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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Keene New Hampshire  CSPAN  October 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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time magazine has trouble winning. -- trump winning. myself, and they say trump is ok, not great. to they were just trying beat me up. and i think we are doing well. and the important poll that came out a couple of hours ago. so i want to thank everybody in the room and the other rooms that are filled up who we'll see in a little while -- [cheers and applause] mr. trump: new hampshire, an amazing state. a friend of mine from new york said what are people from new hampshire like? they are an amazing -- just amazing people, they love the
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country and love to work. i love the country, i love to work. [applause] mr. trump: we are in the same boat and we are going to make america great. we are going to make it great again. i was going to save it for later. we made that horrible iran deal. and i just wrote this down and i was watching this networks, we should have made the deal and knocked the hell out of isis. we are giving them $150 billion, we got nothing except defeat. we don't win so much. i actually tweeted this before. do you believe this? iran wants to trade our three prisoners, by the way, we have four prisoners, they are talking about three.
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the fourth they aren't talking about, they want to trade it for 19 prisoners held by the united states and many other things. i mean how stupid are we? how stupid are we? and it's just going to change. it's going to change. it's just going to change. so embarrassing. he desserted, and we have five and probably six people killed going after. and the other day i read for the first time, well, he wasn't feeling well, he may not be -- who the hell cares?
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[cheers and applause] mr. trump: and might get off with nothing. six people died. what did we do with desserters? that's right. there was no desserting. you have problems. he's a nice person, right? i don't think so. so a lot of the press has been nice to us in the last few days because we gave a detailed tax policy where we substantially reduced tax policies. we are going to create a lot of jobs and mexico, china, japan, we are going to be taking them back. but you know, they were so happy
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in a certain way, they said, we want policy. gave policy on immigration and they were happy with that. a lot of people don't agree, build a wall. they said, you can't build a wall. our trade deficit with mexico is $45 billion a year. i love mexico. i love the mexican people. thousands and thousands of mexican people that have worked with me over the years. but the leaders have said over the year, too cunning, too sharp, and they are ripping us. and nabisco -- what's more america can than nabisco. they are going to make oreos in mexico. and ford motor plant.
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i have all these live television sets. every other capped can go and make a speech. and they make the same speech for months, but jeb bush is down the road and accepting 1257 people tonight. it's true. i'm going to tell you, but we have been getting amazings crowds. 20,000 people in oklahoma. 20,000 people. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: a great place. we had 20,000 people. we filled a stadium and mark cubin and the manufacture risks is called american airlines center in dallas, 20,000 people showed up. i said can you see me? and we had three days to do it. you can have that arena when you want it.
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i said when? the first day, 12,000 people, we want to alabama just before that, we had 35,000 people. it's been amazing. tonight -- and i want accurate counts because these people they don't count heads. they said the place is ok. by the way, pan out on these people please, cnn and all of your live cameras, pan out! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: you know what they do, they have the live camera on my face. my wife says, was there any people out there. they never show the crowds. they don't want to.
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it's so important. the fire marshal, a lot of people can't get in, 3,564. that's what we have. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we love the fire marshals, but they said you can't have it in the aisles. it's a one-story aisle. so we have 3,564 people. we have close circuit information and always like this. we did have one event so beautiful in south carolina, i was called by a friend of mine, a african-american, he wrote the most beautiful letter tonight and he put it in one of the papers and there was a last-minute thing.
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i'm speaking to the african-american chamber of commerce. it formed in the front and it was beautiful. and the best crowd they had. such a beautiful day. it was a lunch and it was wonderful. and the cameras because they were all up front, the cameras showed the empty chairs. is trump losing? and these people were so angry. african-american people that doll such a great job and you have to see the liter. it was a beautiful letter and so unfair the way the event was treated and when i go to things like this, i would like the press. there is a movement.
