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  Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Announcement  CSPAN  July 3, 2015 6:07pm-6:59pm EDT

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back to my family, just for a second. crowd: we love jeb! we love jeb! we love jeb! we love jeb! jeb: look, i think i was talking about my mom i kind of lost my train of thought here. long before the world knew my parents' names, i knew i was blessed to be their son. and they didn't mind at all that i found my own path. it led from texas to miami by way of mexico. in 1971, 8 years before then-candidate ronald reagan said that we should stop
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thinking of our neighbors as foreigners, i was ahead of my time in cross-border outreach. across a plaza, i saw a girl. she spoke only a little english. my spanish was okay but not that great. with some intensive study, we got that barrier out of the way in a hurry. in the short version, it has been a gracious walk through the years with the former columba garnica de gallo. [applause] whatever else i might or might not have going for me, i've got the quiet joy of a man who can say that the most wonderful friend he has in the world is
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his own wife. columba, i love you. [applause] and together, we had the not-so-quiet joy of raising three children who have brought us nothing but happiness and pride -- george, noelle, and jeb. the boys have also brought us more bushes - their wives, mandi and sandra, and our grandchildren georgia, prescott, vivian, and jack. [applause] campaigns aren't easy, and they're not supposed to be. and i know that there are good people running for president. quite a few, in fact. and not a one of us deserves the job by right of resume, party, seniority, family, or family narrative. it's nobody's turn.
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it's everybody's test, and it's wide open - exactly as a contest for president should be. [applause] the outcome is entirely up to you - the voters. it is entirely up to me to earn the nomination of my party and then to take our case all across this great and diverse nation. as a candidate, i intend to let everyone hear my message including the many who can express their love of country in a different language: ayudenos en tener una campaña que les da la bienvenida. trabajen con nosotros por los valores que compartimos y para un gran futuro que es nuestro para construir para nosotros y nuestros hijos.
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[applause] juntense a nuestra causa de oportunidad para todos, a la causa de todos que aman la libertad y a la causa noble de los estados unidos de america. [applause] [speaking english] crowd: usa! usa! usa! jeb: [english] in any language my message will be an optimistic one because i am certain that we can make the decades just ahead the greatest time ever to be alive in this world. that chance, that hope requires the best that is in us, and i will give it my all.
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[applause] i will campaign as i would serve, going everywhere, speaking to everyone, keeping my word, facing the issues without flinching, and staying true to what i believe. i will take nothing and no one for granted. i will run with heart. i will run to win. [cheering] it begins here and now. and i'm asking for your vote. thank you. god bless you. i love you. >> road to the white house
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coverage begins with business mogul in reality tv personality donald trump who delivered remarks in new york city june 16. this is 50 minutes. ♪ ♪ keep on rockin' in the free world keep on rockin' in the free world keep on rockin' in the free
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world ♪ donald trump: thank you very much. it's great to be at trump tower. it's great to be in a wonderful city, new york. it's an honor to have everyone here. this is the on anyone's expectations. i can tell you some of the candidates went in and did not know the air-conditioner did not work. they sweated like dogs.
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they did not know the room was too big because they did not have anybody there. how are they going to beat isis? i don't think it is going to happen. our country is in serious trouble. we don't have victories anymore. we used to have victories, but we don't have them. when was the last time anybody saw us beating let's say china in a trade deal? they kill us. i beat china all the time. all the time. when did we beat japan at anything? they sent their cars over by the millions and what do we do? when was the last time you saw a chevrolet in tokyo? it does not exist, folks.
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they beat us all the time. when do we beat mexico at the border? they are laughing at us, and our stupidity. and now they are beating us economically. they are not our friend, but they are killing is economically. the u.s. has become a dumping ground for everybody else's problems. thank you. it is true. these are the best. when mexico sends its people they are not sending their best. they are not sending you, you. they are sending people that have lots of problems and they are bringing those problems with us. they are bringing drugs, crime they are rapists and some, i assume, are good people. i speak to border guards and they tell us what we are getting.
