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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 30, 2015 10:30pm-12:01am EST

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warren court. they started to set the chips on that court. >> i find myself in only 30 seconds left, i apologize to the final color. are now we will deal with the miranda decision, also by the earl warren court, which is another in our series of cases. we will spend the final half-hour in that program talking about the court overall and their approach to these toiews and what it has done the judicial process and talk about that in a big picture way. as a closer, i want to ask you about mapp and what people should take away from the fact that a citizen was the focus of a landmark case in the supreme court. >> there will always be a story behind these cases. they involve real people with real challenges. in this case, it involves people with a lot of personal strength
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to see a situation and to go to the courts for relief and to fight her way to the supreme court. these are cases about individuals that have lasting impact upon all americans and anyone of us could be that individual, although frankly, nobody could be like this woman. >> what are your final thoughts about this case and its importance? >> we all have a role to play in the protection of our constitutional rights. we all have to stand up and give ways every day to the constitution or in that becoming a dead letter. she did that for all of us. >> thank you to our guests. thank you for your questions and your comments, it really makes the program interesting. thank you for being with us. ♪
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>> our series continues next week with the supreme court 1962 decision in baker versus car. in that case, the justices established the right of federal courts to review redistricting issues which have previously been termed political questions
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outside of the court's jurisdiction. the tennessee case paves the way for the one man, one vote standard of american representative democracy. find out more next monday, lighter 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, c-span3, and c-span radio. you can also learn more about c-span plan marquesas series online by going to orderhe website you can the c-span landmark cases book, featuring backgrounds, highlights, and the legal impact of each kate -- each case. it is published by c-span. landmark cases is available for $8.95 plus shipping. >> abigail fillmore was the first first lady to work outside of the home. she taught a private school. lobby congress for funds to create the first white house
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library. mrs. eisenhower's hairstyle and love of the color pink created a sensation. the color was marketed. was responsible for the creation of the white house historical association. nancy reagan, as a young actress, saturday mistakenly on the black list of suspected communist sympathizers in the late 1940's. she appealed to the sag had ronald reagan for help. she later became his wife. these stories and more are featured in the c-span book, first ladies. the book makes a great gift for the holidays. giving readers a look into the personal lives of every first lady in american history, stories of fascinating women and how their legacies resonate today. the book is based on original interviews from c-span's first lady series. it has received numerous reviews. including this one from a presidential historian and
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author who said that the book -- it is a national treasure. another quote. and another quote. >> coming up on c-span, the
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world leaders at the paris climate change conference, then the landmark cases hearing. versus ohioe mapp case focusing on unreasonable searches and seizures. after that, an interview with representative bob goodlatte on the impact of landmark cases in our series. >> president obama is joining more than 150 world leaders at the paris climate change conference. in his remarks, he highlighted u.s. investments in clean energy, solar power and reductions in carbon emissions. the french president presided over the morning session which include speeches by german chancellor angela merkel and russian president vladimir putin. this is 90 minutes.
