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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  September 12, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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supreme court decisions and the human stories behind them. producedies on c-span, in cooperation with the national constitution center, debuting monday, october 5, at 9:00 p.m. >> next, republican presidential candidate bobby jindal's remarks about donald trump. after that, the latest from the 2016 presidential campaign. then remarks by british labour party leader elect jeremy corb yn. republican presidential candidate governor bobby jindal of louisiana spoke at the national press club thursday. the use of the platform to launch an attack on another republican candidate, businessman donald trump. he also condemned the iran nuclear deal and said congressional --
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good morning.: it is a great day to be here, isn't it? ericksonuck: chuck -- chuck: my name is chuck erickson. is an honor to be introducing the governor of wisconsin, a man i have honored as a true conservative. walkerbook, governor stated that conservatives need to stop playing by the rules set by the left. with creativity and a little innovation, we can define the debate on our terms. the added, "when circumstances provide you with a chance to take big, bold, decisive actions, sees it. -- seize it." seize it it he did -- needed. it is not just talk the talk, he walked the walk.
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in his first term, he took on union bosses, freeing school district to hire the best features and prioritize spending -- teachers and prioritize spending. the closed a deficit and delivered to billion dollars in tax relief. taxes in his state or lower today than when he took office. the creation of thousands and thousands of new jobs and businesses as well as a significant drop in wisconsin's unemployment rate. downll continue to tear barriers until everyone who wants a job can find a job. despite the tax relief, despite the job creation, and despite layoffs,achers from the big government union bosses were not happy. in 2012 they orchestrated a recall election, but they underestimated scott walker.
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he became the first governor in american history to win a recall election. it went on to win reelection for a full term in 2014. in case you're are not keeping track, that is three election victories in four years. while accomplishing conservative reforms, as you noted in his book, "and intimidated," -- "unintimidated," is brought about other conservative reforms like stopping funding to planned parenthood. in his second term as governor, scott walker continues to deliver results. he sighed right to work legislation, earning praise from conservatives and criticism from president obama. governor walker firmly believes that the conservative principles that work in wisconsin can work in america and he is ready to share his vision with the country. isn't it about time we send somebody to washington, d.c. who
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actually has experience delivering proven conservative reform? not talking about it, but who understands that it is not about flashy talk or debate but about us, the people. finally, on a more personal level, when he is not traveling or working in wisconsin, you can find this preacher's son and football fan at home with his wife and son, or outright in his harley. -- out riding his harley. please welcome the 45th governor of wisconsin, scott walker. [applause] thanks, chuck. thanks. thank you. thank you for that great introduction and thanks for
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coming out. thanks to your rica for hosting us. it is an honor to be here on this stage where ronald reagan found his voice as a student at eureka college. what a remarkable opportunity. some of you know this but earlier this year, my wife who was with me, the first lady of wisconsin, thank you for being with me, we celebrated our wedding anniversary right here on february 6 at eureka. you that iell remember the wedding anniversary because it is ronald reagan's birthday. i like to think it is the other way around but either way it really is an honor to be back here at the almanac or of the ter ofresident -- alma mat the 40th president of the united states. ronald reagan helped to shape my view of the world. when i think back to his first inaugural address when he stated
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"we should all remember the federal government did not create the states, the states created the federal government." that is why i work to take power out of washington and send it back to the states across this great country. that is true reform. i think about ronald reagan and how during my time, not much different than the age of the students here, ronald reagan helped to rebuild the economy by lowering taxes and getting the federal government out of people's lives. doing so, those policies brought about one of the longest sustained periods of economic growth in u.s. history. that is why i worked to get the federal government out of our lives and reduce the size. that is growth. ronald reagan rebuilt the military. in turn, helps to stand up for our allies, stand up against our enemies, and without apology for strong american values
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. sometimes we forget about that but you want about one of the most peaceful times in modern american history. ronald reagan believed in peace through strength. i hope to follow his lead. probably most importantly. ronald reagan was not just a conservative or a republican. he was an eternal optimist and the american people. that optimism. because you see today, more than ever, we need a leader in this country that cares more about the next generation than just the next election. we need somebody who is willing to go "because you see it is not enough to -- to go victim go bold because as you see -- big bold because as you see it is not enough to elect a conservative, you need to elect a reformer.
