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tv   Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 22, 2015 1:35pm-2:06pm EDT

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lucky. everybody said, he's never going to run. you know that, right? my wife said, you know -- she knows me pretty well. and she sees the reaction. for a long time, whether it was of the deal -- which obama and kerry obviously they -- oh, when look. "the art of the deal." i love that book. give me that book. give me that. that is the real one. that is the original. that is when they used real paper, right? i said the other day -- because so many people carry around "the deal," because they are begging, they are begging
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their politicians, read the article when you negotiate with china and mexico and vietnam and saudi arabia and with everybody. you know, right now, we have a problem where north korea is getting frisky, right? recently i ordered 4000 television sets. can you believe i was able to find a guy -- i know how to do that. you know that. there made in america and i am going to give you your book. believe me, i have not forgotten about you. but they are made in america, but the other day, and now i see today is pretty hot in the news -- our very dear friend from north korea is acting a little bit rambunctious today. so i ordered 4000 television sets from south korea. whether it is same song or lg or any of them.
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they're all made in south korea. i tell you, it's a fortune. they are making a fortune. anybody who makes television sets and this country? i don't think so, right? they are mostly made, other than sony -- which has lost its way. the prices are too high. but they are mostly made in south korea. so i see that north korea is acting up. our troopsgetting ready and we are getting ready, we get nothing. we get nothing. what do we get? we get nothing? saudi arabia -- and i get along great with all of them. million, 5040 million dollars. am i supposed to dislike them? i like him very much. saudi arabia makes $1 billion a day. a day. in all fairness, that is before the oil when done a little bit.
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that's ok. these are minor details. make it half a billion a day. that's not so bad. we get nothing. we get nothing. they would not be there without our protection. even germany, germany is a power . who has a mercedes-benz, anybody? a lot of people. they are a power. they pay us nothing. we defend the whole world. -- somebodybe nice said, that is like the mafia. don't worry about it. the mafia is not so stupid, all right? they say, that's terrible to ask for money. they said it. that's terrible. how can you possibly as for money to defend the country? tell me. tell me. how crazy are we? now we are sending our everything -- i will tell you what, we've got those 28,000 troops on the border between north and south korea, that's dangerous territory. they are in harms way. they are in harms way.
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and we get nothing. we get nothing. other than they are a good competitor. they take our trade. we lose a fortune with them. we lose a fortune with china. we defend japan. we have an agreement with japan where if somebody attacks japan, we have to come to the rescue, but if we get attacked, japan does not have to help us. do you think that's a good deal? audience: no! mr. trump: like sergeant bergdahl. has anyone heard of sergeant bergdahl? the traitor. i called president obama. six people at least, that we know of, six people were killed trying to get this guy back. six people. they went after him. they wanted to get him back. sergeant bergdahl and they get five people they desperately wanted for years that are right now back on the battlefield tried to kill everybody, including us. how stupid are we? how stupid are we?
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reason -- no, the matter where i go, the overnight , new hampshiree was so incredible. every time i go on television, it's got to be live. it's alive. restd, can i have a please? it is live on fox. who likes fox? i like fox. [cheering] mr. trump: it's live on cnn. who likes cnn? [jeering] mr. trump: and it's live on msnbc, right? [jeering] mr. trump: they are still working. every time i speak, it has to be live. it's ridiculous, but it's ok. right? we have to suffer with it. but look.
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the reason i have this really incredible enthusiasm, and the really appreciate it with this weather and his heat and everything else, but the reason i have it is because i do know what i'm doing, and i don't say that in a braggadocio way. you people are looking for someone who knows what he is doing, whatever it is. [cheering] mr. trump: you know -- >> [indiscernible] thank you, darling. i'm going to sign her book. i've got to get her the hell out of here. she's so beautiful. my second favorite book of all time. what is my first favorite book? audience: the bible! mr. trump: the bible. the bible. and as much as i love "the art of the deal," it's not even close. we take the bible all the way, right?
