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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  September 12, 2015 10:00pm-12:01am EDT

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if sanders won yay and new hampshire, that would be the story. i would certainly not rule him out in the upcoming primaries and caucuses. he's planning -- they have a game plan, the sanders campaign, to focus on the caucus states like colorado, states with a college age population. they're not just planning for new hampshire and iowa. when you look at the makeup of the democratic electorate, it's harder for sanders to compete. >> kimberly is waiting, washington, patriotism, kimberly, good morning. >> goveraget i am doing getting a little tired of hearing about donald trump being some kind of celebrity and all that stuff. did they forget that ronald reagan was a movie star and he was just fine as a president, you know, and as far as bobby jindal, he sounds like he is completely and totally jealous. he seems insecure and he's just
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got to terrapin donald trump down, who seems to be very, very self-confident. that appeals to us, arched the american public, we're not stupid. we get tired of the same machine running, i mean, i'm a member of a national health care union and the first thing they want to do is go up to district of columbia and offer a lot of money. these people we elected should be doing the right thing, not whoever pays -- that, to me, is is is is like a mob. thanks. >> that part of the trump business -- i was a businessman. i know how it works, that's the most powerful line in a donald trump speech. i think the caller speaks to that. i don't agree with the comparison about donald trump and reagan. reagan was a two-term governor in california. he was involved in politics.
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donald trump has no elective or political experience before he started floating his own name for the presidency. ishink a relative comparison arnold schwarzenegger. anytime you look at the political states of schwarzenegger and trump, towards nager was moretop popular than trump is right now. he won a lot of support from democrats when he ran. whereas trump, even though he is doing well with republicans, he turns off a lot of democrats and independents. >> he's put out one paper on his immigration positions. what's next for trump? >> i don't think much else. immigration was the one issue -- i think it's the only issue he has on his campaign site. it's an issue that's driving support towards him. it is immigration where democrats and republicans and the leadership of both parties tend to have a more open,
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supportive policy of some kind of immigration reform and people feel shut out. they do not support increased immigration or more exre hence ive approach to immigration reform. feem they feel like both parties are shutting them out. donald -- they people donald trump is speaking to their concerns. >> caller,ing. >> i'm more interested in look into like what -- between donald trump and hillary clinton, as if they're to become the commander in chief of our armed forces zph because i mean -- >> lost him. we'll go to lawrence in california. laurnings good morning. >> good morning. thanks for taking the call. just a comment. i remember when truman upset dewey, my mom was a democrat and my dad was a republican. in those days it was more centrist. i asked my dad what he feled felt and he said, he's my
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president. and i'm just wondering why the country can't be -- when you do have the president that he is the president and end of story. >> you don't think there's a respect for the office anymore? >> right. that's the thing. my father was republican. y mom was a democrat, but more centrist. but when truman won, my -- i asked him how he felt about the upset, you know, the chicago headline and everything, and he said, well, he's my president. and that's the way it should be. >> all right. thanks for the call from san rafael, california. kennela wick, washington, line for republicans, allen. goveraget you're on with josh kraushaar of the national journal. >> yeah. i think the republicans should go after bush and go after
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kasik, the two open borders guy instead of going after trump. bush and kasik, they got -- bush has the money. so if they knock bush out, then the money will go to them. it does them no good money wise to take on trump. bush is an open borders guy. they should be going after him. he speaks spanish in his home. he doesn't think enough of the united states to speak english in his home. if he wants to be president, maybe he should go to be president in mexico. >> when you say they, who are you referring to? >> the other republican candidates. >> got you. josh kraushaar. >> there's room for a conservative, someone a little more hawkish on immigration that can also appeal. scott walker tried to appeal to
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some of the donald trump voters, i think that was a strategy he employed that some of the more hard-lined immigration reform people -- he's dipped in the polls where he's polling at 3% in iowa. i think -- i mean, immigration's a powerful issue but the strategy by which other candidates, donald trump can capitalize on that aren't very clear. >> you brought up martin o'malley and how he's running his campaign. got some attention this week in his attempt to raise awareness about campaign contributions. he worked with the independent journal to go to wall street and play a guitar on wall street to see how much money he could raise. here's a bit that was put out by he under bennett pent journal.
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-- independent journal. ♪ this land is your land this land is my land from california to the new york islands from the red wood forests to the gulfstream waters this land was made for you and me ♪ s i was walking that ribbon of highway, i saw above me that endless skyway i saw we blow low me that golden valley this land is made for you and me
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♪ nobody living ♪ >> governor martin o'malley ended up raising $1.74 and a pack of gummy bears from his hour on wall street. >> a, that was one of the more creative things we saw from a candidate. it underscores the point he wants to make is he's not the wall street candidate, he's not the hillary clinton candidate. he's running as someone who's much more populace. nobody knows who he is. people on wall street didn't even recognized him. no one went up to him and said hey, you're the former governor of the state of maryland. that's the problem. he's been all over the place and people still don't know who he is or his message isn't really connecting in the same way bernie sanders' message is. in a way this is a clever and
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creative video and i think it should get some peanings attention to his campaign. on the other hand, he's been doing this for months now and people still don't know who he is. >> bill is waiting on our line for democrats. go ahead, bill. >> thank you for taking my call. i have a couple of points. one is i like bernie sanders but he's an independent and i don't know why he's running as a democrat. if he's an independent he should join the democratic party in order to -- in order to run as a democrat. that bernie sanders guy, i don't know. i think he's going to join the clown show. one more thing, josh, you're pretty intelligent. i know you realize that at the end of the term, the nominees are going to be hillary clinton and jeb bush. i think you would agree with that. thank you for taking my call. >> would you agree with that? >> well, i hear the caller
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saying it's never less likely we're seeing hillary clinton and jeb bush as nominees. i think they still may be nominal favorites still. you have bernie sanders, mainly the main chenler to hillary clinton. i think voters matter. when you look at the dissatisfaction towards washington and career politicians, and you look at jeb bush's biography and you look at hillary clinton's record, they're about as disconnected from the political moment as you can possibly get. i think pluns are going to nominate someone who's a little more of a fresh face. could be somebody a little more establishment like marco rubio. could be someone who's a little more outsider. i think they're going to go outside the box. i think the democrats will be a volatile situation because of the e-mail scandal that hillary clinton -- you never know who -- wheres in going to go. joe biden is waiting in the wings. i saw him on the stephen colbert
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late show. he was emotional. if he gets in, i think he would give her a serious run for her money. >> if you want to read josh kraushaar, hotline josh. give us a call for about the next 10 minutes or so. we'll be talking about the campaign of 2016. curtis is in georgia, line for independents. go ahead. >> josh, you kind of stole some of my thunder there, but i think donald trump has reached into something about what the american people are looking at. we're tired of career politicians that raise tons of money -- and that's what's wrong with our political system now is it's corrupt with money. because then you're beholden to these special interest groups that throw in millions and millions and millions of dollars and you have super pacton. donald trump has hid that -- has hit that. i think it's very legitimate.
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one comment -- or a couple more, if i can. when you said, josh, bernie sanders didn't have the staying power, what you're saying is sanders cannot raise the money. and that goes to my first money. it's all about the money, money, money, money. if i was a republican i would think they would want to stay away from hillary clinton and let her become the nominee, because i think she's totally unelectble. i'm really watching john kasik. i hope people will take a look at him. i likes what he did in congress. i like what he did in the state of ohio and turning him around. like i said, my last point, it's all about the money and that's what's wrong with our political system now. thank you. >> just to clarify. sanders' problem is not actually money. he's raised a lot of small donations along the lines of what howard dean and barack obama did in 2008. he's raised enough money to get out there and campaign groifrl.
