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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  May 2, 2015 3:02pm-3:16pm EDT

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ll the way up to randomized control trials, as well as scaling. so it's national service -- there's the i-3 program at the department of education that does the same thing. philanthropy talks about evidence and evaluation but the money is hard to come by. we have our grantees spending 30%, 40% on the evaluation fees because we know how important that is. i-3, very similar. there are also similar programs at health and human services. and funding things like nurse family partnership and trying to replicate those. but there is money certainly out from the federal government perspective. also take a look at michelle jolin's organization, america achieves, they have something called money ball, they've been tracking other funders and government sources and private sector sources to do this kind of work. robert doar: also at notre dame, a professor has set up an opportunity to partner with organizations.
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great panel. thank you for being here. this is just the beginning of a discussion. we've got lots more to talk about in coming years. thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] it's them at that event from the american enterprise institute on wednesday on black men in america. a weekend of unrest in baltimore maryland following the death of freddie gray, following his arrest and while in police custody his injury in baltimore and recent death. that event taking place before yesterday's announcement by the state's attorney in baltimore of
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the arrest of six baltimore city police officers in the death of freddie gray while in police custody. we would like to further the story a little bit and hear about what you think is coming next particularly what the charges against the police officers, how they will affect policing, to you think they will affect policing in baltimore and other cities across the country? democrats call us at -- first we are going to show you a four portion of a speech by congressman abi rush who took to the house floor yesterday just
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after the announcement by the baltimore state's attorney of the charges against the six police officers and we will be back with your calls. congressman rush: the circumstances surrounding his death thrown in on these issues -- [indiscernible] -- miss investment in our urban areas. seven years or more of
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joblessness, bad housing, bad health care. seven years of hopelessness. this courageous african-american woman -- city state attorney marilyn mosley made a decision that notwithstanding all differences of opinion, the moving target, notwithstanding
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all of these things from happening, she decided that freddie gray was murdered. freddie gray was murdered. she wants to indict the police officers who were responsible. the baltimore city police officers who were responsible for mr. gray's murder, she made a giant enormous step for justice, for young african-american men and women.
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young people who live in our urban areas. by her decision today just a few moments ago she has given this nation and invaluable service. especially for young people. especially for african-american and other minority youth. these young people have for decades year and for justice as it relates to police misconduct, police brutality, and police murder. this new standard for justice is
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a standard turnout trends in baltimore. ferguson, new york city, chicago, cleveland other places all throughout this country. host: congressman bobby rush but after the announcement that six police officers being charged in the death of freddie gray while in police custody. on this day after that a rally taking place. frank thorp of nbc tweeting this picture of the freddie gray rally and national guardsmen. that taking place this afternoon.
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alicia and detroit on the line for democrats. caller: this has been going on forever. before trayvon martin, michael brown, freddie gray. we just had a couple of incidents in the last month where the police actually killed some young men. it didn't make national headlines. but it was unnecessary. they didn't have a warrant. how do we keep going? i'm an educator and i'm ready to walk out of the classroom because i can't go any further there. we have a governor who is ready to pretty much split the district and take numbers away from detroit and dollars away from other districts because they say we are low performing.
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when you create educational disparity and you don't do anything about it, that's where you create the criminal. that's where you create the opportunity for police brutality. we need to can't touch we need to get our kids -- we need to get our kids while they are young in the educational system. they are three or four years behind. if you show me a youth criminal, of course they are going to be an adult criminal. one they get out there is no program for them. i would like more information about second chance. too many juveniles are released and don't have anywhere to go.
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adults being released and don't have anywhere to go. they are doing everything they have to do to get a dollar and make a living. there are no realistic -- i know in detroit they say they have this and they have that. i'm ready to walk away knowing i have no living your old to feed. but i'm not doing enough. -- knowing i have an 11-year-old to feet. but i'm not doing enough. we have this -- to feet. but i'm not doing enough. we have to stand together as a nation. we would keep losing. we are going to lose our you to either police -- our youth to police brutality. what do we do to be preventative and get support from the corrupt government?
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host: we will move on. in los angeles on the republican line, mercedes joining us now. do you think the action in baltimore, the charges against the police will have an effect on policing in your city? caller: caller: the bottom line is to federalize the police. i don't think the police are the evildoers here. when i am being stopped by the police i stop and i don't be belligerent. if i do a traffic ticket or whatever, we have lots of respect for the police. especially with the black youth they are not educated, they don't have a way to earn a living because the government
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has become a plantation of today. when you give money to people free, my understanding in baltimore, people get $35,000 per year by all the social things we give them. there is no motivation to go to work. we have been going on and on with this problem. i'm not from here, i became a citizen. and nobody gave me a penny. i became somewhat successful. why is that? i learned and people worked hard and i became somebody. why does this happen when all these people have all these programs. name it. look at the koreans in los angeles, they don't speak english and they do everything. host: we will move to the
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democrats line. lillian joins us. caller: the lady who just spoke said she wasn't worn here -- wasn't born here. since slavery we have still been adding. the black people built the white house. note, white house. when you make the comments she made she is totally out of line. yes she came him somewhere else and came here and it is ok for her. there is an apartheid on black men because if there are no black men in the family, the mothers have to support them. there is also white men that aren't in their family but you don't hear about that. there are there children who get into the same trouble. when people talk about drug dealers,


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