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  Washington This Week  CSPAN  August 15, 2015 2:43pm-3:00pm EDT

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at the soapbox at the iowa state fair. now as we wait for bernie sanders at 3:00 eastern time, we are going to show you some of donald trump as he arrived in his helicopter and then spoke to reporters for a bit before offering free rides to some of the children in attendance.
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[indiscernible] donald trump: now it is on. >> welcome to the iowa state fair. thank you.p: thank you very much. >> [indiscernible] is just goingit
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to be exciting for the kids, so i know there are going to be quite a few kids taking rights today. where are the children? get them over here. this is great. i love children and i love iowa and this is great. it is an amazing place. yes, mark? mark: [indiscernible] i have been: well doing it and i have been here many times, as you know. we have a great staff with the whole place, you know, chuck and everybody. actually, the venues have gotten larger and larger because we have got some tremendous crowds. we are doing it record-breaking crowds, and i am so honored when i saw the recent polls with iowa, leading by a lot. we actuallylly, and started with the smaller venues, and it has gotten to be in or miss actually -- enormous, actually.
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mark: [indiscernible] donald trump: i would do that, actually. here they are. i love my kids. does anyone want to take a ride? [cheering] donald trump: who wants to take a ride? you can go up, you can go down, who wants to go first? we are going to have some fun. are your parents out there? wave to your parents. they're going to have a great time. it is a great experience. can you believe this? i look forward to it, actually. >> [indiscernible] donald trump: i have no expectations. i just hope they're innocent, whoever it is. i did hope they are innocent. >> [indiscernible] she's got a lot of problems with the e-mail situation. if you look at general perjurious, he -- general
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just a tiny has fraction of what she is going through, and they made his life hell. well, how are you? nice seeing you, martha. you are innocent until proven guilty, but certainly it would look that way. it looks very serious as far as hillary is concerned. i hope that is not what happens to her, but certainly, the facts aren't looking good right now. if you look at general petronius, what he went through on a much smaller level, i think it is going to be very tough for her. yes? >> can you tell us under what circumstances you would use nuclear weapons? donald trump: i don't even want to talk about that question. that is a very serious question. hopefully you would never have to use a nuclear question. hopefully. but look, we have to be prepared permit the world hates us like they have never hated us before, and we have to build up our military and take care of our vets and we have to have the finest armaments and the finest
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military than any other country in the world by you actor -- world by a factor of 10. we have to be so strong and so smart that nobody would ever mess with us. >> mr. trump, what would you say to hillary clinton if you ran into her at the iowa state fair? donald trump: i would say hello. >> [indiscernible] donald trump: say again? >> [indiscernible] being trump: well, we are ripped off by anybody in the world, china, mexico, and mexico is sort of becoming the new china in terms of trade. , nabisco is moving to mexico. i mean, give me a break. so we have to reverse that. we need jobs in our country. we are better than other countries and we are going to take jobs back from china and japan and we are going to make our country great again and that to me, that is the challenge. it is not going to be that difficult. i spoke to carl icon, he is a
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great negotiator -- carl great he is a negotiator, and he will work with me. we are a great country and we will come out on top every single time. and that is what we need. thank you. [applause] >> you talked about jeb bush being a puppet -- donald trump: well, jeb bush is a puppet to his donors. i know this. he's got lobbyists. he'd try to make this statement the other day and he said, skin in the game. he said, the united states has to prove to iraq that we have skin in the game. we spent $2 trillion, thousands , wounded warriors whom i love all over the place, and he said we have to prove that we have skin in the game. i think that may have been one
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of the dumbest things of that i have ever heard. skin in the game? we don't have anything to prove. iraqis are a bunch of crooks. iran is taking over iraq. and i understand psychology, i think his brother probably said, hey, i think you are killing me, that was his war and he looks very bad. so jeb bush tried to push back, and when he said, we have to prove to iraq that we have skin in the game, and we have lost all of those lives and all of that money, i think he should apologize to the families of the people. >> the second part of the question is, is your critique of him being a puppet, do you admit that you are essentially a puppeteer controlling -- now i am ap: but different side. i know how the system works better than everybody. >> [indiscernible] donald trump: many of the people are part of the game, to hillary, to jeb, to everybody
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else, people don't like them because they like the color of his hair, believe me. these are highly sophisticated killers. if they get $5 million or $2 million or $1 million to jeb, they will act just like a puppet. what ever they want, he is there puppet. believe me. yesterday, i had a lobbyist, hip, he is a friend of mine, good guy, smart as hell. he works for his clients. i don't blame him. he said, donald, i want to put $590 into your campaign. i said i don't need it. and he said, no, i want to give it. want it.o, i don't because if you want to come back in two years and you want me to help a country or a company that you represent, i want to do the right thing for the people of the united states and i don't want to insult you. i appreciate it, but i don't what your money. i am turning down so much money. i don't want to feel obligated. all of them, i am