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this is more like gee, whiz, when bush has 125e people and rubio has 12 people, true, and when all of the other ones, some of them i really like, but nobody has crowds like us, including bernie, who does pretty well. [cheers and applause] and the fact is something is happening. something incredible is happening. so what's gone on is we put a policy on immigration, that is build a wall, people have to come into the country legally. have to do it. have to do it. or we don't have a country. the anchor babies, we have to do something there. and when i brought that up, people come dem, they are on the other side of the border and have a baby, nobody stops
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anybody, it's like we are open territory. the woman has a baby in our land and we have to take care of that baby for 85 years. and i say that can't be. and everybody said that baby is a citizen born in the united states. turned out i'm right. because they aren't coming in legally. and if you read the language, other than sore television scholars, people are coming from china and coming from all over asian latin america, south america and mexico, they walk across the border, doesn't read that way. they said, you have to go through a whole big thing every state has to go to referendum, it's the 14th amendment and so many different things, right?
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but it's not working our way. it's wrong. and i turned out to be right. because the real scholars said, he's right. no. no. how can it be wrong? this is something that has come up. we have to get rid of these sanctuary cities. it's disgraceful. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: kate, magnificent kate shot in the back and killed in san francisco. i have property in san francisco. i own a big chunk of the bank of america building, can you believe it? when i hear san francisco, now you learn brl sank you tear -- sanctuary cities. and i have gotten friendly with the people, the whole thing with illegal immigration and crime.
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it is far worse than anybody understands. far worse. far worse. tremendous people come in. but you have some terrible problems. the other week as you saw, got a lot of press, a woman, 66-year-old veteran, raped, sodomized and nearly killed. a 66-year-old veteran, killed her. we are going to stop it. we are going to have a wall. [cheers and applause] and i'm really good at walls. what -- that's why with the infrastructure of the country, we are spending money all over
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the world. i was going to have a list of some of the dumb things that the country does. do you know what a washer is. washer, screw, a little bit extra grip. when it went from south carolina to texas, it cost $988,000 to have it delivered over a long period of time. there are so many things like that. there are so many things like that. hammers, that you buy for $7, $8 that we buy as a country. who are these people that are making these deals. you are probably saying, we want a part of these companies. but where they are selling for things in a store for pennies, selling them for thousands of dollars. there is so much fat. so much fat.
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and i get a lot of credit for immigration. people think it's harsh. dwight eisenhower was a wonderful general and a respected president and he moved a million people out of the country and nobody said anything about it. when trump does it, ugh. that was also in the 1950's, different time. that's when we had a country. that's when we had a country. [applause] that's when we had vote. .without borders, you don't have a country. but dwight eisenhower. and used to take him out and put him on the other side of the border and they come right back
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and do it again and do it again a say this it doesn't work. and moved them all the way south, all the way, and they never came back again because it was too far. amazing. i'm not saying this in a joking way, i'm saying this is what happened. they literally, literally, moved them all the way. a lot of the politicians, they put them on boats and all the way down south and that was it. and then a lot of things happened and a lot of changes took place and we have become so
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politically correct as a country that we can't do anything. you say that was not politically correct. nobody respects women more than i do. and i -- that's true. thank you. my mother was the greatest person there was. but nobody respects women more than i do. and making a speech. i cherish women and hillary says we don't want to be cherished but respected. everything. you want to be respected and want to be loved and cherished, you want to be everything. am i right? and nobody cares more than i do. women's health issues where jeb bush recently said that he's not going to fund them and said he misspoke. can't misspeak. that has to be so vital and important.
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we are going to take care of our women and our vets and take care of people. we are going to bring jobs back. we are going to become a rich country. [applause] we are a poor country. we owe now $19 trillion, it's up to $19 trillion. we owe china. think of it. they take our jobs, our base and our moan and we owe them $1.5 trillion. we owe japan the exact same amount, $1.5 trillion. we owe them. they send million of cars here. they pay for the cars. try doing business in japan. i say how many chevies do you think you are going to find in the middle of tokyo? maybe none?
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we sell them beef, and they don't want it. beef. they don't want it. the farmers don't want it so we owe japan $1.5 trillion. they sell us all these cars and we owe them money. it's going to stop. it's so easy. it's so easy. we have to balance out. i went to my people this week and i said i want to know how much do we, in terms of balance of trade, how much are we behind the eight-ball, the u.s. trade deficit with china, japan and mexico. china, almost $400 billion. $400 billion. japan is almost $70 billion a year. and mexico, $45 billion. you can't get to mexico to pay for the wall. $5 billion.
