you can with the right out rhythms actually extract the needle in a haystack that gives you that trend ahead of anybody
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else. for example, i could take oftures from a satellite walmarts parking lot before christmas, and if i have 300 walmarts all over the country and 3% more cars on the parking lots, i know they will do well. that is information that is viable per this is big data. that is information that you just cannot -- at the end of the day, the smartest computer out there, the smartest devices is the human brain. nothing comes close to that. we could do whatever we say, but at the end of the day, this tremendous discovery, particularly in madison -- edicine.
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we do believe in global warming. it is real. entrepreneurs are the ones that are going to find a solution. there are going to be solutions paid there needs to be -- we also need to have guts. i am here in the core of the core, right? of politics. there needs to be at's. guts. there needs to be boldness and leadership at the white house and congress to really stop this denial and work together. we can absolutely find a solution. president's accomplishments in china last week, getting the united states and china to agree on real targets for carbon monoxide emissions is a huge start. it is a major breakthrough.
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the president needs to get things thathe good are a cheat. this came out of nowhere. no one expected this. i congratulated the president. he said, thank you. we have a lot more work to do. we know we have a lot more work to do. anyway, i don't want to get into local politics. this is a very happy day for me and my family and my company. >> what is the next that? >> next up for what? or affordable enough so that the poorest people in india can now buy a $25 phone that has enough memory -- flash memory -- to have music
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-- they don't have a music player. they don't have the camera. they have a phone. the phone has enough memory. india has a program to give 100 to ruralablet pcs students, a hundred million. it cost $35 to make. is only way you can do that to have very low cost, very affordable storage that goes into these tablets. it works with the entire school system. technology very cost-effective, very affordable, and give that benefit to billions of consumers, democratizes information, knowledge. information is knowledge. it gives power to the people.
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that is what tries a lot of us engineers and scientists. >> do you see a lot more creativity coming down the line? >> yes. creativity is unstoppable. innovation is unstoppable. it is global. we don't have in the united -- on invention or creativity. want -- are do not not willing to spend the time and effort. it is very hard to get a degree in physics or in advanced electronics or computer science. it is easier to get a degree, i'm sorry, in english or literature or politics. or law. i am not in anyway downgrading these. they are important to have the arts, politics, and so on.
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they are not enough. american students that study the technology, education -- we need to get more women into the profession. women are brilliant, some of the best. today, some of the recipients were researchers. there is no substitute for hard work. you can be as smart and as bright as you want, but at the end of the day, if you are not prepared to put the effort, you will not meet your full potential. it starts with education. a kindergarten. we still have the world's best educational system at the university level, by far. we are not doing very well in
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k-12. that needs to be our focus. science and technology needs to be a focus. funding.y, sandisk, is we have 100 scholarships every year to encourage minorities and is advantaged students -- disadvantaged students to go into science and technology. this is very important. the talent is here. the inspiration comes from events like today. and you guys can do a hell of a good job by propagating this positive message. i am retired. i have nothing more to prove. it's genuine. it's thankfulness for my luck. i wanted to give back to the young people that are the future
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of this company and this world. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> one more thing. i'm sorry. i talked about it. i got carried away. this thanksgiving week, c-span is featuring interviews from retiring members of congress. watch the interviews monday to thursday at a :00 p.m. eastern. >> tell that to some of the people involved in congress back to 1860's.'s stephen a douglas, certainly. these people were struggling desperately to try to work out compromises to keep the union afloat and avoid its putting up.
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>> we have a lot of time together members. pelosi, shest mrs. is a great leader. she is good at raising money. that's not one of my fortes. i was never good at that. they have to start training younger people and bringing younger people into the caucus to become the future leaders. that ithe things certainly believe with all my heart and soul is that you have to know when to leave. >> also, on thursday things giving day, we will take an american history to her of various native american tribes. that is at 10:00 a.m. eastern, following washington journal. then at 1:30 p.m. to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the diplomacy center in washington with former secretaries of state. supreme court justices clarence tom is, samuel alito, and sotomayor and a 30 p.m. eastern.