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we celebrated our wedding anniversary on the hundred anniversary of ronald reagan's birth. i remember exactly where i was at. this inngerous to say illinois but i was at the super bowl watching the green bay packers. that is another story. i brought with me a cubs fan as well so that is all right. i see a little green and gold over there, thanks. i do have to laugh, a week ago more than bringing democrats and republicans together i have a couple both wearing bears search rts with an -- shit sign saying bears fans for walker. we were celebrating our wedding anniversary, celebrating the packers victory, but the day after we returned home and i have the entire cabinet come over for dinner. the reason i did that is that we were about to embark on big reforms. i told the story to the cabinet about how early on, ronald reagan took on some remarkable hiss and that shaped
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presidency going forward. specifically i told the story about how early on, about this time in 1981, ronald reagan fired the air traffic controllers. the reason i tell that story, it is ironic, a lot of people forget about this. the union had actually endorsed president, then candidate reagan. it was not about the politics. it was clearly about principle. regardless of who you are, you cannot violate the law. the give them warning and after 48 hours, he terminated it. that is a pretty bold move. pretty much politically risky at the time because who knew what was going to happen? he did it because it was the right thing to do and that was so important because from that point forward across this country and around the world,
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people move the president ronald reagan was serious. -- knew the president ronald reagan was serious. he went big and he went bold and it worked. it worked. i think about that often. but if you years ago, in 2010, in mystate, the voters state shows to switch from all democrat to all republican control. a pretty dramatic change. i remember a week after the election i met with the republican majorities and also said to those lawmakers it is put up or shut up time. that was the headline in the paper. the reason i said that is that the voters have sent subject or message, a mandate if you will. i told those folks if we nibble around the edges they will have every right to his room was out. we need to deliver on campaign promises. so we did. we went big and we went bold.
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not long after that, a whole bunch of protesters came into our state. first, it was just people from wisconsin. eventually along the way there were tens of thousands who came in from across the country. in fact, after a while what we started to see were people being by the big union bosses from places like chicago and new york and washington, d.c. you see, they were trying to intimidate us. we did not back down. they tried to intimidate us that we did not back down. at one point there were more than 100,000 protesters occupied our state capital but we did not back down. they went after me with death threats and we did not back down. withwent after my family threats but we did not back down. they went after a member of the wisconsin supreme court in an election that otherwise would have been inconsequential. we did not back down. federal and state court and we did not back down. they went after our state senators and we did not back
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down. they went after me in a recall election and we did not back down. last year they made me the number one target in america. of all of the elections, we were the number one target. and we did not back down. instead, we fought and we won . we got results, and we did it. we did it without compromising our conservative principles. [applause] govenor walker: and what we did was not just about being conservative. it was about common sense. we took our out of the hand of the big government special interests and we put it firmly into the hands of the hard-working people. that is pro-taxpayer. we passed the right to work law that says that people in our state now have the freedom to choose whether they want to be in a labor union or not. that is pro-worker. we fixed a $3.7 billion budget deficit.
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we did early on so that we could spend time and efforts helping the people, not the government, the people of the state focus on creating more jobs and higher wages. we passed in our budgets $4.7 billion worth of tax relief so that families in our state, so that families in our state could keep more of their hard-earned dollars. if we could do -- [applause] if we can doer: those kinds of common sense conservative reforms in a blue state like wisconsin, imagined, imagine what we can do in washington. washington, think about that. weident reagan once said, need to drain the swamp and washington, d.c. we need to drain the slot in washington, d.c. sadly, since he has been gone, that swamp has filled back in.
