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  Assistant Attorney General John Carlin on Domestic Terrorism Threat  CSPAN  October 15, 2015 5:47am-6:23am EDT

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and you do. by the way when you talk you really have the hall of fame. it's true. you have the hall of fame. i told my guys, i said look i'm here i employ a lot of people i have a lot of property. it's great. but this is a real hall of fame. patrick henry give me liberty or give me death. how good is that. i want to come up with a slogan as good as that. how about make america great again? i don't know. it's great. still like give me liberty or give me death. see, i want to get the word again off that eventually. i want to get the word he just said you will. i will. it's not even going to be that hard. sense.s common
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it takes business ability. and we're going to treat people well. i say i'm a conservative with heart. because we're going to have that great health care program but we're going to take care of everyone. we're going to take care of people. and people are going to pay much less and get it so good. we're going to take care of so many things. but i like to say, conservative with heart. actually said how do you do that? how do you make speeches in front of so many people? and you don't have teleprompters. because a lot of people think if you're republican you don't have heart. you're mean, you're horrible people. it doesn't work that way. i've gone over my plans and smub said well that's not conservative. it's sort of i want resting. you have a group called club for growth. i talk it -- about it. this guy comes up to my office and he sits down. nice guy. i think he was an ex congressman. so he knew how to talk. that's all they know how to do is talk. except for politicians in this room. they're great. where is dave brat t? he's great. i was just with his family and children and wife. he's done a great job.
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he shows you you can do things. that's never happened before what he did. so i give him a lot of credit. ok. so patrick henry. great. then you have thomas jefferson. that's pretty good. thomas jefferson. and then you have james madison, principal author of the constitution. that's pretty good. and then you have george washington. pretty good. george washington. pretty amazing. when you think of virginia, just pretty amazing. so i tell the stories and i love these stories. because it shows how important it is. i'm self--funding my campaign. ok? i'm the only one. of the guise --
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guys that are competing. some o of them are nice but some have hit me really hard. they're asking me for contributions and then as soon as i run, like perry he went wild. he was a nice guy, governor perry. didn't work out too well for but he really hit me. and then lindsey graham. i thought but i look at what's going on and i see the way the politicians are controlled. don't forget, i was the perfect erson.
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i was like central casting. i ran i was on the a-list. i contributed a tremendous amount. i got along well with democrats, liberals, conservatives. that was my job. somebody said but you give money to a democrat. of course i i ran i was on the a-list. i contributed a tremendous amount. i got along well with democrats, liberals, conservatives. that was my job. somebody said but you give money to a democrat. of course i did. one of the magazines said you're a world-class businessmap. you can't have fights. you've got to get along. i was told by hillary in a speech recently -- i was told the same day by jeb that we don't like his tone. his tone. his tone. i built his tone. i built this incredible company and i built it and you'll see because a book comes out on november 3 -- which is your election day so go out and vote. so make sure you vote so important. it is going to be great. crippled tough name america. tells you how we're going to fix ut ate and hour wee going to go about it. >> i was in iowa a few weeks ago. i said i feel so foolish. these people want to ate and ho wee going to go about it. >> i was in iowa a few weeks ago. i said i feel so foolish.
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these people want to give me millions of dollars. and it's sort but he really hit and then lindsey graham. i thought he was a nice guy but. why wouldn't i take it? that's how you become rich. millions of dollars. so i said to the group, we have 5,000 people in an auditorium like this. look, here's the story. i feel a little bit stupid. don't take all this money. i said supposing i take it, just supposing, and i promise i won't do anything for them. and they all stood up and said no, no. i couldn't believe it. i thought i talked them into it. but the truth is i love what i'm doing. i love that i love that i'm self-funding because i'm not controlled by anybody. i'm not controlled. controlled by you. i'm controlled by you. i'm going to do the right thing. and you've heard me talking about the ford
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really, plan. have you heard that story? because i love it. but ford u you want it again? should i do it again? i just think it's good. so ford closes a lot of plants. they're building a $2.5 billion plant in mexico. except what do we get out of it? and they're going to make cars and trucks and parts and they're going to send them into the united states and other places. how does that help us? i went to wharton. schools. nt to good from you never graduated high school, you know it is not good for us. at a $2.5 billion plant in mexico, that's a big plant. so they're going to suck our jobs away, make cars trucks and parts in mexico. what would happen if a rubio or bush or a hillary were president?
