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tv   C-SPAN Programming  CSPAN  August 3, 2015 6:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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the form will be 7:00 eastern time. and then viewers reaction at 9:00. >> 14 of the 17 republican president of candidates will take part in a voters first forum live from st. anselm in manchester, new hampshire. c-span is partnering with media organizations to bring you tonight's event. you will be hearing from the candidates in about 30 minutes from now. we are going to help set the stage for you and learn more about the background. joining us is joe mcquaid. he is the publisher of the "new hampshire union leader." nice to see you.
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joe: nice to see you susan. thank you to c-span. susan: will you help our viewers understand how tonight's event came about? everybody is focusing on the debate later this week, but this is a reaction to how that was put together. can you explain? joe: it is indeed a reaction. about a month ago, 100 republicans in new hampshire, a couple of former governors wrote a letter to fox protesting the decision to choose the top 10 for their debate based entirely on national polls. i can sympathize with fox trying to get a lot of people on the stage, but six or seven months before the first votes are cast, we do not window the field down in that fashion -- winnow the field down in that fashion.
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thanks to c-span, voters around the country, to see a bigger field of candidates so the voters can determine who they want to vote for and not just a popularity poll this early in the season. susan: tonight's event is being described as a forum instead of a debate. joe: for one reason, we decided on a forum because the republican national committee has a very tight control on the number of debates that they will have. i do not think there has been a real debate since lincoln and douglas went at it but we did not want to upset candidates who thought they might be violating rnc rules. we went with a forum.
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questions to the candidates, one at a time. backstage, 15 minutes ago, we held a lottery for the order of who would come out when and we used ping-pong balls, each of which has the name of a candidate. that should be a good auction item later on. each candidate will have two rounds of questions. the name of this forum is the voters first forum and we got our questions based on topics that readers listeners, and viewers from the three states sent in. we looked at those and decided to fashion the questions that touched a number of those. we got questions from people in the audience tonight. none of the questions are from news media.
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none of them are gotcha questions. the moderator is a man named mr. jindal: -- the number -- the moderator is a man named jack heath. the candidates will come out. the president of the college will introduce everybody. we will have the pledge of allegiance and the candidates will take their seats. one at a time, they will come to the stage. the interesting twist came up last thursday afternoon when the u.s. senate decided tonight would be a great time to have a vote on a crucial issue about plant parenthood -- planned parenthood. three of the four senators in this campaign determined they needed to be in washington. thanks to c-span, they will vote at 5:30 p.m. and i hope you guys
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can tell me they are in your studio or getting there pretty quick so they will be part of this. susan: they are here and ready to go, rest assured. one less thing to worry about. let me ask you, the number participating, 14. who are the three that are not participating, and why? joe: my cut could be decided -- mike huckabee decided, for whatever reason, decided he would not attend. we got a voicemail to that effect. governor jindal got into late past the deadline -- got in too late. i talk to him on the phone and told him he missed it iowa week. -- by a week. the third person is donald trump
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, who gave various reasons for not coming here. interesting, he determined that our newspaper would not be endorsing him for president and therefore, he decided he would not come to our event. susan: what will the event be like without his participation? joe: i think it will be great. i think contrast between this one and fox's on thursday night will be very interesting. these gentlemen and one lady candidate are all about the serious issues and discussing them and letting the voters know where they stand on them. i am not sure if my friend mr. trump is going to be either on the issues or the way he talks about them on thursday. susan: who are the people in the
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audience tonight? joe: it is a great mix. we put it open for anybody to apply for public tickets. it is a small theater, but we have 150 or 180 that were drawn by lottery at the newspaper. those people were notified in the mail. each candidate has five seats, i believe. a lot are bringing their spouses. we have a great deal of media. we have some students from st. anselm because they helped out greatly, as did the new hampshire institute of politics. it is a good makes. -- a good mix. i think i saw my son-in-law backstage. susan: we have about one minute
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and a half left. what will this night -- what will it take for it to be a success for you? joe: that is a softball question, thank you. it is already a success. we got 14 candidates who recognize the importance of the primaries and the iowa caucus and wanted to make that known to the public. all of them want to be on the fox stage, only 10 well. the others will be put on the kiddies table at 5:00 or 5:30 p.m. this is a decision that could be made in another fashion. i think we made the right one. maybe cnn will change its
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thinking on how they approach it. susan: can you tell us who won the lottery? joe: i was not there. i was out here getting ready for your interview. susan: that will make people want to stay and find out who is first. thank you for giving us the background on tonight's event. we will see you as months countdown to the new hampshire primary. joe: thank you, c-span, very much. susan: we are going to let you see what it is like to be in the audience tonight. there will be speakers, including the president of the college, who will set the stage tell them how the format will work and we will let you listen into that so you have the real sense of being in the room. when the forum is over, two hours after it begins, we will be back here in washington with
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our phone lines open. jack heath will be here to take your calls and we would like to get your reaction from what we -- from what you heard from the 14 candidates tonight. we will take you to the st. anselm theater for coverage of tonight's forum.