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that is this thanks giving week on c-span. for our complete schedule, go to in his weekly address, president obama discusses his executive order on immigration and urges congress to pass a permanent law. delivering the republican response is representative city, who is facing a december 6 runoff in his senate race against mary landrieu. he talks about the economy and explains how approvingly eastern neck so pipeline will help create jobs. >> high, everybody. i'm in las vegas to talk with students and families about immigration. we are a nation of immigrants. it is always given america a big advantage over other nations. it gives a country young, dynamic, and entrepreneurial. today, our immigration system is broken and everybody knows it. that is why nearly two years ago
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i came to this school and laid out principles for immigration reform. five months later, immigrants, republicans, and independents in the senate came together to pass a common sense or mice bill. that bill would have secured our border, given undocumented immigrants who wanted to live here a pathway to citizenship if they paid a fine, started paying her taxes, and went to the back of the line. independent experts said it would grow our economy. had the house of representatives allowed a yes or no vote on that kind of bill, it would have passed with support from both parties. today, it would be the law. a half,year and republican leaders in the house of refuse to allow that simple boat. i still believe that the best way to solve this problem is working together to pass the kind of bipartisan law. until that happens, the actions i have the legal authority to take as president, the same kind of actions taken by democratic and republican presidents before me, will help make our
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immigration system warfare and more just. i took those actions this week. we are providing more resources at the border to provide law-enforcement personnel resources. we are focusing resources on people who are threats to our security, felons, not families, criminals, not children. i will bring more undocumented immigrants out of the shadows to they can play by the rules, pay their fair share of taxes, pass a criminal background check, and get right with the law. nothing about this action will benefit anyone who has come to this country recently. or who might try to come to america illegally in the future. it is not grant citizenship or the right to stay here permanently or offer the same receive.that citizens it's certainly not amnesty, no matter how often critics say it. amnesty is the immigration system we have today, millions of people living here without paying their taxes or playing by the rules. the actions i took this week will finally start fixing that. as you might've for, there are
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members of congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better. well, i have one answer. nasa bill. the day i signed it into law. -- pass a bill. meantime, we cannot allow a disagreement over a single issue to be a dealbreaker on every issue per that is not how our democracy works. this debate deserves more than politics as usual. it is our future. about who we are. the future we want to build. -- here because this country welcomed our forebears and taught them america is more than what we look like or where we come from. is ourkes us americans shared commitment to an ideal, that all of us are created equal. all of us have a chance to make of our lives were we will. that is the country we inherited. it is the one we have to leave for future generations. thank you. god bless you. have a great weekend. >> i am dr. bill cassidy.
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i have had the privilege of representing the sixth congressional district of louisiana. as a doctor, i have worked in louisiana's public hospital system treating uninsured and underinsured for 25 years. when my patients tell me about their health concerns they also tell me they are worried about the economy, their jobs, the direction of our country. many families, many louisiana families are struggling. they need better jobs, better wages, better benefits. we have the opportunity to create these jobs. it starts with developing north america's natural resources and securing america's energy independence now. been fightinghave for jobs creating projects like the keystone xl pipeline. last week, the house of representatives passed a bill which would approve the construction of this pipeline. this is the ninth time the houses voted to build the keystone pipeline.
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voting keystone would create more than 40,000 high-paying jobs, putting billions of dollars in workers pockets, and give a much-needed boost to america's construction industry. and their employees throughout the economy also benefit from the construction of this infrastructure project. refiners in louisiana and along the gulf coast benefit from a reliable supply of heavy crude, including american oil from north dakota come a which would be transported to the pipeline. more than 60% of americans support building the pipeline. the state department review found that the pipeline would have little or no impact on the environment and it will also save lives because when oil is transported by train and truck, inevitably there are accidents and workers may die. yet president obama does not seem to care. the case for approving the
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pipeline is clear and obvious. this is a perfect example of what the american people want president obama and congress to do. 's frustration with america's fate to strength the economy, create jobs, and make america energy secure was evident in the election. for more than six years after the keystone application was first submitted the pipeline is still not approved. this is six years too long. why hasn't president obama approved it? why does it take louisiana's senior senator nearly 3000 days to do something about it? if there was ever legislation that should be easy to get through the united states senate it is the key -- keystone xl pipeline. when the house passed the bill, we made it as easy as possible for the senate to get a bill to the president's desk. the cassidy bill contained a legislative language proposed by the senate.
