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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 27, 2014 7:49pm-8:01pm EST

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>> i think that as the panel this would alleviate a lot. it cannot be an absolute we will never ask for access during the week mething like with the ebola nurse, been urse they should have full pool access. if that is after table because a deal for friday's, i think we traded something that is very precious. now that we have it now. we have now agreed to what is happening. not good appening is for democracy and we should not have them do it. [applause] you have been fantastic.
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for nt to say thank you this fabulous pool. [applause] all thank you for giving up your trade secrets. the national nk association of broadcasters. the you go and see what looks like is wonderful. who felt very strongly about the symposium. [applause] so now after talking about the practice of journalism we will
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go celebrate great journalism, that is what we will have our tribute for our wonderful colleagues. [applause] [inaudible]
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>> when congress returns on monday that a number of items waiting on the agenda like or expanding get tax breaks, and responding to prison obama's executive order on immigration. we have details on the week ahead from capitol hill reporter. >> congress returns on monday for a 10 day spread to the finish. deadline k about the on december 11, to get the budget bill done. we stand on that? as we had in through the weekend, ing
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negotiations are ongoing between the house and the senate. subcommittee chairman's are getting the bill is filled and completed. there is a meeting scheduled of the top level negotiators on both the house and the senate, ttrying to get the final details are earned out on some of those bills. the potential problems that uct of the work prod then ttee is completed, the political consideration that need to be had on whether or not the bill actually makes to the floor -- certainly that might be complicated particularly in the house fight what they decide to do in response to president obama's executive action on immigration. to committee is trying
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create a product separate from the political situation and hopes that it will actually make it to the floor. the house minority leader, pelosi has said that republicans should not count with democrats abroad to get the spending measure passed. this is the so-called, omnibus approached. that it would carve out a year for homeland security and immigration try and avoid funding the implementation of the president executive action. doing that in an appropriation is difficult to do because you can't, and there was
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is e talk of this, it difficult to do perhaps through but there are rse ways where you can get restrictions on the funding, or on the program itself. through cannot do it the normal process, that is to be worked out. >> the omnibus spending measure. he says congress must fight this executive order to have a nail through legislative means and will enact real change- argument from chairman rogers and some lawmakers is is a separate debate,
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for a legislative debate with that should be tied with his appropriation bill. it is true that it is difficult to do this through the regular process, there is this reality that if the government were to shut down because there no deal by the 11th, ssome still be going on one goes to president obama's immigration action. because when they apply for immigration status, they would be funding this program. even that get a little complicated and it really is a stion to see how would go about this, and the more persistent lawmakers. >> the so-called tax expenditure.
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there is a package developing senate coming nd next week, and the president reportedly will veto that. >> the package that was so earlier in the d ahead of the holidays was a deal that seemed to be coming together between senate reid and leader harry house republicans. to the going back drawing room. certainly that is an item that a deal was reached, it will properly very quickly make it to the floor of the house and te, because it should be end of get done by the the year. measure so the can of goes around for
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time people post to it. you spoke about possible embasator nominations. most of the senate is going to try to get as many nominees as possible. possibly reset the new -- with the republicans becoming the majority that would be a power order the democrat will try to get as many as they can. >>
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>> members of congress return monday to work on extending government funding past december 11, when the current funding runs out. live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. eastern with the house on c-span and the senate on c-span2. coming up tonight on c-span, our series of congressional, interviews with a term republican frank wolf from virginia. and then justices thomas, alito, sotomayor reflect on the supreme court read aloud by a history tour of native americans. coming up on the next "washington journal," the impact of raising the minimum wage on the federal and state levels with ross and dan mitchell.


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