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click good evening everyone. there are only two times you can apply, and that is number one. i am part of a team that runs the new hampshire institute of politics from st. anselm. on the applause, there are two opportunities when you can applaud. unless prompted by jack heath the moderator. this is about the voters and we want to make sure there are not
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disturbances out here. the fact is, try to keep it to yourself. we want to have a good forum and it is about the voters. another housekeeping item, please state in your seat. i know it is long. if you stand up, you are in the way of one of these many television cameras and you will block the shot. using the restroom, i hope this is a good time to say that i hope you already did that. if you do have to leave, they will not let you back in. the third thing, and most importantly, and i have a 13-year-old daughter, i need you to shut your cell phone off. i know a lot of people will hold it down here and start clicking, but we can hear those tabs on these sensitive microphones and
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the shine from the screen does affect the sensitive lights in here. i'm going to ask you to shut your phone off. if you can't do that for us that would be great. i would like to introduce to you dr. stephen disalvo, the president of st. anselm college. [applause] mr. disalvo: thank you and welcome. many of you have been here before. tonight is a next ordinary night. -- a next ordinary night. i had an opportunity to meet the candidates earlier. i want to thank the union leader and our media sponsors for being here tonight and helping us put on this wonderful event. i also want to take this opportunity to publicly thank the team for an outstanding job
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behind the scenes, putting together all of the logistics for this event. thank you, neil. [applause] most of you know, we are a college that was founded by benedictine monks. we hope to be able to provide hospitality tonight and over the next six months that this -- as this political process unfolds. the institute of politics is run on a day to day basis by our students. we have over 100 student ambassadors. many of them greeted you this evening. if you have a chance later on and you run into one of our students, thank them for their hard work and dedication to the new hampshire political process. i would like to welcome you all on behalf of the faculty, the
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staff, and the students at st. anselm. as neil said, we have a wonderful opportunity to hear the candidates tonight. we are asking you hold your applause later on, but this is an opportunity for you to meet the candidates. please welcome the candidates. [applause] i would now invite two of our
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students to join us for the pledge of allegiance. leah and brian o'connor. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you. as many of you know, we have hosted a series of events called politics and eggs. many of the folks behind me has had an opportunity to meet our students and members of the community during those events. those are opportunities for them to tell us their vision for the
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future and for us to ask questions. tonight, we have an opportunity with everyone here to do the same. it will be moderated, we will have an opportunity to hear the presentations. the format will allow them a chance to talk about their platform, then they will have an opportunity to come up again and give us a little bit more information and perhaps clarify some things that were said. an interesting format, it is a forum, not a debate. we are blessed to have everyone here tonight. we know it is a busy week. we know that this is important because as the first in the nation primary state, in iowa, they take corn, and in new hampshire, we pick presidents.
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this is an opportunity for our voters to hear from the candidates. we are just about ready to go live. when the cameras roll, we will be on c-span and broadcast on many other networks. we do ask that everyone please be quiet during the presentation and keep their cell phones off. with no further ado, i introduce you to the candidates. thank you. [applause] [applause] >> >> gautier, welcome to the
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2016 voters first republican presidential forum. this is sponsored by kcrg-tv and our broadcast partner c-span. we would like to thank our local sponsors, no labels, eastern bank, to live free or die a lot, and st. anselm college. you will hear from 14 republican candidates this evening. governor jeb bush, ben carson, chris christie, carly fiorina, governor bobby jindal,
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george pataki, and scott walker. with us also our senator ted crews, senator rand paul, and senator margaret rubio. please welcome jack heath host of "new hampshire today." mr. heath: good evening. voters in our three states and the rest of america deserve to hear from all of these candidates tonight at the same time answering their questions. our time will be tight and we want from everyone. order of speakers was drawn randomly and we have asked canada's to skip their --
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candidate to skip their e intros. >> governor rick perry served as the governor of texas. mr. heath: we received thousands of responses from voters in her state, but the three states focusing. we asked what was most important to them, iowa, south carolina and new hampshire. what would your policy be toward illegal immigrants already in the u.s.? mr. perry: the cost that illegal immigration is having on our states. it is a serious wound.
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you want to stop the flow, and that is not what is happening. we have heard if we can deal with this issue, if we will format then we will secure the border. now we are and plus-30 years of that. american people do not deal with washington to deal with this issue to the secure the border. last summer i looked in the president's ey ande said, if you do not secure the border texas will. we set our texas rangers and wardens, putting them in the river, and deployed our texas national guard. he saw a 74% decrease in the number of branches that were occurring -- in the number of apprehensions that were karen on the board. it takes security fencing.