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>> the president of paraguay has the floor. [applause] >> president of the french
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republic, francois hollande, secretary general of the u.s. -- -- , ladies and gentlemen, excellency. reiterateke to president hollande's his government and the french people. the most heartfelt condolences and our utmost solidarity. in light of the her and this crime committed in paris on the 13th of this month. generation are living at a critical juncture. enormous and pressing responsibility of tackling the environmental
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challenge that we are living through. this conference is an opportunity for nations to adopt urgent measures in order to curb the causes and consequences of climate change. pope francis provides a stark warning. in order to face this crisis and protect forces of life, he says that never have we so hurt and mistreated our common home as we have in the last 200 years. us tooday, it is up to change history. beginning today, in order to reverse the failure of past climate conferences. has great potential for
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sustainable development with valuable natural resources and abundant freshwater, for towels little -- fertile soil, and wide-ranging biodiversity which is of global significance. it is the greatest per capita producer and exporter of clean, renewable power in the world. devices.ydroelectric countriesof the few in the whole world that consumes almost 100% electric energy that is of a clean and renewable source. it has the world record for production of 2.3 billion megawatts per hour which avoids the use of 440,000 barrels of oil per day and with that, it avoids the admission of 88
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million tons of carbon dioxide per year. it protects more than 100,000 types of forest that according to the world wildlife fund, produce oxygen for over 20 million people. other dam protects forests. we produce food for the world obtained through good agricultural practices with low emissions of greenhouse gases and are protective processes. has 18.5 million patches of forest, representing 45% of our territory and it
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gives a value of -- 15% of our nations correspond to protected wildlife areas. and paraguay, we are renewing our public transport fleets and investing in new technology. that are efficient for reducing the use of fossil feels. out historicng investments and health infrastructure to improve the quality of our water resources and the quality of life of our people. we are undertaking a national forest asian program to reduce the pressure on native forests, developing a sustainable energy framework. makeugh paraguay does not significant contributions to global omissions, we do suffer
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from the consequences of climate change. undertaking the commitment as part of this convention, paraguay has presented its proposal for national contribution and actions for low carbon growth. presidents, we know that the agreement that will be adopted in this conference is very ambitious and it is a challenge. or more than less the protection of our planet in the face of the devastating effects of unbridled consumerism. the success of this dialogue will pave the way for countries to improve the quality of life of their most honorable -- most vulnerable. today, we have not only the opportunity but also the responsibility to draft objectives were a new agreement on the climate to preserve our national heritage for future generations. i will conclude my brief statement quoting, once again,
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hope francis, -- pope francis. occurs ins often periods of crisis which require decisions, we are tended to think that what is happening is not entirely clear. apart from a few obvious signs of pollution and deterioration, things do not look that serious. the planets could continue as it is for some time. fitness serves as a with ouror carrying on present lifestyles and modes of production and consumption. let us change history, let's wake up. and here the urgent call to look after our sources of life. let's not lose sight of the fact that the final goal of our efforts as governors is the well-being of our peoples with deep respect for human dignity. thank you a much. [applause]
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>> morocco will host the next. his majesty has done a great deal of work to combat climate change. he has lost his voice, said he will not be able to deliver his bytement which will be read her real highness. >> mr. president, secretary general of the u.n., excellencies and ladies and
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has given his majesty me the honor of making the royal statement at this 21st conference of the united nations framework convention on climate change. blessings upon the profit. ladies and gentlemen, distinguished heads of states and government, secretary general of the u.n., excellencies, 80's and gentlemen , our meeting today in paris is not and can no longer be one of the summits and conferences that the community of nations regularly puts on the agenda of international relations. allow me to say frankly that it will no longer be the case because the paris conference and the one that my country has offered to host any years time
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in marrakesh will be instrumental in shaping the future which we are duty bound to bequeath to our children. children, and we do not want to see deprived of forests, oceans, coastlines, and all of these natural resources which are the hallmarks of mankind's most valuable heritage. threatenedwhich is today because the international community has been unable or unwilling to come together and time and muster the means needed to have better control over its own destiny. aware, all of us, of the devastating effects of global warming on the planet. and of the urgent need to match words with deeds. your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, what is at stake in our discussions is neither ideological nor diplomatic nor
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economic and the traditional sense of our previous discussions and meetings. that thew realize threat is global. indeed, there is not a single country, region, or continent that will be aired the consequences of climate change. doubt and skepticism are no longer acceptable. nor will it be possible to continue using the alibi of wrong priorities. the community of nations has for far too long turned its back on our children's destiny and future. for a long time, we chose to turn a blind eye for far too long, we have delayed the moment of awareness. we had been playing with hypotheses that have proved to be ways of evading the issue. but, the facts speak for themselves.
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ice is melting and ocean levels are rising. water resources are becoming scarce. agricultural output is threatened and increasingly, deadly floods are coming on the heels of drought that are just as distressing. that is why i have deliberately chosen to avoid technical analysis or academic discourse. instead, i want to pay tribute to the scientists and specialists who are experts in the field. we have to make sure that unanimity which is not easily and instantaneously obtainable in this area, does not become a deal breaker that would justify for dragging by some and the allusions arising from the inaction of others. mustis respect, we patiently, resolutely and determinedly build on what is possible and attainable.
