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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 12, 2015 7:40pm-8:01pm EDT

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carson at 5:00 and george pataki at 5:30. campaign 2016, taking you on the road to the white house. of theer: tonight, part conference with remarks from liberal activist, discussing how to elect more democrats to local office. former ohio state senator nina turner also looked at 2014 voter turnout and why it was so low. here is that now. >> last year was the lowest voter turnout in our country in 70 years. now, think about what was happening in the united states of america. we were busy with a war, called war, so 70 years. so people are opting out because they do not believe that folks who will be elect space really give a -- about them. i will keep it pg.
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[laughter] turner: so, for me, running for secretary of state in the great state of ohio, one man, one woman, one vote, and the great equalizer, and how hard it was to get traction, because i was not running for governor. state's race, i am not just saying that because i was running but because if people cannot vote, if they do not have access, if their voice cannot be heard through the power of their vote, then you mayor orte for a school board member or councilmember or governor. the ballot box is most important, so what i think happened, i have to go call my sister janet jackson. what have you done for me lately? announcer: that was just a portion of the netroots conference in phoenix.
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you can see those remarks tonight at 8:00 p.m. on a span. tv, with2, it is book author is speaking at book fairs and festivals around the country, and on c-span3, including a discussion on his most famous speeches on berlin in 1987 and in front of the british parliament in 1982. "washington journal ofa look at the struggle voting rights in america, and kiersten powers talks about her new book, how the left is killing free speech, which examines what she calls liberal attempts to shut down debate on a number of issues. plus your phone calls, facebook comments, and tweets. "washington journal" live on c-span.
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announcer: this weekend on the books,network, politics, and american history. on c-span live from the state fair, the candidate's soapbox beginning saturday at noon. we will hear from republicans rick santorum and democrats lincoln chafee and senator bernie sanders, and then more with public and candidates than carson at 5:00 followed by george pataki. on c-span2 saturday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern, claire mccaskill on her life and political career, and sunday morning at 10:30, the recent and campaign" finance law. i've c-span3 sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern, with many presidential candidates visiting the iowa state fair, we will learn about the history and the stop on the road to the white house as we look back at the 2008 presidential race, and
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saturday evening at six on "the the 1864 battle of mobile bay, the resulting union victory, and the closing of one 's last ports.racy get more information on announcer: last night, republican presidential candidate donald trump held a press conference in michigan. he discussed a range of issues, including race relations in america and the relationship with china and immigration. this is 15 minutes. mr. trump: good evening. how are you? yes, ma'am? >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: i think the republican party is going to do well. you have a very, very -- you have another party that has problems.
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as you saw today with the e-mail situation with hillary clinton, it is a big, big problem. if they judge it fairly, she has got a problem. yes, sir? no, not at all. i have been proven right. i have been absolutely proven right. yes? i have what? i don't think so at all. i mean, i look at the polls. i can only go by the polls. a new poll came out. 32%. that is the highest for anybody yet. go by the polls. the people we are dealing with and whatever has happened, it is what it is. you just look at the results. i guess iowa came out, and leading in i you will, leading in new hampshire, leading a north carolina, leading in south carolina, leading in nevada, leading everywhere. so that is all i can go by.
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excuse me? that is the best question. china. china. i think you have to do something n china. i they devalued their currency. they are making it absolutely impossible for the united states to compete, and the u.s. does nothing. china has no respect for president obama whatsoever, whatsoever. you have to take strong action. they devalued their currency, and i have been saying this breed they been doing this for years. this was the largest evaluation they have had in two decades. they have had in two decades. they think we are run by a bunch of idiots, and what is going on with china is unbelievable. in itrgest devaluation two decades. it is honestly a great question.
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it is a disgrace. major, fantastic. i watched you with president obama two weeks ago. he was not thrilled. i am sure i will be more thrilled. >> how would you grade his leadership? about detroit -- mr. trump: very fair question. you could have let it rebuild itself, and you could have led a go bankrupt and let it rebuild itself. a lot of people think that is the way it should have gone. it either i think you would have ended up ultimately at the same face. yes, ma'am?
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race relations are at an all-time high were at an all-time low? well, that is certain. jobs. spirit. there is no spirit. well, certainly, i would, but in terms of what would you do to address -- and, really, i do not know about all time, but certainly they are doing very poorly. you look at what is going on every place, every place, and we have powder kegs all over the country ready to explode. you need spirit, a speedy court, and we needed jobs. we need to take our jobs that from china and all of these other countries who have taken our jobs. questionhy when the was asked about china, it is just terrible. it is just terrible what has happened. more jobs are going to go. yes, ma'am? well, i think so.