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i am talking from tijuana to help house will -- to el paso, see what is going on in identifying where there is activities are illegal. that is what you have to do. i know how to secure that order. if you elect me, the will to secure that border will reside in the oval office. mr. heath: so much is made of illegal immigration. should we reduce the number of green cards graded legally each year to focus wanting to get into the country through the legal process? mr. perry: we need to be smart about our immigration. the cannot keep up with people coming into the country. we know they can find a package halfway around the world with ups, and we cannot peo keep up
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with people who overstayed their visas. you need to fix the agency that deals with people coming in here. people in this country that we eat in this country and those who have overstayed their visas you send them back. we will not be able to reduce the number until find out the number of people are in the country illegally. if we take care of that first, we can make a smart decision about what we need to do. mr. heath: george will said that biggest problem will be an economy with a 2% gdp. how can you make this country growth something greater than that? mr. perry: it is one of the reasons i am more than a passable expert on that because texas created more jobs than anybody in this room when i was governor.
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1/3 of all jobs that were created in america occurred when i was governor. tax policies that will let you keep more of what you work for a regulatory climate, and public school policies that were accountable that said to businesses you will find a skilled workforce. the way you do in america is intertwined to energy policy a north american energy policy. north america has more known resources that russia and saudi arabia, with the regulations place that drive the in contacts down and you can create a renaissance. mr. heath: thank you, governor perry. mr. perry: thank you. >> rick santorum represented pennsylvania from 1991 until 1995 in the house.
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mr. heath: should the federal government subsidized any sector and which ones? mr. santorum: we have to make sure our sectors are competitive. one of the things i announced, if we are going to restore the center of america, we have to get american spectrum realty that we have to get americans back to work. wage growth has released stagnated. 74% of americans do not have a college degree and do not have manufacturing jobs. 20 million manufacturing jobs when reagan was president. we now have 11 million. if we do not allow our country to be competitive with the rest of the world, we will continue to see that the client and there is no struggling list.
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that is why i put our campaign square on, will make effectuating competitive. he will put out a flat tax that will have a time that transitions for manufacturing. we will incentivize that money to calm into country. we will have repatriation. instead of depreciation, incentivize manufacturing. mr. heath: [indiscernible] mr. santorum: you also have the flat tax. income tax, corporate tax, all 20%. mr. heath: in new hampshire, if someone maxes out on public assistance, that is $14 an hour if they are out on the the, they may need that. massachusetts, $20. how do you subsidize americans who are on public assistance to
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go back to work? mr. santorum: i managed a bill on the senate. we work with governors to. we put time limit and a work hard. we eliminated the only program that was eliminated. i was the leader. we should have done that for snap the other programs we did. governor lepa hasg done that. we got to create jobs. ewe got to create jobs for her to want to work but do not have a good enough paying job and benefits to motivate them to get off welfare program. a combination of manufacturing and putting time limits and work requirements on welfare. mr. heath: do you believe this president and administration want real border security? mr. santorum: i do not believe this administration is serious
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about protecting men and women. the reality is wages for those workers have been flatlined for 20 years. he had never seen such decrepit wage growth, and who are the 90% of the people coming in legally and legally -- illegally? almost all unskilled workers. i am the only person in this race who calls for posting r verify. it is a serious problem. mr. heath: how should we deal with employers who hire illegal immigrants? mr. santorum: everify has to be legal.