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i will build greater, better, stronger for half the price. much less than half the price because i know how to build. i watch it myself. oh, it's going to work so well. you see the big picture on the magazine. i was on the cover. but there is a wall like eight or nine feet and they have a ramp going up and another ramp going down. they have cars and trucks going over, taking drugs. so here's the deal. we get the drugs, they get the money. these trucks get right over the wall. can't do that when the wall is higher the ceiling. or it's a long way down if they miss the ramp. let them get away with it. but we are going to make our country so strong and beautiful.
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i put something in on policy with regard to the second amendment. i'm a big second amendment person. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: in two weeks this is something i got to know a lot about. i'm going to put in a policy paper on the veterans and veterans administration and they know what to do. we spend so much money but we have seen tremendous corruption. al few weeks ago on wednesday, we had the longest wait in the history of the veterans administration. they waited days to see a doctor. they are dying. you saw it and saw the report. so many people are dying while they are waiting. they are dying. things that could be taken care
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of with a pill or maybe one visit. they are dying. it's not going to happen anymore. [applause] mr. trump: that's what i look forward to and i tell you just briefly, and it's common sense, when they are waiting too long, going to go to a hospital and we are going to pay the bill and take care of these people. [applause] mr. trump: so and it's so important to me because some of the greatest people on this trail. do you believe i'm a politician. i'm so embarrassed. some people say, you're a politician and i say i hope not. in a certain way, i am for a little while and hopefully it works out. so, good, you can go ahead. [applause]
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mr. trump: you know, it's funny, a few weeks ago i got a great story and they said he is a wonderful public speaker, but he has one problem, he speaks through the applause. i started speaking and people immediately shut up. i said because i'm so excited. there are so many things to do and not enough time to wait for the applause. and i keep doing it, because it's exciting to me. i appreciate the article. who knows. so what i did is we came up with a really great tax plan that has been praised and some cases not, some people said it's too big. we have the highest taxes in the entire world. our corporations are leaving our country because the taxes are too high and did a very sophisticated and policy paper.
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the press would say prior to that and the second amendment and immigration, they said, he talks well. i went to great schools. i'm like a smart person. he doesn't talk details. all of a sudden i'm speaking details. i will tell you the tax plan, is i think something we are proud of and i'm going to go over it quickly but it's going to help you. it's going to help with jobs and put people to work. we are taking jobs back. we are going to have companies come back into our country. we are going to have a lower tax rate than china and many of these countries. corporate inversion is a
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disaster. companies voo billions, trillions, outside of the country. everybody agrees the money should be allowed to come back in. republicans and democrats, they still can't agree. they agree but can't come to a conclusion. it's a bigger number than that. and if it is, my plan is even better. i'm letting it come in with a reasonable tax. right now the tax is so high. if anybody was running one of those companies, you can't get it in. they work on paperwork. smart. they can't get the money. i want the money to come in so these companies don't go. a lot of them leave, you know this, in order to get the money. they move their company to ireland, to other places in europe, to other places in the world in order to get the money.
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and you have some big-named companies that are now thinking of leaving the united states to get the money and to get lower taxes. and there is no way you can stop that. you can't say it is illegal. the only way that stops it is the marketplace. we are going to take care of that. i titled it tax reform that will make america great again. reagan-e it was very sque. one of the writers said that. [applause] mr. trump: and i start off, too many americans are working, too many jobs are being shipped overseas and too many middle-income families cannot make ends meet.
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if it's not you, you know where -- you know people were that is the case. my plan directly meets these challenges as the challenges also of business. we are going to make our businesses strong again and make them competitive again. [applause] and we will get rid of the regulations that are mounting up on a daily basis. regulations are going to go the wayside. there will be somebody will be meaningful. it will not be the nonsense. provide major tax relief to middle income and most other americans, major tax relief. it will totally simplify the tax code. it will grow the american economy and all of this will add up to a point where we will not be increasing our debt. if it really kicks in like i
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think it might, we will reduce our debt and reduce it largely. [applause] again, i know the people i am running against. at good who is better at it and i am? is there anybody? [applause] trump: the company is bigger, better, stronger than ever before. you need someone with the craziness. you cannot adjust to be a politician. all talk, no action. they wouldn't know what to do with china. call carl icahn. he said trump is the only one who knows what he's talking about. i will get him involved.