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i think that's only going to continue. i think sanders' challenge is demographic. he has appealed -- i just wonder if that momentum would translate to south carolina and nevada which have much more diverse populations. i'm intrigued that you have a democrat that's really positive about john kasik. maybe that's the kiss of death to the republican primary. kasik is someone, if you had party leaders in smoke-filled rooms that could choose a nominee, the ohio governor with sky high approval ratings would be an early contender. he's been -- it's not like he's john huntsman who's running almost a liberal republican campaign. kasik by and large would be considered a fairly center right candidate. >> as we're talking money,
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money, money, this person wants to know when do we get to see donald trump's tax returns? >> he did reveal the bare minimum to run for president. i think what he said is if the president releases hi tax return -- i think he conditioned it on certain things. i don't think we'll see any detail about donald trump's tax returns unless he gets to that point where he's a nominee and has a little more pressure to do so. >> david is in edmond, oklahoma. you're up next, david. >> good morning, josh. >> morning. >> i have enjoyed looking to your subject matter this morning. i am a life-long republican, and i have a theory regarding mr. -- actually, i believe
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that the percentages were polling now are at the absolute peak are at the very limit of the intellectually bankrupt americans who would buy into the babble that this guy spews out and i really believe the republicans are going to bring forth a mainstream candidate. otherwise, i think wire going to coin a new phrase. we had reagan democrats, i think we're going to have clinton republicans. i think they're the mainstream of the party who love their country would cast a vote for hillary clinton before they would put a moron in the white house. >> david, who's your candidate? >> actually, i absolutely love the idea of someone who is not bound by special interests, and therefore, ben carson, i really am sbretiond by ben carson.
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>> and that's fascinating, because i -- and i actually think ben carson has more upset potential especially in a state like iowa than donald trump has staying power. the way i look at trump and i'm a little more pessimistic about his staying point. he's been on almost every cable news show he's got at least a billion dollars in free advertising for his campaign. when no one else is running campaign ads. that's going to change in the next week. super p.a.c. is going to be going up next week. other candidates will jump in the fray in not too much longer. people have seen the ads on television. that makes a big impact. john kasik spent four or $5 million in new hampshire and he's in second place in the new hampshire polls. money matters. people are going to start to engage in the cam feign, spend money, attack donald trump. i think his numbers are -- he
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certainly has appeal but i think the numbers will change quite a bit. i think if anyone else has appeal is a true outsider like ben carson who can tap into support and if i was looking at a dark horse, i would say he's the guy to watch, not trump. >> you can see this chart showing the ups and downs for all the 16, previously 17 candidates in the republican primary field. the important lines to look at, the blue one, there's donald trump going up over the summer months up and up and up. this red line here is ben carson. you can see his numbers starting to spike near the -- in the latest polls that are out. we're taking another five or 10 minutes or so to talk to josh kraushaar of the washington jury room.
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line for democrats, caller go ahead. >> good morning. i am just so fed one the media in this country. i'm a democrat and i am supporting hillary clinton. i have watched over 20 years now the new york times constantly don standly constantly going after her, partisan attacks, having to constantly retract what they say. it's just -- it's just ridiculous. the republican field love -- there may be many in the republican field. none of them have any substance. hillary clinton has proven herself. she's fought for her own truth and for her own voice and it's just ridiculous. and i do believe that republicans will come over and vote for hillary. i think hillary will win because
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there's nothing there. it started with -- weather the storm. it started with benghazi and it's going down the road. we know all the media and tom, they're just going to have to accept that hillary is possibly going to be our next president. i hope that she is. thank you. >> earlier this week on the ellen degeneres show, hillary clinton made an appearance and talked about being a female candidate in this -- candidate for president in this country. >> i think we're led to a different standard. it gets to be old. don't let all these wonderful beautiful young women who are here, don't get discouraged, don't give in, don't give up, don't -- i'm knots asking people to vote for me because i'm a
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woman, but if you vote for somebody on their her its, one of my her its is i'm a woman. >> that interview getting a lot of attention. >> a lot of attention. she was appealing to her base of support, women voters. if you look at the polls, one of the striking findings is she's actually not getting much -- you expect her to be ex employeding the gender gap against republicans when her numbers are low. ellen is mostly a woman viewer. it didn't help that the day the new york times reporter was -- she was trying to show she was more authentic. i think she did for herself. but there are a lot of things going on that's going to overwhem one appearance on ellen. >> hi, thank you.
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i just wanted to state that maryland got a little burned by martin o'malley with his barrage of taxes on the people. what i see the democrats doing is putting out a new candidate like liz warren, you know, somebody they could rebrand, who's young, kind of the way they did barack obama. you don't really know the history. on the republican side i see donald trump in the next several months just mowing down the competition and someone else coming in. you know, would that be ideal? i don't know. as a woman voter maybe i'd like to see somebody like carly fiorina. she's a strong candidate. she's make an excellent replacement for hillary with her issues and hardline approach. ben carson is another interesting candidate for the republican party it will be interesting to see how pit place
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out. we have a long way to go. >> talk about donald trump and women voters. calling in to "the view" earlier this week. >> he was trying to rebut some of the attacks thaver been directsed his way. he's actually doing quite well with republican women and even independent women. which makes me think that a lot of his momentum is as much due to name recognition, the fact that he's on television all the time. he's the candidate that everyone's talking about. when you see women and men, moderates and conservatives, every demographics group there is saying they like trump, it gives a little reason to be cautious about his staying power. ultimately he's going to do well with people who are angry about politics. he's finishing in first place with every single demographic
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group, including women, who he's had some issues with in the past couple of months. once the campaign ends, those numbers might not last so long. >> first, i'd like to say you guys at c-span, you should be nominated to be the moderators at all the deekts, because you guys show neutrality on both sides of the aisle. just a heads up for you guys. and josh, i'm looking for a big jump from carly fiorina here coming wednesday night. most people don't know who she is hardly and i think women are going to open their eyes and say wow. they're going to like this gal because she seems like she's so bright. you ask her a dwe, she's got an answer. she's not jumping around trying to ho-hum about something. i'm all in on her.
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>> predictions for the cnn debate this week, this coming week. who needs to do well and who may stumble? >> i think there's going to be a lot of negative attacks. largely most candidates didn't want to engage on the fox debate. i think jeb bush will have to go against donald trump and it's going to create some high jinks. i think the candidates who need to break out, they'll be a lot more aggressive than they were in the last debate. fiorina, i think, as the last caller indicated, i think she has an opportunity to do more in this debate if she continues to shine. i think she's got among the most up side among all the candidates. so this is almost -- the campaign is really beginning, i think this is going to be a rougher debate and i think there's going to be some clear winners and losers.