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so here's from high school, you know it is not good for us. at a $2.5 billion plant in mexico, that's a big plant. so they're going to suck our jobs away, make cars trucks and parts in mexico. what would happen if a rubio or bush or a hillary were president? so here's what happens. they would know it's no good. they would all know it's no good. and they say we can't let that happen. and the following hour they would be called by a lobbyist who gave them $5 million, $5 mi would be called by the special interest that gave them $10 million. they would be called by one of their donors who owns stock in ford or whatever who gave them 1 million. and they would say mr. president, you can't do that. they were very helpful in your campaign to become president. you can't do that. to ou know what's going happen? he will say or she will say, i have to do it. and they'll say no you can't do it. and they'll say ok i won't. and the plant is going to be built. now, let's do the other alternative. trump is president. they haven't given me anything. flaws applause let's assume. dr -- [applause] . so i call the head of ford -- honestly it's too easy. so i call the head of ford. building a plant you're new on.
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like a vacuum cleaner they suck our jobs. they suck our money out of the country. we have nothing. like a third world country our airports, our roads, our bridges are falling down. 61% of our bridges are in trouble. do you believe this? we drive over a bridge, it's in trouble. so i would say the following. i won't use his name because he happens to be a very good guy. but i would say -- let me just tell you something, i want you to build it in the united states. i don't want you leaving. and if you do leave and if you
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insist on leaving, you're not bringing those cars over free. you're not. you're not doing it. rorme the trade deficit. -- remember the trade deficit. remember we're talking 45 to 50 billion a year. we're going to charge you a 35% tax on every car, truck, and part that you bring over. now, i believe in free trade. i'm a free trader. but i also want smart trade and i want fair trade. it's got to be fair trade. free is good all over i want but it's got to be fair so we can compete. so what happens is the following. he will call up and say no we won't do that mr. president. i will then be hit by every person i know in washington all of whom have given me nothing. in fact i've given them most of them, the lobbyists. i know all these people.
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but now they'll call and i'll say no, no, no. we've got to do the right thing. then i'll be called by everybody else. but i haven't taken their money. i owe them nothing. i only owe you people. i yow you in particular with that wonderful location. right? [applause] and i say -- i'll say the following. i'm saying, no. we want you to build that plant in the united states. it's going to be built in the united states. they'll say no. i guarantee you within 24 hours, probably by 5:00 that afternoon -- assuming it's made as well, they like to call around lunchtime so they can have a drink and convince the politicians. so probably by 5:00 they will say yes mr. president we have agreed we're going to build in the united states. the only thing that could change is they're pretty tough
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negotiators so it may take an extra day. they may wait until 5:00 the following day. that's the only thing. they can't do anything. we have the cards. see, what people don't realize, obama thinks that they have the cards. we have the cards. china has created one of the greatest thefts in the history of the world. it's true. they have sucked our economy dry. and if you want to do business and i have many friends that are manufacturers and i love these guys, and they're great manufacturers. and they call me all the time. they cannot get their product into china. they can't do it. and when they do there's a big tax. and we're like the dumbies, oh, bring it in. just flood it in. come on in. and then they do their currency manipulation, which is one of the reasons that the trade pakt
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doesn't work. hillary clinton was in favor of my speech 44 times. then two days ago she came out against the trade pact. because if she has to debate me she knows she is going to get killed on that pact. killed. [applause] and i have to hand it to hillary clinton. you're going to be angry. i have to hand it to her. it took great courage for her o go against president obama on the trade pact. you know why? because maybe she gets indicted. buzz on the trade she is being total protected by the democrats because what she did is illegal . you look at general petraeus. he did 5% -- a friend of mine
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very familiar with the whole subject. general petraeus did 5% of what she did and they've destroyed his life. other people have done far less and the life is destroyed. so the democrats are just protecting her. there's no reason for this. now, i would want it to go a fair investigation. let everything be fair. but what's happened is absolutely crazy. so let's see if she -- she might have done ok last night. there was no attack.obody debate, i have to say because we are live on cnn, but in my debate they said, mr. trump, what do you think about the man next to you what he said? then they went to him and said donald trump called you a horrible human being, how do you
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respond? it was like a reality tv show. last night i asked a question and got an answer. with me, everything was an attack. time magazine, every poll. it was a whole different story. we have to do something about that. one other quick story, nabisco , nabisco -- they are closing their planned and chicago and moving it to mexico. i will never eat another oreo again, ever. [applause] them. talk to i do not want their cookies made and sold -- i do not want it. it is unfair. chicago is losing a large plant. it is going to another country.
