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  WMUR-TV Interview with Donald Trump  CSPAN  May 3, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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market solutions. whether it is wind power from the great plains or solar power from the southwest transmission -- you cannot get the power from where it is generated to where the consumer needs it. generally, i want to take power away from the federal government to build power transmission lines to access clean, renewable domestic energy. good for the economy, good for the environment, and good for our independence from foreign sources of fuel. josh: governor, i do want to follow up. do you believe, when it comes to climate change that humans have responsibility for making it happen? gov. pataki: there is no question. i think everybody, regardless of what side you come down in the politics of it, understands that
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human activity is changing the atmosphere and the makeup of the atmosphere. we should take reasonable steps, consistent with economic needs to reduce, to the extent practical, through things like solar and wind power, to reduce emissions in the atmosphere. josh: a schedule our next question from mary. good morning. >> during your time as governor of new york, what were some of the hardest things you experienced? gov. pataki: no question, the hardest experience i had as governor during my 12 years was september 11. that was something i do not think anybody could have anticipated or thought would happen. we all the whole country and the world, experienced it and saw the horrors. when you were down there, as rudy giuliani and i were down there, we knew people who had
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been lost. it was a very difficult time in emotional he. but it was also a difficult time governmentally. we had to do everything we could to recover those who were trapped. the second thing we had to do was, we did not know what might happen next. we did not know if there would be follow along attacks. we had to do everything as quickly as possible to protect bridges and subways and airports and infrastructure of the city. that longer-term, i particularly had to do this as governor, we had to give people confidence in the future of new york. we lost 100 million square feet of office space that day. the human loss was incalculable. the economic loss was of a magnitude i do not think is understood. the mantra then was be
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centralized. you could not have everybody concentrated together. companies did not have their offices. they had lost people. we had to work aggressively to bring that together. i could talk a lot longer, but i know there is a lot of questions. at one point, we saw the worst of humanity and the best of humanity. i saw the strength of people from every walk of life rushing to that site, putting aside concerns about their own lives and trying to do everything in their power to help. for months thereafter, we saw the best of america. we were all united. that gets to what i was talking about before. today, politicians and media keep saying, americans are so divided. i saw our strength when we stand together. when we, as americans, understand we have far more in common than what seems to divide us on september 11, we were not
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democrats or republicans. we were americans who had been attacked. we were going to work together to move forward and we did. we have to reclaim regain that sense of unity. for us to have a future we are entitled to have. josh: we are just about out of time. i know it is a difficult question -- is america a safer place then it was before 9/11? gov. pataki: i cannot say yes or no. i believe we are more aggressive today than we have been since of temper 11. josh: the conversation continues online. while we are signing off on television tonight, the conversation can be found on you will also find more questions from our studio audience and rewatch this half-hour in case you missed something. thanks very much for watching. thanks to our studio audience. have a good night.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> more now from wmur-tv with donald trump. he set down for this interview in march and talked about isis, the tax code, and national debt, among other topics. [applause] josh: good evening. welcome to our conversation. i am josh mcelveen. our guest is donald trump. we will get to know where he stands on the issues. i will be asking the candidates on questions. after the break, we will have
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our studio audience join in in a town hall format. before we start, let's get a quick look at the biography. donald trump >> was born in 1946. the son of brooklyn developer fred trump, he joined the company after graduating from the wharton school of business in 1968. he has continue the family approach, bringing three of his five children into the trump organization. his name headlines attractions around the world. luxury properties include golf courses, and many people know him best as the star of "the apprentice" and for his role in ms. usa and miss universe. he received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. he resides in new york city. josh: with that out of the way, donald trump, thank you for joining us. this week, you announced you
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will officially explore a presidential run. a lot of people might be asking, why? mr. trump: i am giving up a lot and enjoying my life. i love building buildings. i'm building an avenue on pennsylvania avenue, the old post office. i got it in the obama administration. we have a great plan. it will be a wonderful thing. we are doing so many things around the world. i am giving up a tremendous amount of things that i love doing by doing this. but our country is in serious trouble. we are being led by people who are either grossly incompetent or basically do not know what they're doing. look at what is happening. i wrote "the art of the deal," and it is all about bringing back our jobs. we have to bring back money so
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that we can save social security, medicare medicaid. and every other republican candidate will cut social security, medicare. it is unfair. to take back the money china is stealing from us. if you look at what happened the other day, the wall street journal, a story about mexico taking jobs from tennessee. they are moving into mexico because mexico gives incentives. we give them incentive to move to mexico. and the border is a disaster. total disaster, the way hundreds of thousands of people are flowing into the country through mexico. we have to end that. because our country is going to help -- hell. and politicians are all talk and no action. josh: obviously, you have success in business.
