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tv   Book Discussion on The Wheeling Family  CSPAN  September 2, 2015 7:51pm-8:01pm EDT

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-- population was never higher than when the steel was in full production. hugempact economically was . it turned wheeling into a major city for west virginia. because of its location on the ohio river and because the national road came through wheeling as i mentioned before, it was a transportation hub. so naturally and there is a lot of resources around here. iron or and coal. it was easy to transport goods like steel to market from wheeling. so industry was naturally drawn here. and industry requires labor. and so because it was an industrial town, there were a lot of jobs and these people came from rp regions of europe or the middle east and they needed work. many times the patriarch among
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the men of the family would come to the united states. the companies here would go to new york or one of the other ports of entry and recruit for their business. we have jobs and that is how the ended up here. others can because family members were here but they would send back money. they sent for their family to come over. their family, there was a coal mine owned by a gentleman who had come from italy. from a town in italy. he eventually did well and he bought the coal mine. he essentially brought a large neighbors to his work in the mind. he provided their jobs. so essentially, all of these
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italians are from that same town. i thought that was fascinating because he essentially drained and italian town and brought them here which is a small town north of wheeling. it was eventually incorporated into the city. they were grateful to him for providing work and opportunity. they came here by the droves. i spoke to a gentleman whose .ather worked in that coal mine he had the opportunity in his 80's to go back to italy and visit the town and stood at -- we have the photograph of his father leaving italy at the and being taken to the shipyard and he was able to visit that very same spot where his father had ordered the train
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. the immigrants changed the city in that prior to their arrival, wheeling was a typical american town. they gathered, with their countrymen in neighborhoods so you might go to east wheeling which was known as little italy. center wheeling had a lot of .reek and lebanese immigrants south wheeling was primarily polish. these neighborhoods became distinctive and they brought a lot of their culture and traditions with them and it influenced everything about cultural life in wheeling from religion and the churches to education and language and art, music. so wheeling prior to the i am talkingeriod about was largely a german settlement. after that it was quite diverse
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and each neighborhood had their distinct character. wheeling suffered from the collapse of those industries. mainly from foreign competition. they could make steel more cheaply. wheeling steel could not compete. eventually more and more plants shut down. jobs just went away. if you are from immigrant stock and you have not learned any skills, this is low skilled labor. your kind of stuck. -- you are kind of stuck. many of the children of these immigrants got a college education and moved on. the population has diminished significantly since this started for good we are trying to reinvent ourselves now and that is the effort that is underway.
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at the same time preserving our past. historythat immigrant is overlooked because it lacks the glamour of the revolutionary period, or founding the civil war period. .t is industrial history it is gritty. a lot of people lived it so they do not necessarily celebrate it. but when you talk about the neighborhoods that formed as a result, they are much more interested in talking about that. period and a sad vital period. people had opportunity but these jobs were a grind. it was hard work. it was backbreaking work. but these people essentially build this town. they were the ones who laid the brakes. -- bricks.
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they laid the steel, but the beer, but the cigars, fueled the economy, provided labor for all these factories, so there -- their stories are important. they're are part of american history. >> tomorrow, the c-span cities tour heads to seen augustine, florida, the oldest european settlement in the continental united states. --e's daily on the ponce de leon park. thursday at 6 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> the c-span cities tour, working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. this weekend we are joined by charter communications to learn more about the history and
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literary life of grand junction, colorado. the mining of a certain mineral had importance. the plateau and here in mesa county outside of grand junction, we are surrounded by morrison rock. we find dinosaur bones and fossils. that has intrigued scientists for long time but the other thing we find in the morrison is a mineral, a rock called ca rnetite. it contains radium which is used -- radioactive and contains vanadium, which is used to strengthen steel. during the buildup to world war ii, and during the war itself, vanadium was of extreme value. tite contains uranium and it is one of the best sources for atomic power and atomic weapons.
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he fought the battle to preserve water for western colorado by making sure that we got our fair share. how did he do that? career,g in his state and then going on to his federal career, he climbed up the letter of seniority and was able to exercise i think more power than you might normally have. certainly in the u.s. congress where he was able to make sure colorado and western colorado would be treated fairly in any divisions of water, his first passage ofss was the the colorado river storage project in 1950 -- 1956. >> see all of our programs from book junction saturday on
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tv and sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. on american history tv on c-span3. announcer: the news today is that obama has clinched the deal and he can get through congress. senator barbara mikulski tipped the balance by saying she is in favor of it or, becoming the 34th democratic senator to do so. statement, she said no deal is perfect, especially one negotiated with the iranian regime. but it is the best program available to block iran from having a nuclear bomb. to senate is expected debated on tuesday. the house is expected to bring the resolution of this approval to the floor next week and, in a letter to her democratic colleagues,


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