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it is only through effective action and tangible results that we can overcome reluctance and resistance. your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, in keeping with this perspective, that of realism and action, i should like to mention the strategy that the kingdom of morocco has been implement in for more than half a century. to begin with water, the source of life, and the crucial daily concerns for every moroccan. what would become of morocco, in this respect, had it not been policy?dam building recognizing the importance of this key accomplishment for morocco's future, we have sought to strengthen it which has allowed the kingdom to now have 140 large dams, nearly one third
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of which have been built during the last 15 years. thanks to this policy, morocco is successfully dealing with the fx of drought while in some developed countries, rain gives rise to a warning that an exceptional severe drought is feared. -- kingdom's commitment committed action is also illustrated by the development of watersheds which make it possible to channel water without disrupting ecosystems. developeds also without difficulty, a responsible fishery policy to prevent -- protect fish. ofce the world became aware the urgent need to address climate change and 1992, the kingdom of morocco has resolutely sought to ensure that its proactive policy on
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sustainable development and environmental protection is in line with the global efforts of the international community. through a series of legislative,l, reforms, the environment charter and the green morocco plan, the green investment plan, the ban on gmo's, and the recent law on plastic waste all clearly reflect our commitment and consistency. more recently, and in line with the same approach favoring long-term objectives, the kingdom of morocco has become one of the major actors in the global energy transition around the world and especially on the african continent. thus, the objective of securing 42% of the country's energy to be drawn from renewable resources by 2020 has recently 2030.ncreased to 52% by
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morocco is ambitious, substantial and tended contribution under the u.n. framework convention on climate change confirms the kingdoms of our guard, proactive approach, building on the irreversible commitment, morocco is going to host the event in 2016. we made the appeal on september 20 with the french president. this reflects our commitment to work hand-in-hand for the success of these events that are crucial to our destiny. that one stage leads to the next.
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things will have to be changed and priorities will have to be set and new technologies will have to be invented. the climate change predicament is the ultimate injustice suffered by the most honorable. the consequences of climate change affect developing nations as much if not more than developed countries, especially the least advanced african and latin american states and small island states. alarm bells have been heard even by the death. there is broad awareness. developing countries are progressing using their own strategies and are moving forward, charting their own course, and may constraints which can no longer be ignored. first, there is the need to make sure that their populations enjoy decent living conditions. is it fair to advocate for --
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when one has little, is a crime against the planet to want more? does it make sense to describe development as sustainable when it leaves the majority of people living in poverty? is appropriate that prescriptions for climate protection are predicated by those who bear the greatest responsibility for global warming? the african continent deserves special attention. the whole of africa is waking up. africa is discovering itself and getting confidence. it is a continent of the future. in this context, promoting the transfer of technology and raising funds, particularly for the benefits of developing countries is fundamental. be careful, because we need to guard against -- developing countries commitment to combat the climate change
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must also take into account the respective development models and their customs. in the countries of the north, consumer habits regarding cosmetics and food produce large amounts of non-debatable waste. likewise, in developing countries, the fight against plastic bags, for example, is a genuine challenge. people do not think of getting rid of these, but rather filling them to meet their needs. this is a question of education. cases, why, in both binding regulations are needed. the fight against waste should not be synonymous with technophobia or a rejection of progress or return to the stone age. on the contrary, technological advances should be used
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effectively so as to reduce the impact of global warming. presidents, excellencies, ladies ,nd gentlemen, a genuine inclusive international consensus is imperative. it requires that we support the developing countries in their endeavor to fully embrace the climate action agenda. the paris conference gives us the opportunity to consolidate a comprehensive operational balance, universal legal instrument that will make it possible to keep global warming below two degrees celsius. and move them toward a low carbon economy. i would like to conclude by wishing this conference every success. i also want to thank president hollande and france for the commitment and dedication that they have shown to make this event a successful meeting that
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makes history and fosters hope. maintaining this conference and ensuring its success is the most elegant tribute that we can pay to the french people. been affectedtly by despicable terrorist attacks. this is the best response to the enemies of humanity. thank you. [applause] >> i think his majesty and call upon president obama to approach. [applause] president obama: president hollande, secretary-general, fellow leaders, we have come to
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paris to show our resolve. we offer our condolences to the people of france for the barbaric attacks on this beautiful city. united in solidarity, to only to deliver justice the terrorist network responsible for those attacks, but to protect our people and uphold the enduring values that keep us strong and keep us free. we salute the people of paris for insisting in this crucial conference go on. defiance that proves nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshaling our best efforts
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to save it? nearly 200 nations have assembled here this week. a declaration that for all of the challenges we face, the growing threat of climate change could define the contours of the century more dramatically than any other. hope, that give us this is a turning point, that this is the moment that we finally determine we would save our planet, is the fact that our nations share a sense of urgency about this challenge and a growing realization that it is within our power to do something about it. our understanding of the ways human beings disrupt the climate , advances by the day.
