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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Miami  CSPAN  October 25, 2015 9:36pm-10:38pm EDT

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halved. under labour, employment in steel halved. since i have been prime minister, steel production has gone up and steel employment has stayed at the same level. so before we get a self-righteous lecture from labour, i would say to them, "look at your own record!" >> more! more! chris philp: i suspect those cheers were for the prime minister, rather than me. does the prime minister agree that one reason some steel plants have suffered difficulties is that wholesale electricity prices in this country are twice the level of germany, and that the many green taxes imposed by the former
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party leader, the right honorable member for doncaster north under the last labour government are a significant reason for that? mr speaker: order. we do not need to waste time with this. it has nothing to do with government policy. order. it has nothing to do with current government policy. hywel williams: thank you, mr. speaker. thousands of people who installed cavity wall insulation now have damp, mouldy houses because the system has failed and let in rainwater. many people, misled into believing that it was a government scheme, now find the industry guarantee difficult to access and insufficient. will the prime minister take a personal interest in this scandal, to ensure that disabled people in particular are fully compensated and to avert further reputational damage to the government's energy conservation measures are over to? -- averted? mr. cameron: i will look carefully at the issue, because it touches on the larger point
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that the obligations we put on energy companies lead to higher prices and that goes directly to the point that my honorable friend was quite rightly trying to make. even last week, the labour party in the house of lords voted to put up energy prices, which impacts on steel users. they ought to try doing the same thing in the house of lords as in the house of commons. mr speaker: order. announcer: you have been watching prime minister's questions. you could see question time on c-span2 this was that a special time, at :00 a.m. and sunday night at 9:00 p.m. on c-span. watch anytime at where you can find video of past prime minister's questions and other british public affairs programs. >> i am craig caplan, the capitol hill producer. i usually cover the house and senate floors. on capitoley events
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hill. we act of the network committed to covering the hearings gavel-to-gavel. we have covered all of the hearings by the committees on benghazi in the house of representatives. this is one the next in the series we have covered it. i got at there at 7:00 in the hour and crews were set up and the cameras in before and got in place is very early in the morning for our morning show "washington journal" so that the show what was happening before anybody was getting there. i was starting to tweak out things happening outside the room as well is inside. i was sure what to the camera crews were doing and how the committee was setting up. and how we made sure we were as close as possible, getting the key moment when she came into the building. and then she wanted to an annex room across the hall with her team, with her staff. the reporters, whether print or online, assigned desks they could report from.
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a lot of people i spoke to said it was their first hearing. they called it a historic moment. interesting to see and hear from there. thateted out a picture shows secretary clinton speaking to other members of the house, mainly democrats. she seemed very place had a big smile on her face. and gowdy who was at the time seemed happy to be leaving the room now that the hearing had concluding. i found that the most interesting thing was the conversations that do not get captured on camera. i mention one about chairman gowdy and mrs. clinton' aid. there were other moments. members of congress talking to each other. we devoted gavel to gavel coverage to the house and senate. the house on c-span and the senate on c-span two. and when it comes time for the key here is a capitol hill, we are there and devote resources
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of cameras, putting it on television, radio, and online to make sure the viewers can completely understand without any commentary that entire event. one of those events covering the hearing that mrs. hillary clinton before the house elect committee on benghazi that a lot of people will remember for years on. an estimate republican presidential candidate donald trump had a rally. a and another, q& just as the british prime and sir david cameron take questions from members of the house of commons. >> republican candidate donald trump had a a rally in miami, florida and talked about a range of issues including the trade deficit, immigration, and the latest poll numbers. this is just over an hour.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the united states, mr. donald j. trump. >> ♪ mr. trump: wow. [applause] wow.
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that is amazing. great. wow. wow. beautiful. thank you. thank you. man, this is something special. you know? i said to all of my managers i just want to do it here. i said you might not be able to get the cars. i know a lot of you have to walk a long distance. to have you here is great. thank you, thank you. [applause] unbelievable.
