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  Donald Trump Remarks in Sun City South Carolina  CSPAN  July 26, 2015 7:08pm-7:53pm EDT

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so they don't have to pay out-of-state tuition. taking care of some good beneficial social programs that driving down that unemployment rate, getting people back to work. i am very proud of my record as governor. it wasn't easy. i have been a mayor and a senator, but those governing years were tough. different things came up that diverted you from the task that i wanted to focus on of getting people back to work. >> the holiday tree did get a lot of attention. gov. chafee: i never understood that. previous governors had done it. it's the last controversy i wanted to deal with. >> you feel welcome in the democratic party? gov. chafee: yes. when i look at my record raising minimum wage, caring
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about the future of our children, i fit in well. >> what do you enjoy doing outside of politics? gov. chafee: i enjoy the outdoors. i don't have a horse right now but i love being around them. rhode island is a great water state so anytime i am on the warder -- water on a sailboat paddleboard, i love to do that. >> do you read a lot? gov. chafee: as much as i can. >> as you approach this campaign, what is going to stand out? how will you differentiate from your fellow democrats? gov. chafee: there are only five of us and there is a long way to go. right now it's the task of raising money so i have to catch up on that. talking about the issues people care about your it -- about. it's no different than running from city council, you have to
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meet the voters and convince them you are honest, that you have a vintage -- visage -- vision for the future. i have the confidence i can do that. >> lincoln chafee, democratic candidate for president. we thank you for your time. gov. chafee: thank you. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> twice is enough. >> almost always in the wrong. >> i confess anything complicated confuses me. >> film makers robert gordon and morgan neville talk about their documentary on the 1968 debate between conservative william f utley and liberal gore vidal over war politics, god and sex. >> today, i believe there is someone saying, the numbers are
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dwindling, talk about hot topics , hot salacious topic number two. whereas, then, i don't think that was the norm on tv at the time. i don't think these guys needed that. >> the moderator was a distinguished news man who i think was really in their us by this. he was moderating. today, you would not have a moderator not jumping in every 30 seconds. really, everybody at abc stood back and let the fire burn your it >> -- burn. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern. >> on tuesday, donald trump was in south carolina to kick off his campaign. he talked about immigration, the economy and trade.
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this is a most 45 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] ♪ >> i think we have turned things
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to our advantage. we have to make our country great again. [applause] i made a statement and i read a speech. i do use teleprompters, they are too easy. maybe when you run for president, you shouldn't be allowed to use a teleprompter because you find out what you are getting. does that make sense? i made a speech and got great reviews. everybody thought it was a wonderful speech. about a week later they took a statement and dissected it and cut out a few words. it was very interesting. what that transformed into was the word illegal immigrants and we brought something up a that wasn't even discussed by anybody. democrat, it was not discussed.
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the problem we are having in this country is a tremendous problem with the border and border security and lack of border security. it is a huge problem and now everybody is talking about it and they are saying i was right and people that were criticizing me two weeks ago are calling me and saying off the record, mr. trump, you were right. even reporters -- [applause] even reporters, a couple of them called and said they did not want to go on the record. we are getting great credit. last week, we had a tremendous rally, 15,000 people in phoenix, arizona and it was unbelievable. they really came for a reason and it was illegal immigration they are being decimated, they want to stop. i want people to come into the country, but they have to do it through the legal process. [applause]
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we can open up the legal process and make it go faster and all of those things, but it has to be legal. you can't have people just pouring into the country. i was out there and i was taking tremendous abuse. people said, would you apologize? and then there were tremendous crimes being noted after my speech. and then you had magnificent kate from san francisco killed by an illegal immigrant who was forced to cross the border back to us, in my opinion, by the mexican government. five times, back into our country. the fifth time was not good because kate should be with us and she is not. she was an amazing person from everybody process standpoint. she is not with us. so many other things have happened.