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[cheering] mr. trump: so, i was saying, i'm not going to run. he is not going to run. he's never going to run. he's just having fun. his brand -- like i care, my brand. at this point, my brand. i mean, i lose gutless macey because i say something about immigration. they are gutless. they are all gutless. i have to sue univision. univision -- these beautiful women. beautiful women. and i get dropped by -- think of it. you have these magnificent women who worked all their lives to be and twoiss usa contest weeks before, nbc and univision dropped because they thought my tone was a little bit strong. [jeering] mr. trump: and it turned out i was right. so, here is the good news.
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i sued them both. [cheering] mr. trump: i mean, in the case of univision, i sued them for $500 million. i want that money. i want that money. so, i actually put it on the other day -- miss usa, because it was only fair to the people. we had it on the small network and it was fine, but who would do that? all because they want to be so politically correct. the actually called and said, we will get it back on him, we will get it back on soon. nascar." "trump loses it was all over the world. i opened with a strong statement, meaning illegal immigrants, we got to solve the problem. nascar"ump loses i don't have a deal with nascar. it turned out -- it turned out -- you know what they did? they had a ballroom.
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i kept their deposit and rented it to somebody else, by the way. [cheering] know imp: i did not even have a deal with them. it turns out they had a ballroom and what my places. they are out. the next day, espn severs ties. i have friends who calmly from paris. a great businessman. oh, it is to bad what happened with espn. i have a golf outing, this was a big deal. this is all over the world. the past -- maybe they did not get it, maybe they do not get it. i was very disappointed with macy's. goingeard that there were to be pickets in front of the store, and they said, oh, we will have pickets. i said, intake of hours they will be gone. they will go for lunch, they won't come back. they said, this is so bad. can we sever ties? i said, i don't care. i did not like their ties that
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much anyway. they are made in china. it drove me nuts. it's true. i just hate gutless people. so, the reason we are getting this receptivity, which is like all over theis place. i found my papers and i said i am going to run and i'm going to sign the big document, which is the one page document which is basically you're giving your life away, and i sign and they say, oh, i can't believe it. million to make jerks out of themselves -- the pundits. some are great. really aren't. he says i know which one. there's more than one. there were about 50. now there is about five. they're coming around. what happens -- he will never file. he will never file, because he
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is probably not as rich as people think. -- illy one of the reasons want to file my financials. they are so good. it's true. it's true. so, i had about 102 pages, 98 pages of stuff and all of these boxes, over 50 million, over 50 million, and they were phenomenal, phenomenal. much better. and people realize -- this is not bragging and i will tell you why. over $10 billion. very little debt. very little debt. to show you how stupid -- it has itine for income, and is over $400 million a year. if i could question mark son is here. he can live on that. i had a line for income. it buries with different things, but basically over $400 million at year. is there anybody who would not want to make that much money in
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one year here? anybody? with that comes responsibility, but i will tell you this. the reason people like what i am saying is because i want to put hellenergy, whatever the kind of energy it is -- i don't know if it is screwed up, genius, whatever it is. i know how to do things. great building a on pennsylvania avenue right opposite, between, as you know, the white house in the old post office. always get the post office. they were there first. i got the old post office and washington, d.c., and i got it from the obama administration. do you believe that? that is called dealmaking. one of the most sought after buildings and we got it and we were doing a great job and they wanted to make sure it would get done. it will be opening. here is that little story. it is now under budget and ahead of schedule. do you ever hear that from government? [cheering] mr. trump: and we just finished
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a lot of great jobs. my son is here -- has anyone ever heard of ivanka? [cheering] them run: i will let it. i will not let them do any big deals. just relax, eric. just relax. but you know what question mark i don't care about the company. building if we do a question mark it doesn't mean anything. my whole energy will be to make our country rich and make our country great again area that is my whole -- [cheering] i mean, it is my whole -- i have always had an aptitude for making money. some people would say, mr. trump that is very crass. you said you will make the country rich. that's very crass. country to make our great, i have to make it rich
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again. we are a debtor nation. anyone with a sign that big has to agree. -- i could notte care less about the old post office. i could not care less about any of our stuff. i just want to make this country so great, and that's what's going to happen. and that's what's going to happen. [cheering] like, as an example -- i will give you a couple of examples. with --ma, u.s. steel, we have a closure. i went around and i said does anybody work there? big closure. one of the reasons is china is dumping so much steel into the united states and really other countries also. but china -- i love that sign, look at that, huh? wow.