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tell you, people from washington or not the people to fix washington. we need a new leader. someone from outside of washington, somebody who is actually gotten things done. when it is leader that will reach have it on washington and reackand for all -- w avedon washington and once and for all people back in charge of government. [applause] governor walker: that is why i am here. because you see, i am that kind of leader. we have ideas to lead as well. in fact, we have an idea, we have an idea to take an repeal allmacare once and for and put patients and families back in charge of health care decisions and health care dollars. [applause] thought theker: we day one patient freedom plan. that ison we call it
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that on day one i will send that to congress. to get them to act on it which is important, on day one, i will sign an executive order that requires congress, their families, and their staff, who live under the same rule that everyone else in america lives under. [applause] governor walker: you see, they need a little incentive to get the repeal past. remember last year? you a lot in the campaigns about if you had republican majorities in darkness after the 2014 elections they would vote to repeal obama care. alas, i checked, it is after labor day and there is -- the last time i checked it is after labor day and there is no bill to repeal obama care. that is why people are upset with washington. that is why i am upset with washington. the need to share a sense of urgency. talk is cheap. we need action. we need people who were people
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of action. on the first day i took office as governor, literally after i took the old office, i returned to the attorney general and gave him the letter that authorized wisconsin to join the federal lawsuit against obamacare. even democrats will begrudgingly tell you, they will tell you about the one thing they can all agree on, democrat and republican alike, if i tell you i am going to do something, i do it. i am not going to back down from washington. i am not going to back down from doing what is right for you and for future generations going forward. [applause] and i am proud: of the fact that i am the only major candidate that has a plan to repeal obama care. wednesday,n now and i am going to challenge the other major candidates that will be on the stage with me at president ronald reagan's library. i will challenge those
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candidates to say that it is great to tell people that you want to repeal obamacare, but talk is cheap. where is your plan? at the courage to tell people what your plan is because you cannot repeal obamacare unless you have a plan to do it. we've got a plan and our plan starts on day one, the very first day in office. there is more. on day one as your president of the united states of america i am going to terminate the bad deal with iran on the very first day. [applause] governor walker: you see, there are other candidates, including some republicans, have a different view of that. they think it is something you should wait on it. there are others who think that they can just leave the deal in place and they will just make it work. i've got to tell you, i have looked at this extensively. i have looked at it with experts from across the country and around the world. this deal, the government
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president obama has with iran, is bad for america, it is bad for israel, it is bad for the world. i do not need to wait in a people in washington tell me what i can and can't do. i don't is a bad deal today and i will terminate that on my first day in office. [applause] but there iser: more as well. goinge, on day one, i am to end the unlawful executive actions of president obama when it comes to illegal immigration. you see, for years, the 22 times that he could not do what he did last november. he said he was not the emperor. he said he was not above the law. and then he got frustrated and did it anyway. in fact, he would still be doing it today were it not for me or 24 other governors who went to court and said in america, no man or woman is above the law,
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including the president of the united states. you actually have to pass things in the congress to change the law. throughot get to do it executive action. as president, i am going to undo those unlawful actions on my first day. i am not going to wait, i am going to do it on day one. it is important to tell people not about just the things that i mentioned but i am announcing that we have a plan to wreck havoc on washington and the plan starts on day one. so my promise -- thank you. [applause] governor walker: and so my promise to all of you here and all of the people across america is every week, starting next week, we are going to lay out another one of our reforms, our big, bold reforms, that we are going to do one day one. next week we will be in monday in las vegas and we will tell the american people what we are going to do when it comes to taking on the big government union bosses. we are going to do to take the power and put it into the hands
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of the hard-working people and the country. simple things like on day one i am going to stop the government from taking money out of the paychecks of federal employees for political union dues. because i do not think any worker in this country should be required to put money into a political fund that does not support candidates that they do not support. why should you have money from your paycheck go to support somebody that you fundamentally opposed? that is wrong. you're going to start with that arewe are going to -- we going to start with that and we are going to do more to shift the power. there will be many more, week after week. we want to be a campaign that is about solutions. wreack you see, to pentagon washington, we have had avok, onttles -- h used toon, we are that, we have had those battles, but it takes leaders that have
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solutions. we have heard political rhetoric. we need solutions. clinical rhetoric does not cover it. words. speak louder than i actually have a plan, a plan of action, to move this country forward. my commitment to you here today is that we are going to lay that out week by week between now and the elections to tell the american people exactly what we are going to do. sticker,y out a bumper not to lay out a talking point, but literally tell you what we are going to do on all of the major issues and how we are going to start on day one. people are cynical and understandably so. it is not just about anger, it is about urgency. anger is a negative thing. check out.eople to what i sense is a sense of urgency. we need leaders who will tell us what they will do and have the confidence they will actually do that. that is what i did as governor. that is what i did as county
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executive. when i laid out exactly what i was going to do in the first days i was in office. i laid it out in a car and told people to -- card and told people to hold me responsible. i still run into democrats who tell me i still have your card on my refrigerator. because i cannot believe somebody dared me to check to and you didld dare every one of those things and for that i will hope for you going forward. i think that is what people are hungry for. not just say things but say this is what i am going to do and how i am going to do it. with realaders solutions. we have a plan to move the country forward. reack havoc on washington we need a leader who has been tested. mistakeseen the that happen when you put somebody in president was never been in charge before. you can make all of the promises in the world. you can say whatever sounds great.
