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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 14, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm EST

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>> are landmark cases series continues on monday with a look at a case dealing with the steel industry labor dispute during the korean war. united steelworkers of america threatened to trigger a strike that would have shut the industry down and president truman ordered an executive order for the u.s. government to seize and operate the mills. the strike was called off, but
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still companies went to court to argue that the president was acting without congressional or constitutional authority. you can learn more about explorescases which the human stories and constitutional dramas behind some of the most significant decisions of the supreme court. you can go to from the website, you can find the landmark cases book in which features background and highlights of each case. andten by tony mauro published by c-span, landmark cases is available for a dollars $.95, plus shipping. -- $8.95, plus shipping. next, republican presidential candidates speak at the florida gop sunshine summit. after that, weekly addresses by president obama and montana senator, steve daines.
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republican presidential candidates were featured at the second day of the florida republican sunshine summit. coming up, we'll hear from rick santorum, jim gilmore, bobby jindal, rand paul, and chris christie and carly fiorina. this is almost three hours. ♪ rick santorum: thank you, thank you. [applause] [applause] thank you very much. it is great to be back in the home state of my mother. two weeks ago. how about that? i have to tell you, i'm here with a heavy heart, as many of you are, watching the news over the past 24 hours about the horrible attacks in paris by isis.
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certainly, our thoughts and prayers go out to our first ally, france. we will stand with them and pray for them, and if we had better leadership, help them. that is the other point, i come out here feeling upset. isis is a creation of a political decision by hillary clinton and barack obama. [applause] to abandon iraq against all of our generals' recommendations, against all of the policy recommendations, barack obama and hillary clinton, under her watch, decided politics above the security of our country and the civilians' security of the world. from that, was born isis.
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we are now seeing the effects that domestic political decisions have on the world. we have a president who said, isis was contained, yesterday he said that. shrinking.s was he is either uninformed, dishonest, or delusional and probably all three. [applause] president, by the way, hillary clinton when she issued her statement, she called the extremists,violent never define the enemy. timek obama has spent his talking about the greatest national security threat to our country.
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global jihadists? no, it is carbon dioxide, hold your breath otherwise you will destroy the world. barack obama, hillary clinton, they have created the most dangerous world that any new presidents is it going to have to assume the leadership of. that is why your decision is so important. because you are going to have to, you heard frank and others talk about the importance of florida, you'll need to make it tough decision. this is a lot of talented people, a lot of them you have seen in the last 24 hours, you will see more today. good men and women, but your decision is who is best able to lead this country, do we need another inexperienced, young inexperienced president to come
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timeoffice anytime -- in a when the world is on fire. i was in israel and netanyahu's closest adviser said, please tell the people of the united states, that they will elect a wartime president. do you have any doubt, after yesterday, that that is the case? the commander in chief is not an entry-level position. this is a serious, serious world were allies and our enemies have to understand who the next leader of the free world will be. ago, isis published an online magazine, they do so on a regular basis. and i was featured in that magazine. a picture of me and a quotes
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from me, under the headline, and the words of our enemy. no other presidential candidate has been in isis magazine. [laughter] no president has been under the heading in the magazine. they know who i am and i know who they are. [applause] [applause] know who they are, they are a group of radical muslims, jihadists, who are trying to bring back a form of seventh century islam and apply it in a counterfeit, in the center of the islamic world. i have a recommendation. if they want to bring back seventh century islam, let's accommodate them by bombing them back to the seventh century. [applause]
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we need someone who they know is serious, not just in isis, but also the even greater threat. i know our vision is focused on isis right now, but the bigger threat, the more consequential one in iran. -- is iran. iran is the one, thanks to this president and thanks to hillary clinton, now on a pathway to developing a nuclear weapon. they have an agreement in place that will create an opportunity for them to develop, legally, legitimately, under the united nations, nuclear capabilities and weapons. and as you have heard, this is not your garden-variety muslims who control iran. they were the first to establish the revolutionary republic of iran, they are apocalyptic
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islamists, they believe in the end of times. these are the people we are giving a nuclear weapon to. these are the people given the ability to not just attack the state of israel, i am concerned about the state of israel, but i am more concerned about the united dates. -- states. iran with a nuclear weapon is not just a threat to israel, it is a threat to every man and woman in this country and we need a leader like we had back in 1980. who, when you get sworn into office, the other side knows, the other side knows, the enemy knows who they are dealing with. [applause]
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11 years ago i authored legislation to put sanctions on the iran nuclear program. i have been a leader in the senate and afterwards in trying to constrain their nuclear program. bill to puted that sanctions on the development of a nuclear program, i brought that bill to the floor of the senate and unfortunately it was opposed, by both republicans and democrats who wanted to negotiate with iran. republicansy, some including the president, opposed me. but many democrats and republicans supported me, i only lost by four votes. -- do you know who that was, clinton, obama, biden and kerry. you want to somebody who understands.