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now people are looking and seeing what is going on. that has become a very big topic, illegal immigration. i can say, in terms of setting the standard and setting the forest, it would not even be discussed right now. it is going to be something that will be one of the hot buttons. i watch as politicians are trying to claim that and that's ok with me. they are all talk, no action, so they will not do anything anyway. i have a -- i got a little dose of it. i see your senator, what a stiff. lindsey graham. [laughter] [applause] by the way he has registered zero in the polls. this morning, they told me mr. trump, because bush said my tone is not nice. i said, we need tone and enthusiasm.
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it's true. [applause] hillary clinton said, i don't like his tone. we have people having their heads cut off, christians in the middle east. we have people that are being dumped in cages and drowned in the middle east. we have border security that does not exist and it is not because of our incredible border folks. they can do the job and we can build a wall. mexico can pay for the wall. all of these guys say they will never pay. of course they will. if you have the right guy negotiating, they will. i have a lot of respect for mexico. a lot of people's that i don't like them. i love the mexican people. i have had thousands of mexicans working for me. i sell apartments for millions of dollars to people for mexico. they love me. all of a sudden, i have this thing about -- by the way, nevada just came out with a
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pole. i said i would win the hispanic vote. because i will take jobs from china and japan and mexico and lots of other places and bring them back here and they are going to work. they will be legal. everybody will be happy. they will make money. [applause] i love the mexican people. i love mexico. the problem we have is that their leaders are much smarter and sharper and more cunning than our leaders. are you shocked to hear that? is anybody not sharper and more cunning and smarter than our leaders? any country in the world? do we make any good deals anymore? when was the last time you said, og, -- oh, gee we beat china in a trade deal. it doesn't happen. i was in los angeles and i see these ships come in. the biggest ships i have ever
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seen. millions of cars coming into this company -- country. five times longer than this totally sold out building along with the amphitheaters or it -- amphitheaters. i was going to have the press sit over here so they see. the biggest ships, cars, cars cars, they just got their yen. now it is going to be even harder. a friend of mine is a great excavator who dig foundations. those are my people. this guy is great. he was very upset because his order for equipment -- i said what's wrong with you? he said i didn't buy caterpillar . i asked why and he said because
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japan just cut their currency so low that i had no choice. i had to do it. i feel so guilty. but i/o it to my wife and my family and employees in the company. they cannot compete with it. i said, isn't that sad? do you mind if i use that story? he said, what do you mean? i said, i am going to run for president. it is happening even worse with china. they manipulate their currency better than any country in the history of the world. they are killing us. if you want to do business with china, it is almost impossible. believe me, they taxi. we don't because we have people that are stupid. i believe in free trade. i'm a free trader. the problem with free-trade is that you need smart people on our side. we need smart people.
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i could put some of the people up here and they would do a great job. when you don't have smart people, free-trade is not a good thing. it's killing us. i believe in it but we have to get the right people. china loves me. i am constantly talking about how they are ripping us off and yet i just signed a lease with the largest bank in the world from china. i sell apartments for 25, 3545 -- 35, 45, million dollars to people from china. i own a big chunk of the bank of america building in san francisco. i beat the people from china. i win against china. you can if you are smart but most people don't have a clue. we give state dinners to the heads of china. i say, why are you doing that? they are ripping us left and right here in -- right.
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take them to mcdonald's and go back to the negotiating table. there is late. [laughter] then they talk about the tone. i see rick perry the other day and he is doing very poorly in the polls. he put glasses on some people will think he is smart. it just doesn't work. people can see through them. but he has the glasses and the whole deal. i say he did a lousy job in the border. the new governor has put in things that should've been put in a long time ago. but he is so vicious. he used to be a nice guy. all of a sudden, he wants to show you he is a tough guy. he was very nasty. and then you have this guy lindsey graham, a total lightweight. here is a guy in the private sector who could not get a job.