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i said carl, you handle china. and i will walk away. we will do very well. we are going to come a great. we are not going to have a $400 billion deficit. and we will get along. china doesn't even like us. these countries repress up. up.ip us i start running the country, they will like us. it's hard to believe but that is what will happen. [applause] mr. trump: we're going to cut the individual rates. this is very important. we're cutting down from seven brackets to four and the rays 10 going from 25 to 20 to and then zero. what is the purpose of a person doing lengthy returns, going to get help from h&r block, who we intend to put out of business because it's so ridiculous.
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in order -- these people need help. they're not doing well. what's the purpose? and the bookkeeping. some are not paying now anyway. but they have to go through this process. it's brutal. we will simplify. 20%, 10%. it's a major reduction. geniuses thateat haven't made a dollar in their life say it's too much. the only dollars they get is from their mouth. if you are single and earn less than $25,000 or married and jointly earn less than $50,000, he will not pay any income tax. you will not. that is the way it is. what is the purpose?
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we eliminate the marriage penalty, which is a killer for so many people. what's the purpose of that? everyone agrees. theliminate the amt, alternative minimum tax. we eliminate it. it's a double taxation. i mean, a lot of you, as an example, in new hampshire, you have a store, you have a little building, you have something. you leave it to your kids, the kids get a tax bill where they have to pay 35% and even 50% in estate taxes. now they mortgage up the business, the bank ends up taking it over because they have to pay the estate taxes. and you've been paying taxes all the while. it's double taxation and it has to end. so many businesses have been destroyed by the death tax or the
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estate tax, as people like to call it. but so many businesses. [applause] that's very important. our plan reduces and/or totally eliminates most of the deductions and repos available to special interests who by the way are supporting bush and rubio and most of them, and hillary, big league hill rifment big league bush. you know, bush is going to spend $100 million on ads. that money comes from friends of mine. [laughter] they're friends. i know some are enemies. some i don't like. many of them i don't like. [laughter] but when you see an ad, every time you see an ad from rubio or bush or hillary, remember that money's coming from special interests and lobbyists. and when they want something done, a year from now, two years from now, if they ever get in, won't that be sad? if trump doesn't make it, won't that be a terrible thing?
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[applause] but when that money gets spent on, you know, millions, $5 million jeb today put in an order, i hear, $25 million for ad as, well, what do you do when you're weak on immigration and you're in favor of common corps, how do you solve that problem with ads? i don't think you solve it. rubio, the same thing. he's very, very, very weak on immigration. a member of the gang of eight, totally weak on immigration. how do you solve a problem, when you say people can just pour in? made a speech not so long ago, in spanish, saying he wants to open up the borders essentially. he didn't want you people hearing it. so he made the speech in spanish. that's true. but he's very weak on illegal immigration. and i don't think -- i'm not sure, i may be wrong, but whether you're rubio or bush, i have to tell you one story, do you mind? so bush is the mentor of rubio. and everybody said, this is
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politics at its lowest and worst -- i can't stand these politicians. right? so bush is the mentor. and he goes out and he says, yes, and he pushed and everybody said, rubio will never run because it would be disrespectful to his mentor. and i understand that. that's called loyalty, right? that's sort of nice. hello, folks, how are you? that's sort of nice. you're loyal, i believe in that. so everybody said, rubio will never run, the great genius upon digits on fox and cnn and m.s. they're all there and oh, no, he'll never run. he runs. they're all wrong. very disloyal. it was disloyal. very young. he runs. and they ask bush, what do you think of rubio? rubio comes out and he's talking about bush and, you know, what do you think of rubio? he's my dear friend. he's so wonderful. i love him so much. then there's rubio, who's running against bush, and he
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probably shouldn't be from a loyalty standpoint, the veterans know what i mean about loyalty, right? right? right? so they ask rubio, what do you think of bush? he's my dear friend. wonderful, just wonderful. they hate each other. they hate. trust me, i know. they hate so much. they hate more than anybody in this room hates their neighbor. any. but it's political bull ship, do you understand? it's true. it's true. so, let's go. we're going to reduce or eliminate most of the deductions, loopholes available to special interests and the very rich. me. i don't like that. maybe i'll change my mind on that one. i don't know. going to cost me a lot. while preserving charttable giving, which is important -- charitable giving, which is important, and giving mortgage interest deductions, we want to leave the mortgage interest.