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it only makes common sense. they are sending is not the right people. it is coming from more than mexico. it is coming from all over south and latin america and coming probably from the middle east. we don't know because we have no protection and we have no confidence. we don't know what is happening and it has to stop and it has to stop fast. [applause] mr. trump: islamic terrorism is eating up large portions of the middle east. they have become rich. i'm in competition with them. they just built a hotel in
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syria. can you believe this? they built a hotel. when i have to build a hotel, i pay interest. they don't have to because they took the oil that when we left iraq i said we should have taken. now isis has the oil. and what they don't have, iran has. and -- i will tell you this -- years ago, i said, and i love the military and i want to have the strongest military we have ever had and we needed more now than ever -- do not hit iraq because you will totally destabilized the middle east. iran is going to take over the middle east. iran and somebody else will get the oil and it turns out iran has taken over iraq. they are taking over iraq and they are taking over big-league. we spent $2 trillion in iraq. $2 trillion. we lost thousands of lives thousands in iraq.
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we have wounded soldiers who i love, i love. they are great. all over the place. thousands and thousands of wounded soldiers and we have nothing. we cannot even go there. we have nothing. every time we give iraq equipment, the first time a bullet goes off in the air, they leave. last week i read 2300 humvees -- these are big vehicles -- they were left behind for the enemy. you would say maybe two, maybe four. 2300. sophisticated vehicles, they ran and the enemy took them. man: we need you now. mr. trump: you are right. last quarter, it was just announced our gross domestic
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product, a sign of strength, right? not for us. it was below zero. whoever heard of this? it is never below zero. our labor participation rate was the worst since 1978. think of it -- gdp below zero. horrible labor participation rate. and our real unemployment is anywhere between 18% and 20%. do not believe the 5.6%. that is why a lot of people cannot get jobs. they cannot get jobs because there aren't any. china has our jobs and mexico has our jobs. they all have the jobs. but, the real number, the real number is anywhere from 18% to 19% and maybe even 21% and nobody talks about it because it is a statistic that is full of nonsense.
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[applause] mr. trump: our enemies are getting stronger and stronger by the day. and we as a country are getting weaker. even our nuclear arsenal does not work. it came out recently, they have equipment that is 30 years old and don't even know if it works. i thought it was horrible when it was broadcast on television because that sends signals to putin and all of the other people that look at us and they say that is a group of people and that is a nation that truly has no idea what they are doing. they don't know what they are doing. we have a disaster called the big lie. obamacare.
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obamacare. yesterday, it came out that costs are going up for people 29%, 39%, 49% and even 55% and deductibles are through the roof. you have to be hit by a tractor to use it because the deductibles are so high it is basically useless. it is a disaster. remember the $5 billion website? $5 billion we spent on a website. to this day it does not work. a $5 billion website. i have so many websites all over the place. i hire people. they do a website. it costs me three dollars. $5 billion website. >> [chanting] we want trump.
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mr. trump: you need somebody because politicians are all talk, no action. nothing will get done. they will not bring us to the promised land. they will not. as an example, i have been on the circuit making speeches and i hear my fellow republicans. they are wonderful people. i like them. they want me to support them. they don't know how to bring it about. they come to my office. i have a meeting with three of them in the next week and they don't know -- are you running, are you not running? can we have your support? what do we do? i like them and i hear their speeches and they don't talk jobs or china. when was the last time you heard
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-- china is killing us. they are the valuing their currency to what level you would not believe. it makes it impossible for our companies to compete. they are killing us. you don't hear that from anybody else. you don't hear it from anybody else. and i watch the speeches. thank you. i watched the speeches of these people and they say the sun will rise, the moon will set. all sorts of wonderful things will happen and people are saying what is going on? i just want a job. just get me a job. i don't need the rhetoric. i want a job. that is what is happening. it is going to get worse because remember, obamacare really kicks in in 2016. obama is going to be out playing golf. he might even be on one of my courses. i have the best courses in the
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world. if he wants to -- i have one on the potomac. if he wants to play, that is fine. i would love him to leave early and play. that would be a very good thing. but, obamacare kicks in in 2016. really big. it is going to be amazingly destructive. doctors are quitting. i have a friend who is a doctor. he told me the other day -- i have more accountants than i have nurses. it is a disaster. my patients are besides themselves. they had a plan that was good and they have no plan now. we have to repeal obamacare. and, it could be replaced with something much better for everybody. let it be for everybody, but much better and much less expensive for people and the government. and we can do it. [applause]
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mr. trump: so, i have watched the politicians. i have dealt with them all my life. if you cannot make a good deal with a politician, then there is something wrong with you. you were not very good. that is what we have representing us. they will never make america great again. they don't even have a chance. they're controlled fully -- they're controlled fully by the lobbyists, by the donors and by the special interests -- fully. they control them. i have lobbyists that can produce anything for me. they are great. you know what?