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years of 15 warmest record have occurred since the year 2000. 2015 is on pace to be the warmest year of all. nation, large or small, wealthy or poor, is immune to what this means. this summer i saw the effects of climate change firsthand and our northernmost state, alaska. where the sea is already swallowing villages and eroding shorelines. and thermafrost falls tundra burns. where glaciers are melting at a pace unprecedented in modern times. it was a preview of one possible future, a glimpse of our children's fate of the climate keeps changing faster than our efforts to address it. some countries, abandoned
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cities, fields that no longer grow. political disruptions that trigger new conflict. even more floods and desperate peoples seeking sanctuary of nations not their own. that future is not one of strong , nor is it one where fragile states can find their footing. that future is one that we have the power to change. right here. right now. but only if we rise to this moment. as one of america's governors have said, we are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it. i have come here personally as leader of the world's largest economy and the second-largest
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emitter. to say that the u.s. not only recognizes our role in creating , we embrace our responsibility to do something about it. over the last seven years, we have made ambitious investments in clean energy. and ambitious reductions in our carbon emissions. we have multiplied wind power threefold. solar power more than 20 fold. helping create parts of america where these clean power forces are finally cheaper than dirtier, conventional power. in energyvested efficiency in every way imaginable. we have said no to infrastructure that would pull high carbon fossil fuels in the ground and we said yes to the first ever set of national standards limiting the amount of carbon pollution that our power
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plants can release into the sky. the advances that we have made have helped drive our economic output to all-time highs. and drive our carbon pollution to its lowest levels. this is not an american trend alone. the global economy grew while global carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels stayed flat. what this means cannot be overstated. we have broken the old arguments for an action and we have proved that strong economic growth and a safer environment no longer has to conflict with one another. they can work in concert with one another. that should give us hope.
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the enemies that will be fighting at this conference is cynicism, the notion that we cannot do anything about climate change. our progress should give us help hope that is rooted in collective action. the world agreed to work together to cut the super pollutants. that is progress. prior to paris, more than 180 forward their put own climate targets. that is progress. for our part, america is on track to reach the target that we set six years ago in copenhagen. we will reduce our carbon
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by about 17%. that is why last year i set a new target. are going to go 28% below 2005 levels. paris is toe in into anse achievements enduring framework for human progress. not a stopgap solution. gives-term strategy that the world confidence in a low carbon future. here in paris, s a secure an agreement that builds in ambition. progress must pave the way for regularly updated targets. targets that are not set for each of us but by each of us.
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taking into account the differences that each nation is facing. let us agree to a strong system of transparency that gives each of us the confidence that all of us are meeting our commitments. that those whoe don't have the capacity to report on their targets get the support that they need. here in paris last reaffirm our commitment that resources will to get through the dirty phase of development. this will not be easy. it will take innovation. we must drive down the cost of clean energy. here in paris let us make sure
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that these resources will flow to those countries that need help. we know the truth that many nations have contributed little to climate change but will be the first to feel it's most destructive effects. particularly islands nations whose leaders i will meet with tomorrow. today in concert with other we can affirm our commitment to the least developed countries. we will pledge new contributions for initiatives that help vulnerable populations rebuild after climate related disasters. paris, let's show businesses and investors that
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the global economy is on a firm path to a low carbon future. past powersash the of our scientists and our engineers. new jobs and new opportunities will be created all around the world. there are hundreds of billions of dollars ready to deploy to countries around the world. let us send the signal that we mean business. that is what we seek in these next two weeks. not simply an agreement to roll back the pollution, but agreement that helps people move up from poverty without condemning the next generation to a planet that is beyond repair. we can show the world what is possible when we come together united in common effort and
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common purpose. the next be no doubt, generation is watching what we do. just over a week ago i was in malaysia, i held a town hall with young people. i got wasquestion from a young indonesian woman. it wasn't about terrorism. it was about climate change. if i was optimistic about what we can achieve in paris. i want our actions to show her that we are working. we must be big enough to draw on the talents of all our people. i want to show her passionate idealistic people who care about their future. in the words of martin luther king, there is such a thing as being too late.