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a couple of the plans -- yeah, you have to have it. a lot of people were worried about real estate. try taking the mortgage interest deduction out. you'll see what's going to happen to real estate. you want to see a crash? try that one. so we end the current tax treatment of carried interest. it's a little complicated. but the business folks know what that means. for speculative partnerships, that do not grow businesses or create jobs and they're not risking their own capital. that's what happens. they get this big thing, they're not risking their own capital. and it's a big number. somebody said it's not so big. it's a big number. big number. but it's a big number up here. it's a big number psychologically. big, big number psychologically. so we have to do that. and a lot of the hedge fund guys are not happy with me right now. but they're nice, but they didn't give me anything. they want to. as soon as you go to number one, it's amazing how many guys call up, don, i love you very
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much, i'd like to make a contribution. i don't want it. am i making a mistake? i feel like it's not natural to me. i'm turning down a lot of money, believe me. i hope it's appreciated someday. honestly. [applause] honestly. becauseify turn down tens of millions of dollars and i lose, i will feel so stupid. really. it didn't matter. so i hope it's appreciated. no business of any size from a fortune 500 company to a mom and pop shop, how many people own a shop? raise your hand. great business, right? ok. wure in the same category now. because the taxes are too high. is that right? so no business of any size from a fortune 500 company to a mom and pop shop, to a freelancer, you have a lot of them up in new hampshire. freelancers, plenty of freelancers. living from gig to gig, will pay more than 15% of their
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business income in taxes. we're not going to take all the money away anymore. and people aren't going to create jobs if you do that. so we're going to have jobs, this is a job creator. this is real. this will be really dynamic. this will be something special. a lot of people that don't know, they don't get it. but many people that do really get it. a one-time deemed repatriation, that's what i was talking about, all the money coming back in, of the corporate cash held overseas at a significantly discounted rate of 10%, in order, we're going to tax them 10% and they're going to have the money in our country instead of having it overseas. [applause] tax rate of 10%. and ends to the deferential of taxes on corporate income earned
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abroad. so that what you're going to do is you're going to have tremendous incentives for people even if they're doing business abroad. but you're going to bring the money back in to the united states. and they're going to put the money back to work. even if they just give it out in dividends. because the people are getting the dividends, they're going to spend the money. and you're talking about trillions of dollars are over there. trillions of dollars. and believe me, mark my words, i told you before, they say it's $2.5 trillion, i say it's much more than that. nobody even knows. so corporate inversion, we're going to stop, and we're going to have companies not leave. in the old days, people would leave new york and they'd go to florida. or they'd leave new jersey, they'd go to texas. where the taxes are lower. now they leave the united states and they go to ireland and they go to other countries where they have lower tax rates.
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and other things. but with what i'm doing, they're not going to be leaving anymore. we don't have to say, boom, you're staying. they're not going to leave anymore. so it really works. what we want to do now is reduce or eliminate many of the business loopholes, because we're lowering their taxes so much, that webling get rid of these tremendously complicated loopholes and in the end, the business taxes are going to be lower than they were before substantially, but you're not going to have accountantses where you have tax returns that go up through the cheeling if you have a business. it's -- creeling if you have a business. it's going to be -- ceiling if you have a business. it's going to be simple. less taxes and simple. we're going to be in a position
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to do amazing things. i've gotten, so many people are so thrilled about what i said about taxes. i thought i'd review it for you. i did in the other day. at trump tower. we had a great turnout. as i said, we had just amazing response. so let's talk a little bit about isis and let's talk about our country. we spent -- thank you. we spent so much money, so much money in the middle east. just spent trillions. just in iraq, $2 trillion. just in iraq. not to mention, even more importantly, the lives and the wounded warriors who i love, who i love. these are the greatest of all. we don't take care of them properly. but these are the greatest of them all. the wounded warriors. [applause] so we have a president who doesn't know what he's doing. we have a president who looked like, remember, he said they were the j.v., that isis was the j.v.? he looked like the j.v. last week when you compared him to putin. in new york. j.v. [applause] so now we have putin, said, i'm going into syria. and i'm going to knock the hell out of isis. he said. and i'm saying, what's so bad with that?
