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  Former Governor Jeb Bush R-FL Town Hall Meeting in Concord New Hampshire  CSPAN  October 15, 2015 5:18am-5:47am EDT

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republican presidential andidate donald trump held a campaign rally in virginia. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the united states, donald j. trump!
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>> i do love virginia. what a place. i have a lot of people who work really hard. i pay them a lot of money. probably too much money but that's ork. and i have the vineyards in virginia. you know about that. in louden county i have trump national which is a lot of
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success, along the potomac river. probably no place like it. e have tremendous success in virginia. the truth is, they're so good that i actually need them more than they need me. does that make sense? it's one of those things. where is carrie? get up here. come on. she's so incredible. she runs the vineyards. trump vineyards. you know what it is. a lot of people go -- in fact, one of the drivers was telling me he goes there back and forth ll the time bringing people. but carrie willard runs it and she has done such an incredible job. we took it over about four years ago. it was to put it mildly, in serious trouble. it is close to 2,000 acres and it is the largest vineyard on the east coast of this country. the largest.
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, it's become an incredible incredible tourist attraction. and carrie has literally from day one taken it, with love and with pride, and i'm proud because one of the things -- and i have to say this -- that vanchingea said you have to say it, my wife said touf say it and i think you'll confirm it. but i have more women in high executive positions, in fact -- true. true. in fact, the men in my company are all complaining. is that ok? to hell with them. right? but i have so many women. just say a word. tell them, do you like trump? >> yes. if you want someone who inspires greatness and demands xcellence, this is your man. >> she has done such an job. ible
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thank you carrie. when i have a place -- and usually i have a lot of them but when i go to certain areas and if i have something i'm very proud of i like to bring the employees. our employees here today from the vineyards. but i like to bring the employees up because it's so important especially when you look what's going on with the country where our employees here today from the vineyards. but i like to bring the employees up because it's so important especially when you look what's going on with the country where our jobs are being taken away. going to other places as you know, like many other countries -- you can name the country. we don't make good deals any more. we just don't. and so when i'm around one of my places i love to bring my people up. i love it. we had some big news today because i just have to talk about it. we get such -- such a -- you know, in the old days we call it misinformation. do we agree? and we're going to talk about the debate. anybody watch it going to other as you last night? yeah. and i tweeted.
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i tweeted. can you believe? and i made a commitment. i said i would tweet. so i couldn't turn it off. i had to tweet this thing. somebody said on one of the networks the winner was trump because we picked up 160,000 followers. [applause] and second place was a hot mess. stage.the folks on the so today cnn came out with a poll and the poll was in the state of nevada they came out with another poll in south carolina which is incredible place both incredible places. said, i have to read some of these because this is wild. so we're in first place everywhere. [applause]
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that was good. e said everywhere. it is texas, new hampshire, iowa. everywhere. but the polls just came out and as you know, a couple of weeks ago we had florida. and we're just killing in florida. so you have a governor and you have a sitting senator. and it's not even close. we're at 28, 29, they're in the teens, low teens. and we want to keep it that way. actually we're going up. i'm not even happy when i hear 29 now. i'm saying we should do better because here is what just happened. in nevada, we're at 38 -- think of it, 38. second place is 22. i won't even bother telling you. it doesn't make any difference. when you have 38 you're almost doubling it up.
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but here's the thing i love about the poll, again by cnn. south carolina we're at 36-18. can you believe that? connecticut just came out. 34-14. but here is what i really like. which candidate can best handle the economy? k? ell, that one's big. 67% said trump. can you believe that? now, you've got to remember -- you know, if we had two people running and you had 67 pshts, that would be a landslide. right? that's a landslide. if you won with 67%, the press -- look at the cameras. so many. so many. look at all the red lights. show the crowd, everybody.
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show the crowd. show the crowd. [applause] and you've got a lot of people outside that the fire marshall would not let in. so it's one of those things. but i will tell you that when you have 67% in a two-person race, that's called landslide. that's called massive victory. i don't think there's ever been a victory. and here we have -- or the thing called the economy. would you say that's important? i think so. right? so 67% are in favor for trump. ok. we won the state by a lot. meaning in the polls by a lot. now, a couple of these categories -- i have to read them. illegal immigration. important. we're going to build the wall. ok? believe me. we're going to build the wall.
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100%. so we're going it.uild it will be paid for. who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall? will be paid for. who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for -- the ext category next category, which is so important -- that's ok. that's ok. don't worry. hat's all right. that's all right. that's why we have freedom of
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speech, folks. you know. and i'll tell you how dishonest the press is. we have thousands of people in 7,, 6,000, 7,200 people. we have about 10 people over there. they'll get the headline. you won't. that's pretty disgusting. pretty disgusting. but that's the way it goes. so illegal immigration, 55% want trump. 13% is second place. that tells you something right there. 13%. 13%. on social issues, trump is first. -- snfmentpolicy,
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snfment chanting >> >> chanting. we want trump. we want trump. we want trump. we want trump. >> thank you very much. that's great. thank you very much. but it is true. i see a couple of cameras for about pee four people and they're going wild. the cameras. it's so disgusting. that's all right. on foreign policy, trump number one. 34%. on isis. who is going to handle isis?