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it comes to climate change, that our is almost upon us. if we put our own short-term interests behind the air that our young people will we will not be too late for them. the moments of victory will not be too late or too quick. the suffering is averted and a planet that is preserved, that is what has always made this so hard. our generation may not live to see the full realization of what we do here. but the knowledge that the next ,eneration will be better off can we imagine a more worthy reward than that?
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passing that on to our children and our grandchildren. when they look back, they see what we did here in paris, they can take pride. let that be the common purpose here in paris. a world that is worthy of our children. a world that is safer and more prosperous and more secure and more free than the one that we inherited. let us get to work. thank you very much. [applause]
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president: let me present our most sincere condolences for the cowardly attack in paris.
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supporto reiterate our for the efforts to combat terrorism in all its forms. 53 years ago, the world was emerging from the worst humanitarian disaster in our modern history. rubble, the international community built its salvation. through a consensus in the form of the universal declaration of human rights. that was in 1948. it is the same consensus that we have to create. the same courage that we have to draw upon. the same sense of responsibility. the duty to protect our planet.
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to leave to future generations a livable planet. we must imposens constraints upon ourselves for posterity as was the case for the date -- universal declaration of human rights. since the rio summit of 1992 in brazil, the threat of climate change has only worsened. everybody is clear to that the international community has not lived up to the immense challenge represented by the global environmental challenge. though we now understand its underpinnings. we had increasingly effective tools that can guide us in our
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in ways that are more respectful of the environment. this is the paradox. paradox that our fellow citizens find hard to understand. it is unacceptable for the many experience is certain that if nothing is done in less than half a century it will be impossible for human due to extremeve temperatures caused by greenhouse gases. wells running dry, floods. phenomena are already regular hazards that are
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populations are combating as best they can. with their often meager resources. gentlemen, we will not be able to win the fight against climate change unless we take drastic steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. in accordance with the principle of responsibility, developed that historic responsibility for climate change and have the necessary financial and technological capacity, these countries must set an example i substantially reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. countries must take their share of responsibility. economic argument can justify
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the jeopardizing of our planet. thath and material wealth we are currently amassing will be worth nothing compared with the terrific costs of climate change. human lives that will be lost. adaptation mechanisms have been developed in recent years. we are only at the beginning of will help us to defend against climate change. it is vital to further develop them. the present -- the statements made by the president of south africa.
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also by the president of sudan on behalf of africa. africa is faced with climate challenges. the ability of countries of the north to provide more consistent responses to two issues that africa has raised. adaptation to the effects of climate change and its financing like other african countries adaptation remains the priority of the government of djibouti. we already find ourselves faced with a lack of water and low agricultural output and devastating floods and frequent drought and rising sea levels
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and health problems due to climate change, among others. actions taken to a these extreme climate phenomena must be financed. internationale financing mobilized be equitably shared between mitigation actions and adaptation actions. we are worried by the current , only 70% of financing is devoted to adaptation. this is far from enough. neglecting adaptation would be to forget that climate change already affects many countries
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and its negative impact will only increase. this is true regardless of the mitigation measures that are taken. we must adopt a universal agreement that will be universally binding. we have learned from the experience of the kyoto protocol and the failure of the copenhagen summit. we must make the necessary decisions to find an agreement that does not exclude any country but is also just and equitable. we will need to agree before it is too late to a dress the issue of national sovereignty. embed the framework for an effective response into the most global threat that humanity has ever known. hope is once again there. enoughtrong and powerful
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to help us to understand the most important thing. we need to act once and for all for the planet. thank you. [applause] president: president hollande, dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen.