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you know. is there anything wrong? that's ok, that's all right. but i also say, we want to be strong, we can't let him push us around. the problem we have is we have a president who is not respected by putin. just not respected. he leaves new york, leaves the united nations, couple of days later he's got massive amounts of artillery and planes and everything else all very quickly done, we would never act like that. we would never act like that. one of the generals, i won't mention his name, one of the top generals the other day, active. what do you do about isis, can we win? oh, i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. do you think general george pattin would say, i don't know? [applause] do you think he'd say that? i don't know. he smacked the reporter in the face, kick him in the lips. he would give a smack to that guy.
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or general douglas macarthur. the highest marks in the -- i'm a big person for academia. i believe in it. the highest marks in the history of west point, general macarthur. a great general. can you imagine him saying, i don't know what we do about -- these guys know, the good ones know. we have people who do know. either they don't know or they're being so constrained by politician -- politics that they're afraid to say. we have to be tough and smart. at the same time i want to rebuild this country. we have bridges that are falling down. we have 60% of our bridges are in danger. 60%. [applause] we have roadways that are coming apart. we have airports that are third world. you go over to qatar, you go over to saudi arabia, you go over to some of these countries, china, you see airports the likes of which you have never, ever seen before. then you come back and you land at laguardia. [laughter]
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it's true. pot holes. pot holes. you land at laguardia or newark or l.a.x. and you walk into a filthy terminal that's falling apart with broken floors. and that's what we have. we used to be the leader. we have to rebuild our own country. when you owe $19 trillion and you want to take care of the vets and you want to build up the military, because i will build up the military so big, so strong, nobody's going to mess with us. [applause] nobody. nobody. now, with that being said, but you have to know when to use it. you have to know when. right? you have to know when. in 2004 and 2003, i said, don't go into iraq. i didn't know thatch about iraq, but i knew this. iraq and iran are always fighting. and they're equals. they go 10 feet this way, they go 10 feet this way. then they use poison gas or saddam hussein, who was terrible. then the other side uses -- but then they rest for a few years.
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then they start fighting. nobody ever moves. right? is that right? so i said, i don't know if they have weapons of mass destruction, turned out to be false. but if they do, they're going to use it on iran. ok? that was iraq. but if you ruin one of those two powerful agents, the other one's going to take over and it's going to be a disaster in the middle east. you're going to have a totally destabilized middle east. that was in reuters, 2004, in june or july. big story. trump opposed to doing it. now, again, i'm the most militaristic person in this room. you have to know when to use it. it's like also i said, wait a minute, of all of these guys that blew up the world trade center, they all went back to saudi arabia, the families. they sent their families back a day early to saudi arabia. i said, but why are we going after iraq right now? the families went back to saudi
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arabia. they didn't go back to iraq. i think one might have. nobody knows. we know nothing. we know nothing. we know nothing. but i said, you're going to destabilize the middle east, so here's what happens. we totally wiped out iraq, totally destabilized the middle east, gave other people ideas that you can actually knock these things out. iran, as you sit here tonight, is taking over iraq, which by the way has one of the richest oil reserves in the world. their oil is unbelievable in iraq. underground. one of the biggest in the world. so they totally take over and they're going to very soon, so we spend all this money, all these lives, all these wounded warriors, we get nothing. we got nothing. because we have stupid leadership. now, if you know anything about the soviet union, if you want
4:46 pm
the real truth, the soviet union broke up because they spent so much money in afghanistan. ok? they spent so much money that they were going bust and that's the primary reason or certainly one of the primary reasons that the soviet union broke up. the afghan people, great fighters, always have been. known. i have a friend of mine, he's a big war historian. among the best fighters. afghanistan. so the soviet union, so now we have the soviet union wants to go to syria. and they want to knock the hell out of people. and we're fighting assad because assad's our enemy and we're fighting syria. syria wants to fight assad. think of this. just put it together. a lot of people -- i get a little credit. that's not really nice. give me a break. you have isis that wants to take on assad. so we're fighting isis, but we want to fight assad. why don't you let those two fight for a little while? and take over the remnants? right? [applause]
4:47 pm
i guarantee you that assad is sitting back saying, that president is one of the dumbest human beings on earth. it's true. [applause] so you have isis that wants to fight assad and isis can't because we're bombing them. we're not doing the job, but we're certainly, you know, hurting them. so they're not going after assad. now you have russia and iran. now iran became powerful because we gave them so much money. aside from the nuclear, which they will have, believe me. but we gave them $150 billion. so now they're feeling, there are going to be terrorists all over the world, they have so much money. to them $150 billion, that's real money. with us, not the same. so now you have iran and you have russia on the side of assad. but they both want -- russia does want isis out. because they don't want them coming into russia.