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but if you cannot deliver on those promises, talk is cheap. that does not get us moving forward. havoc onnt to wreck washington we need a leader that has been tested and i have been tested more than any other leader in this race. what is the old adage? what does not kill you makes you stronger. it returns if i wondered if that was just figurative, the way things -- there were times that i wondered if it was just figurative, the way things were going. i have passed the test time and time and time again. if you give me the honor of serving as your president, i am ready to leave this exceptional country filled with exceptional people going forward. lead the successful country filled with exceptional people going forward. [applause] thisnor walker: here on great stage, this stage were ronald reagan found his voice,
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not just as a student at your reader, but for the nation and -- at your reject, before the nation -- eureka, but for this nation and for this world. i appreciate you being here. we have two sons, matthew who is a senior at college and alex who was a junior. we have talked about this for years. the reason we ran for governor is because of our sons. we saw a state that was not fitting in the right direction and we felt we needed to do something about it. the reason i am running for president is in the same vein. for me, it is about matt and alex and all of you here, the younger ones as well. those yet to be born. because really the american dream is not about a business or a home or anything else of material value. the american dream, the american dream is about ensuring that and someday your
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grandchildren have a better life than the one you inherited from your parents and your grandparents. that is why we are here. that is why we took on all the pressure. iat is why, but is the reason ran for governor because when we had 100,000 protesters, when we had death threats, when my kids facebook,tened on when awful things were said about my parents and my father-in-law and my family, and then about a title, i would have said, that is enough. i do not need this job. i do not need this title. instead it was a great reminder for me that the reason i got into this was not for a position, it was to make sure that my children and others like them had a better future. and i was able to these challenges, and they are big, do not get me wrong, look at the size of the debt and the size and scope of the federal government, you look at the economic recovery that we have yet to see, you look at the challenges of isis and iran and
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places around the world, it is not going to be easy. it is not going to be easy. but just like reagan, i am an optimist. i believe in the american people. i believe there has been no challenge we have ever faced in this country but is too big for the resolve of the american people. i believe if we have leaders that think more about the next generation of the next election, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish together. ever, we need a leader who will fight and win. a leader who will fight and win for reform in washington. a leader who will fight and win for true economic growth, not just for now before the future and future generations -- but for the future and future generations. a leader who will fight and win to make sure that our children and grandchildren are safe from isis and the threats in the world. as your nextme president, i will tell you this. i will not back down. i won't back down.
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i haven't tested, not just for others, but for myself. i know i will not back down from the challenges that this next president will be required to face to make this country great again. i will not back down from these challenges. now more than ever we needed somebody who will fight and win for you. somebody who will fight and win for your family. someone who will fight and win for america. i ask for your vote. thank you so much. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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next louisiana governor barbie gentles remarks about gop presidential candidate -- bobby jindal remarks about to be presidential canada -- candidate donald trump.