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it won't happen. it won't happen because we have to stop doing things for some people, but for this country, it is destroying our country. we have to stop and it has to stop now. now, our country needs -- our country needs a truly great leader. and we need a truly great leader now. we need a leader that wrote the art of the deal. we need a leader that can bring back our jobs, manufacturing our military. can take care of our vets. our vets have been abandoned. [applause] mr. trump: we also need a cheerleader. you know, when president obama was elected, i said, well, the one thing i think he will do
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well, i think he will be a great cheerleader for the country. i think he would be a great spirit. he was vibrant and young. i really thought he would be a great cheerleader. he is not a leader, that is true. you are right about that. he was not a cheerleader. he is actually a negative force. he was not a cheerleader. he was the opposite. we need somebody that can take the brand of the united states and make it great again. it is not great again. [applause] mr. trump: we need -- we need somebody -- we need somebody that literally will take this country and make it great again. we can do that and i will tell you i love my life. i have a wonderful family. they are saying dad, you are going to do something that is going to be so tough. all of my life i have heard a
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truly successful person, a really successful person, and even modestly successful cannot run for public office. it just can't happen. that is the kind of mindset that you need to make this country great again. so, ladies and gentlemen, i am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. [applause]
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♪ mr. trump: it can happen. our country has tremendous potential. we have tremendous people. we have people that are not working. we have people that have no incentive to work, but they will have incentive to work because the greatest social program is a job. they will be proud and they will love it and it will make much more money than they would have ever made and they will be doing so well and will be thriving as a country. thriving. it can happen. i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created, i tell you that. [applause] mr. trump: i will bring back our jobs from china, mexico, japan from so many places.
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i will bring back our jobs and money. right now, think of this -- we owe china $1.3 trillion. we owe japan more than that. they come in, take our jobs and our money and then we pay them back and interest. the dollar goes up so the deal is even better. how stupid are our leaders? how stupid are these politicians to allow this to happen? how stupid are they? >> [chanting] we want trump. mr. trump: i'm going to tell you a couple of stories about trade because i am totally against the trade bill for a number of reasons. number one, the people negotiating it don't have a clue. our president does not have a clue.
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he is a bad negotiator. they get five killing terrorists that everybody wanted over there. we get a traitor. no good traitor and they get the five people that they wanted for years and those people are now back on the battlefield trying to kill us. that is the negotiator we have. take a look at the deal he is making with iran. he makes that deal, israel may be won't exist very long. it is a disaster and we have to protect israel. [applause] mr. trump: we need people -- i'm a free trader, but the problem with free-trade is you need really talented people to negotiate for you. if you don't have talented people, if you don't have great leadership, if you don't have people that know business, not just a political hack that got the job because he made a contribution to a campaign which
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is the way all jobs are just about gotten, free-trade is terrible. free-trade can be wonderful if you have smart people, but we have people that are stupid. we have people that are not smart and we have people that are controlled by special interests and it is just not going to work. so here's a couple of stories that happened recently. a friend of mine is a great manufacturer. you know, china comes over and they dump all their stuff. and i buy it. i buy it. because frankly, i have an obligation to buy it because they devalue their currency so brilliantly -- they just did it recently -- and nobody thought they could do it again. with all our problems with russia, with everything, everything, they got away with it again. and it is impossible for our people here to compete. so i want to tell you this story. a friend of mine is a great
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manufacturer. calls me up a few weeks ago. he is very upset. i said what is your problem? he said i make great products and i said i know because i buy the products. he said i cannot get it into china. they won't accept it. i sent a boat and they sent it back. they talked about environmental. they talk about all sorts of crap that had nothing to do with it. i said that is terrible, does anybody know this? he said they do it all the time with other people. i said, they send it back? yeah. i finally got over there and they charged me a big tariff. they are not supposed to be doing that. i told them. they do charge you tariffs on trucks. when we send trucks and other things over there. ask boeing. they wanted boeing's secrets and their patents, took all their secrets, before they agreed to buy planes from boeing. hey, i'm not saying they are stupid. i like china. i just sold an apartment for $15 million to somebody from china. am i supposed to dislike them? i own a big chunk of the bank of
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america building in 1290 avenue of the americas that i got from china in a war. very valuable. i love china. the biggest bank in the world is from china. you know where their united states headquarters is located? in this building, in trump tower. i love china. people say you don't like china. i love them, but their leaders are much smarter than ours. and we can't sustain ourselves with that. there's too much. it's like -- it's like -- take the new england patriots and tom brady and have them players' association your high school football team. that is the difference between china's leaders and our leaders. they are ripping us. we are rebuilding many countries. you go to china now -- roads bridges, you never saw anything like it.