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you know -- thank you. i want to start by thanking the fire department. they have a lot of people in here, i have to tell you. i want to really thank the fire department and the police. hey, fellas, come up here. come up. get up here. these guys have been so incredible today with the traffic and everything. i just want to thank our police department. they have been absolutely incredible. look at these guys. look at these guys. [cheering] nobody is gonna mess with them. look at them. thank you very much, fellas. they don't want to leave the stage. you'll never leave. the fire department has been
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incredible. thank you very much. you know -- there is nothing like miami. nothing. [cheering] nothing like miami. incredible. so, when i was a little boy, my father always -- he said, come on, son. he did not play golf. he did not have time to play golf, but he had a beautiful swing. he played very little, almost never. he used to love coming here. it was the hottest resort in
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the country. this was a long time ago. i will not say how many years because i like to think i'm a very young person. but, a long time ago. at the beginning. he would say let's go and would walk around. who would've ever thought that someday i would own this place? who would've ever thought? what happened is that there were five courses. almost 800 acres right smack in the middle of miami. incredible location, right near the airport, 10 minutes away. always did well. it was always one of the top places. sadly, wall street got a hold of it. the original developer -- boo, boo, boo -- they'll pay taxes, don't worry. they will pay. don't worry. you know, you know, what happened is it became a money thing. it was like playing cards. they traded. every year and every three years, somebody would make a lot of money.
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it was like musical chairs. then, they would sell it and somebody would own it for 3, 5 years, wall street and then sell it. make a lot of money. everybody made a lot of money except for the last group i bought it for. it was like musical chairs. i bought it. when i bought it, i bought it from a smart group but the market had crashed. you know all about the crash. i got it for the right price. i signed for x dollars. a lot of money -- $170 million. i said maybe i can make a better deal before i close. so, i went into closing with ivanka. we know ivanka. we love ivanka, right? i went in with ivanka and i said watch, ivanka, let's see we can make $20 million. i have a contract -- i never told this story actually. i have a contract for $170
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million. i had all these good-looking, brilliant young men in front of me and they all wore suspenders without the jacket. they were all like tom cruise. you could not get better central casting. all of that media -- look at the media back there. look at these people. wow. they're all right. i will tell you some media stories. they're central casting, red suspenders, handsome, beautiful, smart. top schools -- they went to harvard, stanford. i said, i want to show up to my daughter. does that make sense? i have this great daughter. she said, dad, they are not goint to cut you. i said, that's right. iran as a contract, but that does not mean we cannot make it better.
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so, what happens -- i tell these guys there is no way i'm paying $170 million. i'm not doing it. i'm not doing it. they said you have to pay it. you have to pay it. beautiful guys. you have to pay it. you really have to. i said there is no way. that is all right. [booing] >> usa, usa. [crowd chanting] mr. trump: don't hurt them. don't hurt them. don't hurt them. you can get them out, but don't hurt them. we don't want anybody getting hurt.
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it is all freedom of speech. you know that. you know that. [booing] [crowd chanting] >> trump, trump, trump, trump. mr. trump: great life, great life. great life. that is all right. that is what the country is all about. we have to be able to speak and every once in a while be a little disruptive. it does not take long. so, let me finish the story,
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thank you. too bad we had to throw them out. sometimes you have to do it. [cheering] look at that sign. look at the size of that sign. can you believe that? wow. thank you. beautiful. i think i will tell my people let's bring that home. we have plenty of time tonight. i'm here all night. you know, tomorrow night, we are in jacksonville. we have at least 15,000 people, probably 20,000 people tomorrow night. it is going to be good. anyway, because it has to do with the country. i go into this room and i said fellas, the contract is not right. this place is in much worse
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shape than you told me. i have gone all over -- you have to have it signed first. i have gone all over and it is not fair what you are selling me. i'm not closing this deal. i will give you $100 million. remember, i wanted to impress my daughter. the art of the deal. i meant it. nothing wrong. i said it was not in the shape it was supposed to be in. so, i ranted and raved for about five minutes about condition. they said we will never cut. within two minutes, they said would you take $20 million off? they said would you agree to $20 million? i said, no way. you have to do it less. within about four minutes, i said $25 million they cut the price.
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can you believe it? i'm only telling this story because we should be doing the same thing for our country, right? [cheering] my daughter was very impressed. 5e whole thing took less than minutes. the actual number after taxes -- i actually saved $20 million. i said ivanka, we just bought the furniture. that is very nice. i had a decision to make. we have this great place. i had a decision. legendary place. the decision was do we fix it, do we fix it? [booing] [crowd chanting] >> we want trump, we want trump, we want trump. usa, usa, usa.