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it was a tremendous opportunity last time around. the studies that are because last time everyone was saying we were more conservative than mitt romney. mr. heath: thank you, senator. >> governor john kasich has served as governor of ohio since 2011. mr. heath: what would you do with sanctuary cities? mr. kasich: i think they will be eliminated. as a republican and democrat agreement. the order needs to be secured. there needs to be an expanded guestworker program. do it in a legal way. if the 12 million, we need to find out who they are if they are law-abiding, god-. -fearing folks. it is a reasonable guestworker
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program. they have to be put in prison. we need to make sure we can protect against this country. once we put something into effect, anybody who comes in is be sent home. no one should be confused about it. mr. heath: you are a fan of nafta? has it been a net gain? mr. kasich: the america worker does not get protected, i have a friend who says foreign countries are dumping product destroying people's jobs. it takes two years to find out they are cheating. you cannot wait two years. somebody's family is being destroyed. it is conduct communities. i'm a free trader, but a fair trade if it makes sense, we will go forward with it, but we got to make sure you have a mechanism is to make people cheat that we called on to action. you asked about the economy i
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was chairman of the budget committee when we balance the federal budget. our company took off. you remember in the late 1990's, we were growing. we cut taxes balance budgets. i become governor of ohio, we were eight$8 in thebillion in the hole. mr. heath: your answer on the federal question, balancing the budget. to paraphrase the question he and his wife have to do with a budget and they do not understand why washington is the antithesis. what faith can you get to that if you are elected that budget was balanced once before, but now has not happened -- how will washington do the same fiscal business when people have to live between groceries, heating, kids, how to get washington to
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live with the it'ss means? mr. kasich: we need a balance budget amendment. it is about record in a culture. i there, spent 10 years in my life budget, because of thousands. when people have to balance their budgets, so should the government. we do not have the right to high on holiday bills from our children. that is immoral. i spent 10 years working on it. we got down with the clinton and his regime can do it again. it is politically challenging but the effort to get there is not that complicated. i have written only about 16 budgets, including one that ohio from eight dollars billion
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$8 billion in the hole. my priority is to create jobs in america. mr. heath: thank you, governor. >> senator lindsey graham was elected to the u.s. house in 1990 and has served as a senator since 2002. mr. heath: how do we maintain free-trade that is fair trade, and what nations specifically are cheating us? senator graham: china is cheating. we do not do a thing about it. they are building islands on resource-rich territory. they cyber attack us, nobody pushes back. if i'm president, we will push back against china. a clenched fist and an open hand. mr. heath: certain nations have been accused of stealing and breaking into our databases in
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government and business. if it is president graham, how can we stop? senator graham: you hit back. china cheats steel but we are being walked all over. i am tired of it. i want a clenched this and an open hand. mr. putin, you have a different people. why is he in ukraine? when obama did not do anything about china said let's grab all we can grab. in ukraine, he took all want. ukrainians, they do not think obama is going to use force at all. how can you get john kerry away from the negotiating table? with a crowbar. there are more terrorist organizations at any time since 9/11, and to radical islam, is
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my policy -- whatever it takes to defeat you. mr. heath: should we be army troops in ukraine? senator graham: we should be arming ukrainians. who would do that in the future? on the ukrainians so they can fight for their future. take every bit he do not use and exported to europe and undercut putin's monopoly. we're on the road to becoming greece. if you do not think that, medicare best if you do not fix medicare and social security -- cleveland in the back of a liquor store. somebody in this country needs to do what ronald reagan and o'neill did get us together. i can give up benefits today because i will have a military
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retirement, a congressional retirement, 401(k), i will take less because i know people need it more than i do. we got to work together and make things -- and that the things. mr. heath: americans in new hampshire are worried about terrorists, but the work tomorrow they already be here today. we have 500 satellite that control atm's. if somebody took out one of those satellites, would you respond? senator graham: to me that would be an act of war. as the threats grow, we are disarming ourselves. i have never seen so much, particularly in the cyber. what is a response? to have the smallest army since
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1940, the smallest navy since 1950. only when we will prevent an attack on this country is hit them for the compare. as the hillary clinton, the last person in the world you want to send into the ring with russians is hillary clinton. to the clintons, i've been dealing with this crap for 20 years. i am fluent with clinton-speak. when bill says i did not have sex with that woman, he did. when she says i will tell you about bill and his guideline when heshe gets president, she will not. i understand this crap and i can be compared if we cannot beat them, it does not matter. mr. heath: thank you, senator. >> chris christie has served as governor of new jersey since 2010. mr. heath: i want to get to some
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questions that his home in new hampshire. as president, president ever sanctioned the payment for the release of an american citizen held captive by terrorists?? governor christie: no. i fought against terrorism appointed before september 11. we encourage those folks i'm doing it. we cannot do it. mr. heath: maybe the message from that republicans are not great communityt communicators, we resume the most popular programs, they are going insolvent or will be broke. they will go understood. tell the americans they have to give something up they may like and not want to get up morsi custom is a tough message. how do you win an election and tell the truth on the formon reform?