4:48 pm
they don't want them crossing borders and they don't want them coming into russia. you have the migration because syria's such a disaster. and now i hear we want to take in 200,000 syrians, right? and they could be -- listen, they could be isis. i don't know. did you ever see a migration like that? they're all men. and they're all strong-looking guys. did you see it? they're walking and there's so many men, there aren't that many women. i'm saying to myself, why aren't they fighting to save syria? why are they migrating all over europe? seriously. [applause] so now, now you have this guy, secretary kery, may be the worst negotiator, i think he will go down as the worst secretary of state than -- a worse secretary of state than hillary clinton because of the deal. she was terrible. but i think he's going to go down as worse. because of this deal. so now you have him saying, we're going to take in maybe, i mean, the number i'm hearing, it's inconceivable. it started off with 10,000.
4:49 pm
the other day i heard 200,000. we're going to take in 200,000 syrians or wherever they come from. we have no idea. there's no identification, there's no anything. and i'll tell you right now, i'm putting everybody on notice and hopefully this gets outside of this room and i guess it will with all these crazy cameras going back there, i'm putting the people on notice that are coming here from syria as part of this mass migration, that if i win, if i win, they're going back. they're going back. i'm telling you. [cheers and applause] they're going back. because military tactics are very interesting. this could be one of the great tactical ploys of all time. 200,000-man army, maybe. or if you said 50,000 or 80,000 or 100,000. we got problems. and that could be possible. i don't know that it is. but it could be possible. so they're going back.
4:50 pm
they're going back. i'm just telling them. so if they come, that's great. and if i lose, i guess they're staying. but if i win, they're going back. i know a lot of people are saying, that's not nice. we can't afford to be nice. we're taking care of the whole world. we're losing our shirts on everything we do. everything we do. [applause] so tonight i'm doing a show on cnn at 10:00 and the question was asked to me, why don't you give us policy? policy with respect to your attitudes on war in the middle east. why don't you tell us exactly what you're going to do in syria, what you're going to do in iraq, i said, i don't want to tell you. it sounds terrible. i really know a lot about it. i think my biggest other than jobs, cnn did a poll.
4:51 pm
i'm through the roof on jobs. through the roof on leadership. through the roof on almost everything, although some people don't think i'm a nice person. i am a nice person. i love people. i want to help people. but you know -- thank you. [applause] actually, you know where i do my best favorables? in new hampshire, iowa and south carolina. because they got to know me. i'm here so much. those are the places. so once i get out, i think people will find that. i just want to do the right thing. and i tell the story about a woman who said, do you think you're nice enough? i said, i think it's going to be about competence this time. people are tired of being pushed around. they're tired of of it. i said to this person, nice person, i said, don, -- dawn, i want to be unpredictable. i had an a article about, not so long ago, a business article. and i beat some group of people -- i love winning. i love it. i beat this group for something that everybody wanted, i beat them.