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mr. trump: you know the saddest part? you have people like that. there is a total of probably three over there and five over there. and they will be the story tomorrow, not the thousands of people that love our country. [cheering] amazing. it is amazing. no, no. the sad part -- i had an incident like this two weeks ago. we had 9000 people in an arena and we had five people protesting. they became the story. it's too bad. they're gone. you know, we will have little pockets. little pockets. but it is a shame. it just shows -- we have
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thousands of people and you will have three or four people protesting and then tomorrow morning, protesters against trump. i had a decision to make -- the decision was do we get the b job, c job, what do we do? we gave it the a+ job and we built something we really love. and, what happened? i will let them get out. go ahead. get them out. [cheering] the first group -- i was nice. oh, take your time. the second group, i was pretty nice. the third group, i will be a little more violent. the fourth group, i will say get the hell out of here! [cheering]
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mr. trump: so, so, i had to make a decision. what do we do? do we give it the really best job and basically rip it down and build a new magnificent place? it was really old, really tired. the bones were tired. you people know -- a lot of you are from the area. i said we have to do it right. we basically, as you know, new clubhouses, this room is new. this room is one of the great ballrooms. we have five ballrooms, 700 rooms, the golf courses are world-class. we wanted to do it right. a man came up to me outside. he had not been near in 25 years. it was very interesting. i won't say that he was an older fellow. he said, you know, mr. trump, this place is magnificent.
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david is our president and general manager. he has done an incredible job. this is now the hottest resort of its kind anywhere in the united states. it is bringing tremendous business to the miami area. the doral area. it has become the hottest place. in fact, the pga tour just gave us a 10 year extension on the tournament which they never do. they never do that. so, it has become a really, really successful place. this gentleman came up to me and it was so simple and so beautiful. he said i have not been back here in 25 years. it was in very bad shape. i actually bought it out of bankruptcy from some people i know. i said that is nice. you know, mr. trump, if you
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could do the same for the united states as you did here, it would be unbelievable, unbelievable. [cheering] true. it was great. i thought it was great. i thought it was great. in its own way, doing it for the united states might be easier than what we had to do here as crazy as it sounds. that is what we have to do. we owe $19 trillion. we are desperate. our infrastructure is in such trouble, such trouble. [booing] >> usa, usa, usa, usa, usa.
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mr. trump: hey. isn't this more fun than having like a normal deal, right? i mean, suppose we had a normal speech. we talk and talk and talk. the evening ends and we go home and go to sleep. this is more fun, right? you know, they used to call it the silent majority, but they don't use that anymore because it is no longer silent because we will not take this crap anymore. we will not take it anymore. we are not going to take it anymore. so, it is true.
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you know, for years you have not heard that term silent majority. some people thought it was politically incorrect. i started realizing it is not silent. everywhere i go, we have the biggest crowds. we left oklahoma. 20,000. dallas, texas, mark cuban's arena. we had 20,000. mobile, alabama, 35,000. i go to iowa, new hampshire, south carolina -- unbelievable crowds. there is just love in the room. it is incredible. it is incredible. [cheering] you know, there is nothing silent about it. we are sick and tired of incompetent people running our government. [cheering] so, i did something today that
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was quite exciting, although i think owning doral is more exciting. i did something today that was interesting and it got a lot of press. they have these things called super pac's. nobody knows what they are. what they mean. it is the dumbest thing i've ever seen. all of the candidates have super pac's. they controlled by investors, controlled by lobbyists, and special interests, countries. when you wonder why our politicians make such bad deals with foreign countries and other deals, it is because they are totally controlled by people that benefit even if our country does not benefit. it is true. the super pac's are a disaster.
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you have jeb bush -- has anybody ever heard of jeb bush? [booing] mr. trump: you have jeb bush, he has $125 million -- honestly, i don't think it will help him. i will be honest. if it helps him, i cannot figure the whole deal out. i used to be one of those guys that would give a lot of money. i know the lobbyists. when they come up to me and say we want to give you money -- when you go to number one, everybody wants to give you money. it's incredible. they don't care so much about anything other than the companies they represent. that don't care so much -- some do, but most don't -- they want influence, power, they want to take these people like little puppets and say you do as i told you because i gave you $5 million.
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and you better do it. nobody is giving me anything, ok? anything. nothing. [cheering] and, so what happened is i noticed over the last couple of weeks, everybody is forming a trump super pac. they're all over the place. i thought we had four and then we had five, then eight, then nine or 10. i don't know. are they good or is it a scam because some of them i assume are like legitimate people. they love trump and will do whatever they are supposed to do. they are supposed to be independent. and others, i would imagine they probably pay themselves salaries. who the hell knows what happens with all the money? all i know is we have not gone any of this money.