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governor christie: you have to have a plan. the american people here they understand you are doing mortgaging the way our children's future, we need to tell them we are living now much longer and better quality. that is a blessing. we need to increase the retirement age. i say two years over the next five years. we need to tell them are the most fortunate, we need to say to those folks d, we need you not to take his social security check. those are things americans are willing to hear. the problem is us. we underestimate the american people. they have always risen to challenges that promise them better future. it is not the american people who are failing the incumbent system. it is the leaders who are feeling not telling them the truth. mr. heath: two grams, veterans
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in new hampshire that -- two grams, veterans, we do not have a full-time v.a. hospital in new hampshire. governor christie: they should be able to take their car and go to any hospital in america and get treatment. they should not wait for a v.a. line. we should keep that promise to our veterans, we're not because the incompetence of this administration. let's get thate v.a. to get them to do what they need to do and let the american public step up to the plate, to honor veterans of like giving them health care reit on that health care we promised. mr. heath: heroin is one of the biggest crisis here. when the folks working he
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asked me if i would askre you. she wants to know why there is not rehabilitation in prison, not more help for these addicts when they have to turn to prostitution to get more money to support their have? governor christie: there is in new jersey. we are the first time to say first on non-drug offenders, no prison. it is a disease, and the war on drugs has been a failure. we are looking at is a moral failing by people. everyone makes the sixth. but for the grace of god go i for those people who have been stricken with the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. what we need to do is embrace this people and say if you are not a violent offender, not dealing drugs to our children you need to get you treatment rather than prison. the fact is this can happen to anyone.
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people think this is somehow guided by socio-economic or educational standards. anyone can have this happen to them. we need a president who will say this is a disease and we need to fix it. mr. heath: thank you, governor. >> dr. ben received his m.d. from the university of michigan medical school. mr. heath: dr. carson, you have been one of the folks who talked a lot early on about some of the faults of the affordable care act, or obamacare. the republicans have criticized -- what do you replace it with? you have problems in health care system. mr. carson: there is no question there quite it needs to be replaced before you repeal it.
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the reason that i do not like obamacare, first of all not so much because it does not work and not so much because it is unaffordable, but really because it flies in the face of what we are as a nation, a nation that is of, four, and by the people. obamacare comes along with the government saying we do not cure people are saying. it is completely identical to the principles of the founding of this country. i would replace it with something that the power back in the hands of consumers and health care providers, health savings itaccounts, and we pay you for the same dollars that we use with judicial health care and get peaceful flexibility. you are $500 short-term or wife
7:27 pm
gave given to you, and it gives you enormous flexibility to cover almost anything. and then your catastrophic health care costs less because nothing is coming out of for catastrophic health care. it is like a homeowners policy with a big deductible versus policy or want everything covered. works well for the majority people, not so well for the indigent. kindly take care of the indigent now? medicaid -- and will budget, $500 billion. $5,000 each man, woman, and child in america. what can you do with that, a concierge practice. still a couple thousand left over for catastrophic care insurance. about what happens -- washington would say you cannot get health savings account to the indigent
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because they would not be able to manage them. they think everybody is like them. the fact is it is not too. they said that stance. people learn how to manage stampgood stamps. he is learning personal responsibility for your doing things that rather than dependency. mr. heath: some participants are in the senate because they had a vote tonight. planned parenthood -- the taxpayers fund planned parenthood? mr. carson: absolutely not. the reason the leos videos show the atrocities of that.
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let them find other depraved individuals to help them. mr. heath: we have another doctor in the audience, dr. oscar green submitted this question, what is your game plan to reform the tax code? mr. carson: baseline on uiwho i consider to be the fairest individual in the universe -- god. there must be something fair about proportionality, that is what i do. it would have to be somewhere between 10% and 15% initially no deductions and notables. mr. heath: thank you. >> governor jeb bush served as the 43rd of florida. mr. heath: governor's america doing enough now to prevent another major terrorist attack on u.s. soil, and what steps are
7:30 pm
we failing to take? mr. bush: we have let our guard down a little bit. it is difficult. united after 9/11, responded created an apparatus that kept us a overtime now concerned about civil liberties have comes to the forefront. we need to reinvigorate this. senator graham is right. as a war against western civilization. these are barbarians. isis stays currently in a caliphate, the size of indiana doing nothing gives them the chance to be able to send tweets out to recruit people here in our country. we have a security threat that is real we need to do what we should be doing, which is a strategy to take them out. protecting the homeland is the first duty of the president. mr. heath: obama recently
7:31 pm
referred to prices as the j.v. team. we agree to have graduated to a varsity threat. if your generals told you a month or so special forces in syria could significantly cut down isis strongholds, would you get the order? mr. bush: i would take the advice of the military seriously. a strategy. this president -- two times as many we do not have a strategy related to isis. pretty amazing. special forces. the idea of its underground, i'm not sure that is the theory but special forces and getting our trainers and forces with the syrian free army, training them at a much faster rate. we spent $500 million to that $69, people ready to go. if this is a serious african need to treat it seriously.
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-- if this is a serious effort, we need to treat it seriously. supporting it with air power and power and creating a strategy and sticking with it. the final thing things threre needs to be a political element as well. it is hard to enage with turks and saudis, they are not going to make a commitment. mr. heath: you said today in california, the country, hard job running for president. you have been out of office for a while, even senator rubio speaks well of your time in florida. mr. bush: we can grow our economy. mr. heath: you think so? mr. bush: and the fact that paul krugman disagrees with me warm smile heart.