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they have bridges that make the george washington bridge look like small potatoes and they are all over the place. we have all the cards, but we don't know how to use them. we don't even know we have the cards because our leaders don't understand the game. we could turn off that spigot by charging them tax until they behave properly. now, they are going militarily. they are building a military island in the middle of the south china sea. a military island! our country could never do that because we would have to get environmental clearance and the environmentalists wouldn't let our -- we would never build in an ocean. they built this massive military port in one year. they are building up their military to a point that is very scary. you have a problem with isis you have a bigger problem with china. and in my opinion, the new china, believe it or not, in terms of trade, is mexico.
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so this man tells me about the manufacturing. i say that is a terrible story. i hate to hear it. but i have another one -- ford. so mexico takes a car company that was going to build in tennessee, rips it out. everybody thought the deal was dead. reported in the "wall street journal" recently. everybody thought it was a done deal, it is going into tennessee. great state, great people. all of a sudden, at the last moment this big car manufacturer foreign, announces they're not going to tennessee. they will spend their $1 billion in mexico instead. not good. now, ford announces a few weeks ago that ford is going to build a $2.5 billion car and truck and parts manufacturing plant in mexico.
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$2.5 billion. it's gonna be one of the largest in the world. ford, good company. so i announced that i am running for president. [applause] mr. trump: one of the early things i would do probably before i even got in -- i would not even use -- i know the smartest negotiators in the world. i know the good ones, the bad ones, the underrated once. i know the overrated ones. you got a lot of them that are overrated. they think they are good. they get good stories because the newspapers get buffaloed. but they are not good. i know the best negotiators in the world. we will do very well. very, very well. but i would not even waste my time with this one. i would call up the head of ford, who i know, if i was president. i would say congratulations. i understand that you are
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building a nice, $2.5 billion car factory in mexico and that you will take your cars and sell them to the united states, zero tax across the border. you say to yourself how does that help us? it is not good. i'll say congratulations. that's the good news. let me give you the bad news -- every car, truck, part manufactured in this plant that comes across the border, we will charge you a 35% tax. [applause] mr. trump: that tax is going to be paid simultaneously with the transaction and that is it. here is what is going to happen -- if it is not me in the position, it is one of these politicians we are running against. the 400 people. here is what is going to happen -- they are not so stupid. they know it is not a good thing and they may even be upset.
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but they will get a call from their donors or probably from the lobbyists from ford and say because ford takes care of me and i take care of you and you cannot do that to ford? and guess what? no problem. if they are going to build in mexico, they're going to take away thousands of jobs. it's very bad for us. so under president trump, here is what would happen. the head of ford will call me back i would say within one hour after i told him the bad news. but it could be he'd want to be cool and he'll wait until the next day. you know, they want to be a little cool. he will say please and beg for a little. i will say no interest. he will call a bunch of political people and i will say sorry fellas, no interest.
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i don't need anybody's money. it's nice. i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. i'm not using the lobbyists or donors. i don't care. i'm really rich. and by the way, i'm not even saying that to brag it up. that's the kind of mindset that's the kind of thinking you need for this country. we got to make the country rich. it sounds crass. somebody said, oh, that's crass. it is not crass. we got $18 trillion in debt, we got nothing but problems, a military that needs equipment. we have nuclear weapons that are obsolete. we've got nothing. we have got social security that is going to be destroyed if somebody like me does not bring money into the country. all these other people want to cut the hell out of it. i'm not going to cut it at all. i'm going to bring money in and we're going to save it. here is what is going to happen -- after i'm called by 30 friends of mine who contributed to different campaigns, after i
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am called by all the special interests and the donors and by the lobbyists -- they have zero chance of convincing me, zero -- i will get a call the next day by the head of ford to say please reconsider and i will say no. he will say, mr. president, we have decided to move the plant back to the united states. we will not build in mexico. that's it. they have no choice. they have no choice. there are hundreds of things like that. i will give you another example -- saudi arabia. they make $1 billion a day. $1 billion a day. i love the saudis. many are in this building. they make $1 billion a day. whenever they have problems, we send over the ships. we're going to protect -- what are we doing? they got nothing but money. if the right person asks them, they pay a fortune.