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none of it. i feel guilty about that. i feel foolish. we wrote notices and notifications, sent them all to the government, to everybody that we do not want super pac's. we don't want anything to do with them. to close them up ideally. [cheering] hopefully, to give the money back, whatever money is raised. two young, nice-looking guys, big fans of trump, i think. and they opened the art of the deal super pac. after my book. we are having a new book come out on november 3. i think it is going to be great. the art of the deal super pac. they look very good. you know, probably it is true. i don't want it. i don't want any help. the one thing we do -- people send in small donations.
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one woman sent $7.50. another woman -- $50. $30, $90, $250. that i love because, number one, you cannot send it back. how do you send a letter back to a woman who loves the country, who is giving a lot of money? that is like giving $1 million. how do you sent $7.50 back? there is no letter you can write. there is no letter you can write to that woman to say we don't want your money. that is the only thing. it comes in and that is the only stuff we want. we don't want any of the big money. today, i started getting big press this evening because nobody has ever done it. i disavowed all super pac's. i don't want any of them. and, i said very strongly when
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we wrote the letter, i told my attorneys and everybody that i think every candidate running right now for the presidency should disavow their super pac's. they should disavow their super pac's. you know, and the super pac's are really running the campaign. they are running the campaign. for instance, i hear in iowa there will be a merger of ben carson. i like him. he is a nice guy. they are going to merge his super pac's -- he has two of them. they have been running his campaign. he doesn't hardly have to go there. i'm saying what am i? i think they should not be allowed to do that. i don't know if they are allowed.
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how are super pac's running campaigns? when you think of it -- you have these super pac's with millions and millions of dollars and they are running a campaign, do you think those people that are running those super pac's and those people that are giving tremendous money to the super pac's, do you think they control those candidates 100%? the answer is yes. yes. and, i don't want any confusion. i said it. i don't want any confusion. people are calling well you have all the super pac's. i don't even know who these people are. here is what is happening. all candidates disavow their super pac's. run for office and be proud, but disavow your super pac's. drop them, drop them. [cheering] ideally, give the money back to the people that put it up there. that's what you should do. we will see what happens, we will see what happens. to me, it is very important. the super pac thing is a very terrible thing happening in this country. a terrible, terrible thing and it is controlling our
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politicians -- they are puppets. bush had somebody the other day going to berlin, germany to pick up money. what do you think germany gets out of that one? other people have tremendous amount of money put up and we cannot have it anymore. we have to bring honesty back to politics, folks. got to do it. [cheering] so -- [crowd chanting] >> we want trump, we want trump. mr. trump: thank you. thank you. a very interesting thing happened, very sad. you know the press is very dishonest. not all of them.
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not all of them. look at those cameras. look at those suckers. they are all covering. they are all covering. they are covering trump and you and they will be with us tomorrow night in jacksonville. it is going to be wild. come back up. it is going to be wild. so, a crazy thing happened. i love polls. everybody knows i do. they said i wonder what would happen if trump was not number one in the polls. somebody said if he was not number one, maybe he would drop out. believe me, i'm not dropping out of anything. never, ever. i'm not dropping out of anything. [cheering] so, the poll came out, a big one. abc/"washington post" that has me killing everybody.
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a national poll on friday. killing. 32% -- you notice every week, i started at 3%. that was slightly because nobody thought i was going to run. i thought i don't with politics all my life. i started at 3% and went to a 8%, went to 12%, now as of friday, nationally 32%. and another one came out, another one came out last week, reuters. 33% to 15%. 15% is ben carson. he is in second place. they kept saying, oh, if trump ever loses -- i'm getting spoiled. from the time i ran -- when i
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was at 12%, they said, all right, he has peaked. you hear the same crap. then it goes to 16%, 17% -- that is his plateau. he has plateaued. they love that word. he has plateaued. the next week, it went to 21%. well, that is it. by the way, 21% is not that bad when you have 17 people. if i'm a cardplayer, i will rest on 21% with 17 people. i'm not losing. it went to 25%. this is it. these talking heads are among the dumbest human beings i have ever seen. some of them. some of them. and some of them are coming along. some of them were so terrible and nasty and now they are coming along.