4:52 pm
it turned out to be great. one of my opponents, not in a bad way, but in a very respectful way, said, you know, the thing about trump that's really hard, he's so damn unpredictable. we don't know what the hell he's going to do. and i said, i want to be unpredictable. i want to be -- so when they ask me, and so does pattin and macarthur and anybody that's smart. so when they ask me about what do i want to do with syria, i know what i want to do. but i don't want to tell. i don't want them to say, well, trump's going to do this so we'll do this. i want to be unpredictable. so important. it's so important. we have to do it. does everybody agree with me? [cheers and applause] and maybe if you're unpredictable, the stupid people are going to say, well, he doesn't know that. you know, hey, when obama said we're leaving iraq on a certain date, you understand, these are
quote quote
4:53 pm
ex-soldiers, that comprised isis. these were guys that formed isis, these are tough cookies. they didn't like us. and they didn't really want to fight for iraq because iraq is a corrupt government, you know. remember when they were handing $50 million of cash, cash, they were going through afghanistan a, paying off -- i want to know, who are the soldiers that are carrying cash, $50 million, cash? how stupid are we? i wouldn't be surprised -- if those soldiers, i wouldn't be surprised if the cash didn't get there. i have to be honest. ay. but remember when obama was saying, we will leave, we are leaving iraq as of a certain date. now the opponents said, wow, that's great. [laughter] what do we have to fight anymore for? let's just wait a year and a
4:54 pm
half. that's what happened. as soon as we left they knocked the shit out of everybody. right? [applause] they just knocked the hem out of everybody. -- hell out of everybody. obama, this great president of ours, we will leave. remember he gave a certain date. a date certain. we will be out. and these tough guys, these are tough fighters. especially when they have something they want to fight for. they didn't want to fight for a corrupt government. but he gave a certain date. so i want to be unpredictable. ok? i would never have given a date. i might have said, we're going to stay there for 20 years, we're going to stay there for eternity. and these other guys would say, oh, man, we give up. we just can't do this. no, honestly, they would have said it.
4:55 pm
we were doing fine. he would vunt have been there -- we shouldn't have been there but we were doing ok toward the end and then we took everybody out. but instead, if you would have said, no, we're going to be there forever, and i didn't want to go in, but i would have said, no, we're never leaving. we're never leaving. they would have said, ok, this guy's crazy. we're out of here. don't we want that as a thing? right? so i love the people of new hampshire. i love you. [cheers and applause] i love the people of this country. and i didn't really want to do this. i did something -- i have this -- people thought i wouldn't run because it's a -- what, why would he do this? it's hard. nasty. the press is horrible. not all of it. but horrible. it's hard. they say, why would you do it? i do it because we have a chance to make this country greater than it's ever been before.
4:56 pm
i really believe that. [applause] and if i didn't believe that, i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't do it. the one thing i will warn you about, i don't think we can go on like this much longer. i really don't. i think this election is so important, beyond important, because we cannot continue to go on like we're going on right now. we need a real leader, we want somebody that loves the country, truly loves the country, truly wants to make it work. [applause] and i can promise you this. i can promise you this. if i get elected president, we will indeed make america great again. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. [applause] thank you. thank you. thank you, everybody. [cheers and applause] thank you very much, everybody. we love you all. thank you. thank you.
4:57 pm
>> c-span takes you on the road to the white house, unfettered access to the candidates, news conferences, salaries, and speeches. campaign event we cover is available on our website at >> an opportunity for students to think critically of issues of national importance by creating a documentary in which they can express those views. it is important for students to get involved because it gives them an opportunity and platform to hear their voices so they can express those views by creating a documentary.
4:58 pm
the most important aspect for every documentary we get is going to be content. we have had winners created by using a cell phone. others created using more high tech equipment. it is the content that matters and shines through in the documentaries. the response has been great. many different issues that they have created. we have topics ranging from education, the economy, the environment, showing a wide variety of issues that are important. impactould have a better for the businesses inside it. >> we definitely have come to the consensus humans cannot run without food. --prior to the end and individuals with disabilities act, children with disabilities were not given the opportunity of an education.
4:59 pm
>> this theme is road to the white house. what is the is she you want candidates to discuss? it is full on into the campaign season. there are many different issues. one of the requirements is to include c-span footage. it should complement and further their point of view and not dominate the video. it is a great way to include more information that furthers their point. >> the first bill is the water resources reform and development act. >> we have heard the jokes about ,ll meals and growing up mystery meat tacos. >> there is a viral the federated -- federal government place. it is vital for students with disabilities. >> students and teachers can go toward website. it will find information about
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the rules and requirements and teacher tips, rubrics to help that incorporate into their classroom, prizes, incorporating c-span video and if they have any further questions. 20,deadline is january 2016, which is one year away from the presidential inauguration. >> next a committee hearing on the threat of islamic extremism inside russia. they share their thoughts on russia's military presence in syria and the potential for a u.s. russia partisanship and regional counterterrorism. this is an hour and 15 minutes. >> there you go.