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the tax code completely regulate and embracing the energy revolution with a north american strategy that will lie for -- that will allow for jobs the created, and to move to an economic driver is that will solve our entitlement challenges. in order to grow at a it will roll. we need the skills to do that. cut taxes to 19 billion dollars. we got the workforce 11%. we went to triple-a bond ratings. i loved as government with a $9 billion reserve for a rainy day for the next guy, and created 4.3 million jobs during. small businesses, more jobs were small businesses were created during this he years. mr. heath: legal immigration does the illegal crisis, shouldn't affect the number of folks in legally?
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mr. bush: we need to narrow the number people comforting in by family physic petitioning. >> carly fiorina was the first woman to lead a fortune 50 business. mr. heath: it is kind of personal and professional question, and run for office but you were a top 50 ceo. you talked about your business background. one of our people who started this wants to know what is believed our action you have taken as a leader, and what did you learn from it? ms. fiorina: thank you st. aa nselm, for hosting this. thank you for doing. i think one of the most
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difficult decisions you have as a leader is to challenge the status quo what the status quo is. status quo in any system, any business bureaucracy, and in washington, d.c., is powerful because people who have benefited from the status quo want to deserve it. when you challenge the status quo, we see this problem has been festering to and we will fight useful to the chart for too long, we have been talking about this tomorrow,. the truth is a percent of the american people think we have professional political class that likened to the status quo. we even talking today about illegal immigration. how will the talking border being insecure? 30 years. how long have we know it is insecure?
7:36 pm
30 years. how long has it been insecure? 30 years. somehow we never saw these problems because the status quo is in charge. leaders challenge the status quo. mr. heath: the popular action? ms. fiorina: when using the people we cannot afford to do this anymore. mr. heath: can you win with that message? ms. fiorina: people understand. our government has gotten bigger and bigger every year for almost 50 years. you have to invest in those things that are priorities, securing the border, helping people who need help, and he quit spending money -- and you need to quit spending money. and we are wasting hundreds upon millions of dollars every year. we know where it is because there are reports that land on congress' desk and nothing happens. mr. heath: hillary clinton --
7:37 pm
you have been a strong, steady critic of hillary clinton. she will be testifying in if you on benghazi, maybe e-mails. do you think those are political inconveniences, or on their energies the american people need to know about? are there any words you have on the illegal server for anything else? ms. fiorina: i think clinton thinks they are political inconveniences, they are more than it. she lied about benghazi. they was a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11. she went to the top some fixed -- and talked some fiction about a videotape. she has lied about her servers and the kinds of information she had her server and why should get everything on a single device. go to the core of her character. in order to beat hillary clinton
7:38 pm
or their nominee, we have to have a nominee will throw every punch, because this is a fight a fight for the future of this nature -- nation, and unfortunately, we know that sometimes right questions do not get asked me presidential debate. mr. heath: should plan. code that should planned parenthood received federal funding? ms. fiorina: absolutely night. taking care of people who need care is part of the moral fiber of our life. >> governor bobby jindal has served as governor of louisiana 2007. mr. heath: if you are the next american president, most people would agree you would be coming into a divided and race relations, income relations, and
7:39 pm
how much money. how can you unify his country? governor jindal: made trying to divide us by gender and race. we're all americans. this president has the awful job. as president i will unify the american people, so we can benefit when we shrink the size of the federal government. this president is going to try to turn the european -- the american dream to the european nightmare. give bernie sanders credit that at least he calls himself a socialist. as president, i unite the people. no more hyphenated americans. mr. heath: balancing the budget,
7:40 pm
make wash work. there is a feeling that almost everyone would agree that washington is not working for america. you have a good story to tell. balancing the budget, cutting the deficit but how do we believe we can go to washington collected and changed the culture of washington to balance budgets and making the american people be good about their government? governor jindal: we have cut the size of our budget 26%. we have 30,000 fewer state bureaucrats. i had democratic and majorities. even republicans in the same talk about the slow the growth of federal spending. we had a pungent deniers in both parties that we had a bunch of
7:41 pm
deniers in both parties. hillary clinton measures in the government sector. we measure it in the real world. it is important to get rid of his permanent political class in d.c. we need term limits. you politicians that live there and becomes a career. we need to stop them from becoming lobbyists, paying than a per diem. i would pay them every day they stay out of d.c. mr. heath: new hampshire in the accident general in the national guard decided against army recruiters domestically as when they are wrong. best when they are brought -- when they are brought. should we be arming them? governor jindal: absolutely.