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>> josh kraushaar at national journal, encourage you to follow him on >> on the next washington journal, sarah warbelow and matthew stmbings taver will discuss the religious and legal debate over same-sex marriage. die ann oakley talks about individual retirement accounts for employees who don't have retirement plans at their works place. and university of wisconsin law professor brad snider reviews legal actions surrounding nfl quarterback tom brady as well as sports law. we'll take your calls and you can join the conversation at facebook and twitter as well. washington journal on c-span. >> up next, remarks by british
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abor party leader elect jeremy corbyn. then addresss by president obama. after that, governor scott walker of wisconsin makes a captain pain stop at eureka college in illinois. the british labor party held its leadership elections today. jeremy corbyn was elected with nearly 60% of the vote. he's spoken at the party headquarters in london. this is about 25 minutes. > it is now my great honor and leasure to invite jeremy orbyn, leader of the labor
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party. audience: yes, we did, yes, we did! can i start by thanking everyone who took part in this election, this huge democratic exercise of more than half a million people all across this country. applause] movement p in our passionate, democratic, diverse, united and absolutely determined in our quest for a decent and
10:28 pm
better society that is possible for all. [applause] and there are many people i want to thank before i say a few words, if i may. first of all, to ian mcnashville, the general secretary of the party and all of the party staff for their incredible hard work during this campaign, the general election campaign. [applause] and all the other campaigns that we do and will continue to do, ian, thank you very much and please make sure all our staff are aware of the appreciation we have for all of them. thank you. applause] i want also to pay a huge thanks and tribute to harriet harmon who has been our acting leader and our deputy leader and before
10:29 pm
that, our acting leader. applause] i've known harriet for a very long time and what i would say of her is her absolute commitment and passion for decency, equality and the rights of women in our society is something that we will honor her for, thank her for, and we have legislatings that's been brought about by her determination. harriet, thank you so much for all i want also to thank and congratulate tom watson on his election as deputy leader of the party. [applause] tom is passionate about communication, passionate about
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holding the state and unaccountable people who do not wish to be accountable to account. tom is your man to do that. [applause] i want also to thank ed miliband for all the work he did as leader of our party. [applause] i had a very long conversation with ed a couple days ago, i thanked him for his work as leader of the party. i thanked him for his work as environment secretary and somebody who is passionate about defending the world's environment against the way it is being destroyed at the present time. i also thanked him for the way in which he stood up to the abuse that he received by much of our media. [applause]
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and the dignity that he showed when his late father, ralph miliband, was so brutally abused by some of our media. [applause] ed, thank you for all of that. i want to thank the fellow leadership candidates. we are discussing the number, whether 29, 35 or 39, since we have been together. we will discuss that later and exchange diaries. but it is a fascinating experience for all of us. i want to thank them for all of the way the debates were conducted, the way that we could put aside political differences and still come out of it with a group hug.
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we will reform as an abba tribute band and put this work together in the future. andy burnham was our health secretary, and his passion and determination for the national health service and human rights is something that comes over every time andy speaks. [applause] his passion for comprehensive education to ensure that all children have a reasonable, fair and decent start in life. i want to say thank you to yvette cooper for all the work she has done in government and the party. in particular, over the past few weeks, helping to shape and turn round public opinion to show sympathy and humanity toward refugees and a way that they are treated. [applause]
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one of my first acts as leader of the party, will be to go to the demonstrations this afternoon to show support for the way refugees must be treated and should be treated in this country. i want to thank miss kendall for her friendship during this campaign, for the way we have been able to have some moderately different opinions on a number of issues, but have managed to maintain a good friendship. liz is somebody that i admire, because she absolutely stands up for what she believes in, whether it is easy, simple,
10:34 pm
popular or uneasy, not simple or not popular. liz, thank you very much. [applause] those late-night train rides will never be the same again. thank you to my fellow candidates, and the thousands of party members that attended the events all over the country. it is quite amazing that every one of them was completely full, standing room only. many other members and supporters were unable to get along to them. that is a tribute to the party, all the candidates, the deputy leader, and the way in which members watch passionately and want to be able to engage in debates and make the party more inclusive, more democratic, and the membership better listened to in the future. [applause]
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i want to thank my own campaign team. they have been absolutely amazing. we came together after we had gone onto the ballot paper with difficulty. i want to say thank you to the 36 members of parliament -- while 35 plus me, i nominated myself. i know that some of them had some reluctance to do so. it is reported. [laughter] but they did so in the spirit of inclusion and democracy, and i thank them for that, and i look forward to working with all of them after this election. we have great work to do in the party. our campaign began with very little, and we gained support and volunteers.
10:36 pm
i thank the unions that nominated me, unite, unison, the tsfa, the communication workers union, the prison officers association, the baker's union, the duchess education association, and the support received from the rmt union and the fdu. and all of the other unions that took part in this campaign. we are a party organically linked together between the unions and party membership and all affiliated organizations. that is where we get our strength from. [applause] as a former union organizer, i fully understand the importance
10:37 pm
of unions at the workplace defending people's rights, standing up for their members. that is why i do not appreciate what this government is trying to do the shackle unions and the trade unions bill they are bringing forward monday. [applause] our campaign attracted the support of 16,000 volunteers all over the country. organizers in each part of the country that organized all the events and meetings that we have held. in total, we have done 99 of those events today. today is the century. we are here at the end of this long campaign. it has been incredible, the numbers of people that have come forward to join our party. before i go to that, i want to say a big thank you. they all know who they are. to my many personal friends.
10:38 pm
everyone in the north labour party for electing me to parliament eight times through may this year, their fantastic comradeship, friendship and support. it has been quite amazing. and i value their advice. sometimes it is advice you don't want to receive, but that is the best that you get. i say thank you to all of them in insington north. and my family, they have been through the most appalling levels of abuse from some in the media over the past months. it has been intrusive, abusive and simply wrong. i say to journalists, attack public, political figures. make criticism of them. that is ok, that is politics. but please, don't attack people who did not ask to be put in the limelight and merely want to get on with their lives.
10:39 pm
leave them alone in all circumstances. during this amazing three months, our party has changed. we have grown enormously in the hopes of some of the people for a different spirit of hope and optimism. i say to the new members of the party, or those who have joined as registered supporters or affiliated supporters, welcome to our party. welcome to our movement. i say to those returning to the
10:40 pm
party, who were in it before and felt disillusioned, welcome back. welcome back to your party and welcome home. and, maybe many of us simply didn't understand the views of many young people within our society. they had been written off as a non-political generation, who were simply uninterested. hence the low turnout and low registration in the last general election. they weren't. they were a political generation turned off by the way in which politics was being conducted. they were not attracted to participate in it. we can and must change that. so, the fight now in our party gathers speed and pace.
10:41 pm
i'm delighted that our leader in scotland is here today. we will be campaigning for labour in scotland. [applause] for those great labour traditions in scotland. i thank mr. jones for his leadership, and the way they continue the fight in wales. and how they have addressed the health market in wales, something we wish to do in the rest of britain. i say congratulations to marvin reese for being selected as our mayoral candidate in bristol. we will be there supporting you. and to my friend who has been elected as the mayoral candidate for london. we will be campaigning together on the crucial issue of housing in london.