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they are becoming, i don't know like fans -- they are saying a poll came out with 81% to win. i didn't know that. who would have thought? rasmussen. the rasmussen -- i'm walking up here and one of my people stop me and said i'm trying to make a speech. they wanted to talk to me. rasmussen just said nationally, i'm beating hillary. it just came out. [cheering] it just came out. hey, what's the beef? now, i said i'm glad they stopped me. i'm glad they stopped me. anyway, a bad thing happened. so, look, i just wrote down a few of them. i'm winning new hampshire by like 22 points. new hampshire, unbelievable. i'm winning new jersey by a lot. a lot. and chris christie is a friend
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of mine, but i am at 29% and he is at 5%. that is a big difference. i am winning florida. i am beating bush and rubio. i am winning nevada by a fortune. here's what i like the best -- nevada, tremendous hispanic population. i'm winning with the hispanics. big. winning with the hispanics. [cheering] i keep telling everyone i will win with the hispanics. i tell everyone. i love the hispanics. i have thousands of hispanics -- thank you. i love you, too.
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it's true. i have thousands of hispanics working for me all over. at this place, i have 1800, 1900 employees. many hispanics are unbelievable people, unbelievable workers. i love them, i love them. they know. they are smart. they know i'm bringing jobs back from china, japan, all these countries. i'm bringing them back. nobody else can do that. i know the people i'm running against, including hillary. they cannot do that. they can't do that. they can't do that. i mean, honestly, ben carson cannot do that, folks. i hate to tell you. can't do it. here is the story -- winning in florida, winning in texas, ok? winning in texas, big. winning in south carolina, winning in north carolina. winning in ohio against kasich which is interesting.
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he is a good man, but i'm winning in ohio against him. i'm winning in massachusetts. listen to this one -- this is what i love. maybe, i don't even know live, massachusetts. i'm at 48%, 48%. 48%. and second-place is 12%. boy, i'm going to have to do a really, really bad crash to blow that one. so, what happens? let me give you the that is. this is been going on for 100 days. they were celebrating on television. 100 days on the top of every poll. think of it. [cheering] 100 days on the top of every single poll national and state. ok, that is a good news, right?
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let me give you the bad news. the press was so happy. [laughter] i love iowa and i honestly think those polls are wrong. i'm presbyterian, a great christian. [cheering] it's true. they say i'm the best leader. they say on the best on the economy by far. it is like by triple. how important is the economy? remember, it is the economy. it's the economy, stupid. i'm leading on the economy. i'm leading with men big league. i'm not doing as well with women. will you help me? what is going on?
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[cheering] look -- nobody respects women more than me. greatest person ever was my mother, believe me. the greatest. nobody will be better or do more for women than donald trump. that i can tell you. i think they know it. i would rather do well with women than men. with men, i'm doing great. with women, not terrible, but i could do better. so, what happened, what happened is the polls come out. the press was so happy. headline -- just so you understand, if i was in first place, it would not be discussed. nobody would mention it. all day long, my head. i turn on the television -- headline, bigger than hillary's talk yesterday on benghazi. [booing]
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headline -- the headline, headline -- you see it. am i right? trump falls to second-place in iowa. i said, no way. the press was going crazy. they loved it. they were so happy. i won't mention the names but you know some of them. you know some of them. we have a breaking story, donald trump has fallen to second place behind ben carson. [booing] we informed ben but he was sleeping. donald trump has fallen to second place. it is funny. two people dropped out.
10:19 pm
perry, you know about that. and governor of wisconsin -- walker, they both dropped out. they became so vicious. perry was such a nice guy two months ago. he went to washington to make a speech about me. it was so vicious that those that loved me started crying. maybe not. it was vicious. we had so many. you had lindsey graham. [booing] i don't even know the guy. the only time i know him is when he constantly calls me asking for campaign contributions. he became so vicious and violent. every time they get more vicious and violent, they go down, down, down. in fact, lindsey graham was at
10:20 pm
5% and he hit me as hard as you could be hit. he said i don't know anything about the military, what do i know? except one thing. i wrote a book in 2000. and, joe scarborough covered it. i wrote a book in 2000 before the world trade center came down and i said there was going to be a big attack in this country. i said probably by somebody named osama bin laden. this was before anyone knew his name. and i said it is going to be much worse. you remember the first attack which was the horrible attack but a small attack by comparison obviously to the second one which was horrendous. the worst attack in the history of our country. worse than pearl harbor. at least with pearl harbor, they were attacking the military. they were not attacking innocent
10:21 pm
civilians of which many thousands died and are still, are still living in pain and suffering. not to mention, the fire departments, police departments and all the guys that had to breathe all that air for long periods of time. [applause] thank you. i have it in the book. watch osama bin laden. scarborough says, whoa, when was the book written? before the world trade center. he's a good guy. he cannot believe it. i don't get any credit. they don't give me any credit for it. and then i have jeb bush saying, what does donald trump know about the military? i'm like a smart guy. you know, i'm really smart. but, it is amazing. people are talking about it.