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they would not be there except for us. and believe me, you look at the border with yemen, you remember obama a year ago -- yemen was a great victory. two weeks later, the place was blown up and they kept our equipment. they always keep our equipment. we ought to send used equipment, right? they always keep our equipment. we ought to send some real -- we should send our surplus. we are always losing this gorgeous brand-new stuff. look at the border with saudi arabia. do you really think these people are interested in yemen? saudi arabia without us is gone. they are gone. and i'm the one that made all the right predictions about iraq. you know, all of these politicians that i am running against now -- it is so nice to say i am running as opposed to if i run. if i run. i'm running. but all of these politicians i
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am running against now, they are trying to dissociate -- i mean, you look at bush. it took him five days to answer the question on iraq. he couldn't answer the question. he didn't know. i said is he intelligent? i look at rubio. he was unable to answer the question. is iraq a good thing or bad thing? he didn't know. he could not answer the question. how are these people going to lead us? how are we going to go back and make it grit again? we can't. they don't have a clue. they cannot lead us. they cannot even answer simple questions. it was terrible. but saudi arabia is a big, big trouble. now, thanks to fracking and other things, the oil is all over the place. and i used to say it -- there were ships at sea and this is during the worst crisis -- that were loaded up with oil and the cartel kept the price up, because, again they were smarter than our leaders.
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there is so much wealth out there that can make our country so rich again and therefore make it great again because we need money. we're dying. we're dying. we need money. we have to do it. we need the right people. so, ford will come back. they will all come back and i will say this -- this is going to be an election, in my opinion, that is based on competence. somebody says -- thank you darling -- somebody said to me the other day -- a reporter. very nice reporter. but mr. trump, you are not a nice person. that is true. but actually, i am. i think i am a nice person. people that know me, like me. does my family like me? i think so. look at my family. i'm proud of my family. by the way, speaking of my family.
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milannia bar kai donnie, don tiffany -- ivan cadid a great job. did she do a great job? great. [applause] mr. trump: jared, laura, eric -- i'm very proud of my family. they are a great family. so, the reporters said to me the other day, mr. trump, you are not a nice person. how can you get people to vote for you? i said, i don't know. i said, i think that number one, i am a nice person. i give a lot of money away to charities. i think i am actually a very nice person, but i said this is going to be an election that is based on competence. because people are tired of these nice people and they are tired of being ripped off by everybody in the world and they are tired of spending more money on education than any nation in
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the world per capita, than any nation in the world and we're 26th in the world. 25 countries are better than us in education and some of them are like third world countries. we are becoming a third world country because of our infrastructure, our airports and our roads. everything. so one of the things i did -- i said -- a lot of people said he will never run. number one, he does not want to give up his lifestyle. you are right about that. but i'm doing it. number two, i'm a private company so nobody knows what i am worth. and when you run, you have to announce and certify to all sorts of government authorities your net worth. i said, that's ok. i'm proud of my net worth. i've done an amazing job. i started off in a small office with my father in brooklyn and queens.
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and my father said -- i love my father. i learned so much. he was a great negotiated. i learned so much sitting at his feet, playing with blocks and listening to him negotiate with subcontractors. i learned a lot. he used to say, donald, do not go into manhattan. that is the big leagues. we don't know anything about that. don't do it. i said, dad, i got to go into manhattan. i have to build big buildings. i have to do it. after four or five years in brooklyn, i ventured into manhattan and made a lot of good deals. the grand hyatt hotel. i was responsible for the convention center on the west side. i did a lot of great deals and i did them early and young. now i'm building all over the world and i love what i'm doing. they all said, a lot of the pundits on television, donald will never run. and one of the main reasons is he is private and he is probably not as successful as everybody thinks. i said to myself, you know
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nobody will ever know unless i run because i'm really proud of my success. i really am. i have employed tens of thousands of people over my lifetime. that means medical, education, everything. so a large accounting firm and my accountants have been working for months because it's big and complex. they have put together a statement. a financial statement. it is a summary, but everything will be filed eventually with the government and we don't need extensions or anything. we'll be filing it right on time. we don't need anything. and, it was even reported incorrectly yesterday because they said he had assets of $9 billion. that is the wrong number.