10:42 pm
i am fed up with the social cleansing of london by the tory government. [applause] we need a labour mayor in london who can ensure that we house everyone in london, that we end the skyhigh rent. that we end the insecurity of those living in the private rented sector. we need a labour mayor who can bring that about, and he is the man to do it. this week, the tories will show what they are made of. on monday, they have the trade union bill designed to undermine
10:43 pm
the ilo conventions and shackle democratic unions and destroy another element of our society. we have to oppose that. they're pushing for the welfare reform bill which will bring such misery and poverty to so many of the poorest in our society. i want the movement to be proud, strong and able to stand up and say, we want to live in a society where we do not pass by on the other side of those people rejected by an unfair welfare system. instead we reach out to end the scourge of homelessness in our society. that is what we are about. [applause] there are many issues we place and many people who
10:44 pm
face desperation in other parts of the world. i think it is quite incredible the way that the mood in europe has changed over the past few weeks, of understanding that people fleeing from wars are the victims of wars. they are the generational victims and the intergenerational victims who end up in terrible places trying to find safety and exercise their refugee rights. they are human beings just like you and me. let's deal with the refugee crisis, with humanity, support, help and compassion to help people trying to get to a place of safety. trying to help people stuck in refugee camps, to recognize that going to war creates a legacy of bitterness and problems. let's be a force for change, humanity, peace in the world. a force that recognizes we cannot go on like this with grotesque levels of inequality, grotesque threats to the
10:45 pm
environment around the world, without the rich and powerful government stepping up to the plate to make sure our world becomes safer and better. so those people do not and up in poverty and refugee camps wasting their lives away when they could be contributing so much to the good of all of us on the planet. we are one world. [applause] i conclude by this, the tories have used the economic crisis of 2008 to impose a terrible burden on the poorest in the country. those who have seen their wages frozen or cut. those who cannot afford to sustain themselves properly. those who rely on food banks to get by. it is not right, it is not necessary and it has got to change. we need an economic strategy
10:46 pm
that improves lives, expands the economy and reaches out to care for everybody. you cannot do that if at the same time you do nothing about grotesque levels of inequality in our society. we need to develop an economic policy that deals with those issues. so the party is about justice and democracy, it is about the great traditions that we walk on. those that founded the party and the movement. those who stood up for injustice, for the right for women and others to vote. we stand here today because of their work. we go forward as a movement and a party, bigger than we have been for a long time. stronger than we have ever been for a long time. more determined than we have been for a long time, to show to
10:47 pm
everyone that the objectives of our party are intact. our passion is intact. that we as a party will reach out to everyone in this country to take us on that journey together, so that no one is left on the side. that everyone has a decent chance in life, and a decent place within our society. that is what labour was brought about to achieve. this is, as we see here, about shaping the future. our party will become more inclusive, more involved, more democratic. we will shape the future of everyone in this party in a way that will be remembered as something good for everyone, that brings about the justice we all crave. that is what brought us into this wonderful party ourselves. i say thank you to everyone for their support, friendship and comradeship through this process. i say thank you in advance to us all working together to achieve
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great victories, not just electoral victories, but in society to show things can be equal, things can and will change. thank you very much. [applause] [indistinct crowd chatter]
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>> in his weekly address, president obama talks about the new college school card, a tool developed by his administration to provide information on institutions of higher learning. representative michael mccaul of texas has the republican response. he voices his party's concern over the iran deal. pres. obama: hi, everybody. next week marks seven years since a financial crisis on wall
10:52 pm
street that would usher in some hard years for working families on main street. soon after that, i took office, and we set out to rebuild our economy on a new foundation for growth and prosperity by investing in things that grow our middle class things like jobs, health care, and education. today our businesses have created more than 13 million new jobs over the last five and a half years. the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in more than seven years. another 16 million americans have gained health insurance. our high school graduate rate is the highest it's ever been, and more people are graduating from college than ever before. we are coming back -- and stronger. still, in an economy that's increasingly based on knowledge and innovation, some higher education is the surest ticket to the middle class. by the end of this decade, two in three job openings will require some higher education. that's one reason why a degree from a two-year college will
10:53 pm
earn you $10,000 more each year than someone who only finished high school. one study showed that a degree from a four-year university earns you $1 million more over the course of a lifetime. the country with the best-educated workforce in the world is going to win the 21st century economy. i want that to be america, but as college costs and student debt keep rising, the choices that americans make when searching for and selecting a college have never been more important. that's why everyone should be able to find clear, reliable, open data on college affordability and value, like whether they're likely to graduate, find good jobs, and pay off their loans. right now, however, many existing college rankings reward schools for spending more money and rejecting more students, at a time when america needs our colleges to focus on affordability and supporting all students who enroll. that doesn't make sense, and it has to change. so, today my administration is
10:54 pm
launching a new college scorecard, designed with input from those who will use it the most -- students, families, and counselors. americans will now have access to reliable data on every institution of higher education. you'll be able to see how much each school's graduates earn, how much debt they graduate with, and what percentage of a school's students can pay back their loans, which will help all of us see which schools do the best job of preparing america for success. and to reach more folks, we're working with partners in the academic, non-profit, and private sectors that will help families use this new data to navigate the complicated college process and make informed decisions. the status quo serves some colleges and the companies that rank them just fine. but it doesn't always serve our students well, and that doesn't serve any of us well. there are colleges dedicated to helping students of all backgrounds learn without saddling them with debt.
10:55 pm
we should hold everybody to that standard. our economic future depends on it. this work is just beginning. in the coming weeks and months, we'll continue to improve the scorecard based on what we learn from students, parents, counselors, and colleges themselves. the goal is to help everybody who's willing to work for a higher education search for and select a college that fits their goals. together, we can make sure that every student has the chance to get a great education and achieve their full potential. thanks, everybody, and have a great weekend. rep. mccaul: earlier this week, i had the honor of chairing the first-ever congressional hearing at the 9/11 memorial museum at ground zero in new york. the memorial sits on hallowed ground, consecrated by the loss of thousands of innocent americans and by the valor and sacrifice of those who worked to save their lives. in their honor, we vowed to never forget that day, and our memories of the victims and heroes gave our nation the resolve we needed to embark on a
10:56 pm
generational struggle against islamist terror. fourteen years after that fateful day, the struggle continues. the ranks of extremists are surging worldwide, and terrorist sanctuaries are proliferating. radical sunni groups, from isis to al qaeda, are spreading like wildfire across the globe, but we cannot forget that the radical shi'a regime in iran remains the world's leading sponsor of terrorism. iran's leaders have called for our defeat and the destruction of our close ally, israel. the regime is responsible for more than 1000 american casualties during the iraq war, they have plotted a terrorist attack here in our nation's capital, and launched destructive cyberattacks against american companies. unfortunately, president obama's policies embolden iran's leaders. instead of countering the
10:57 pm
regime's terrorist networks, the white house let them spread. and the president allowed iran to get closer to a nuclear weapon. over the last six years, iran has defied international sanctions, completed an underground nuclear facility, and amassed a large stockpile of enriched uranium. and now the president has struck a deal that he says will keep iran from going nuclear. congress has spent several weeks reviewing this agreement and listening to the american people. it is now clear that this deal will not stop a nuclear iran, but will instead endanger america and our allies for years to come. it will leave iran with the ingredients for a bomb and the infrastructure to build it. rather than stopping nuclear proliferation, this puts the middle east at the starting line of a nuclear arms race, and it will give iran a cash windfall,
10:58 pm
freeing up over $100 billion to fuel the regime's global campaign of islamist terror. incredibly, the agreement also fails to curb iran's intercontinental ballistic missiles, which the ayatollah says, in his own words, they will now "mass produce." these weapons are designed to hit our country and to attack our allies. ronald reagan's famous negotiating advice was to trust, but verify. but under this agreement, president obama is saying trust iran to verify. it relies on secret side deals that the american people's representatives were not allowed to see. inspections will no longer happen anytime, anywhere. instead, iran can delay and will reportedly self-inspect its own nuclear sites. iranian officials have also declared military locations
10:59 pm
off-limits. let us be clear-eyed about the deal. this was not a negotiation with an honest government. it was a negotiation with terrorists who chant "death to america" and stand against freedom and democracy. for the last decade, congress has passed bipartisan sanctions to keep iran from going nuclear. sadly, this agreement does not achieve that goal. it puts iran on a glide-path to a nuclear weapon and turns those hard-won sanctions into wasted effort. but my colleagues who understand the threat from iran, including democrats and republicans, will continue to stand against this agreement, for the sake of our nation's security and in defense of the free world. next, scott walker at a campaign stop at eureka college
11:00 pm
in illinois. then republican presidential candidate, louisiana governor regarding donald trump. after that, the latest on the 2016 presidential campaign. >> hoover came to the white house as a trained geologist and a world traveler that was successful in both the private and public sector. months into the term, came the crash. and charity. at the great depression deepened, their one term and it amidst overwhelming public frustration. lou hoover, this sunday night at 8:00 eight -- at 8:00 p.m. eastern. examining the public and private lives of the women who filled the position of first lady and their influence on the presidency. washington to michelle
11:01 pm
obama. sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> wisconsin governor scott walker spoke to students at a campaign stop at eureka college in illinois. it is the alma mater of president ronald reagan. this is 35 minutes. >> good morning. it's a great day to be here. my name is chuck erickson. i want to say first that it is truly an honor to be introducing the governor of wisconsin. a man i have admired for being a true conservative reformer. in his book unintimidated governor walker stated conservativists need to stop playing by the rules set by the left.