7:42 pm
our commander-in-chief needs to do the same for actor military. we should not have gone-free zones. the president should go to the pentagon and said there is a generational conflict, and i glad that police officer in texas have a gun in garland, texas. if patton said to eisenhower, the french would be speaking german. let's are our military. mr. heath: i would like to take a president at his word regarding dealing with iraq. governor jindal: i disagree. this is a bad deal. he has declared wars on trans fats. a good deal with anytime anywhere inspections no centrifuges, no enriched uranium . they have to recognize israel's right to exist.
7:43 pm
no plutonium pathway. we will only gradually take away sanctions, not immediately. israel does not like it. that tells you all you need to know. >> governor scott walker has served as the 45th governor of wisconsin its 2011. -- since 2011. mr. heath: what steps should the country be doing to address climate change? cutting carbon emissions 25% -- is that realistic? governor walker: it would be like a was saw to the economy. i was a boy scout. i want to bounce a sustainable environment sustainable economy. they have to go in hand.
7:44 pm
i want clean air, land, water. they have to go hand-in-hand. this proposal today is a consultant economy. we need a leader in the white house ties that bound. mr. heath: it was not long ago that sequestration came about. if you were elected president how did you work with congress both sides, to cut spending and be specific on areas the budget you think could or need to be cut? governor walker: i am for a balanced budget. we reduced taxes on individuals reduced one of the brackets on job creators and farmers. then we lowered property taxes. simon to balance the budget. it is something i have done the past.
7:45 pm
it's got to be too great and reform. we lay a multi-pronged plan to repeal obamacare and patience back in charge of their health care, reading in things we just talked about regulations that are like a wet blanket, an energy policy that allows us to use the abundance to make sure that everybody is skills they need to succeed, and reform and lower tax rates. on specifics reductions, could be part of reform is taking major portions of the federal government and others and take them from washington, send them back to the states. governors will be more efficient. mr. heath: were path in wisconsin as governor, you survived a recall, you got a good story on balancing the budget, you have a surplus -- how much now? governor walker: we used it to
7:46 pm
cut taxes by 500 billion dollars, and our rainy day fund is bigger than when he took office. mr. heath: you have been known as someone who took on unions. governor walker: i am pro-worker, from taxpayer. the main wisconsin and right thing. he gave people in wisconsin the freedom to choose. many chairs to keep that money to pay for their kids college education. we are pro-taxpayer. we redistributed that back to the hard-working taxpayers, and the people they duly elected, we no longer have seniority or tenure in schools we can pay based on performance. four years later, restoration rates are up, reading scores are up a.c.t. scores are the second
7:47 pm
best in the country. mr. heath: biggest challenge that you feel you are successful on? governor walker: taking on the budget deficit. i focused on the forum" and that made all the difference. >> governor george pataki serve as the governor of new york from 1995 until 2006. mr. heath: this question comes from the live free or die outline what agency do you think should be eliminated? mr. pataki: we should get rid of obamacare, common core, reduce the size of the federal force by the 15%. he say, how can you do that?
7:48 pm
i had an overwhelming democratic legislature. i was able to get changes like that through. i reduce the size of the workforce by over 15%. we cut the growth and medicaid. we change the welfare system. over one million fewer people on welfare than when it costs. you should the size of the federal government. one program i would repeal is obamacare. to do that to get democratic votes. not been able to send you to the present. the democrats to support conservative policies. mr. heath: you believe the aca can be repealed? mr. pataki: i think it has to be repealed. it is going to get worse worse not only is it hurting health care for americans, it is also one of the reasons our economy is not growing. i cannot tell you the number of
7:49 pm
employers say they will keep their workforce low 50 -- below 50. there are millions of americans working 29 hours a week because of obamacare kick in. if the put in place an alternative. i would sit down with the democrats as i did in an alternative that allows us to give as basis that powers the patient. mr. heath: one of the folks in new hampshire wants to know what group you think is treated most fairly by the tax code? mr. pataki: that aremr. pataki:. our freedom depends on those who live their lives on the line. that a health care system for veterans that denies them so as where 1/3 of those waiting in line and an administration lies about it is wrong. we have performed health-care system parameter you to do more
7:50 pm
for the mental health. on the tax code, the biggest single killer there is for manufacturers. artwork in a small town, who is -- i worked in a small time. my family all worked in a fa ctory. we have the highest tax on manufacturing in the world today. the worst regulatory state. he had to lower tax that we have to lower the tax burden. this will allow our great workforce to create jobs. despite the bad federal policy on manufacturing, we were able to get over $20 billion private sector investment in building computer just factories in upstate new york. grow the economy, allow workers to have a solid and should the federal government. mr. heath: glitch in the
7:51 pm
corporate tax rate be? mr. pataki: i was a 12% which is lower than competitors. energy costs are coming down. we have the best workforce and work ethic in the world. you entrepreneurs -- we have entrepreneurs. we can grow manufacturing. mr. heath: should taxpayers fund planned parenthood? mr. pataki: plan or who has a basic disregard, and i think they should be defunded. mr. heath: we will get you next round. thank you. >>now joining us from washington are three senators who had to be at the capito this evening.