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he couldn't do what you people did. you are all retired and rich. he would not be read. -- rich. they say donald, your language is inflammatory. i went to the wharton school of finance. i feel safe -- i built a fortune. a show that everybody said would fail was called the apprentice. they renewed it. i said you don't understand, the head people from nbc came to my office and recently said please don't run, we renewed the apprentice, it did great here it -- great. all these copies, everybody did
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a copy. i won't name them because i don't want to embarrass anybody. import names, not like trump. most of them immediately failed. so nbc renews the apprentice. i told them i wasn't doing it and they didn't believe me. they gave me 28 shows. that's a lot. these politicians run and run and win and sometimes lose and they keep running. it's all they do. most of them don't know what they are doing. you wind them up and they run for office. they don't do anything when they get there. i know them better than anybody. they say they didn't like the way, i am a little loud. i am a little too strong and they don't like it.
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and that i watch this idiot lindsey graham on television today and he calls me a jack s -- jackass. they all said i would never run. he will middle file -- he will never file his form papers here it i did -- papers. i did. my financials are like 98 pages. a lot of these politicians have not filed them and they are like half a page. i am the only one that has filed practically. that was one of the things you have to do to get into the debate. everyone figured to keep me out of the debate because he will never file his financials. it turns out i am much wealthier than people thought. i wanted to file.
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nobody knows how rich i am. it is over $10 billion. i made $213 million on the apprentice. when i give that up to run to help you people straighten out this mess that everybody has created, it's very expensive and it is very everything and i don't care for it -- care. when i say about the 10 billion i am not doing that to brag. who cares. what i am saying is, that's the mindset that we need as a country. we need to take back our jobs
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from china and other places. we need to make great deals with other countries. saudi arabia, i like them, they are very nice. they buy all sorts of my stuff. they pay me hundreds of millions. but you know what? they make a billion dollars a day and whenever they are in trouble, our military takes care. you know what we get? nothing. crazy is right. who said that? stand up. he said it's crazy. it's true. [applause] they make a billion dollars a day. the war that obama thought he won? yemen, great. they took all our equipment and trucks. we make 2300 humvees armor
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plated, the most incredible. shots fired and the guys we gave them two, our allies, they run. the enemy takes over 2300 humvees. when i saw the number i was like no, two or three. no 2300. better than what we have here it they were the best. the enemy has them. we have such stupid leadership. if you think with yemen, you take a look at that border with saudi arabia. if you think they are stopping at yemen, they don't want yemen. they want the oil. that will be next. does like i predicted in iraq was a disaster. if you look at reuters, july of 2004, headline, trump said don't
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do iraq. i'm the most militaristic person ever. i will take care of our vets. our vets are treated like third class citizens. [applause] i will build a military that is so strong that we will never have to use it because they are going to say, we are not messing with that guy. and we are not messing with that country. [applause] because our military is decimated. all the time, i get militant -- i get listings for military bases. they are all for sale. i say, how many bases can they sell? that means they are closing. right now our military is the smallest it has been in decades and we need it more than ever.
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our vets are being treated worse than they have ever been. the waiting list as of this morning, they had the big thing when they had the scandal. this is why i am angry at john mccain. one, he is totally about open borders. when i went to arizona he called these 15,000 unbelievable people -- i know crazies. these were unbelievable american people. john mccain who i supported for president and he lost, i don't hold that against him. but i raised him a lot of money. he called these people crazies here it -- crazies. they had to turn 1000 or 2000 away. like they did here.
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that's the kind of crowds we are getting. he said that and today, the waiting list was the longest it has ever been. i hear it is worse than it has ever been. in order to get rid of all the problems, they threw more money at it two years ago. when you have incompetent people at the top, and they put a new guy but he has no idea what he's doing according to everybody. i know the best people. i know people that will make -- i know guys that are so good as managers. a lot of times, a dealmaker is not a good manager and vice versa. you look at obamacare with the $5 billion website and the wonderful former governor who did not have a clue. she was a mess.
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have you spend that on something that has to be repealed? the premiums are ridiculous and you will never get to use it. . lindsey graham gets out and he is out there and he called me a jackass. i am working hard to be nice. but every time i turn on the tv i have some guy who is hitting me hard. the reason they are hitting me is because they are registering zero in the polls. they have nothing to lose. you build a fortune, that is a smart guy. i had macy's terminate a deal because i was a little
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controversial. you are talking about illegal immigration. it's illegal. they had no guts. it's true. [applause] one of my friends told me they felt bad for me that i lost nascar. it was a one night banquet. i rented it to somebody else -- i will rent it to somebody else for more money. the next day, trump loses espn. there was a golf outing for 120 golfers. so now they are going to a crummy course.