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we have a thing called corporate conversion. companies have trillions of trillions of dollars outside of the united states. trillions. they think minimum $2.5 trillion, i think more. it is covered in my tax plan, corporate inversion. in the old days we had companies that luke from new york to florida, now they move from the united states to foreign countries. they take those jobs. one reason they are moving is because they could not get the money they made outside of the united states back into the country. singlew, every politician, practically, in washington agrees -- democrats, republicans, they all agree we should allow it to come back. they cannot agree because we do not have a leader in the white
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house. we do not have a leader. [applause] situation where every politician, practically, wanted to come. they cannot agree. we are doing something wrong. what it is is leadership. it is leadership. you get them into a room, and you get something done. [applause] so, things are happening in this people have not seen happen in 50 years. day fromall the other a tremendous reporter, one of the few honest ones, and he said how does it feel? i said, how does what feel? what you have done. you, everyone is surprised, i have spent so
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little money and i am leading everything. why? -- i have aed to budget, i like budgets. i am a business person. i think i've spent $25 million what this point, you know i've actually spent? nothing. i was going to spend a tremendous amount on advertising . we have gone so far, the polls are so good, the crowds are so great, why spend the money? "o'reilly"am doing he is a good guy. i spend so much doing interview isnd an better than a commercial. i look at some of these guys who spent tens of millions of dollars and they have 1%.
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i said, is it good to talk about how little we spend? or is it bad? in one way they say he should have spent more. in one way i'm very proud of it. very proud. spend as we need to, but it is great. least of anybody, just about, and i am first place. is that good, right? [applause] i don't mean first place by a little bit. any baseball fans in the audience? anybody here of charles o finley from the oakland a's? he had the lowest payroll in lowest payroll, and he won the world series three times. reggie jackson sold him to the yankees. steinbrenner who was one of my best friends, said this
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guy's brutal. he doesn't spend any money and he is killing us. george bought him at the top, he is doing just fine. here is a guy with the lowest payroll. by far. team.e had the best he won three world series, i think, in a row. charles o finley. there's something beautiful about that. we will spend whatever we have to spend. one of the things that is so incredible is i did "meet the press." he had his highest ratings in 4.5 years. he called my office and said thank you. can you believe it, i saved his job. [applause] "this week" with george stephanopoulos. they got tremendous ratings.
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they said, mr. trump, everyone is going crazy. they said, is there anyway way that you would get out of the race? would be asked that question? if you were in first place, would anyone but me be asked that question? isn't that terrible? they said, is there anyway you would get out of the race? i said very honestly, look, we are number one, but if we were not, and if everything went you, the polls, the crowds, cannot call because you do not want interviews -- if it is over . like some of the guys we are running against.
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i look at them, do they gain some thing i getting zero? by goingain something into the debate, the children's debate? likelike the -- guys george pataki, he has zero. iran, i refuse to embarrass anybody. nd, i refuse to embarrass anybody. it took a couple of unbelievable polls to stop it. it took a couple of unbelievable polls, which i get all the time. i said, i did not say that. they put out stuff that is so bull and disgusting. most of the press i have met have been terrific and honorable people.
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i admit amazing people. like, 30%, r.o.k.? they have 30% that are ok. 20% there are 15% to are bad people. they are dishonest and horrible human beings. it is not a question of being lazy. they go out of their way to write false stories. someone asked me today, i did an interview, they said what has been your biggest surprise? my most pleasant surprise is how brilliant the public is. they get it. the public gets it. they really get it. [applause] but, it has been tremendous. mine said, how do you do that? speak with no teleprompters? i
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say, it is amazing. no disrespect, but every place i go, you would love these people. alabama, dallas, oklahoma -- it is all the same. they are incredible people. you are incredible people. it is true. to see our country be great again. they know it can be. they want to see victories. we don't win with anything. we don't win with isis, iraq, yemen.e -- they are going into saudi arabia. andill defend saudi arabia, we will defend them for nothing -- even though they make $1 billion a day. television sets, they come from south korea. south korea makes a fortune.
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we have 28,000 soldiers on the otherand a maniac on the side. we have our soldiers in between. they pay us nothing. we defend germany. they are a behemoth economically. we defend them. we defend japan. they give us nothing, relatively. they give us virtually nothing. we defend them. you say, why? i love japan, it is great, but work something out. give us something. we can get rid of all of these deficits. we can make -- [applause] and then you have this stupid people say you could not ask for that. .hey are a sovereign nation sure they are, but they have to help us out.