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not only do we have somebody who comeome to the podium, but to the podium and the enemy knows that you mean business. there is no doubt in my mind that we will do whatever is necessary to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon, they know i mean it. because i have been saying it for more than a decade. is, when young nominate a republican printed -- candidate for president who goes to the podium and hillary clinton is at the other one, we need to have somebody who can and be experienced, have knowledge, conviction, courage, somebody who has been tested. somebody who has experience. somebody who you can trust. you may say, you don't trust hillary clinton, you cannot argue with her experience.
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at a time when we are on the verge of a global war, and we are, the american public will be very concerned about who they will vote for to lead this country. experience will matter. let's be very clear, a lot of good people in this race, very few with experience. we have seen what has happened during debates when you go up against somebody like president obama. and you do not have experience other than what you are briefed on. opportunity after opportunity was passed, because you do not go again someone he knows more than you do. is sos why this election serious, we need to win. we have to win this election and to do so we better have someone with experience like i have on the armed services committee, on offering bills and passing them on syria and iran.
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somebody who has written books, spent time any think tank and driven the issue of radical jihadists. ladies and gentlemen, this is an important time in our history and we cannot miss this opportunity. by putting up somebody who is not ready to take on this challenge. look at the issue of immigration. everybody looks at the issue and thinks when you hear the word immigration, what do you think of? you think of the illegal immigrant who crossed the border and what will we do about them? that is because democrats have driven the narrative of that is what we should talk about. that is not my narrative. that is not what is about. it is a policy no different from
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health care, or tax policy. what should those policies be about, what is in the best interest of the american people. [applause] [applause] who would come forward with tax policy and say, i want to make sure the tax chiefs don't get punished? we have to have a leader on the issue of immigration that understands national security implications. we have a president that is bringing in thousands of syrians and we have republicans supporting that. thousands of syrians, you know who's passport was found in france, a syrian passport. to suggest that we have the ability to determine his these people are who are coming from the middle east right now, coming as refugees, to determine whether they will be threats, we do not know. we can't know.
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[applause] [applause] i do not say this as i am opposed to refugees, you know in sevens. over the past years, we have accepted 70% of all relocated refugees in the world. , butve not been unkind this is a matter of national security. and we need to be able to say that we are going to protect ourselves from threats overseas. and we are also going to protect ourselves as american workers from being flooded by workers in this country who are holding down wages and making it difficult for americans to be able to get employment. that is the narrative on immigration. because it is the truth. the truth of the matter is, that over the last 40 years, we have seen 35 million people come into the country, 35 million. that is a good thing or a bad
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thing. the reality is, over the last 20 years, wages have been growing at the slowest rate in the history of our country. 90 million people are no longer in the workforce. a record. and who are the people coming into the country, overwhelmingly wage earners. it is fine for a candidate to say that wages are too high, fine for someone to say that we are concerned about corporate profits and what about working men and women? 90% of workers in america do not own or run their own business, they work for a living. 74% of americans do not have a college degree, what party is speaking for them? not just on the issue of immigration but economic policy. who is speaking for the american working families? if you listen to democrats, they will say, we will give you this
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and free that and free this. and you listen to republicans and what do we say? we will cut taxes for a high income and vigils and that will create jobs, guess what, good luck. that message is not working. why, because we never talk about workers. we talk about immigration, but do we ever talk about workers? no we do not. i do. because it is important to let workers know that some party cares about them and their ability to rise in society. [applause] [applause] we have an opportunity, look at the last democratic debate. the last democratic debate, all they did was bigger about how bad things were, how the middle of america with halloween out,
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-- hollowing out. the way we connect is there a combination of policies to show americans who are struggling, hurting, not seizing the ability to rise, that republicans get it. it is about creating better jobs and better tax rates and a better regulatory environment, but is also about limiting the number of illegal immigrants coming to compete with american workers. policy actually have a that says that we are going to send people here who came here illegally, back home, no amnesty . [applause] not because we do not like the people who are here, it is because there is a right way and a wrong way and there are
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consequences to american workers. for having people be here the wrong way and having too many people. it is a simple concept that most americans understand. supply and demand. and 35 million people coming into the country over the last 20 years is that almost all of whom are wage earners, is one of the reasons that you see certain candidacies taking off, because of anger and frustration that nobody is on their side. ladies and gemma, if you are looking for someone, looking for someone who understands the national security threats and has experience to stand up, not just against hillary clinton, but against enemies in this world. if you are looking for someone who can connect with american workers and talk about the issues that are key for them, vocational training, like -- i
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go to talk to young audiences all the time, the first thing i say, don't go to college, go to work. go work. there are 250,000 welder jobs available right now. $50,000welder jobs pain to $100,000 a year. there is a demand for work right now, but we have leaders that looked down their noses, manual labor is beneath americans anymore, these are good paying jobs. jobs you can go out and earn a living. then go back to school, you will live a long time, go back and get your education and rise in society. these are practical things, talking to americans struggling right now. we need a candidate that can go out and connect. --isagree -- i do not think o think we can win
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wisconsin, iowa, minnesota. [applause] we are not going to win with messages of the past, we will win by having a candidate go out and talk about making america the number one manufacturer in the world again, creating opportunities for people, the 74% who do not have a college degree, so they can have a piece of the american pie. you want to talk about somebody with an optimistic vision, but more important, we need this to be successful again. give me the chance to paint to that picture of optimism, to pain that picture of the republican party, the newer publican party, not the chamber of commerce wall street republican party, but the party that cares about the 90% of people in the country that are workers that do not see either party talking about them. [applause]
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and finally, give me the opportunity to talk common sense about the importance of the american family. ladies and jim and, every -- totleman, every book comes the same conclusion as to why the middle of america is hollowi ng out, it is about the breakdown of the american family. [applause] if we go out and talk common sense about how we can lift up workers in america, we can lift up families in america, talk about the important role of marriage and fatherhood, talk build aw we can healthier and stronger society for those who feel left behind in america today and do so from a position of strength.