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but what would you do differently in the white house that others have not in the past? mr. trump: just about everything. when was the last time you heard something good about our country where we had a victory over china economically? never. there is never a victory for us. there is never a victory like -- a year ago, china became the number one economic power in the world. this was unheard of. 10 years ago, if you had said that, people would have laughed at you. there is no reason for it. they are taking our jobs, our money. we are building china. apple, the great american company, they make all their products in china. they do not make any here. they make most of their products in china. so it is wonderful for apple. china is the big beneficiary not us. i would turn everything around. if you look at what other
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countries are doing, japan china. a friend of mine, a construction person ordered tractors made in japan. there are cutting their currency so much, devaluing their currency. all of a sudden, he cannot by caterpillar tractors. so he is buying tractors made in japan. or at least the parts. they assemble them here. there are so many things we could do to make our company -- country rich. josh: we will extend the economic discussion with our audience. but i want to talk about national security, foreign policy. you have said that as president he would "knock isis out-of-the-box." why are you qualified to make decisions that could affect servicemen and women? mr. trump: because a lot of them are common sense. the president gets up and says,
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we are going to attack them in two weeks. general macarthur and general patton are spinning in their graves. we are going to be dropping bombs, this many bonds. what is this? we are fighting these people. why are we telling them everything we are doing? they leave areas. they hear that we are going to be attacked at a certain time, certain date, and they leave. they put other people there so that we kill people that we are not supposed to be fighting. now, i think it is very bad. when you are fighting, you are supposed to fight. not broadcasting it for political reasons. i can only say that i would be tough on isis. isis would come to the table quickly. that whole situation with e -- would end. what is going on in the middle east is a travesty. i did say when you broke up iraq, take the oil. i have been saying that for years.
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i have been to new hampshire a lot. i am here a lot. it is a great place. i said, take the oil. we spend 1.5 join dollars in iraq -- $1.5 trillion in iraq. the u.s. troops, i love them. people do not talk about them. they do not talk about the veterans. they do not treat them properly. two hampshire, you do not even have a hospital for the veterans. there are so many things. i said, keep the oil. do you know who has the oil? isis. i said that was going to happen. i said we are going to leave iraq, and iran -- josh: we have about 30 seconds before we take a break. is there any way engage in diplomatic talks with iran? mr. trump: iran cannot have a
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nuclear weapon. you have to preserve ourselves and israel. iran cannot have a nuclear weapon. i said this. you can go back and check. when we left iraq, i said what was going to happen? there were two countries of equal strength. the overrated iraq. and iran and is taking over. i said, if we are leaving, keep the oil. josh: we will take a quick break and come back with our studio audience. stay with us. >> conversation with the candidates continues. josh: welcome back. tonight, republican donald trump. it is time to bring in the audience to ask questions. the first question coming from jim. >> mr. trump, your business experience is well known.
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how do you take that and move into a place where you're going to have differing opinions and get folks to work with you? mr. trump: it is really about leadership. you have to get people in a room and alert and to lead. -- learn to lead. obama cannot get along with anybody. so he starts on the executive orders. i cannot do it, i cannot get along with anybody. they and up in the courts for years and years. ultimately, if they do the right thing, it will be totally unconstitutional. he does not lead. i do not think he works very hard, frankly. people that are in the senate never hear from him. even his own party. you have to be able to lead, to work very hard. one thing that took place on thursday, i thought it was horrible. significant in terms of what it represents. president obama goes to
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california on air force one. his wife goes the same day, an hour later except they're both going to burbank and the same studio and go in separate planes. they said, that is the way it was scheduled. i guarantee you ellen degeneres and jimmy kimmel would have come to the white house and you would have said, they could have taken one plane. they take two massive boeing planes to the same city. that is the way the country runs. whether it is that were a $5 billion website that never worked properly. still doesn't work properly. there are so many things you can do. the other day $125 billion in waste they can find. so somebody like me would do a great job. believe me.