11:02 pm
with creativity and little innovation we can define the debate on our terms. he added, so when circumstances present you with a chance to take big, bold, decisive actions, seize it, and seize it, he did. after being elected the governor of wisconsin in 2010, he did not just talk the talk. he walk the walk. in his first term he took on the union bosses, reforming collective bargaining and freeing local school districts to hire the best teachers and prioritize spending. governor walker closed a deficit and delivered $2 billion in tax relief. property taxes in his state are actually lower today than when he took office. he's overseen the creation of thousands and thousands of new jobs and businesses as well as a significant drop in wisconsin's unemployment rate.
11:03 pm
he will continue to tear down barriers until everyone who wants a job can find a job. despite the tax relief, despite the job creation, and despite saving teachers from law office, the big government union bosses were not happy. in 2012 they orchestrated a recall election but they underestimated scott scott. he became the first governor in american history to win a recall election. in case you're not keeping track, that's three election victories in four years. while accomplishing those conservative reforms as he noted in his book, unintimidated, apter we did too, he refused the medicaid expansion under
11:04 pm
obama care. scott scott continues to deliver results in his second term. he has earned praise from conservatives and criticism from president obama. governor walker firmly believes that the conservative principles that work in wisconsin can work for america and he's ready to share his vision with the country. isn't it about time we send someone to washington, d.c. who actually has experience delivering true, conservative reform? not talking about it but who understands it's not just about flashy talk or debate but about us, the people. finally, on a more personal level, when he's not traveling or at work in wisconsin, you can find this preacher's son and avid football fan home with his wife tonette and his sons or out riding his harley. please welcome the 45th governor
11:05 pm
of wisconsin, scott scott. applause] >> thanks. thank you. thank you. well, thank you, thank you, chuck, for that great introduction. thanks to all of you for coming out. thanks to eureka for hosting us. it's an honor to be here, in fact it's particularly an honor to be right here on this stage where ronald reagan found his voice as a student at eureka college. what a remarkable opportunity. some of you know this, but earlier this year my wife was here with me, the first lady of wisconsin, tonette. we sell brailt our wedding anniversary right here -- celebrated our wedding anniversary here. she would tell me i remember our
11:06 pm
wedding anniversary because it's ronald reagan's birthday. i like to think it's the other way around but either way, it really is an honor to be back here at the alma mater of our 40th. of the united states. for me, ronald reagan's something special. he helped shape my view of the world. when i think back to his first inaugural address when he stated we should all remember, the federal government did not create the states, the states created the federal government, that's why i worked so hard to take power out of washington and send it back to the people in the states all across this country. that's true reform. i think about ronald reagan and how in my time, not much difference than the age of students here, ronald reagan during his presidency lowered taxes and got the federal government out of people's lives. in doing so, it brought -- the poilings brought about one of the longest sustained periods of
11:07 pm
growth in american history. that's why i push to get the federal government out of our lives and to reduce the size and scope. ronald reagan many years ago at the beginning of his presidency, he rebuilt the military. he helped us stand up for our allies and stand up against our enemies. sometimes we forget about this. that brought about one of the most peaceful times in modern american history. mr. reagan believed in peace through strength. i do, too. i hope to follow his lead going forward. that's really about true safety. but probably most importantly, ronald reagan wasn't just a conservative or a republican, he was an eternal optimist in the american people. i share that optimism. i share that optimism. because you see, today now more than ever, we need a leader in this country who cares more
11:08 pm
about the next generation than just about the next election. we need someone who's willing to go big and go bold. because it's not enough just to elect a republican as a president. what we need more than anything is a reformer. i know a thing or two about going big and bold when it comes to reform. four years ago tonette and i celebrated our wedding anniversary on the day of the 100th anniversary of ronald reagan's birth. i remember exactly where i was at. it's probably dangerous to say this here in illinois. i was at the super bowl watching the green bay packers win. but that's a whole 'nother story. i see a bit of green and gold over there thavepblgts i have to laugh. a week ago i had probably more than bringing democrats and republicans together. i had a couple both wearing bear shirts with a sign. they asked me to take a picture.
11:09 pm
the shirts said bear fans for walker. we were celebrating our wedding anniversary, celebrating the packers victory. but the day after, we returned home and i had my entire cabinet come over for dinner and the reason i did that is we were about to embark on some pretty bringing reforms. i told the story to my cabinet about how ronald reagan took on some remarkable tasks and that shaped his presidency going forward. specifically i told the story about how early on about this time in 1991, president reagan had fired the traffic controllers. a lot of people forget about this. but the union that represented them had actually endorsed the president, then-candidate reagan. so it wasn't about the politics. it was clearly about principle. you see, he had forpe warned them that if they walk off the job, it was a violation of the
11:10 pm
law. he said you can't violate the law. he gave them fore warning and after 48 hours when they didn't come back to work, he terminated them. over 11,000. that was a bold move. it was pretty much politically risky at the time. who knew what was going to happen there? he did it because that was the right thing to do. from that point forward across this country and around the world, people knew that president ronald reagan was serious. that opened the door to tremendous reforms, positive reforms for many threers there after. he went big and he went bold and it worked. it worked. i think about that often. see, back a few years ago in 2010, in my state the voters of our state chose to switch from all democrat to all republican control. that was a pretty dramatic changened i remember about week after the election i met with the new republican majorities and i said to those lawmakers, it's put-up or shut-up time.
11:11 pm
of course, that was the headline in the newspaper. the voters sent such a mandate. i told folks if we just nibbled around the edges, the voters would have every right to throw us out. we needed to stand up on our campaign promises. so we did did. we went big and bewent bold. after that, a lot of protesters came into our state. first, it was people from wisconsin, the first few days. but eventually along the way, there were tens of thousands who came in from across the country. in fact, after a while we saw people being bused in and flown in from places all over the yoy by union bosses, from places like chicago and new york and washington, d.c. you see, they were trying to intimidate us, but we didn't back down. they tried to intimidate us but we didn't back down. at one point there were over
11:12 pm
100,000 protesters that occupied our state capital but we didn't back down. they went after my family with threats, but we didn't back down. they went after a member of the wisconsin supreme court in an election that otherwise would have been inconsequential. we didn't back down. they took us to federal and state worth and we didn't back down. they went after our state senators and we didn't back down. we went after me in a recall election and we didn't back down. last year they made me the number one target in america. of all the elections we were the number one target and we did not back down. instead, we fought and we won. we got results and we did it. we did it without compromising our conservative principles. applause] and what we did wasn't just about being conservative.