7:52 pm
lthey wanted to be her, but we are happy to then joining us by satellite. i believe we are joined by our senators and we will start with senator rand paul. good evening. running for president in 1952, general dwight eisenhower said i shall go to korea. if you are elected president name the first 41 spot you will travel to. mr. paul: thanks for letting us. remotely. i have been leading the fight to defund obamacare and was lucky enough to get a vote on that this evening. first country i will travel to i think it is important we engage with so i think it is important that even in is sometimes our adversary, russia is our adversary, that we interact with these once great superpowers and
7:53 pm
emerging superpowers. i would say either china or russia. mr. heath: how would you lessen college that for millions of americans? mr. paul: i would make it presentable. i would say your interest and principal of the infected over your entire career. college is a working expense, so i would let you deduct it as a working expense throughout your entire working career. this makes more sense than what the president says, it's going to be free. there is no free lunch. timing is work and making it deductible is a good idea. mr. heath: an american center found be fighting with isis -- should an american citizen found be fighting with isis have their citizenship revoked? mr. paul: you have no rights
7:54 pm
when you are in the battlefield. i have filibustered over 13 have to say noncombatants do have rights and should be killed without due process, but those who are friday against america -- this is important to note that american citizen here do get due process. we get the bill of rights and the danger we have when we have people like japanese-americans and incarcerated that. but we did to african americans, pre-civil rights and we have to be important that we individualized suspicion and we collect everyone's phone records all-time without suspicion. i'm glad we entered the president's illegal phone program, and this is the better the fourth. we will not let you collect phone records indiscriminately.
7:55 pm
mr. heath: what private information should the government collect from individuals guaranty and security? where do you draw the line? mr. paul: we should collect more information on terrorists, less information on innocent individuals. we had a way to get information the fourth amendment. you have to individualized decision. the 17th the 19th hijacker, we had information and we fail to get a warrant. it was not that it was the night. boston bomber, we failed to pursue the information. same with the four foot massacre. i think we can catch terrorists can get more information on terrorists, but there is no evidence. there are three bipartisan commission that same information here capturing indiscriminately on has not caught any terrorists, has damaged our bill of rights as our right to
7:56 pm
privacy. mr. heath: radvision might take some time in a terrorist situation with federal agents to stop a bomb going off if you have to get that warrant? mr. paul: there are always circumstances. there have always been circumstances, but for the most part you need to get a warrant. the real quentin -- question, collecting americans phone records all the time? is that a time. best is that a good idea? this is a president who went after conservative groups. it's not a good idea to trust the president with our records. lasted about principle or 10 and a half hours on the senate floor to say the president should be collecting records.
7:57 pm
we should do it in a targeted pass and do more collection of information, just less on innocent americans. mr. heath: my next question is for a colleague on your left or right. senator ted cruz. arthur schwartz wonders what you're dealing with iran. senator cruz: thank you very much. we had to be here to vote to defund the parenthood and i have seen republican leadership believes the fight to get it done. funding and. it. let me ask -- answer the question. i believe this obama a radiant with their deal is the single greatest national security threat raising america. if this deal goes through, several things. first of all roughly $100 billion will flow into the iran. joran is that leading state
7:58 pm
sponsor of terrorism. billions of that will go on to hamas, hezbollah. it is interesting. if this deal goes through the obama administration will become the world's leading global financier of radical islamic terrorists. in response, last week president obama attacked me from africa for saying that. he says that rhetoric was overheated. that's me tell you, speaking the truth is that rhetoric. the gene is if this administration is the obama and clinton and kerry are responsible for sending billions of dollars to iran and that -- those billions go to jihadists use that money to murder americans and israelis can european summit in the administration is responsible beyond that. this deal mleaves four
7:59 pm
americans languishing in iran. this deal accelerates your acquiring nuclear weapons. what should we do? i just legislation that would reimpose sanctions and drink the them to a clear committee is for iran to lift sanctions that they would disassemble all 19,000 centrifuges, and over and reached uranium can shut down their icbm program which exists for what purpose than to carry a the united company would cease being the world's leading sponsor of terrorism. everything i can to the american people fits this abstract deal because it is a profound threat to the safety and security of america, and we need a commander in chief to defend this nation. mr. heath: tell us about a time
8:00 pm
where your judgment has been tested and what you want to appreciate your judgment. senator cruz: i will tell you serving in the senate is an interesting experience.


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