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we are gathering here in paris for the opening ceremony of the conference on climate change. our presence shows that terrorism cannot hold back mankind's efforts to address aimate change and to create better future. let me take this opportunity to express sincere sympathy to the french people and my gratitude to president hollande for the french government's meticulous preparation for this conference. this paris conference is devoted to strengthening the implementation of the u.n. convention on climate change. andring about an ambitious binding agreement on climate change. once observed that strange resources spring from extreme resolutions.
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with all parties making joint efforts with sincerity and confidence, the paris conference will yield satisfying results. dear colleagues, using ladies and-- gentlemen, this conference must focus on strengthening the climate change agreement and devoting resources to sustainable development. helparis agreement should meet the goals of the united nations and chart a course for green development. the agreement should prove effective control atmospheric
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concentration of greenhouse gases. we must encourage countries to pursue green development. encourage broad participation. provide institutional arrangements that allow countries to make concerted efforts. besides governments, it should also mobilize businesses and nongovernmental organizations. participate in the international participation on climate change that is raising public awareness. the paris agreement should have increased input of resources to make sure that actions on climate change take place. developed countries should honor their commitment to urbanizing dollars each.s.
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year before 2020 and provide stronger financial support to developing countries afterwards. important that climate friendly technology be transferred to all countries. the paris agreement should accommodate the national conditions of various countries with an emphasis on practical results. it is imperative that anderences among countries domestic policies and capacity building and economic structure. addressing climate change should not deny the legitimate did needs of developing countries to reduce poverty and improve their people's living standards. ladies andgues, the paris conference is not the finishing line but the new starting point as an
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important part of global governance can be taken as a mirror to reflect on what motives to have for future global governance and how to build a community of shared future for mankind. much valuable inspiration may thus be joined. we should create a future of the with eachoperation country contributing according to the best of its ability. view ofhe narrowminded the zero-sum game. assume all countries to shared responsibilities. create a future of the rule of law. it is imperative to assure effective observance and of international
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rules and justice. the principle of common but differentiated responsibility must continue to be adhered to. we must create a future of inclusiveness and common learning. andust increase dialogue achieve common development through mutual learning. countries should be allowed to seek their own solutions that best reflects their national conditions. colleagues, china has been actively engaged in a global campaign on climate change. world in tops the ands of energy conservation
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utilization of renewable energy. forward, ecological endeavors will future prominently in our 35 year plan. on the basis of technological innovation, we will adopt new policy measures to improve the industrial mix through low carbon energy systems. green buildings and low carbon transportation. a carbon emissions trading market. modernizationof featuring harmony between man and nature. china pledges to reduce emissions by 2030.
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and achieve it as soon as possible. 2030, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by unit of gdp by 65%. increase the share of nonfossil fuels in energy consumption to at least 20%. this requires strenuous efforts but we have confidence that we can do it. government will implement its policy commitment through cooperation on climate change in a show of greater theort china announced support of research and
11:31 pm
development. we will start 400 mitigation and adaptation projects. 1000ll provide them with training opportunities for tackling climate change. advance international cooperation in clean energy and disaster response. smart cities. we will also help developing countries with their financing capabilities. colleagues, this is a shared mission for mankind. all eyes are now on paris.
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contribute hands to to the establishment of an equitable and effective global mechanism on climate change. sustainable development at a high level. international relations featuring cooperation. [applause] lithuania president: is important to be in paris. it is important to be in paris. our thoughts are with you.
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we will face together the challenges. we are about climate change. can it be more of a challenge than terrorism? because changes of climate influences how people are starting to move and where people are starving and that people are in conflict even worse. no country is immune from climate change. deserts, the of shortage of drinking water. these are among the reasons for the largest movement of people in the world. our failure to act now will
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result in irreplaceable consequences which will affect all of us. we need to succeed in paris? political will. countries big and small should commit to legally binding targets. as the european union, we will cut emissions by at least 40%. polluters should show globalibility to keep warming limited to two degrees. even that is already as concession. there is no contradiction between economic growth and being green.
11:35 pm
levels fell by 56%. growth increased by 30%. anybody can do it. we need to guarantee that climate change commitments are fully respected. transparency. we must build incentives into implementer decisions. regular review of our targets will also help in responding to changes in targets. fromcial support developing countries.