11:13 pm
it was about commoven sense. common sense. we took the power out of the hands of the big government special interests and we put it firmly into the hands of the hard working people. that's pro taxpayer. we passed a right to work law that says that people in our state now have the freedom to choose whether they want to be in a labor union or not. that's pro worker. we fixed a $3.6 billion budget deficit. we did it early on so that we could spend our time and efforts helping the people, not the government. pepping helping the people of our state focus on creating more jobs and higher wages. d we passed in our budgets $4.7 billion worth of tax relief so that families in our state, so that families in our state could keep more of their hard-earned dollars. if we can do -- applause] if we can do those kinds of
11:14 pm
common sense conservative reforms in a blue state like wisconsin, imagine, imagine what we can do in washington. washington, think about that president reagan once said something i love. he said many things i love but particularly on this. he said we had to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. we need to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. sadly, though, since he's been gone, that swamp has been filled back in. and i got to tell you, people from washington aren't the people to fix washington. no. instead, we need a new leader. we need someone from outside of washington, someone who's actually gotten things done. we need a leader who is going to wreak havoc on washington and once and for all put the people of this great country back in charge of your government applause] that's why i'm here because, you see, i'm that kind of leer fed
11:15 pm
i'm ready to lead. we've got ideas to lead, as well. in fact, we've got an idea to take and repeal obama care once and for all and put patients and families back in charge of your health care decisions and your health care dollars. [applause] we call it the day one patient freedom plan. the reason we call it that is because on day one, on day one i'll send that plan up to congress and to get them to act on it, which is important, to get them to act on it on day one, i will sign an executive order that requires congress, their familiaritylies and their staff to live under the same rules that everybody else in america lives under. [applause] you see, they need a little incentive to get that repeal passed. remember last year, we heard a lot in the campaigns about how if we just had a majority
11:16 pm
republicans in congress after the elections, they'd vote to appeal obama care. the last i checked, it's after labor day and there's no bill on the president's desk to repeal obama care. that's why people are upset with washington. that's why i'm upset with washington. they need to share our sense of urgency. you see, talk is chief. we need action. we need people who are people of action. i know what that's all about. in the first day i took office as gompe, literally after i took the oath of office, i turned to my attorney general and gave him the letter that authorized wisconsin to join the federal lawsuit against obama care. people will tell you, they'll tell you that the one thing that they probably can all agree on, republican, democrat, because if i tell you i'm going to do something, i do it. i don't back down. i'm not going to back down from doing what's right for you and i'm not going to back down from
11:17 pm
from what's right for future generations going forward. [applause] and i'm proud of the fact that we're the only major candidate that actually has a plan to repeal obama care. see, between now and wednesday, i'm going to challenge the candidates, all the other major candidates who are going to be on the stage with me at president ronald reagan's library. i'm going to challenge all those other candidates, you know, it's great to tell people you want to appeal obama care, but talk's cheap. where's your plan? have the dourge tell people what your plan is. because you cannot repeal obama care unless you have a plan to do it. we have a plan and our plan starts on day one, the very first day we're in office. there's more. on day one, as day one as your president of the united states of mrk, i'm going to terminate the bad deal with iran on the very first day. [applause]
11:18 pm
you see, now, there are some other candidates, including some republicans who have a different view of that. they think it's something you should wait oning in you put a cabinet and team in in washington. others think they can leave this deal in place and they'll make it work. i tell you, i looked at this with experts from around the country and across the world. this deal, the deal that president obama has with iran is bad for america, it is bad for israel, it is bad for the world. i don't need to wait to have people in washington tell me what i can and can't do. i know it is a bad deal today and i will terminate that on my first day in office. [applause] but there's more as well. you see, on day one, i'm going to end the unlawful executive action of president when it comes to ilpleel immigration. see, for years, the president
11:19 pm
said some 22 times, 22 times president obama himself said he could not do what he did last november. he said he wasn't the emprer, he was the president, he wasn't above the law. then he got frustrated and did it anyway. in fact he'd still be doing it today if it weren't for me and 22 other governors went to congress and said no one is above the law, delug president of the united states. you actually got pass things in congress to get to do it. as president i'm going to undo those unlawful actions like that on my first day. i'm not going to wait. i'm going to do it on day one. i think it's important to tell people not just about those things, but going forward we have a plan to wreak havoc on washington and our plan starts on day one. and so my -- [applause] thank you. and so my promise to all of you
11:20 pm
here and everybody else across america is every week, starting next week, we're going to lay out another one of our reforms, our big bold reforms that we're going to do starting on day one. next week we're going to be on monday in las vegas and we're going to tell the american people what we're doing to do when it comes to taking on the big government union bosses. what we're going to do to take power out of the hands of the big government union bosses and put it in the hands of the hard working people of this country. simple things like on day one i'm going to stop the government from taking money out of the paychecks of federal employees for union dues because i don't think any person in this country should be required to put 911 a political fund that doesn't support candidates that you don't support. why should you have to support somebody that you fundamentally oppose? that's wrong. we're going to start that on day one and we're going to do more. those are the things we're going
11:21 pm
to lay out. there will be many more. week after week after week, we want to be a campaign that's about solutions. because you see, to wreak havoc on washington -- and those are battles i'm used to having, so you don't have to wonder if i'm capable of doing it. we've had those battles in wisconsin. but to wreak havoc on washington it takes a leader who has real solutions. we've heard for years in washington all sorts of political rhetoric. we need solutions. actions, actions speak louder than words. i actually have a plan, a plan of action to move this country forward. and my commitment to you here today is we're going to lay that out week by week between now and the elections to tell the american people exactly what we're going to do, not to lay out a bumper sticker, not to lay out a talking point but to literally tell you what we're going to do on each of the major
11:22 pm
issues and how we're doing to do it starting on day one. i think people are cynical, and understandably so. it's not about anger. it's about urgency. what i sense in america is a sense of urgency to say we have leaders to tell us what they're going to do and then have the company to -- confidence to actually do that. i laid out exactly the things i was going to do in my first days of office. i laid it out in a card and i told people to put it on a refrigerator and hold me accountable for it. it's great. i run into democrats and they tell me i still have your card up on my police officer. i can't believe someone -- refrigerator. you did every one of those things, and for that i'm going to vote for you going forward. i think that's what people are hungry for. they are hungry for people who
11:23 pm
don't just say things, but they say here's what i'm going to do and this is how i'm going to do it. to wreak havoc on washington, we need to have a leader in this country as president who's actually been tested. we've seen the mistake that happens when you put something in the presidency who's never run anything before. you can make all the promises in the world. you can say whatever sounds great but if you can't deliver on the promises, talk is cheap. talk is cheap. that doesn't get us moving forward. if we want to wreak havoc on washington we need a leader who has truly been tested. i have been tested more than anybody else in the race. i wouldn't wish it on anybody else out there. what's the old adage? what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. there were times i wondered if that was just figurative the way things were going out there. we have been tested unlike anyone else in this race. we will not back down. i have passed that test time and
11:24 pm
time and time and time again. you give me the honor of servings as your president, i am ready to serve this exceptional country filled with exceptional people going forward. [applause] so i would just end here again on this great stage, this stage where ronald reagan once found his voice, not just as a student here at eureka but found his voice for this nation and in many ways for this world, his optimism, the kind of optimism. i love seeing young people here from college. thank you, be you agree with me or not, thank you for being here. i appreciate that. tonette and i have two sons, mathue, a senior in college and alex who is a junior. the reason we ran for governor was because of our sons, matt and alex. whoa saw a state that wasn't headed in the right direction. we felt like we needed to do
11:25 pm
something about it. i got to tell you, the reason i'm rung for president is in the same vein. for me it's about matt and alex and not just the two of them but all of you here and the younger ones and those yet to be born. the american dream isn't about a business or a home or anything else of material value. the american dream, the american dream is about ensuring that your children and some day your grandchildren have a better life than the one you inherited from your parents and your grandparents. that's why we're here. that's why we took on all the pressure. i'm so glad that's the reason why i ran for governor. because when we had 100,000 protesters in the capital, when we had death threats, all sorts of things were said about my family, if it had just been about a title or a position, i would have said that's it, that's enough, i don't need this job. but instead it was a great reminder for me was the reason i
11:26 pm
got into this wasn't for a title or a position. it was so that my children and others like them have a better opportunity, have a better state. and the challenges -- they're big. don't get me wrong. you look at the size of the death, you look at the lack of economic recovery we have yet to see in this country. when you look at the challenges of isis and iran and places around the world, it's not going to be easy. it's not going to be easy. but just like reagan, i'm an optimist, and i believe in the american people. i believe there has been no challenge we have ever faced in this country that is too big for the resolve of the american people. i believe that we have leaders that think more about the next generation than about the next election. there's nothing we can't accomplish together. now more than ever we need a leader who's going to fight and who's -- who's going to win. a leader who will fight and who
11:27 pm
will win for true economic growth, not just for now but for the future and future generations, a leader who will fight and win to make sure that our children and our grandchildren are safe from isis and all the threats in the world. now more than ever we need a leader who will fight and win. if you elect me as your next president, i tell you this. i won't back down, i won't back down. i have been tested not just for others. i've been tested for myself. i know that i will not back down that the challenges the president of this country will face. i will not back down from those challenges. now and more than ever we need someone who will fight and win for you, someone who will fight and win for your family, someone who will fight and win for america. i ask for your volt. thank you so much. [applause]
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>> next republican presidential candidate bobby jindal's remarks about g.o.p. presidential candidate donald trump. then remarks by british labor ourselves party leader elect jeremy corbyn. >> he was a nazi. he was a concentration camp commandant and he was responsible for the murder of thousands of yous. a, is sunday night on q & teege. -- jennifer >> we will see tremendously cruel person, a person who, yes, who was -- i mean, he was capable of -- he had dogs, he
11:37 pm
had two dogs, and he trained them to tear humans apart. he was a person who hurt -- there was a pleasure that he felt when he killed people. and this was, yeah, something that when you're normal, if you don't have this aspect in your personality, it is very, very difficult to grasp. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span's q & a. >> republican presidential candidate governor bobby jindal of louisiana spoke at the national press club thursday. he used the platform to launch an attack on another republican candidate businessman donald trump. also condemned the iran nuclear deal. this is an hour.