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in our national security and experience,tested here you have a vision and a candidate that can change the electoral map. that is why i am here today and that is why i ask for your support. give me the opportunity to do i have done in pennsylvania. i want -- i went to congressional races, taking on democratic incumbents in a 60% and 70% district, and i want -- reelection- iran and into reelection. he wants him but he was a vision, and who can win in states we need to win to bring this country together. you have an opportunity to do that and i hope that you do. thank you all very much and god
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bless you. [applause] [applause] ♪ ♪ >> wonderful, thank you very much for the opportunity to be here. am pleased to be for, i am a candidate president of the united states. hardn, i am campaigning and i am having a really good time campaigning, i just spent four days in new hampshire and now i am pleased to be in florida. i will tell you a quick story. i was campaigning in new hampshire and i went to the andersity of new hampshire
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saw a football game. i got a chance to walk up and down the stands, meeting people, saying hello. everybody was very nice, they were all pleasant, they do not seem to resent the fact that i was a presidential candidate. this guy comes running down the stands and grabs me and says, i am so glad you are here, so glad to get a chance to meet you, you are governor martin o'malley, aren't you? that really happened. ladies and gentlemen, i want to talk to you about what is on our minds, paris, france. discuss a little bit about that with you. we stand today, here in orlando, in the shadow of that horrible terrorist attack that occurred yesterday. the president of france said it
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was an act of war, indeed it is. and with ourrica friends and allies who stand on the ramparts of civilization, i must tell you, we are at war. i want to tell you a story for a few moments about 9-11. i want to tell you a story about 9/11, from my experience. on september 10, 2001, i was in new york city, raising money for the republican candidate for the governor to secede me and that night i managed to fly back to richmond and i was in the governor's mansion on the morning of september 11, 2001. i was in the executive mansion, i turned on the television, i was on the second floor and i said -- i turned on the tv and the first world trade center was
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in flames. and i said, roxanne, come over here. fool hasn't flown into the world trade center. and we watched the second airplane fly into the tower. all of you know where you were on a day and what you are doing. that is where i was and i will tell you what i did, i was the chief executive of the state. the first thing i did come i .icked up the phone identify the emergency operations center. i called the head of the state police and said if there is any evidence of gunplay in virginia, that the emergency center needed to be notified. i put the guard on immediate alert and i walked across capitol square to the governor's office where i learned that the second attack that day was in virginia. because the pentagon is not in washington dc, it is in virginia.
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friend who was on the plane that was flown into the pentagon. daysn that day and following, my job was to handle that crisis. i was a war governor. i had to deal with that issue of i spoke to the people virginia and alerted them to what we were doing. i went to washington to the pentagon and to arlington, saw hole where the pentagon was on fire come i stood with people there, going in to make sure that the fire was out, that people had gotten out. i went to the hospitals. i was told the story about a woman who was burned, she was in the burn ward, and i asked, what did you experience?
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she said, i was at my desk, everything was normal and in the smoke andeye it was fire. that is the lesson for all of us. in today's modern world, you do not know what will happen. i have often been asked, what was your experience? i struggle to be able to explain , i tell them, we didn't know what was next. we do not know whether there would be another attack, we didn't know whether the governors would be attacked, it is hard to explain. it is hard to explain how you move forward and deal with issues, just as the president of france is dealing with things on this very day. i have a confession. i tend to watch msnbc. yeah, i want to know what the enemy is thinking, i want to understand. [applause] watched rachel
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on and theshe was thing that struck me, she said, as it was going on in france, we just don't know what is going to happen now or next. we do not know. and i thought, that is the same experience i had as governor of virginia. i stood by those firemen, i did what was necessary to deal with the economic consequences. in other words, i was the chief executive of a state in crisis at that -- and that is real experience. you know, i grew up in the cold war. i was the son of a meat cutter. my mother was a secretary. i studied foreign policy at the university of virginia. when my country called me


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