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with japan, we will defend them with their lives, money, to the death. if they are attacked, we will fight. we have to fight. note get attacked, they do have to do anything. that is like sergeant bergdahl. , 6 young great people were killed looking for him. we get bergdahl, they get five of the great killers to have wanted for years. these are the deals we make because we have leadership that does not know what the hell it is doing. [applause] in the old days, with bergdahl, who was a traitor -- it was treason. you would shoot them. they get shot. you have been reading the news over the last couple of days. they think he will not even get
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jail time anymore. he had psychological difficulty. they do not know what happened. wasn't feeling so good -- we are heading in the wrong direction. you look at all of the people here tonight, and you remember -- things are happening. it is a movement. it is a moment. i get calls. from a highly respected guy, he said, mr. trump, can i ask you a question -- a reporter, one of the biggest. he said, how does it feel? i said, how does what feel? he said what you have done has never been done in politics. they call it the summer of trump. it has never been done. how does it feel? i said, i will be honest.
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it doesn't feel anything, because unless we win i have wasted my time. he said, oh you haven't. what you have done is incredible. way, that was a while ago and he has not written this story. i think he is afraid. said, unless we win in the primaries, and we could not have these politicians any longer, we can't do it. we can't do it. all talk, no action, no ability. i have one ability. an ability to get reelected -- that is their only ability. that is what they have to do, get reelected. i said, and i told him, if we don't win i consider it to be a massive failure. that means win the election.
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otherwise, we have all had a lot of fun, but nothing will happen. i watched hillary -- we are going to give this, that, she is a poor woman that will give everything away because the maniac standing on her right is giving everything away, so she is following. that is what is happening. this socialist communist -- nobody wants to say it. [applause] in all fairness to her, she is standing there listening to this guy, he will tax you people at 90%, take everything. has heard the term communism, but i call him a socialist/communist, because that is what he is. [applause] see her standup, it is her turn. she says, i'm going to do that, too.
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she has to win, she is not doing so well. in a head-to-head poll i beat her by five or six places. i love it. , we have to be careful. here is the story. you look around, you will remember this night. a very important person told me, this is not just crowds gathered, it is a movement. when you are leading by 20 points in all of these states. when you are leading with the leading with the hispanics, because they know that i create jobs. do note here legally and want people taking their houses and running all over the place. i want what they have. they want it to get better. they want jobs. when we are
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leading by 20 points, 25, 1 had a sporty percent above -- had us what he percent above everyone else, those are massive numbers. this is a movement. we are no longer playing games. this is a movement. is never going to run, he has a wonderful life -- i do here they said he is never going to run, he will never file form a. i signed form a. insaid he will never put it his financials because he is probably not as wealthy as people thought. i have 100 pages of finances. they said he will put them in, but late. of schedule.head some of the guys that i'm running against, they put them in late and it is one page. they are late, they needed extensions. a true story. they say you will never put in
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his financials. i was so happy to put the in. i like to tell people, i did a good job. i did a good job. [applause] so, i put in my financials. all of these guys, the talking heads, they get paid and do not know what the hell they are doing, many of them. they are devastated, they said he will never run, file, do this or that. i put it in my financials and it turns out my company is bigger, stronger, better than anyone thought. we come down here, and we have the biggest winery on the east coast, the land on the potomac river, they don't know that. you know that because you are from virginia, but no matter where i go to property coming out of might years. great little debt and cash flow. i'm not saying that to brag, i
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am saying that because that is the kind of thinking we need in the country. [applause] that is the kind of thinking. [chanting trump] if you think of some of the countries we talked about. if you think, instead of losing in terms of china -- instead of billion a year in trade deficits, let's say we broke even. you know what that means? does anyone have any idea what that means? instead of losing with japan $75
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say we a year, let's broke even. let say they agreed to take more of our products so that we can equalize. not that it is a one-way street, that is easy. we have the cards, because we can say we don't want your cars. they wouldn't know what to do. , we are going to do a job. i give you my word. i don't care about my company, it is peanuts compared to -- this is so much more. my kids and wife are wonderful, willy three older children run it with my executives. i want to do such a great job, i want to make you people so proud of this country again. so proud.
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so proud. so, look around. of the people here. look at the people next to you. it is a special night. we are going to make america great again. thank you. thank you. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is ♪
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