11:38 pm
>> good morning, everybody. welcome to the national press club. my name is john hughes. i'm an editor for bloomberg first word. i'm honored to be the president of the national press club. so our guest today is republican presidential candidate and louisiana governor bobby jindal, who sits to my right, and he will be discussing many of the issues of the day through his comments and through the question and answer. i also understand that he'll have some things to say about the g.o.p. frontrunner, donald trump. i also want to spruce up here on the desk sitting with me my
11:39 pm
national press club colleague amy henderson. he's the national press club speaker's committee member who helped organize this event. thank you, amy for all your work in making this happening. i want to welcome our c-span and public radio audience and remind you that you can follow this on twitter. npc live. those of you following on the internet, it's a good way to follow what's happening here in the room on social media. so without any further hesitation, i want to welcome to the national press club g.o.p. presidential candidate and louisiana governor bobby jindal. applause] >> thank y'all very much and thank you very much to the folks of the press club for having me. and good morning.
11:40 pm
today i want to put aside my own political mission, my own campaign just for a moment. i want to talk about something more important than myself or any single candidate. the idea of america is slipping away from us, what do i mean by that? we're on a path towards socialism. in america today we got over $18 trillion of debt, planned parenthood is dismembering and selling babies across the country. the idea of america is slipping away there us. that is the context for what i want to talk about today. there is a great opportunity for us to get our country back. there is a hunger to get america back. i see it in the polls. i see it in people's eyes in the early states. you see it all around us. people are hungry and eager to get the idea of america back. i believe our country is ready for it. the liberalism, the incompetence of the obama administration has brought us to the edge. the idea of america is slipping away.
11:41 pm
the people can see it and they're demanding radical change. they're demanding that we get back on the path to greatness. the american people have a massive appetite for a rebirth, a massive appetite for making america great again. that is the context and the reason for my remarks today. i want to start by saying i like the idea of donald trump. i like the idea of an outsider, somebody willing to say the things you're not supposed to say. i like the idea of somebody going after the d.c. political class. the reality is they are full of foolishness and nonsense. donald trump's diagnosis is exactly right. the political class is the problem. the problem is donald trump's prescription is exactly wrong. his diagnosis on the political class is right. his prescription is wrong. his prescription is that he is the solution. donald trump is not the solution. the problem is that donald trump himself is full of foolishness and nonsense as well. i'll start by saying i like the idea of donnell trump and i like
11:42 pm
the show. i like the donald trump act and show. it's a lot of fun. it's entertaining. i laughed when he said that audiences were falling asleep at jeb bush's audiences. i thought it was great when he gave helicopter rides to kids at the iowa state fair. it's been a lot of fun. but here's the problem. donald strump not a serious candidate. he's a narcissist. he's an egomaniac. the only thing he believes in is himself. the reality is that i want to say what everybody is thinking about donald trump but afraid to say. everybody knows this is true. this isn't -- this shouldn't be new. the idea of the donald trump act is great. the reality of donald trump, however, is absurd. he's nonserious. he's a carmel i'd. here's the truth about donald trump. he's shallow. he has no understanding of point he is full of bluster. he has no substance.
11:43 pm
he lacks the intellectual curious osity to learn. you can't argue policy with this guy. the only thing that donald trump believes in is himself. he tells us that his health care plan is going to be fabulous, his tax plan been really, really terrific. he is shallow he has no substance. he doesn't know what he's duking -- talking about. he makes it up on the fly. he doesn't believe in limited government he's told us that. over an over from his belief in socialized medicine to his tax increases, he's told us he has no problem with big, top-down style government. the only problem he has with d.c. today, his only problem is he's not the one running it today. donald trump's not against big government. he just happens to be against the folks running . donald trump is for donald truffer. he believes in nothing other than himself. he's not a liberal, he's not a
11:44 pm
moderate, he's not a conservative. he's not a democrat, he's not a republican, he's not an independent. donald trump is for donald trump. he's not for anything, he's not against anything. issues don't mean anything to him. policies and idea lings are not important to him. he's a narcissist and egomaniac. that may sound like a serious charge to make, but it is something that everybody knows to be true. he knows it, too. he celebrates it. he says kanye west is great. why is kanye west great? because kanye west likes trump, so therefore kanye west is great. he's an entertaining narcissist but he's still a narcissist. like all narcissists he's insecure and weak. he's afraid of being exposed. that's why he always tells us how big and strong and wealthy he is. we've met people like donald trump who continue to tell us how insignificant everybody else is. we know only a week and small
11:45 pm
person needs to constantly tell us that. donald trump believers he is the answer to every question. donald struffer dangerous but not in the way you think. the reality is we have an incredible opportunity to turn our country around. and the question for conservatives is this. are we going to rely an trust proven conservative principles? are we going to turn to a man who believes in nothing but himself? that is the most essential question we've got to answer right now. are we going to miss this great snuent are we going to apply conservative principles or do we trust a man who believes in nothing but himself? that's what makes donald trump so dangerous. many people think he's dangerous. they say you wouldn't want somebody like that with such a hot head with his fingers on the nuclear code. yeah, that's true. that's not the real danger. the real danger is ironically, donald trump could destroy
11:46 pm
america's chance to be great again. we must not miss this opportunity. the democratic party has terribly screwed things up. they've run things in the ground. they've screwed up our foreign policy. we're about to allow iran to become a nuclear power. they are giving us this election on a silver platter. if we blow this opportunity, we may never get it again. they lex is not just about the republican party or about conservatives. it is about saving our country. it is about rescuing the idea of america, making america great begin. donald truffer is not a serious -- trump is not a serious act, he's not a serious person. it's all just an act. it's all just a solo show. the joke is on us. he's laughing all the way to the polling station. p.t. barnum was never more right than right now. you may have seen that donald trump said that the bible was
11:47 pm
his favorite book. when asked, he couldn't name a specific buy bible verse that had an impact on him. it's clear, donald trump's never read the bible. the reason we know that, he's not in the bible. folks, donald trump is not a serious person this is a carnival act. these are serious times for our country. the democrats have practically gift wrapped this election for us. the whole thing is set up for us to win. now we are flirting with nominating a nonserious, unstarblingse substance-free candidate. we cannot send this narcissist, we cannot nominate this egomaniac. nominating donald strump a certain way for us to ruin our opportunity to make america great again. the civil summer season is over. it's time -- the silly summer season is is over. it's time to send donald trump
11:48 pm
back to reality tv. we need to tell him, you've been great it's been great fun, you've been almost as good as don rick lings. it's been a blast. he's right when he says we need to make america great again. we do need to make america great again. we need to fire everybody in washington. we need to get rid of political correctness. all of that is true. we can make america great again but we will not do that by putting an unserious, unstable narcissist in office. this is our time to save our country. the conservative cause deserves more than a power hungry shark that eats whatever is in front of him. sooner or later we will be his next meal. this is our moment, this is our time. we can win right now or we can be the biggest fools of all time and put our faith not in our principles but in an ego maniacal madman who has no principles.