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>> he was a nazi responsible for the murder of thousands of jews. >> this sunday night on "q&a" jennifer teege on her discovery that her grandfather was the nazi, don also known as a butcher. who -- he wasrson -- was beauty had tw capable. he had two dogs. there was a pleasure that he people.n he killed if you are normal and you don't
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have this aspect in your personality come it is difficult to grasp. >> sunday night on c-span's open "q&a." ofgovernor bobby jindal louisiana spoke at the national press club on thursday. he used the platform to launch an attack on another republican candidate, donald trump. he also condemned the iran nuclear deal and said -- ressional leaders hadn't this is an hour. >> good morning. welcome to the national press club. i'm an editor for bloomberg. it is a breaking news desk in
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washington for bloomberg. i'm honored to be the president of the national press club. our guest is republican presidential candidate and louisiana governor bobby jindal. he sits to my right. he will be discussing many of the issues of the day through his comments in the question and answers. i understand he will have some things to say about that gop front runner, donald trump. i also want introduce up here sitting with me my national collie, amy henderson. she is the national press club speakers committee member. she has organized this event. thank you for all of your work in making this happen. i also want to welcome our c-span and fox and public radio audiences. i remind you you could follow the action on twitter. use #npclive.
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for those tweeting and following on the internet. a good way to follow what is happening in the room on social media. without further hesitation, i want to welcome to the national press club gop presidential candidate and louisiana governor bobby jindal. [applause] >> thank you very much for having me. i want to put aside my own campaign for a moment. i wanted talk about something more important than myself or any other candidate. the idea of america is slipping away from us. what do i mean? we are on a path toward socialism. we have got to work 18 chilean dollars of debt? $18 chilean dollars of debt?
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the idea of america is slipping away from us. there is a great opportunity for us to get our country back. there is a hunger to get america back. i see it in the polls. you see it all around us. people are hungry and eager to get the idea of america back. i believe our country is ready for it. they have brought us to the edge. the idea of america is slipping away. the people can see it. they are demanding radical change. they are demanding we get that on the path of greatness. american people have a massive appetite for rebirth and making america great again. that is the context and the reason my remarks do that. i want to start by saying i like the idea of donald trump. i like the idea of an outsider. i like it did of someone saying
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the things you're not supposed to say. i like the idea of someone going political class. they are full of foolishness in nonsense. donald trump's diagnosis is exactly right. the political class is a problem . his prescription is exactly wrong. his diagnosis is right by his prescription is wrong. he is not the solution. the problem is he is full of foolishness in nonsense as well. i will start by saying that i like the idea of donald trump. it is a lot of fun. it is entertainment. i like when he went on tv and gave at lindsey graham cell phone number. at that it was entertaining when he said audiences were falling asleep and jeb bush's rally. at that it was great when he gave helicopter rides to kids at the iowa state fair. here is the problem. donald trump is not a serious candidate here he is a
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narcissist. he is an egomaniac. the only thing he believes in is himself. i want to say what everybody is thinking about donald trump, but afraid to say. everyone knows this is true. there shouldn't be new that the idea is great, but the reality is absurd. he is not serious. a carnival act. here's the truth about donald trump. he is shallow. he has no understanding of policy. he has no substance. he lacks intellectual curiosity to even learn. you cannot argue policy with this guy. the only thing he believes in is himself. he tells us his health-care plan will be fabulous. he says his tax plan will be terrific. he has no idea what he is talking about. he makes it up on the fly.
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he has told us over and over he has got no problem with big top-down style government. topas no problem with big down style government. his own problem is he is not the only one running it today. he is not against the government . he is against the folks who happen to be running it. donald trump is for donald trump . he believes in nothing other than himself. he's not a liberal or a moderate or a conservative. he is not a democrat or a pocket or independent. donald trump is for donald trump -- or a republican or an independent. donald trump is for donald trump . he is a narcissist and an egomaniac. that may sound like a serious charge to him, but it is something everybody knows to be true.