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i think we are going to do very well with a lot of votes. we are going to do very well with the hispanic vote. we are going to do very well with the women vote. if you look in nevada, they did the poll. in the hispanic vote because i have created jobs, and there are tremendous numbers of jobs am a so i think we are going to do rate, and then the women's health issues, i am for that. i watched jeb bush give the worst answer the other day. i think that is going to be his 47%. lost theey probably election -- a lot of reasons, frankly, but one of the big reasons was his 47%. that was a disaster. b's issue theje other day on women's health issues was a disaster for him, and then he said he misspoke. that? you misspeak about i will be great on women's health issues. i chairs women, and i will be great on women's health issues,
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believe me. hello, david. >> you have said you are going to be great on women, you are going to be great on china, you're going to be great on isis -- mr. trump: hopefully everything. >> we have not heard a lot of particulars. when are you going to tell us what you will replace obamacare with, how you will fix china? how you will bring jobs? : ok, first of all you , did not bring up isis. what happened? i think you are going to see lots of plans, and first of all, when you come up with a plan, in business, you have to be flexible. there has to be flexibility, and recently at doral, in miami, everybody wanted it, and i sat down and said here is a 12 point plan in order to get doral, i did not do that. i ended up getting it. everybody wanted it. all of the smart money wanted
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it. the old postop is on pennsylvania avenue. everybody wanted it. i got it. in the obama administration, i got it, which is pretty shocking, considering lots of other people wanted it, and i got it because i know how to get things and i know how to get things done. "u can't sit down and say, well, i am point to come out with an 18-point plan to, up with a way to make it a great hotel." trump got it. i am not an obama person. you probably know that. a has to be there actually does have to be addressed. if you do not trust him you're not going to do very well. major, go ahead. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: jeb bush does not -- jeb bush will not be
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able to negotiate against china. jeb bush will not be able to negotiate against mexico. jeb bush with mexico said people come in, they come in, it is an act of love, ok? love.not an act of we need a wall. you see what is happening with illegal immigration, and in all fairness, if it were not for me, they would not even be talking about illegal immigration. you saw what happened in san francisco and what happened california, which was horrible. the whole situation with jeb bush with his act of love, it is not working. that firstt of heat weekend, and than people realize that was right, and then they apologized to me. to be announcing over the next two weeks numbers specifics, knowing that what i just said is right. you really have to be flexible in jobs and everything else, and i'm going to be speaking about it later.
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we are going to be taking jobs outside. we are going to be taking them away from china, away from all of these countries that are stealing from us. i mean, they are stealing our base, our money, our manufacturing. we're going to bring them back into the united states, and, for example, a $2.5 billion land --ing built for automobiles plant being built for automobiles in mexico. helping us? they are spending $2.5 billion in mexico, andt cars and things will go over there, but they are coming into the united states no tax. except theyhelp us, will be closing plants in michigan and everywhere else. we will be bringing that jobs to the united states. yes, sir. >> [indiscernible] ok, let me tell you something.
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10 years ago, everybody wanted the wall. the democrats, the republicans they could not get it. , you know one of the reasons? environmental impact statements. there were toads. it is the most incredible thing to give we are going to get the wall built, and it is going to be ill to write, and mexico is going to pay for the wall. mexico is making a fortune off the united states. excuse me. mexico is going to pay for the wall, and they are going to be happy about it, because the cost of the wall is peanuts compared to the kind of money they are making. mexico is becoming the new china. i have a great love of mexico. i have love for the mexican people. i have thousands of mexico people -- mexicans have worked for me, and they are now. thousands. people, a fantastic great spirit, but their politicians and leaders are much smarter and sharper and more cunning, and i say the word
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cutting, they are more cunning than our leaders, and they will pay for the wall, and they will be happy about it. -- toill continue to well do well but not as well as they are doing now. they are taking too many of our jobs. third party. >> [indiscernible] well, that could happen. that could happen. it came out on a lot of networks today. so, there should have been it 2 million people watching. do you agree? 2 million. 2 million people. there are 24 million people, and i think the 24 million is going to go to 28 million or 29 million when the final numbers come in. who do you think they are watching? jeb bush? i don't think so. i hope not. i want to run as a republican.
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that is what i am doing. i am leading and every poll, the local and national polls and by substantial margins. i hope that i will be the republican nominee, because that is the best way to win. i am going to keep the door open. if i am not treated fairly. and the word is fairly. it does not mean well. the word is fairly. fairly means fairly. i want to be treated fairly. i want to the establishment -- look. i was part of the establishment. let me explain. i was the establishment two months ago. i was like the fair-haired boy. giver, a big giver, and once i decided to run, all of a sudden i am sort of semi-anti-tablets with, and now leading in the polls, -- i am sort of semi-antiestablishment, and now leading in the polls, we have a great relationship.
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want to run as a republican. i do not want to run as a third-party or independent. republican,n as a and as long as i am treated fairly, that will be the case, and it is an instinct. i know what fair is, and you know what's there is, and i think that is what is happening. and, by the way, win, lose, or draw, if i wind republican nomination, i guarantee you all run ag there, i will not third-party candidate. do you agree? one more question. yes, sir. yes, sir. >> [indiscernible] i would never give up my microphone. that showed such weakness. away, the was taken young women, and the audience, which liked him, i mean, they ?re saying, "what is going on
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" it orot know if i will do other people will, but that was a disgrace. i felt badly for him, but it shows that he is weak. he is getting the biggest crowds, and i am getting the biggest crowds. we are that you double your getting the biggest crowds, but believe me, that is not going to happen to trump. i agree. did you hear what he said? it." i agree. you want to be what, vice president? now his questions were no longer as good. he had great credibility until he said that. now it is like, where did he come from? go ahead. 100%. market down. 100%.
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-- mark it down. 100%. all right, thank you very much. announcer: and friday, we will hear more from republican presidential candidate donald trump as he holds a campaign rally in hampton, new hampshire. live friday ats 7:10 p.m. eastern here on c-span. announcer: first lady helen taft made several notable changes to the white house. the most obvious was replacing withhite, male ushers african-american staff, and then a memorial for victims of the titanic, but her greatest legacy was bringing thousands of japanese cherry trees to the capital. helen taft on the c-span series and theiries,"
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influence on the presidency. from martha washington to michelle obama, sundays at 8:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv on c-span3. here is what is happening on c-span tonight. first, a couple of sessions from the netroots conference, including democrats gaining localin legislatures and elected offices, and then a look at the race and gender makeup of elected officials. oner, a discussion immigration from the bipartisan policy institute. then, the referenda john richard bryant, the bishop would be methodist piscopo church, talks about guns and gun violence. former president jimmy carter described today that he has cancer, and the carter center says


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