11:49 pm
if we nominate him he will self destruct in a general election. he may be last chance that hillary clinton has. even worse, if you're a conservative, even if he were to win, it doesn't matter. he believes in nothing -- we have no idea what he would actually do in the white house. folks, it is time to get serious about making america great again. it is time for donald trump to take the ride down the elevator. it is time for us to tell him, donald, you're fired. it is time to tell him we will not put an ego minaya cal person in the white house. we need to put a committed conservative in the white house, one who will make our country great again, who will ignore the political plass in washington, d.c. donald trump's campaign is not about making america great again. it's about making donald trump great. obviously, i think i'm the right man for this job, but the voters will make that decision. america is ready for a politically incorrect, committed
11:50 pm
conservative candidate. if i haven't been clear, i think the donald trump show has been entertaining. i've enjoyed him as a reality tv show star. but just because a lot of people like to watch kim kardashian, we wouldn't put her in the white house either. he's an unstable narcissistic egomaniac. it's time to put a serious committed conservative. let's make america great again. it starts by firing donald trump. thank you and i look forward to taking your questions. >> thank you, governor. you can stay right there at the podium. the cnn poll that was out this morning said that trump is the first candidate to surpass 30%. did you and other g.o.p. candidates wait too long in going after them way you are today? >> look, i think that the summer silly season has been fun but i think there is plenty of time.
11:51 pm
the first votes will be cast in iowa in fesh. one thing donald trump is rights about, it's time to fire the people in washington, d.c. the voters are angrier at the republicans than they are even at obama. the choice we've given voters is you can vote for honest socialists or -- they're looking for committed conservative people who will do what they said they would do. it's not too late to get rid of this narstist and rely on our conservative principles. now is the time for conservatives to embrace our principles, not an individual who only believes in 4i78. -- himself. >> some of your fellow candidates running followed trump's ideas on immigration and he seemed to set the tone for all the candidates on immigration. then yesterday we saw one of the candidates appear with trump at
11:52 pm
a rally. are some of your colleagues in the g.o.p. undercutting your message by giving trump correct? >> two things. look, i can't speak for other candidates. i can tell you what i'm going to do. i'm going to fight for conservative ideas, i'm going to fight for my party, i'm going to fight for my country, most of all. but let he mell -- me tell you, he is a dangerous man. i don't think it makes sense to power him, enable him, kiss up to him hoping that something will rub off on the other candidates. the reality is he is not a serious man. he is not -- he is not a conservative. the only thing he believes in is himself. i think others are making a mistake. i think it's time for us to have a real fight for our conservative beliefs. we need to stand up against the d.c. establishment. againstneed to stand up this narcissist. i think it's time to take him on. look, anybody knows we've all
11:53 pm
dealt with folks like this before. you want to deal with the school yard bully, you take him on directly. >> several have written that trump has made it more difficult for people in your party to attract latino voters? do you think that's true? and how will you overcome that? >> every day he finds a new person to insult. he insults women. he insults this group, that group. he's not a conservative. he's not going to be the republican nominee. he believes in himself. he believes in ratings. i think we fight for every vote by staying true to our principles. this country is hungry to make america great again. we can and should win this election. i think the democrats have given it to us on a silver matter. hillary clinton has given it to us. he is losing to a socialist. we run the cold war. other countries are moving to
11:54 pm
capitalism. are we going to be the only country that's going the other way? bernie sanders called calls himself a socialist. that means he's more honest than the others people in the democratic party. at least he's honest about what he is and what they stand for. they are as well, but they dont won't say it. let's not give our country away. >> what do you mean when you said we have to get rid of political correctness. >> you know, look, i think there's this fear that you're not supposed to say certain things. for example, a university up in new hampshire is now saying, well, you can't say rich, you can't say american, you can't use these terms. you've got a member of congress trying to introduce legislation that you can't use the terms husband or wife. you've got folks on the left that say we shouldn't be the melting pot. we should be the salad bowl. this is nonsense. i think the american people are tired of it.
11:55 pm
for example, the left says it is culturally to say america's the melting pot. that's ridiculous. that's been the strength of america for centuries. the reality is immigration without assimilation is not immigration. it's invasion. i think it's time to stop the nonsense and be honest. $18 trillion in debt. we keep spending more money than we take in. hillary clinton and the left, they call it fetal tissue or specimen. they refuse to use the word babies. i think americans have had enough with political correctness. just be honest. tell us what's going on. tell us what's going on with our weak immigration policy. so i think it's time to put an end to this politically correct nonsense and be honest with folks. whether it's an spending or an immigration policy. let's be honest we could secure the border in six months if we
11:56 pm
were serious about it. democrats don't want to do it. republicans don't want to -- it's time for us to fire this group. it's time for us to get back to conservative ideas to get our country back on the right path. >> i mentioned the cnn poll and that poll continues to have you down near the bottom. why hasn't your own campaign taken hold yet? >> we're gaining ground in iowa. we're seeing larger and larger crowds in every county. doing town hall meetings. in louisiana, you go hunting where the ducks are. first votes will be netherlands iowa, so we're going there. today, let me be clear. i'm putting aside my political mission for today, because this is born. this is bigger than simply my campaign. this is about where do we go as a country? this is about not only the republican party and the conservative movement but it's what do we do in the face of the fact that america is slipping
11:57 pm
away from us? do we seize the opportunity to get back on track or do we waste it on this narcissist. it's time to gets serious. >> you have sporpped kentucky county clerk kim davis and her refusal to sign gay marriage licenses saying it is a religious freedom issue. yet we had the supreme court ruling and some of those licenses have been issued. should those licenses continue to be issued regardless of her personal beliefs? >> couple of things. look, irthink it's amazing in america today. you can jeopardize our national security and run for president. but if you oppose gay marriage, you end up in jail. i'm happy she's no longer in jail. but you shouldn't have to choose between following your conscious and your job. i signed a bill saying we will not in louisiana discriminate against individuals who have a traditional view of marriage, being between a man and a woman abuse of their sincerely held religious beliefs. i think that should be true in
11:58 pm
every state because of our first e-mailed rights. our founding fathers enshrined us in the constitution. she shouldn't have to give up her conscious and sack fetion their seriously held religious beliefs. religious liberty did not create the united states -- the united states of america didn't create religious liberlt. it's one of our foundational rights. i'm pleads she's no longer in prison but i don't think she should have to choose between following her conscious and being able to keep her job. >> should officials refusing to issue gun permits be treated like kim davis? >> i'm not aware of a sincerely held religious conviction. people like to be make up crazy, hypothetical examples. the fact is crirchrches are facing discrimination and persecution.
11:59 pm
e reality is, it's florists, musicians, caterers. they're being faced with thousands of dollars of fines, loss of their businesses. what's happening today is crirchrches are being discriminated against in the united states and that's wrong. we have first e-mailed rights. i now the aclu and other groups loved riff ra when it was for others north. now it's christians, they've shown hypocrisy. they were for religious liberty before they were against us. even folks that don't, i hope would believe in the rights, the first e-mailed rights for folks like the clerk in kentucky and for business owners and others all across our country. >> you mentioned your religious are freedom executive order. what exactly do you hope that will accomplish and how will it withstand a legal challenge? >> moye hope is that other states will do what we have
12:00 am
done. we passed the riff ra act. my second term in anticipation ahead of the supreme court's actual ruling in the marriage case --aged i said this in the presidential debates. my goal wab to i would hope you would not need that. i would hope our first amendment rights would be enough. unfortunately they are not being protected. that would allow individuals across america to live according to their sincerely held religious beliefs. when hillary clinton and the left say you have the right to religious freedom, all they mean is a couple hours a week in church. it is a foundational right for country since our founding. the left is trying to take god out of the public square. square. that is not what the foundg


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