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that's the wrong number. not assets. so they put together this and before i say it -- i have to say this. i made it the old-fashioned way. it's real estate. you know, it's real estate. it is labor, unions -- some good and some bad. and lots of people that are not in unions. it is all over the place and the building all over the world. i have assets, big accounting firm, one of the most highly respected -- $9,240,000,000. i have liabilities of about 500. that's long-term debt, very low interest. one of the big banks came to me and said i don't have enough borrowings. could we loan you $4 billion? i said, i don't need it, i don't want it. i have been there, i don't want
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it. in two seconds, they give me whatever i wanted. i have a total net worth -- it will be well over $10 billion. but here a total net worth of at -- eight billion -- net worth, not assets, not liabilities, a net worth. after all debt, after all expenses, the greatest assets -- trump tower, 1290 avenue of the americas, bank of america building in san francisco 40 wall street -- sometimes referred to as the trump building right opposite the new york -- many other places, all over the world. so the total is $8,737,540,000. [applause] mr. trump: now, i'm not doing that to brag because i don't have to, believe it or not. i'm doing that to say that that is the kind of thinking our
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country needs. we need that thinking. we have the opposite thinking. we have losers. we have losers. we have people that don't have it. we have people that are morally corrupt. we have people that are selling this country down the drain. i put together this statement and the only reason i am telling you about it today is because we really do have to get going because if we have another three or four years -- we are at a $18 trillion now. we'll soon be at $20 trillion. according to the economists who i am not big believers in, they say $24 trillion, we are very close. that is the point of no return. $24 trillion. we will be there soon. that is when we become greece. that is when we become a country that is unsalvageable.
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we will be there very soon. we're going to be there very soon. >> make america strong! mr. trump: just to sum up, i would do various things very quickly. i will repeal and replace the big lie, obamacare. i would build a great wall -- nobody builds walls better than me. believe me, and i build them very inexpensivively. i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will not mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. nobody would be tougher on isis than donald trump. nobody. [applause] mr. trump: i will find within our military, i will find the general patton or i will find general macarthur. i will find the right guy, the
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guy that will take that military and make it really work. nobody will be pushing us around. [applause] mr. trump: i will stop iran from getting nuclear weapons. we will not be using a man like secretary kerry that has absolutely no concept of negotiation, who is making a horrible and laughable deal, who's just being tapped along as they make weapons right now and then goes into a bicycle race at 72 years old and falls and breaks his leg. i won't be doing that and i promise i will never be in a bicycle race that i can tell you. i will immediately terminate president obama's illegal executive order on immigration. immediately. [applause] mr. trump: fully support and
6:55 pm
back up the second amendment. [applause] mr. trump: very interesting. today, i heard it. through stupidity in a very hard-core prison, interestingly named clinton, two vicious murderers, vicious people escaped and nobody knows where they are. a woman was on television this morning and she said, mr. trump -- she was telling other people. i called her. she said, mr. trump, i always was against guns. i did not want guns and now since this happened my husband and i are finally in agreement. because he wanted the gun. we now have a gun at every table. we are ready to start shooting. i said, very interesting. so, protecting the second amendment. [applause]
6:56 pm
mr. trump: end common core. common core is a disaster. bush is totally in favor of common core. i don't see how he could possibly get the nomination. he is weak on immigration and in favor of common core. how the hell can you vote for this guy? you just can't do it. we have to end -- education has to be local. rebuild the country's infrastructure. nobody can do that like me believe me. it will be done on time, on budget, way below cost, way below what anyone ever thought. i look at these roads being built all over the country and i say i can build those things for one third. what they do is unbelievable. how bad. we are building on pennsylvania avenue the old post office. we are converting it into a great hotel. it will be the best hotel in washington, d.c.
6:57 pm
we got it from the general services administration. in washington. the obama administration, we got it. it was the most highly sought after -- i think the most highly sought after project in the history of general services. we got it. people were shocked -- trump got it. i got it because we are really good and we had a really good plan. and i'll at the in a third. we also had a great financial status. general services who are great people and talented they wanted to do what great job and made sure it got built. we have to rebuild our infrastructure -- our bridges, roadways and airports. you come into it laguardia airport, it is like we are in a third world country. you look at the patches and the 40-year-old floor they throw down asphalt. you look at these airports, we
6:58 pm
are like a third world country. i come in from china, qatar, different places and they have the most incredible airports in the world. you come back to this country and you have l.a.x., disaster. you have all of these disasters. airports. we have to rebuild our infrastructure. save medicare, medicaid and social security without cuts. have to do it. get rid of the fraud. get rid of the waste and abuse but save it. people have been paying it for years and now many of these candidates want to cut it. you save it by making the united states rich again and take back all the money that was lost. renegotiate our foreign trade deals. [applause] mr. trump: reduce our $18 trillion in debt because we are in a bubble. we have artificially low interest rates.