8:44 pm
p celebrates. he says kanye west is great. why? because kanye west likes trump. therefore kanye west is great. he is entertaining narcissist, but still a narcissist. .onald trump is insecure and we he is afraid of being exposed. that is what he tells us how big and strong and wealthy he is. we all know that we have all met usple donald trump who tells how insignificant everyone else is. only a week and small minded person needs to constantly tell us how strong and powerful they are. he believes he is the answer to every question. he is dangerous, but not in the way that you think. the reality is we have an incredible opportunity to turn our country around. rely and trust proven conservative principles? are we going to turn to a man
8:45 pm
who believes in nothing but himself? that is essential to answer. will be miss this great opportunity. do we trust a man who believes in nothing but himself? that is what makes him dangerous. you wouldn't want somebody like that. that is certainly true. that is not the real thing. the real danger is that ironically donald trump could destroy america's chance to be great again. we mustn't miss this golden opportunity. the democratic party is terribly and incredibly screwed things up. they have run our country into the ground. they are destroying our economy. where about to allow iran to become a nuclear power. there are running the weakest candidate who's running the weakest possible campaign. they are giving us this election on a silver platter. if we blow this opportunity, we
8:46 pm
may never get it again. it's not just about the republican party or conservatives. it is thus saving our country. it is about rescuing the idea of america and making it great again. donald trump is not a serious person. it is all just an act. it is a solo show. that joke is on us. he is laughing all the way to the bank. heard himve recently say that the bible was his favorite book. he couldn't even name a specific or single bible verse that was important to him that had an impact on him. do you know why? he has never read the bible. the reason we know he is never read the bible is he is not in the bible. folks, donald trump is not a serious person. this is a carnival act. these are serious times for our country.
8:47 pm
the democrats have practically giftwrapped in this election for us. now we are flirting with nominating a nonserious, unstable, substance free candidate. we cannot send the sparse assists. we cannot nominate ms. egomaniac. send a narcissist. ancannot nominate ignominious. you have been great for ratings. it has been fun. show has been a blast. we do need to make america great again. we need to get rid of political correctness. again.get america great
8:48 pm
we cannot put an unstable narcissist in the white house. it. is our time to save he eats whatever is in front of him. this is our moment and our type you'd we could win right now. faith in at our madman who has no polls. if we -- has no principles. bewe nominate him -- he may the last chance that hillary clinton actually has. even worse, if you are a conservative come in even if he were to win, it doesn't matter if he believes in nothing. we have no idea what he would do in the white house. it is time to get serious in .merica great again
8:49 pm
you cannot have a nonserious person in the white house. we need a committed conservative. one who will make our country great again. donald trump's campaign is not about making america a greater heat it is about making donald greater. i have enjoyed him as a reality tv show star. it is like watching kim kardashian. we went out put her in the white house -- we would not put her in the white house either. it is time to put a serious, committed conservative p let's
8:50 pm
make america great again. inc. unit look for to taking your questions. -- thank you and i look forward to taking your questions. >> others have said that trump is the first to surpass a 30% paid did you and the others wait to go after him the way you are going after him today? -- to surpass 30%. wait toond the others long to go after him the way you're going after him today? angrier at there republicans than they are even at obama. i think they are looking for a real alternative. they're looking for conservative
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reformers will be honest with them and do what they say. it isn't too late to save our country. it is not too late to rely on conservative principles. now is the time for conservatives to embrace our principles and not individual who only believes in himself. >> some of your fellow candidates running followed trump's ideas on immigration and he seemed to set the tone for all the candidates on immigration. yesterday we saw one of the candidates appear with trump at a rally. are some of your colleagues in the gop undercutting your message by getting trumped credibility? >> i can stick for other candidates. i will fight for conservative i deas. i will fight for my party and country -- conservative ideas. i will fight for my party and country. any individual enabling donald trump is making a serious mistake.
8:52 pm
it doesn't make sense to enable him or kiss up to him hoping that something will rub off on these other candidates. the ability is he is not a serious man. weirdnot a conservative the only thing he believes in is himself. i think they are making a mistake. we need to stand up against the establishment and narcissist. any candidate that is kissing up to him and hoping he will drop mistake.king a it is time to take him on. we have all dealt with folks like this before. written that -- how will you overcome that. >> i think trump finds a new group everyday p he insulted women -- find a new group everyday. he insulted women.