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the european union and its members are major providers of climate financing. about 14.5 billion euros every year. quality, not just quantity. agreement will increase our security. fuels makesn fossil us vulnerable from all points of view. social security, human security. demandss our energy finance terrorist networks. that is unacceptable.
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the time has come to make global decisions. we are all participating here. we must approve a universally binding agreement in paris. [applause] president: president hollande, the heads of state and i would like to
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thank his excellency the french for the kind invitation and hospitality. i also wish to express my condolences to the leadership and the people of france for the victims of the vicious terrorist attack in paris. we reiterate our strong condemnation of these attacks. the full solidarity of egypt with france in our common fight against all kinds of terrorism. we are facing a crucial juncture in our history. everyone is hoping that this conference will prove to be a turning point.
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we must protect the rights of the next generation. we must make an ambitious and sustainable balance. a few months ago, we all participated in adopting an ambitious agenda on sustainable development. the agenda could fail if it is not supported by an international agreement that strongly supports the efforts to meet the climate change challenge. ladies and gentlemen, egypt will play a constructive role in all of the climate change
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negotiations. leading to this conference. toview of its responsibility protect the african continent. position has been based on the necessity that any new international agreement should not harm the african countries. they have the right to development. africa is the smallest emissionsr to harmful but it is the most affected by climate change repercussions. africa also calls for international agreements that the principle of
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differentiated responsibilities between developed and developing countries. in accordance with the principles of the united nations document. the various components of this .greement we must develop the adaptation capabilities of the developing countries. the agreement must include a global target on adaptation. also be legally binding as long as it encompasses a clearly defined commitment for the developing countries to provide the developing world with adequate support. capacity building and advanced
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technologies. so we can transform our economies into sustainable development. an increase in temperature should not exceed 1.5 degrees without shifting the burden of from developed to developing countries. the issue of financing and technology should not be viewed positionsnegotiating but as a strong necessity. recent reports by the united africa needsthey between 17 and $20 billion annually for its adaptation needs.
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until 2050. the financing that our continent could provide one not exceed $3 billion annually. there will be a shortfall of about $12 billion annually. if the agreement is not effectively and transparently itress the financing issue would be too weak and unsustainable. it is imperative that the agreement for flex a commitment to provide $100 billion annually to the developing countries by 2020. this is the framework in which the african states can take action. the first initiative aims at promoting renewable energy.
11:44 pm
we must lend full support to the african initiatives. i am confident that we have enough determination to overcome these challenges. thank you. merkel: colleagues, we are meeting here in paris in such a turbulent time. times that phyllis with great concern.
11:45 pm
terrorists, just a few days ago, attacked the people of paris and in so doing attacked us all. terror noy condemn matter where it goes on. showsesence here today that we are stronger than the terrorists. today the governments of more than 100 and 50 countries -- 150 countries to take action to combat climate change. a message that will be crucial for the survival of our planet. this is about creating the basis, the foundation of a possible existence and impossible life for future generations. we are more than aware of the need to act on this. the result that we need to come to.
11:46 pm
i would like to thank everyone here in preparing for this conference. time that weirst have an opportunity to attain this goal of an agreement. this means nothing less than reducing and keeping within the limits of global warming below a two degree increase. compared to the beginning of industrialization. we are more than aware of the the smaller nations will think that this is not a sufficient goal. we need a framework that is ambitious that is comprehensive and binding. what is ambitious mean? what does ambitious mean?
11:47 pm
agendass have submitted that will enable us to attain this two degree goal. 95% of global emissions. the bad news is we will not be able yet to attain the goal. this message has to go out from this meeting here today. credibly attain this goal within the next 10 years. in the course of the 21st century, we have to achieve a far-reaching agreement. what is comprehensive mean? what we are talking about here is a profound transformation of the way we do business. cutting across the board to all of the different areas.