10:22 pm
they should talk about it more. if you read the book, it says osama bin laden. the reason was he was a terrorist that was getting a lot of notoriety. he made very vicious statements towards our country. i said you better watch that guy. and what happened? i think it was 19 months after that, he came back and knocked down an attack viciously with the world trade center. in the debate, which every poll said i won, but these are minor details. drudge, time magazine, slate -- everybody, every single poll. i'm not calling up hundreds of thousands of people, but jeb said, my brother left us safe. i'm ok with it. i said to him what about the world trade center? the biggest attack ever. they should have known about it and they could have known about it. i am not blaming george bush. i am not blaming anybody. i could also blame clinton,
10:23 pm
right? no. in all fairness to bush, he was only president for nine months. though clinton gave a speech and he knew osama bin laden, just like i did, and he gave a speech talking about osama bin laden, so we can blame bush, we can blame everybody. you know the expression "the buck stops here?" your president, that's the way it is. it is one of the reasons i say, and i mean this strongly, we a $19e owe a lot of money trillion, but we have to build up our military so big, so strong, so powerful, we have got to do it. [cheering] we have got to do it. so powerful that nobody is going to mess with us, nobody. i don't want to use it. i don't want to use it.
10:24 pm
nobody, nobody is going to mess. we are working on an airplane right now, i don't know if you have been reading about it. billions and billions of dollars on one plane, and the test pilots -- did you read the story? -- i love the test pilots. these are good flyers. billions of dollars, and they say, this does not hold a candle to the old when we used to fly. it does not maneuver as well, doesn't work -- we are talking billions and billions. what are we doing, folks? what are we doing? what are we doing? so, so, we need a special leader. we need a special leader. >> [chanting] trump!trump,
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mr. trump: we need a special leader. let me just say, the headlines blared, i do not believe those by the way because most of those pollsters do not like me. i'm not saying anything that goes on innocently with polling, ok? but both of those groups dislike me. i was just interviewed, where's jake tapper? is he here? he is a good man, he just interviewed me. watch me at 9:00 sunday morning with jake on cnn. he is here someplace. he is a good man. he is maybe shy. he is here somewhere, but it is good. 9:00 on sunday morning. i think we will do great.
10:26 pm
here is the story. i have never seen such press. my wife called, she said, are you ok, darling? how bad is it? they made it sound like it was the greatest defeat in history. the bad part is it would not have even been mentioned, it would not be a story. then i said to myself, look, i am going to be nice because i have to talk about it. >> you have got the power! mr. trump: thank you. ben carson is the one leading i was supposedly, and i said, i have got to talk about it. -- ben carson is leading iowa supposedly and i said, i have got to talk about it.
10:27 pm
i have a great friend, he is african-american. he calls himself black, and he calls himself black, and he says this to me, i never thought i would say about a white guy, can you believe this? i said, i do not know if that is true or not. he said, when you said low energy for bush, you defined in so incredibly. it was over. he could have $125 billion in the bank, donald, it is over. it was just defined. but i said, ben carson is super low energy, right? super, super low energy. we need tremendous energy. [cheering] [chanting] mr. trump: we need energy, so, hillary clinton the other day -- [booing]
10:28 pm
she said, i do not like donald trump's tone. his tone, can you imagine? my tone! my tone! think of it. she does not like my tone. we ask people, they are christians and their heads are being chopped off in the middle east. we have people dying by the thousands all over the country, we have people that are being drowned in cages. it has not been like this since medieval times. it is true. who would ever think, and she is talking about my tone. we have to be politically correct, so they can chop off the heads of an american christian and we can't waterboard? it is not fair.