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i am an outsider. the republicans and a lot of people, the insiders, they do not like this. they want politicians. as i said before, i don't follow -- i dealt with politicians all my life. they are all talk, no action. what they are good at is self-preservation. that is all they want. they preserve their own job. they do not help us. it is about time we had an outsider going in. i could do one hell of a job. josh: were going to jeff johnson. >> i have to take care of my household and keep us out of debt? why doesn't government have the same idea? what is your plan to get us out of debt in the u.s.? mr. trump: our money is being drained by foreign countries.
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honestly, every deal we make is a bad deal. these are not massive deals. in a way, your situation is tougher. if you had a president who knew what he is doing, it is easier than strengthening your situation. but when i strengthen the best jewish, your situation will follow. when the country is solved and the problems are solved, china is draining us. japan will start again big-time. they just start cutting their currency. they are selling things like they have never sold before. japan will be big time going after us. a lot of people do not know this, but mexico is a disaster for the u.s. i'm not just talking about a border. we have to keep the illegals out, and that is that. but they are taking our jobs. so we do not negotiate well with anyone.
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if we did, the country would make a fortune. social security could stay the same. you could keep your medicare medicaid. no politician is going to be able to do that because they do not have the confidence. remember this -- all talk, no action. i have played with politician all my life. it is about time we had an outsider. josh: jeff, thank you for your question. eric, it is your time. >> new hampshire cannot hire lobbyists like a big corporations due to maintain political influence. how would you prevent corporate cronyism from corrupting the government? mr. trump: it is not only corporate. it is a lot of the people you think are representing you. because the lobbyists have them under control. i have always wondered how opec
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got away with murder. they had every lobbyist in washington on their payroll. the senators were afraid to go against them. the lobby escape big campaign contributions. if you are looking for somebody to go against opec, you cannot find anybody. there are many industries like that. one of the things with somebody like me, i do not need money. i am not going to make a deal where someone is going to give me $5,000 and i will beat the holding to that person -- beh olden to the person. small business is so important all over country. and the small businessman is being crushed by bad trade with other countries. in new hampshire, they are losing.
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you saw what happened with mexico companies moving to mexico from tennessee. in iowa, take a look at what happened in iowa. companies moving out of the country. the gift tax incentives for these companies. it is hard to believe it. there is nothing closer to my heart than small business. i started with small business and a great company. somebody said, how big is it? last time, when i was thinking about running, and i was very disappointed with mitt, because he failed. he choked. something happened. you should have been able to be obama -- beat obama. but he disappeared. something has to be done for small business and the middle last -- class. the middle class is being crushed. josh: to follow up on that question, have you identified if
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or how much of your own money you would spend on a campaign? mr. trump: probably most of mine. i got a check for $10 yesterday. the woman said, i am 79 years old. i love our country. you are the only one that will make it again. $10. i saved it. a beautiful check from a beautiful woman who loves the country. she said, you are the only one that is going to do it. the last thing we need is another bush. we have had bush, clinton. the last thing you need in this country is another bush. it will just be the same old deal. you do not need it. i do not need it. it will probably hurt me to say it. who cares? i do not care. i want the country to be great again. it will not be great if we have jeb bush, with his immigration
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policy -- remember the statement of love? what was that all about? then you take a look at education. he wants education to be run by the federal government. the common core. education should be a local standard. it should be local. the parents, the teachers, they should be setting it. they know it much better than someone in washington ticking up a paycheck, not knowing what they are talking about. jeb bush is in favor of common core and is weak on immigration. that is not what i want. josh: let's get a social media question from facebook. this one comes from tom riley. how do you feel about gay marriage? mr. trump: i have said, i am a traditional persian -- person for traditional marriage. as a republican, i am getting