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they will all be back next year. they already told me that. i said, that's ok, i keep the deposit. still a lot of money. then i sued univision and nbc will be easy. the whole thing is ridiculous. i said to myself, you know, it's amazing. he does not seem like a very bright guy. he probably seems not as bright as rick perry. i think rick perry is probably smarter than lindsey graham. rick perry said i shouldn't be
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debating because my spirit is wrong for america. all i want to do is make everyone rich and save your social security and i have bad spirit. he said i should be allowed on the debate state. -- stage. on -- having stake in twitter is like owning a newspaper without the lawsuits. i tweeted that rick perry should have to have an iq test before getting on the debate stage. today, i am called a jackass by this guy. didn't this guy call me four years ago? i didn't even know who he was. lindsey graham says mr. trump, i wonder if it would be possible for you to call fox. they are great people. [applause]
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he wanted to know whether or not i could give him a good reference on fox and friends. then he wants to know if he could come see me for some campaign contributions. i give to everyone. when i want something, i get it. that's part of the problem with our system. until a couple of months ago, i could have anything, believe me. when i need something, i call. part of the problem we have -- with me, i don't need money. i am doing it myself. when people come up to me and
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asked me to do something but it's good for him and bad for the country, i say i'm sorry, i can't do it. [applause] so lindsey graham says to me, please, whatever you can do. i said, what is this guy, a bigger? -- beggar? i told them that i would mention his name. he gave me his number and i found the card. let's try it. this is three or four years ago so maybe it is an old number. 202 228-0292. give it a shot. [laughter] your local politician.
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he won't fix anything but at least he will talk to you. with the vets, i will get things fixed because that's what i do. i make things better. we have to make our country better. we have to make it stronger. we have to make it richer and we have to do it fast. we don't have that much time left. [applause] we have to change our mindset in the united states. i have a little statement that the american dream is dead. to show you how bad it is, i will make it bigger and stronger than ever before.
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i mean it. the other day, my wife goes darling, that was such a tough statement. i said, i thought i did well. politicians don't how to do it. [applause] i am so tired of politicians. nobody knows them better than me. if you can't get rich dealing with politicians, there is something wrong with you. the problem is, and this is
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almost all of them, it's perseverance. they work, they tried, but they only want to keep their job. i get calls from senators, could we come see you? you have these campaign-finance limits which are a good thing. i send senators a check. i say, don't bother. they want to fly to me. hold a is wasted. -- a whole day is wasted. this is what they do from morning until night. if you need something later on, they win or lose their election, you call them, they treat you great, like royalty. a businessman or business person knows the game. i'm not a fan of jeb bush
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because he is in favor of common core and is weak on immigration. i think he is a nice person. but he is very in favor of common core. he wants your children to be educated by the bureaucrats. not good. he is very weak on immigration and he is not a dealmaker. who would you rather have negotiating in china as an example, trump or jeb? or, trump or hillary? she is another one with a town. they both said tone the same day. amazing. i am very excited about this. it is a very interesting situation that has taken place. we had a pool, west today -- we had a poll come out yesterday that showed i have an 11 week lead.
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-- 11 point lead. that is faster than scheduled. that's the good news. all i want to do is make our country great again. aren't we all on the same track? whether you are liberal democratic, conservative republican. you want to make our country great. i know people that are democrats that love our country. i know people who are liberals that love our country. if i can make phenomenal deals with china, which i will believe me, the best negotiators in the world, i know everyone. i wrote the ark of the deal. we need the art of the deal. -- part of the deal.
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if i can bring wealth in so that we can save your social security without cut, all the republicans are talking about, we are going to cut, raise the age, your medicare, medicaid, social security, but i am the only one who knows how to do it. you have to make our country vibrant so we can afford it. right now, we can't. our gdp went down in the first quarter. china went up to 7% and they are beside themselves. one year ago china was announced the number one in the world economically. this is unthinkable. it is our money. i love apple, but where are they made? they have an office here and all the workers are over there. we have to change it around. we have to incentivize them so we make apple and all the other things here it -- things.