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trump 46. we're not going to play games. we're not playing games. we're not playing games. on the change on how we do in washington, on the change. how are we going to change washington? who is going to do the most effective job? rump, 60%. 60. 60%. here's an important one. best chance of winning. in november. trump number 1. 47%. amazing. so we're number 1 at 47. and then you get into 16 and 10. that's a big difference. so we've all come a long way together. we've all come. and you know we have a lot of bad people out there. they want to stop progress. and you see it all the time. and i used the statement, the
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silent majority. the silent majority is back, folks. the silent majority is back. the silent majority is back. last period of time we have had a very interesting thing happen. we've seen our country where we don't win any more. and we're going to start winning so much. we're going to win left, we're going to win right. we're going to win everything. we have unbelievable people in this country and nothing is going to stop us from starting o win again. you look at what's happening with foreign countries. you look at how they're taking our jobs, how they're taking
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our base, how they're taking everything we have including our money. you look at what's going on with the foreign no mattered what country you're talking about they beat the united states. it's not going to happen any more. t's not. our trade deficit with china is almost $400 billion. $400 billion a year. a year. and then i see our president entertaining the heads of china and talking about our great trading partners. yeah. there are great trading partner -- for china. not for us. ur deficit with japan is $70
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billion a year. the cars pour in. we don't know what we're doing. we sell them practically nothing relatively speaking. what we sell them is beef. beef. they sell us cars. you go out to los angeles. you see these ships. the giggest ships you've ever seen. and the cars are pouring off and they have no respect for us. and our trade deficit with japan is almost $70 million -- think of this. think of this. japan, $70 billion. crazy.s absolutely now, we go to mexico. i love the people of mexico. i love mexico. they're great people. i have thousands and thousands of hispanic working for me. thousands. thousands of hispanics. and in fact, in nevada the same
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poll i win with the hispanics, which everyone is surprised. i win with the hispanics. so our trading deficit with mexico is $45 billion a year. $45 billion. now, i'm going to build a wall that is going to be real lay wall. it is going to be special special. nobody is coming in unless you come in legally. but here's the thing. everybody says you can't build a wall i say mexico is going to pay for it. they say you can't do that. so if the wall costs $6 billion to build -- and we're talking about ,000 miles. it's 2,000. but you need it on 1,000. the great wall of china -- think of it -- is 13,000 miles. it was built 2,000 years ago. we have a wall that has to be built.
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we have problems coming in like nobody has ever seen before. it has to be built. has to be built. whatever anybody said just remember this. almost everybody wanted this wall built ten years ago, 12 years ago, 15 years ago. the liberals, the conservatives, everybody wanted it. one of the reasons it wasn't built is because they couldn't get an environmental impact statement approved. do you believe this? all right? we're going to build the wall. mexico is going to pay for it. now, the people the stupid people say mexico won't pay for. mexico is going to pay for it. now, the people the stupid people say mexico won't pay for it. give mexico billions of dollars. we have that trading deficit of
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almost $50 billion. we're talking about a 5 to dollars. we have 607 if you go rolls royce. we're talking about from 5 to 7 billion. who couldn't get that money they're going to pay us so gladly? they're going to pay us so gladly. and i will say this. i speak with our politicians and i speak to them all the time. but i speak to them loud and clear and i know who i'm dealing with. and a lot of them are nice people. but they say donald you'll never be able to get them to pay. and i realize they're not the right people to do the job because with the right messagers they will pay so happily, so gladly. they're taking advantage of us at the border they're taking advantage of us with trade. they're very good people but their leaders are smarter than our leaders. our leaders don't have a clue. hey don't have a clue. we have a situation where a
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mother is pregnant. she goes to the border. she walks across the border right in front of our border patrol, who are great people. but they're not allowed to do their job. she lies down she has the baby that they call anchor babies. she has the baby. now, we're responsible for that baby for 85 years. ok? i don't think so. i don't think so. i don't think so. we can't do it. we owe $19 trillion. we owe a number that's almost inconceiveable when you think about it. trillion. 19 we can't be in a position where we're doing what we're doing any more. we just can't. we have to rebuild our country. we have to rebuild our nfrastructure. we have to repeal and replace obamacare. we have to do it. we have to do it. e have to do it.