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that question more and more. but it is a question that the republican candidates are being asked more. it is an interesting question. josh: our next question from the audience, scott. go ahead. >> how would you fix the broken taxes to? -- tax system? mr. trump: it is too complicated and we are paying too much. we have corporations leaving this country because of tremendous taxes. we are either the first or second, but i would say first we are the heaviest taxed nation in the world. it is too complex. it has to be changed. there are many procedures you can use, all of which are better than what we have right now. right now, we have a system so complex -- i have the biggest law firm and spend millions of
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dollars on preparation. i have massive taxes. tax returns. few gifted deductions for this penalized for this. other people have to hire -- i want to put h&r block out of business. there is no reason you should not be able to do your tax return. we have to make it simple and much fairer than it is right now. josh: thank you, scott. let's go to lauren. >> good morning. the recent threats to u.s. ambassadors in africa and asia prove that america has an image problem overseas. how do we strengthen our image overseas and still protect social and financial interests at home? mr. trump: what they did to the ambassador with the razor blade
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in asia, an area people thought was safe, was disgraceful. that is really a lack of respect for the country. nobody disliked him or knew him. it is a disrespect, a lack of respect for our country. that has to change. and it starts at the top. there are those that say that hillary clinton was the worst secretary of state in the history of the country. now she is going to do well despite the e-mail scandals and everything else. she is still the most popular with the democrats. does not look like she will be significantly challenged. but it all starts at the top. people do not respect the united states of america anymore. they used to and do not anymore. the are not the same country. if you have the right leader, it would stop. josh: let's go to another question from eileen brady. >> i work in a local soup kitchen and homeless shelter.
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i was wondering what you see as the best way to solve the problem of homelessness for those that are homeless and the communities affected? mr. trump: it is a tremendous problem. more so in some states. you look at what is going on with food stamps, there has never been anything like it. we have never hit the numbers we are hitting now. interestingly, if you are looking for a job, they consider you employed. the unemployment numbers are a fraud. it is a joke. the numbers are not 5.6%. the real number is probably 21% 22%, maybe higher than that. the unemployment in this country is unbelievable. it is unbelievably high. those numbers that they come out with every month are totally skewed.
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they want to make politicians look better. we have to put people back to work. that is the way you get rid of the kitchens. people want to work. as you know, many of them want a job. they hear that unemployment is doing so well. it has probably never been worse. you also have a new phenomenon called obamacare, which is a total disaster which has to be repealed. obamacare with part-time workers, everyone is becoming a part-time worker. under obamacare, that is the cheapest way for a company to do it. obamacare is absolutely a disaster. the whole thing has to be changed. you know, another phenomenon -- obamacare does not kick in until 2016. the president was smart and said, don't let it really kick in. senators will not have it.
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all the people in washington that are supposed to be paying this problem, they are not doing it. obamacare kicks in in 2016. wait until you see the catastrophe that will take place. doctors are leaving their profession. they say they cannot do it. it does not work for them. they have to hire more accountants because it is so complicated. it is totally out of control. obamacare has to be ended. it can be done. if we have the right leader, jobs can be produced. josh: we are about out of time. thank you, eileen. you brought up public health. a big problem in the state is heroin addiction. what would you do about it? mr. trump: hair when -- heroin
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is a big problem in colorado. i would say in terms of health with marijuana and other things, you have people dying and you do not want to give them help. you have to help people. with heroin, you have to be strong. it is so addictive, they cannot get off it. josh: does it start at the border? mr. trump: it starts at the border. people are flowing in into the country that are really bad. they are not sending over good people. they are sending over criminals. people who are not going to help us for the most part. sure, there will be some wonderful people. for the most part, they will not be helping. you are getting criminals, gang members. the worst of the worst. we are just letting them flow rate in. now they will be voting.
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i watched the republicans and i watched bush and rubio. they wanted to help and will not be able to help. these people will be voting democratic. josh: he will keep this going online. that is all the time you have on television. coming up, rand paul. as we are signing off, the conversation continues online. you will find 30 more minutes of questions from our studio audience. thanks for watching. have a great night.