11:48 pm
generating energy, energy efficiency, and heating and insulation. we have set a clear target for the european union. we are going to reduce our by 2020. by 40% we have an ambitious climate protection program already. alreadye energies are one of the main pillars of our energy mix this year. 27%ill have more than renewable in our energy. as regards to development of technologies, we will have to take the lead. the omissions of the past have been generated by us. vanguard ofe in the technological advances in order
11:49 pm
to reduce the omissions in the future and to help developing countries achieve these targets. we will promote our research on clean energy. the most vulnerable countries, the poorest countries. they have to be given the chance to develop in a sustainable way. they have to get the necessary financing. pariss the day here in that what we promised in copenhagen will be delivered. $100 billion annually and also in a sustainable manner. 2014 willmpared to double its public funding. what does binding mean?
11:50 pm
we need to establish a framework for a u.n. convention that is binding but also a binding review mechanism. germany wishes that this would take place every five years. starting in 2020. tois most important first live up to that commitment. none of these can be reduced over years. on the contrary, they must be strengthened. methodologyave the so that we can address climate change. binding, this is how a global climate agreement must be. this is a question of environmental necessity and also a question of economic common sense. it has something to do with generational fairness.
11:51 pm
something to do with a humanitarian spirit to the humanity. germany will make its contribution. billions of people are pinning their hopes on what we do here. let us do everything we can. thank you. [applause] ]ladimir you would like to advise that we are going to suspend our at 1:45 p.m. and we will p.m.e at 2:45
11:52 pm
thank you very much. it is a great honor to address such a representative conference. has become one of the greatest challenges that humanity is facing. caused by global warming and hurricanes. this is a source of of more and more economic damage. destroying the habitat of humanity. our ability to address this problem will determine the quality of life for future generations. russia has been contributing toively to the effort
11:53 pm
address global warming. leadountry is taking the in terms of renewable energy. after the implementation of the state program on energy, we are by anotherduce it 15% by 2020. gone beyond our commitments under the kyoto protocol. not only preventing the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. it has significant leap reduce those omissions. prevented the omission of 4 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalents into the atmosphere. the omission of all the
11:54 pm
greenhouse gases amounted to 46 billion tons. effort thatecious the been able to slow down global warming. we have significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions. we have managed to double our gdp. we have demonstrated that we can ensure economic development and take care of our environment at the same time. importanceincipal for the new climate agreement to build upon the existing convention on climate change. it should be a binding agreement. it needs implementation. there should be participation of both developed and developing
11:55 pm
countries. we fully support the long-term goal to limit the growth of the temperature by two degrees. contributing to global efforts. by 2030, we are planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% from 1990 levels. we can achieve that by use of breakthrough technologies. example, russia has developed the technology of using carbon additives. these technologies could reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide
11:56 pm
by 108 million tons in russia alone. the eu agreement should reflect of russia.nt role this is a country of an office resources and it is of utmost importance to provide support to the developing states. in my speech at the session of the general assembly, i mentioned that we must develop a comprehensive approach to fighting climate change. in this forum let me reiterate
11:57 pm
to create a platform to discuss these problems, not just climate also loss of resources and degradation of the human habitat. we want to develop a new climate agreement. to build on the kyoto protocol. i thank you for your attention. [applause] mr.ry president:
11:58 pm
president, esteemed ladies and gentlemen. dream this recurring with my unborn grandchild. we are 20 years ahead in time. in human terms that is significant. but from historic perspective it is insignificant. i grew up to says be in adults in it. when the impact of climate threatwas posing a dire to human civilization.
11:59 pm
i have this nagging question. could you, 25 years ago, have stopped everything that has happened? why did you not listen to scientists. why did you disregard scientific evidence? you were aware that the quantity ingreenhouse gases already 2015 was much higher than it ever was in the 800,000 years before that. you also knew that a similar amount of carbon dioxide had already accumulated in earth's atmosphere and you also an increase of three degrees in temperature resulted in 90 meters of a sea level rise.
12:00 am
why did you disregard the cost of all those who at the end of the 20th century had predicted that if humanity refused to change its behavior, there would be serious consequences. floods,uld be droughts, natural disasters, famines, migration, and wars. millennium you were already feeling the signals that nature was sending you firsthand. all the scientific evidence, even this was not enough to convince you? why didn't you read all of the them,ts, or if you read these provided that climate change would have dire consequences. why did you not draw the necessary conclus?


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