10:29 pm
no, it is not fair. think of it. think of how crazy and how lopsided our country has become. think of what is going on. think of why we are not respected. think about sergeant bergdahl, a traitor -- [booing] he is a dirty, rotten traitor. six people died going after him. six, young, incredible, brave people died. the deal is we get traitor bergdahl, they get five of the best people that they have that they have been after for 10 years. they get five killers that are right now leading and back on the battlefield trying to kill everybody, including you, and we get bergdahl, a traitor. ok? we get bergdahl.
10:30 pm
two days ago it came out, or -- that they don't want to put bergdahl in jail. old days, firing squad, that is true. [cheering] i love the second amendment. i love the second amendment. [cheering] two days ago, it comes out that sergeant bergdahl won't even have to go to jail. [booing] where have we gone? what is going on with our country? ok? i will tell you one thing. if i win, it will not be my most important job.
10:31 pm
not if, we have to say it, look, they are all going, not if, when. all right. [cheering] the word should be it, but they are going crazy appear saying, win. i hope so because you can make our country so great again. i promise you we will be reopening that are dull disaster -- that bergdahl disaster. a lot of things will be reopened. a lot of things will be reopened. you will have a lot of things reopened. i went to my people, and just like [indiscernible] i got up for 170, i said, let's make it wanted to.
10:32 pm
they said, how can you do that? i said, i did. we have deals with china that are done. somebody said, [indiscernible] i say, that is ok, they violated every deal. that means they are in default. that means they are in default, ok? i said to my people to weeks ago, go back and tell me what is our trade imbalance with three countries -- china, japan, and mexico? i just want to find out. i am curious. i love mexico and i love the mexican people but their leaders are too smart for our leaders. ay, ay, ay. our leaders are so stupid. they are so stupid, so with mexico, we lose about $45 billion a year. wouldn't you say that is a lot?
10:33 pm
that is peanuts compared -- what till you hear -- japan, he had a balance of $70 billion a year. $70 billion a year. most people do not even know what that is. the number is so massive. it is not even recoverable. but i can recover. i love china, they buy my apartments and the gimme $25 million and i did the like hotcakes. -- and i do then like hotcakes. japan sells those and they devalue their currency, but china gave the biggest valuation in the last two decades, meaning 20 years. the biggest devaluation. i said, what is the trade imbalance? they told me mexico first and then they said japan and i said that is even more money.
10:34 pm
i said give it to me with china. almost $400 billion a year we lose. how stupid are we? we should be ashamed of ourselves. how stupid are we? i do not blame china. i do not blame them at all. i have friends from china. they used to come up to see me and they would say, donald, we cannot believe we get away with this. your people are incompetent, and this -- and then i said that i was running for president and they said, i am only kidding. they have no idea that i would be reviewing. first of all, when china sends us their goods, there is no tax, no nothing. when we send china, number one, they won't accept them. if they do accept them, they have massive taxes and tariffs,
10:35 pm
it is a one-way street. a friend of my can't get his goods in china and finally, he gets them in and they charge of attacks that was so high but i cannot tell you because nobody will believe how high it is. these are smart people, but i have people that are smarter. [cheering] i have people. i have some of the great business people. they are all calling me. these guys, friends, enemies, i have guys so smart, and some i don't like. some i cannot stand. some are horrible people. actually, i know one that is so bad as a human being, he is the worst human being i ever met, but he is an unbelievable negotiator.
10:36 pm
i said, irving, you are going with us. these are wealthy people. these are really wealthy people. and they are all calling me. they want to get involved. i have a great guy, great businessmen, great everything. carl icahn. [cheering] he called me, i want to get involved, i want to help it he does not want money, a salary. all these people representing us want salaries. they get $2000 to somebody and now they are supposed to be paid for the next eight years by some stupid politician. ok? no, no. carl icahn wants to represent the country for nothing. if i say, and he is a great guy. i do not care if he is a great guy, but i do not care because i have others that are not great guys but they are great at what they do. i know the great ones, i know that that is, i know the guys overrated.
10:37 pm
you have some overrated. you have some highly overrated. i will not use them. i have some that nobody have ever heard of an better than all of them. they are great. we have the most talented people. this is not going to be political. this is not going to be political. no, if i tell carl icahn, go watch over china for me, carl. just watch over china. trust me, good things are going to happen for us. believe me. really good things are going to happen. we have a thing right now going on called corporate inversion. nobody knows what it is, but companies have trillions of dollars in other countries. we cannot get it back into this country, you know that, right? trillions. they note the number is $2.5 trillion and i know it is much higher. nobody really knows.