8:53 pm
we need to be upfront front and say he is not conservative. he believes in himself and ratings. we fight for every vote wasting true to our principles. staying true to our principles. we can and should win this election. hillary clinton is losing to a socialist. she's losing to a socialist in the united states. other countries are moving to capitalists. over the only want to moves in the wrong direction? not calling names, but he calls himself a socialist. clinton knowlary better. at least ernie sanders is honest about what he is. they just won't say it. we have a golden opportunity. let's not give it away. >> what they mean when you say
8:54 pm
we have to get rid of political correctness? >> i think there is this fear you are not supposed to say certain things. -- a university new hampshire says you cannot say rich or american. they're trying to introduce legislation saying the government shouldn't use the term husband or wife. folks on the left saying america shouldn't be the melting pot pete we should be the salad bowl. this is nonsense. the american people are tired of it. let says it is culturally arrogant to say america is a melting pot. that is ridiculous. that has been the strength of america for centuries. immigration without assimilation is not immigration. it is invasion. america is looking to stop the political correctness a just be honest. a contrary dollars of debt -- $18 trillion of debt.
8:55 pm
hillary clinton and the left call it fetal tissues or specimen. they refuse to wear the word -- use the word baby. just be honest. tell us we're going bankrupt. tell us what is going on at the planned parenthood clinic. i think it is time to put an end to the political correct this nonsense and be honest. it is a dumb immigration policy. it.crats don't want to do republicans are afraid of big business. it is time to fire this group. it is time to get back to conservative i used to get our country back on the right -- it is time to get back to conservative ideas to get our country back on the right cap. campaignsn't your own taken a hold yet? >> we are gaining ground.
8:56 pm
we have seen poll numbers improve. you go hunting where the docs are. this -- weting their are there. this is important. we need to seize the opportunity to get back on the right path. it is outrageous behavior. issue.davis, the clerk some marriage licenses have been issued. so -- should those be continued
8:57 pm
to be issued? >> i think it is a matter -- jeopardize could but you security, shouldn't have to choose in america following your conscience and be able to keep your job. we will not in louisiana discriminate against individuals who have a traditional view of marriage between a man and a woman because of their sincerely held religious beliefs. the founding fathers anticipated this conflict. she shouldn't have to give up her christian beliefs. no business owner should give up or sacrificence their sincerely held religious police. religious liberty did not -- the u.s. did not create religious
8:58 pm
liberty peter religious liberty created the united states of america. it is one of our rights -- liberty. religious liberty created the united states of america. it is one of our rights. you shouldn't have to choose between calling your conscience and keeping your job. of -- folks like to make of all kinds of crazy hypothetical examples. many are facing discrimination and persecution. it is florist and musicians. they had to pay thousands of dollars in fines and loss of businesses. let's talk about what has happened today. what is happening today is christians are being discriminated against in the united states. that is wrong. we have first amendment rights. is christians facing
8:59 pm
discrimination, they have shown hypocrisy. i'm a christian. i believe in the traditional view of marriage being between a man and a woman. i hope they believe in the rights of the first amendment and businesslks owners all across the country. >> you mentioned your religious freedom executive order. what do you hope that will accomplish and how it will withstand the legal challenge. >> my hope is that they will do what we have done. i have said what are my first orders would be to establish the ofe religious freedom rights the presidential executive order. i would hope we wouldn't need that. unfortunately they're not being it. i hope is it would allow
9:00 pm
individuals across america to 24/sevenr lives according to their religious beliefs. all they need is a couple of hours a week in church. they should live their life according to their religious beliefs. it has been a foundational right since our founding. the left is trying to take god out of the public square. that is not what the founding fathers intended. >> and next week's debate in california, you're asked about your policy on sanctuary cities. what about your approach? do knowledge research that immigrants commit crimes? i know congress was to deep on sanctuary cities. i think it's great. i think we should go further. i think the


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