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i worked with colleagues in the house of representatives to pass this version as quickly as possible. pass with strong republican and democratic support. unfortunate, president obama and his supporters in the senate opposed the keystone jobs. it is time for the president to approve these jobs. this is not just about keystone. keystone has become a symbol for the need to achieve north american energy independence. we need to expand access for energy production both on and offshore, and to allow the development of the infrastructure to transport fuel to the american people. that is why a american spoke loud and clear on november 4. they want congress to work together to do what is right for the american people. they rejected president obama's agenda that discourages the creation of manufacturing and itstruction jobs, the jobs
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would be created because of projects like keystone. americans voted for republicans. republicans, are the party of jobs. the people 6, it is of louisiana stern to be heard. we, the people of louisiana, will decide whether we want someone in the senate who represents president obama or represents us. someone who will work hard for jobs in louisiana all the time, not just when their job is on the line. someone who will repeal and replace obamacare with patient centered solutions, will push back on the epa's a job killing regulations, who will fight against president obama's executive amnesty, who will defend our second amendment rights. will push to get the keystone pipeline and other energy development projects bill. i'm running for the united states senate. i am that person. louisiana needs a state senator who can pass keystone. louisiana does not need a senator that supports president
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obama 97% of the time. we need a senator who supports us, the people of louisiana hundred percent of the time. representing the people of louisiana is a great honor. december --6, louisiana will choose our next senator. my commitment to you is that if you choose me, bill cassidy, i will do my best to live up to that honor. thank you. god bless america. god bless the great state of louisiana. >> on the next washington journal, christian science monitor correspondent and wall street journal editor examined the political and legislative feature of president obama's immigration proposals. theick clawson of washington institute for near he's policy has the latest on the iranian nuclear negotiations, which have a deadline is monday. as always, we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter.
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washington journal, live at seven akaka amd eastern on c-span. -- live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> her answer. no. >> this has british lineage. it comes from parliament hundreds of years ago. they say something similar. the right, honorable gentleman. it has the same meaning. it is it a thinly veiled approach to being polite to someone you don't care for. the reason the house of representatives, where there are 435 members, a lot of these men and women do not know who the others are. it is kind of disingenuous.
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there are only a hundred in the senate to they probably know each other. they may not like each other, but at least there is a better chance of them being at least t acquaintances. >> the world of political terminology on c-span's q&a. thanksgiving week, c-span is featuring interviews from retiring members of congress. watch the interviews monday through thursday at a to :00 p.m. eastern. >> things have become so partisan. some of the people in boldin congress to act in the 18 -- some of the people involved in congress back in the 19 century. stephen a douglas certainly. these people were struggling desperately to try to work out compromises to keep the union
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afloat and avoided splitting up. >> we have a lot of talented younger members. it is not just mrs. pelosi. she is been a great leader. she is really good at raising money. -- one of myhat fortes. i was never good at that. they have to start training younger people and bringing younger people into the caucus. to become the hopefully future leaders. that ithe things certainly believe with all my heart and soul -- you have to know when to leave. on thursday, thanksgiving day, we take an american history to work of various native american tribes. that is at 10:00 a.m. eastern, following washington journal. the ground0 p.m., 10 breaking ceremony of the new diplomacy center in washington with former secretaries of state. supreme court justices,
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clarence,, samuel alito, and sotomayor at a 30 p.m. eastern. giving week things on c-span. for our complete schedule, go to here on c-span, the communicators is next. ,ounder and ceo of the company which predicts legislative action and congress and state legislatures their data mining and other technology. then, national institute of allergy and infectious diseases faucher, dr. anthony provides latest on ebola responses. republican governors discussed immigration policy and other issues at a recent rga meeting in boca raton, florida. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies 35 years ago and brought to you as a service by your local cable or satellite provider.
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>> tim hwang, what is fiscalnote? >> a real-time platform that allows people to search, track, and analyze legislation, regulations, and case law in real time. >> when did you come up with the idea? >> i came up with the idea spring of last year. i had done all these different things, which we can talk about a little bit later. there was this problem i was having, which was essentially, i did not know what was going on in government. i found that incredibly frustrating and weird at the same time, because we live in a democracy. we should know what is going on, any given time. the traditional way of getting information -- news outlets, attorneys, lobbyists -- did not make a lot of sense. i thought, there should be a constitutional solution. we live in an age of google. we live in an age of rapid search and information retrie


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