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oh, that's true. the only problem is you are breaking everybody's view, but the sign is fantastic area thank you. [laughter] china is dumping tremendous amounts of steel into our country. the government is subsidizing it. it is almost like they want us to just die. and they have no respect for us. and again likes of your rig it, like japan -- i get along with them great. in the world is in one of my buildings. money.ent so much am i supposed to dislike them? their leaders are really cunning. they are really sharp. we have dummies. we have dummies. we have people who don't have a clue. some people say they are bad people. i don't think they are bad people. i don't think they are bad.
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i think they are incompetent. so, you look at china and what they have done and last week -- and i said this and i have been saying this for a long time read you have been hearing it. , they devalue their currency and we are having a lot of hard times because of what they did. when i hear devaluation of the chinese currency, you know the word be sucking action -- the sucking action like a vacuum. things happen. two things get sucked out of us. our jobs and are money. think of it. china sells us our product, takes our jobs, does a manufacturing for us, and we owed them $1.4 trillion. that is like a magic act. i call it the magic act in reverse. we owed them money. japan -- in japan is back. as the new prime minister, as you know, and abe
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is really smart. he is smart. i met him one time. he is sharp. and he's negotiating against caroline kennedy. [laughter] mr. trump: and i was watching "60 minutes." i will give you guys a plug. i was watching " 60 minutes" and they are doing a feature on carolyn kennedy. you know what i like her? my daughter likes her. anybody my daughter likes. we loveivanka. how you become the ambassador to japan. we need somebody sharp. a smart killer. not a dumb killer. there are plenty of dumb killers, too. you get theow did ambassadorship, and she said well -- this is pretty close. you can check it out. she said, well, i don't know.
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i wanted a job. so i went to the white house and i said, could i have a job? do you have anything for me to do question mark and they said, how would you like to be ambassador to japan? and she said really? said, i'll do it. she could not believe she got it. and then she showed the rest of the show was her being wined and of theseabe and all killers. being fêted a dinner and lunches and breakfast. -- being fed at a dinner and lunches and breakfasts. the meanest, in many cases most horrible human beings on earth. they are killers. some are nice people. very few. some are nice people. but i will put the meanest, smartest -- we have the best in the world. we do not use them. we use political hacks, diplomats, people who do not
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have any business ability. we use people who have never done a job. stole my plane. people are pointing up to the plane. an example -- carl icahn. anyone ever hear of carl? he's an unbelievably brilliant, tough businessman. i call him. i say, you know, carl, i'm doing pretty well. i'm leaving every poll. he said, you're doing great. i can't believe it either. , if i ever: i said get there, i want you to oversee the negotiations with china. i can get him two. he is extraordinary. i will give you china and japan. "i'll do it, i'll do it!" [laughter] saidrump: remember when i someone had blood coming out of her eyes with hatred? he had blood coming out of his
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an unbelievable negotiator. unbelievable negotiator. i know the best. i know the worst. i know the ones that are overrated. i know the ones you have never heard about that are better than all of them. but carl is one of the greatest. he is very famous. he is very rich. he would love to do it. he would love to give back. he knows what is happening. they are ripping us. this stuff over here and somebody of the other day said what china has done to the united states is the greatest single theft in the history of the world. we haveat statement rebuilt china. we have rebuilt china. so, we have free trade. the problem with free trade is when you have free trade -- very important, you need competent leaders. that is the one problem with free trade. i like free trade. i am a free trader. you need great negotiators. we'll have that. we are getting killed by everybody. we do not make good deals.