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not just talking about jeb bush, but hillary, too. but believe me, i have played the game, nobody has played the game better than i did. i have been on both sides and i know how the game works. >> [indiscernible] will berump: nobody able to do the job the way that i can do it. i will strengthen our military and i will take care of our vets and i will get rid of obamacare, by the way, which is a catastrophe. [applause] donald trump: look at what is happening, the cost of your insurance is going through the roof. look at what is happening. it is terrible. i will take care of people. and i will be better to women. and that is another thing, i heard from jeb, women's health issues. he didn't want to fund it. then he went back to were three hours later and he said he misspoke. he misspoke. good to women. i will cherish women. women haven't been taking care of property -- care of properly. says, hecomes back and
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changes his mind, because his pollsters said that he misspoke. another question? >> [indiscernible] next few weeks? will comemp: well, it out tomorrow, i just put it out and it will come out tomorrow on aeet the press" that i have new policy, and it will come up tomorrow, but i have a new tax system and who knows taxes better than me? so we're putting them out one by one. and i think that you will see that it is very important. yes? and they you for all of your nice words, by the way -- thanks you for all of your nice words, by the way. >> -- donald trump: when you put a policy like a 14 point plan, a lot of times, in the first hour of negotiations, that 14 point plan goes astray, but you might
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end up with a better deal, so that's how it works. when i do a deal, i don't say here is 14 points. i go out and do it. i don't sit down and talk about 40 points. that i know the press wants it. i don't think people care. trust me. that is what it is all about. >> [indiscernible] donald trump: i have been getting politicians to pass everything that i want. all of my life. nobody has more experience dealing with policy issues than me. i have been dealing with them all my life, whether it is a new york city zoning deals -- and by the way, these are probably tougher than the things that i would be dealing with in dealing with foreign countries -- i have worked on getting things out on the west side of manhattan, anything sold for the trump tower. beene tell you, i have dealing with politicians all my life. they are fine, there are wonderful, they are all talk and no action, they are selling this country down the tube.
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>> why do you think voters don't care about policy? >> why are you speaking at the iowa caucus? are you afraid -- donald trump: no, because that paper in my opinion was not relevant to me. just not relevant. and i notice a number of other people are speaking. no, the paper is not relevant. >> four years ago -- donald trump: yes, i am taking questions right now. she just asked, if i am going to take questions from reporters. what am i doing? am i taking questions from reporters? this shows i am taking questions from reporters. [applause] donald trump: by the way, unlike hillary, unlike hillary, do we agree? yes? >> [indiscernible] donald trump: i hadn't heard that. well, i guess that is a compliment in many ways. yes, go ahead. >> [indiscernible] protecting the
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border and enforcing the laws that we are a have. -- that we already have. donald trump: you are going to love me. we are building a wall. nobody is going through my wall. truck built walls. -- trump builds walls. it is going to be strong and it is going to be long and is going to be policed. to fly a dronee over it and nobody can go under, nobody is going over it, and you know what? we are going to have a big door for people to come and legally. we are good have a big, beautiful door for people to come in legally. i will want people to come and legally, but they will have to legally, butme in they will have to do it legally. >> can you imagine yourself -- donald trump: i think even better, i think it even better. i think foreign leaders -- i
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have had great relationships with foreign leaders over the years. i think even better. i am doing well, i am leading in the polls, the big ones, the little ones, i am leading in iowa, because when people look at scott walker, his state has a $2.2 billion deficit. he was telling people that his growth is terrible in terms of the state, and there is tremendous dissension all over the state, but they said they were going to have a big surplus over $1 billion, but there is a 2.2 billion dollar deficit, and nobody was willing to say it but me. and i didn't want to say. i would have never have said it i would he did -- have never said it until he attacked me. >> [indiscernible] donald trump: i am doing well, i am building it all over the world. i am building it all over the world, in china. i am doing great. putin can't stand obama. nobody.
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who likes obama? i am talking worldwide. he doesn't get along with anybody. i said it. hillary clinton was the single worst secretary of state in the history of this country. the world collapsed around us while she was secretary of state. mightn my opinion, kerry be worse, because he is making a deal with iran that is so bad and so dangerous and so incompetent and stupid that it will have grave consequences. grave consequences. >> day one, how would you stop the iranians from getting nuclear weapons? donald trump: you will have to use forceful actions. very forceful actions. let me just tell you that israel was sold out by kerry and obama. you cannot have a nuclear iran. you can't have it. when they are marching down the street saying, "death to
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israel," you can't have it. >> have you set a budget for this endeavor? donald trump: irrelevant. you see that i make $400 million a year, so what difference does it make? what i do is i want to make the country get -- great. that's what i want to do. my children and my executives will run my company. i won't even think about it. i won't even care about it. i have some of the great assets in the world. i have the greatest assets in the world. best locations in manhattan. trump tower, 57th and. fifth. it will be used to make our then makech again and it great. we can't make it great unless we make it rich.
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we owed $19 trillion. my whole focus will be this country and making it great. >> donald trump from earlier today. we go live