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if china is not treating us fairly, we have all the cards. the administration does not know this. if they are taxing and we are not taxing, we have to make sure they pay a penalty and they will stop immediately. if they don't stop, we will get rich by receiving taxes from them. we don't even want to bring up the word. we are going to save your social security. we are going to make it strong and solid. medicare, medicaid, we are going to the waste and abuse and fraud that goes on. [applause] we are going to make proper deals.
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people mention the iran deal has an example. what kind of deal is this? i have seen one-sided deals before. we get a traitor and they get five killers that they most wanted in the whole world who are right nowpeople mention the iran back on the battlefield trying to kill everyone including us. what kind of a deal is this? not good, right? i like that. stand up. you are right. loudly. but we'll -- lousy. but we only make lousy deals. we want to be able to inspect. they have notice provisions so by the time we get there, it's gone. my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer. good genes.
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very smart. if you are a conservative republicans -- if i was -- if i ran as a liberal democrat, they would say i am one of the smartest people in the world. but when you are a conservative republican oh do they do a number. i have to give my credentials all the time. we are a little disadvantaged. the thing that really bothers me, it would have been so easy and it's not as important as these lies are, nuclear is so powerful. my uncle explained to me many years ago the power. he was right. when you look at what is going on with the four prisoners.
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it used to be three. when it was three, i would have said it is all in the messenger. the persons are great negotiators. the iranians are great negotiators. they just killed us. i would have said in the beginning, you have to let our prisoners go. it would send a great signal to the united states and make the rest of it easier. we get nothing. the other day kerry and obama said, we did not want to negotiate and complicate the negotiation. what is collocated? say, excuse me we have four prisoners and we would like to have them released. this is crazy. then we are giving them billions and billions and billions of dollars. we should not give it to them.
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it should have been off the table. i said, why are you bringing this up and not letting -- and letting them have all this money? they didn't want to complicate it. between yemen where they are representing the other side very successfully and other places and they did not want to talk about the various hotspot because they did not want to complicate the negotiation. you know there is a bad signal when you go across and you see on television the iranian chief negotiator goes home and they are celebrating him in the streets. they are having parades. they are honoring him. who is honoring here? we are like a bunch of slobs. we should have doubled up the sanctions, maybe tripled them, setback for about three months and let them call us great -- us. believe me, i would have made one hell of a deal. [applause]
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it's very sad. a lot of people think the reason i am doing so well in polls is that, when north carolina comes in, your neighbors, and i am killing everybody there hopefully i will do great here too. [applause] i love steve syria -- speria. he is going to do a great job. when i did great in north carolina, when i do great in nevada which just came out and i won the hispanic vote, i one big league. [applause] there is something happening. there used to be the expression the silent majority.
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there is a silent majority out there. we are tired of being pushed around and being led by stupid people. [applause] you have a president who can't just say a few words, put the flag at half mast for the five marines that were just killed. why? [applause] think of it. it's almost like, does he read
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the papers or watch television? whether it's fox or cnn, any of them, they are all talking about it. all he has to do is say, just put them in half mast for a week. these people were great and never had a chance. this gun free zone nonsense, we have to stick up for the second amendment. [applause] these guys never ever had a chance. by the way, a couple of them very decorated, tremendous unbelievable young, brilliant people dying. they never had a chance. they are trained with weapons. these are the best. they were sitting ducks. because of this stupidity. we have to get rid of that old gun free zone nonsense and just top it. [applause] -- just stopped it.
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some communities are recruiting stations and they actually have civilians surrounding that her arms to protect the military soldiers that are our best and finest and they are in there and don't have guns. this is what our country has come to. kate from san francisco. obama calls everybody and it sends groups over and says attorney generals over and does investigations and the funerals. kate from san francisco. the parents never got a call. killed by an illegal alien. never got a call. wouldn't you think like, man, it's terrible, nothing will bring her back. you'd think it would be nice if you would