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  Road to the White House  CSPAN  October 25, 2015 10:38pm-10:49pm EDT

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at least $2.5 trillion is offshore, all these different countries, and what we are doing is our companies are going to and they already started leaving the united states and moving to those other countries to get their money, well, you can't blame them. to get their money and to get lower taxes. so i came up with a tax plan that cuts taxes way down, way down for corporations, for the middle income people. [cheering] for the middle income people of which we do not have too many in this room. they are all upper middle income people end up for people, but for the middle income people, because the middle class in this country has been totally forgotten about.
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it has been totally forgotten about, so we are cutting corporate taxes. we are cutting taxes for the middle income. we are cutting a lot of things like carried interest. the hedge fund guys pick a side. if it goes up, they make a fortune, and they go down, they find another job, ok? along with -- a lot of it is luck. the democrats and republicans both agreed that we should bring [indiscernible] 40.5 years they agree and they still cannot make a deal. -- for 3.5 years they agreed but they still cannot make a deal. it is a lack of leadership in washington and we are going to stop it. [cheering] and it will be an amazing. we will have a dynamic, really dynamic country. the other day, i watched a general being interviewed. i said to a group before, i the hell is the debt -- is the general being interviewed on television? i don't want them being interviewed on television telling what we are doing, where
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we are going. can you imagine general patent being -- patton being interviewed on cnn? i don't think so. i am watching this general be interviewed and i love great generals. i love general macarthur. today's day he has the highest marks -- i'm a big fan of academics, believe it or not -- but he has the highest marks in the history of west point. that is a smart guy. his biggest problem is he hated to listen to dwight eisenhower because dwight, who was a great guy but at the lower part of his class, and mcarthur was the smartest guy ever at west point according to academics, and he could not he had to take orders from twice. -- dwight. could you imagine general
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douglas macarthur being on television saying the following -- the question was by a very good man asking the questions said, what do you think of isis? can we win? in the general looked at him and said, oh, it is going to be very tough. it is going to be very, very tough. i don't know. it is going to take a very, very long time. i looked at the sky and say, he is a weak person. deals are not deals, deals are people. when you do deals, it is people. everybody always says deals, deals are people. remember it. i tell kids, deals are not deals, deals are people. i looked at this general and said, i do not want him. i will find the smartest and spot is very important. toughest. we got rid of the guy, remember, because he was using, and get --
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foul language to a magazine. he was me, tough, and nasty and we got rid of it because -- i will find the general macarthur. i will find the general george patton. we have got him. they may not be politically correct, who cares. who cares. but we are going to find him. and we are going to clean things up and we are to have a great country again. and respectful. we are going to have a respected country. we have a lot to do. we will build a wall. [applause] we will build a wall. we have no choice.
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either way, people will come into our country, but they are going to come and legally. [applause] [chanting -- usa] donald trump: whoever the hell yelled. we will rebuild the wall, and the script, i was not so sure should be talking about walls. tomorrow in jacksonville, i can talk about walls, but in this one i was a little hesitant to talk about it. thank you. thank you. by the way, and i say this all the time and people buried out,
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a radio host hispanic show in new york said, you know, my audience is all hispanic. they love trump. let me tell you who wants to stop illegal immigration more than anybody. the hispanics in our country legally. it is true. [cheering] just to finish up, our country does not win anymore. you know that, right? we don't win. when was the last time we had victory? we lose with china on trade, we visit isis, we lose with iraq, we do not know what we are doing, iran just made the single greatest contract i have ever seen anybody make. we were represented by a man
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that should be ashamed of himself. a man, secretary kerry, that should get the hell off a bicycle. he. is possible during the negotiation -- he falls off his bicycle during the negotiation, breaks his leg, we were represented by competent people. it is not going to happen anymore, folks. let me tell you something. if and when i win -- [cheering] i am not -- [cheering]
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we are going to have so many victories it is going to be so nice. it is going to be so nice. we are going to win on trade, we are going to win and everything, we are going to terminate obamacare. [cheering] it is going to be replaced with something much better and much less expensive for you and the country. let me tell you, obamacare was a dream for the insurance companies. they have made a fortune with obamacare. and your premiums are a 40%, 50%, 55%, your deductibles are through the roof, you will never be able to use it. it is so bad.
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we are going to repeal it, replace it with something great. [cheering] we are going to bring back the american dream. [cheering] and this is as sure as you are standing here tonight and look around, folks, because this is a movement, something special and happening around the country, not just in miami, all over the country. you will see it tomorrow in jacksonville, it happens all over the country. we are going to make america great again. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. [cheering]
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