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obamacare is going to cost us more money than anybody would have ever dreamt and it's no good. it doesn't work. your premiums are going up 55%, 45%, 60%. your deductibles are through the roof. you can be dead and never get any of the money your deductibles are so high. so we're going to repeal obamacare. we're going to replace it with something that's going to be terrific. and -- [applause] -- it's going to be terrific. ry going to cost our count very little. and people are going to be able to have their doctor, have their plan, pay less money. if they're sick they're not going to have to worry about their deductible being so high that nothing works unless you get hit by ary very little. and people are tractor. so we're going to do that. we're going to do so many
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different things. we're going to make our country great again. we're going to mate it -- make it so great. our taxes we just put in a plan the other day. we're going to reduce taxes tremendously. because we have the highest tax rate anywhere in the world and our middle class is being absolutely destroyed. it's being destroyed. you know, we used to have the middle class and anybody was proud of. we don't have that any more. they're being so badly treateded. our vets are being treated worse than anybody. ur vets. i watched last night with bernie sanders and hillary and the other three guys that nobody -- yeah. yeah. the other three guys that nobody even knows who the hell they are. who are they? but i watched last night as
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hillary and i bernie sanders they just couldn't give thing ace way fast enough. and they're giving them to illegal immigrants. they want health care for illegal immigrants, they want drivers license for illegal immigrants. they're suggesting social security for illegal immigrants. so we're going to straighten things out. we're going to do it the right way. we're going to bring immigration under control. we're not going to have a tuation like kate, beautiful kate in san francisco. this guy comes in, 5 different times. it could have been much more than that. after the fifth time she gets shot in the back. we're not going to have it any more. we're going to have a situation that's going to be rational, reasonable, we're going to keep in the country when somebody goes through a long process
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with college they go to harvard they go to yale they go to a great college. university of virginia. great college. right? great. it is. right next to our property. we love them. that's a great college. but they go to university of virginia. they do fantastic. they do, and they do just great. and they're so proud. and they're from another country but they want to stay here. and we tell them get out. you stayed here, you have to th great. and they're so proud. and they're from another country but they want to stay here. and we tell them get out. you go home. then the case in india where a man opened a company, wanted to stay here. he ends up opening the country in india. he now has 5,000 employees, one of the hottest companies in the world. and he would have been here. he would have been here. and that's what we want. we want to keep people here. we want people to come in -- legally. and i say -- [applause] i say, and so importantly and i'm saying it all the time, we want to have a big door. we want to have a big beautiful
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door. right in the middle of that wall. and we want those people to come in. they've got to do it through a legal process. if we don't have a border, if we don't have a border and we have people all over this country, we have no idea where they're coming from, we don't have a country. we no longer have a country. it's very simple. and we're going to do it with heart and we're going to get along with people. and everything's going to be great. but we're going to have a country again. we're going to take back our country and we're going to start doing things properly. [applause] when we have countries like the ones i named and many others, and we have people that take advantage of our leaders because they're not smart, they're incompetent, they're stupid, or they don't care,
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that's going to end. i have the greatest minds on wall street, i have them already lined up. they're calling me. these are the greatest negotiators in the world. they're calling me. carl icon, great. i have all of them. i have the best in the world. they don't want money. they don't want salaries. they're rich. they made it because they're great negotiators. they want to come and they want to see our country be great again. they're proud of our country. some are nice people, some aren't. i don't care. i wanted the greatest. and i know the brightest, the sharpest, people who are overrated, people who are better than all of them. and we're going to bring them in and we're going to bring them np and they're going to be in charge of, one, china. let me tell you about china. first of all, i love chineave. the people are great. they buy my apartments for $a
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50 million all the time. how could i dislike them? i have the largest bank in the world in one of my buildings, in chineavement makes city bank look this big. i lo china. but they've taken advantage. i wish it winter turned around. i wish our representatives took advantage of them. i think they will be great. i think they will be great. it's a oneway street. it's a o we have a phony statistic on jobs. we have dels 100 million people in the workforce. they want to work. we have 100 million people. we have tremendous levels of poverty. we have waverl all over the place -- welfare all over the place. and these are people in many places want to go out and get a
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great job and be proud but we can't because we're losing all our jobs. we're losing them to other nations. what i want is what's good for the country. i don't want to be doing this. i'm actually having fun because i'm so energized. i go to these crowds. we went to dallas. we had 20,000 people where the maverick play. 20,000 people.
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we go to oklahoma two weeks ago. we had 20,000 people in a park. where we we went to mobile, alabama. we had 35,000 people. no matter where we go, we go up to new hampshire, we have the biggest crowd. iowa, the biggest where we go. we went to mobile, crowd. south carolina we had something two weeks ago unbelievable. it was unbelievable. friend of mine actually said how do you do that? how do you make speeches in front of so many people? and you don't have teleprompters. i don't want a teleprompter. right? [applause] it would be so much easier. think of it. you have your teleprompter. right? hello, ladies and gentlemen. it's wonderful to be in virginia. where you have all