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everybody is killing us. at so, we will have unbelievable deals. a friend of mine is a manufacturer, and he's trying to do business with china -- and he's a good manufacturer. makes great products. better than what they do. they do not want him sending stuff. he calls me. it is impossible to do business. their stuff comes over here by the ship load. he says is impossible. he finally gets a product in there and they charge him a massive tax which they call a tariff, because it sounds a little more sophisticated, right? boeing does business with china, and they want all of their intel, all of their copyrights, they won everything. otherwise we are not buying your plane. i don't blame china. i respect them. i'm not angry at them. i'm angry at our leaders for being so stupid your it i'm not angry at china. angry at our leaders for
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being so stupid. i'm not angry at china. mexico is the same thing. -- other day and invesco nabisco -- oreos. i love oreos. i'm never eating them again. i will never eat them again. no, nabisco closes the plant they just announced a couple days ago in chicago and they are moving to mexico. know why? why? why? have you heard my story -- have you heard the story before? do we want to hear it again or not? yes? all right. it's a big one. fort, great company -- ford, great company, they are building a car factory in mexico. they are closing bases up all over the united states. they are building a massive factory in mexico. --grade school i was
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hopefully still really smart. i went to a great school. hard to get into. even then it was hard to get into. i went to this great business school. i fully understand. i'm really good at this stuff. so, they are building a $2.5 billion plan. they will sell those parts back to us. where does that help us? explain. there is no tax. there is no nothing. there is no nothing. so, closing a plant here, building a massive plant in mexico, another plant, another big foreign car company -- there is a plant being built. they were all set to get started. in tennessee. you read all about it. a couple months ago, "wall to getjournal," all set started. mexico took it away. it will not be billed in kennett -- it will not be built in tennessee. it will be built in mexico.
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i did this. it really is sort of bright. this sort of position. i say, let's assume somebody else becomes president. wouldn't that be horrible? let's assume somebody else becomes president. a very low-energy person -- a very low-energy person -- very low energy, slow energy that every time you watch them, you fall asleep. hilleary. yeah, hillary, too. jeb becomes president. schools go toour hell. but forgetting about that. this say jeb does not want plant built. they will call him, the head of ford. and they will say, we do not want to build it. the next hour, he will get a call from the lobbyists and the
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special interests and his donors and they will say, hey, jeb, we gave you $8 million of the $120 million you raise. we want that thing done. you cannot do that to our people. oh, ok, it's going to get done, ok? as ok? is that better? is that better? [cheering] mr. trump: here is a simple question. who would you rather have negotiating with china, japan, mexico, any other -- trump or bush? audience: trump! trump! trump! trump! [cheering] mr. trump: ah, what a group.
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well, you know, it's sort of interesting. thank you. cnn does this big report that came out last week. everybody says why don't i have a pollster? why do i need a pollster. everyday i wake up and there's another poll. somethingy have vetted with her pollster, they can't talk. what do i need? save your money. cnn does this really expensive, really well done whole. poll.l done you know the thing i'll be great at? military. i am the toughest guy.
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i will rebuild our military. it will be so strong and so powerful and so great. it will be so powerful and so great that we will never have to use it to read nobody's going to mess with us, -- it. nobody's going to mess with us, folks. usa!"nting: "usa, usa, trump: i look at the various things to do with our country.
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they did another poll on who is one of the most popular. i was the most popular person. senators -- these other than jeff -- the senators, congressmen, people in -- they have done nothing to take care of our vets. they do this poll and in the poll a score really high with folks on almost everything. other than they thought i wasn't a nice person. and i'm a nice person. but who cares? a woman came up to me and said, i'm not sure you are nice enough to be president. this is not going to be an election based on a nice person. it's going to be based on a competent person.
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i won on jobs. i won on leadership by massive numbers. i won in all these categories. we don't need an election. these are such important categories. had an amazing experience because from the time i announced, almost other than the press, which the is largely very dishonest -- the i actually think the political media is less popular than congress. can you believe it? and congress has almost no ratings. look at all those cameras. they are all live and they are trying to shut off the camera right now. they're all live. so many live cameras.
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[indiscernible] thank you. dishonest butery there are a certain group that are fantastic people. every once in a while i get an honest story and i cherish those. they really started treating me much better. i said it's ran, amazing, went to a great school, smart guy, my uncle was a professor at m.i.t.. good family. do we believe in the gene thing? i do. like they used to say, secretariat does not produce [indiscernible] built a chairman discovered a. -- tremendous company. "the art of the deal"


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